A Tale of Coercion and Incest
This is a true story.  Details and names have been changed to preserve anonymity.

My name's Jason.  I'll give you that one; my username kind of gives away who I am to one degree or another.  Besides, there are a lot of Jason's.  I am related to about a dozen of them.
We'll call my step-sister Rebecca, or Becka for short.  She's a cute brown haired, blue eyed thing, just a little over five foot.  Narrow all the way down, but a cute rounded ass and perky B cup tits with nipples that I argue could cut glass.  The only downside to her is that she has the attitude of a lion with a bur in its paws.  Not that it matters, I suppose.
First time I saw her, I knew I was going to fuck her.  That was plainly obvious to me.  See, I'm a fairly attractive guy, though I'm not very tall, but I am built kind of like a wall.  Barrel chest, a few layers of muscle, and I know what I am doing with my body. I should also note that I excel at reading people, making me very effective with mind games, as you will soon see.
So when I set my mind to something, it is done.  And I was set on making blissful rapture all that hot piece of ass could think of.
Anyways, first day I met her was the first day in about two years I had even spoke to my father, let alone seen him.  That's a completely irrelevant story, but it set's the tone.
We went fishing, we being my uncle, my three cousins, my father, Becka, and myself.  We went down to this isolated fishing hole where I spent most of the day sitting next to my dad and catching up on old times, ocassionally glancing at Rebecca to admire one part of her or another.
I had decided I wanted her, but as for actually claiming my prize, I knew I needed to prepare.  I couldn't come at her as I otherwise would with a girl I see and take a liking to, typically because I don't go straight for sex alone.  Becka had to be carefully planned. I wanted check mate in three moves, not a long drawn out game where I could fail.
So I let that day pass without saying a word to her.
Step One: Ignore her.  Make her feel inadequate and then she will come to you.  White moves King Pawn to E4.
A couple weeks later, I got to continue the plan.  Step Two isn't an action or inaction on my part, but rather a 'wait and see' phase.  I need to see if she is going to play with me.  This will dictate my next move.
The plan that time, with the same group of people plus my aunt and step-mother, was to go swimming.  Fucking perfect.  I get to see her curves without fear of being spotted out for staring at jeans.
I showed up with my aunt and uncle, meeting my father and his troop at the swimming hole.  Another isolated place.  My family has this thing for backroads that I will never understand, but share nonetheless.
Becka comes out of their jeep in a bikini, a smile on her lips and her eyes locked to mine.
Step Two: Make them come to you.  Black moves Bishop Pawn to F5.
Most (MOST) girls have this thing about being ignored.  They fucking hate it.  So, they'll come to you.  The trick is to show a little interest, but spread it out.  Let them know they have your attention, but not undivided.  White Captures F5.
If they can't keep your eyes on them, they will move close, they will glue themselves to your hip with no regard to how it may look to others. Black moves Knight Pawn to G5.
As the day dwindled down, I was offered to spend the night at my dad's place. I know who was responsible for it. Remember what I just said; they will stick to you no matter how it looks.
I accepted. Step Three: When the time is right, make them wholly and completely the center of attention White Queen Captures G5.
She doesn't realize it yet, but that's checkmate.
I grabbed a change of clothes and went out to his place, victory assured.
Dinner was a quiet affair; my father and step-mother ate in their room (as is their norm) and I ate in the living room with Becka. It was a slow, deliberate, build up. I wanted to hedge her in completely, so I bided my time.
She eventually retreated to her room, leaving the door wide open, as she listened to music. Considering we had just been discussing music and the fact that, as little as I knew her, I knew she didn't leave her door open, I took the invitation.
She said nothing as I lay next to her on her bed, a pair of short-shorts and a tee covering her now dry bikini. I tested her, a light touch her, a lingering one there, gauging each reaction.
Ohhhh.... She was ready.
We started playing a bit, tickling and poking like a couple kids. I snuck in two things I knew she noticed, but didn't do anything about. I untied the exposed strings of her bottoms.
She left them as they were, focusing on her mp3 player, but her breath was deeper, slower, and her eyes were glazed. She was thinking, and whatever she was thinking, it was making her horny.
I laid a hand half on her stomach, feeling her shift her hips slightly. Like fucking putty in my hands.
My fingers drifted slowly, pausing over her waist band. I waited only for her sharp intake of breath to be released before I continued.
Slowly over her shorts until my fingers were right above where I knew her sex to be. And just a gentle push was all that was needed for her soft moan to ring out.
I teased her like that for a minute or so, feeling her grind against my fingers very slightly before I stopped. I could tell she was curious why, her curiousity spiked as I sat up and even more as I pinched her swim suit bottoms and yanked them clean off.
"Oh, you shave, huh?" I asked in false surprise. I already knew that; any guy knows as soon as he gets as little as a touch over jeans.
She blushed, closing her legs as she replied in surprise "You saw that?"
I simply smiled and laid back down by her, enjoying the glimpse I had been given. I would be taking more soon.
She only needed a moment for her hormones to get the better of her again, her knees lowering and her legs parting slightly.
I moved my hand back over her slick, warm cunt, massaging it over her shorts again. I hooked a finger under her shorts, moving my attentions to the bare slit underneath.
Oh, she went nuts. Her thighs clamped on my probing hand, her pussy squeezed my finger as it slid into the silk smooth mound, her breathing came in pants and the little slut couldn't stop humping my hand.
I made her orgasm against my hand before I stopped, walking out of her room without a word. I wanted her to come to me now. I had a back-up plan, but it wasn't necessary. It wasn't long after the parents said goodnight that she came to me in the living room, sitting on the couch next to me.
I hesitated only long enough to make her squirm before I got to work on her.
Two fingers found her still soaked sex waiting to be penetrated, my lips found hers and I felt her moan against my lips as I finger fucked her properly, laying her on the couch as my cock went rock hard almost immediately.
A grasping hand found the firm bulge through my pajama bottoms, squeezing and stroking at the sensitive head as she bit back a squeal. She quickly exposed it to the air, grasping it properly as I brought her to orgasm again.
She slid of her shorts without pause, pulling me by my dick to her warm wet hole. I didn't need to be told twice.
As I slowly slid into her, slowly because she was tight as hell, I realized that I wasn't going to last long. I was built up over the day and with as tight as she was.... I didn't stand a chance.
Luckily for me, I am one of those guys that can recover almost immediately and then not cum again all night. So I wasn't too concerned about playing the stamina game right off the bat. I just wanted to cover her in my seed.
She wrapped her legs tight around my hips, rocking her hips lightly to urge me inside of her, her pulsing pussy walls in time with her moans.
As soon as all eight thick inches were coated in her juices, I went to work, easing my shaft in and out of her to get her used to it. Her delighted moans drove me on, pushing me to pound her tight hole.
I felt myself hit my peak, building and building until I quickly pulled out of that tight snatch, blowing my loading on her shirt without even a stroke needed.
It was really close to being too late, I'm just saying....
She giggled lightly, pulling off her stained shirt to expose her bare tits. She had gotten rid of the bikini top before coming out to me.
I smiled back at her before licking at her perky tits, her hard nipples earning a few nibbles while I massaged out the sperm still in my shaft, urging myself back to full hardness.
I worked my pants off as she pulled off my shirt, my hard cock slapping against her stomach as I leaned forward for her to do so.
Her small fingers wrapped around my stiffness again, massaging it for me while I simply watched in approval. She slid the thick head against her swollen bud, rubbing her clit with it like it was a dildo before teasing at her wet folds with it. She wanted it, but she was having too much fun enjoying every sensation.
So I obliged. I went at her neck with my lips and tongue and teeth, earning delighted gasps and moans and sighs while one hand went to massage at her tits, rolling her nipples one at a time between thumb and forefinger.
She didn't hold out long before wrapping her legs around me again, pulling in to make my cock slide into her hole. Again, I was only too happy to let her have her way.
My cock sunk into her quickly, burrying itself all the way to my pubes and sack. She gasped and moaned, biting her lip as her back arched while I went about fucking her again.
She rocked against me hard, bringing herself to orgasm against my stiff rod with a muffled scream. She squeezed so tight against me that I was sure if she hadn't also been holding me in, I would have been forced out.
We went at it for awhile longer before she had to call it, her tight pussy sore from my rough pounding. Size might have had something to do with it; like I said, she was SUPER fucking tight.
She's not anymore. I've seen to that. Every opportunity I have, I'll sneak into her room and play with her pussy until she wakes up soaked and horny. It's a fun game really. She's learned a lot from us playing together. But hey, what are big brothers for?

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