This is chapter four of the true stories of Sadie, (my wife) and David (me). How we met, discovered, schemed and molded our sexual lives, beginning in the nineteen sixties, the height of the sexual revolution. Some of the characters and events in this chapter depend on references and descriptions from earlier chapters. So if you have not yet read the previous chapters, we hope you will consider going back and reading them first, especially, Sadie 01 – Prelude and Awakening.
Sadie – Chapter 4 – Island Reunion

In early June, 1967, we filed down the stairs of the airplane at Mobile Regional Airport into the waiting arms of a gang of aunts, uncles and cousins. Uncle Jake and Aunt Lila were there with Little Jake and Beth, and Uncle Sean and Auntie Abby brought Jen and Jules.

Susan, Marty, Sally, and I spotted them right away among the friends and family waiting at the low fence outside the passenger terminal.

Back then you could go right out to the edge of the tarmac and meet arriving passengers at the foot of the stairs. I miss those days. Seeing smiling familiar faces waving in the sun as you came down the stairway was one of my fond memories of air travel at the time.

We got hugs from everyone and Susan and I got special attention from Jen with a whispered “Missed you cousins!” as she put her arms around both of us and squeezed extra tight.

I winked at her and Susan said “Missed you too Cuz!”

Unfortunately, as soon as we retrieved our luggage, we were split up by sexes and my sisters went home with Jen and Jules while Marty and I were packed into Uncle Jake’s Cadillac with Little Jake and Beth.

I had to sneak sideways glances at Beth. The last time I saw her she was thirteen years old. At fifteen she was a completely different creature. A little taller, softer curves in new places and a permanent smile on her face framed by light blond hair about shoulder length with bangs in front in the style of the day.

With my newfound attitude about sex, variety and incest, she presented quite an interesting opportunity, however I had no idea what her attitude might be and I worried about her brother and her dad. Oh well, at least I was back in Alabama with Jen, and I was looking forward to meeting Sadie again, in a completely new light.

Jen and I had written a few letters to each other (that had to be burned after they were read) and Jen had described how she had detailed EVERYTHING that had happened in California to Sadie who had held out from being with any other boys and couldn’t wait for us to get together this summer. Thinking about it and Sitting next to Beth in the car made me hard.

Unfortunately, Uncle Jake and Uncle Sean had homes on nearly the opposite ends of Mobile and everyone had plans for us that didn’t include the two families getting together right away. Oh, well. I had waited this long, I could wait a little longer.

Fortunately, my dad’s work schedule and vacation schedule forced him to come out earlier in the year this summer so the big family reunion would be at the end of June instead of the end of August. That was encouraging.

We arrived home, unloaded the car and piled into the house heading for our room to settle in. There was a guest room with twin beds and Marty and I had shared it for so many years we thought of it as our room.

Aunt Lila called us to dinner and we all gathered around the kitchen table for a welcoming feast of West Indies crab salad, boiled shrimp, corn on the cob, hot corn bread with butter, sweet southern ice tea and cold watermelon for desert. Man, oh ,man I can remember those days when you could go down to the shrimping docks and buy a bucket of shrimp for only a few dollars, still wiggling in the salt water then bring them home and cook ‘em up fresh. Mmmmm, Mmmmm.

We stayed up very late that night, catching up with each other, playing board games and cards and the next few days went by pretty much the same way, just visiting with beloved cousins.

On about the third or fourth day we met up with Uncle Sean’s family and our sisters for a day at the movies. We saw Bonnie and Clyde and I sat between Susan and Jen but it was exquisite torture because Uncle Jake was three seats over on the left and Auntie Abby was a couple seats over on the right so we couldn’t even hold hands, much less even think about anything else. All I can say is, it was a good thing I had the foresight to wear a pair of baggy shorts that day.

Being near Jen and Susan together like that was sheer torture and I tried to think of any possible way we could sneak out someplace together at least for a quickie. But with four adults in attendance it was impossible. We all went out to dinner at the Howard Johnson’s afterwards then home to our separate and celibate bedrooms.

To make matters worse, I knew what Jen and Susan were doing in their bedroom every night, but I was sharing my room with Marty who was not privy to anything that was going on and even if he was, I couldn’t even think about the idea of relieving myself in the same room with him. Guys just don’t do that kind of thing. I tended to take longer showers those first couple of weeks.

Finally, the day came to go down to Dauphin Island for the big family reunion. Uncle Jake would take us boys down with him to open the house and launch the boat. Uncle Sean and his crew would stop by and pick up Aunt Lila and Beth the next morning.

Aunt Lila and Beth had spent Thursday shopping and we packed food, sodas beer and ice enough for an infantry battalion, plus all kinds of beach and play gear into the station wagon and in the back of the boat.

We arrived at the beach house around noon and the four of us unloaded and stored everything in its proper place. Uncle Jakes house was on stilts to weather the high tides and hurricanes, so putting a boatload and a carload of heavy groceries away involved climbing the wooden stairs from the driveway up to the first floor repeatedly. The stairs were enclosed with a front door at the bottom and another door at the top landing leading into the house so as well as climbing the stairs you had to deal with two doors with closers on them that kept slamming into your rear while you tried to manipulate heavy boxes.

When everything was finally stowed, we towed the boat back to the marina and launched it at the public boat ramp. Uncle Jake returned to the cabin while Little Jake, Marty and I took the boat around the island. We went out into Mobile bay and around the east end of the island with the old Confederate Fort Gains guarding the western approaches to the bay and Fort Morgan in the distance guarding the Eastern side. Then out into the Gulf of Mexico, turning west up the beach and down the channel between Dauphin Island and Sand Island a mile or so off shore.

We beached the boat in front of the house, pulled the anchor far up onto the beach and buried it securely in the sand. All of this took several hours and being too exhausted to fend for ourselves, Uncle Jake took us all to dinner at the Isle Dauphine Club.

Saturday morning we were up fairly early and we took the boat off shore and did a little fishing. We caught a couple of nice reds, a small king which took us quite a while to reel in and a barracuda that got off the line just as we were about to gaff him.
We arrived back just in time to see Uncle Frank and his family pull up to the house. Within a couple minutes Aunt Rita and her brood pulled up, then Uncle Robert and I don’t remember the order after that, but I remember Mom and Dad arrived around noon with Uncle Phil, directly from the airport. I had been meeting and greeting relatives all morning and went out in the water to cool off, crashed on a towel and fell asleep.

I woke to the sensation of something shading the sun, and some tittering and giggling that took a minute to sort out. Three silhouettes blocking the sun, huddled together whispering and giggling, obviously staring down at me. I shielded my eyes and picked out Jen by her haircut and tiny body, and my sister Susan by her familiarity but the tall dark haired beauty in the middle was seriously unfamiliar to me.

She was even taller than Susan which put her at maybe five eight or five nine. She wore a black swimmers style one piece suit that hugged her body like a second skin. Her dark tan was radiantly smooth and I stared up at a pair of shapely long tapered legs that seemed to go up forever, ending in slim curved hips, a flat taught stomach, two very nice shaped breasts, maybe C cups, but perfect, all topped by an angelic face with large dark eyes, somewhat pouty lips and a slim perfectly shaped nose that turned up only slightly at the end.

“Sadie?” I asked, astonished.

“Hi David.” She smiled down with brilliant white perfectly straight teeth framed by two adorable dimples.

I jumped to my feet. “Sadie, Oh my gosh Sadie, you’ve… grown up.” I said lamely. The girls all giggled.

“So have you.” She said seductively, reaching out and blatantly grabbing the front of my trunks under which I just now realized I was completely hard. It must have been what they were giggling about when they got here and I flushed red. She looked up towards the house suddenly and let go quickly. They all giggle again.

“I’ll be right back!” Jen said and ran off towards the house. She returned in a few seconds with a beach umbrella and I helped her open it and plant it in the sand, lying it down so that my towel was shielded from view from the house. They all spread their towels out next to mine and plopped down around me still giggling and tittering.

Sadie spoke first. “Jen told me everything you guys did last summer. And Susan told me everything you guys did since then.” She paused.

“And?…” I waited

“And… it makes me … hornyallthetime.” She said in an embarrassed rush of words.

“So why haven’t you done something about that?” I asked her.

“I do, and Jen helps but… I need a boy now.” She said softly

“Sadie, you are gorgeous! You could have any boy you want!” I said still astonished.

“I don’t know, maybe, but I’m hoping to have the ONLY boy I want.” She said, her head bowed a little, looking at me through upturned eyes. I always wondered why the truly beautiful girls always thought they were not.

“My God Sadie, are you asking me? After what they told you did you think for a minute that there was a question? I asked.

“I don’t know, but I know that after what Jen told me about you and Susan, I just knew that I wanted to wait for you. That you were the one that would… I just wanted to wait for you.” She finished.

I reached over and pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. She responded immediately and our tongues met and explored each other for a very long time. When we finally parted she said softly, “Wow…” with her eyes closed.

“You can check that off your list now.” I said smiling at her and she broke into that dimpled smile again and they all laughed.

“And this.” She said as she shrugged one shoulder out of her suit and pulled my hand up placing it over a perfect round breast with a very hard nipple standing out proudly. She leaned in for another kiss and moaned softly as I lightly pinched her nipple and probed her mouth again with my tongue.

I noticed that Susan and Jen were holding hands and watching us intently to see Sadie’s reaction. A soft mmmmm escaped her and Jen said “See?” And Susan giggled and squirmed on her rear end.

I slipped the strap off her other shoulder and cupped the other breast, squeezing lightly and massaging it. Her breathing accelerated and she put her arms around me and pushed me backwards onto the towel. She climbed up on top of me and began to grind her pelvis into my hardness and I had to stop her. “Sadie, stop. We can’t do this here.” I said pushing her away.

“Why not, I’ve waited a year for this.” She pleaded.

“I have aunts, uncle’s parents and cousins all over the place. Somebody will see us. Think!” I said, but I could see that she wasn’t thinking with her head when she continued to try and kiss me and I saw that the bottom of her suit had a rather large wet spot on it.

“Susan.” I said, “Quick! The boat plan!”

Her eyes lit up. “That’s perfect! Uncle Jake is really busy in the house. Jen, come with me!” and the two of them ran off to the house. They ran upstairs and found Uncle Jake arranging beds, pallets, blankets and more for the dozens of people who would be sleeping all over the house tonight.

“Uncle Jake, will you take us out to Sand Island to collect seashells?” they begged him in unison.

“Not now girls, I’m trying to find everyone a place to sleep tonight.”

“Awe, come on Uncle Jake, they can find a place to sleep!” they begged.

“Girls, not now.” Then added, “Wait, go ask Little Jake or David to take you out.” and he tossed them the keys to the boat.

“Thank you Uncle Jake! We love you!” they called, clattering down the stairs to the beach.

“I love you too!” He shouted, “Y’all be careful!” and he shook his head and smiled “Young’uns.” as he went back to work.

“David!” Susan shouted. “It worked just like you said it would! Come on!” and they snatched up their towels and headed for the boat.

I stood and smiled at the two of them scampering down the beach and offered Sadie my hand to help her up. When she got to her feet I realized she was very nearly my height. Her silky, black hair flowed out in the breeze with streaks of auburn highlights in the sun and brushed against her rear end. She said, “We need to hurry.” And she took my hand and nearly dragged me down to the boat.

I dug the anchor out of the sand and the girls helped me push the boat back into the water. We had to push it out pretty far before we could jump in, drop the Johnsonoutboard and start her up but I got it turned around and heading out to the west end of sand Island.

Sand Island is just a sand bar that moves around year to year depending on the seasonal hurricanes and tropical storms. Sometimes it disappears below the surface, sometimes you can walk out to it from the beach and sometimes, like this year, it was a little less than a mile out, a quarter mile long, maybe a hundred yards wide and it rose about six or eight feet above the waves at its highest point. Perfect. I pulled the boat around the back of the island and headed into shore behind the tallest sand dune.

As I was guiding the boat in, I felt a pair of arms wrap around me from behind and felt the unmistakable feel of a pair of soft breasts pressed against my back. I reached behind me and found a bare thigh and brushed my hand upwards to a firm, round, bare cheek. I turned to look and was pleasantly surprised to find that no one had a stitch of clothing on except me.

I beached the boat, running it up hard on the sand, turned and kissed Sadie deeply, then extricated myself from her embrace and climbed out to plant the anchor up on the dune. I turned back to the boat and paused for a second to take in the sight of these three sirens staring back at me. Amazing.

I bent, shrugged out of my trunks, tossed them into the boat and sprinted out into the water looking back over my shoulder. All three girls were clambering into the water chasing after me and when I got out to about waist deep I plunged in and swam under holding my breath, relishing the feel of the warm Gulf saltwater on my naked body.

I came up a hundred or so yards from shore in water about chest deep, lightly riding the low gulf swell. The girls were running, swimming and splashing out towards me and the sight of them frolicking naked towards me gave rise to the stiffness required for the occasion.

When they finally reached me, Sadie nearly pushed me under throwing her arms and legs around me and kissing me deeply. Jen and Susan arrived and wrapped themselves around either side of us. Sadie was already grinding her clit against my hardness.

“You’ve got the list a little bit out of order.” I teased.

“It’s not written in stone.” She panted and continued to thrust her hips at me. It took only a few seconds for her to seize up in a violent orgasm, throwing her head back, twitching and bucking in my arms until she let go and floated on her back, breathing heavily. “Oh, god I’ve waited a year for that.” She panted. “Mmmmmm… My first orgasm with a boy.” She sighed while Jen and Susan giggled some more.

She reached down and began to stroke me under the water. “Wow, that feels amazing.” She said. “It’s really weird! Not like I thought but… it’s cool!”.

“I like it too. So go a little softer so you don’t pull it off.” I teased.

“Oh! I’m sorry.” She said and let go completely.

I took her hand and gently pulled it back to me and said softly. “It’s ok, just go a little softer, it feels amazing.”

She gently continued to stroke and kiss me and it wasn’t long before I was ready to explode. Jen could tell and said. “He’s gonna come, watch now, watch!” And they all looked down to see me shoot several hard blasts that streamed out in swirling clouds under the water and drift away in the current.

“That was really cool!” Sadie said softly. And they giggled once again.

I pulled Sadie to me and embraced her in a deep kiss then reached down and cupped my hand between her legs. She opened them slightly and I gently massaged her there on the outside until she let go and lay back, floating on the warm Gulf swells.

I stared at her as she floated naked and uncaring on her back. My God she was beautiful. Her body was long and lithe. Her hips flared out just enough and her waist was trim and firm. Her still aroused clit peeked out between red and swollen lips that contrasted with a triangular tuft of jet black hair.

I wrapped one arm underneath her shoulders and raised her up out of the water enough to bring a nipple to my lips. I began to suck it and brush my teeth over it. She shuddered but said nothing. I Continued to rub between her lips and slid my finger down to find that her warm entrance was slippery, even in the salt water and when I pressed one finger inside, her legs came together in surprise, then drifted open further and I pressed in as far as I could go. I curled my finger searching for her G spot, and pressed on her clit with the heel of my hand.

Susan came around to the other side of her and put one hand under her rear end and began kissing and sucking on her other nipple. Jen moved next to my head and kissed Sadie deeply while she began to stroke me under the water. “Not sure I can do that again so soon.” I said softly.

“I know, but we need you ready for Sadie.” She said, completely unselfishly and I realized fully for the first time that there was absolutely no jealousy here. We were all sharing each other’s affections equally and it went against everything I thought I knew about relationships. My very first relationship with a girlfriend had ended in an ugly breakup because I had cheated on her with her best friend. I knew that my second girlfriend, Felicia would have been more than jealous and angry if she had found out about Jen and Susan last year. Probably a lot disgusted with the idea as well. As it was, we simply drifted apart and with Susan and I anticipating and scheming about being with Jen and Sadie here this summer, and with Susan and I taking care of each other sexually, I hadn’t dated anyone else since then.

I came upon the realization that this sharing was going on, not because of anything I had done, but because the girls had started their sexual journey without me. They had bonded sexually and emotionally together and I was simply added to the mix later. Their concept of loyalty was to each other, not me, and that made me a perfectly willing beneficiary of their attentions without the baggage of jealousy and competition.

Jen’s last remark and my reverie about Susan and our plans, where enough to make me quite ready and I took Sadie by the hand, gently pulled her to me and kissed her again, long and hard. She lifted herself into my arms and squirmed to get me inside her. “No, I said. Come.” And I led her, holding hands, back to the beach. She put her arm around me and leaned her head on my shoulder.

I retrieved a towel from the boat and spread it on the sand helping her lie down and said, “Let’s work our way through that list now.”

I lay down beside her and leaned in to kiss her. I can’t describe the feelings I was having right then. It was what I imagined a wedding night must be like, the bride having saved herself for her groom. The anticipation, the sexual tension, this girl that I didn’t really know who wanted nobody but me. Whom I had anticipated for a year as if we had been lovers for life. I didn’t know her at all, but I knew her completely. I knew at that moment that this girl was my life mate. I mean seriously, how many eighteen year olds know that?

(As Sadie reads this over my shoulder some forty six years later, we’re having a little moment together. Apparently this is the first time I mentioned this to her and she agrees that she felt the same way.)

When I snapped out of my reverie, I slid my hand down her stomach and curled my fingers through her pubic hair. She gasped when I touched it. Then I slid further down and found her clit, still erect and ready. I twirled my finger around it and she held her breath. I ran my fingers down her slit and found a very warm, welcoming entrance and allowed my fingers to be engulfed by it. I’ve always found the feeling of the inside of a warm and ready vagina to be immensely erotic. I savored the feeling for several minutes then scooted down and took her clit in my mouth, gently teasing it with my teeth then swirling my tongue around it. She gasped hard and lifted her hips off the towel.

I looked up and saw that Susan was gently sucking on one of her breasts while Jen was kissing her on the mouth. She was moaning and I bent back down to my task. I licked over her clit, then swirled my tongue around inside her wet opening. I put my hands under her cheeks and lifted her off the towel and twirled my tongue around her rear entrance. She jumped at the feel of it but rocked her hips clearly asking for more and moaned, “Jen and Susan told me about that. I never would have thought…” and she took Jen’s tongue in her mouth again.

As I swirled my tongue around her rim she rotated her hips higher and faster making it hard for me to maintain contact with any specific place. Finally she reached down and grabbed me by the head and pulled me up to her. On the way, I kissed her belly button, her stomach, around her other breast, gently suckled the nipple, and kissed her deeply on the mouth. She was breathing hard and her body language was practically begging me to take her.

Her back was arched upward and she flung her arms around me and splayed her legs out on the towel. I eased myself toward her, my hardness found her moist entrance and I slowly began to enter her, feeling the warmth as her lips parted around my head.

[i]Ahh, yes, here you expect the story to continue in a most romantic and sexually charged way. But remember this is a true story and real life intervened here, overriding the fantasy completely. In real life beach sex, soft, tender wet parts coated with sand do not mix well. We both pulled apart at the same time in great disappointment.[i/]

Still lost in the moment, Jen looked up in surprise. “What’s wrong?” she said with a very worried look on her face.

“Huh?” said Susan looking bewildered.

I stood and offered Sadie my hand and pulled her to her feet. “We need another little swim first!” and we ran down to the water and waded in to our knees then knelt and rinsed ourselves thoroughly as Susan and Jen sat on the beach looking bewildered.

Sadie and I ran back up to the beach towels holding hands and laughing and she laid down carefully on her back and I knelt over her, then moved up between her outstretched legs, careful not to drag anything important through anymore sand.

The little break had caused me to soften up a bit, but as soon as I touched the tender part of me to her warm and moist opening, kissed her deeply, pressing lightly against her breasts and rotated my hips a bit, I was hard and ready once more, this time pressing slowly in an inch, back out, then in an inch and a half, back out again, three times (I remember distinctly after all these years) and I felt the moist softness as her very tight ring of muscles slid upward along my shaft and finally ended, fully impaled, letting her press her hips against me and feel the fullness of me inside her.

Then very slowly I started to move in and out of her, kissing her, exploring her tongue, feeling the skin against my chest. She lifted herself off the towel and pulled me to her, gasping and panting between kisses. “Oh god David, yes, like that! Oh, Jen I was right… we were right! Yes, please, please…Unnhhh, unnhhh” and some further unintelligible sounds that turned me on every bit as much, if not more than her body did.

Jen was sitting cross legged close to our heads watching us and alternately rubbing her clit and inserting two fingers. Susan had moved around behind us and was intently studying me as I moved in and out of Sadie. I couldn’t see but I’m pretty sure she was rubbing herself furiously also. But the two other girls didn’t touch either of us any longer. They allowed us to experience our first time together completely.

I put a hand behind Sadie’s head and pulled her to my kisses. She snaked her legs around my calves and opened herself to me completely. We moved in and out together as if this was our one hundredth, not our first time and the beauty of it was too much for me to bear. Somehow this was more than recreational pleasure. I knew at this moment that I loved this girl more than anything and it surprised me to realize in that moment that guys can get sappy too.

Kissing her deeply, our arms wrapped around each other and I actually said it. “I love you Sadie.”

“Oh David! Me too. I love you too.” She replied.

I saw Jen out of the corner of my eye as her eyes widened. “What?”

I looked at her. “Shhhh.” then bent and kissed Sadie deeply, passionately and this time with heartfelt meaning behind it. That’s when it began to build and after squeezing each other so tight it was hard to breath, I exploded inside her, thrust after thrust, more than I could ever remember and she threw her legs around my waist and squeezed even tighter, pulling me into her, more than into her body but deep into her soul. It took her a few more seconds but suddenly she went very still, holding her breath and in the next two strokes, she shuddered violently, spasmed several times jerking and still trying to pull me deeper than before and a scream left her mouth that I was sure could be heard back at the beach house.

She refused to let go and lay there trembling and jerking, holding me deep inside. I could feel her inner muscles contracting and jerking in rhythm with her body spasms, and I felt our combined bodily fluids leaking out between us. We were both breathing heavily and she looked up into my eyes. “Oh my god David. I do love you. Isn’t that weird? I love you!”

“It is weird. But it isn’t. Because I know exactly what you mean.” I said and kissed her again.

“Looks like you guys are having fun!” came a voice from over the sand dune.

I jumped backwards, pulling out suddenly and Sadie sat up, a look of terror in her eyes as Jess came walking down the sand dune dripping wet and breathing hard. “Jess!” Sadie yelled out. “You scared me to death!”

“Crap!” I said, “You sure know how to ruin a special moment. How did you get out here anyway?”

“I didn’t spend four years on the swim team for nothing.” She said and sat down in the sand next to us.

“What are you doing here?” Jen asked with clear irritation in her eyes.

“Mmmm… When I saw you guys on the beach, and then leaving in such a hurry I put two and two together from all the conversations and the questions you and Sadie have been asking for the past couple years. It wasn’t too hard to figure out.” She mused. “I figured I’d either catch you, like I did, or get a good workout and catch a ride back in the boat.”

She seemed so casual. Like a normal conversation at a normal outing on the beach, nothing out of the ordinary, except four of us were naked and two of us were dripping with the juices of our recent heated activity.

“We’re not busted are we?” asked Jen.

“Oh heck no.” Jess said. “I can’t really turn you in. Now that I know I was right I’ll tell you a huge secret that NOBODY else knows. Are you ready?” she teased.

“What, what?” We all leaned in as if she would whisper it.

“My first… um, experience.” She emphasized making quote marks in the air with her fingers, “was when I was thirteen.”

“WHAT?” we all said in surprised unison. “With who?” we all begged to know.

“Ummm, Well… with Little Jake if you must know.” She blurted out.

“WHAT?” we all said in surprise.

“Wait.” Jen thought aloud, “You were having sex with Little Jake since he was, what… TWELVE?”

Jess flushed a little. “Yeah, I guess he was, huh? We were playing in his tree house one day and started a game of show me yours and I’ll show you mine. He was really cute and had a tiny little thing, not much fatter than my thumb. I had tiny little boobies and no hair down here.” She pulled the waist band of her suit out a little and looked down into it.

“Things just escalated from there. We didn’t go all the way for a couple of years though, when he was a lot bigger!” she smiled, “First we just showed each other, later we started touching ourselves in front of each other, then touching each other. Mostly just a lot of touching and getting each other off and stuff. Just experimenting like you guys.”

“I think we’re a little beyond experimenting.” I said.

“Yeah, but we just kept meeting in the tree house and one thing led to another. I started sucking on his little thing, and he would lick me and we’d take turns. He couldn’t even ejaculate until about a year after we started and it surprised us both when he squirted out a little bit in my mouth. That was weird. At the time anyway. Now it’s hot.” She said kind of dreamily. The other girls nodded agreement.

“I had my first orgasm the first time he licked me there. He had touched me and put his finger inside before that but when he put his mouth there I thought I would die.” She continued. The girls were squirming on their towels now.

Funny, we never even kissed before all that and he was fingering me there before he ever touched my boobs. They weren’t very big until I was fourteen. When they started to grow, he started wanting to touch them, then suck on them. I don’t know why boys like to suck on them, but I love it when they do.” She reminisced.

“Probably the same reason we like to suck David’s dick.” Susan said bluntly. Everyone turned and looked at her in shock. Nobody used that kind of language in public then. Four letter words and suggestive language were unheard of on TV, or the radio and people actually got fined or jailed for it sometimes.

“What?” She said. “It just sounds so silly to say suck penises.”

“Dick!” Sadie said out loud.

“Cock” Jen replied.

“Well, personally I like pussy.” I said in a low voice and everyone broke out laughing all around.

“Anyway, “Jess continued, “I guess it was about four years ago, I just turned fifteen, a freshman in high school and Little Jake was squirting pretty good by then and he was a lot bigger and I was sucking on him and I just knew I had to have him in me, so instead of letting him lick me, I just got up on his lap and sat down on it. I was so turned on it went right in. It hurt like hell. Nobody told me it would hurt like that. I jumped right back off and there was blood on his… dick.” She emphasized and everyone giggled “I think it scared him, he started saying ‘Jess, what did you do? You’re bleeding! I didn’t mean to hurt you!’ he was almost panicked.” She said.

“What did you do?” Jen asked.

“I pulled my panties back on and went home and didn’t tell anyone for a couple of weeks. The bleeding stopped that night but it scared me. Then I asked around school and found out that it always hurts the first time but after that it’s good. So a couple weeks later I got Jake back in the tree house and told him I wanted to try it again. So I took my pants and underwear off but this time I lay down on the floor and let him get on top of me and he put it in right away and it was ok, it didn’t’ hurt. In fact it felt really good. In fact it felt so good for him it only took him like thirty seconds to come,” She rolled her eyes at that and the girls giggles some more. “But I made him pull out and do it in my hand.”

Jen was now pressing two fingers up inside herself in rapid movements and Susan was twirling a finger around her clit.

“After that, he put it back in and we did it for about ten minutes before I had a really good orgasm and after that we were hooked on it completely. We’ve been doing it ever since whenever we can.” She finished.

I was nice and hard again by now and Sadie had been absently stroking me lightly as we listened.

“Does he know about us?” I asked.

“No, I wanted to make sure I was right about you guys before I told him.” She said

You plan on telling him?” Jen said, eyes wide with fright, or shock, I couldn’t tell.

“Why not? You guys don’t have a monopoly on fun you know.” Jess said.

Susan shocked me with “Well, would it be weird if we invited him to join our little group? I wouldn’t mind doing it with him.”

Jess smiled, “Are you inviting me too?”

There was a pause, then a general agreement, “Yeah, I guess so.” Jen answered for us.

“Good, I was hoping you would say that!” she said cheerily and immediately stripped off her suit and sat back down as naked as the rest of us.

Nothing should have shocked me by now but it did surprise me in its suddenness. Like her little sister, Jess was beautiful. A little taller by an inch or so than Jen, she had the same slim figure, but more muscled and toned, apparently from the swim team. Her red hair was dark from the water and she had the same patch of red hair beneath her stomach, small and triangular leading down to a tight slit between her legs. Her breasts were a little larger than Jen’s which led me to believe that Jen might have some room to grow into. In short, she was simply stunning and completely at ease sitting on a beach in a group of completely naked teenagers.

The possibilities were endless but I was a little concerned about my ability to perform properly with four beautiful girls. At least now I would have Little Jake to help out, and the idea of watching him doing it with Jess, or, oh my gosh, with my little sister! The thought caused me to twitch in Sadie’s hand. Jen noticed and said, “Sadie, there’s still another thing on the list you haven’t tried.” And she made a little kissing motion with her mouth, directing her eyes to her hand, still holding me there.

Sadie looked over at Jess who made a ‘go on’ gesture and she took me in both hands, giving me a couple of strokes, then bent and kissed the end. I responded and she looked up at me. She stroked a couple more times then put her lips over the end and started sucking on just the head like a baby at a tit.

I rolled my eyes back and leaned on my hands behind me. Jen moved up closer and whispered something to her. She started to push further down and take a few more inches in her mouth. Jess whispered again and Sadie looked up at her in surprise. “I don’t know if I can do that.” She said.

“Yes you can. It just takes practice.” Jess reassured her and Sadie put her head back down and pushed down taking about three quarters of me in her mouth. I felt the back of her throat and she pulled back and gaged a little. But she went right back down and tried it again. She pushed down as far as she could go and couldn’t quite take the last quarter of it but she gave it a real try. Just the thought of her trying was enough of a turn on and although I didn’t have much left by now, after several minutes, helped by Jess fondling my balls and Susan probing my rear, I gave her three or four descent squirts and she swallowed it all, not missing a drop. The rest of the girls cheered and giggled.

Sadie crawled up on top of me, pushed me back on the sand, straddled my waist and kissed me passionately while grinding her clit into my softening member. “Thank you David.” She whispered in my ear, and kissed me again.

“You’re welcome.” I said as I savored the taste of our combined juices on her mouth. “But I’m pretty much done for a while and it’s starting to get late. We need to gather up some seashells so we don’t look too guilty when we get back.”

The other girls all jumped up and began running around the sand dunes picking up shells while Sadie continued to kiss and fondle me. I savored the afterglow and enjoyed the rest of my beautiful nymphs running about naked collecting sea shells

Fortunately, there were always plenty of sea shells out here and a few were really nice specimens. We filled a beach bag with several pounds of them and threw it into the boat, ran out into the surf and dove under to rinse off and cool down.

The girls all followed me and we spent another ten or fifteen minutes splashing, dunking, touching and feeling everything there was to touch and feel. It wasn’t sex play, but more like sexually oriented horseplay. It was just a lot of laughing and fun in the water. At one point in the dunking however, I did put my hand up under Jess and pressed a finger up inside her. She squealed and said “I thought you were done for the day.”

“I didn’t say that.” I replied, “I said I was done for a while.” And we both laughed. I pressed harder inside, wiggled my finger around a little and she bit her lower lip. I pulled it out and said “Later Cuz.” She slapped at me, laughing as I ducked her blow and swam back to the boat.

We brought in the anchor, pushed the boat off the beach and jumped in. I started the Johnson and headed out into the Gulf, everyone still naked, joyous and free! I went around the East end this time because it took longer and gave us more time to be naked in the sun and the open air. When I turned around the head of Sand Island and steered back to the beach house, we all pulled on our suits, found seats in the boat like nothing had ever happened and rode back in silence.

I drove the boat hard up on the sand, hauled out the anchor and buried it far up the beach. Sadie came up beside me and put an arm around my waist and we walked arm in arm up to the house. There was an open fresh water shower next to the front door and we rinsed off the salt and sand together acting like star struck teenagers, which of course we were.

“Crap!” I said as the cool water ran down my body and into my shorts.

“What?” Sadie said.

“I think I’m sunburned in places I shouldn’t be.” I told her.

“Yeah, me too.” She said, looking a little concerned. “Better hope no one else sees us naked.” She teased.

Mom and Dad were lying out on a blanket when we arrived and seeing me and Sadie arm in arm and horsing around in the shower, she called Susan over and Jen trailed after her. “Your brother seems to have taken quite a liking to your friend Sadie.” She said.
“Yeah, we noticed that too.” Said Susan and the two giggled.

“Well, that’s nice but they seem a little close to soon, so I want you two to keep an eye on them and hang around them so they don’t get any ideas about being alone.” Mom instructed them.

“Oh, we will Aunt Joyce!” Jen said gleefully.

“Don’t worry, mom!” Susan added. “We won’t miss a thing!” she promised. And the two ran off giggling together.

Little Jake met Jess by the boat and Jess leaned in and whispered something in his ear. He jerked his head up in our direction with a surprised look on his face. I lifted a hand and waved to him and smiled and he looked back at Jess and they started an animated discussion too low to be heard above the wind and the shower.

Life was certainly getting interesting. In the matter of a few hours I had a new girlfriend and a trio of beautiful, willing sex partners and I couldn’t even imagine the possibilities of the future.

Chapter 5 – Little Jake & the Young’uns
7,542 Words


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