Sara opens her house, and her pussy, and her husband to her sister who can't resist any of it...
Peter came home after a long day at work when his wife Sara told him she had something she wanted to talk him about after dinner. This usually meant that she had spent way to much money, and they were going to be short for the month or she had dented the car. After dinner he found her in the living room looking sexy as hell so he knew it was something big. He sat down next to her looking into her baby blue eyes saying,

"Alright...what is it?"

"It's not what you think Peter. My sister Marci is going through some really tough times. I mentioned to you in the past that she was going through a rough patch in her life, and she was really down. Our parents don't want anything to do with her, and she's lost the lease on her apartment. I was wondering if you would be cool with her coming to stay with us for a while; at least until she gets back on her feet. We've always been really close and I want to help her."

Peter had never met Marci, and in a way was looking forward to meeting his wife's sister. He nodded saying,

"Sure, I don't have a problem with it as long as she contributes like cooking or doing some housework to help out."

"Absolutely, she won't have a problem with doing any of that. In fact we've already discussed it."

"So when does she arrive Sara?"


"I thought so. Well at least you went through the motions of asking me. So are you going to fill me in on what she looks like or is it a surprise?"

"Well she looks a lot like me except that she has brown hair, brown eyes, and a really great figure. You'll like her because she's really out going, and happy most of the time. She's easy to get along with, and you'll like the fact that she has really big tits, and they are nice and firm not to mention she's a big flirt."

"Oh great. I get to walk around with a perpetual hard on all the time with a woman that's going to flirt with me and tease me all day. Not to mention she has great tits that I can maybe look at but as long as I don't touch."

Sara laughed. "Pretty much. Relax're going to love her."

"Fine....we'll see."

Marci arrived the following Saturday right on time, and she was everything Sara said she would be physically, but it was pretty obvious that Marci was depressed after all she'd been through. She was very polite to Peter introducing herself, and thanking him for allowing her to stay in his home. He even felt sorry for her telling her she was welcome to anything they had, and not to hesitate to let them know if she needed anything. The first few days were pretty quite and nothing much happened.

Peter had a few days off so he was around the house working some on the computer, and catching up on some household chores he'd been putting off for too long. He was finding it hard to keep his eyes off Marci, because Sara hadn't been kidding about how great she looked. She did have massive tits, and they were so damn firm it was unbelievable. Peter's cock was hard most of the time even though he tried not to look at her. It was hard not to notice with her following him around and talking to him all day. Finally she asked Peter,

" you have a problem with me? You seem to be avoiding me as if I've done something wrong."

"No Marci, you haven't done anything wrong unless having a great body, and look absolutely gorgeous is wrong. I've just been trying not to make a fool of myself around you is all."

Marci smiled. "I have noticed you trying not to look, and I've noticed that you seem to have a hard on most of the time. If I'm that much of a distraction I can leave."

"No, Marci, it's not you, it's just me being a guy. I just can't seem to help it, nor do I don't want you to go anywhere."

"You're so sweet, Peter. I wish I had a man in my life as nice as you. My sister is lucky to have you."

"Hey make sure you tell her that okay....she needs to hear it."

Marci laughed giving Peter a hug thanking him for making her laugh. As she hugged Peter they both felt his cock pressing against her thigh. Neither of them wanted to break their hug, as Peter struggled not to let his lust get the better of him. He was doing just fine until he felt Marci slip her hands under his shirt, and started running her hands over his chest. He soon lost the battle of self control taking her in his arms as the two of them kissed passionately. Peter could feel Marci's arousal growing, along with all the pent up sexual frustration she'd had bottled up inside her for so long.

Peter couldn't hold back any longer as he reached down, and pulled Marci's top up over her head exposing her magnificent breasts. Her aureoles were about the size of a silver dollar, and they were covered with goose bumps not to mention her nipples were rock hard. He took them in his hands, and started caressing them as Marci pushed his shorts down over his hips and took his cock in her hand. She looked up at Peter saying,

"No wonder Sara's so have a really great cock. I can't wait to have that fill my pussy."

Peter lowered his head taking Marci's nipples into his mouth, and began flicking them and sucking them as she moaned while squeezing his cock. After several minutes of Peter pleasuring her nipples Marci knelt down, and started running her tongue over Peter's cock. He closed his eyes tilting his head back, and moaned telling her how good it felt. Marci ran her tongue from the top of his cock down to his balls before deep throating him, and taking his cock as far down her throat as she could. Marci took him to the edge before stopping just at the right time.

Peter pulled Marci to her feet taking her to the sofa where he pulled her shorts off followed by her thong. He marveled at how much her pussy resembled Sara's. Like Marci, Sara had beautiful thick lips, and a huge clit not to mention that she too was clean shaven. Peter moved between Marci's legs where he began running his tongue over her pussy, and lapping up her juices as she squealed and squeezed her breasts. The more he sucked her pussy the more Marci squealed, and moaned as she thrust her pussy into his face. He took her clit into his mouth, while stuffing as many fingers as he could into her pussy as she gasp,

"Oh ya Peter....Oh fuck yes. Suck it...suck my clit ....oh fuck yes....make me cum!"

No sooner had she said that than her body started to quake, and shudder as one orgasm after another shot through her body. Once she was finished cumming she traded places with Peter on the sofa. She was about to lower herself onto his cock when Peter stopped her. He looked at her saying,

"I'm sorry Marci....I just can't go through with having sex with you....I just couldn't do that behind Sara's back....I'm sorry."

"Don't be,'re a good man. Thank you for making me cum, and I promise not to tempt you anymore."

Peter didn't know what to do with himself for the rest of the day. He was riddled with guilt, and when Sara got home that evening she knew something was up. Neither her sister nor Peter could look her in the eye. She knew something had happened, and it was most likely that they had given into temptation and had sex. She should have been mad, but she loved them both too much to put either of them through the ringer.

Besides, she had thought about asking Peter to have sex with her sister anyway. The two of them had already talked, and she knew just how sexually frustrated her sister was, but she didn't think to tell her it was alright for her to have sex with Peter. That night when they went to bed Sara put on her sexiest negligee and got in bed next to Peter. She looked at him asking,

"So what's the matter? You look guilty as hell. What did you do?"


"Ya right. I bet you and Marci were together and one thing led to another, and the two of you ended up fucking your brains out."

Peter stared at Sara with that, "How did you know?" look on his face.

"Come on Peter you have that look all over your face Hon."

Then Sara grabbed Peter's cock saying,

"It's okay Peter. In fact I know how uptight and horny my sister is, and I know how horny you probably got just looking at her. It's Alright!"

Peter sighed saying,

"We didn't fuck....I stopped it before it got that far, but we did go down on one another."

"You didn't fuck her?"


"Wow....why on earth didn't you fuck her? You did that much together you might as well have finished the job."

"I couldn't Babe....I just couldn't."

"Aww ...I love you Hon, but I'm cool with it. I know you're not going to leave me, and I know how much you love me, and I love you too as well as my sister. That's why I hate seeing her hurt like this. So next time go ahead and fuck her. What she needs more than anything is a good hard fuck. Now speaking of good hard fucks get over here and fuck me!"

Peter and Sara started kissing and caressing one another as Peter removed Sara's negligee. As she and Peter caressed on another she ask,

"So Peter...did you like my Sister's breasts?"

"Ya, they were really nice."

"So show me what you did to them."

Peter smiled as he lowered his head, and began running his tongue over Sara's aureole's while listening to her coo as he started flicking her nipples with his tongue. As Sara became more and more aroused Peter took her nipples into his mouth, and began sucking them as he moved his hand down between her legs where he began palming her pussy. Sara breathed deeply,

"Oh ya Peter...suck my nipples baby....oh fuck ya. Wha t else did you do?"

Not saying a word Peter moved down between his wife's legs where he started running his tongue over her pussy as she raised her hips, pushing her pussy against his hot tongue. Peter was overcome with lust showing his wife what he had down to her sister, and loving her reaction to it as he showed her what he did.

Peter worked his tongue between her folds, sliding it deep into her pussy as Sara grabbed she sheets as she writhed on the bed.Then after several minutes he moved up taking her clit into his mouth, and started sucking her clit, and adding his fingers to her pussy replacing his tongue. Soon Sara was beside herself as she thrust her pussy into Peter's face before exploding in a powerful orgasm. As she came down she looked at Peter smiling saying,

"Oh fuck Peter....I know she loved it."

"I think so, at least she came pretty hard."

"Mmmmm, and what did she do for you?"
"Nothing. I started feeling so guilty for having given into my lust that I couldn't go any farther."

"Oh Peter...I love you Honey, but next time go for it. Since you didn't let her suck your beautiful cock I guess it's just up to me to finish the job. "

Sara took Peter's cock in hand, and began running her tongue up and down his shaft as he lay there and moaned telling her how good it felt. Before long Sara was deep throating Peter taking him to the edge, but not before she mounted his cock with the two of them fucking until they both exploded with a major orgasm. Before going to sleep Sara told Peter that if the opportunity presented itself again he should go ahead and fuck her since that was alright with her. The next morning Peter was up early as he had to be at work for an early morning meeting.

Sara was up a little while later making coffee, and was about to make breakfast when she decided to see if Marci wanted anything before leaving for work herself. She walked into Marci's room finding her sleeping naked with the sheets down around her knees. She paused for a moment looking at her sister thinking how beautiful she looked laying there naked. She remembered how as teenagers they would get into one anothers bed at night, and practice kissing and caressing one another so they'd know what to do when the right boy came along. She was about to turn and leave when she heard Marci's voice ask,

"Where you going Sis? You can come lay next to me if you'd like."

Sara walked over, and laid down next to Marci saying,

"So what were you thinking about?"

"Oh I was remembering when we were teenagers how we used to sneak into one anothers rooms at night after Mom and Dad were asleep and get into bed with one another. I remember how we used to practice kissing one another, and touching one another pretending we were practicing for boys. Of coursed if the truth be known I think we just enjoyed experimenting with each other."

Marci giggled, "I remember that," as she put her hand on Sara's leg. Then she looked at Sara saying,

"Please don't hate me, but I did something wrong yesterday."

"Oh you mean making out with Peter. Why didn't you just fuck him and get it over with. You know he would have loved it."

"He told you?"

"Ya....he looked so guilty. I was afraid the poor man was going to cry if I didn't let him off the hook."

Sara and Marci laughed hysterically after which Sara told her,

"Next time just fuck him senseless....I don't care. I know how hard it is for you now so go ahead and fuck him."

"Wow Sis....I love you so much!"

"I know Marci...I love you too. Now would you like some breakfast."

"This may sound silly and even a little kinky, but what I would like is for us to do what we did on those nights in our bedrooms. Those were such fun times."

Sara didn't answer, instead she leaned forward placing her lips to Marci's kissing her softly. The kiss lingered for a moment when Sara raised her hand placing it on Marci's breast. Her nipples hardened immediately as Marci responded to her sisters touch, and soon the soft little kisses turned into a passionate, soulful kiss as Sara kissed her way down Marci's neck to her breasts. Marci gasp as Sara started flicking her nipples with her tongue alternating between flicking her nipples, and sucking them as her hand moved down Marci's stomach to her sisters pussy. She could feel her growing dampness as Marci responded by spreading her legs whispering,

"Sara...I love you so much!"

Sara replied by moving down between her legs, and kissing Marci's inner thighs as Marci writhed on the bed, wadding the sheets up in her hands as Sara slowly moved her tongue along her sisters inner thighs. The more Sara teased her sister the more aroused she became, reaching down in an attempt to place Sara's head in just the right pot.

Her pussy tingled with anticipation as Sara ran her tongue along the edges of her wet, swollen lips while still managing to tease her pussy. Marci lifted her hips from the bed in an effort to shove her aroused pussy into Sara's face. Sara finally gave in to her sister's passions by parting her folds, and running her tongue up and down her creamy slit. Marci gasp,

"Yes....yes....oh fuck yes....oh that's it.....oh fuck yes!"

Sara loved hearing her sisters moans of passion as she gasp telling her how much she enjoyed what she was doing. The aroma of Marci's arousal, and the juices pouring from her pussy onto her tongue only made Sara all the more determined to make her sister cum.

She began exploring her pussy, and shoving her tongue as deep into her depths as she could while Marci squealed. She was soon squeezing her breasts and tugging at her nipples as she neared her orgasm. Sara took Marci's clit between her lips, alternating between flicking it with her tongue, and sucking it while Marci thrust her pussy into Sara's face.

Marci was beside herself as Sara continued licking and sucking her clit while working her fingers furiously in her sisters pussy. It was a good thing the windows were closed as Marci was practically screaming as Sara brought her to a crushing orgasm. After her orgasms subsided enough for her to catch her breath Marci rolled Sara onto her back and moved between her legs.

This time there was no loving caresses, playful teasing or anything even resembling foreplay. Marci's face was between Sara's legs, and she was devouring her sister's pussy. Now it was Sara's turn to writhe on the bed, and wad up the bed sheets in her hand as Marci tongue fucked her pussy as she reached up and started squeezing Sara's breasts.

Sara was soon thrusting her pussy into Marci's face as she gasp, and squealed as Marci went from tongue fucking her to sucking her clit. She moved her hands back down, and stuffed as many fingers as she could in Sara's pussy, plus one between her cheeks as she started fingering Sara's ass making her squeal louder.

The harder she sucked Sara's pussy the louder she squealed. It wasn't long before her body stiffened, and Sara was cumming over and over. With Sara's juices covering her face, Marci and Sara got into a hot 69 with the two women between one anothers legs, licking groping and eventually cumming again. Afterward Sara and Marci hugged and cuddled with Sara commenting,

Oh Sis....that was amazing. I haven't cum that hard in so long. Peter is good....don't get me wrong, but there's just something about having a woman between your legs that really is special. I love you so much Sweetie, and I'm so glad we got together and did this."

"Me too Sara, and I have no feelings of guilt what so ever. Thank you for loving me so much."

"You know Marci....wouldn't it be cool if you, me and Peter could have a threesome together?"

"Hell ya, but will he go for it?"

"Oh I think I could persuade him. I was planning a barbecue Saturday after I get back from a meeting I have to go to. That would be the perfect time. You up for it?"


"Good. In the meantime if you get a chance to fuck him do it. I think you'll find Peter's cock in amazing, and you already know how well he eats pussy."

"Oh ya."

"Good, now I've got to get to work....see you tonight."

To be continued...


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Very well done. Looking forward to the next part

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