hey, this is my first story so don't be to harsh, but comment some advice please :)
Hey, my names Tom, I’m 15, 6ft 3”, brown hair and blue eyes, I’m quite broad and muscular for my age, probably because I do a lot of training and rugby. I’m currently doing my GCSE’s at high school. It is so boring, well at least it was, and that was when I started to notice this girl in my class. Megan, her name was. She was the same age as me. She had blonde hair, thin, but massive breasts, 36DD to be exact, she was an early developer. I used to look at her round school, and think I would have no chance. She was hot, very hot, way out of my league! But that was until I found out what she was really like.
One night, I was laying in bed, on my laptop chatting to a few friends about school work. Then I got a friend request, it was from Megan. I straight away accepted and sent her a message.
Tom: Hey!
Megan: Hey there, how are you?
Tom: I’m good, you?
At this point, I was thinking, should I tell her how I feel about her, I went in for it.
Tom: Listen, I’ve seen you round school a lot, I think you’re very hot, would ya’ want to go on a date with me sometime?
It seemed like forever for her to reply, but eventually she did. “Yeah sure! Friday night, 7pm, my house.”
I got all excited, I agreed and we both decided to go for the night.
Every day at school seemed like a drag, I kept seeing her and thinking to myself how lucky I was. I just wanted Friday night to come; I didn’t even know what she had planned! For all I know she could of been tricking me! But I got all of that out of my mind and wished for the best! It’s all I could do to keep positive, the next 2 night we spoke, and I kept telling her how I felt, but she never showed any signs of how she felt about me.
Friday night eventually came; it was a day off school so I had even longer to get ready. I was excited but scared; everything was running through my mind! It eventually came; I walked round to her house, and knocked on the door. I was nervous, excited, this was the first time I was actually going to speak to her! She opened the door, said hi and gave me a big hug, I responded in the same way, and she led me into the living room where she had a movie set up for us to watch, and some snacks. I sat down, and she sat next to me, very close indeed. We watched the first 10 minutes of the film and then started chatting. We didn’t do anything, I was too nervous too; I didn’t know whether she wanted me to or weather she didn’t! It got to 11pm and I was shattered, so I told her I best get going, and she gave me a little kiss on the cheek before I left.
It was too late to go online, but the next night I did, and she had left me a message saying how much she loved the night, and she wished we had gone further. I asked her how far she would go, I wanted to know, I didn’t want to push her further than she wanted to. She admitted to me that she had already done everything there was, and she was willing to with me. Straight away, I started getting sweaty, I was confused but excited, I asked her about what turns her on. She told me that she likes bondage, and slavery. I told her that I do to! I told her I had something planned, and for her to come round mine on Saturday. She seemed a little bit nervous, but happy. Before I left I told her to remember the safe-word would be ‘red’, just in case I went too far.
Saturday came; my parents were out the house so I was alone. I had all sort of ideas in my mind. I wanted to make her orgasm, more than once; I wanted her to have the best night of her life! I got a load of things ready, ropes, chains, candles. And a lot more, I even called a few of my mates round. Including a girl. This was going to be one hot night! I got my bed ready, with everything laid beside it. I was ready, now it’s just the waiting game.
It turned 6pm, and I was starting to wonder whether she was even going to turn up. Of course, she did. She rung the bell and I went to answer it. She was stood there, wearing just a short skirt, and a very tight white top. Damn did she look sexy! I invited her in, well; I actually grabbed hold of her hair, and pulled her in fast, slammed her against the wall, and grabbed hold of her face. “Tonight, your mine, all mine, and your and you’ll do everything I say, do you understand?” she tried to nod, and straight away I grabbed a collar, put it around her neck and attached a lead, I kicked her shins so she fell onto her knees, and dragged her around to my bedroom, pulled her up on the bed, and tied her hands to the top. I ripped the top straight off, and cut the bra right in the middle. She pretended to hate it, but I know she loved every minute! I started sucking on here tits. Biting them, VERY roughly. I cut her skirt off to find out she decided not to wear knickers. A clever move!
Her hands were unmovable, her whole body was exposed. I started playing with her pussy, but she kept closing her legs, I grabbed some of my rope, and tied each leg to her arms, meaning they were stretched open, and I could easily get to her pussy. I straight away shoved 3 fingers in, she was soaking! I added an extra finger, finger fucking her for around 2 minutes, she started moaning so I grabbed a sock and shoved it in her mouth. I got my dick out and aimed it towards her mouth. Took the sock out, and she kept her mouth open for me. This was going so fast, I put it in and she started pushing herself up on my dick immediately! I started to groan; I grabbed the back of her head and forced it right down her throat, stopping her from breathing! She was gagging, choking, but she wouldn’t give up! I heard another knock at the door, and I told her I had a surprise, 5 minutes later, I came up with a few friends, 3 boys and a girl. They were all 15. The boys had short brown hair, one with brown eyes and 2 with green. The girl had long brown hair, brown eyes, and 34C sized tits. They all came in and saw Megan lying on my bed, tied up, naked. They laughed; one of the boys went up to her and put his dick in her face. “Suck on that doggy!” She seemed excited by this name-calling, so I thought I’d keep it up. “Don’t disappoint us slut!”
The other 2 boys went straight for her ass and pussy, not hesitating to shove it right in, she was being fucked, hard and fast, in all her holes! She was moaning and groaning, the boys were enjoying themselves, so I once again told her to do as she was told, and walked downstairs with the other girl (Bethany).We sat on the sofa, and started making out, for about 5 minutes. After, we spoke about what we should do to Megan; we came up with a few good ideas and headed upstairs to get on with it.
We told the boys to stop and back off, I untied her arms so Bethany and I could easily get to her face. Straight away, Beth went straight so sit on Megan’s face, hardly giving her any time to breath. I got up behind her and shoved my dick right down her already used pussy. She started struggling for air; Beth was hardly giving her any! Eventually, I and Beth swapped; She was licking Megan’s wet pussy, and I was pounding my cock deep down her throat. Was this fun? Very! The other guys went home, leaving me, Megan and Beth. We carried on using her, fucking her, licking and sucking for an hour or 2. Eventually we all got tired, we untied her, got a quick kiss, she applied her makeup and headed home, so did Beth.


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It's pathetic, don't bother

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great potential but try not to rush this story is fast paced so slow it down and re read multiple times and use all your senses taste fell smell sight hearing etc

massive potential

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