Part 2 in the story of Naruto and Konoha
“Ino Joins the Fun”

It was a sight to behold for anyone looking at the scene. Three superiors of hers on the floor in a manner she never would of thought possible in her wildest dreams. Looking at Sakura a rival and a friend since childhood now on the floor in nothing like the day she was born. Tsunade the Hokage one of the most prestige and respected shinobi in the leaf village also in her birthday suit, then Shizune an older sister of hers she always thought was a fine medical-nin that taught her many secrets of the medical side of the world that most others would never know if they hadn't traveled with Tsunade. Ino stared in total panic frozen in time staring at three women who taught her the medical world.

Taking a deep breath she steps forward unsure why, but as she got closer she saw something that made her question her entire life every one of the women in front of her that were laying on the floor of the Hokage’s had cocks. She knew males had them not that she had seen many, but still never a woman having a cock. She screams loud enough the ANBU above her cover their ears. She turns and begins running to the door as if she was possessed by a banshee.

Sakura knew how her friend was acting. She herself would be acting the same if it wasn't for the book Sai gave her that changed her life forever. Sakura quickly gets dressed and runs out the door to find Ino.

Tsunade moves over to Shizune and the two play with each other for moment before deciding to head into Tsunade’s bedroom for more fun.


Ino runs into the woods outside the village walls exhausted, confused and crying over what is real anymore. Is she the abnormal one that doesn’t have a cock? She doesn’t understand sitting down with her head between her knees by a large tree with small amounts of light flickering through the tops of the trees she sat there alone.

Sakura the moment she left Tsunade’s lost Ino’s tracks and did a vast search for her friend unable to find her in her normal spots. She walks out of the village depressed and hopeless. A gust of wind blows her hair when she hears a faint cry of agony somewhere in the woods.

Ino looks around her with obscure vision through the crying fir she was in. A shinobi isn’t supposed to show emotion and yet her she was in the pits clueless that someone was watching her. After awhile she settles down and grabs a kunai from her pocket and throws it at a nearby tree. She walks over to it and scrapes the tree bark than she felt it. Frozen she could not turn her head knowing she might get out of this downfall after all.

Sakura grabs a hold of Ino’s hand holding the kunai. “Let’s talk” Sakura says breathlessly to Ino. Ino drops the kunai on to the earth and with the same motion falls to the ground ready to hear it. Ready to hear words that it was an illusion. Words that say I’m sorry. Words that could comfort her from the pit she is in. Words were all she wanted.

Sakura explains the story of the book, and then the story Tsunade tells her, and how they got to the floor. Ino laid there in total peace as she heard the story of how it all began.
“Do…do you…still have…it” Ino hesitantly replies emotionless laying there on the earth as Sakura sits with her back on the tree that Ino was scraping the tree.

“No, like I said it is a summon…” Sakura says and stops seeing the depression Ino was in.

“I…I…” Ino could not put the words together and leaves. She wanted to think things over and get her head back together. Sakura understood why Ino left knowing it was a complicated manner. Sakura grabbed the kunai and placed it into the tree and left.


Sitting alone depressed at the hot spas a few strangers pass by as Sakura sits there not knowing what else she could do to help Ino understand what was going on. She sat there going through the time she received the book to Ino in the woods.

Looking down she realized she had been in the hot spas too long she grabbed her towel, as she stepped out Ino walked out of the locker room with a white towel covering. She acknowledged a few ladies and wondered into the hot spas.

Sakura wrapped the towel around her body and walked over to Ino who looked like a mess. “May I join you” There was no comment by Ino other than she simply moved slightly over.

Sakura sat down and the moment she did Ino made a sound “I went to the library earlier and asked the librarian. It seems it is true that all it is a summoning jutsu. Hard to imagine the Uzamaki clan would be so clever to create something like that counting how stupid Naruto is.”

Both girls giggled at that remark and talked about the feelings and each apologizing to the other before Ino’s next comment.

“If it feels right then I would like to learn it too” Ino for the first time through this mess smiles at Sakura.

“Get out and I’ll show you” Sakura replies knowing her rival, her friend, and her sister shinobi wants to learn the same thing she learned. Ino gets out and lies on the ground. Sakura makes the hand symbols and places her hand on top of Ino’s private area. She then does the same for herself. Immediately the two girls have hard cocks sticking out of their towels. Both blush embarrassed yet excited at what is going to happen next. Sakura leans in and kisses Ino on the lips. Then she goes at it again and the two lock tongues moving their hands over each other’s bodies.

Ino moves her right hand down to Sakura’s cock feeling it for the first time. She also moves her left hand behind Sakura’s back and down to her ass cheeks. Sakura moves her hand gripping Ino’s hard cock and rubbing it than the other toward Ino’s lushes’ breasts teasing the tits.

Locked in harmony if anyone was watching they would have thought that they were two lesbians from afar. Fortunately there was no one in sight as they made out.

Sakura pulled away from Ino and moved down kissing her breasts than down to her stomach teasing and pleasing her friend. From the stomach she moved to the thigh making Ino’s pussy and cock ache for attention as Sakura teased her. Ino was burning for the moment Sakura licked her lips around her cock and gave attention to her pussy.

Sakura licked the tip of the cock sending shivers all over Ino’s body. Ino cupped her breasts slightly moaning. Sakura moved her hands on top of where Ino had her hands both moving in a rotating matter on Ino’s breasts.

Sakura then licked Ino’s hairless balls sending more waves of lust through Ino. Then something Ino was expecting Sakura sucked on the two swirling her tongue around. Ino could no longer handle it grabbed her towel and screamed though it so not to bring attention to anyone around.

Sakura moved further down and licked Ino’s wet pussy that was dripping. Sakura licked the clit and then shoved her tongue deep into her friend’s pussy. Ino lied down shoving the towel in her mouth now in total ecstasy. Ino had never been with a woman she had done a few boys in the hospital, but nothing could ever compare to the joy she was having now. Here was someone she trusted and it felt so right for the first time in her life Ino loved every moment of this. Then it happened…

Ino’s cock was engulfed by Sakura. The feeling of Sakura’s tongue swirling around her cock made Ino eyes roll. She badly wanted to remove the towel from he mouth, but she knew also this was not for anyone else’s eyes. Sakura sucked and sucked playing with Ino’s balls in one hand and the other she was rubbing her own cock keeping it hard.

Sakura wanted to taste Ino. She wanted to shoot cum into her mouth. She wanted to swallow the load. She also wanted to fuck her friend. Ino arched her back feeling something for the first time ever her balls tightened and ached. Then at last Ino came shooting several loads of hot steamy cum into Sakura’s mouth. Sakura acted like a vacuum sucking and swallowing it all up. Sakura cleaned her cock up. Then she got up and showed Ino the cock without words Ino consented Sakura to fuck her.

Sakura’s cock touched the lips of Ino’s pussy and then shoved it slowly in getting the feeling for the first time of actually fucking another chick’s pussy. Sakura slid in and out of her pussy feeling the wetness and how tight her friend’s pussy really was. After awhile Sakura started finding a rhythm and fucked her and fucked her repeatedly. Ino could no longer handle the towel she took out of her mouth ready to scream.

Sakura sealing the moment locked lips with Ino before she could scream. Each other’s tongues were in each others mouths in an erotic way that neither of them would any day before would have seen this happen. They were no longer just friends, but lovers.

Ino wasn’t going to be the only one being fucked today she also wanted to fuck. She made the hand symbols and made a clone. The clone Ino was behind Sakura feeling Sakura’s larger breasts. Sakura turned slightly and smiled wickedly and also made a clone. Sakura’s clone was sitting in front of the real Ino with her cock pointing toward her mouth.

Clone Ino positioned her cock into the real Sakura’s pussy fucking her. Sakura fucked the real Ino. Ino sucked on cloned Sakura’s cock.

Cloned Ino not only fucked Sakura, but also played with her breasts and kissed her neck gently as Sakura screamed. She bent slightly forward and kissed her clone on the mouth. Sakura kissed herself feeling the inside of her clone’s mouth. Real Sakura positioned one hand on the cloned Sakura’s breasts and the other rubbing the real Ino’s cock. Cloned Sakura had one hand feeling real Sakura’s breast and real Ino’s breast. Real Ino sucked for the first time a female cock and could no longer stop the feeling. She never gave a blowjob to any boy before and here she was giving one to a cloned Sakura. She had one hand on the cloned Sakura’s breast that real Sakura wasn’t feeling and the other hand she had holding real Sakura’s hand over her cock that was rubbing her. She like Sakura screamed enjoying the feeling of complete sex. Streams of cum came from all four dripping onto the earth and onto the real Ino. All having multiple orgasms no longer caring if someone came by they were in the throws of true lesbian love.

Cloned Sakura shot loads of cum into Ino’s mouth enough that it was dripping out of her mouth. Cloned Ino had came so many times into Sakura’s pussy the both their pussies were wet and dripping cum. Sakura couldn’t believe she was fucking and getting fucked both of her sex organs were soaked. Ino’s pussy was raw and oozing of white cum from her friend. Her cock had fired loads of cum on Sakura’s and her hands and stomachs.

The clones vanished both girls took several deep breaths of air. Sakura moved around Ino and positioned her cock and pussy on top of Ino’s face, while Sakura positioned herself to suck off and finger her lover’s pussy and cock. Locked into a 69 the two lovers sucked, rubbed, fingered, and licked each other’s private parts until both collapsed on the earth. Resting for a short while they get up and head for the showers.

Once in the showers they rubbed the soap on each other’s bodies no longer trying to get each other off, but simply to clean the sex off of each other. They were tired and in love. Once all cleaned they locked lips once more as Sakura makes the hand symbols to remove her cock and Ino’s. Both ladies now cockless looked like actual naked women.

They cleaned off and got dressed flirting with each other through the time. Once dressed they walk out of the locker room holding hands smiling toward each other knowing their sex lives got way better and life was turning around for good for both who had been in a total roller coaster the last twenty-four hours.


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