I get my friend drunk so I can have my way with her.
So, I've had this thing for my friend Sadie for about a year. I'm not normally into girls, but there's something about her I can't resist. If I had the chance, I would not hesitate to make her scream my name.
My pussy get's a lot of attention from my own probbing fingers, my mind racing with thoughts of her in the showers at the gym, her tight ass in those skinny jeans she loves so much, even the shape of her lips as she eats ice cream. Nothing she does is free from my scrutiny, all things are subject to my twisted imagination.
I want her.

I had this fantastic idea the other night, during one of my self abuse sessions which ended with me washing a particularly soaked set of sheets, to invite her over, get her drunk, and insist she spend the night instead of driving home. Fucked up, I know, but I couldn't keep on trying to satisfy myself with just thoughts of what could be. Trust me, if you saw that bombshell blonde, you would reach for a fucking bottle of chloroform; don't judge me.
It all went easily enough. Sadie came over in a tight tank top and a mini skirt; she has this thing about showing off everything all the time that makes me walk around with soaked panties any time I am near her. I had decided on a tee and shorts, easy enough to take off later.
She brought the movies, I busted out the ice cream and booze, and the slow climb up Mount Inebriation commenced. I am talking HOURS, this bitch could hold her liquor better than anyone I know. But I had planned for that and stocked myself well. $100 dollars at the liquor store was a small price to pay for a taste of her pussy.
Eventually, finally, she tried to stand to make for the bathroom. Sadie almost fell onto the coffee table, only barely catching herself.
I told her she didn't look too steady, urged that she should crash with me. She denied it, she argued about it, but eventually gave in. Provided I never tell anyone how shit faced she was.
I led her to my room, the both of us giggling the whole way, where we collapsed on my bed in a heap, still giggling about some stupid shit I can't remember. Not important. What is important is what came next.
She turned to me, her face flushed from the booze, dead serious and said, "I have this huge crush on you." My heart leapt straight into my throat. No fucking way. I didn't realise I had spoken aloud until I saw her nod and continue.
"I've been super jealous actually. All I hear about on campus is how sexy you are and how bad everyone wants you. I've kinda wanted a piece of you, since everyone else is getting some." I didn't know if I should have been excited or pissed off. On one hand, here she is with the opening I had been strugling to create, just casually tossed out there in a state of total inebriation, on the other, is this bitch calling me a slut?!
She didn't give me a chance to decide. Sadie rolled on top of me, pressing her lips to mine with a ferocity, with a passion, I had not expected. Her lips parted mine as she moved a hand along my waist, pushing at my shirt.
I moaned softly against her, my already soaked panties leaking at that point. One hand found itself on the back of her head as I pressed my tongue into her mouth, rolling it against hers, as the other hand cupped her tight round ass, squeezing it playfully, earning me a delighted squeak from her.
She broke the kiss and sat up, pulling her tank top off and revealing the beautiful tits I fondled myself thinking about, before pulling at my tee to undress me. I was only too happy to oblige.
She lowered herself to my chest, lapping at one erect nipple and pinching and playing with the other while she started to undo my shorts.
I was shuddering with excitement, moaning in anticipation, and I was a single touch away from orgasming. I didn't have to wait long for that touch.
Her fingers quickly found my wet slit, and one touch against my clit sent me over the edge. I moaned loudly in pleasure, my back arching as I orgasmed heavily, my fists bunching in the sheets and ripping the corners right off the bed.
Sadie giggled against my chest, easing off of me to slide my shorts off as I recovered. "Someone's excited," she teased me. I looked down to see her teasing herself under her skirt, slowly moving down to my still pulsing pussy to lick at my wetness.
I cooed happily as her tongue pressed against my sensitive mound, one hand wrapping itself into her golden hair, the other rubbing vigorously at me clit as her tongue darted in and out of my opening.
I barely heard her tell me how it tasted, but I expect it was good because she kept going until I orgasmed again, my juices flowing onto her tongue and down her throat.
Her skirt was off, her shaved mound exposed as her fingers teased at it, stradling me and slowly lowering that beautiful pink pussy onto my lips. I grabbed her ass and pulled her against me, flicking my tongue to her clit rapidly before I buried my tongue into that honey sweet mound. She moaned and cooed and eventually screamed as she orgasmed, nearly drowning me in the flow.
But even as she came, I kept going, making her ride one orgasm into the next, over and over, until she finally squirted, soaking me, and screaming my name.
Ahhh, that felt good. You know you're doing something right when the squeak as they scream your name.

It's breakfast time now. She's hungover, barely remembers anything from last night, but I intend to keep her to myself. Trust me, if you had tasted that snatch, you would be planning the wedding yourself; don't judge me.

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2013-02-28 02:04:21
Oh my fucking god, you freakin racists!! X(


2013-02-11 16:49:22
Your stories need more length and depth. (What I just said is probably bullshit because some of us break our own personal moral codes by posting all this filth online, yet we get touchy when others don't obey little rules such as required story length, but there it is: More length and depth needed. You have what it takes to increase the scope and effect of your stories.) Although I'm not currently into the lesbian theme, I realize this particular story is sizzling hot XXX literature, regardless of theme and present mood. Keep thinking, keep writing.

P.S. My stories don't have much length and depth either, but I do try to meet the minimum requirements and work out an acceptable standard for myself from there.

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2013-02-11 05:13:54
didnt like it. It could of been better


2013-02-11 02:30:43
I liked it :) Give us more JasonMarak! :)


2013-02-10 19:48:02
I do not appreciate this racist intolerant shit hanging out at the bottom of my story. I have reported this for removal.

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