Lucas arrives at his new home and gets a pleasant welcome
This story uses a real city as well as real landmarks, street names and locales.  However, many details, including names of locales and buildings, have been changed to suit my purposes and to avoid any likeness with real people, living or deceased.

"Shit," he said with a sigh as he wove through traffic on the interstate, trying to get off the freeway.  "I'm so fucking lost."
Lucas growled lightly in his throat, his eyes flying around to find a street sign SOMEWHERE to magically tell him where he needed to be.  Columbus Ohio was a fucking maze; he still wasn't sure which town, or district, or whatever the hell these people called it, he was even in, but he knew he was out of Reynoldsburg, and that sign said left to Obetz....
"Fuck damn it," he threw up his hands, his head collapsing lightly against the steering wheel of his truck.
Lucas Tervail was just out of college, having graduated from DeVry up in Chicago and had been eager as hell to get as far away from home as possible.
He hadn't made it far, but the hundreds of miles seemed good enough.  Except for the fifty-two mile circle that was the I-270 that enclosed all of Columbus and several other cities, both in whole and in part.  Dublin and Westerville and Reynoldsburg and Obetz and Grove City and Hilliard....  Who the fuck drew the map for this place!
He looked up just in time to see the light flash from red to green, giving him permission to punch the accelerator and go the only way he could go without getting back on that damned circle or getting lost in a whole other city; right.
He kept moving his eyes quickly, bumping over train tracks as he passed a sign that said 'Crew Training Field'.  "Well, there's work," he muttered, finally knowing he was in the right area.  "Now where's Williams?"
No sooner were the words out of his mouth than did he see the sign alongside the road by a small shopping center that told him the next cross street was exactly what he was looking for.  "Finally, almost there!"
He turned right, grinning widely as the sign for the apartment complex came into view just a short ways up the road.
Alum Creek Apartments.  His new home.
The building seemed out of place, surrounded by two story houses at best, rising up six floors and squatting on half of the block.  It was a red brick building, so it was getting up there in age, and appeared to be shaped slightly like an I.
Lucas pulled his truck into to parking lot right in front of the main entrance and a window that said 'OFFICE' on the placard hanging in it.
He stepped out of the truck, shaking out his legs to get some feeling back in them, before heading for the front door.
Lucas buzzed in, a cool, feminine voice coming from the speaker box, then turned immediately right into the Manager's office where he was able to put a face to the voice.
Meet Leslie.  Leslie is the manager of Alum Creek Apartment's and has been for a number of years.  She wears no wedding band, but a cursory inspection shows that that particular finger is narrower where one would be.  She is about five feet six inches tall, well proportioned all around, and though she appears to be a pleasant handful....
"Mr. Tervail, my eyes are up here," she said sharply, a cool eyebrow arched at him.
He cleared his throat, trying to swallow the lump that had developed, as his face turned crimson.  He elected for silence, knowing there was no chance of back peddling from that one.
"Now, can we focus on the paperwork?" she asked, though it was more of a 'pay the fuck attention' kind of demand.
Home sweet home.


Lucas peered around the stack of boxes in his arms, fumbling with the doorknob.  Again.
He had managed to prop open the security door-though Leslie kept glaring at him each time he went through-but keeping his own door open....  Well, one only tempted trouble so far.
"Oh, let me get that for you," he deep baritone said from somewhere on the other side of a Home Depot box, the door clicking as the knob turned and the top box being lifted from the stack in his arms almost instantly.
Lucas sighed in relied as he rolled his shoulders, glad for the reprieve.  "Thanks, man," he said, earning a shrug and a grin before following the stranger in.
"So, you're the new neighbour," the man said, sticking out his hand.  "I'm Bill.  405, right there," he said, pointing towards their adjoining wall.  "Hope you're better than the last guy.  Who the fuck cranks oldies?" he said with a slight sneer and a shake of his head.
Lucas laughed slightly, setting his load down on the kitchen counter.  He regarded his surprise visitor with a quick eye, trying to figure him out.
So, here's Bill.  Short, stocky kind of guy, maybe a few inches over five foot, but built kind of like a truck.  Probably not much either side of Lucas' own age.  Long hair, pulled back in a pony, nice enough looking guy, but the way he dresses....  Lucas was starting to wonder if this guy played for the other team.
"Oh, this is my girlfriend, Vanessa."
Oh.  Misjuged that one.
Meet Vanessa. Five foot nothing bombshell blonde beauty, a cute smile that she flashed with no reservations and a beautiful body she showed off with no care.  Short cut shirt, skin tight short-shorts, and a body that strained them both.  A sneeze would be all it took to let the secret out.
"Hi Vanessa, I'm Lucas," he said, stepping forward to shake her hand.  Until she stepped further to give him a hug.
Oh shit.
"It's nice to meet you," she said excitedly, pressing her tight body against Lucas'.  He was in danger of her feeling his rising arousal, and it wasn't going to take long.  "But he's not my boyfriend, he's my brother.  Just really over protective," she said with the sweetest smile, her arms wrapped around his neck.
"I can't imagine why," he said sarcastically, giving her a shakey smile back.  He held back a sigh as she let go, though tenting would soon become an issue.
"Just a lot of creeps, you know?" Bill said, not catching the sarcasm.  "Gotta look out for my sister."  He laughed as if he had made a joke, putting an arm over her shoulder.
Okay, I am back to thinking he is actually gay.
"I have an idea.  My girl is coming over tonight for dinner.  You should join us!  You're new in town right?  Gotta have friends."  He smiled with a raised brow, his arms held out as if to say 'Can't find any better than right here.'
How the fuck do I keep messing this one up?  Maybe he was still in the closet....
"Oh, that would be great!" Vanessa nearly squealed, throwing herself at Lucas again.  He grunted at the impact, aware of how close she was making herself.  "I think it would be great for you to make friends with us," she said in a more normal tone, her voice turned to honey.
He surpressed a shiver; her voice was throaty and lustful and she just seemed to be speaking normally!
Lucas simply nodded, swallowing the lump in his throat again.  He was rock hard and pressing right against her belly, just below her navel.  Maybe she doesn't notice?  Thinks it's my belt buckle?
"Great, we'll see you tonight then," she said in the same tone as before, though he swore he felt her grind herself against him before she turned and made for the door, pausing just outside the door to call for Bill.  "Come on, we still have to go to the store!" she said to him in her sing song voice.
There's no way that just happened.
Bill gave Lucas a nod and a wave before following his sister out.  He walked past her, leaving her behind to flash a wink at Lucas before disappearing as well.
Oh shit, that just happened.

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2013-03-01 06:41:45
I work up at the South Jordan office and I wodlun't mind helping to coordinate the ride up there. We have about a 20 mile loop that we do during the lunch hour. There are a few small climbs and we dont push too hard. We are planning on every Wednesday meeting at the circle at 11:30am. If you are in the South Jordan office and have some questions send me an email.


2013-02-12 04:18:19
Thanks for the feedback, and I understand where you are coming from on it being quite bare of anything exciting. I intend to remedy that in Chapter Two. This chapter was meant solely for the purpose of introducing characters and marking the beginning of sexual tension between him and Vanessa.
The tags are all things that WILL be included in the series, though I do see where marking all that on every chapter could be frustrating to a guy who is looking for a good story about a husband fucking the babysitter while his wife thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread.
My appologies.
And finally, thank you for the remark about grammar. I suspect that biggest factor in the development of my writting style would be that I am an adult, not a preteen pretending to be grown up.

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2013-02-12 04:10:31
Great start to what could be a great story, but there is nothing to this story yet. You should have had SOMEthing happen. Make your chapters at least 3 or 4 times as long and don't tag it as having all this stuff that isn't in this part. (or if you have short chapters, then have multiple chapters per posts)

It was nice to read a story with proper grammar for once though, so keep that up.


2013-02-12 03:47:58
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