I was a freelance cop and working to bring in a wanted man. He was one of the top ten which meant heavily protected. Everyone knew where they were, it was just getting through their guards that was the problem. There would be consequences if I managed it, like people trying to kill me consequences. The reward was huge and I needed a way out and off world.

Either bad men hid underground or in towers, Gallow was the former. The thing I shook my head at was the bigger they were, the more they wanted to party. It was early Saturday morning as I moved through the basement hallway. The two men slumped in chairs beside the double doors didn’t look up as I approached.

I stopped and looked at them before stunning them both with a med sleep inducer. I tried the door and found it unlocked. I walked into a huge room with naked and half naked people everywhere. I started across the room and pulled the weapon on my left thigh. I pushed the double door open and stepped into semi darkness.

There were three women on the huge bed and one man who lifted his head. I lifted the weapon and fired as he suddenly lunged towards the night stand. Sparkling energy crackled around him as he jerked. I watched the women as I crossed to the bed and put the stunner away. I pulled a black bag from the pouch at my back and slipped it over his head.

I sat him up and lifted him over a shoulder before I turned and started walking out. No one even looked up as I crossed the other room and left. I used the stairs and not a lift and went out a service entrance. The small lift car that was waiting was a rental. I dumped Gallow in the passenger seat and went around and climbed in.

I input the central police building since that was the only one that could pay me for my prisoner. I lifted and drove out of the alley and turned down the wide boulevard as I rose higher. I dropped down in front of the huge police building and stopped. I got out and went around to pull my prisoner out before releasing the car to return to the rental place.

I shouldered Gallow and started for the front doors. In the ornate lobby I turned to the right and a set of doors with gold letters on it. I pushed one open and crossed to the counter as I pulled the black hood off, “I have a wanted man.”

Two hours later I walked out two hundred million richer as Gallow began speaking involuntarily to a judge. I took the city tram and stood as it went across the city. I got off at my stop and walked up the street before walking around the large sky building and into an alley. I entered the building through a service door and headed to the evac slide.

I glanced around as I opened the access door and moved to the slide. I grabbed the shroud strap and wrapped it around my wrist before giving it a yank. The grav shroud in the wide slide popped open and I leaped to put my feet on the slide as I was suddenly pulled up. Each floor had their large number on the walls so I knew where I was.

The remote in the shroud shut down on the ninetieth floor as I reached for the wall guild. I pulled myself out of the slide and turned to reset the shroud. I left and headed for the maintenance stairs and climbed another ten floors. I stepped into the quiet hallway and headed to the right. I made my way through the maze to a large corner apartment.

I slipped a card into the lock and the door slid into the wall. I closed it after walking in and looked at the mess from what looked like a wild party. I headed towards the hall and stopped at the first door to look at the naked woman sleeping with two men. I shook my head before turning and walking towards the end of the hall.

I opened a door and looked at the pale teenager sleeping on her stomach with her legs spread wide. I closed the door and walked to the bed to see cum leaking from her slit as I undressed. I moved onto the bed and over her before slowly pushing my cock into her slimy pussy. She groaned and tilted her hips as she turned her head and smiled, “hey Shade.”

I buried my cock and leaned down to kiss her cheek, “Abby.”

She wiggled as her pussy squeezed, “I’m a little cummy.”

I humped before I started to fuck her, “I noticed. Your mom still has a couple of customers with her.”

Abby shuddered and pushed back, “it was a good party.”

I used long deep thrusts, “you and your sisters ready to quit and leave with me?”

She grunted and shoved back, “if you have the money to pay mom and buy us.”

I kept fucking her tight pussy, planting my cock each time. It was a few minutes before she started spasming and convulsing. I fucked her hard and shoved all the way into her as she kicked the bed and wailed. I held her and gushed warm cum deep inside her as she twisted and jerked, “SHADE!”

I held her as I continued to pump my cum into her. When I stopped I pulled out and laid beside her and rubbed her cute butt, “where is Kim and Gwen?”

She panted and turned to put her head on my shoulder, “Kim had a sleepover who paid mom twice her normal price. Gwen was tonight’s special and went to soak before coming to bed.”

I looked at the door as it slid open and Gwen walked in. She grinned, “I thought I heard Abby howling.”

I smiled, “lock the door and set the alarm for me.”

She turned to do as I asked before coming to climb onto the bed and onto me, “I hoped you would come to the party.”

I pulled her down and caressed her back, “I had a wanted man to bring in.”

She wiggled and put her head down, “I would have you put your cock in me but I’m sore.”

I rubbed her butt, “get a lot of customers for the special?”

She nodded, “a bunch of horny old goats.”

Abby chuckled, “and you loved it every time they pumped cum into you.”

I touched Abby and she relaxed and several minutes later they were asleep. It was hours before the remote alarm in my clothes went off. I shifted Gwen off me and away from a clinging Abby to move off the bed. I pulled out the remote and activated the screen and flipped through each vid.

I smiled at the dozen men writhing around in sever pain on the floor of my empty apartment three floors below. I looked at the two sleeping girls before slipping out after disarming the door alarm. I found Kim in one of the workrooms but the man sleeping over had already left.

I went to the bed and bent to lift her in my arms before turning. She leaned against me and sighed, “I missed you.”

I smiled as I carried her back to the other room and closed the door. I carried her to the bed and laid her beside Abby and shifted her over before going back to lock the door and set the alarm. I turned to see her snuggled against her sister and smiled as I pulled my comm screen out of my clothes.

I kept it quiet as I started checking blind info drops police informants used. I blinked when I saw the contract with my name, it was from Dillon who was fifth on my list. The contract was for fifty million which was half the reward for him. I shook my head, “well I guess I can jump down the list.”

I moved onto the bed and behind Kim before pushing my hard cock between her legs and under her pussy. She wiggled and shifted as I moved closer and held her. It was a few more hours before I woke as Kim wiggled and pushed back onto my cock. Her pussy was still cummy so I held her hip to thrust into her deeper.

She shuddered and looked back before I rolled until I was over her, “little whore.”

She grinned and tilted her hips, “as soon as you pay mom I won’t be.”

I started to fuck her and enjoyed her tight pussy grasping my cock, “as soon as I pump sperm into you I will.”

She shifted and looked back as Abby and Gwen pressed against me, “really?”

I buried y cock and kissed her bare shoulder, “really. You girls better get used to only me fucking your tight holes.”

Kim pushed back before twisting, I pulled out as she turned over and pulled me back between her legs, “promise?”

I pushed into her and kissed her as I looked at Abby and Gwen moving back against me, “promise.”

I buried my cock and humped, “remember the apartment I showed you a month ago?”

She nodded and I looked at the other girls who nodded. I started fucking Kim, “pack and after I pay your mom I will take you up and you can go there. There is food and a large vid screen. Leave your comms, there are new ones waiting. Stay until I come for you.”

She wrapped her legs around me as she humped up and her tight pussy clenched. I grinned as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. Kim began jerking and clung to me as her pussy tightened, “ooohhhh!”

I wasn’t going to stop until I put more sperm in her tight hole and she knew it. She was humping and thrusting up while spasming and jerking. I buried my cock to press and grind as I kissed her and she tore her mouth away to wail, “SHADE!”

Abby and Gwen giggled as their sister clutched me and I went back to fucking her hard and deep. It was a few minutes before I pushed all the way into her and pressed as I gushed a large morning load of cum. Kim grabbed me as she tilted her hips and screamed, “cum in me!”

I humped and jabbed as I kept spurting into her. When I was done she sighed and hugged me, “I loved that part.”

I smiled and kissed her before pulling out, “come wash and then go pack a bag.”

I rolled out of bed and headed for the room fresher, unlike the other rooms this only had a shower. The girls chased me like they had since I had first met them. They rubbed on me and giggled and played and I let them. After I dried off I rubbed bottoms, “go pack.”

They ran out and into the room as I went to get dressed. I checked the blind info drops again and grinned when I saw all the contracts. I waited for the girls before leading them towards the sounds in the large common area. We walked in and I saw Rachael and her sisters sitting together. She looked at me and I knew she knew about the contracts.

I smiled as I pulled the stunner, “leave the comms off.”

They looked at each other as I looked at Rachael, “as agreed I have one million for each of the girls.”

She licked her lips, “they are...”

I shook my head, “one million each or someone gets your new name and address.”

Her face paled and she nodded. I looked at her sisters before putting the weapon away. I pulled my comp and put in the information for the transaction. I looked at her, “put a receipt giving me total and complete guardianship.”

She nodded and I touched my comp to hers to send the credits. When it was done I stepped back, “think twice before calling on the contracts.”

I gestured to the girls as I backed out of the room. I led the girls through the maze of halls to the maintenance stairs and up two floors. I stopped them at the floor doorway and handed out key cards, “go straight to the apartment and wait for me. Don’t call out and don’t order anything.”

Abby kissed my cheek, “we will wait.”

Kim and Gwen nodded and kissed me before they walked away. I watched until they were out of sight and pulled my remote and changed the settings and watched until the girls entered the apartment. I smiled as they started running around yelling for each other to come see. I sighed and shut the remote down before heading through the maze on this floor.

It had taken me three months to plan what I was doing. I opened a maintenance closet against the outer wall and crossed to a sliding panel. I pulled a package off a shelf and put on a decon mask and then wrapped a lesion scarf around my head. I pulled the dark duster on and a small pack before opening the maintenance panel.

I stepped out onto the top of a sky walk to the next building. Every building had between eight to twelve sky walks. The highest contract was being offer by a gangster named Dillon, he was also fifth on my most wanted list. It was a couple of hours before I walked into his building. People that saw me quickly stepped aside when they saw the mask and scarf.

I used a maintenance closet and then opened an interior panel to a building vent shaft. Dillon was one of those that tried to act big and had a huge penthouse on the top of the building with lots of vids watching lifts and stairs. Climbing a ladder up twenty five floors is not easy. The penthouse I climbed out into was vacant.

I walked through it and out onto a balcony. I started around the building jumping from one balcony to another until I swung onto the first balcony of Dillon’s penthouse. I moved to the door and slid it open and waited with my stunner out. The two huge attack lions came for me silently and I shot both twice.

I watched as they dropped and walked in and started searching. I stunned the four guards and two maids before moving them and prepping the large entrance with what I had in the pack. I was sitting across the room in the shadows when Dillon and his six guards came in with four women.

The door slid closed as he yelled and I triggered the zap field I had set up. They all jerked as sparkling energy surrounded them. I stood as they dropped to the floor and started walking as I lifted the stunner. The front door opened and four men rushed in as I started firing. They dropped and I knelt beside Dillon and pulled him into the other room.

I sat him in a chair and put restraints on his wrists to hold him and then pulled his pants down and off. I went back to the woman I knew was his mistress. I took her comp and used her hand to set up the acceptance of a credit transfer. I woke Dillon and watched as he jerked and struggled while cursing me.

I held up my comp, “you put a contract out to bring me to you.”

He froze and looked at me before looking around. I smiled, “I’m here so you owe me.”

I reached into his jacket and pulled his comp out before putting it in his hand, “pay me the contract fee and then we can finish.”

He glared, “fuck you.”

I sighed and pulled out a small wand device and touched his exposed leg. He screamed as the neural disrupter altered the signals from his nerves. I pulled back and waited, “you owe me a contract fee.”

He glared and I smiled, “fifteen seconds of exposer to the genitals will cause permeant sterility.”

He looked down as I moved the disrupter and he sucked in a breath, “okay!”

I had to slap his head when he tried to transfer all his credits. After he was done I used his mistress’s comp and transferred the rest to her. I stunned him and changed the restraints to behind his back before slinging him over a shoulder. I carried him out and up to the roof lift car pads and crossed to the one on the other side of the building.

A rental lift car was waiting and I paid with my comp before putting Dillon in and leaving. This time it only took an hour before I was walking out. I wasn’t done for the night and used the rental to go across the city. I was after Yamagushi since his contract was the next highest, I had checked and the girls were still doing fine.

Like Dillon he had a penthouse and I set the rental down on the pad across the building from it. Like before I went down into and through another penthouse and out to the balcony. Unlike Dillon I knew this time I would have a fight if I missed someone. When I slipped over and onto the first balcony of his penthouse I went in.

I started through the bedrooms and stunned a dozen people before heading towards the common area. I changed the charge in my weapon and turned to step into the game room. I was firing before I was fully in the room and the six men only started to react when the last fell with an extra two women.

I moved through the room and peeked around and into a wet bar. I waited and then fired to stun the tender. The loud music and party going on over the bar covered his fall. I changed the charge before duck walking down the bar. I took a breath before standing, my first shots took the four men by the front door.

I shifted and fired into the six guards in the crowd as women screamed and fell to the floor. I shot Yamagushi and Lee (who was another on my wanted list) standing with him and the two extra bodyguards. I changed magazines before vaulting over the bar and stunning the rest of the women.

I pulled the two men to the side to pay me for the contracts before stunning them. Getting them out and up involved stunning the eight men from both gangs outside the front doors. The loud music had kept them from hearing what happened inside. I set the two beside the door and pulled it open and fired as I stepped out.

They all turned of course but I was already firing and they had their weapons in holsters. I started on the left and went to the right, each shot was a center body shot that left a wake of sparkling energy. I looked at the twitching bodies before turning to lift Yamagushi to a shoulder. I snagged the back of Lee’s shirt since he was smaller and pulled him after me and up the stairs.

I went across the roof pads to my rental and put Yamagushi in the passenger seat and stuffed Lee in the trunk. I lifted and flew to the central police building again. This time it was busy as I landed and pulled Yamagushi out and then Lee. I lifted one to my shoulder as I knelt and then I grabbed the other.

I carried them both in and ignored the silence as all the officers and freelance officers stared at me. It didn’t take long to process them and leave but this time I called another rental agency and headed towards the roof. I had sent the other rental back so no one would think to place a bomb.

I took Poirokowski, Kelly, Jacobs and Capo in five hours and watched the sun come up from an office window high in the police building. The contracts on me were gone and chaos was sweeping the underworld in the city. Malony and Becker, the two left on my list had been killed by rivals and there was a scramble for the empty places left by the others.

I turned to face the freelance police commissioner, “it’s done. You do know they are going to go after every cop and freelance in the city.”

She smiled, “we know and we expect it. When they do we are activating the freelance clause and bringing them on full time. We are also demanding from both the empire and the federation to allow us a proper size police force with weapons that are effective. If they refuse or play the politic game we are prepared to demand both parties leave the planet.”

I smiled, “they won’t let that happen.”

I shook myself and headed for the door, “goodbye commissioner.”

This time a new rental was just landing outside a service door. I landed on a building a few over from mine. I used the maintenance stairs to go down and then used the walk above the sky walks. I made a check on the girls who were singing in the kitchen before stepping out into the hall.

I was just around the corner from the apartment when a man I knew stepped out of a room in front of me smiling. People think you need a reason to hurt someone but sometimes it is reactions. The stunner came up even as I was turning. I fired and yanked the neural disrupter out and jabbed into the rushing men coming at me from behind.

I was knocked back and down as one screamed and rolled with it. I slashed across with the butt of the stunner and shoved the barrel into a guy’s face. He rolled away and I fired once he was clear. I hit the other guy with neural disrupter again before rolling to my feet. I looked around and saw the girls mother peeking out a doorway.

I shook my head, “run, your pimp will be coming for you now.”

I kicked the moaning man on the floor before looking at her, “If I see you again you are dead.”

She ran down the hall and I shook my head, I had been so careful. I made a check and the girls were still there and they hadn’t used the new comms and no comms had been used in the apartment. I went around the corner with the stunner in my hand and unlocked the door. The girls almost tackled me a second later and I was slammed back into the wall.

They were grinning and I smiled, “get your bags.”

I headed towards the hall and opened the linen closet. I pulled the shelves out and reached for a ring in the back wall. I pulled the panel open and turned to wait for the girls. When they came back I smiled, “wait for me to climb in and follow. We are going down two floors.”

I slipped through the panel and around to step onto a ladder. I waited for Gwen and moved down. When I reached the glowing yellow spot behind the ladder I reached over and opened a panel. I moved down and looked up, “get in.”

One by one they went through the panel and I climbed up and followed. I closed it and stepped out of another linen closet. I pulled the girls into the bedroom and the only piece of furniture in the apartment. I turned Abby and stripped her and began a close exam of her clothes as she frowned.

I touched my lips and they looked at each other. I stripped Kim next and then Gwen, I found the tracking bug in her locket. She blinked, “momma always made me wear that.”

I took the locket to the apartment recycler and tossed it in. I went back to the girls sitting on the bed and pushed Gwen back as I knelt between her legs, “We have a shuttle off world this afternoon.”

I spread her legs and leaned in to lick and nibble on her labia. She shivered as Abby and Kim giggled and moved to sit on each side of us to kiss her. I pushed my tongue into her extremely tight hole before capturing her clit. I teased it and sucked as she shuddered and lifted her hips to hump.

Her sisters continued to kiss her and then began taking turns sucking on her nipples. It was awhile before she twisted away and they laughed. I stood and rolled her over onto her knees before spreading them. I rubbed her tight slit and pussy before positioning my cock and slowly forcing it into her.

She groaned and pushed back as my thick cock stretched her pussy and sank all the way into her. I waited until her pussy squeezed before pulling back and starting to fuck her. I used deep thrusts and pushed each time I buried my cock. Gwen was pushing back and moaning into the bed as I fucked her and her sisters laid back to wait.

A minute turned into three and then five as I began to fuck her harder. Five turned to fifteen and she was squirming and shaking as she howled into the bed. I finally thrust into her and pushed as I held her and began pumping cum. Her extremely tight pussy rippled and clenched as warm sperm was spurted into her.

She jerked and shuddered, “mmmmm!”

When I was done I rubbed her butt before pushing her off my cock and down on the bed, “very nice my little lover.”

She looked back and grinned as I reached for Kim. She rolled onto her back and lifted her legs as she spread them, “no playing I want you to fuck me slowly but nice and deep.”

I rubbed her pussy, “that isn’t fair.”

She grinned, “fuck me.”

I shifted and pushed into her pussy and slowly sank all the way into her as I settled on her. I looked at Abby holding Gwen, “tonight only I get you, no more sharing.”

She smiled, “our best customer.”

I kissed Kim before pulling back and starting to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before her tight pussy was grasping my cock as she humped up. She was moaning and constantly shuddering as she hugged me. A few minutes later she jerked and spasmed while she became slipperier and wailed, “aaaahhhhh!”

I ignored her sisters laughing as I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and then buried my cock. Kim was bucking and writhing around as I began to hump, press and grind into her. Her warm pussy grabbed and kept squeezing my cock and I finally pulled back to fuck her again.

I used firm thrusts and buried my cock with each one and she began to twist and howl as she wet me, “oooohhhh!”

A minute later I was thrusting all the way into her and kissing her as I pumped and spewed cum. She jerked as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock, “YES!”

I spurted again and again as her pussy milked my cock and she held me tight. When I stopped cumming she relaxed and grinned as she pulled my face down for a kiss, “my first load of cum as your lover.”

Abby and Gwen laughed and she grinned at them. I gave her another kiss before pulling out and looking at Abby who smiled and moved away from her sister to push me onto my back. She straddled me and slowly pushed down onto my cock. She shuddered as her warm pussy sank down until I was buried.

She began to rub her pussy on me as I kneaded her breasts. It was a few minutes before she sighed and a moment later she shuddered as her pussy spasmed around my cock. Kim and Gwen grinned as their sister jerked and thrust back and forth erratically. I waited as she tried to keep fucking me and started twisting and rolling her hips while panting.

She wailed and writhed around as she wet me and her pussy clench and squeezed my cock repeatedly. When she finally fell on me I caught her and rubbed her back, “my turn?”

She nodded and kept jerking as I rolled and began to fuck her slowly. She wrapped her legs around me as I buried my cock each time. I kissed her and kept doing it as she clung to me and whimpered while her pussy danced around my cock and worked its magic. I pushed all the way into her and began to hump, jab and press as I tried to cum.

It took awhile and then I held her as my cock jerked and pumped sperm into her. She shuddered and lifted her hips as I spurted warm cum into her. When I stopped she dropped to the bed and sighed, “now we below to you.”

I humped and she shuddered as her sisters giggled. I pulled out and moved off the bed, “get dressed.”

I dressed and waited for them and made a call before leading them to the door. We went through the maze and took a lift up to the roof. I checked carefully before we crossed to the larger rental car. This time I input the starport and sat back as the girls fidgeted. The car landed in front of the main terminal and we got out and I sent it back.

I led the way in and crossed to a bank of large lockers and used a code to open one. I pulled out the two large bags and slung one before heading to the departure gates. The girls were struggling when we reached the security check point and a dozen officers were watching me. I set my bags and then the girls on the scan belt and turned to touch my badge to the access plate.

The scan light turned blue and a large man moved away from a desk as I waited. The lieutenant looked me over and accepted my badge. When he scanned it he snapped to attention, “SIR!”

I smiled because the commissioner had done as she promised and promoted me to commander even though I was leaving. I accepted my badge back, “the girls are with me and I have a shuttle to catch.”

He turned, “a float cart and escort for the commander.”

One of the guards jumped onto a cart as we were walked through the checkpoint. Our bags were put in back and the girls sat in the back seats while I sat beside the officer. Four hours later we were in space and docking with a liner. The girls watched from the large suite window as we began moving before coming to wake me.

I sat back in the beach lounger and watched as the three pregnant girls played in the surf. Abby glanced at me and turned to say something before they all turned and stalked towards me. She barely slowed as she straddled me and wiggled, “there is a reward for getting us cummy officer.”

Her sisters laughed and I grinned as I cupped her breasts, “I know and as soon as you have the baby I’m going for another.”
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