My stepfather was always making excuses for the neighbor. Mom had died a few years ago and my stepfather was the only one I had left. There were two houses sitting on twenty acres, one was our house and the other we rented out. The neighbor had raised the fence around the other house until it was ten feet tall.

Besides owing six months rent the neighbor had borrowed my mother’s RV and gotten drunk and totaled it. Luckily he was the only one in it when he crashed. So far he owed over two hundred thousand and my stepfather kept letting him get away with not paying. That changed when he died of a heart attack, I was eighteen and summer was just starting.

I came back from the funeral and changed into comfortable clothes. I sat down to start going over the bills on the porch and looked out at Bill when he pulled into the other driveway. His daughters Nina who was fifteen and Dakota who was fourteen were laying out in string bikinis getting sun on the frontyard.

He got out and looked at me before crossing the yard smiling sweetly, “I’m sorry about your dad Ryan.”

I just looked at him, “step dad and I need to speak with you about the money you owed dad.”

He cleared his throat, “I explained that to your dad...”

I held up my hand, “you haven’t paid any rent in six months and you still owe the cost of the RV you totaled. As of right now you owe me over two hundred thousand.”

He kept looking around before finally looking at me, “you know I have been having trouble getting a job...”

I shook my head, “you just bought a new truck. You also bought that new big screen plasma TV. From the large bags you loaded into the truck last week I think I will find pot growing in the garage and in the backyard if I looked.”

He looked around quickly before his eyes stopped as he looked at his daughters, “what if I gave you something to pay the debt off?”

I waited and he turned to look at me, “what if I gave you Nina and Dakota?”

I knew their mother had left almost a year ago and the girls were mostly on their own. I looked across at them before calling out, “NINA! DAKOTA!”

Bill shifted and turned as his daughters sat up. I waved and they stood and started walking towards me. When they stopped I looked at Bill, “your father wants to give you to me to pay his debt.”

They looked at each other and then at their father before looking at me. Nina smiled, “you want to fuck us?”

I grinned, “silly question.”

She grinned and Dakota giggled. Nina nodded, “We wouldn’t mind.”

Bill cleared his throat, “right... so that makes us even.”

I looked at him calmly, “when they bring over everything they own and you sign a custody agreement.”

He nodded eagerly and turned to push the girls towards his house. I cleared my throat, “you don’t pay the rent next month I’ll have a K9 unit pay you a visit.”

He nodded again and I watched the girls head into the house with him. I went back to the bills and the other accounts before looking up as Nina and Dakota returned carrying large bundled up sheets and looking upset. I stood and went to open the front door and led them into the house. I opened my old room and the guest bedroom before heading to the master bedroom.

I put the bills and account information away before heading to the kitchen. Nina walked in a minute later as I was looking at quick frozen meals in the freezer. I glanced at her, “I haven’t been shopping yet this week so we only have a few quick meals.”

She smiled and leaned over beside me to look and I stared at her pink nipples as they were exposed. She giggled and bumped my shoulder, “later.”

I grinned and she reached in to pull out a frozen Chinese dinner, “this shouldn’t take long.”

I closed the freezer door and turned to see Dakota naked in the doorway. I grinned, “nice but Nina said I had to wait.”

She smiled shyly, “Can I go naked?”

I looked at Nina and she grinned before taking her top off and then undoing her bottom strings. I shook my head and pointed towards the backdoor, “why don’t you go lay out until we have dinner and then I’ll scratch your itch.”

She laughed with Nina and headed towards the door, “I’ll need a cream injection to help with that itch.”

I grinned and watched her walk before turning to help Nina. She went to get Dakota when it was ready and we ate. I cleaned up after dinner, “you girls make yourself at home and don’t worry.”

Nina waited until I was done and grabbed my hand to pull me back to my bedroom and the bed. Dakota followed us and helped pull my clothes off. Nina pushed me onto the bed and followed to straddle me, “you can fuck us as long as you never do drugs or drink.”

I glanced at Dakota as she nodded and reached up to pull Nina down and roll. I ended between her legs and pushed as I kissed her. My cock pushed into her tight pussy and she clung to me as it slid in. I held still as she groaned and kept kissing her, “you two can be my drug.”

Dakota rubbed my butt, “then you can give us daily injections.”

Nina shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and I pulled back before starting to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. I kept it up as she began to shudder and lift her hips. Her pussy tightened and she clung to me as I kissed her. I fucked her hard and fast and she jerked and met each thrust for a couple of minutes before I buried my cock and pressed into her.

She stiffened as her pussy tightened on my cock and then she wailed and began to buck and shake as her pussy spasmed and she wet me. I kissed her passionately and started fucking her with firm, deep thrusts and shoved into her as I peed a stream of sperm. Nina screamed when she felt the warm cum pumping through her cervix and flooding her, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I shuddered and shivered as I kept pressing into her while spurting jet after jet of cum. When I was done she groaned and slowly relaxed. I kissed her and pulled out to lay beside her and caress her beautiful breasts. Dakota moved over her and pushed me onto my back as she straddled me and Nina giggled, “horny bitch.”

I reached for Dakota and pulled her down and rolled before pushing. She lifted her hips and groaned as my thick cock was forced into her. I kissed her hard as I began to fuck her with my cummy cock and finally pressed deeper. She arched her back as her pussy spasmed around my cock and she squirted, “aaaahhhh!”

Nina giggled and leaned close, “wait for the injection.”

Dakota squirmed and bucked as I kept fucking her with deep thrusts. She clutched me as her tight pussy milked my cock. It was over ten minutes before I thrust into her and kissed her as I began to spew cum. She lifted her hips and howled as warm sperm erupted deep inside her, “yyyyeeeessss!”

When I stopped cumming I kissed her softly, “was that enough for now?”

She lay under me panting and giggled, “maybe I need a couple more.”

Nina laughed and pulled on me, “me too.”

I fucked them both twice more each before we fell asleep. I was up early and wiggled out from under the girls to go to the bathroom. When I walked out on the way to the kitchen I saw Bill loading more bags into his truck. I went to the bedroom and put on shorts and a tee shirt. He was just starting to get into his truck when I walked up, “Just a minute Bill.”

He turned to look at me and frown, “what now?”

I glanced at the bed of his truck before looking at him, “guardianship papers for Nina and Dakota.”

He relaxed and glanced around nervously, “I’ll have them this afternoon.”

I snorted, “you don’t and the deal is off and a few people are going to be coming to speak to you and look around my house.”

He shifted uncomfortably, “I’ll have them.”

I backed up, “try having them by noon.”

I watched him leave before going back into the house. I stripped and started a shower, a minute later Dakota stepped in and grinned as she pressed against me. I held her and caressed her hips, “good morning.”

She went to her toes and kissed me before taking the shampoo, “kneel.”

I grinned and did as she asked and pulled her close to kiss the top of her pussy. She giggled and started washing my hair as I kept kissing her pelvis and slipped a hand between her legs. She spread them to give me room as I started fingering her and rubbing her clit. She froze a couple of minutes later before shuddering with my finger buried up inside her.

I glanced at the shower door as she moaned and Nina stepped in grinning. I bent to suck on Dakota’s clit and she jerked and screamed as her pussy squeezed my finger, “YES!”

I stood and pulled her against me as she shook and it was a minute before she giggled and kissed me. I turned so I was between the two girls and began washing Dakota, “don’t forget to douche and take your birth control.”

She laughed and looked around me, “Now he tells us we need birth control.”

I shook her as Nina laughed and she grinned, “don’t worry.”

After I finished her I turned to do Nina and then watched as they pulled out a douche they must have put in the cabinet. Watching that made me want to fuck them again and Nina and Dakota knew it. I had a list of stuff to buy at the store and Nina and Dakota looked it over before talking and adding or removing things.

It was interesting shopping with them. They let me push the cart as they looked for items on the list and pulled the odd item I picked up away. When we got home they helped put everything away and even helped with chores. We were having lunch when Bill returned and rang the bell.

I was actually surprised when he had the papers and thanked him. After lunch I took the girls to the movies. As soon as we got home they stripped and undressed me before pulling me into the backyard to lay out. That lasted for almost two hours before Nina sat up and looked at me, “I’m horny.”

Dakota giggled and I sat up and grinned, “I’m always horny.”

Nina stood and pulled me up and after her. I pulled her back and against me before kissing her and lifting her and walking to the large patio table. I sat her down and laid her back before feeling her pussy and rubbing her clit. She shuddered and her hips lifted before she growled, “fuck me.”

I grinned and pushed into her tight pussy and started to fuck her with long strokes. She shivered and lifted her legs into the air and spread them. I continued to fuck her and used the thumb on one hand to keep rubbing her clit. A couple of minutes later I began to fuck her harder as she spasmed and jerked.

Her pussy was squeezing and grasping my cock constantly. She wailed and jerked back and forth as her pussy wet me and tightened. I kept fucking her and watched her cum like that three times before I buried my cock. I held her and pressed into her hard as I spewed and peed cum. She shuddered hard as her pussy spasmed and milked the cum into her.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and wrapped her legs around me. She grinned as her pussy squeezed my cock and I shuddered, “nice fix?”

I grinned and Dakota laughed and reached down to rub her nipples, “the best kind.”

Nina shuddered and grinned as I pulled out and helped her up. Dakota turned to lay forward on the table as she spread her legs, “do me now.”

Nina laughed as I reached between her sister’s legs to finger her. I moved behind her a minute later and pushed into her tight pussy before fucking deeper slowly. She groaned and shuddered as I kept fucking her with deep thrusts. It was a couple of minutes before her pussy clenched and she spasmed and jerked.

I fucked her fast and hard for a couple of minutes and Dakota wailed and spasmed as her pussy grasped at my cock. I shoved into her and humped and pushed slowly as she continued to shudder while her pussy tried to milk my cock. She was panting as her sister laughed and came to press against my back, “long strokes now.”

Dakota groaned as her pussy tightened and I pulled back. I started to fuck her slowly with long thrusts that ended with my cock pressing against the back of her pussy. A few minutes and she was shoving back as she shuddered hard. Her pussy became slipperier and Nina laughed again, “hard now.”

I held Dakota’s hips and fucked her hard and deep as she spasmed and thrashed around again. She howled and screamed as she kept thrusting back, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was a few minutes before I shoved into her and held her as I gushed cum deep inside her. Dakota jerked and shook when she felt the warm spurts pumping into her and moaned, “mmmmm!”

When I stopped cumming Nina pulled me back and out of her sister. She moved up and fingered Dakota’s pussy and rubbed sperm into her asshole, “come help with dinner slut.”

Dakota grinned when she stood and turned to kiss her sister on the lips. I pulled them towards the backdoor and started to help when I was pushed towards the table. I laughed and sat down to watch the two girl and they kept looking at me and smiling. Dinner was perfect and it was my turn to push the girl away as I began to clean up.

After I was done I pulled the girls into the other room and turned the TV on and sat down with them on each side of me. As soon as the show ended they jumped up and pulled on me. I shut the TV and lights off and let them pull me back to the bathroom. They each sat to pee while I watched and douched before pulling me out and to the bed.

Dakota crawled on as Nina pressed against me and then pushed me towards the bed and her sister, “lick her and fuck her.”

I grinned as I crawled between Dakota’s legs and licked through her pussy and nibbled on her clit, “like this?”

She shuddered and thrust her hips up, “aaaahhhh!”

Nina laid beside her sister and leaned over to suck on a nipple, “yes.”

I kept licking and pushed my tongue into her before wiggling it against her clit. She shuddered and lifted up as Nina moved to the other nipple. I sucked and nibbled before starting all over again and Dakota jerked and moaned. It was almost ten minutes before Nina pulled me up, “fuck her now.”

Dakota was panting as I pushed into her and gave her a kiss. I started slowly with long deep thrusts but it wasn’t long before I was fucking her hard and deep. She spasmed and wailed as her pussy tightened, “fffuuuccckkk!”

Nina laughed as she reached between her sister and me to start fingering her. Dakota howled and started bucking and thrashing as she squirted while her pussy spasmed, “ooooohhhhh!”

I buried my cock and humped and pressed and jabbed and she screamed as she squirted and began struggling, “RYAN!”

I started fucking her hard and deep while she started kicking in the air. Her pussy was spasming and squeezing my cock constantly as I tried to cum. It was a few minutes before I shoved into her and kissed her as I began spurting. Dakota hugged me while her pussy milked the cum into her.

When I stopped cumming I kissed her as she panted and pulled out before laying beside her. Nina laughed as she pushed me onto my back and straddled me, “now the bitch will be able to sleep.”

Dakota laughed and turned to stick her tongue out at her sister. I grinned and reached up to knead Nina’s breasts, “you want the rest of my cum?”

She grinned as she lifted and worked my cock into her. It was an hour before we fell asleep and Nina was laying on me with her sister snuggled against my side. The girls loved to tease but they also loved fucking. Their father didn’t pay the rent at the end of the month but I also hadn’t see him.

A week later I ended up going in and looking around the house. All his stuff was still there but there was no sign of him. I wasn’t surprised to find drying tables in the garage or the tall pot plants in the backyard. Nina was the one to call the police when I told her. She said it would teach him a lesson.

Of course there were a lot of people and they took all the plants and I was left to clean out the house. It took a month to clean and repaint and fix everything before I rented it out. The family that moved in were nudist and the girls really liked that. The girls have graduated now and are looking at the local college, well Nina is already taking courses and Dakota is looking.

Nina is pregnant and Dakota is waiting for the baby to come before she gets pregnant. We never saw their dad again and I have no plans for returning his daughters.
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