I grinned and hugged her as her cummy pussy squeezed my cock. I turned and summoned any dead wood near us. I was surprised when the wild magic seemed to reinforce the spell and my range tripled. Brandy sighed and shuddered as her tight pussy rippled and milked my cock. I held her and started moving her back and forth.

She howled as she squirted and began convulsing. I didn’t try to hold back and my cock pushed into her deeper as I pulled her close. My balls churned and my cock erupted in a gushing fountain through her cervix. Brandy screamed and jerked as warm cum flooded her womb and clutched me while her pussy tightened around my cock.

I shuddered and grunted with each spurt I pumped into her and then relaxed as she sagged against me. She sighed, “Did the magic come?”

I looked at her when she leaned back to look into my face. I grinned, “Not yet, want to keep trying?”

She grinned and kissed me before lifting up. She sat beside me and glanced at all the trees and stumps floating along beside us, “What are you going to do with all the wood?”

I looked and started the spell to merge the wood. I shook my head when the wild magic surged through me like a small storm. I swayed and shuddered before looking at the small horse sized dragon walking beside the wagon. I sighed and smiled, “What is your name?”

It sent a puff of smoke into the air, “George.”

Brandy giggled, “Hi George.”

I looked at Brandy and pulled her back onto my lap before looking at the rest of the trees and stumps. I murmured the spell to merge them and they slipped together into one large block. I sighed and hugged her before looking at George, “Can you fly?”

He crouched and leaped as his huge wings reached out and swept down. A moment later he was above us and going higher. I grinned and looked at Grif as he looked back, “That was neat.”

He shook his wings and I grinned, “wait until I make horses.”

I looked at Brandy and hugged her, “What color do you like?”

She smiled, “Blue.”

I gestured and began the spells that separated some of the wood. A large horse with a long spiraling horn in its forehead took shape and the color shifted until it was light blue. I began the other spells and they went perfectly. I set the horse down and hugged Brandy as she clapped. By the time we reached the next village I had eight new horses, each one a different color.

I stopped before the village so Edward could harness the horses. I let the four leopards leap to the seat and moved the cloth canopy so they could climb onto the wagon roof. I put the meat away before letting Grif leap to the air and fly. When we rode through the village everyone stared as my friends walked before or behind me.

I grinned, “Max and Leo didn’t like pulling the wagon anyway.”

Brandy grinned and waved as men and women stared. The small boy that ran out in front of the horses was caught by Henry and lifted into the air in his trunk. I shook my head as he turned and walked to a woman that had screamed a name. He held the boy out and she snatched him away.

I shook my head as she started shaking him and Henry fell in beside us. After we rode out Brandy giggled and leaned against me, “That made me horny.”

I looked at her and opened my robe and she grinned as she turned and sat on my lap. She wiggled to slid my cock into her and then shuddered. She leaned against me and spread her legs as I began to absently finger her. I glanced at the wood that was still floating behind the wagon and held Brandy as I began another spell.

When we turned in beside the river I had three rainbow hued Fishing Eagles. Brandy was satisfied and sat in my lap. My friends spread out to look around and both Grif and George landed. I hugged Brandy before climbing down and turning to help her. I held her hand as I gestured and brought river rock out and began making a small fire platform.

After it started burning I sighed and turned to bring the meat out. Brandy shook her head and pushed me away, “where is your pans and...”

I turned but before I could summon anything Edward stopped behind the wagon and pushed a stone that pushed a long drawer out on one side of the back. Brandy grinned and walked to the drawer, “Thank you Edward.”

I started to make a seat and stopped to reach for Brandy’s hand. Again the spell worked as it should and I sat. I pulled a thin journal from my robe and began to write as Brandy hummed while she started cooking. She sat in my lap a moment later, “We need bread and fruit or vegetables.”

I looked around before murmuring a couple of spells that brought grain and crushed it. It wasn’t long before I had flour as I began changing green grass into corn. When I stopped I handed Brandy a warm loaf of bread and several ears of corn. Dinner was done before I finished writing and I stopped with a sigh.

After dinner I absently tried to clean up and jerked as the wild magic surged and another colorful crystal bird flew towards the wagon. I sighed as Brandy giggled and sat in my lap. I hugged her and glanced at the tall man that suddenly appeared. I held her as he absently created another chair and sat, “So...”

I smiled, “Brandy this is my father.”

She smiled, “Hi.”

He nodded but kept looking at me, “tell me.”

I looked at Brandy, “When I hold her or even just her hand the spells seem to work without the wild magic changing them.”

He nodded, “Show me.”

I turned and gestured as I summoned crystal. Like before the spell seemed to reach further before bringing the crystal to me. Father sat up, “That is interesting.”

I grinned, “I thought so.”

I merged the crystal and split it into small cubes. I quartered one of the cubes and made it into an oval before beginning long difficult spells that flowed through me smoothly. When I finished the sapphire egg glowed before I slipped it into a pocket, “See.”

Dad smiled and stood, “perhaps she is your catalyst.”

I glanced at Brandy as she looked into my face and whispered, “What’s a catalyst?”

Dad chuckled, “I’ll let Tara know you have your own concubine.”

Brandy looked at him and grinned, “I asked him.”

He looked at her before smiling and stepping into nothing. She looked at where he had been, “Is he always like that?”

I laughed, “That my lovely concubine, was one of the most powerful arch mages in the world.”

She looked at where my father had disappeared again and then stood and pulled me up, “Can we sleep outside tonight?”

I shook my head as I glanced at the sky. I held her hand and lifted the ground up beside the fire. I summoned grass and spun it into a thick mattress. Next was spider webs I spun into sheets. I thought a moment before gesturing and creating a ward shield. I pushed Brandy towards the bed and let my robe slip off.

I laid beside her and began to caress her body as she sighed and shivered. When she began to shake and shudder, I moved between her legs and pushed into her. She put her arms and legs around me as her cummy pussy spasmed and began grasping and milking my cock. I kissed her softly as I began to fuck her.

I buried my cock and humped, pressed and jabbed. Brandy started wailing and convulsing as her pussy grasped and continued to milk my cock. I buried my cock and pushed as I started spurting and spewed cum. She jerked with each warm spurt of cum as it was pumped into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and hugged me as she dropped to the bed.

I pulled out of her and laid beside her and caressed her pelvis. She smiled and turned to rub my chest before putting her head on my shoulder. I don’t know when the dream started but there was the roaring storm of wild magic. The ward shield around me glowed and a man with tendrils was stuck to it.

I snapped awake to Leo’s heavy paw shaking me. I glanced at him and then around the camp. I moved off the bed and followed his gaze to the darkness beyond my shield. My robe wrapped around me as I walked towards the shield. As I got close a mage appeared as he whispered a spell and the wild magic roared through me.

From the darkness behind him appeared a dozen men that screamed as they exploding in a towering pillar of blue fire. The shield flared and glowed like the sun. The mage screamed as red glowing tendrils appeared going from him to the shield. He twisted away and a hundred fiery arms reached out of the ground and slammed him down before ripping him apart.

The remains of the mage burst into flames as a blue jar appeared and his ashes began to swirl and flow into it. I glanced around to see my friends before shrugging, “Sorry.”

Max bumped my shoulder, “maybe next time we will get to eat someone.”

I smiled and reached up to pat his shoulder before walking towards the fire platform. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had company. I glanced to the side when Trinity and two other mages I didn’t know appeared outside my shield. Trinity gestured but the shield barely shivered. He frowned and murmured a spell as I sat and the shield rippled but remained.

The two other mages started to gesture and I sighed and gestured. The shield opened and Trinity and the other two walked in. I shook my head, “You know better than to let a strange mage touch one of my spells.”

Trinity looked at me hard and I realized he looked tired and disheveled. He gestured and sat in the chair that appeared, “Your magic is getting stronger Amerlyn.”

I nodded, “It was bad this time.”

I glanced toward the shield as the blue jar floated towards me. I gestured and Trinity pulled it to himself, “another mage?”

I nodded, “This time I had a vison before.”

He sat up as the other two stirred, “tell me.”

I told him about my dream and what had happened after I woke up. He stood when I finished, “I’m tempted to send you back to your father.”

I sat back, “I passed every test you gave me... several times. I am a mage and have rights. I have done nothing wrong.”

He sighed, “We have been through this...”

I stood, “let me make myself clear Trinity. I am a mage and will do as I see fit until or unless the wild magic crosses the line into darkness.”

He continued to look at me as the other two mages shifted. He finally smiled, “very well, send me a weekly report please.”

I nodded and he turned to the other two and they vanished. I glanced at the bed and smiled when I saw Brandy’s sleepy face. I slipped into bed beside her and pulled her against me before slowly relaxing as the wild magic seemed to flow away. I woke as the sun began to come up and smiled as I kissed Brandy.

She opened her eyes and smiled, “Good morning.”

I pulled her out of bed and towards the river as I gestured and rocks rose up to form a floor. Pillars of water spouted up to make a roof that began raining down on the rock floor. Brandy laughed when she felt the warm rain and I started washing her, including making a spout of water fountain up and into her.

She shuddered as her pussy was cleaned and then giggled and stroked my cock. I dismissed the spells as I held her and looked around. I murmured a summoning and flakes, grains, pebbles and nuggets of gold came to me and merged together into a sphere. When the gold stopped coming I murmured another spell.

The gold shimmered and impurities fell into the water. It split into one ounce coins with Brandy’s face on one side and Tammy’s on the other. I brought dead wood to me and merged it into a small cedar chest. I poured the gold into the chest and sent it to my wagon, handing a single coin to Brandy, “We will stop and buy flour and other supplies at the first village.”

As we started off again she sat on my lap and wiggled, “what’s that I feel?”

I looked down and lifted her before pulling the small sapphire egg out. I pulled her down and smiled, “You saw me make it.”

She took it, “what does it do?”

I cupped one of her breasts and rubbed the nipple, “it is a potion stone. This one will cause wounds to regenerate.”

She looked at the crystal egg, “how?”

I laughed and hugged her before glancing around. I gestured and brought several small almost ripe berries to me. I shook my head and ripened them before summoning green leaves and grass. I started changing it into different fruit and when I had enough I gestured towards the distant river.

Sand flowed through the air towards me and began to glow as it swirled. It turned to glass and bulged to make a barrel. On the top was a spout and a fist sized hole. The fruit exploded into juice and poured into the now cool glass barrel. I looked around and murmur a summons and several moments later a large honey comb flew towards me.

I melted it and added it to the barrel and starting the spells to distilled the mix several times before changing it. I lifted a glass type rock and melted it into the shape of a crystal bird. I took the egg and slipped it into the barrel and screwed the crystal bird into the large hole. Brandy grinned, “How long do you leave it in there?”

I smiled in satisfaction since that was the first time I had managed to do it, “An hour or two.”

I glanced around and moved the small barrel under the seat. I looked down as the leopards came to walk beside the wagon. I gestured and they rose up and settled onto the roof above and behind us. The three eagles were soaring high above us with George the dragon and Grif.

I looked into a field we were passing and gestured to bring a running rabbit to me. I turned and the tanned deer hide from the day before came around the wagon. I reached out to pet the panting rabbit and Brandy giggled, “you aren’t going to hurt him?”

I smiled and turned to repair the rips in the hide. I murmured and the hair changed into soft fur like the rabbit. I sent the rabbit back into the field and folded the fur and put it away. I was tempted to fuck Brandy when the village came into sight. Grif and George both landed to walk with the wagon as we entered the village.

I whispered a spell and hugged Brandy before moving her and climbing down. She followed me and grabbed my hand as she held up the gold coin. At first the people were wary but after a little girl ran out and hugged Grif I knew that would change. When I turned around from loading flour and cheese and other supplies children were climbing all over my friends as men and women watched.

I sighed and shook my head as Max knelt and wagged his tail. Brandy was giggling and the men were all shaking their heads and smiling. I turned when a double column of soldiers rode in. I could see a couple of men in the back barely hanging onto the saddle. The children went to their mothers as Brandy moved closer to me.

The soldiers stopped and the captain leaned forward, “A mage.”

The soldiers almost looked angry as I nodded, “Yes, I am traveling through.”

He glanced at the villagers, “we encountered bandits while looking for a rogue mage.”

I let Brandy’s hand go as I started walking between the horses, “contact the mage council and they will help find the mage.”

The wild magic flared in me but I almost seemed calm as I gestured to the two wounded soldiers. They groaned as the ropes holding them in the saddles parted and they floated off. I knelt between them and placed a hand on each man’s chest before starting a long spell. Wild magic stirred in me but only amplified the spell.

When I stopped and stood the two men sighed and relaxed into sleep. I turned to see all the soldiers looking with hands on weapons, “They will need rest for a day.”

I sighed as the wild magic died and started walking towards the wagon, “I think it is time we were on our way.”

Brandy scrambled up onto the seat and I followed before glancing at the captain, “Fare you well.”

He bowed, “You have my thanks.”

I nodded and glanced at the sleeping men before gesturing to Edward, “time to go Edward.”

We left and Brandy turned to sit on my lap, “Why didn’t they say anything about me?”

I looked at her and smiled as I cupped a breast and tugged on her nipple, “they only saw what they wanted to see and not that you were naked.”

I pulled her onto my lap and caressed her as she giggled and squirmed away, “I need to pee.”

I glanced back at the village behind us and looked ahead, “go behind those bushes.”

She climbed down and ran ahead with Max, Leo and Edward running with her.
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