This is chapter two of the true stories of Sadie, (my wife) and David (me). How we met, discovered, schemed and molded our sexual lives, beginning in the nineteen sixties, the height of the sexual revolution. Characters and events in this chapter depend on references and descriptions from earlier chapters. So if you have not yet read the previous chapters, we hope you will consider going back and reading them first, starting with, Sadie 01 – Prelude and Awakening.
Sadie – Chapter 2 – The Summer of My 17th Birthday

The last time I saw Jen, she was thirteen, gangly, awkward and constantly tittering and giggling with her best friend Sadie and my sister Susan of the same age.

I was on my way out the door to pick up my girlfriend Felicia for a date when mom and dad pulled into the driveway, returning from Los Angeles Airport having picked up Jen and Jules for their summer stay with us. Just as I walked out the front door, they were coming up the steps, dad carrying all the luggage, and mom, with a niece on either arm, babbling excitedly about how much fun they would have this summer. Jess had elected to stay home this year in deference to her new boyfriend. Besides, she was a senior this year and “too old” for the younger cousins.

As I stepped out the door onto the porch, Jen was two steps below me coming up. She had on a pair of loose slacks, tailored over hips I didn’t remember from last year, with a white button up blouse and a kelly green cardigan sweater over her shoulders that perfectly matched her eyes and offset her silky red hair. I looked down for just a second and caught the tops of breasts I didn’t remember from last year, revealed behind the single undone button at the top of her blouse.

She hadn’t grown an inch taller, standing five foot one if she was an inch but she looked up directly into my eyes and I knew she had caught me stealing a look. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled a curiously alluring smile. “Hi David.” was all she said as she turned sideways to let me pass, paused for a fraction of a second to give me a one handed hug, and turned back towards the door but not before I registered the feel of her breast against me that slid across my chest instead of pulling directly away.

“Hi Jen.” Was all I could say. I climbed in the car and backed out of the driveway. Was I imagining things or had that been overtly sexual? I could feel the imprint of that warm softness against my skin all night and Felicia, asked me several times if anything was wrong. I don’t remember what I made up as an excuse but I’m sure it was pretty lame.

I was particularly confused because in my family, cousins were considered pretty much the same as sisters or brothers. You just didn’t treat them in a sexual manner. Period. I finally shook it off, finishing up the night parked in the hills and going at it in the back seat of Dad’s Impala with Felicia.

I returned home about 1:00am and walked around the back of the house to my room. Dad had built an apartment on the back of the garage for Gramma. When she passed away several years ago, I claimed it for my room and Dad claimed my old room inside the house as his den. The apartment was around thirty feet square with one quarter given over to a full bathroom with an open kitchenette on the living side. There was a pull out sofa bed against one wall and my bed and furniture in the other half of the space.

I slipped my key into the lock on the sliding glass door, slid it back and stepped inside. In the dark I rammed my shin straight into the metal frame of the pullout bed. “Shit!” I cried out and turned and fell to a sitting position on the bed holding my leg. The couch had been folded shut when I left. I reached up to the wall, hopping on the uninjured leg and turned on the light.

There in the bed, covers pulled up to her chin, small fingers curled over the blanket was Jen, eyes wide in what I could only describe as surprise. “Oh, crap… what are you doing in here?” I asked her, not just a little irritated. “Where the hell am I supposed to sleep?”

In a tiny voice from behind the sheets she said “In your bed, over there?” She lifted a finger at my double bed on the other side of the room.

“Wha…” I stammered confused.

“Jules is in Susan and Sallies room and Aunt Joyce said this was the only other spare bed in the house and since we were cousins and all, we could just sleep in here together and share the bathroom and all… I mean, she didn’t mean sleep together but like sleep in the same room…” she blushed hard and went quiet.

Unfortunately it made sense. This was the only other spare bed since my room became a den. Two of the girls must be sleeping in one bed, but girls did that. I didn’t like it at all. Sometimes Felicia would sneak in the bathroom window and spend the night. That wouldn’t happen all summer now. Oh well, I would just have to figure things out. I had three months sharing my room with this intruder, I guess I better get used to it.

I turned the light out and limped into the bathroom, grabbing a clean pair of boxers from my drawer and changed into them. I walked cautiously back out to my bed, noticing in the dim light that Jen was still in the same position, holding the covers up to her chin and staring across the darkened room with eyes wide. I climbed under the covers and fell sound asleep for the night.

The summer moved along as summers do, the family spent days at the beach, went to the movies, ate out now and then and, as often as not, Felicia came along with us. I went on dates with Felicia, alone or with other couples. Jen generally stayed at home and played cards or board games with my brother Marty and sisters, Susan and Sally since they were more the same age. At home in my room, as the days and nights passed Jen and I became more familiar with each other and soon we had no problem sitting in my apartment, me in a pair of boxers, she in her cotton pajamas easily talking and laughing with each other.

We grew easy with each other and since we had spent summers together as children we had lots of fun memories to share, boating, fishing, and swimming. It didn’t take me long to realize that this was not the ungainly little girl I had in my childhood memories. Since last year she had really blossomed and was a petite and graceful young woman. Now and then as she shifted her position I would catch a glimpse of skin above the waist band of her PJ bottoms, or a tiny look at the curve of a breast. Her eyes glistened brilliant green and there was a very slight trace of freckles just across the bridge of her nose that rose across her cheeks when she smiled or laughed. She was definitely not the little girl I remembered but I was so utterly aware that she was my cousin, and therefore completely out of bounds, that it never even occurred to me to look at her in a sexual way.

Then one night, about mid-summer, I was coming in late from a date and was trying not to make too much noise unlocking and sliding open the glass door to the apartment. Just as I got the door open and pushed back the curtains, Jen started in her sleep and called out in a panicked squeaky voice “Who’s there?”

Feeling a little frisky I leapt onto the sofa bed, pinned back her hands and growled in my huskiest scary voice. “I’m a burglar and I’m gonna get you!”

Jen screamed a horror movie scream and put up a surprisingly strong fight. I was sitting astride her waist and holding her by the wrists but she was struggling mightily. It was all I could do to hold her down, and laughing hysterically wasn’t helping me any. She finally got me kind of sideways and brought her knee up hard between my legs, catching me right in the most vulnerable spot. I immediately let go, rolled onto my side in the fetal position, hands between my legs, alternately moaning and laughing and in great pain. She commenced to beating on me furiously and I had to cry out between gasps for air. “Jen! Jen! Stop, it’s me! It’s me David!”

She slowed her assault, finally realizing who I was and then started slinging expletives at me for scaring her half to death. I was still rocking on my side in pain but laughing which wasn’t helping. When the pain finally subsided enough for me to get up, I reached over to touch her cheek and apologize but she slapped my hand away and shoved herself back under the covers in a huff with a killing look on her face. I apologized several times but all I got was “That wasn’t funny!” with her head turned away from me. I got undressed and climbed into my own bed for the night.

Just when I reached that twilight area where you’re almost asleep and the real world is morphing into hallucinations, a tiny voice broke through the mist, “David.” I eased back to reality. “David.” She repeated.

Rolling my eyes in the dark I said “What?”

The tiniest of voices, “I’m scared.”

“I said I was sorry, go to sleep.”

“But I’m scared.” she pleaded, barely audible.

“Yes, I heard you, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you now go to sleep.” I said getting slightly irritated.

After a moment, another tiny voice, “David.”

“What” I almost yelled.

“I’m really scared.” She pleaded.

I rolled my eyes again in the dark, “Fine, what do you want me to do about it, come get in bed with you?” I replied, heavily laying on the sarcasm.

A longer pause and her still tiny voice, “Yes.”

I lay there for a few moments trying to get my wits about me. I wanted to go to sleep, here was my little cousin apparently scared out of her wits, making a nuisance of herself. This was the cousin I remembered. On the other hand, it was my fault she was this way. She had been sound asleep when I came in, and in the confusion of her half-sleep I had really scared her badly.

I climbed out of my bed and padded over to the sofa bed and crawled in with her. I rolled on my side away from her and scooted as far as I could away from her side of the bed. After another long pause, that tiny voice again, “David, hold me.”

Once again with the rolled eyes, I turned over, scooted closer and slipped my arm under her neck and drew her close. “Oh my gosh Jen, you’re shaking!” I said.

“Um hum.” Was all she could reply as I pulled her towards me. She rolled to face to me and cuddled up tight with my one arm around her shoulder and the other around her waist. She laid her leg over mine and huddled against me. I could smell her shampoo and feel the softness of her body through her thin cotton pajamas. She was tiny in my arms and she lay there shaking for a long time like a trembling bird caught in hand. I smoothed her hair with one hand and held her close. It really made me feel bad for teasing her like that.

When she finally stopped shaking, her body relaxed and she fell softly asleep. When I was sure she was asleep I attempted to extract my arm and get back to my own bed. Just so you realize, I was so indoctrinated with that cousin business that it never occurred to me that I could feel in any way sexually towards her, but as I tried to pull away, she rolled over the other way, grabbing my right arm, snuggled back towards me, and pulled my arm up across her chest and held my hand just under her chin so that I was spooning her tightly and I could feel the soft rise and fall of her breasts against my forearm as she breathed.

I was suddenly aware of her as more than a cousin. My body started paying attention and I was uncomfortable at my growing hardness pressing up against her rear end. My brain was saying “this is your cousin stupid!” but my body was saying “Yeah? So what!” I tried to pull away again, but she pulled my arm tighter against her chest and moved it so that now the palm of my hand lay directly over the curve of her breast. The hardness between us increased and she pushed back tighter against me which only served to exacerbate the problem.

As I lay there, extremely uncomfortable, my left arm going to sleep under her shoulder, my right hand trying mightily not to squeeze her breast, all the while trying to hold my hips still as that area was only getting more aroused by the contact of her soft curves, she suddenly seemed to come awake, probably from the tension I was radiating more than anything. But she didn’t move. She stayed in place, pressed against my groin, holding my hand against her breast.

“David.” She said sleepily.

“What Jen?”

A short pause, “Why do you sleep in your underwear?”

“What?” I asked shocked at the question after the prelude to this evening.

“Why do you sleep in your boxers?” she repeated.

“What do you mean? What kind of question is that?” I puzzled.

“I just want to know. “Why do you always sleep in your boxers?”

“Because you’re here.” I replied.

“What does that have to do with it?” she asked, puzzled “Why don’t you sleep in your pajamas?” she reasoned.

“I don’t own any pajamas.” I stated flatly.

“Well, what does…” she paused mid-sentence, “Oh, I’m sorry, Oh.” She stammered. There was another long pause. “David?”


“Are you more comfortable without your boxers?”

This was getting a little weird. “Well, yeah, pretty much.”

“Well I feel bad if you’re not comfortable just because of me. If you want, you can sleep without them.” She said, quite mater-of-factly, and pressed herself harder against me.

“What? No!” I was shocked. “You’re my cousin!” But despite my objections, other parts of my body were urging me not to object.

“Why not?” she persisted. “I feel bad coming here and taking over your room and making you all uncomfortable like that. You can go ahead and sleep without them if you want.” And she quite obviously rocked her hips against me a few times.

I lay there thinking about it for a while and I suddenly realized that she was making an overt sexual move on me. This wasn’t just about making sure I was comfortable. It really took a while for the reality of the situation to sink in, so set in my ways was I, like a sister, you just didn’t do sexual things with your sister… or cousin. But apparently she didn’t have those reservations and was not very gently pushing the issue. Besides, sometimes guys can simply be dense in certain situations, and this was one for me. I decided to test her.

“Ok, I guess. I will if you will.” I said, half expecting her to kick me out of bed and slap me.

Instead she snuggled back tighter against me, pressing the palm of my hand tighter against her breast and her rear end deeper against my lap. “I always sleep in pajamas, so I’m quite comfortable this way.” She said in a very teasing voice.

“Well”, I replied, “You should try it, and besides if I’m going to, you have to.”

“Why? You’re the one who’s uncomfortable, I’m just trying to be nice to you.” She said. By now she was pouring on her deepest southern belle accent.

“Ok, I guess that’s very nice of you, but being the only one without clothes on would make me uncomfortable in a different kind of way.” I reasoned. “And besides.” I ventured, “I’m guessing that’s where you’re taking this anyway.”

“Why, whatever do you mean cousin?” She replied coquettishly as she rolled away from me, stared me right in the eyes and started unbuttoning her pajama top slowly.

I wasted no time and reached down and pulled off my boxers under the covers and tossed them across the room to my bed.

She moaned softly then ran her hand down my ribs, across my side, along my hips and down to my leg. “Let me see!” she purred and started to lift the covers.

I pulled them down tight and said, “Nope, no fair, you too.” And I held her hand down so she couldn’t lift the sheets.

She shrugged out of her top, pulling the covers over her so I couldn’t see. She never looked away but reached down, arched her hips upwards and after a little squirming around, lifted the bottoms out for me to see. As she did so, the covers moved aside for just a second and I caught a glimpse of a small dark nipple upon a smooth milky curve. She pulled the blanket up over her shoulder and lay on her side still staring at me.

Suddenly, as I watched her laying there with only her head above the covers, but knowing that both of us were naked beneath them, she became extraordinarily beautiful and desirable. This was NOT the cousin I remembered. This was an amazingly beautiful girl. Her red hair shone in the dim light, her green eyes sparkled and bore deep into me. The skin on her face was smooth and flawless and the light sprinkling of freckles gave her an alluring playfulness that revealed itself with her slight, impish smile.

I reached my hand over to her shoulder and ran it down to her elbow, then across her hip and down to her leg. Her eyes never left mine. “I want to see.” She said, and this time I let her lift the covers. As she pulled them back, still clutching the sheets to her own chest, she slowly lowered her eyes and looked down to where my hardness was now cantilevered above the mattress and her eyes grew wide as she studied it. “Wow!” she said softly, ”Can I touch it?” I shrugged and she reached over and tentatively wrapped her small hand around it near the base. It twitched at her touch and she gave a little start, but slid her hand up over the top and felt the slick liquid that was oozing from it. I guess I gasped a little from the sensation as she let go with a jerk, “Did I hurt you?” she worried.

“Oh, no, not at all. That is the farthest thing there is from hurt.” I told her.

She reached back over and asked “Is that your, you know, your sperm?” she asked haltingly.

“No.” I told her, “It’s just stuff that comes out when I get, well, you know, turned on.”

“It’s really cool.” She said. “Just like we thought it would be.”

“Thought it would be?” I asked.

“Yeah, me and Sadie talked about it, we thought it would be really cool. We were right, If only she knew.” She said in wonder. “How do I see the sperm?” she asked, looking up at me again.

“Wait, slow down.” I told her. “Is this the first one you’ve ever seen?”

“Yeah, well, not counting Rusty Johnson but he was just a baby. How do I see the sperm?” she asked again.

“You have to rub it to get it to come out.” I told her. “You and Sadie?” I asked.

“Yeah, we talked all about it. She wanted me to find out this summer from you. Like this?” she asked, gently stroking me with her hand.

“Oh, yeah, just like that.” I moaned, the immediate conversation forgotten for the moment as she squeezed a little harder and moved a little faster. As she did so, I tugged at the covers she was clutching against her chest and gently pulled them away. She easily released them and when they were down around her waist, she sat up and pushed them off completely revealing her amazing body to me for the first time.

She had perfect small but firm round breasts, with now very hard pink nipples sitting atop nickel sized areolas. Her waist was narrow and her stomach flat. Not toned and muscular but simply flat and smooth. Her hips were slim but slightly rounded and her legs flowed perfectly below her rear in slender tapered shapes to firm calves and tiny perfect feet.

In the split second it took me to notice all of that, she gently pushed me over on my back and lifted one leg over mine and sat on the bed pushing my legs apart so that she was facing me, one leg over each of my hips. As she did so I noticed a tiny glisten of moisture held at the bottom of a small triangle of dark red hair before she sat down on the sheet where she could concentrate on what she was doing like it was of great interest to her and I was of no consequence in the matter. She stroked me gently, cupped my balls in one hand, felt the tip with her fingers and stroked me some more. She pulled me downward and lifting her hips then ran the tip of me between her legs, spreading her lips with its round wetness and closing her eyes to feel the sensation. She pushed the head down to her opening and let me feel that warm wetness surround it for just a second before rubbing it back up again, across her clitoris then back down repeatedly. After a few minutes of this she suddenly squeezed me tight, clenched up her shoulders and raised her knees to her chest and shuddered hard, two or three times, her legs and cheeks in uncontrolled Spasms. Breathing deeply she moaned, “Oh my gosh David, that was amazing! So much better than Sadie!” When she finally relaxed, she caught her breath for a few moments and continued stroking me without a word. I lay there reveling in the sensations of her tiny hands stroking me and trying to make sense of her comments about Sadie. It was finally too much for me and after just a few more strokes I suddenly arched my hips and let go with a mighty groan as the sperm she wanted to see erupted out over her hands and splashed up on her arms and across her stomach.

She jumped a little at the suddenness of it. “Wow, that was so cool!” she exclaimed wide eyed. “I want to do it again!” and she started stroking me some more, but I had to stop her at that ultra-sensitive moment of pleasure tuned almost to pain.

“Wait! Not yet.” I panted. “I have to kind of, reload first.” But as I said that I realized that I was still rock hard with no indication of receding from that condition any time soon.

“Did it feel good David?” she asked, suddenly shy, looking up at me with her head down.

“Oh, yeah, Jen it felt great. What about you?” I asked her.

“Um, hum.” She hummed. “It was really good. Probably the best one ever.” She said dreamily.

After a few minutes she scooted up on her knees and climbed up on me pressing her lips down on me and began rocking her hips back and forth so that my still hard shaft was pressed up between her lips, using me for friction against her clitoris. She was looking down and watching as the tip alternately appeared and disappeared beneath her. The remnants of my seaman and the surprising amount of wetness flowing from within her provided more than enough lubrication and shortly we were both rocking back and forth, pressing for the most advantage from the other.

It didn’t take long for Jen to come again. She suddenly slammed her knees together with her ankles splayed on either side of me and she began to shake all over. Her face and chest flushed bright red and I saw her freckles darken across her nose as she jerked and twisted above me several times before falling forward and pressing her breasts against my chest, panting hard.

When her breathing returned more or less to normal she sat back up and continued until I succumbed a second time all over my stomach. She kept rocking there, watching intently as each squirt was mercifully released. Then she lay down on her side, hooking one leg over mine, breathing softly and idly twirled her fingers through the liquid coating my stomach.

“Um, tell me about this conversation between you and Sadie?” I said with a question.

“Um hmmm.” She murmured softly, “I will… Later” she sighed and drifted off to sleep, both of us tired and content.

I was awakened just as the night sky was about to lighten into dawn by an odd movement in the bed, just a slight stirring that I couldn’t identify at first. Jen was spooned up in front of me by now and my right hand was wrapped around her lightly cupping her breast. The movement came from her hips. Not a rocking but a kind of pulsing feeling, and as I realized that she had her hand down between her legs I started to harden again.

When she felt the hardness press against her cheeks, she suddenly stopped and listened quietly to see if I was still asleep. After a moment she began again, the ever so slight movement caused by her hand pulling on her body. I was now fully hard and thought ‘What the hell’ and began to gently massage her breast with the hand that was already there. She suddenly went still and stiffened in my arms. “Oh, my gosh David! How long have you been awake?” she worried.

“A few minutes. Long enough to know what you’re doing.” I told her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, you must think I’m horrible, doing that!” She was almost in tears.

You have to realize that the sexual revolution was just in it’s infancy in the late sixties and most of us were still brought up with very puritan values. Of course everyone knew what sex was but you never talked about it. 97% of people surveyed said they never masturbated but 99% of them lied. So here I was, naked in bed with my beautiful cousin after a night of mutual masturbation and I was pretty well stripped of my puritan values.

“Horrible? Why would I think that? I think it’s very sexy.” I told her truthfully.

“Really?” she asked.

“You couldn’t tell?” I said, pushing my hardness tight against her.

She reached behind herself and took it in her hand, “Yeah, I guess so.” she said with a smile in her voice.

I pulled a few inches away and rolled her over, towards me. I stared at her in the lightening room for a few moments and then I leaned down and kissed her passionately, realizing as I did so that after all we had already done, this was actually our first kiss. She parted her lips and we melted into the embrace. I took her hand and pushed it back down between her legs and positioned her fingers directly over her clit and used them to massage it. She immediately took control and began to rub herself vigorously while I brought my hand back up to her breast and gently twirled a nipple between my fingers. She moaned into my mouth as the newness of my participating in this way and the stimulation she had already started before I woke up brought her to another jerking twitching climax.

I lay next to her for a while and when she had recovered a bit I rolled on top of her, caressing her breasts and kissing her deeply. But when I positioned myself between her legs and began to probe for her sweet spot, she pushed me away. “No, not yet. I haven’t finished my list.” She said and reached down grabbing me and stroking me gently.

“Your list?” I asked more confused.

“Of things I have to find out and try. We made a list.” She said simply.

“What? Like a science experiment?”

“Ummm, no, more like an investigation.” She stated.

She pushed me gently and I rolled over onto my back, mouth agape in amazement, and she slowly stroked me again feeling the texture and heat of me. She climbed back up into that sitting position with her legs askew of my hips and cupped my balls and stroked my hardness. At one point she tentatively touched the crystal clear bead of fluid oozing from the tip with her finger and raised it to her lips. “Hmmmm.” Was all she said. Then she bent down and gently licked the moisture off with her tongue. She squeezed me from the base up to bring a few more drops forth and licked those off as well. She got a look on her face of curiosity satisfied, then bent down again and put her lips fully around the head and began to suck on the end like a baby on a pacifier.

“Ouch!” I jumped.

“What?” she looked shocked.

“Teeth.” I said.

“Sorry.” she replied softly as she put her head immediately back down and continued to suck, now keeping her teeth nicely out of the way.

I put my hands on her head and held it as I began to rock my hips up and down a bit. She responded by letting me in a little deeper each time until she couldn’t breathe. She pulled off, took several deep breaths and went back to work.

Being her first time, she didn’t do it very deep, and not as good as Felicia, but it was quite good enough and it only took me a few minutes before I felt that uncontrollable urge. I thought about warning her but the smaller head prevailed and I simply let loose in her mouth. She jumped back in surprise and spit it out into her hands with a disgusted look on her face like ‘What did you just do?’ I had to grab myself to finish off the last couple of strokes but she returned to the business at hand and helped me finish.

All the while she was running her tongue over her lips, half spitting out the remains but half interested in the taste of it. Then she scooped up a bit that was on her chin and pushed it back in her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue thoughtfully.

“Sorry.” She said simply. “It just surprised me is all.”

“I’m sorry.” I replied. “I could have warned you.”

She just giggled and lay down next to me, alternately cupping my balls and sliding her hand up and down my shaft. After a few minutes she rolled over on her back, put her knees up in the air, legs spread and said, “Now you do me. Please?”

I got up on my knees and she grabbed my head and pushed it down between her legs. “Lick me there. Please?”

I slid my arms under her thighs and bent down to taste the musky smell of her, soaked in both of our fluids. I ran my tongue up between her lips and pressed it down to her opening. I twirled it around her clit and repeated the movement several times. She lifted her hips to me and moaned softly as I gathered as much of her as I could into my mouth and started sucking gently. Her fluids were flowing freely and I moved a hand up and pressed two fingers deep inside. She tensed and let out a little muffled squeal, but then relaxed and rocked her hips as I pressed my fingers in and out of her, pushing against my chin while tending to her sensitive spots with my mouth. Just at the point when my jaw was starting to get sore, she tensed, clamped her thighs against my ears, began to shake uncontrollably and expelled an amazing gush of fluid against my hand and all over the sheets. I jumped back in alarm but she held my head firmly with her legs. I wiped the fluid off my hands trying to decide if she had peed on me. But it didn’t smell like urine. It was musky and sweet smelling and slippery, almost like my own pre-fluids.

She relaxed and reading my mind said, “I’m sorry David. It just does that when I have a really good one. I don’t know why. Sometimes really a lot, but it just comes out of me down… there. It’s not… You know, potty.”

Her overt sexual explorations, her continued little girl shyness and the fact that she was slightly embarrassed despite what we had already done was somehow very charming. She got up, retrieved a towel from the bathroom to soak up the mess on the sheets then lay back on her pillow and sighed contentedly.

“Ok, Jen, not that I’m complaining in the least but what the hell is going on here?” I demanded. “This all didn’t just happen. A list? I’m very aware that I’ve been set up so do me a favor and explain it please? Truth now, I’m serious!”

A sly grin spread across her mouth, even though her eyes were still closed. She lay naked on her back, legs straight and together, her hands clasped together across her stomach. Her perfect breasts rose and fell with her gentle breathing and her perfect triangle of deep red hair glistened with beads of the moisture of our exertions. I waited patiently for her answer, and after a moment she took a deep breath, let it out with a sigh and told me the whole story about her and Sadie and their schemes and plans.

“Sadie and I have been.. experimenting with sex for a couple of years now.” She started. “First with making ourselves come, then with each other. Having another person do stuff to you is way better than doing it yourself and we constantly wondered what it must be like to have a boy do things to us.” She shuddered and smiled. “Now I know!” she sighed. “Sadie was right. She is going to love it… Last year after you left we tried to have one of the boys from school do things with us, that Rusty kid I told you about, he was the first one we ever saw but it was still little. He was a big baby and he came as soon as Sadie touched him and ran off practically crying.”

“Wait, you two tried to have sex with one guy? At the same time?” I asked, amazed.

“Well, not at the same time, but we were going to take turns.” She said shyly.

“So then why didn’t you just find somebody older and go ahead and do it?” I asked.

“We did. You.” She said flatly.

“Me? Why me?”

“Because we talked to Jess and she said most of the high school boys were jerks about sex and we wanted somebody we knew who wouldn’t be a jerk. Sadie said you were nice and would never be that way. I don’t know why, but I just knew she was right.” She explained reasonably.

“But now you’re here and she’s still back in Alabama. I don’t get how this is working out exactly.”

“It was all Sadie’s plan.” She explained. “After Rusty ran away like a baby she said I should come out here and get you to do it with me, and tell her all about it when I get home and if it was really good, she’ll do it with you next summer when you come out.”

“Pretty presumptuous of her.” I said. But just the idea that somebody was planning to have sex with me in the distant future went straight to my loins and I was instantly as hard as I could be.

“Oh, I don’t know, when you see her next year, I don’t think you’ll have any problems with it. She’s gorgeous now David, not like me.” She said casting her eyes down shamefully.

“Not like you? What are you talking about? You were a little… well you were a little girl still last year but, damn, Jen you’re just amazing now! Don’t ever think you aren’t completely beautiful.”

“No, she’s a head taller than me, her hair is perfectly shiny black and long and she has bigger tits then me.” She complained.

“Jen, you don’t need to be tall, and I love your red hair, I’ve never seen green eyes as deep and beautiful as yours and believe me…” I said reaching over and cupping a breast in one hand, “These are perfect!” and I squeezed it gently. “So what’s this list?” I asked.

“Well, not really a list, like written down or anything but we tried stuff with each other and whenever we did we wondered what if would be like to do it with a boy.” She explained. “So, Sadie said I had to find out what it was like to kiss a boy, have him touch my breasts, have him touch me down there, and lick me there, See his thing and touch it, see his sperm, kiss him and lick him there and taste his sperm. I got the kissing part out of order but that’s ok, it was really nice.”

“Cant’ argue with that.” I said, “How about all that other stuff? Was that nice too?”

“Oh David, you can’t imagine how nice it was. Sadie and I have been making ourselves and each other come for a couple of years now but NOTHING like EVERY time I came with you.” She practically gushed.

“Well, for what it’s worth, you’re a wild girl in bed. I don’t remember ever being so amazed, confused, surprised and satisfied EVER before last night.” I assured her.

She looked down and giggled. “You’re sweet David. I knew we made the right choice. There’s only one more thing we need to do.” and she rolled over on top of me and began to rock her hips again, rubbing her clit on my shaft. She bent down, pressing her breasts to my chest and kissed me, with soft parted lips and exploring tongue. She rocked her hips a little, reached between her legs and lifted me to her entrance. I felt her soft warm, moist lips envelope my head as her hips pressed downward.

“Jen!” I said, “This is the first time you’ve done this?”

“Um hum… with a boy.” She said, slowly taking the length of me as deep as she could.

“What about… aren’t you a virgin?” I worried

“Well, not now, am I?” She said squeezing me with her thighs, “But we took care of that with the candle.” She sighed and held there for a few moments kissing me, holding me, feeling me inside her.

“The candle?” I asked. It seemed like every time she told me something new it was a shock. But instead of answering she started rocking back and forth. She sat up and began to bounce up and down with her hands flat on my chest, head back, eyes closed, mouth open panting little “hu, hu, hu,” sounds. She rotated her hips, ground her pubic bone into mine, lifted, bounced and squeezed with her inner muscles. She became almost wild, clenching her breasts, rubbing her clit with a finger, spreading her cheeks with both hands, faster and faster. Her chest reddened, her cheeks flushed and she put her hands aside her head, pulling at her hair and groaned deep and loud as she pressed her knees into my side, held her breath for what seemed an eternity, clenched every muscle in her body then let it all out with a long moan, collapsing on my chest, breathing heavily. I could feel her heart pounding on my chest as she gasped for air and I could feel the ripple of her muscles along my shaft, twitching and squeezing erratically.

“Oh, god, David, that was the best I’ve ever had. Ever! Jess was so right. There’s nothing like a real penis. Wait ‘till I tell Sadie. I never want to see that old candle again. From now on all I want is you inside me.” She panted.

Well, I was ok with that for now. Felicia wasn’t as wild as my not quite fifteen year old little cousin. I started rotating my hips at the possibilities of the rest of summer. She clenched and pressed against me with the new activity on her still stimulated body but relaxed and rolled over, pulling me on top of her. I moved up closer to her and pressed deep inside and she wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed at my bottom with her heels.

I stroked her slowly and softly, pressing my pubic bone against hers and kissing her deeply as I massaged one perfect breast and twirled the nipple between my fingertips. She moaned into my mouth and met every thrust, every kiss in turn. We made love there in the lightening morning and when I was about to pull out she pressed me into her and whispered “I’m on the pill. Do it inside me.” and that was all it took. I released again and again inside her and we kissed deeper and harder, yet softer and gentler than I could remember ever having kissed anyone before.

We lay wrapped together, with me still inside her and fell softly asleep for an hour or so. We awoke together looking into each other’s eyes, those amazing emerald green eyes, smiled and kissed again. I started to press into her again but she pushed away and gently said, “We have plenty of time for that and lot’s more things to try. Let’s take a shower and get dressed before Aunt Joyce comes knocking on the door.”

I could only smile at the possibilities so we got up and climbed in the shower together. We soaped each other thoroughly from head to foot, not missing a crack or a crevice. I shampooed her hair and I lifted her into my arms and kissed her, wet soft bodes pressed together in the warm water.

We dried each other and dressed and headed into the house for breakfast. Everyone else was at the table already and we came in and took seats opposite each other. Mom gave us a funny “Where have you been?” look but seemed to shake it off and served up a huge breakfast of French toast, eggs, bacon and fruit. Just what we needed after our rather athletic night.

Needless to say, Jen spent the rest of her nights naked in my bed, although we used the sofa bed now and then just so mom didn’t get suspicious but Jen was voracious in her sexual appetite and was soon swallowing all I could give her, taking as much and as often as I could give in her mouth and between her legs and begged continually for my oral ministrations on her.

Once in a while we snuck out to the pool at three in the morning and quietly skinny dipped and made love in the water under the moonlight. One night I thought I saw a shadow in the living room window but it didn’t move so I concentrated on Jen’s orgasm. When I looked back up it was gone and I guessed it must have been a reflection from a cloud or something, but in the morning, my sister Susan kept glancing up over her breakfast at me and Jen but said nothing out of the ordinary.

The following weekend we took a family trip to the beach. Mom suggested that I invite Felicia so we packed up the station wagon, picked up Felicia and headed down to Newport Beach.

When we arrived we spread our blankets, towels, and gear in a likely spot and Jules, Sally and Martin immediately started a game of tag or at least chasing each other around the beach. I spread my towel next to Felicia’s and we lay down together for some sun. It was quite awkward for me, with Jen sitting on the blanket with my mom and dad, glancing over at me now and then, but I had to keep up appearances with Felicia and especially with Mom and Dad. I had never been close with Jen before, mostly because of our ages, but things had definitely changed and it was difficult keeping up the appearance that we were still just cousins putting up with inconvenience while she visited.

It was getting a little hot so I decided to get in the water. I grabbed my fins and boogie board and said “Who wants to go out and catch a few?”

Felicia looked up at me and said, “Later maybe.”

“I will!” Jen offered yelled and jumped to her feet.

“Let’s go!” I waved and we ran down to the surf.

Jen was right behind me with Marty’s board, hopping on one foot trying to get one of his flippers on. She lost her balance and fell on her rear, splashing into an incoming wave and screamed a little girl scream. “Oh my gosh that’s cold!” she cried.

“It’s not the Gulf!” I called back, “Come on, you’ll get used to it!” and I plunged into an oncoming wave, breaking the surface on the other side.

Jen got her fins on and was walking backwards into the surf, giving a little scream as each wave hit her from behind and splashed up over her body. When she was finally in deep enough water she turned and kicked like a champ towards me about a hundred yards out by now. After a couple of waves pushed her back towards shore, she quickly learned from my example and began to plunge under them, kicking hard until she popped up like a cork on the other side. It didn’t take long for her to get out to where I was, laughing and breathing heavily from the exertion. “Now what? She said with a huge smile.

“Now we wait for a good wave and ride it back in.” I said.

“What? After all that work?” she said teasing, wide eyed.

“That’s the whole point!” I said just as a big roller formed up behind us, “Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick!” I yelled and took off down the face, cutting left as it broke behind me. I looked back and saw Jen kicking halfheartedly as the wave rolled under her and she slid down the back side out of site. I rolled left, ducking under the wave and kicked back out to where she was floating, watching for another.

“I think I missed it.” She said flatly.

“Yea, don’t worry there’ll be another one soon. You have to start kicking before it actually gets to you, then kick hard as it lifts you up and you’ll slide down the face neat as a ski boat.” I said. “Here comes another one, get ready”

A big swell was coming up behind us and I said, “Now, straight in!” and this time she kicked hard, teeth set with her tongue just peeking out between her lips in concentration. We kicked together and both caught it at the same time. The wave lifted us, our boards pointed down the slope, she kept kicking hard and we shot down the face, side by side. We got a good clean ride for fifty or sixty yards until the wave broke over our heads tumbling us round and round like a giant washing machine.

We broke the surface ten or twelve yards apart and Jen was beaming. “Again!” she cried and started swimming hard back out to sea. On the next wave I taught her how to lean to the left or right and steer diagonally across the wave to increase the length of the ride. There was a south swell today so the waves broke from right to left and banking left gave us the longest ride almost all the way from the 48th street to the 51st street breakwater.

She learned fast and was soon racing me to catch the next wave and the next. After a good hour of this, we were getting pretty worn out but neither of us wanted to stop. I paddled out further this time, beyond where the waves peaked to their best form and she followed. “What are we doing?” she asked when she caught up to me.

“Resting” I said. “Don’t want to go in yet, but I need a rest.” I slid off my board and floated there with my arms over it, my head resting on the edge. Jen slid off her board as well but hooked her arms over mine so we were face to face.

“Could get a little boring out here.” She said with a sly grin.

I took her meaning, reached under the board and grasping one breast I said, “Not necessarily.”

She smiled back, reached under the board and cupped my balls through my trunks, “Exactly what I had in mind.” She said with a huge grin. She ducked under the water, untied my trunks, pulled them down to my knees and quickly wrapped her lips around me, giving me three or four good sucks that had me instantly hard before bobbing up next to me to catch her breath. She reached down and pulled off her fins and flopped them up on top of her boogie board. She sank down again and wrapped her lips around me, holding on with one hand, as she bobbed her head back and forth. She pulled her suit bottoms off with the other, then resurfaced. She threaded the boogie board leash through the fins and her suit bottom then wrapped her legs around my waist, guiding me into her with the other hand.

She lifted her suit top up around her neck exposing her perfect breasts and pressed them against my chest. Her nipples were fully erect and hard, both from the cold and her current state of arousal. She let go of her board and put both hands around my neck and began to move up and down on me, going a little further down each time. It took a few strokes because the salt water tends to negate any natural lubrication but she finally had the whole length of me inside and was making short little up and down motions while squeezing internally with her muscles. I threw one arm over each boogie board to stay afloat and leaned back letting her do all the work.

It was too much for me, out here in the ocean on a public beach where any other swimmer could come near. Felicia and my parents within eyesight, hopefully far enough away that they couldn’t see what was actually going on. This beautiful cousin clinging to me with both arms and rubbing her entire body against me as she squeezed and massaged my hardness with in her softness, very warm compared to the cold Pacific water.

I clenched up and released inside her several times, very hard. She moaned at the feel of it and started rubbing harder. She let go of my neck and slid one hand down between us and started rubbing her clit while still trying to squeeze more out of me. Finally, she came hard, squeezing me between her thighs, clenched her teeth and letting out a little moan between them as she spasmed in the Water.

“What are you guys doing?” came a cheerful voice from behind.

Jen’s eyes went wide and she sunk down into the water, adjusting her suit top back in place and trying to slide the fins and her bottoms off of the leash, getting tangled in the Velcro wrist strap. I turned to see Susan, paddling towards us, not ten feet away, an evil smile on her face. “Looks like you’re having fun boogie boarding.” She emphasized the words boogie boarding.

“We were just…” I started

“Getting warm.” Jen finished. “This water is so much colder than the Gulf.” She said lamely.

“Yeah, it looked like you were getting warm.” Susan said heavily sarcastic. “I’ll bet you’re just toasty now huh?”

“Susan, listen…” I started again.

“No, I know what’s going on between you two. I’ve suspected for a while. You guys never paid attention to each other before, but suddenly you’re all buddy-buddy? I don’t think so. Then when I got up to get a drink in the middle of the night, and saw you in the pool together I knew I was right. And I saw what you were doing just now, so you’re busted and you can’t deny it.” She stated flatly. Then, looking at Jen added “Took you long enough.”

“Susan, listen… What does that mean?” I stammered, confused.

“No, you listen. I won’t tell anyone, but you need to act a little more like cousins who are being forced to play nice. If I can tell something’s up, so can Mom and Dad, not to mention Felicia. Her I won’t tell especially. But there’s one condition.” She said.

“What condition?” I asked.

“I’m going to tell Mom it’s too crowded in my twin bed with Sally and I want to sleep on the sofa bed with Jen in your room because it’s bigger and Jen’s more my same age.” She announced.

“Wha…” I started.

“I’m spending the night in your room until Jen goes back home. It’s for your own protection. Mom will never suspect that anything is going on with your sister in the room, and I’m going to watch you too do whatever it is you do in there at night.” She stated it as if it was completely settled, which for all intents and purposes it was. She hadn’t actually said she would tell if we didn’t agree but it was certainly well enough implied.

“That will be so cool!” Jen said to my surprise. “We’re going to have so much fun!” and to my greater surprise she leaned over and kissed Susan on the mouth. To my now complete surprise I saw Susan return the kiss as both of their tongues explored each other as if they had done this many times before. Somehow I realized they had.

At this point, some layer of ice I had been unaware of was broken and Jen casually pulled her suit bottom off the boogie board leash and pulled it back on without a word as Susan watched. She put her fins back on, climbed back on her board and said, “Come on! Let’s catch some more waves!” and paddled towards shore.

I looked at Susan who was smiling gleefully now and we both started kicking for shore but Susan got ahead of me when I stopped to pull up my trunks.

We spent the rest of the day lying in the sun, going in and out of the water, eating a huge picnic lunch of home fried chicken and potato salad mom had fixed the night before, washed down with a large jug of Southern style sweet tea, and finished the day tired, sunburned and happy.

That evening at dinner Susan complained about sleeping with Sally. “She kicks and hogs the covers and I can’t get any sleep!”

“Do not!” countered Sally.

“Do too!” mocked Susan.

“Mom!” Sally wined.

“Ok girls, enough!” mom commanded. “Jen, would you mind?”

“Oh, no problem Aunt Joyce, there’s plenty of room on the sofa bed, and David doesn’t snore too loud.” She said mocking me.

I just rolled my eyes. “Fine with me” I said as if it would be an imposition, which I thought it would.

“Fine with me too!” mocked Sally and stuck out her tongue.

At bed time, Susan went to her room, stuffed a few things into a small bag and took it out to my room. When Jen and I walked in she was sitting cross legged on the sofa bed in a little cotton baby doll nightie covered in tiny pink rose buds with matching panties, looking like she was ready for a girly sleepover.

“Hi big brother! Hi Cuz!” She smiled up at us.

I rolled my eyes, “Hello Sis.”

Chapter 3 – Little Sister
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