I knew it was time, I had been hurting for a year. I was in American and moved through the pitch black night as if it was daytime. I looked at the third floor balcony for several minutes before leaping. I caught the rail and vaulted over to land silently. I had fed earlier so I knew the girl would be safe.

I concentrated as I felt the sliding glass door and pushed with my mind and the lock clicked. I stepped in and smiled at the crosses before walking to the mother’s room. I opened the door and looked at her beside the man she had married. I moved to the bed and concentrated on the man, “sleep.”

He shifted before starting to snore. I moved around the bed and sat on the edge as I reached out to caress my child’s face, “Mira.”

Her eyes snapped open and she looked at me before turning her head to see her husband. She sat up, “I’m married.”

I smiled, “you know who I am. Did you think I wasn’t watching or that I didn’t care?”

She looked down, “but you didn’t stay.”

I looked out the window, “you would not have been safe if I stayed.”

She reached for my hand, “but...”

I squeezed her hand, “I told you this would happen. Just as it happened to your mother and her mother.”

She grinned, “mom said you were the best fuck she ever had and I think so too.”

Her eyes widened, “you came for Abby.”

I nodded, “it is her time.”

She looked out the window, “I told her a little.”

I stood and smiled at her, “I will bring her back.”

She laid back, “I broke her maidenhead like mom did for me.”

I gestured, “sleep.”

By the time I reached the door she was asleep. I closed the door behind me and moved down the hall. I smiled at the large cross on the door and reached out with my mind and unlocked the door. I opened it and walked into the goth looking room and almost laughed. I crossed to the bed and looked at a pale girl with short golden hair.

I sat and pulled the sheet down and looked at her naked body before reaching out to touch her face, “Abby.”

Her eyes snapped open and she opened her mouth to scream. I touched her lips, “quiet.”

She shivered before looking down her body and then looking at me, “who... are you?”

I smiled, “you know.”

I stood, “get dressed.”

She moved off the bed, “you are my father.”

I nodded, “get dressed.”

She turned and hesitated before looking at me, “you are going to fuck me.”

I waited and she reached for a short black skirt and then a tight white blouse. She added a black leather jacket with studs and knee high boots with stiletto heels. I held out my hand and she came to me and took it. I led her through the apartment and out onto the balcony. She looked around and then looked at me and I swept her into my arms before jumping forward.

She clutched me as I dropped and landed in a crouch before setting her down. I took her hand and started walking, “I was born in the land you now call Europe, I was a Viking.”

She looked at me and then grinned, “cool. So you raided villages.”

I looked at her and smiled, “and raped women.”

She frowned, “not cool.”

I shook my head, “that was long ago and our way of life.”

I looked around, “we were off the coast of Gaul when she came out of the ocean.”

I looked at Abby, “she was as pale as you but as inhuman as all demons.”

I looked away, “Lilith went through us as if we were children. Most she just killed because she enjoyed it. A few she drained and two she took with her.”

I looked at her once more, “one of my companions managed to wound her but it healed as we fought. Some of the blood got in my mouth before she bit me and I... died.”

I squeezed her hand, “I’m not sure I really died. My heart beats even if it is very slow.”

I stopped her when I heard the four men a block away, “I have a body temperature and eat like normal people.”

I turned her to face me, “but I also have the true thirst for blood.”

I waited and she finally nodded, “that is a warning.”

I nodded, “That is why it would not be safe for me to stay. The longer I am with you the more I would desire your blood.”

I turned her and started walking as the men moved away, “Centuries later I found the two men Lilith took and killed what she had left of them.”

I turned her in at another apartment building and walked into the darkness at the back. I swept her into my arms and looked up before leaping up and over the second floor balcony rail. I landed and set her down and led her into the apartment. She looked around at the paintings and smiled, “nice.”

I pulled her to the couch and sat while pulling her onto my lap. I pulled her jacket and blouse off and bent my head to suck on a nipple before cupping the breast and leaning back, “there was something else.”

I caressed her, “Not long after I... became what I am, I was drawn to a woman. We made love for a week but the longer I stayed the more I wanted to... well you know. I have been with other women and before you ask I can sense when one is sick.”

I tugged on the nipple, “I mean STDs.”

She grinned and wiggled, “okay.”

I looked at a painting and nodded to it, “that was your greatest grandmother. By the time I was able to return to her safely she was married and had several children. I knew my daughter at first sight and it was like my thirst all over again. She was like you, beginning her thirteenth year.”

I nodded to the painting next to the first, “that was Jeanne.”

I reached down and spread her legs as I lifted her skirt and felt her bald pussy, “when my daughters begin to ripen the thirst returns.”

She looked at me as I slipped a finger into her slit, “so you came to breed me like a bitch.”

I smiled and my free hand touched the dog collar she wore, “bitch?”

She grinned, “you know what I mean.”

I slipped my finger into her, “I know.”

I looked into the distance as I slowly fingered her, “I came to breed you yes. I will also be watching you, just as I watched your mother and her mother and... each of my daughters.”

She slipped off my lap and pulled me up before beginning to undress me, “very well but I have conditions.”

I watched until she was done and pulled her against me, “careful.”

She smiled and caressed my hips before pushing me back and bending to remove her boots. I turned her on the second and rubbed her pussy. She laughed and wiggled her butt before standing and pushing her skirt down and off. She looked around, “your bed...”

She looked at me, “you do sleep in a bed?”

I took her hand and led her down the hall and through an open door. I turned her at the large bed and pushed her back and down. I moved between her legs and fingered her pussy, “your conditions?”

She looked up from my hand, “until it is time for you to breed our daughter, if I have a daughter. You will come to me one night each month and fuck me.”

I slipped a finger into her, “they have always been daughters.”

I looked at her as the thirst rose and bent my cock and pushed into her all the way. She stiffened as my cock stretched her pussy and I held her waist, “it would be very dangerous for me to return.”

She grabbed my wrists, “promise.”

I pulled her off the bed until she was fully impaled with her legs wrapped around me, “do you wish to die?”

She groaned as my cock pressed hard against her cervix and looked into my eyes, “only one man will ever breed me. If you want it than find a way.”

I turned and sat before twisting and rolling. I started to fuck her with long, hard and deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering as her pussy grasped and squeezed. A few more and she wailed as she started spasming and convulsing. She squirted and bucked up as she clung to me while I continued to fuck her.

Her wails turned to howls and screams as she twisted and thrashed. It was twenty minutes before she screamed as her eyes rolled up. Her body continued to spasm as I kept fucking her and finally a long time later I buried my cock and pushed. She shuddered and her eyes looked into mine.

I growled as my cock erupted and I peed cum through her cervix. Abby grabbed me as her pussy milked the cum out of my cock, “oooohhhhhh!”

It was a minute before I was done and she groaned as I pulled out. I felt her bulging pelvis and she turned her head, “second condition.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “I have a friend named Sofia. Bring her and fuck her like me and get her pregnant.”

I smiled, “and how many conditions are there?”

She felt her pelvis and looked at me, “three.”

I bent my head to lick a nipple, “and the third?”

She shuddered and caressed my face, “another friend named Miya.”

I caressed her face, “three girls and you will want me to fuck them every month also.”

Abby grinned, “yes and find us a house.”

I sighed as I slipped off the bed, “you ask a great deal.”

She looked up at me, “yes.”

I nodded, “very well but we will talk more of this.”

I concentrated and whispered as I turned, “sleep.”

I walked out and returned to the living room where I dressed. I knew each of her friends, where they lived and who their parents were. Sofia was Russian, her mother a paid woman. Miya was Japanese and the daughter of an addict and a gang leader. I listened from the balcony before dropping to the ground and walking back in the direction of Abby’s apartment.

First I climbed up four floors to an apartment a few over from my daughter. I slipped in through the open door and walked silently down the hall and into the small master bedroom. I made sure the man would stay asleep and moved around to the woman. I touched her temple and began speaking softly.

When I finished she shifted before laying still. I left and went down the hall and unlocked a door that looked identical to Abby’s. I stepped in and crossed to the bed before sitting. Sofia was pale like my daughter but her hair was white. I moved the sheet and smiled at her naked body before whispering, “Sofia.”

Her eyes snapped open and she stared at me before looking around, “are you real?”

I cupped one of her firm breasts, “very real. You and my daughter made a pact I think.”

She shivered as she looked at me and slowly nodded. I stood, “dress.”

She slid out of bed, “have you seen Abby?”

She was pulling on a short skirt identical to Abby’s and I shook my head, “we have... spoken.”

She looked at me as she pulled the tight white blouse on and then bent to put her boots on, “you fucked her.”

I looked at her slit and smiled, “yes.”

A couple of minutes later I led her out and down the stairs to the bottom floor. I stopped beside a door and touched her, “make no sounds.”

She nodded and I turned to the door, first was the three dead bolts and then the chain before I unlocked the door. I opened it and walked in and closed the door behind Sofia, “stay here.”

I moved silently down the hall and into the master bedroom. First I dealt with the man and then the mother. I left and looked out to gesture to Sofia and waited until she reached me and turned to go to Miya’s room. I touched the door and shook my head before unlocking the six dead bolts.

I opened the door and Sofia followed me in. I sat on the bed and pulled the sheets down to exposed Miya’s pale body. I touched her face, “Miya.”

She opened her eyes and started to move before looking at Sofia. She looked at me, “Abby sent you.”

I caressed her breasts, “she had conditions,”

She grinned, “I know.”

I stood, “dress.”

I wasn’t surprised when she dressed identical to Abby and Sofia. I walked out with them and started back to the apartment I was using. This time I used the stairs and the door and locked it behind us. I let them look around in the semi darkness before turning Sofia and striping her and then Miya. I pulled them after me and back to the bedroom where Abby was sleeping.

They moved to the bed as I bent and touched her temple, “Abby.”

Her eyes opened and she smiled before seeing her friends. She sat up, “you brought them.”

I stood back as the two girls crawled on and sat with my daughter, “that was your condition.”

I undressed before moving onto the bed and pushing Sofia back. I moved between her legs and started kissing her, “Abby wants me to get you pregnant.”

She groaned as she put her arms around me, “yeah.”

I lifted and forced my thick cock into her virgin pussy and pushed deeper. I kept kissing her as I pulled back and began to fuck her steadily like I had with my daughter. Each thrust sank my cock deeper until I was pushing against her cervix. She humped up as she spread her legs while her tight pussy spasmed and grasped at my cock, “aaaahhhh!

I pushed deeper as she jerked and thrashed around while her pussy grasped my cock. She squirted and bucked and struggled while I continued to stroke into her. She was panting and tossing her head as she clutched at me. It was awhile before I buried my cock and when I did her eyes had rolled up.

I held her as my cock gushed a thick stream through her cervix and into her womb. It was like before with my daughter and I kept pumping cum into her. Sofia jerked and spasmed as her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and caressed her bulging pelvis.

Abby whispered, “damn you fucked her good.”

I glanced at her and then at Miya as she nodded, “remember what I am daughter.”

She grinned and looked at her friend, “a stud.”

Miya laughed and pushed her down and laid between her legs to kiss her. I looked at Sofia as she shuddered and twitched before groaning and opening her eyes. She turned her head to look at me as one hand absently went to cover her pelvis, “damn.”

I rubbed a nipple, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

She grinned as Abby and Miya snickered and turned her head. She blushed, “well I never did it before.”

Abby reached for her hand, “that isn’t it, I passed out too.”

I moved off the bed and reached for Miya. I turned her and rolled her onto her back at the edge as she spread her legs. She grinned and rubbed her bald pussy before holding out her arms. I moved closer and positioned my cock and pushed into her. My cock stretched her extremely tight pussy and I began to fuck deeper.

She grunted and shook as I kept fucking her and Abby and Sofia moved to each side of her and bent to suck on her nipples. It wasn’t long before she was thrashing around as her eyes rolled up and her pussy grasped my cock. I continued to stroke into her while she convulsed and struggled.

My daughter and her friend sucked on her nipples and took turns kissing her passionately. Time slowed as Miya passed out and her body continued to shake and spasm. When I held her and thrust into her all the way she grunted. I continued to hold her while my cock gushed a stream of cum through her cervix.

She jerked as her pussy gripped my cock and warm sperm filled her womb until like with her friends her pelvis was bulging. I sighed and pulled out and turned her on the bed. I went to turn the light out and came back to bed. I moved around to crawl on and reach for Abby. I pulled her against me, “your conditions have been met.”

She caressed my chest and put her head on my shoulder, “thanks dad.”

I smiled because few of my daughters had ever called me that. I let my senses reach out as the girls held each other and slept. I woke to the bed moving and turned my head to see Sofia between Miya’s legs licking the cum leaking out of her. I looked at Abby and she turned to see me, “you shouldn’t be awake until tonight.”

I smiled as I hugged her and then slipped off the bed, “did you not listen?”

I picked up my clothes and dropped them in the wicker basket beside the standing closet. I looked at the three girls on the bed, “come wash unless you enjoy smelling like cum.”

They grinned and rolled off the bed and followed as I walked out and across to the bathroom. I washed them and felt their tender bodies before turning Abby. I held her from behind as I covered her bulging pelvis and squeezed. She grunted and then shuddered before looking at the huge stream of sperm leaking out of her and down her legs.

Sofia and Miya gasped as I hugged her and let her go before reaching for Sofia. When I was done with all three I washed the leaking sperm off and pulled them out, “get dressed.”

I went to put a new silk suit on and then waited for the three girls. This time I led them to the suv parked in front of the building. I drove them to a mall and led them into shop after shop. We even had lunch and then dinner before going home. I sent them in and glanced around as I felt around.

I slipped into the shadows as night approached and moved silently. The man I found was a mugger and I spent several minutes watching before I moved. When I finished feeding I let him drop before moving away. The marks I had left were gone before I had gone a dozen feet. I leaped to the balcony and opened the door and walked in.

The girls were nude and dancing to music in the front room. Sofia swayed up to me and caressed my chest, “want to fuck a tight pussy?”

I growled as I stripped and pulled her against me. I caressed her body as she trembled and I looked at Abby before turning her friend and bending her over a chair. I shoved into her and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She shuddered and pushed back but didn’t speak as I kept fucking her and tried to push deeper.

She writhed around and squirmed as I continued to fuck her steadily until she was spasming and incoherent. My daughter came to press against me, “cum in her.”

I growled as I thrust forward and held Sofia tight before jerking and shaking as I released my seed. She stiffened and screamed as I peed a stream of cum through her cervix. I pumped more and then even more until she was beyond full and her pelvis was bulging once more. I let her go and she slumped over the chair as Abby pulled me back and out of her friend.

I sighed and slowly relaxed as I looked at my daughter, “the hunger.”

She grinned, “that’s just you being horny.”

I caressed her face and Miya came to pull me away and around to the couch, “can we go to a movie tomorrow?”

I sat and pulled her onto my lap and cupped a breast, “a movie would be nice.”

Abby helped Sofia up and around before pulling her down onto her lap, “have a good fuck?”

Sofia looked at me and grinned, “do you always cum that much?”

I smiled as I absently tugged on Miya’s nipple, “my body regenerates rapidly so the answer to that would be yes.”

She grinned as Abby snickered and Miya wiggled. I looked at her and turned to lay her down on the couch before laying between her spread legs. I kissed her and pushed into her tight pussy and kept going until my cock was buried. I was tempted by more than lust as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts.

Each time I buried my cock I would grind and push. It was moments before she wrapped her legs around me and howled as her pussy spasmed and squeezed. I kept fucking her and kissed her several times as she began to buck and jerk. My daughter knelt beside the couch and rubbed my back as I fucked her friend.

Miya convulsed as her pussy kept squeezing while she was clutching me, “aaaahhhh!”

She came several times before Abby leaned against me and whispered, “now dad, cum in her now.”

I growled as I thrust into the girl under me and held her writhing body while I peed cum. She jerked and struggled as warm sperm continued to pump into her until her womb was distended. I pulled out of her and moved off the couch before pulling Abby up, “you play a dangerous game my daughter.”

She grinned, “you won’t bite us or hurt us.”

I looked at her and turned away, “you have no idea what I would do.”

She turned me back, “you can’t run away this time. We want you and what you are doing.”

I cupped her face, “do you think you are the only one? Do you think your mother didn’t want it? Or your grandmother?”

She smiled, “listen close father, we are going to break this curse.”

I smiled and shook my head, “I wish you could.”

She looked at her friends holding each other on the couch and then at me, “you don’t feed before fucking us anymore.”

I straightened, “Abby...”

She stroked my cock, “this is the hunger you need to quench. We are here and need it, pee your cum into us as much as you want.”

I looked away, “and when I hunger for something else?”

She pressed against me, “you fuck me.”

I shook my head, “I don’t...”

She turned and pulled me after her, “if you are alive and not undead than you can. From now on you eat three meals every day and fuck us as much as you can.”

She looked back when she reached the bed, “how many times can you cum in a day?”

I smiled, “I don’t know, normally I only fucked a few times each day.”

She grinned and bent over the edge of the bed, “now you need to fuck each of us several times a day.”

I shook my head as I rubbed her almost hot pussy and slowly pushed into her. She groaned and shivered as my cock spread her open and sank into her. I started to fuck her and looked at Miya and Sofia as they crawled onto the bed. Sofia laid back and Miya grinned as she bent to suck on one of her nipples and looked at me as she pushed on her pelvis.

Cum poured out of Sofia as she shuddered and lifted her head. I continued to fuck my daughter as Sofia giggled and turned to push her friend back before moving over her and kissing her as she pushed on her pelvis. Miya groaned and shuddered as cum poured out of her and Abby turned her head and reached out to rub her hip.

I laughed as I started fucking her harder and she began to shake. My daughter was very persistent and I had to fight a battle to keep from feeding. They did get pregnant and I have continued to use them. After our daughters were born the hunger continued and a year later I got the three pregnant again.

Something was different this time, the hunger or as Abby, Sofia and Miya say the lust changed. I still fucked the three all the time which they seem to love. I somehow knew it wouldn’t return as my daughters grew into women. This time when they gave birth it was to three boys at almost the same time and I stopped frozen as I looked at them.

I slipped into the apartment and crossed to the bedroom door. I opened it and moved in quietly before moving to the man. I had to reach out and touch him and focus, “sleep.”

He shifted but remained asleep and I moved around to the other side of the bed. I sat and reached out to my daughter. I caressed her hip and rolled her onto her back, “Mira.”

Her eyes opened and she sat up, “what happened...”

I touched her lips, “your daughter is very... persuasive. You have a granddaughter and a grandson.”

She looked at me and grinned, “a son?”

I nodded and looked at my hands, “the hunger is changing, I am changing.”

Mira caressed my face before hugging me, “you need to bring Abby home so you can see your other grandchildren.”

I held her and she leaned back, “mom will want to know.”

I nodded before standing, “tomorrow after the sun has risen.”
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