I glanced at the large wooden griffin before looking over the ship’s rail at the water sprite, “we are finally free Grif.”

The griffin shifted and lifted its head to smell. I smiled and turned to look at the large barge, “Momma Paige always says starting on a new journey lifts the spirt.”

I walked towards my wagon and the eight wooden creatures that were harnessed to it. I patted the large, draft horse sized wolf, “You can rest Max.”

The wolf sniffed as I continued to walk. All of the creatures had been with me since I was a child. I smiled at the barge mage as I walked by and went into my wagon. I sat in the chair beside the door and gestured to bring one of my mother’s journals to me. I was an exception to the rule, my father is one of the strongest arch mages and my mother had been his apprentice.

I had magic but they called it wild magic. What I did wasn’t something I read or spells I learned. Sure I could do spells but they didn’t always turn out like they were supposed to. My animals were an example of the wild magic that coursed through me, just as the flock of colorful crystal birls that accompanied me were.

I glanced at the knock on my door, “come in.”

The barge mage opened the door and stepped in, “Amerlyn?”

I smiled, “Tammy.”

She smiled, “It will be a few hours before we reach Simon’s Landing.”

I nodded and she glanced towards the bed, “we could enjoy each other.”

I stood and reached out to caress her face, “you know the danger of that.”

She grinned, “Your grandmother Pamela taught me so we have the same training.”

I moved closer and slipped my arm around her and she pressed against me, “And you know the wild magic will devolve your birth control spells.”

She grinned, “I’ll risk it now.”

I looked at her before kissing her, “you know none of the women or girls in the caravan would risk it.”

She sighed, “I trust you Amerlyn. If you had ever asked me, I would have said yes.”

I looked into her eyes, “I am leaving and you are staying with the barge to be with your sprites.”

She smiled and pressed against me, “Then make love to me little brother.”

I turned and laid her down before my clothes slipped off me. I gestured and her gown opened and crawled off the bed as I laid beside her and caressed her body, “What’s it like being free?”

She grinned, “Dad and Pamela were very good teachers and traveling with the caravan taught me what I needed to know. Being on my own was scary at first and lonely but exciting too.”

I cupped one of her breasts and rubbed the nipple, “What do you plan to do after I leave?”

Tammy sighed, “We have a cargo further down river going all the way to the sea.”

I moved over her and between her legs and kissed her. I loved the way her naked body felt against mine. I moved down as she sighed and kissed and then sucked on a nipple before continuing. I opened her pussy and licked through it before capturing her clit. I sucked and began wiggling my tongue against it.

It wasn’t long before Tammy shivered and a minute later she shuddered and started jerking. When she arched her back and wailed a couple of minutes after that I stopped and moved up. I kissed her as she lay under me panting and for the first time in my life pushed my thick cock into a woman.

Tammy hugged me as her warm pussy squeezed my cock. I started fucking her with long strokes and barely a minute later buried it with a groan. I looked at her in surprise as my balls tightened and my cock throbbed. She smiled and kissed me as I began to pee cum into her belly. I grunted and groaned as I pumped and spewed and spurted.

She jerked and shuddered as her pussy clenched around my cock. I felt the wild magic surging through me and into her. She spasmed and pulled on me, “Fuck me Amerlyn!”

I started again with long, deep thrusts and my cum began to run out of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist as her slimy pussy began to grasp and squeeze my cock. I fucked her four times and filled her womb each time. When I stopped and pulled out I laid beside her and continued to caress her, “check yourself Tammy.”

She grinned, “you know I’m pregnant.”

I sighed and put my head on her shoulder, “Want me to stay?”

She caressed my face, “No, you need to find yourself and staying with me isn’t the answer. Besides the ship master and I have an understanding.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “I will find you when I truly need you.”

I caressed her breasts, “Thank you Tammy.”

She turned to kiss me before slipping off the bed, “I need to go check the sprites.”

I watched her wrap her clothes around herself before getting off the bed and dressing. When I walked out of my wagon the crystal birds started singing. I glanced at them as they danced in the air above me and shook my head. A few of the sailors were on deck and laughed as I walked forward and stood looking down the river.

I glanced down when a group of sprites splashed the water below me, “Take care of my sister.”

One smiled and nodded as the other giggled and slipped under the water. I sighed and turned away and walked toward the high bridge to the rear of the ship. It was an hour before dark when the barge was moored on the wide dock. I waited for the ramps to be pushed across before leaving.

I walked beside Grif as we went through the small town. On the other side I stopped in a grassy field. I unharnessed my friends and patted each before opening and expanding my wagon. It settled on its legs and leveled itself before I absently gestured and rocks rose up into a small thick platform.

I didn’t have to use spells, the wild magic knew what I wanted and the pillar exploded with fire. I pulled out the two fish I had been given by the sprites and began making dinner. I glanced at the sticks and brightly colored stones that began to gather and shook my head. I murmured the spells to merge the wood and separated the crystal.

I continued to cook dinner and then sat back to eat. It was a little lonely by myself but my friends came close and I smiled. I cleaned up after dinner and split the wood before making it shift to the shape of four leopards. I glanced at the giant lion that sniffed and grinned, “hunters Leo.”

He shook his head and Edward the centaur patted him on the back. I whispered the spells and as usual the wild magic swept through me and into the four leopards. I sighed and slowly began to examine the changes it had made as they came to life. They stood and shook themselves and looked around before walked to me and rubbing against me.

I pet each one and sat back, “At least they can do what I wanted them to do, even if they are smarter than I planned.”

Grif butted his head against my shoulder and I grinned up at him, “Well they are.”

He shook his head as he folded his legs and laid down. I glanced at all the crystal and concentrated hard as I merged it and slowly shaped a bird. My head was splitting as I murmured the spells that brought it to life and it ruffled its feathers. I sighed and relaxed as the wild magic surged through me.

I stood and walked towards my wagon door, “watch out the villagers don’t steal you.”

I put up my wards and dimmed the light as I lay in bed remembering Tammy. I woke to a pressure on my wards and sighed as I slipped out of bed and let my clothes wrap around me. I walked out of the wagon to see a teenage girl stuck in my ward with Grif, Leo and Max in front of her.

I gestured as I shook my head and walked towards the burning pillar, “What is she going to do steal the fire?”

Grif sniffed as the girl shook herself and looked at them before slowly walking around them. I glanced around and murmured a spell that brought grass seeds and nuts. Even as it came close it changed and turned into grain. It blended together as two smooth stone bowls rose up and they poured into them as it began to steam.

I absently accepted a small honey comb and broke it in half as I looked at the girl, “What do you need?”

She looked at the bowls as I put a honey comb in each before sending one to her. She took it and smiled, “are you a real mage?”

I looked away, “I’m a mage.”

She grinned and set the bowl down, “I want to be your concubine.”

I looked at her and then laughed, “do you know what you are saying?”

She nodded, “A seer came when I was a babe and said a mage would come through one day. She said I would become his concubine and he would make me happy for the rest of my life.”

I sat back to look at her and Eve came to mind. I gestured and her bowl of warm cereal rose back to her hands, “eat.”

I ate slowly and looked at Edward and he finally walked closer and touched her. She looked at the large wooden centaur and then at me. Edward looked at me and nodded before walking towards the wagon harness. The others went to the wagon and he began shifting them around and putting them in harness.

I finished eating and set the bowl down before putting out the fire. I looked at the girl, “What is your name?”

She smiled, “Brandy.”

I nodded and gestured and her clothes parted and dropped off her. The ground shifted as she tried to cover herself and silver lifted into the air. I stepped closer, “This is what it means to be a concubine. To serve me as a lesser wife and bare my children. You walk with me as you were born.”

She straightened and then took a breath, “I accept.”

I shook my head but gestured and murmured the bonding spell. The silver shimmered and a thin filigree moved to wrap around the girl’s throat like a second skin. The rest dropped to the ground as I turned to walk to the wagon and climb into the seat. Brandy hesitated before following me and then Edward trotted ahead and onto the road.

I glanced at her before looking around, “Where did those leopards go?”

Henry the elephant pointed his trunk to the side and I saw the four moving alongside a fence. I sighed and looked up, “Just once I would like a spell to go right.”

Brandy looked at me and then giggled as several crystal birds landed on my shoulders to sing. I glanced at her and then at the birds before smiling, “do you like birds?”

She nodded and looked around, “You have a lot with you. One woke me this morning.”

I looked at her before reaching out to caress her lovely pale breast, “Have you had sex before?”

Brandy blushed and shook her head, “I was waiting for you.”

I put my hand on her pelvis and felt within. I smiled, “you aren’t fertile yet.”

She looked at me and bit her lip. I rubbed her and gestured as I murmured a spell. I was startled when the wild magic didn’t interfere. I looked at her and then smiled before reaching down to spread her legs a little. I fingered her clit and she shivered before grinning, “I do that sometimes.”

I slipped a finger into her and she stiffened and then frowned and looked between her legs. She looked at me, “It didn’t hurt.”

I grinned as I began to slowly finger her, “I removed your maidenhead so you would feel no pain.”

She shuddered as her extremely tight pussy squeezed my finger. She opened her legs more, “There is another village a few leagues down the road.”

I watched her as she panted and shuddered and her wonderful pussy kept tightening on my finger. I slipped my robe off and pulled my finger out as she groaned. She looked at me as I gestured and she was lifted into the air and turned. Her legs were lifted and spread as she moved back to my lap.

She watched between her legs as my thick cock pushed against her pussy. I shook my head at her pussy hair and removed it. She looked at me as I reached between her legs to open her slit and move her back and down. She groaned and shuddered as my cock slowly impaled her. She started to wiggle and squirm as she sank down all the way onto my cock.

She grinned and wrapped her legs around me as her pussy rippled and spasmed, “your cock feels really good.”

I caressed her sides and hips before beginning to move her back and forth, “my name is Amerlyn.”

I continued to move her and it was a couple of minutes before she lifted her legs and wailed. She was shaking as I pulled her down and against me while my cock throbbed and fountained cum into her. Brandy jerked and looked at me with wide eyes as warm sperm flooded her womb for the first time.

I held her and shook as I pumped and spewed and spurted. When I stopped cumming it was with a sigh. I looked at Brandy as I realized the wild magic had done nothing. I grinned and reached out to tug on a nipple, “well?”

She shuddered and looked at me before grinning, “we are going to do that a lot.”

I laughed as my friends laughed in their own way. I pulled her off my cock and brought her around and back onto the seat. My robe slipped back onto me as Brandy leaned against me and began to sing. It was a song that was almost haunting and drifted on the wind. I saw the bandits before we were fully in the trap and the wild magic reached out.

The wagon harness faded away and a ward shield flared. Edward glanced at me from where he walked beside the lead pair. The bandits yelled as they rushed the wagon and Edward and the others growled as they attacked. Edward’s long bow sent the long shafts speeding out to strike bandits.

Grif, Max, Manty and Leo struck first and then the bandits were screaming. Simon’s huge antlers stabbed into a man and threw him aside like a sack of grain. Henry and Brandon held a man skewered on horns or tusks as the few alive turned to flee. Everything became quiet except the man Manty had stung.

Brandy was still clutching me and pressed against me. I moved her hands as I stood and jumped off the seat. I gestured as I walked through the bodies and belt pouches split and money floated towards Edward. He was checking the others and his large pouch opened. I stopped by the man Manty had stung and looked at him.

He continued to writhe around and scream. I sighed and murmured a spell and again the wild magic surged and the man changed to stone. I shook my head and muttered as I walked back towards the wagon, “Great, the council will be looking to check everything now.”

I gestured and the wagon harness appeared again and Edward began fixing it as I climbed up beside Brandy. She looked at me and whispered, “does that happen a lot?”

I snorted, “No.”

I glanced ahead as an older mage appeared. The ward shield shimmered and dropped as he walked closer and I smiled, “hello Trinity.”

He sighed, “What happened Amerlyn?”

I glanced around, “Even you should know that.”

He waited and I shrugged, “bandits.”

He nodded and gestured, “and?”

I glanced at Brandy before shrugging again, “And the wild magic surged and removed the wagon harness and made a ward shield.”

He raised an eyebrow, “On its own?”

I nodded and he glanced at Brandy who was looking at him curiously, “What are you not telling me?”

I frowned, “It is personal.”

Trinity waited and I blushed as I looked at Brandy, “We had sex and it didn’t do anything.”

He looked at Brandy again, “Nothing?”

I shook my head and he smiled, “perhaps that is the key your father missed.”

I blinked and looked at Brandy, “But when Tammy and I...”

I looked at Trinity, “it surged and made her pregnant like we feared.”

He smiled again, “perhaps because it knew she wanted it and your new... lady or you doesn’t.”

Trinity looked at me, “Your sister is more than strong enough to have stopped the wild magic.”

He was looking at Brandy again, “what happened when you bound her?”

I started and looked at Brandy before grinning, “nothing, the wild magic didn’t interfere.”

He nodded, “You swore an oath Amerlyn and that was the only reason we agreed with your father.”

I straightened, “I have not broken my oath.”

Trinity smiled, “when did you bind the girl?”

I looked at him for a minute, “This morning and I will not talk about my private life, that was not part of the oath.”

He shrugged, “The wild magic is our concern, especially when it is stronger than an arch mage like your father.”

He turned, “I expect a full report.”

I muttered as he vanished and Brandy looked at me, “Report?”

I gestured to Edward and we began moving again. I looked at Brandy and sighed, “A condition for letting me leave.”

She frowned, “Are you really a mage?”

I smiled, “I passed all the tests.”

I rolled my eyes, “Several times.”

Brandy bumped my shoulder, “But?”

I turned and pulled her onto my lap, “The wild magic is always with me. Most of the time it does what it wants. I have to try very hard and it hurts like you would not believe for me to try to do a spell while protecting it from the wild magic.”

She looked at me as I shrugged, “It seems to know what I want most of the time or behaves that way.”

I nodded to the four leopards that were dragging a deer towards the road ahead. I gestured and it lifted and started coming apart as it cleaned itself. I frowned and looked at Brandy, “When I made them the wild magic surged and changed the spells. They are a lot smarter than a normal leopard.”

I let the hide spread and tan and dropped most of the remains for the leopards to eat. I gestured and the meat floated along beside the wagon as we went past. Brandy wiggled and I looked at her. She smiled, “You said it didn’t do anything when we coupled.”

I tugged on one of her nipples, “Strangely that was the second time it didn’t act. And just now while you were sitting on my lap my spell to clean the deer did as I wanted it to.”

She stood and turned to open my robe and straddled me and slowly sat, impaling her tight pussy. She shivered and began to rock back and forth as I held her, “maybe it wants to protect me.”
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