My grandfather was a genius. Besides a couple of thousand acres he raised cattle on, he had another couple of thousand acres of green houses but that didn’t make him a genius. He had over three dozen domes each one a kilometer in diameter with another large one five kilometers across but that didn’t make him a genius. The inside of each dome was a biosphere where it rained or snowed each day, that didn’t make him a genius either.

What made him a genius was the animals in the domes, there were thousands of them. Do you know how many Tigers there are in the world? Or Gorillas? Well, grandfather had a solution. He used a few super computers and spliced DNA. He has over fifty tigers now, of course they are only five inches tall. The same for the elephants and rhinos and gorillas, he had whole flocks of passenger pigeons and over thirty platypuses.

My favorite was Snowflake, a five inch tall snow leopard that lives in his house in the big dome. Besides all his patents he had millions in several companies. Everything from railroads to oil to electric companies. Before he died he named me as his heir. Now you might ask about my mother or father. My mother was mentally... slow and my father... he died with a needle in his arm.

It was the start of summer when I led mom into the big dome and into our new home. The three helpers had kept the animals fed after grandfather died but now I had to find someone to help that knew about animals. I stopped to pet Snowflake and glanced around, “Do you remember where your room is mom?”

She was smiling happily as she came to pet Snowflake, “the one with the window looking at the pond.”

I sighed, “yes, with the green bedspread.”

I carried our bags to our bedrooms before sitting at my grandfather’s desk. I had already made an appointment with a young woman. She was one of several names that had been left for me. I turned at the knock on the front door and went to open it. A stunning young woman stood there and after a moment a slightly older version cleared her throat.

I blinked and grinned at the same time as the girl, “Sorry.”

I looked at the woman, “Jade Silver?”

She smiled and nodded, “This is my younger sister Emily.”

I smiled and stepped back, “Come in.”

Jade led the way, “Your message said you need someone experienced in...”

I turned to see her staring at Snowflake in my mother’s lap. I grinned, “That’s Snowflake.”

She looked at me, “That is an adult snow leopard.”

I nodded, “She is pregnant too.”

I gestured and closed the door, “go towards the kitchen.”

I caught up and glanced at mom before hesitating and turning to lead them out the back door, “Don’t step into any enclosure.”

Jade was staring around in wonder and Emily was just grinning and looking. I started down the path, “Grandfather has thirty eight, one kilometer biospheres. Each is set for a certain climate for the animals inside. The animals range from mammals to reptiles to fish. There is even one dome for sea turtles.”

I looked back to see Jade and Emily stumbling after me, “Mostly he created entire miniature environments for endangered or in a few cases extinct animals.”

I smiled, “One dome even has a few very special animals like rainbow eagles or pink lions.”

I shook my head, “I need someone that understands their dietary needs. I also need someone that can bring in vets when we need them.”

Jade finally turned to look at me, “That was a small elephant.”

Emily giggled, “They are smaller than a dog.”

I smiled, “we have three types and in another dome is a large herd of mammoths.”

I sighed, “Anyway, the job pays...”

“I’ll take it!”

I looked at Jade and she blushed, “Sorry but this is amazing.”

I gestured to walk back towards the house, “It pays a hundred thousand a year.”

Emily slipped up beside me, “can I intern with Jade?”

I glanced at her and then back at Jade, “That is up to her.”

Jade smiled, “She wants to be a vet.”

I nodded as I let them into the kitchen. I frowned when I saw my mother naked. She was on her hands and knees as she looked under a chair. I glanced at Jade and her sister, “Excuse me a moment.”

I walked towards my mother, “Mom?”

She smiled as she looked back at me, “Snowflake is hiding.”

I sighed and knelt to help her up, “She is close to having her babies mom. Leave her alone for a little while and she will come out again.”

She pouted as I led her towards the hall, “I want more babies too.”

I smiled, “I know mom.”

I turned into her room, “Put your clothes away and I’ll make dinner.”

I left her and went back to Jade and Emily, “Sorry mom is...well, slow.”

Jade smiled, “It is a little warm in here.”

I nodded and turned to lead them back to the study. I nodded to a second desk and computer, “That has all the domes and what is in them. We can fill out your paperwork now and you can start tomorrow.”

Jade smiled and picked up the blank employee folder on the desk, “I’ll fill these out.”

I hesitated and then sat and brought up the current feeding schedule to check it. I glanced down as Snowflake climbed up my pants and into my lap. I gave her a pet, “sorry about mom Snowflake.”

Emily leaned over my shoulder to see the cat better and smiled, “She really is pregnant isn’t she.”

I grinned and took Emily’s hand and pulled it to Snowflake’s tummy. Her eyes widened, “I can feel the babies.”

I nodded as I reluctantly let her hand go, “I think she should have them soon.”

Jade came to look into my lap, “do you have a list of vets or...”

I nodded and brought up the venders list and Jade grinned, “six different vets?”

I shrugged, “Grandfather wanted enough to care for all the animals and we have a lot of different species.”

Jade went back to the papers as I showed Emily the list of animals in each enclosure. She was leaning on my shoulder and the feel of her breasts against me had my cock painfully stiff. When Snowflake stood and stretched before looking down I held her and bent to set her on the floor.

I straightened and Emily giggled and reached down to rub the precum soaked through my shorts, “horny?”

I blushed, “yeah, all the time.”

Jade laughed, “take Emily to bed and fuck her, she’s always horny too.”

I looked at Emily and she grinned, “I am.”

I stood and smiled, “I’ve never done it before.”

Jade chuckled, “Emily hasn’t either. She has worn out a dozen vibrators though.”

I looked from Jade to Emily as she blushed before holding out my hand, “Would you like to... see my room?”

She nodded and took my hand and followed me out. I should have remembered mom and closed the door to my room. I turned Emily at the bed and sat her down before I started to undress. She grinned and stripped before wiggling back onto the bed. I followed her and she put her arms around me as I settled between her legs, “Are you on birth control?”

She nodded and her hand slipped between us. I pushed and she wiggled and my cock pushed into her tight pussy. We both looked at each other and then Emily grinned. I kissed her and started to fuck her with deep thrusts that pushed my cock all the way into her. She was grunting and shuddering as she clutched me to her, “oh!”

I buried my cock and pushed and she stiffened as I pushed deeper. She went wild, bucking and thrashing around as she squirted and her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She twisted and struggled as I fucked her hard and deep. When I shoved into her and held her tight she looked at me with wide eyes.

I shuddered as my swelling cock erupted and I spewed a huge gushing stream of cum. Emily tilted her hips as her pussy tightened, “ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

She kept shaking as I pumped her womb full of warm cum. When I stopped cumming she dropped to the bed and sighed, “I really like that.”

I grinned and pulled out of her and rolled onto my back beside her, “me too.”

She giggled and I laughed and then I was looking into my mother’s face as she straddled me. I held her hips to kept her from moving as Emily turned to look and mom whined, “I want more babies Hunter.”

I sighed and moved her before lifting my cock. I couldn’t look at Emily as my mother pushed down and my cock pushed into her. Emily surprised me when she turned and put her head on my shoulder. Mom started rocking as her pussy squeezed my cock. She was smiling as she began to shiver and Emily whispered, “and you never did it before?”

I shook my head and she reached up to tug on one of my mother’s nipples, “So breed her and I’ll help you with her.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “me and Jade sometimes fool around.”

I grinned and pulled mom down. She frowned but I ignored it as I shifted and rolled over. I kissed her, “this is how you get pregnant mom.”

I started fucking her with deep thrusts and she shuddered as her tight pussy spasmed. She smiled and hugged me as I kept fucking her steadily and started to push open her cervix. She jerked suddenly and her eyes widened before she began to convulse. She squirted and her pussy began to milk my cock as she wailed and wrapped her legs around me.

A few minutes later I thrust into her and held her as I began to pump huge spurts of cum through her cervix. Mom jerked and clutched at me as she sighed, “like.”

I smiled and held her as I kept spurting cum into her until her belly was full. I kissed her and pulled out, “You have to lay in bed so you can get pregnant.”

Mom nodded as she rubbed her pelvis, “was very good Hunter.”

I looked at her before looking at Emily. She grinned and rolled onto mom, “I’m Emily.”

Mom smiled, “Hunter bred you.”

Emily grinned, “Yes.”

I hesitated before moving off the bed and Emily waved, “we’ll come out after your stuff does its job.”

I looked at her and she winked. I grinned and glanced at mom before grabbing my clothes and getting dressed. I found Jade still in the study and she glanced up and smiled, “done?”

I shrugged and picked up the papers she had filled out and glanced at the species list she was looking at. I checked them and smiled, “ready for a tour?”

She grinned and stood, “sure.”

I led her out and then out front and turned to lead her to the next dome, “the enclosures are around the outside with one in the center of each dome. The paths normally circle the center enclosure.”

She slipped her arm around mine as we walked and I glanced at her but didn’t pull away or say anything. I led her through each dome and finally back to the big one. I used a side door and we walked around before stopping to watch a family group of tiny cheetahs. Jade leaned on a feed box to watch and I glanced at her butt.

She giggled and I looked up to see her looking back at me. She reached back and lifted her long skirt up onto her back and I saw the tiny string of her panties. I could see her asshole and her pussy as she spread her legs and leaned fully onto the feed box, “fuck me?”

I didn’t have to think about it and opened my pants. I moved forward and bent my cock as I spread my legs and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. Jade shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and pushed back. I held her hips as I started to fuck her and she began to moan. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and spasmed as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock.

I was fucking into her as she wiggled and squirmed. She started to wail as I fucked her harder with my balls churning. A minute later I held her waist as my cock throbbed and buried it before I was suddenly pumping a stream of cum into her deeper. Jade shuddered and her pussy milked the cum into her as she moaned and sighed.

When I was done she relaxed and I pulled out before pulling her skirt down. I helped her up and she grinned, “that was nice.”

I blushed as she took my hand and we finished our walk around the big dome. When we came in the kitchen door Emily and mom were in the kitchen. Emily was making tea as mom sat at the table waiting. I smiled, “she likes to wander, thanks for staying with her.”

Emily smiled, “my pleasure.”

I looked at Jade, “If you could be here tomorrow at six?”

She smiled and kissed my cheek, “I’ll make a couple of calls to those vets. We need one to come look at your pregnant leopard.”

I glanced around before spotting Snowflake in one of the comfortable chairs in the other room. I nodded and watched them leave before helping mom and then making dinner for us and Snowflake. I held her hand and led her on a walk after dinner through the dome. She smiled at everything and kept hugging me.

When we returned to the house I pulled her into the large master bathroom. I undressed before pulling her into the shower. I washed her and caressed her lovely body before washing myself. I dried us and went to shut the lights off before slipping into bed beside mom. She snuggled against me and reached down to stroke my cock, “will you do it again Hunter?”

I sighed and turned to kiss her softly and roll her onto her back. I moved between her legs and kept kissing her as I lifted and positioned my cock before slowly pushing into her tight pussy. Mom moaned and shivered as I began to fuck into her and push my thick cock deeper. It was a minute before I was pushing all the way into her.

She was hugging me as her pussy spasmed and milked my cock. I took my time, kissing her softly as we fucked and began to press into her a little firmer. Mom wailed and howled as her body convulsed and her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. She held her legs up and spread as I started fucking all the way into her.

I finally buried my cock as my balls churned and began spewing and pumping cum. Mom jerked and tilted her hips as she clung to me, “HUNTER!”

I kissed her as I continued to spurt sperm into her. When I finally stopped cumming I sighed and rolled before caressing my mother. She slowly caught her breath and laid on me with her head on my shoulder and my still hard cock throbbing inside her. I glanced at her a couple of minutes later to see her asleep.

I relaxed and was almost tempted to leave my cock in her but knew I would end up fucking her again. I pulled out of her and she shuddered and sighed as she shifted. She didn’t wake though and I glanced at the side of the bed as Snowflake climbed up and curled up on the other pillow.

I woke to the alarm and glanced at mom before hugging her and giving her a shake, “Time to get up mom.”

She lifted her head and smiled at me, “Hi.”

I smiled, “Hi.”

I helped her off the bed and she headed straight for the bathroom. I turned to see Snowflake still on the pillow and reached out to give her a gentle caress, “good morning to you too pretty lady.”

She lifted her head and I smiled, “want breakfast?”

She stood awkwardly and I smiled as I carefully lifted her. I held her as I moved off the bed and carried her with me as I went to the kitchen. I set her on the counter like my grandfather had always done and got her breakfast. I smiled as I started a pot of water and made a bowl of cereal for mom.

She walked in a minute later and sat down as if she stayed naked like this everyday. I made another bowl of cereal and then two cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate mixed together. I was just sitting down when someone knocked on the front door. I let Jade and Emily in and went back into the kitchen.

Emily came to sit with us as Jade went to get the vet list and make some calls. She slipped out to speak with the helpers as they started feeding all the animals. I went to get dressed before returning to get mom. I brought a string bikini and Emily helped me put it on her. I glanced at the door as Jade knocked and opened it.

She grinned and turned to let a man in, “this is Doctor Henry, he specializes in feline medicine.”

I looked at him and Jade gestured to Snowflake laying on the table where I had put her. I smiled and nodded and the doctor walked closer with wide eyes, “and she is fully grown?”

I nodded, “and still has her claws so move slowly.”

He grinned before bending to looked at her and gently pet her. He carefully felt her tummy until she squirmed and pulled his hand away, “she feels like she could have her litter any time.”

Mom looked at him and then me, “I want a litter.”

I sighed, “I know mom.”

He looked at her before looking at me and Jade bent over to whisper to him. He nodded and then smiled, “I’m sure you will have a nice litter too.”

Mom smiled and Jade reached out to pet Snowflake, “he is looking over each feline for a baseline. I’m doing that with all the animals.”

I nodded, “let me know if any are hurt or sick.”

Jade nodded and looked at Emily, “You need to start on the list I gave you.”

Emily stood and waved as she headed towards the door and Jade took the doctor out into the large dome. I set Snowflake down and took mom’s hand before taking a walk through several domes. When we came back she sat in a window seat to watch a large herd of zebras. I went to my office and smiled at Jade working at the other desk naked.

I stripped before sitting and turning to look at the bills and the farm schedules. I turned when I felt her beside me and she grinned, “coffee break.”

I rubbed a nipple, “coffee?”

She shivered and grinned before turning my chair and straddling me, “well I was hoping for cream instead.”

My cock had hardened when I turned and Jade stroked it before lifting up and slowly impaling her pussy. She shuddered and began to rock as I cupped her breasts and felt them. I rubbed and tugged on her nipples and she shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock, “oooohhhh!”

She grinned and kissing me before changing to thrusting and rolling her hips. Her pussy kept grasping my cock as it was pulled out and then relaxing as it slid in. She was breathing harder and shuddering constantly so I reached between her legs to finger her clit. She stiffened and then screamed and thrashed and twisted and jerked, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

I pulled her hips down and against me as my cock throbbed and then I was spurting cum. She jerked and shuddered hard before kissing me suddenly. I pumped more than a half dozen times before I was done. Jade sighed and slowly stood, “just what I needed.”

I grinned as she stretched and went back to work. I stood to go check one of the enclosures a worker had said needed repair. I pulled my shorts on and left, the enclosure was for a large herd of tiny Dwarf elephants. It had a broken water line that filled a small pond like trough.

I saw Emily on the other side of the dome before I pulled out what I needed and moved into the enclosure carefully. I knelt and slowly dug up the water line before replacing it and burying it. The elephants had moved to the other side of the enclosure when I came in but returned when the water began filling the pond again.

I moved slowly so I wouldn’t frighten them and climbed out. I was watching the elephants in the pond when Emily put her arm around my waist, “ever think of letting the public see this?”

I smiled, “are you going to guide each tour and make sure they don’t bother the animals?”

She grinned, “I could do that.”

I looked at her and reached down to rub her pussy through her bikini bottoms. She shuddered and then grinned, “wait until lunch time.”

I kissed her softly before turning to leave, “ask Jade about letting people see the animals.”

I went to check the feed building at each dome before returning to the house. Mom was singing a song as she sat in a window seat watching the animals and I smiled before going to the office. Jade was gone as I sat and contacted the farm manager with a list of supplies. It was a little later that Emily rubbed my shoulders.

I looked away from the monitor and grinned, “hey.”

She grinned, “you spend to much time on the computer.”

I smiled as I stood and pulled her close, “actually I don’t. Today is one of two days that I have to check and order supplies and food from the farms.”

She pressed against me, “farms?”

I caressed her hips and pulled to undo the strings, “two thousand acres of greenhouses that grow the food for the animals.”

She grinned and turned to pull me out and through the house to my bedroom and the bed, “Jade said I could contact a few people and bring them in if you approve it.”

She laid forward on the bed and reached between her legs to rub her pussy. I pushed my shorts down and off before moving behind her. I rubbed the head of my cock through her slit before pushing into her. I started fucking her with deep thrusts as her pussy tightened and looked at Snowflake between the pillows.

I kept fucking Emily as I watched Snowflake shifting around and growling. I fucked her hard and deep as she began to jerk and shake. I was trying to cum and she was shoving back as her pussy clenched and rippled around my cock. It was several minutes before I shoved into her as she was spasming and grunted while I pumped thick spurts of cum.

Emily shuddered hard as her pussy milked the cum out of my cock, “mmmm!”

When I was done I pulled out, “I think you need to put your bottoms on and go see if that doctor is still here. Let Jade know I need her too.”

She stood and looked at me and then followed my look to Snowflake, “she’s having her babies!”

I nodded and bent to put my shorts on as she ran out. I went to get a towel and lifted Snowflake to put her on it. She growled but let me as I sat and pet her until Emily returned with Jade and the doctor followed by mom. I moved and held my mother to keep her back as Jade and the doctor moved closer.

I thought of a wicker basket and pulled mom after me and into another room. The basket had old flower petals I threw out and then put several towels in. I returned to the bedroom as Snowflake had her first cub. I set the basket on a night stand and held mom and Emily slipped an arm around her waist too.

She had three cubs before she was done and I helped clean her and move her and the cubs to the basket. I had my hands full with mom for the rest of the day. Jade and Emily brought night bags in before I started dinner. I fucked mom first when we went to bed and then Jade and finally Emily as she was licking the leaking cum out of my mother.

I was up first and smiled as Snowflake crawled onto my chest purring. I took her and her basket of cubs into the kitchen to feed her and then started breakfast. I had forgotten about telling Emily she could bring people. She came out several minutes later showered and dressed. I frowned as I set a plate of pancakes on the table, “already?”

She grinned, “I have a group coming to do a walkthrough.”

I blinked and she rubbed my chest and sat, “they are mostly college professors but a few are high school teachers and a couple of reporters.”

I smiled, “not wasting time.”

She shook her head, “this afternoon we should have a small group from a couple of zoos.”

I smiled, “don’t forget a daycare.”

She grinned, “that would be fun.”

Jade came out in her bikini but she was wet from a shower, she was also pulling mom after her. Mom went straight for Snowflake’s basket but Jade pulled her away. She smiled at me as they sat and I put plates on the table for the pancakes, “I think I will keep your mother with me today. I have two vets coming over to check some of the other animals.”

I sat and sipped coffee, “I have to go out to the farms later and then I have a pen in dome six with a broken sprinkler.”

She smiled, “I saw it and it does seem to gush and gurgle more than sprinkle.”

The workers for the greenhouses seemed to know and like what they were doing. One even asked if he could bring his family out to look at the domes. The small sprinkler didn’t take long to fix and then it was the misting system in another dome. After that it was the misting system in an aviary dome and two ponds in two separate domes.

I came into the house in the afternoon and checked on Snowflake before making tea and going out back. There was a tiny gazebo off the back porch that overlooked the pens. I was in just my shorts as I sat in the canvas lounge swing. Jade and mom found me a few minutes later, Jade grinned as she bent to pull my shorts off.

She turned and slowly sat and impaled her pussy with a sigh and lay back on me as her pussy clenched and squeezed, “so far the animals look good.”

I held her and cupped her breasts as mom leaned on the rail and cooed at a herd of antelopes. I humped and Jade pushed back, I humped and she pushed back. She finally shuddered and moved off me, “we need to do this in bed.”

I laughed as I stood and grabbed her hand and then mom’s. I pulled them after me and into the house. Jade and Emily turned out to be the best thing for me. Jade knew how to manage the domes and animals while Emily went from an intern to a coordinator for people visiting which is a lot now.

The process my grandfather developed is being looked at to save a lot of different animals on the brink. It is also used as a possible way to bring back a few others like my grandfather already had. Mom did have her baby and another a couple of years later. She does very well when she stays with Jade who has had her first baby.

Emily’s first turned out to be triplets and smiles when mom calls it a litter. As for Snowflake, she is working on her third litter now. Her cubs have their own dome with the other snow leopards who have joined them.
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