Part 3 of the series. Naruto appears today.
“Naruto is taught a Lesson”

“No…no…no Konohamaru you’re doing it all wrong” Naruto responds to Konohamaru sexy not jutsu technique “Like this” Naruto transforms into a sexy nude foxy blonde chic.

“Right on Naruto!” Konohamaru shouts in excitement while getting horny doing a fun jutsu technique that get’s his higher-up males go into a nose-bleeding faint, and his female higher-ups punching him to the other side of the village. “How is this” Konohamaru says as his sexy no jutsu technique adds a sparkle and a wink.

“You got to have a sexy phrase Konohamaru” Naruto says in his female form.

Konohamaru retreats to his normal mode and tries once more creating the hand forms. Smoke dissipates as Konohamaru is turned into a sexy brunette with a sparkle and a wink. He responds in a sweet elegant female voice “Did I do it right, Naruto?”

“Believe it!” Naruto reacts to Konohamaru perfect sexy no jutsu technique. Naruto goes in to his female form too.

Both laughing and playing in a deserted ally in broad daylight in the leaf village unaware that someone was watching the two plays in with lust in her heart and anger in her eyes. Sakura looked from the end of the ally behind the wall. She couldn’t resist playing with her self watching Naruto in his female form. She was annoyed with Naruto’s stupidity, but even she couldn’t resist feeling a little hot when Naruto transformed into his female form. Sure she punched him for doing it, but that was because he did it when others were around. She didn’t want to get caught fingering her pussy with others around it would feel embarrassing. Naruto on the other hand had no problem going into his female nude self.

Sakura had one hand fingering her pussy and the other feeling her breasts. She wanted to make out with Naruto’s female form so badly she could feel his breath on hers as he fucked her. Then another thing came into her mind she could fuck him now. Forgetting only this morning she was fucking her best friend Ino on her bed. Ino was tired after the morning ass fuck that Sakura gave her. Sakura figured Ino’s probably taking a shower now pleasuring her self off. Sakura had to have Naruto in her bed and it had to be now. She walked into the ally with Konohamaru and Naruto wasting chakra on an idiotic jutsu.

Standing above them now did they realize she was there? They transformed back to their normal selves terrified that Sakura would pulverize them then send them both to the hospital for several weeks of healing. She punched Konohamaru several blocks away. Naruto now begging on his knees for Sakura not to punch him as she begins to launch an attack on him he closes his eyes. Next thing he knows he’s being dragged through the ally as Konohamaru shouts something unheard from the distance. Naruto realizes he hasn’t been bruised and keeps quiet as Sakura drags him to her home.


Ino hums a love song walking out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body as she begins to walk to Sakura’s bed to pick up her clothes. She looks out the window to see a bird chirping in the tree top and Sakura dragging Naruto down on the road. Ino couldn’t believe her luck not only has she fucked her best friend, but now she gets the chance to fuck the Naruto Uzamaki.

Sakura enters with Naruto worn out from the drag. Sakura launches him in the air on to her bed “Ino help me tie him up will you” Sakura asks not even looking at Ino. Quickly Ino ties Naruto’s legs on the bedposts while Sakura does the same to his hands. Naruto was now trapped and tied up helplessly pleading with Sakura to let him go.

Sakura winks at Ino who understands what her friend is thinking. Ino drops the towel showing her perfect nude body. Sakura undresses herself. With both chicks naked Naruto couldn’t believe his luck he was practically drooling. His cock jumped up into excitement in his pants and lusts in his eyes. The last chick he fucked was when he was with Jiraya training. He was able to have sex with her while Jiraya was busy with the rest of the whore house. Since then he has been masturbating whenever he could about that night.

Ino pulls his pants down revealing his large cock standing up. Sakura tore through his shirts exposing his chest with the seal to the nine-tail. Both Sakura and Ino launched into a hungry frenzy toward his cock and balls. Ino licked the tip of Naruto’s cock while Sakura licked the shaft. Naruto moaned softly being this is the first time any chic has played with his cock. The one and only time he had fucked all she wanted to do was have him fuck her pussy.

Ino moved her mouth around the tip now licking it as Sakura moved toward his balls sucking each one twirling her tongue around them even playfully pulling them. Ino looked toward his face and the rest of the body smirking as she dived the whole cock into her mouth. Naruto was having a hard time holding back he didn’t want to squirt into Ino’s mouth he wanted it to go into Sakura’s, but Ino was making a strong case. His balls began to tense up. His back arched upward and just as he was going to come Ino pulled out and crawled forward licking his stomach and up to his chest. Sakura slowly pumped Naruto’s cock with her hand. Naruto was going crazy that he wasn’t allowed to come as two fellow leaf shinobi ravished him.

Ino kissed his neck sending shivers through out Naruto he wanted to scream, but Ino wasn’t going to allow it and took advantage of Naruto opening his mouth and French kissed him. Sakura moved her hand off his cock and now started sucking it with furious speed creating full body euphoria all over Naruto.

Feeling the tension below Naruto was ready to shoot his load into Sakura and Sakura wanted it badly. Naruto moved his head away from Ino and screamed “Aaaaahhhh SAKURA!!! I’m coming!!!” Loads of sticky cum shot into Sakura’s vacuum like mouth. Swallowing each load that Naruto shot Sakura sucked like her life depended it on it.

Ino during this time kissed Naruto’s neck and face rubbing her body on top of his. Once Sakura cleaned it up Ino moved her legs over Naruto and Sakura positioned Naruto’s cock into Ino’s pussy. Now both Naruto and Ino were screaming. Sakura licked both Ino’s pussy and Naruto’s shaft and balls as Ino slowly fucked and grinded Naruto’s cock. “Fuck me Naruto!” Ino moaned feeling the hard piece of meat deep in her vagina walls stretching it further then ever before.

Naruto knew he was being used by Sakura and Ino that’s why, while he is enjoying the sex he was also trying to undo the rope that tied him to the bed posts. Ino’s pussy that was engulfing Naruto’s cock was tight at first, but the more Naruto fucked Ino the easier and wetter it got. He already shot his load into Sakura’s mouth so he figured he didn’t have anything else of course with Sakura below licking his cock and balls and Ino fucking him he was once again feeling the tension in his balls.

Sakura wanted some pleasure herself from Naruto instead of fingering her pussy and licking Ino’s pussy and Naruto’s cock and balls she moved away from their fucking. Singing her legs over Naruto’s face facing Ino she positioned her pussy on top of Naruto as he began to lick her clit sending convulsions through Sakura. Sakura moved forward and French kissed Ino while the girls play with each other’s breasts. Now both girls were enjoying the pleasure Naruto gave them, but knew it was from over. They were just getting started.

Ino stopped kissing Sakura and began moaning loudly as she was going through her orgasm. Her pussy juices flowed down on to Naruto’s cock and legs and on to the bed sheets. “Ooohhh yes Naruto fuck me!!” Ino couldn’t get enough of his cock. During her screaming Sakura moved further down and sucked on Ino’s erect tits. She pulled gently with her teeth and licked and sucked Ino’s tits with satisfaction.

Sakura was feeling the heat down below as Naruto was making her come. She gyrate her hips around as Naruto sucked up her pussy juices. Sakura was feeling a funny feeling down below. Sakura pulled away from Ino and screamed her own orgasm.

Naruto stopped sucking and licking Sakura’s wet pussy and started screaming “I’m going to come!!” Ino didn’t stop but instead went even faster. Sakura kissed and licked Ino’s neck as Ino fucked. Naruto came into Ino shooting another load of his hot steaming sticking white cum. Ino got off his cock and Sakura moved down turning herself around she fucked Naruto facing him as Ino moved where Sakura was so she too could get her pussy licked and sucked on be Naruto.

Sakura’s pussy was much looser than Ino’s but just as wet. She fucked Naruto’s cock bouncing up and down it hoping to get her second orgasm. She pounded her ass on his inner legs making her ass red as well as his legs, but that wasn’t the only thing red her pussy was beet red.

Ino moved her pussy around Naruto’s tongue feeling yet another orgasm coming for her. Cum juices from Naruto’s cock and Ino’s pussy were oozing out into Naruto’s mouth. Naruto tasting Ino was different from Sakura who had a sweet flower tasty pussy where Ino had a hint of salty and sweet mixture in her pussy. He figured he was probably eating his own mixed with hers, but didn’t care he was about to break one of his hands and would soon take over and control the scene.

Sakura couldn’t hold it much longer as her pussy juices were once again flowing she screamed her second orgasm. Ino too was feeling the tension down below for her second orgasm. Naruto had at last freed a hand as his balls tensed up once again feeling yet another load come. The three naked bodies in Sakura’s room screamed together.

“Fuck!!! Naruto! I’m coming!!!” Sakura screamed with her second orgasm.

“YES Naruto… F… me… coming!!!” Ino moaned as her second orgasm came down.

Naruto stopped licking Ino’s pussy and opened his mouth as a load of Ino’s cum came into his mouth making his words unpronounceable as he shot yet another load into Sakura. Naruto freed his second hand and now he knew he had control. Moving his hand he made a hand symbol, and as he was Ino moved her back on to the back post forcing Naruto to slightly adjust his hand symbols. Smoke swallowed the three as Naruto’s jutsu finished up. Instead of clones that Naruto wanted he was in his sexy no jutsu form only it wasn’t complete since Sakura still had his cock in her. Sakura and Ino look at Naruto’s new form and smile lustfully, and do their own forbidden jutsu.

Now all three of them have a pussy, breasts, balls, and a cock.

Sakura and Ino get off of Naruto showing their nude selves to him. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Standing up he quickly tried to undo the ropes tied around his legs, but before he could Ino moved him back down and trusted her cock into his mouth. Sakura was at the end placing her cock into his vagina walls and stroking his wet cock that had all three of their juices on it.

Just as Naruto thought he was going to be free he has to suffer. Sucking on Ino’s smooth cock and Sakura fucking his insides this was a new feeling for Naruto. Never before has he been fucked and penetrated like this. He was a virgin all over again. He didn’t want this, but his body refused his request and he was feeling hot. His tits were erect, his pussy for the first time was getting wet and steaming. His vagina walls were stretched for Sakura’s cock to dive into him. For the first time in Naruto’s life he was feeling like a woman.
Sakura could tell she had to be Naruto’s first with his tight walls she kept pushing deeper in with each thrust. Deeper and deeper she heaved into his newly formed vagina walls until she reached something Naruto never knew he had. Sakura broke his cherry.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!” Naruto took out Ino’s cock from his mouth and screamed louder than ever before as blood trickled out of his vagina. Sakura knew what it was she broke hers on her own years ago. This however was the first time witnessing someone else especially from a guy who can turn into a woman with one jutsu. Ino also looked down where Sakura broke Naruto her mouth was wide open in astonishment. The three froze as the blood flowed out.

Sakura pulled out and she and Ino quickly grabbed some towels from the bathroom and cleaned up Naruto ASAP.

As soon as Naruto was fully clean of blood. Sakura and Ino sat on the bed with Naruto in between them breathing heavily. Sakura and Ino fall back on the bed while Naruto sits at the edge of the bed taking off the ropes tying his legs still in his female form with a cock. Naruto looks behind him seeing that they were exhausted. He however had plenty of energy remaining and decided to take matters in his own hands at long last. He created five fully nude clones each in the female form with fully erect cocks staring at Ino and Sakura. Ino and Sakura looked at the clones and knew they were in trouble.

The real Naruto positioned his cock into Sakura’s mouth wanting relief. Two clones placed their cocks into Sakura and Ino’s pussies, two on their cocks while they stroked their own. And one other had his cock in Ino’s mouth. Sakura and Ino realized the tables have turned and they were being raped and used unable to move.

Sakura could feel her entire body shake. Only last night did she have Ino in this fold and here she was getting her treatment. Naruto pulled on Sakura’s head deep throating his cock in to her mouth. Sakura could only manage to lick it as he pulled in and out of her. That wasn’t the only hole though that Sakura was feeling abused. Her cock was being fucked in Naruto’s pussy. No longer tight but wet and loose Naruto’s pussy was dripping juices and bobbing up and down on her. The cloned female Naruto fucking Sakura’s raw pussy wasn’t just fucking her she was feeling the cloned Naruto’s breasts that was fucking Sakura’s cock.

For Ino this was déjà vu all over again from last night. She loved the sensation yesterday because it was gently and felt right to make love with her friend, but here she was being fucked and not just fucked, but fucked. She was sucking cloned Naruto’s cock, she had Naruto fucking her cock, and her pussy walls were contracting and constricting Naruto’s cock. From the moment Ino saw Sakura in Tsunade’s office Ino’s life has not slowed down with new feelings.

Naruto could sense it and so could all of his clones when he came they all would. His balls tightened up once more and this time he knew he didn’t have the energy to do this again. Each Naruto had the same face knowing they were going to come soon and each picked up the pace.

Sakura and Ino had a natural feeling that Naruto was going to come and they too were feeling the same natural feeling. Each knew their bodies were tensing up for a major orgasm. Than it hit Sakura and Ino couldn’t pull Naruto’s cock from their mouths as they screamed with Naruto also coming shooting loads of hot juicy and sticking white cum into their mouths. Down below Sakura and Ino shot their loads into Naruto’s pussy while their pussies sprayed with Naruto’s cum and their own. They all had come in each other. The only place the three haven’t been fucked was in the ass and that would have to be another day. Naruto clones vanished. Naruto rested between Sakura and Ino now in his male form. The three rested for a while not talking just breathing after their entire bodies were out of energy.

“So where did you learn that jutsu” Naruto asks the girls breaking the silence.

Sakura replies sitting up still breathing heavily “I’ll tell you while we take a hot shower, because I could use one.”

“Me too” Ino says also sitting up.

“Me three” Naruto sits up smiling at the two and they smile back.

Sakura explains to Naruto the story as each of them washes each other in the hot shower. After a few tries Naruto understands and couldn’t believe that Tsunade wasn’t a granny but his auntie. They dry each other off and dress each other knowing they were all hungry. All three had stomachs that were growling. Sakura and Ino made a meal out of what Sakura had in her fringe. The three ate up as they talked about the sex they had then Naruto asked a question.

“What I don’t get though is Tsunade? How did you do it?” Naruto asked.

Sakura “If you had been listening Tsunade is part of the Uzamaki clan”

“Yes I know that, but how?” Naruto asked more clearly.

“Turn into your female form Naruto” Ino says seductively in Naruto’s ear.

“As if I’m not ready for another round now” Naruto stands up. Ino and Sakura grab him each wanting another round with him, but he was too strong and left slamming the door behind him. Naruto was heading to Tsunade’s with Sakura and Ino behind him full of lust in their eyes.


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