Sometimes the way a person looks at you makes you want to be seen...
You could feel his eyes on you like the rays of the sun. His stare was constant and hot, making you feel as though you would burn if he stared at you like this for too long. You sipped on your water, trying to avoid his eyes, looking around the restaurant, trying to find something to distract you from the feel of his eyes on you, but you could not. You put your glass down and smoothed the tablecloth in front of you, trying for a few more seconds not to look at him, but then you found you could not avoid his eyes any longer. You looked up at him, looked into his eyes and saw in them a lust that startled you.

You recognized that look. You had seen it a few hours earlier when you had been dressing for dinner. He had walked into the bedroom, when you had been in your black bra and thong, just about to let your hair down. He had looked at you with a sudden fire in his eyes. "Stop!" he had said sharply, then he had walked over to you and circled around you as you stood with your hands in your hair, his eyes traveling over every part of your body with the same intense stare that was now devouring you. He came around in front of you and stared into your eyes with that same intense look. Then his hands reached out and grabbed the sides of your thong. Without breaking eye contact, he had kneeled down to pull your thong down and off you. Then he stood back up, looking directly at you and said quietly, "You won't need these tonight."

That stare was there at times through dinner, emerging from behind his smile in unguarded moments. His eyes had shown the same intensity as he had held the car door for you when you had left the house. That same look had been there when he helped you out of the car in the parking lot and his hand had traveled down your body, pulling you in close for a passionate hug. That same lustful look had emerged every once in awhile during dinner. Now and then you would look up during a break in the conversation and realize that he was seeing you again as he had that afternoon - nearly naked in your bedroom.

And now that same look was there across the table from you. That look was a scary look. It was a primal look, a look that spoke only of pure lust. There was no tenderness, no gentleness, no romance in that look. This was not the look a man gave a woman when he was being solicitous and concerned with her well being. This was a look that said I WANT YOU, here, now, no matter the consequences. This was a look that spoke only of wanting, needing, possessing, dominating. This was not the look that a man used when he presented a woman with a rose. This is the look that grabbed a rose, paying no attention to the thorns, as he threw it aside to get to the object of his lust.

But that look, that intense, lust filled look sitting across the table from you did not frighten you one bit. Instead you now found yourself thinking about what it meant. You began to imagine what that look would do to you. You thought about what it meant to be the target of that look. And as you thought about this, you began to look at him in the same way. Sitting across the table from you now was not the man that you laughed with. Sitting across from you now was a hard cock that needed to be in your pussy as soon as possible.

"We need to leave now," you said as you looked at him.

That look disappeared behind a sudden rush of concern. "Are you OK?" he asked as he put his wine glass down on the table.

"I am fine, but someone left me without any panties. And with the looks that you have been giving me all night, my dress is not going to stay dry much longer. We need to leave now, before I strip my clothes off and lay myself in front of you on this table."

That look came back in an instant, shaded by a smile. His eyes never left yours as he called out, "Waiter, check please." That look stared out at you intently as it took another sip of wine.

The two of you walked out of the restaurant a short time later, his hand right on the top of your ass as he squired you through the tables and out the door. The sidewalk outside the restaurant was empty and dark, the Riverwalk not a crowded place on a weeknight. His hand slid lower, cupping your ass through your dress as you turned toward the path to the garage. As soon as you reached the corner of the building, he turned his body into you, using his bulk to push you up against the side wall of the restaurant. He continued to push you until your back was up against the wall, his hands now pushing your hips back.

His eyes were boring into you and yours were wide open, inviting his gaze, asking for this. His mouth descended on your neck, biting into it and then starting to ascend until he reached your lips. He pulled back for a second and stared at you as his hands went down to the bottom of your skirt. Then they started back up, this time underneath the skirt, pulling it up, until his hands reached your bare hips again. You could feel the iron grip of his hands on your hips, his thumbs and fingers straining into your flesh, as he savagely kissed your lips. A small whimper escaped you as you felt him push his body into you. He kissed you wildly, his lips and tongue wondering all over your mouth, tasting you. You slumped against him, letting him support you, as you gave in to the feeling of delicious abandonment that was stirring within you.

Wherever you went for the few seconds it took, you did not know, but you were lost to this world for a bit until you felt his fingers touch your pussy. It was a gentle, probing touch, like a lion testing the wind to see if the time was right to hunt. His fingers lightly traced between the lips of your pussy, slowly running up to your clit in one soft, slow motion, feeling the moisture and the heat that had been building there all through dinner. Then he pulled back his fingers and his lips, still pushing you against the wall with his body. He looked down at you with the same hunger, but now his hands grabbed yours and lifted them above your head. His left hand grabbed your wrists and held your arms above you. His right hand went back under your skirt, rising quickly to once again rest on your pussy. He stopped like that for a minute, looking at you, noticing your half open mouth, your half open eyes and the desire within them. Then suddenly, savagely, he kissed you as his fingers plunged into your pussy.
He continued kissing you as his fingers surrounded and pulled at your clit. This was what you needed; this is what you wanted since you had noticed the lust in his eyes after dinner. Nothing else mattered right now. All that you wanted was to feel him inside you, to feel how much he wanted you. You pushed your hips out at him, trying to drive his fingers inside of you. He pulled back from kissing you and started working his way around your face to your ear, biting the lobe lightly.

"God, I love how warm and wet your cunt is right now, slut. I love how hot and wanton you are," he whispered as his fingers pinched your clit. He pushed his body into yours a little more letting you feel his cock as it pushed against his slacks. "One of the reasons I want you is because you are so sexy. A slut like you, with such a hot little cunt on her, is just what I wanted."

You lifted and spread your legs a bit, pushing up on your toes, trying to give him better access to your pussy as he said these words. The feel of his breath on your face as he whispered to you was as hot as anything you could remember feeling. You moaned as you thought of what a slut you were, of how hot you were, of how you would have let him take you in the restaurant, right there in front of everybody, if he had wanted to. Just to see how much he wanted you was enough to get you wet and feeling wicked. Now, the thought that you were out here on the side of the restaurant with everyone else inside eating their dinners made you moan again, a long gasp escaping you as he pushed his fingers deep inside your pussy.

A low cough made your eyes fly open. You looked around but could not see anyone, but he stopped rubbing your pussy, just letting his fingers rest on the swollen lips of your pussy. He kissed you on the lips and then stepped back, your skirt falling back down as he pulled his hand away. He grabbed you by your left wrist and began to half lead, half pull you out from the side of the restaurant. As you came around the corner, you could see a man standing outside the door, smoking a cigarette. Had he walked by, you wondered. Was this the man that had coughed? You couldn’t tell, but he nodded his head to the two of you and said, “Good evening,” as you passed.

You would have liked to have looked back more to try and read his expression. Did his eyes have a knowing smile? Was he right now remembering how you had looked pinned up against the side of the building? What had he seen or heard? But you could not discover the answer to those questions. There was not enough light on this moonless night and you were being pulled along at such a fast pace that you could not look at the stranger’s face for more than a second or two before you were beyond him. What he had seen and what he knew would have to always remain a mystery to you.

The stranger and what he knew were forced from your mind by a more pressing concern. You were being dragged along the Riverwalk at a breakneck speed. Wherever he was leading you he wanted to get there in a hurry. You were being led and dragged in equal measures, his grip on your left wrist unbreakable. When you reached the “T” in the sidewalk where the path to the garage was, he went in the opposite direction, heading towards the river. You looked back for a minute, confused, but then just let go of any concerns to live in the moment. You weren’t sure where you were going, but you felt somehow that the trip would be worth it.

You walked for a few minutes and came out by the river. He turned you to the left and walked until you reached a bench that was in shadow, the trees blocking out the streetlights. He pulled you behind the bench and turned you to face him. His left hand grabbed your hair, pulling your head back as he kissed you and his right hand again went to your pussy. The two of you stood there, kissing deeply, until he felt your body relax into his. Then he grabbed onto your shoulders, turned you around and bent you down so that you had to put your hands on the top of the bench to keep your balance. He then flipped your skirt up over your ass and you heard the sound of his zipper as you felt the cool air of the night on your ass cheeks.

At least you had the comfort of knowing that you had not run into anyone else on the Riverwalk tonight. It was deserted, the tourists gone for the season and the rain from earlier having chased everyone else inside. There seemed not to be another soul on the Riverwalk tonight.

But very soon those thoughts were interrupted by reality again. Just as you tightened your grip on the back of the bench and felt the head of his cock pushing on your pussy lips, a boat passed by on the river not more than fifty feet away. But he seemed not to care. He thrust into you, his cock flying into you so fast and so hard you thought it a miracle that you didn’t go flying over the top of the bench. You had to bite your lip to keep from gasping out in surprise. Your eyelids closed, trying to hold your eyeballs in your head, and by the time they opened the boat was a good 100 yards down the river.

When you saw this, you relaxed a bit, letting yourself surrender to the feeling of his cock inside you, letting your body enjoy the sensation of his hands on your hips. This was what you had wanted since sitting down to dinner. This is what he had wanted since he had seen you that afternoon. Now was not the time to think; now was the time to let yourself feel.

You began to match his thrusts, pushing your hips back at him as he pushed into you. Your head dropped a bit as your hands gripped the bench. His hands were firmly on the bare flesh of your hips, holding your ass up a bit to make it easier for him to push his cock powerfully into your pussy. You could hear the slap of your hips against his and wondered how many other people might be out there in the dark, hearing that sound and wondering what it was…

Another boat appeared in the river. This was a big private yacht, dark and sleek and silent. There were few lights on, but you could see a few people in the top deck, sitting around underneath a canopy that had some soft lighting on. The soft muted tones of their conversation floated over the water to you. No one seemed to see you. The people on the yacht were absorbed in their own little world and did not notice the two of you fucking not more than a hundred feet from them.

That boat was soon gone. It was back to the two of you. You could feel his cock as he pulled nearly out of you just so that he could enjoy the feeling as your pussy lips slid along his cock when he thrust it back in. The cool night air slipped in between you each time he pulled his hips away to thrust back in, causing your ass to feel a slight chill as the night air met your hot sweat. Your breath was beginning to come in ragged gasps as your body tried not to breathe when he was pushing into you. You were starting to moan in time with each thrust and breath, exhaling and moaning with each push of his cock inside of you. The moans began to get faster as his pace quickened. Just a few more thrusts, just a few more minutes and all the lust that had been burning inside the two of you would finally be released…

Another boat came down the river. The tree that hid you from view from down river also meant that each boat just seemed to pop out around it. It also deadened the sounds of the approaching boats until you saw them, so you had no real warning when this boat came around the tree. It was a cabin cruiser, smaller by far than the yacht that had passed, but it was brighter and crowded. There was a crowd on deck, dancing and drinking, with bright party lights strung up on the boat.

You could see that people on this boat noticed you. You could see nudges and people turning to look back at the two of you. But you didn’t care. Right now, at this point, all you cared about was feeling his cock in you. All you wanted was to find that release, to let out that wild primal feeling that had been trapped inside of you all day. You pushed back at him. He pulled your hips to meet him. You felt a wave of pleasure meet these new thrusts and a scream jumped out of you, twisting your body as it left so that you turned your head back around to look at his face as he came in you, the feel of his cock throbbing in you telling you that his lust had also found its release.

On the boat, there was some scattered applause and a few whistles when they heard your scream, but soon that boat too was gone. He pulled you up and turned you around, kissing you gently this time, the need for savagery sated for now. He held you in a firm and gentle hug, his arms wrapped around you protectively, possessively. He looked down at you with a smile on his face and in his eyes.

“I am so glad,” he said, “that you are such a slut. It sure makes life interesting.”

“Well Mister, just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet,” you said lightly.

He looked down at your eyes again, putting his fingers on your chin to hold your lips near his. “I’ll hold you too that…” he said then kissed you again.

Bard of the BadlandsReport

2013-02-13 01:43:56
Thank you Anon 2013-02-10 18:09:35 for your feedback. I do appreciate it. And it points out to me that I should have defined the lexicon better - to these two, the word "slut" is not an insult. It is more a badge of honor. It is not something he would call her in polite company, but it is what she is when they are alone - and they both are glad of it.

Much worse for them would have been for him to call her a prude. THAT would be an insult!

Thank you again for your humble opinion.

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-10 18:09:33
I liked the story until he started calling her a slut. Why is she a slut? Because she likes sex? You can be a good, respectable woman and have an erotic, adventurous sex life. Men don't have that double standard, and I don't think women should either. It reminds me of back in the day when women would have vanilla sex with their wives, and have affairs with women who would pleasure them by fulfilling their wildest sexual desires. Trust me, there are women who love sex, like to pleasure their man, be pleasured by their man, and know how to spice things up by being adventurous, by being up for anything that feels good. Just my humble opinion....

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