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When I went into the bathroom in a cafe down in the sleazy part of Dallas, I had no idea what was about to happen.

I was standing there peeing at one of the urinals, when the bathroom door opened and I looked back over my shoulder and relaxed when I saw that it was just a little old man coming in, a little old white man. I had looked over my shoulder because I was black, a 13 year old black boy and I wasn't in the black part of town, so I had to be careful. He stepped up to the urinal next to me, calmly slid his zipper down, reached in, pulled his old wrinkled dick out and started pulling on it and talking to it, like it was his friend. I had the weirdest feeling as I looked over and watched, waiting to see the pale yellow pee start flowing and finally it did. Spurting at first but then slowly building and building into a split stream, not pale like I had expected but like the golden color of honey. I watched as the old man moved the stream around in the urinal, like he was painting a picture of a face or something with it. Working the honey colored stream closer and closer to the mouth on it and it wasn't an accident that the mouth on it turned out to be the little drain hole, the little drain hole at the bottom. I don't know how long I had been standing there watching him pee, when all at once he stopped the flow and I looked up and saw that he had caught me. I can't even describe how I felt as my face starting to get all hot and knew that I was blushing and wanted to run. The next thing I knew he was whispering, " Wanna see me pee somemore boy, what's your name?"

Before I even knew what I was doing, told him that my name was Simon and remember looking all around [ I don't know what I was looking for ] I guess to see if anybody was watching or would catch us or something like that. I don't know.

Even the fear of getting caught wasn't enough to stop the [ Need ] in me, the need to once again watch it and I heard myself whimpering and then whispering, " Uh huh."

He was still holding onto it when all at once another honey colored stream shot out of the end of it, splashed against the back of the urinal and then ran down into the still open mouth, the open mouth of the little drain hole.

Watching his honey colored pee running down into the open mouth, the open mouth of the little drain hole made a little shiver go through me.

" Oh fuck, your a [ Pee Freak ] aren't you Simon?"

I was so embarrassed because [ He Knew ]. Knew that I was a [ Pee Freak ] I'd been that way since I was little. I've never been able to figure out why.

Before I could even say anything, pee squirted out of the end of it again and again and he moaned, " Watch it baby, I'll pee for you, I'll pee as much as you want me too " and he did.

I've never seen a man pee so much before and to this very day, I don't know how he did it. He just kept peeing and peeing and peeing and when I thought that it was all done, he started peeing more.

" Come mere baby, bend down. that's it watch it Simon, watch it."

I had never had my head that close to a man's dick before, as he stood at the urinals and I'm embarrassed to admit that the smell of his fresh pee and the pee of the other men that had peed on the urinals earlier, was getting to me and somehow he knew it.

" Oh shit, your not only a [ Pee Freak ] your drawn to the urinal to, aren't you Simon?"

The shame was unreal and I couldn't move. My head was inches from his old wrinkled cock, his old wrinkled cock with the fresh pee still dripping out of the end of it.

" Kiss the urinal baby, kiss that old white urinal, that old white urinal that's hanging from the wall." " Hanging from the wall were so many men have pissed in it and on the front of it, so many times before." " Kiss the urinal baby, kiss the urinal."
When he saw that I wasn't going to do it, he grabbed ahold of my head, pushed me down towards the front of it and held me there until he finally saw my lips touching the cold white porcelain. Touching the cold white porcelain where the drops of pee and dark kinky pubic hairs from the men that had been there earlier had dropped down to.

" Ohhh, Oh shit, Lick it."

" Nooo."

" Lick it and I'll let you finish off my pee, you know you want to."

The shame I felt as he watched my little tongue coming out, touching first one drop and then another was unreal. I couldn't believe that an older man, an older white man, had me kneeling down in front of one of the urinal's kissing and licking on the front of it, just so I could taste his pee. His warm honey colored pee.

When I had my eyes closed, it was like I could deny that it was happening. But somewhere along the way, I had opened my eyes and I was looking down into the still open mouth of the face that he had painted on it earlier, the little open mouth of the drain hole.

He caught me looking at the little drain hole and hissed, " Go ahead, lick it there to, you know you want to."

I tried to scream " NOOO ' but nothing came out.

I hated him for saying it, I hated me for even thinking it but most of all I hated the [ Urge ] the Urge that was starting up inside of me.

Before I even knew what was going on, I had my entire head down inside of the white urinal and was running my tongue in tiny circles around the little drain hole.

" Oh fuck, lick the drain Simon, lick the drain." " Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shitttttt." " Your something else Simon, your something else." " Lickkkk ittttt."

I don't know how long he had been getting me to lick on it, when all of a sudden he said, " Don't move, don't move," stepped up to the side of the urinal and before I could even figure out what was going on, he released his honey colored pee, splashing it against the back of the urinal, where it then ran down slowly to where I was licking.

When he finally finished peeing, he calmly put his dick away and without saying a word,walked out of the bathroom. Leaving me kneeling there in front of the urinal's.

I guess I should have felt sick or whatever because of what he had gotten me to do but I didn't. I was the one that had had the [ Urge ] to do it, not him.

When I was finally able to stand up again, I went over to the sink and was washing my mouth off, I don't know why, I didn't feel dirty. I guess that I just thought that that's what I was supposed to do. I don't know.

Anyway while I was standing there washing up, the bathroom door opened again and another old man [ 65-70 ] came in.

Instread of walking straight over to the urinal's or one of the stall's, he came up behind me as I stood at the sink and whispered, " Lick the drain baby, wanna lick the drain " and took me over to the urinal's with him and made me kneeldown.

The last thing I heard as I kneltdown and stuck my head into the urinal, was the sound of his zipper coming down and him saying, " Oh fuck, he wasn't lying, he wasn't lying " as his warm salty pee started spurting out of the end of his old wrinkled cock, splashing against the back of the urinal and then running down the back and the sides towards the still open little mouth of the drain hole. The same little open mouth that my warm soft tongue was still licking the pee and the pubic hairs from, as his warm pee came down and started filling the urinal.

When I saw his warm pee filling the urinal, I tried to pull up and away from it but that's when I felt his old bony hand starting to push down on the back of my head and heard him saying, " No Simon, finish it, finish what you started, I won't tell " and once again the only sounds that were coming from the men's room, were the little, Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp, Gulping sounds that were coming from me, as the old man held my head down in the " Old White Urinal " and made me finish drinking his warm pee, until it was all gone.

" Good boy Simon, good boy."

And as he let go of my head and started towards the door, another man came in and he turned and pointed back at me and said, " Meet Simon, you might have something that he wants" and left me kneeling there at the urinal's with my mouth still open, as he went out the door.
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