My name is Jessip David Harris and I am sixteen. I was orphaned when I was only ten. My grandparents have raised me since then and I guess I get my green thumb from them. My parents left a little money and a thousand acres of land that was always to wet to grow anything. And then I had the idea, I started building greenhouses, lots of them.

I used homemade solar panels along the crown of each building for power. I was only fourteen when I started. Now I have thirty buildings and use hydroponics to grow vegetables all year long. I straightened and turned to glance at the gate as a truck entered. Sometimes I have vendors come to look over my crops, not that they really cared.

I walked to the truck as two girls stepped out. One was a short haired dirty blonde and the other was a brunette, “Hi.”

They smiled and the brunette looked around, “We’re looking for the owner.”

I grinned, “you found me.”

They looked at me and then at each other. The blonde cleared her throat, “You’re the owner?”

I nodded and she grinned, “I’m Tammy and this is Pepper.”

I nodded and Tammy cleared her throat again, “We are doing a paper on growing plants commercially using hydroponics.”

I waited and she looked at Pepper who sighed, “We were hoping to get a job working for you over the summer.”

I turned to think about it, “I don’t make a lot and it is just me.”

Pepper stepped closer, “we can help.”

I finally sighed and we started bargaining. They brought a large fifth wheel and parked it up front across from my house. My life really woke up in just a day, besides checking plants I was also building another greenhouse. Pepper and Tammy both started work the next day and I almost lost it when they walked into the first greenhouse in tiny string bikinis.

I stared and Pepper grinned and kissed my cheek, “Where do we start?”

I shook myself and turned to start my normal routine, “See the mirrors in the isles?”

They nodded and I stopped to kneel, “Look at the bottom of the top shelf.”

They turned and bent over and I almost came in my shorts as I was suddenly looking at Tammy’s asshole and pussy. They stood up and I shook myself again before standing, “By using a mirrors I can keep the bottom shelf growing better. You saw the small mist lines that run along the front and back edge.”

I reached up to touch another thin mist line, “I use a light mist in the early morning and in the evening. Each house is set on a timer. The solar panels provide enough energy for the little each house uses. Beside checking the watering you need to check the mirrors and keep them clean.”

I went back to checking trays as they followed me. By the time I finished for the day my cock was hurting along with my balls. I started for the greenhouse I was building after telling them to look around and they could start tomorrow. Pepper grabbed my hand, “Come with us for a few minutes.”

She pulled me behind her towards their trailer. Inside Pepper stripped my shorts off and pulled me up to the wide bed. She grinned and pushed me onto the bed as Tammy moved around the bed as she stripped her bikini off. Pepper took hers off and stalked onto me and sat, “You haven’t had sex have you?”

I shook my head and they grinned. Pepper rubbed my chest, “So we don’t waste time going out looking for cock we can use you.”

Tammy chuckled throatily, “We noticed your large cock and want it.”

Pepper grinned as she lifted and fitted my cock to her wet pussy. She wiggled and pushed before my cock finally pushed into her. I groaned as she slowly sat, pushing my cock all the way to the back of her pussy. She shuddered and grunted before looking at Tammy, “god he is stretching me.”

Tammy laughed and reached up to tug on her nipples, “fuck him so I can have a turn.”

I wasn’t going to say anything as I hesitantly reached up and cupped Pepper’s breasts. She shivered and began rocking. She used long thrusts that pulled my cock almost out of her before she sat back and drove it to her womb. Her warm, tight pussy felt almost velvety soft as it kept squeezing my cock.

It wasn’t long before I was shuddering and trying to hold back as Pepper jerked and wailed. Her pussy rippled and spasmed as she sat back and wiggled and squirmed. I jerked and Tammy was suddenly kissing me as I grunted and peed a huge gushing fountain through Pepper’s cervix. She screamed and convulsed as I kept pumping cum and jerking.

Tammy continued to kiss me and rub my chest as I flooded Pepper. When I finally stopped cumming she groaned and fell off me, “Damn he had a lot saved up.”

Tammy snickered as she straddled me, “virgins always do.”

She positioned my cock as I blushed and held her breasts. She wiggled and pushed and twisted until my cummy cock pushed into her. She sighed and shivered before starting to rock back and forth, “You have a nice cock Jessip.”

I groaned as my cock pressed against her cervix hard and her pussy grasped it. I cupped her breasts as she started to become erratic and pulled her down before rolling over. She raised her legs as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Each time I shoved into her I pressed and humped and it was only a few minutes before she wailed and started convulsing.

Her pussy rippled and spasmed as it squeezed my cock constantly. I shuddered and fucked her hard and deep. She clung to me as she spread her legs in the air and wet me, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Her pussy clenched while my cock throbbed and suddenly I was grunting as I thrust into her and pumping huge spurts of cum. Tammy jerked and spasmed as my warm sperm flooded her belly and she moaned. When I stopped cumming I kissed her and pulled out reluctantly. Pepper laughed and pulled on me, “your still hard fuck me again.”

I fucked both of them four times before I stopped. They fell asleep as I slipped out of bed and left. I crossed the drive to the old house and made a late dinner before washing and going straight to bed. I woke up early and had breakfast and went out to start on the greenhouse I was working on.

I glanced at Pepper and Tammy when they came out of their trailer. They were wearing the string bikinis again since it was already warm. I smiled as they walked towards me, “Do you remember what to do?”

They grinned and nodded and I grinned at them, “your going to end up with tan lines.”

They laughed as they walked towards the first house. I went back to work and stopped a couple of hours later. I found the two girl in one of the middle houses. They were both naked as they worked and I had to shake myself as I walked closer, “comfortable?”

They grinned and Pepper reached out to rub my bare chest, “when do you harvest?”

I rubbed one of her pink nipples, “normally? I try to get what is ready on Thursday so I can get it out for the weekend.”

Tammy grinned, “with us here you could probably get two done a week.”

I looked at her as I thought about it. I nodded, “maybe.”

I started helping and marking what would be ready and it was early afternoon when we finished. I stretched and glanced around before turning to Tammy’s hand. She rubbed my sweaty chest and grinned as Pepper undid my pants and pushed them down. Tammy turned and leaned forward on the large sink I was at and Pepper pulled me behind her, “fuck her.”

I caressed her hips as Tammy reached between her legs to pull my cock down and guided it to her pussy. Pepper pushed on my butt and I forced my cock into her girlfriend. I held her hips as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she shuddered and Pepper laughed.

I continued to fuck her and Pepper leaned against me and reached down to start rubbing and fingering Tammy’s asshole. She pushed back harder and groaned. I smiled as I fucked her hard and fast for a couple of minutes. She wailed and jerked around as her pussy spasmed and tightened.

She even squirted me before I slowly began to fuck her harder. She howled as she jerked and convulsed while her slippery pussy spasmed and milked my cock. I finally buried my cock and pushed just before I began to gush cum. She jerked and screamed when she felt warm sperm pumping into her and her pussy clenched around my cock.

It was a minute before I was done and Pepper was kissing me passionately the whole time. When I was finished Tammy shuddered before straightening and moving forward off my cock, “Damn I needed that.”

I grinned as Pepper laughed and reached out to tug on a nipple. Tammy shuddered again and laughed before moving to press against me, “I think we found just the guy.”

Pepper kissed my cheek, “we get horny walking around naked.”

I laughed, “what a coincidence, I get horny when you walk around naked too.”

They laughed and I grinned before letting them go back to work. I was ready to call it a day and found the two girls using a hose to cool off. I shook my head as they shrieked and played before they saw me. They looked at each other and smiled before shutting the water off and Pepper stalked towards me, “Jessip?”

I grinned as I looked around for a trap, “yes?”

She stopped and rubbed my chest and let her hand slid lower as my cock throbbed. Tammy pressed against my side and undid my shorts and pushed them down, “Pepper needs a fix.”

I laughed and moved quickly as soon as my feet were free. I scooped up Pepper in my arms and started towards my place. She giggled as Tammy caught up, “our trailer is right here.”

I smiled as I carried her up the stairs and onto the wide porch. I turned and pointed, “turn that facet.”

Tammy grinned and did as I told her and they both laughed as the whole area inside the porch began misting. I walked to the corner where a couple of old wooden loungers with thick cushions sat. I laid Pepper on one and pushed her legs open as I lay between them. I kissed her and lifted before pushing into her in one long thrust.

She groaned as my cock stretched her pussy and sank into her. I smiled as I looked into her eyes and began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. It was a minute before she shuddered and then jerked and started thrashing around as she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock to hump, press and grind and she arched her back a couple of minutes later, “YES!”

Tammy laughed as she sat on the other lounger. I went back to fucking Pepper with deep thrusts while she jerked and struggled under me. I kept kissing her as she hugged and clutched at me and continued to plant my cock and push. It was awhile before I was ready to cum, she was shuddering and spasming as her pussy grasped at my cock.

I shoved into her and started to pump and spew thick, strong, gushing spurts of cum. Pepper clung to me as she screamed, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped sperm against and through her cervix as her pussy grasped and milked my cock. When I stopped she sighed and slowly relaxed. I pulled out and shifted to lay beside her, “like my porch cooler?”

They laughed and Pepper turned to kiss me, “dinner?”

I slipped off the lounger and helped her up before walking around and letting her pull Tammy after us. I shut the mist off and opened the door, just inside was a towel I used to dry them with. I led them through the house and into the large open kitchen where pots and pans hung over a center island.

They grinned and pushed me towards a stool before beginning to explore. Dinner was a large stir fry and then I pushed them away as I washed and cleaned up. I led them through the house and into the small master bedroom with the king size bed. Tammy grinned as she pulled me out and into the bathroom for a shower with Pepper.

After we dried off they pulled me to bed and I kissed Pepper before grinning as I turned to stalk towards Tammy. I woke to my alarm and looked at the two girls holding each other. It had been close to midnight before they had been satisfied and let me sleep. I slipped out of bed and reached back to rub Pepper’s hip, “time to get up.”

She turned her head and smiled, “are you?”

I grinned back at her, “yes and if you don’t want me to fuck you, wake Tammy and come to the kitchen.”

She grinned as Tammy giggled and rolled away and off the bed, “I need to pee.”

After eating cereal I made a call and led the girls out and started pulling a cart after me as I began to pick vegetables that were ready. It was a busy day that ending in the early afternoon when a truck pulled in. We loaded the truck and I accepted a receipt before watching it leave. I sighed and turned to walk towards the greenhouse I was building.

I glanced up an hour later as a dozen cars pulled in and saw Tammy and Pepper walk towards them. I put the tools down and climbed down the ladder before walking toward the small crowd of women. Pepper turned and came to put her arm around my waist, “they are in our advanced agro class at school.”

The women quieted and turned as Tammy walked towards me, “they want to spend the summer.”

I looked at all the women, “I can’t afford to pay them.”

She grinned and turned, “consider it summer camp. They will help and learn about hydroponics.”

One stepped forward, “we won’t be in the way.”

I looked at Pepper in her string bikini, “she doesn’t know the effect a woman’s body has on a teenage boy.”

All the women laughed and Pepper bumped me. I sighed and looked at them before looking at Tammy, “fine but you are in charge of them.”

She grinned and turned, “tents and sleeping bags.”

I cleared my throat, “I have two spare bedrooms.”

Pepper grinned, “and some can use our trailer.”

It wasn’t long before they left and we went back to work. An hour later I was watering in one of the houses when five naked girls followed Tammy in. She grinned and started showing them what to do and I shook my head before finishing. I went to the next greenhouse and then headed towards my house.

A tall woman was in the kitchen and smiled and waved. I hesitated and Pepper walked in with more women and put an arm around my waist, “afraid to go into the kitchen?”

I grinned, “yes.”

She grinned and pulled me towards the hall and then into my bedroom. I saw a couple of bags by the bed before she turned me and gave me a kiss and pushed my shorts down and off. She backed me towards the bed and I turned her at the last second and pushed her back. She grinned as she fell back on the bed and lifted her legs and spread them.

I moved between her legs and bent to kiss her and felt her hand positioning my cock. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled with her feet. I pushed into her warm pussy and began to fuck her slowly as it squeezed. I used long deep thrusts even if I didn’t do it hard. She sighed and moaned and cooed and purred before I laughed and laid on her to kiss her.

I began to hump and jab and grind before pulling back to fuck her hard and deep. Pepper howled and started writhing around as she clutched me and her pussy tightened, “oooohhhhh!”

I continued to fuck her steadily as she thrashed and bucked and a minute later I had to shove into her quickly. She tilted her hips as I grunted and gushed cum while her pussy seemed to milk my cock. When I stopped she was still panting and jerking. I kissed her and pulled out before laying beside her to cup a breast, “thanks Pepper.”

She turned and grinned as she lay half on me before giving me a kiss, “you just don’t get that we enjoy it too.”

I looked at her and she stroked my cock, “girls like sex too and Tammy and I seem to have found our stud.”

I laughed as I kissed her and rolled over so I was between her legs, “careful or we won’t be getting out of this bed for awhile.”

She grinned and hugged me before rolling and moving off the bed, “Dinner first.”

That was a very fun summer and Pepper and Tammy continued to live with me when it ended. Every year I build a few more greenhouses and every year the girls find at least a dozen girls to spend the summer working and learning. Two years later when they graduated they gave me a present and we are working on another set now since the first set is already walking.
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