The mission was simple, drop and set up a choke point twenty kilometers from the colony port city. No one and nothing was to get past us and we were to hold at all cost. The port city was in a valley and the narrow pass was the only way in. Normal colony ports are protected from raiders or high flyers by automated defenses so they couldn’t land their ships.

The closest place would be down the pass another ten kilometers. I thought we were the only ones here since we had been briefed that the regiment was headed to the next system. The first two days were spent digging fighting positions, including for our armored carrier. I made sure each position had thick overhead cover.

Each also had both a working camouflage and a portable shield generator. Not that the shield would stop the big stuff but it would help. We settled into a routine that was shattered two weeks later. I heard the scream from the comms and spun to look towards the distant port in the darkness.

The port had gone dark and that meant the automated defenses had been activated. I looked up when the huge transports began descending towards lower end of the pass, “everyone up!”

I moved to my position forward of the squad and dropped into it. I switched on the squad bio monitors and hard line comm, “Alpha?”


I glanced at the bio monitors, “Bravo?”


I looked out using a scope, “Carrier?”


What I saw sent a chill through me, “heads up men. It looks like a battalion. I see armor being off loaded as well as fast movers and air transports.”

Sgt Boske whispered back, “we count two fast movers and four transports. It looks like six tanks and twelve ground transports.”

I grinned and continued watching until they began to move up the pass, “guns free. Sergeant Boske your primary targets are the two fast movers and then the air transports. Corporal Jones and Waller start with the tanks. Jenkins and Leonard start on the ground transports. Smith and Norris, I want you on the troops when they dismount. Everyone else pick targets that seem to lead or give directions.”

I woke up sweating as the dream started and sat up before moving out of bed, I knew I wouldn’t go back to sleep. I showered and dressed before going to make coffee and later breakfast. Today was the first day of a cattle drive down to the auction yard outside of the closest town of Tin Buck Two.

The dream wasn’t new or unexpected, it happened several times a week. I cleaned up and grabbed the large bore rifle in the rack by the door as I walked out. My ranch was huge with over ten thousand head of old earth white face cattle, I was taking five thousand to market. I saddled my horse and the pack horse and put the others on long leads before riding out.

I had twenty modern herding drones to move the herd and pulled the controller out of my saddle bag. I had brought the herd close to the house yesterday to get a fresh start today. I sat and watched as the drones started moving and the cattle slowly began to head south.

Twenty days later I was watching the cattle flow into the large corral with prospective buyers watching beside me. This was my fourth year and I watched the buyers expressions to give me an idea of how much the cattle would go for. When I walked away from the auction that night it was with a lot more credits than I expected.

I headed to the only diner in town and sat at a corner table. I smiled at Missy when she came to take my order, “coffee and a thick steak that isn’t chard black.”

She grinned, “still burning your food Mr Melborne?”

I shrugged, “I never got the hang of cooking I’m afraid.”

She was back a minute later and poured a cup of coffee before glancing at the door, “there are newsies asking about you.”

I glanced at the door to see an older man, “why.”

She looked at me, “they talked about Melborne Pass.”

I almost growled at the name and she smiled, “we sent them south to look for your ranch.”

I grinned, “thanks.”

She grinned back, “there is also a man with his daughter.”

I waited and she shrugged, “he said his name was Mendez.”

I looked at the door, “he staying at the hotel?”

She nodded and I sipped my coffee, “how is your dad?”

She grinned as she turned to head for the kitchen, “Stubborn and grumpy and still looking for my husband.”

I smiled as I sat back and a minute later someone cleared their throat. I turned to see an older man and a girl. I knew who it was and stood, “sir.”

He smiled, “don’t call me sir, I work for a living.”

I smiled back and took his hand, “I didn’t know you were coming.”

He shrugged and turned to sit in a chair. I moved to hold a chair for the girl before sitting, “what can I do for you?”

He looked into my eyes, “you know the newsies published your official after action report.”

I nodded and he kept looking at me and finally smiled, “that would be the one you leaked.”

I shrugged, “that asshole general Smith got promoted and the whole plan was covered up. My men deserved better, your son deserved better.”

He sighed, “Remone know what it meant to serve.”

I leaned forward as I slapped the table, “you do NOT use soldiers as bait and leave them to die!”

He smiled, “no and he and those others that planned it have paid.”

I snorted as I leaned back, “not enough.”

He looked across at the girl, “My granddaughter needs to hear how her father died.”

I looked at her and smiled, “you would be Gabby.”

She smiled, “Gabrielle.”

I nodded, “Remone always called you Gabby.”

I looked at Missy as she came to the table, “it is alright Missy. Bring another coffee and...”

I looked at Gabby, “juice?”

She nodded and I turned back, “also a couple more steaks with all the trimmings.”

She grinned, “sure thing. Momma said to let you know the newsies called and are coming in to eat.”

I sighed and nodded, “I’ll pretend I’m not here.”

I looked at Gabby when Missy left, “your father died trying to save one of his men.”

She looked at her grandfather and he gestured, “tell her the whole thing.”

I looked at him and then away, “I have tried hard to forget.”

I finally looked at the girl, “we were to protect the only pass to a new colony. We were told we would be the only ones on the planet and to hold at all costs.”

I looked at the table, “we were bait, there was no one in the colony and the regiment was in hiding. Sergeant Boske and corporal Martin destroyed the flyers and air transports before the carrier was hit and they and Allison died. Corporal Waller and Jones managed to take out the tanks before they were killed.”

I looked at retired sergeant major Mendez, “Smith and Norris ripped most of the ground troops apart but Smith was wounded while Norris died from a mortar round. Your father went to pull Smith to safety and was shot... he did get Smith to safety but he died of his wounds later.”

I hesitated before continuing, “Jenkins and Leonard drew fire destroying the ground transports and were killed shortly after your father. Sergeant Reach and private Harris were killed during the first attempt to break through our positions. It was after the third attempt that they had enough and ran towards the ships. That was when the regiment attacked in assault shuttles.”

I shut up and she looked at her grandfather who cleared his throat, “how many times were you wounded.”

I glanced at the door as several men entered, “twelve.”

I sighed and turned to accept the plate Missy slipped onto the table. I heard the talk stop at the door, “Staff Sergeant Melborne?”

I ignored them as I started eating. Sergeant major Mendez and Gabby looked at the men as they approached. One touched my shoulder, “we want to talk to you.”

I looked at the hand on my shoulder, “keep your hand there and I will cut it off.”

He yanked his hand back as another moved around, “what is your reaction to general Smith’s appeal to the armed forces board?”

I went back to eating and another cleared his throat, “he appealed his forced retirement. He claims the mission was a success because of all the raiders they killed and the starships captured. He is applying for reinstatement to active service.”

I stopped eating and looked at the reporter before pushing the plate away. I stood and turned towards the door, “put it on my tab Missy.”

I yanked the door open before stopping. I took a breath before looking at the reporters, “the general and the regiment didn’t kill all the raiders, my squad did and they died while the general and everyone else hid.”

I walked out and closed the door quietly before heading towards the horse corrals. I saddled a horse and then the pack horse before putting the other horses on leads. I activated the herding drones to follow before swinging into the saddle. I leaned over to open the gate before riding out and heading north.

I rode back the way I had come and as it started to get dark I made camp. It was an hour later that I heard the horses coming towards my camp. I stood and a minute later Missy and Gabby rode into the camp. Missy swung down, “I’m sorry about those newsies.”

I nodded and she turned to Gabby who swung down awkwardly. Gabby looked at me, “grandfather said to come. There were men looking for you.”

I looked at Missy and she nodded, “they looked military.”

I looked to the south and Gabby walked closer rubbing her butt, “grandfather said they were special ops.”

That didn’t make me feel better. I finally shook my head before reaching for Gabby’s hand, “I’ll worry about it in the morning.”

I pulled her to my packs and knelt to pull out a small jar. I turned and reached out to open and pull her pants down as she blushed and Missy snickered. I sat and pulled her onto my lap on her stomach, “people new to riding get sores or blisters from riding.”

I opened the jar and the smell of flowers filled the air. I dipped a couple of fingers into the cream and started rubbing it on her butt, “spread your legs so I can get the ones on your thighs.”

Missy sat beside me, “check her pussy too.”

Gabby was sighing and glanced back at Missy before grinning, “he has to use something else to check in there.”

Missy laughed and wiggled out of her pants, “mine too.”

I looked at her as I started putting cream on Gabby’s inner thighs, “careful Missy, your mom...”

She rubbed my shoulder, “told me to go home with you and let you fuck me until you don’t have any more cum.”

I snorted, “good luck with that.”

I looked at Gabby’s cute butt and reached between her legs to finger her clit. She shivered and pushed up before putting her head down, “that feels good.”

It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and closed her legs. She slipped off my laps and knelt as she reached for my pants. Missy grinned as she started helping and I lifted so they could pull my pants down. Gabby straddled me and rubbed her slippery pussy on my cock before impaling herself.

She groaned and held me as Missy pulled my boots off and then my pants. I laid back and Gabby leaning forward before starting to rock as her pussy squeezed. She twisted and rolled her hips and her pussy grasped my cock each time she lifted up. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shuddering constantly.

A few minutes after that she was spasming and jerking as she wet me and her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhhhh!”

I was thrusting up and pulling her down as her pussy milked my cock. I held her as I began to spew a geyser of cum. She jerked and grunted as she pushed down while I continued to pump more warm sperm into her. When I stopped she laid on me and sighed, “that was so good.”

Missy laughed and rubbed her butt, “my turn.”

Gabby lifted her hips as she slipped to the side. Missy didn’t wait and took her place before lifting my slimy cock and slowly sitting. She shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed and began to thrust and rub her pussy on me as she drove my cock into her deeper. She closed her eyes and smiled as her pussy continued to grasp my cock.

It was a couple of minutes before she became erratic and started to spasm. I cupped her firm breasts and tugged on the nipples. Missy threw her head back and wailed as she began to convulse. She squirted and wet me as she thrashed around and I pulled her down before rolling over. I fucked her hard and deep, driving my cock into her all the way.

She lifted her legs and spread them as I continued to fuck her like that and several minutes later I shoved into her and stopped. My cock was throbbing and pressed tight against her cervix as I kissed her. She was clutching me and looked into my eyes just as I began to pump cum into her.

She thrust her pelvis up as her pussy clenched, “yyyeeeessssss!”

It was a minute before I was done and she relaxed as she tried to catch her breath. I pulled out and looked at Gabby who was on her knees fingering her leaking pussy. I smiled and moved around behind her as she put her head down and pushed into her slimy hole. I fucked the two girls three times before stopping and letting them rest while I unsaddled their horses.

I slept between them and held Gabby as Missy held me. I woke to a hover vehicle passing in the semi dark a hundred meters away to the west. When it stopped I looked at the girls before waking them and whispering, “get dressed.”

I dressed and went to saddle our horses and then the pack horse. I helped Gabby into the saddle as Missy swung up and I tied my string to my saddle before going to the drones. After setting them I went to lead my horse as I headed to the east. It was an hour before I changed direction and turned back to the north.

When the sun began to rise I swung into the saddle and glanced back at the girls before starting the horses moving again. It was another two hours before I heard the distant sound of a hover vehicle. I kicked my horse into a trot to make the shallow stream crossing ahead before the vehicle.

I swung down after the horse walked out of the water and pulled the rifle out of the boot. I held out the rains to Missy, “kept going north.”

She frowned but nodded as she got her horse moving and pulled mine after her. I moved to a tree and waited as they rode out of sight. It wasn’t long before the wide bodied hover jeep reached the stream and started across. I stepped out with the rifle and the jeep slowed as the men reacted. Two stood with military rifles coming up and one fired.

I shot the one on the right between the eyes before moving behind the tree as the other started firing. I switched shoulders as I knelt and leaned out the other side of the tree and shot the second man twice in the upper chest. The jeep had accelerated and was coming out of the water as I turned.

I shot a third man in the chest when he leaned out of the jeep to fire. The jeep swerved and started for the brush as the driver leaned down and I started walking. Since the driver wasn’t watching he drove straight into the boulder hidden behind a large bush. The driver fell out and lifted a rifle as I stopped and aimed.

His bullet went wide as I shot him twice in the chest. I walked to the jeep to check the men but they were dead. I tried to use my comm to call the constable but only heard static. I looked at the men before checking their equipment. I found a military comp screen and took it as I turned to head north.

It took me several minutes to access the comp and when I did I had to stop. An admiral was giving a briefing, it was a search and kill mission and I was the target. I started walking again as I thought about what was happening. I found Missy and Gabby waiting in a thick stand of trees and swung up into my saddle.

I started my horse moving and used my comm to access the planet info net. I found the newsies and listed them all before calling them. It took them a minute to answer and I shook my head, “you have my name so you know who I am. I have a story, to the north of the town you are staying at is a stream. Beside that stream is a jeep with four dead special operations men.”

I looked at Gabby and Missy, “I will be to the north of them waiting on a ridge with several standing stone columns. I have their briefing comp, they were sent to kill me.”

I shut the comm down and sighed, “you know how to find my ranch Missy?”

She nodded and I turned to untie the lead for the other horses, “go straight there and stay out in the open so any look down sat can see you.”

She opened her mouth and then closed it as she looked at Gabby, “you better not get killed, we are not finished fucking you.”

Gabby smiled and nodded as I tied the horses behind Missy’s saddle. I nodded, “go, I’ll catch up or meet you at my ranch.”

I watched them ride away as something settled in my gut and I turned to ride towards the ridge I had talked about. I kicked my horse into a gallop and kept it up until we were climbing the ridge. I slowed and dropped off the horse and pulled it after me as I kept going. I pulled a long lead out of my saddle and tied the horse to a thick bush.

There was a lot of tall rocks to protect it where it was. I took the comp, my rifle and a box of bullets as I headed down the ridge and into the standing stone columns. I laid down in a shallow depression at the base of one of the columns and waited. I knew military and they would have a tap on my comm.

They would know what I had done and where I was going to be. I didn’t have long to wait as a shuttle dropped down onto the only cleared spot it could land. Commandoes began pouring out and I glanced at my comm as it buzzed and let me know they were jamming me. I lifted my rifle and took aim at the distant shuttle.

It was armored but if you knew where its weak spots were... I squeezed the trigger and the riffle kicked. A moment later the engine on this side exploded and flipped the shuttle. I reloaded the one round as the commandoes began firing. They didn’t know where I was so it was just searching fire.

I watched through the grass until I could pick out the leader and shot him low in the groin. Their fire paused as he screamed and I shot another man and then another. Each time I aimed low to wound instead of kill. The shuttle must have had the jammer because my comm had stopped making noise.

I used it to call all the newsies again and left the comm open as I went back to shooting. I put eight more men down before moving back and aside as grenade rounds began impacting near me. I crawled back to another column and then to a set of boulders. I turned to watch as five commandoes suddenly rushed the columns.

I went down the line and hit each in the legs or groin before moving on. I moved to the left as a half dozen flyers appeared in the air above us. As suddenly as it started it was over. A dozen assault shuttles screamed down in a huge circle around me. They hovered before soldiers began spilling out using anti grav shrouds.

I started crawling and hoped I could find a way through. I didn’t need to as a speaker from one of the shuttles called for the commandoes to surrender. I kept moving until I was in another position and waited. The shuttles finally turned and headed towards an area where they could land.

A tall sandy haired officer strode up the ridge and into the columns, “Mr Melborne?”

I had seen the soldiers taking the commandoes prisoner and stood, “here.”

The officer turned to look up the ridge at me as a dozen soldiers began shifting positions, “you claim to have these commandoes briefing comp?”

I glanced at the flyers as they started landing, “after the newsies see it you can have it.”

He frowned, “this is a military matter.”

I snorted, “I am not in your military anymore. Last time everything was covered up and my men died for nothing.”

He started walking closer, “it won’t happen again.”

I nodded, “that’s right. I’m letting the newsies see what high ranking officers are doing. This time he better be charged and brought to court.”

The captain stopped in front of me, “I understand you feel distrustful but...”

I held up my hand, “don’t. You weren’t left to die as bait.”

He glanced at the newsies as they scrambled up the ridge towards me. I waved around at the soldiers and commandoes, “I’m a rancher, why send a platoon of commandoes to kill me? I’m not a terrorists or rebel, the only weapons I have are my ranch rifle and my pistol. Why send special operations after one man that only wants to be left alone?”

He shook his head, “I don’t know.”

I pulled the screen as the newsies gathered around and turned to show it before I started the briefing. I watched the captain as his eyes were glued to the screen and when the comp briefing ended I handed the comp to the captain, “I am asking that the man responsible for these men attacking me be charged with treason and brought before a court.”

He shifted as the newsies held recording devises and looked at him, “this matter will be investigated.”

I snorted, “in other words covered up. It is treason for soldiers to act within the empire unless the full council has authorized the target. Somehow I don’t see the full council authorizing a kill mission for one man.”

I turned and started walking towards my horse, “next time I won’t shoot low.”

I walked the horse down to the foot of the ridge before swinging into the saddle. I started towards my ranch and kept my eyes open. It was several hours before I crossed the trail Gabby and Missy had left. I turned to follow and kicked the horse into a trot. It was getting dark when I rode into their camp and swung down.

They stood up to look at me as I unsaddled the horse and put it on the picket line. I crossed to the girls and the next thing I knew I was holding both of them. I sighed at the feel and Missy pushed back, “we were just going to make something to eat.”

Dinner was good but they kept whispering and giggling until I cleaned up and rolled out my bedroll. I started to undress as the girls stripped and Missy pushed me down before straddling me. She lifted and guided my cock before slowly impaling herself. She sighed and leaned forward as I reached up to cup her breasts.

She started rocking and shoving back and down onto me. She grunted and shuddered as my cock kept pushing all the way into her. She twisted and rolled her hips before rubbing her pussy back and forth as she spasmed and wailed. Gabby was sitting beside us with her legs crossed as she fingered her pussy.

Missy became erratic as her pussy rippled and gripped my cock constantly. She was grinding and jerking as she wet me and howled while her pussy tightened. I shook my head and pulled her down before shifting until she was under me. I kissed her and began to fuck her with long thrusts as she panted and clutched at me.

It was only a couple of minutes before Missy was bucking and thrashing around as she yelled and screamed, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I grinned as I fucked her hard and deep while constantly kissing her. Her tight pussy kept squeezing and grasping my cock until I shoved into her and pressed hard. She lifted her legs and tilted her hips as my cock throbbed and I gushed cum. She shuddered hard and continued to hug me as I pumped spurts into her.

When I stopped she dropped to the bedroll panting and grinning. I kissed her and pulled out and Gabby leaned forward to pull on me, “My turn.”

She went to her knees and laid her upper body down, “like this.”

Missy giggled as I moved around behind Gabby and pushed into her pussy before holding her as my cock throbbed. Her tight pussy was warm and kept grasping my cock as she shuddered and pushed back. I began to fuck her slowly but with long deep thrusts. I liked the way her pussy would clench and squeeze my cock when I pulled out.

It was a few minutes before she shuddered and howled as she wet me. She jerked back and forth as my cock slipping in and out of her slippery pussy. I grinned and held her hips before I began to fuck her with long hard strokes. She jerked and shook as she kept pushing and thrusting back, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her as she slowly dropped to the bedroll and followed until I was fucking down into her. She spasmed and squeezed her legs together when I shoved all the way into her and began pumping cum. She screamed and tilted her hips when my warm sperm continued to fill her. When I stopped she was panting and grinned back at me.

We rode over the ridge looking down on my house in the distance and I frowned. Not only was several flyers parked in the yard but a military shuttle was beside the barn. I looked at the girls and they sighed as they turned and started putting clothes on. I grinned and started down, “your tan will have to wait.”

A half dozen newsies watched and listened as a full admiral from the adjutant corp questioned me. The full council was irate that the incident happened but I noticed that they never said it wasn’t authorized. The admiral responsible was in the process of resigning but Cattleman was demanding he appear to stand trail for treason.

They had refused to release the commandoes that had come after me too. General Smith’s appeal died before it really started and the emperor finally stepped in. The general was told he would never be returned to active service by the emperor. The admiral was charged with treason and sentenced to life on a penal colony. The commandoes were retired from service with a less than honorable discharge.

I woke to a soft body against me and opened my eyes to see Gabby shifting and moaning in her sleep. I looked over her to see a pregnant Missy sucking on a nipple. I smiled and realized it had been three months since I had the nightmare. I reached over Gabby to caress her pregnant tummy, “time to saddle up.”
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