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It was a gorgeous day at the amusement park in North Carolina. Mid 80’s, just a couple of clouds and plenty of cleavage to look at. My gorgeous fiance and I were there for our one weekend day together before we both went back to our jobs on Monday. It was fun to enjoy an amusement park as adults. We got there early and started going on all the roller coasters before the lines got long. Now it was mid afternoon and we were in the waterpark portion of the place. We did a couple more rides (lazy river and wave pool) and my fiance, Beth, decided she wanted to lay out and work on her tan. I wanted to go down the epic slide.

My fiance is gorgeous and I am extremely lucky to have this woman in my life. She’s a petite blonde who will do anything to satisfy me in bed. I’ve tried coming up with some kinky things and she has obliged like a woman should. She let me restrain her, put her dirty panties in her mouth and say the filthiest things you can imagine and she wouldn’t bat an eye. However, we were monogamous and planning on staying that way. I couldn’t complain.

I grabbed my double tube for the slide and began the long climb to the top. As I got to the end of the line, I noticed the girl ahead of me with her younger brother. There were girls all over of various ages, but almost all were jailbait or they were mothers. This was jailbait.

She was probably about 12, 13. Lightly freckled across the nose, brunette and just … beautiful. I’m not attracted to girls that young, but beauty is beauty. She had a two piece blue bikini on and it seemed just a bit too small. She had maybe a small B cup breasts and flashed me a quick smile when I put my tube down behind her. The quick kind of smile that teenagers give to strangers to avoid being completely rude.

Once again I was grateful for my sunglasses, as my eyes took in everything on her body.

I leaned against the rail and settled in for the wait. Her brother was next to whining about something or other. He was about 10.

“I told you, we don’t have any money! You spent it on the the stupid Spongebob ride!” The girl lectured to her brother.

“But I’m thirsty!” I couldn’t blame the kid. Hot sun, pool. I was thirsty myself. There were a few water fountains, but they were spread throughout the park and the water was usually warm.

“We’ll find a water fountain after the ride. Now hush.” She certainly was the older sister, that’s for sure. And cute as a button. I couldn’t stop my eyes from taking in her gentle curves. She turned and gave me another smile. This time I thought I saw her eyes wander over me very quickly. So quickly I thought I may have imagined it.

We made idle chitchat while we waited. How much longer the line would be, which rides are the coolest, that sort of thing. Eventually, we reached the top. They all work the same, I suppose. The lifeguard at the top waits for the signal from his counterpart at the bottom. As the kids were next in line, the lifeguard pulled out the stick for the height requirements and the brother wasn’t big enough.

“I’ll ride down with him.” We all had double tubes, as was the requirement.

“But she’s not big enough to ride alone.” The lifeguard said, indicating the girl.

After some haggling, we talked him into letting the three of us go down together in one tube. The kid brother scrambled to the front and I realized what was about to happen.

I settled into the back half of the tube and this adorable girl sat down in my lap. It was at once hot and awkward. I loved it. She pushed her cute little butt right into my crotch and leaned back against my chest.

“Thank you.” She said in my ear with a smile. I wondered how much she knew about her sexuality -- what she was capable of doing to a guy. I felt a hard on growing.

We got the green light and pushed off into the tunnel. Immediately they both started shrieking. We were flying down the tube way faster than you would think was safe, but it was a smooth ride. I took my hands off the handles and put them on the young girl’s waist to keep her pressed into my now fully hard dick.

Just before we exited the tunnel, there was a sharp curve and we all fell out of the tube and slid out the rest of the way into the pool of water.

I came up for air with the kids and saw them beaming. The boy was going on about how “freaking awesome” it was and the girl was now dripping wet with a big smile plastered on her face. She was so unbelievably sexy, standing there in the water with her wet hair dripping down. If she were just a couple years older, I knew I’d be in trouble.

We got out of the pool together and the two of them seemed to be waiting on me to put the tube away. When I got back they were still amped up.

“Come on, let’s go find a water fountain.” The girl said.

Against every better judgement I had in my brain, I said “Come on. I’ll buy us some lemonades.” I started to walk away and kind of noticed out the corner of my eye that the kids were having some kind of whispered argument. “Is that alright?” I asked.

“Well … yeah. Thanks. What’s your name?” The girl asked.

“Jim.” I don’t know why I lied. My middle name was James, but no one ever calls me that. Or Jim for that matter. “What’s yours?”

“Ronnie. This is Alex.” I shook hands with both. Ronnie’s eyes were piercing into me, like she was looking into my soul. It was disconcerting and also, I thought, a sign of maturity. Maybe she could see things in my eyes.

We left the slide area and found a vendor selling icee lemonades. I pulled out my soaking wet wad of money from my shorts and peeled off the $25. Amusement parks are a money pit. I saw Ronnie follow my hand as I put the cash back into my pocket.

We sat on the bench for a bit, drinking our lemonades and talking about rides. Alex had taken a shine to me as well and talking about which rides we would ride together next. Ronnie just sort of rolled her eyes at him and was smiling at me. I definitely felt the vibe, but she was so young! I didn’t ask her age because I didn’t want to know.

As we finished up our drinks, they were still kind of milling about. They went back to having some kind of whispered argument and the Ronnie came closer.

“Alex is going to go do his thing and I thought we could go to the wave pool? He’ll meet us there in a while when he’s done.” I thought Alex might be too young to be by himself, but really, what could possibly happen to him here? What with security everywhere. And Ronnie … Ronnie had one hundred percent of my attention. She was … perfect.

“Yeah … yeah, that sounds good.” I replied and Alex took off while Ronnie and I started the walk to the pool. I was getting butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t possibly be misreading this situation, but I wonder what she was thinking? Did she like older guys? Was she even a virgin? I wondered briefly what other people thought as we cut our way through the crowd.

When we got close, Ronnie grabbed my hand and started pulling me with her. My eyes were straight on her cute little bubble butt and I wanted to reach out and grab it. When we were about halfway in the pool she had to start doggy paddling and I was still walking. She kept swimming deeper and deeper into the water.

At about 5 feet, I was still standing and she turned around and wrapped her legs around my waist so I could keep her up. I immediately started to paddle with Ronnie locked onto me. She started squealing as I struggled to get the rhythm of the waves. After a few moments I had it timed so I was pushing off the bottom of the pool in time and keeping our heads above water.

Ronnie was loving this. She was laughing and smiling as her arms wrapped around my neck. When the alarm sounded the waves started to subside. That’s when she looked at me and kissed me quickly on the lips.

It happened so fast I was stunned. This was my moment to walk away from this situation and this gorgeous girl.

She looked at me and bit the corner of her lip.

“I’m sor--” I pushed my lips against hers and felt her small mouth open up. Our tongues intertwined for a moment before I broke it off to look at the people around us. God only knows what they, or the lifeguards thought. But no one seemed to be noticing. A lot of them were flocking out of the pool now that the waves died.

She was looking at my lips. She wanted to kiss me again. She wanted more.

Oh god there was no way this was going to end well.

Now that the waves ended, she settled her hips to a more comfortable location -- namely right on top of my now raging hard on. I kissed her again.

“We can’t …” I said. “All these people.”

“It’s okay.” She moved in closer for another kiss. I obliged.

What would the lifeguards think, seeing a mid-twenties guy with a very young teenager making out? There was nowhere to hide in this entire park. And my fiance was … somewhere waiting for me. This was a bad situation. Bad, bad, bad.

I moved us closer to the wall of the pool, trying to stay out of the line of sight of the lifeguards.

I couldn’t help myself. My hands were all over her body, feeling every muscle of her tight supple body. The alarm sounded again. We didn’t break our kiss. Her hips were grinding on me, on my hard cock. With every motion, with every kiss it became harder to stop her until I just … couldn’t.

I couldn’t care who saw or what they thought. There was just me and her in this ocean of water. This was … bliss. Bliss and lust and everything good.

Ronnie was an excellent kisser, but I could detect some inexperienced and some hesitation on her part. Like she didn’t know what she was supposed to do next. But her arms finally unwrapped themselves from my neck and she very slowly moved her hand along my chest and moving lower and lower.

This was going WAY too far in WAY too public a place.

But what could I do?

I felt her tug at the string around my shorts and she very quickly reached in and started grabbing my stiff prick. Her inexperience shone through again and I wondered if this was her first time feeling a dick.

The alarm sounded again and Ronnie gave me an awesome smile. This time she turned around so her back was against my chest and I was holding her around the waist. I kept my knees bent a bit so she had a bit of a seat as the waves started up and I started pushing us off the floor of the pool. Her hands reached behind her as she tried to keep herself stable by pressing my back to her.

This time we were in a part of the pool that didn’t really have the waves. It was kind of a vortex from the waves as they surrounded us and people were screaming and laughing.

“Do you want me to move us into the waves?” I asked. She shook her head no, her wet hair splashing me and pushed her butt into my dick a bit more. I put my second hand around her waist and kissed her ear, as we fell into the rhythm of the waves again. Up and down, up and down.

As we were underwater, I reached my hand up and grabbed a handful of her perfect breasts. Very firm, and I could feel a very hard and long nipple. She moaned and leaned her head back into my shoulder and I started kissing her neck.

I needed this girl. Nothing was going to stop me.

My right hand slipped lower across her belly and into her shorts. I stopped for a quick moment just to see if she would stop me but her eyes were closed like she was taking a nap as we bobbed along in the water.

Up and down, up and down.

I pressed into her pussy lips. Brushing up against her clit as I felt the smallest, tightest pussy in my life. The heat and slickness of it wasn’t lost in the cool pool water. I moaned into her ear. This was too much. She was so ready for this.

To the bystander, it might have looked like my kid sister or niece was simply enjoying the waves. But underneath the water my hands were feeling everything. I slipped my left hand under her bikini top and was playing with her ridiculously long and hard nipples. With my right I was slowly fingering her and pushing my middle finger deeper into her. My dick was grinding into her covered butt.

The buzzer sounded again and the waves stopped. People streamed out of the deep end again and left us bobbing peacefully in the water.

“Are you okay?” I asked, with my finger going into her up to the second knuckle. She moaned blissfully.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the pool wall. I moved my hand out of her top, but kept fingering her.

The minutes passed and I opened my eyes every now and again and the lifeguards were paying us no mind. I would kiss her on the cheek, or the ear or the neck and kept pumping my finger into her.

My mind was racing all over the place. I needed to fuck this girl. I was about to explode as it is and I couldn’t think of anywhere in the park to go.

Without opening her eyes her right hand reached between us and she went back into my shorts. She was trying to pull them down. I stopped her and told her to wait until the waves started again.

So she very slowly stroked me, rubbing her small hand around the tip.

The buzzer sounded again and she wasted no time in getting my shorts down a bit. I could feel my cock spring free and kept my shorts around my thighs. I didn’t want to lose them in the pool or pull them down too far.

She seemed to have woken up from her reverie and turned around to face me again. My finger slipped out of her. We kissed. Madly, passionately. Pulling her into me. I wanted her. I needed her.

My cock was pushing against her bikini bottoms, rubbing up on her clit. We bobbed in the water, up and down, up and down. It was killing me not to be inside her.

I pulled her tighter and moved my hand underneath to move her bathing suit out of the way. When I did my cock instinctively pushed against her opening. She stopped kissing me and moving. She had a very serious look of concern on her face.

Did she want to stop? I couldn’t care less. This needed to happen.

I pushed into her.

“N-no …” she gently whimpered as I slowly pistoned in and out of her. I didn’t think my penis would even fit in such a tight pussy. She dug her nails into my back and I had her wrapped up and close to me as she could be. The heat of her pussy was amazing.

A few more strokes and I was all the way in her. I had never felt anything so tight and warm and beautiful on my cock before. I kissed her as we bobbed in the water up and down up and down.

I wasn’t sure, but she seemed to have lost a spark when I started fucking her. She looked a bit sad and forlorn. But my dick was overriding everything. I was in her. I was fucking her. I was going to cum inside her. She was so tight, so wet, so beautiful and perfect.

I almost didn’t have any control. My orgasm came up on me so quick. I just started spurting in her. I thrust as deep as I could as I flooded her with every ounce I had.

The reality of what just happened came flooding to me. I took my still hard dick out of her and pulled my shorts up. I looked around at all the people around me. What the fuck was I thinking?!

She looked at me with a blank stare. This was so awkward now.

“I’ve … I got to get going.” She was still so gorgeous and pure. I kissed her. She didn’t say anything.

I started swimming away between the groups of people. My mind reeling. I wondered if the police would be waiting for me as I left the pool. God what just happened was so hot.

I exited the pool and started making my way back to my fiancee. I looked down at my shorts and noticed that the white in my blue and white shorts were now a bit … pink.

She was a virgin.

Oh my god. I felt like scum. I felt like complete scum.

As I made my way to the chaise lounge chairs that my fiance and I were occupying, I noticed a couple guys talking to her. This was normal any time I left her alone.

I came up and kissed her on the lips and she introduced me to her new guy friends. As usual they shook my hand, hung around for a minute and then walked away. We talked about the slide and I told her the lines were long and I had walked around for a bit.

“We should get going baby.” I told her. I was still scared of the police, security and possibly seeing Ronnie or Alex again.

“Okay.” We packed up and as we were leaving my lovely bride to be wanted a lemonade. I reached into my pocket to get my cash and felt … nothing. It was gone.

I don’t see how it could have slipped out … unless … Ronnie …?

To be continued.

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2013-08-18 14:03:26
I think u did the right thing. The lil slut deserved it. I love yung gurls in tight bikinis.


2013-08-14 16:58:38
I loved the way he had to keep going even when he thought she might not have wanted to. She was too hot and he had to have her. So hot.

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I read this and chapter 2 and they're amazing. I love the questions about his future with his fiance, and there's some mystery about Ronnie taking his money, her feelings toward his fiance, and her ultimate motives. The sex scenes are hotter than hell but the backstory pulled me along and made me care.

I think you should rewrite and extend the scene in this chapter where Ronnie loses her virginity. It reads like rape and almost stopped me from reading any further.

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how ironic he took her virginity she took his money, ah karma lol

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