If u don't like incest don't read it.
Chapter 1
Well my name is Robert I just got out of high school, and yes I got my diploma. A month after I got out of high school I told my mother that I was moving to my father’s house down in Florida because my parent left each other three years earlier so my father could marry his bitch of a girlfriend. But anyway I was just a normal country boy that also was a geek, which in today’s world is just wrong, but I was from South Carolina and I knew a lot about computers. My really plan was to move to my father’s house so I could maybe break up him and my evil stepmother, but that sucked I’ll say why later.
My father was in Iraq at the time I moved in, which the Army let him come home for a week just so he could see if I was ok with everything. Well it was fun just to be with him, but fun didn’t last long my evil stepmother had three daughters all of which were really hot and sexy. Rebecca she was a little chubby not too much it was that really sexy hot chubby with really large breast, nice big ass with brown hair and brown eyes, and Nikkei was the youngest as for Rebecca was the oldest but anyway Nikkei was skinny and the only way I could picture her tit’s was just two big ass baseballs in each bra. Sorry I don’t know anything about breast size all I need to know about them is that they are fun to play with. Anyway Nikkei had a super models ass it was that good as for Robin she was the sexiest out of all of them, but she was a bitch and looked a lot like my evil stepmother but younger ever thou she was sexiest out of her three sister’s she had long black hair with what looked like brown eyes, as for her tit’s they looked like two footballs in each side of her chest.
About two months later my father was still in Iraq until July of next year, and my evil stepmother had me doing anything and everything around the house, but all I really wanted to do was to play Halo on my Xbox 360. A few hours went by and then she tells me that Rebecca and the kids are coming over to spend the night; I said, ok do I have to give up my bed, she said no that the kids can sleep in the computer room and Rebecca can sleep with her. Well in that moment I thought that she was going to have sex with her daughter, which was ok for me because hey who wouldn’t want to see there step-mother and step-sister go at it, but I knew if she did that I wouldn’t know anything about it. Yet everything was ok when she got here, and we got everybody’s things in their rooms where they were going to sleep at.
Well later that night I had to get up to pee, which was unusually because I could always wait until morning; well after I pee-d I heard a moaning of a woman. At that moment I thought to myself I didn’t have any porn on and my father wasn’t home to fuck my evil stepmother so I walked slowly up to her bed room and from what I heard that night they fucked like animals. I heard each of them scream at each other to fuck them harder, and I was thinking, I wish I was fucking in there. Well knowing that I couldn’t doing anything and I thought if I knocked at the door they’d just tell me to go anyway I when back to bed. The next moaning Rebecca told me that her half-sister was coming to spend the night also and that she and the kids were going to set as long as she was here. After she told me that in front of her mother she asked me to come outside for a moment. I did because when my sexy step-sister asks me to come to her I come a running. Well anyway she told me that her half-sister’s name was Sylvia and I was not to have sex with her, and if I did I should have a rubber. I said, I had lot of rubber’s because I was in college, so I told her that I always had rubbers in the house for all the college girls that come over to study with me, which was a lie because as for me the only guy in college that isn’t getting any I was just studying and I bought the rubber’s just for show.
Chapter 2
Well Sylvia got to the house about two hours after my talk with Rebecca. Man did Sylvia look shorter and a little bigger than her half-sister Rebecca, but sexy never the less, well anyway she was a dirty blonde and her ass was very well rounded, but her tit’s were a little bigger than her half-sisters was, which was perfect for me because the bigger the tits the more fun you can have with them. Over all she was one of chubbiest chicks that I have ever seen all I wanted to do was just to see what kind of a ride she’d be and damn it I was going to ridded it, I just didn’t know how.
I and Rebecca wanted her to sleep in my bed, but she didn’t want to take my bed because she didn’t live here, and in her mind it was just wrong to take another man’s bed in his own house. Rebecca and Sylvia talked a lot that after noon, but after a few hours it was time to eat we talked some more and come to found out she was in college to be a nurse, which was cool because with her tit’s and ass she’d do damn good in my book. I think after about an hour I started to think to myself that I was flirting with her an I never thought about it until everyone else was in bed and it was just me and her.
Sylvia was a smoker, which means that she had to go outside just so the house wouldn’t smell like smoke, and I of course walked outside with her just to keep talking to her and it was fun until we started to walk down and around the small sidewalk around the house and she said that she hasn’t known any man that was as sweet and caring as I was, so in that moment we both stopped and looked into each other’s eyes and somehow the next second later we were kissing. We were just using our lips, but her lips were softer than anything that I have ever felt before. All I could remember from that moment was the taste of her tongue was so sweet, which made me wanting more of it, I think we made out for a good thirty minutes. We walked in because it was a little too cold for her from there we walked to the couch and sat and kissed some more and oh man we both of us started to moan like crazy. Both of our open mouths and tongues working in and out of each other’s mouths it was beautiful it must have been a half hour until I said, you want to take this to my room. Sylvia stopped and said only if you want to fuck me and I stopped for a minute so my brain could process what she said, which I had a dum look on my face with I said you damn right I do. The reason why I had the dum look on my face was that I didn’t know if it would work or not and when it did I was a little stunned.
We walked into my room and we both must have jumped on the bed at the same time because I thought the bed was going to break or something from the notice that it made. I started to kiss her again then going down the right side of her neck then to ear and then back down her neck she was just moaning as I started to kiss her on the left side. Then I slipped my hands under her shirt and toke it off of her and she didn’t even have on a bra, yet her nipples were very hard. I use my tongue to circle around the left tit and then started to suck on it like a baby would have. As I went to the right one I kiss in between her really big tit’s, and when I got to the right one I use my tongue to flicker at it as I went up and down then left to right and she had a smile on her face when I looked up at her as she was looking down at me and in that moment I bit down on her right nipple with my teeth, and she moaned like a teenager with her first orgasm.

Chapter 3
As she was moaning I when right to her pussy, the very smell of drove me insane. I licked it from top to bottom all the way to her asshole as I did that she screamed a little like she was surprised. After my tongue reached her clit again I started to such on it like a lily pop; using my tongue to flick it and circle it all I could hear was soft moans from her. To me I must have sucked on that pussy for hours, but it was just minutes and after those minutes I aright had my jeans off a my dick heading for that pussy. As I moved the head of my dick on her clit she said “it’s about time I thought I would’ve had order you to stick in there” as she was laughing while saying. When my dick finally entered her beautiful pussy all I felt was this very wet and moist thing that I wanted to fuck the hell out of. She was on back when we started to fuck then after about 30 minutes she got on top, and I could feel the hair from her gridding on my hair all I could do was just to fuck her harder and fast as she was on top. I started to put her hair from her head and the harder I putted the harder she gridded me into the bed. Well as she was fucking my brains out all I could think about was how the notice was in the room and I was hoping that my niece and nephews couldn’t hear us in here. I could feel my balls titan up and I knew I couldn’t last much longer and I knew that she a multiple orgasms because I could feel her cum on my balls. I wasn’t wearing a condom so as she was fucking me I asked her where she wanted me to cum on her. All she could say was “just give me a cream-pie I love those” and about ten minute after she said that I let out about three great shot of cum going deep into her.
She laid right next to me and started to kiss from my lips on my neck and from there all I could say was “damn that was great”; I looked over to her sleeping on my side with my arm around her. A few minute after seeing her fall asleep I did the same. When we got up we both kissed each other I watched her put her clothes on first then I did the same we walked out of the room to see my step-sister alright up and waiting for to come out and talk about how much fun we had, but Sylvia had to get going because she had other places to go and do as she said so when she got things together I helped her out to her car kissed and told her we have to do this again sometime all she said was “we’ll see” as she drove away all I could thing to myself was I had my first one night stand which was really cool.

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