Because some of you are whiny little bitches and won't let me develop a truly pervered story.
Gentle Readers... You guys have no idea... I wanted to give myself a little time before I launched this part but because of your whiny bitchy comments I have to post this story prematurely... I don't like to go off prematurely... I'm sure none of you like that either, that said... HERE... and remember I read the comments and I pay attention, so let me tell the story. For the record I wanted a longer chapter, but fine you want to know why I did what I did in the last chapter. Read on.

I looked up Belinda and Lacey were on either side of me, peeled back the sheet and sucked on Belinda’s nipple while I wiggled my way between her thick thighs. It didn’t take her too long to open her legs and I was very soon pounding my morning wood into her hot slut box. She opened her eyes and smiled at me and Lacey sat up and started kissing me. I whispered in Lacey’s ear to ride her friends face and after a few moments we were the perfect little triangle. My hot cock pounding into Belinda and Belinda eating Lacy it was hot, and given that I had had a pretty good night’s rest It didn’t take long for my cum to start blasting the inside of Belinda’s hot little twat. We showered together we had to hurry but I did manage to blow a load into Lacey’s smooth little honey hole before we went to school.

School was pretty boring until Gym or at least after, that is when this little Chinese girl, maybe she was Korean I didn’t really know walked up to me. “You wanna be my boyfriend.”

“Uh… why I asked.”
“My Mom says you make good boyfriend to me”
“What?… Um who is your mom?”
“She says you were at her shop with your friends”
“Uh… your mom is Sue?”
She smiled “Yes”
“You don’t have to…” she said looking a little disappointed.
“Let me think about it okay”
“Okay” she said brightly, “Here I show you good girlfriend trick.” She pulled me into the Janitor’s closet and got down on her knees and opened my pant’s and inhaled my cock. It took her less than a minute and I was empying my balls down this girls throat.

I gasped “You let me know okay?” she said handing me a little slip of paper I looked down on it and it said “Lee and her phone number” I tucked it into my pocket and hoped to god I would make it through the rest of my classes. I did without any further issues, we did which was good, I didn’t even fool around with my sluts on the bus.

When I walked into the door Becky walked up to me holding out a cardboard fedex box. “What’s this?” I asked

“From your mom” she said.

“They are still on vacation.”


“Oh good I was worried for a second”

“What that you wouldn’t get a chance to knock all of your harem up?”

“Well that too but I was worried that mom would spoil everything.”

I opened the box and inside was a DVD… I wondered if I should play it in the living room, probably mom and dad on the beach showing off what a good time they were having. I decided caution for some reason and I went over to Lacey and Miranda’s and Plugged it into their computer. Lacey was in her room doing her homework and Miranda came over to give me a blowjob while I watched the movie.

The first scene opened on a closeup of a white girl going down on a dark skinned woman it wasn’t until she lifted her head and cried out “Oh god that cock is great” did I realize that it was my mother. Holy shit I almost blew my load right there but then the camera panned back and there was this huge dog humping the shit out of my mom. And I did spew my load right into Miranda’s hungry mouth. There was another ten minutes of her and the girl and the dog and then her and two dogs. Then there was five minutes of mom she wasn’t wearing any makeup and I think there was some jizz on her cheek “Um Hi Keith… I need to let you know that your going to marry this girl so I can come home. The camera panned over to a pretty hot little number who was wearing just a shirt and hand her hands folded in front of her. I know you will say yes so the arrangements are made. She’s a year or so older than your sister but don’t worry. Your Dad isn’t coming home… The screen flashed back to my mom and the first woman in a sixty-nine while a dog humped them. This went on till the dog pulled his cock out of my mom and a river of white dog cum splashed on the other woman’s face.

I stopped the video; I didn’t know what to say I was completely lost. I went back to the other house and lay down trying to process everything that happened. It wasn’t long before Becky walked in “hey tiger what’s your problem?”

“Um well it’s a long story…”

“Well go on, Maybe Miranda should be here too”

“Okay” she said and a few minutes later she returned with Miranda

“Okay” Miranda said “Spill”

“Well first…” I went on to describe my encounter with Lee. Miranda suggested that she be my at school girlfriend so that no one would be suspicious. Then I went on to describe the video.

“Hot Damn” Miranda said, “I wanna see that! And your mom isn’t going to be able to say shit about what is going on here.”

“Are you”

“Positive” Becky said

“When do you think she will come back?” Lacey asked.

“I don’t know maybe it will say in the video…”

“Is that why you shot so fast?” Lacey asked.

“Yeah” I said a little sheepishly.

“It’s still so fucking hot” Becky interrupted.

“What?” Lacey said.

“Think of it Keith Knocking up his own mom” she growled. “God I need to get fucked”

“Me too Lacey said.”

“Oh no you Bitches are cut off till your good and fertile”

“Aww… Please” they begged.

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