Newfound talents are put to greater tests.
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“Broc, please!” whimpered Julie, finding her voice. Her instinctive, puppy dog eyes implored him for mercy. Her older brother just continued to grin wickedly at the two of them.

Will sill sat naked on the couch, a throw pillow the most convenient covering he could obtain to cover himself. “C’mon, man,” he pled desperately. “Are you seriously gonna be that coercive with us?”

“Coercive?” Broc repeated with an astonished chuckle. “You’re the one getting our little sister to suck you off and you’re calling me ‘coercive’?

Again, Will was at a loss for words. Julie wasn’t particularly any better armed. Earlier that afternoon, Will had returned from school in lather over a terrible day. His younger sister, Julie, had tried to comfort him and, after a bit of talk, he had suggested sarcastically that a blowjob would help improve his mood.

Upon hearing the idea, Julie had actually volunteered herself, much to Will’s surprise and objection. Following a discussion about the pros and cons, Julie had opened Will up to the idea of his sister ‘comforting’ him as well, though he insisted that the secret be kept absolutely and exclusively between them. The two retreated into the entertainment room in their home’s basement for privacy.

It had been Julie’s first experience ever with anything sexual – with someone else at least. Even at only the age of twelve, she had found her own sexual instincts awakening and she had aroused and pleasured herself on numerous occasions. Still she had never shared the adventure with someone else before her brother, Will. As her hands and then lips wrapped around her brother’s solid, sixteen-year-old manhood, she was amazed just how much effect she could have on a man. She had enjoyed every moment of their time together.

No sooner had she finished – her brother’s white fluids filling her mouth and spilling down her chin onto the towel he sat on – than their other brother, Broc, had rounded the corner of the basement hallway unexpectedly. Having thought they were completely alone, the brother-sister duo was caught completely by surprise. Since that fateful moment, Broc had stared with intense interest at the other two, particularly his younger sister, Julie.

Raising an eyebrow at her, Broc asked, “So, what’s it gonna be?”

Emotions welled up in Julie. She attempted to suppress them, but they flooded to the surface anyways. She couldn’t pin exactly what she was feeling. It was a combination of things. She felt embarrassment, sorrow, guilt, surprise, shame, remorse and an assortment of other negative emotions all rolled into a mix together. She gasped once, and it turned into a horrible sob. Tears welled up quickly in her eyes.

Ignoring Broc, Will turned his attention to his sister. Putting a comforting hand on his shoulder, he whispered, “Hey, hey, hey. Jewels, this is not your fault, ok? This isn’t your fault.” She nodded slowly, feeling a warm trickle on her cheek as a tear descended. “This is all my doing. I shouldn’t have let anything happen. He pulled her in, and she relented to the hug. “I’m the older brother. I knew better. I’ll take the blame for this,” Will promised.

“Mm-hm,” she managed between sniffles, her tears flowing feely now.

“Ok,” he soothed. He rubbed her back affectionately before focusing on Broc again. The younger brother squared his shoulders, prepared to take whatever Will could dish out to him. “I certainly hope you’re not considering telling Mom and Dad about this.”

“I could if I wanted,” Broc replied. “They’d be pissed!” His face curved into an amused sneer. “They think it’s bad enough that we walk around in our underwear in front of each other. They’d absolutely hit the roof with this!”

Julie withdrew from Will as he stood up suddenly, tossing the pillow he was using to hide himself aside. He stood there, all 5’9” of his muscular, sixteen-year-old swimming-toned body completely naked and open to Julie’s vision. If they hadn’t been in such a nerve-wracking standoff with Broc and his snide attitude, she would have been very pleased to see her brother’s stripling body displayed so liberally.

“Don’t you dare!” shouted Will slowly and clearly to his brother. “We were just messing around; nothing more!”

Broc scoffed amusedly. “Yeah,” he said, suppressing a laugh. “I can see that.”

Will stood his ground resolutely, beginning to clench his fists instead of speaking further. Julie could sense an impending fight between her brothers. Broc was cocky – it was true – and the fourteen-year-old often had an uppity, superior attitude towards his peers, his older brother in particular. He was always trying to outdo or outsmart Will. This time, however, it was clear that Will considered the timing of Broc’s pride ill-placed.

“I didn’t say I was going to tell them,” confessed Broc after a moment, also sensing an unwanted fistfight. “I’ve only pointed out that I don’t have a reason to keep my mouth shut.” The high-and-mighty tone in his voice was obvious. It made Julie nervous. Evidently, Broc had this all planned out. Was he honestly considering intimidation as a viable option? With a quick glance at Julie, Broc suggested, “If I were to get some action—”

Will came immediately to Julie’s defence, stepping into his younger brother’s line of sight. Julie watched as the older of the two brothers drew in a great breath, straightening up into a terrifying posture. Will pointed his finger straight into his younger brother’s face. “Broc, if you think for one second that I’m about to let you force Julie into anything, you’re stupider than I would have guessed!” he bellowed, his fists turning white.

Julie saw Broc’s eyes widen. Such aggression was a rare thing for Will. As he backed down, Broc almost looked nervous. The sudden outburst had Julie very astonished, too.

“I’ll kick your ass, Broc! Mom and Dad will have to pry me off you with the Jaws of Life! I’ll be all over you like white on rice faster than—”

“Woah! Cool it, man!” conceded Broc quickly, raising his hands in surrender and taking a step backwards. “Let’s take this down a notch, ok?”

Seeing Will exhale slowly, Julie began breathing again. She hadn’t noticed she had begun holding her breath before now. She was just glad her breathing started again as some of the tension in Will dissipated as he thoroughly evaluated their brother’s response.

As Will revved down, Broc explained, “I didn’t say I was going to force her into anything. I’d never do that. Would it piss me off if you guys didn’t let me in on this little secret? Yeah, for sure! But I’m not about to blackmail our little sister or something into giving me head.”

Breathing deeply, Will unclenched his fists and his body relaxed. Julie sighed quietly, glad that he seemed satisfied with their brother’s response.

Broc looked around his sixteen-year-old sibling at his sister. Julie’s breathing was still shallow – evidence of anxiety from watching her two brothers argue – but it was quickly becoming regular again. Broc smiled at her reassuringly before returning his eyes to Will. “You know as well as I do what Dad always says about girls: always respect their choices; never force them.”

Julie smiled as Will sighed heavily, withdrew from his defensive stance and stepped back to allow direct access to their twelve-year-old sister. “Alright,” he permitted gruffly, raising an eyebrow at him in warning.


“Yeah.” Will raised a finger. “I’ll still be watching you, though.”

Broc huffed a laugh. “Fair enough,” he shrugged while picking the throw pillow off the floor. Shoving it at his older brother, Broc complained, “And for hell’s sake, at least keep this where it’ll do the most benefit for my eyes. Your junk is the last thing I wanna see.” Julie giggled at the younger brother’s request.

Finally cracking a smile, Will chuckled, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He sat on the couch and replaced the pillow. “I guess I am still naked here, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, just kinda,” winced Broc. “Don’t remind me.” Turning his attention, he met Julie’s eyes. Folding his arms, he asked her, “So, Jewels, you wanna get in some more practice?”

Inside of her pre-teen body, Julie felt anxious again, though for completely different reasons this time. The space between her legs once more seemed to tingle. Moments ago she had been awestruck seeing Will’s sixteen-year-old manhood – and even more thrilled when she began stroking it with both her hands and mouth. She knew she had truly pleasured and satisfied the older of her two brothers.

What’s more, she had very much appreciated seeing Will enjoy himself to the degree he had. It was a great compliment to her. It was particularly special being that it was her first time. She took comfort in knowing that their afternoon together had truly soothed at least some of his hurt from earlier that day. Such was her precise intention. Plus, the fact that her brother’s orgasm had filled her mouth excited her like nothing ever had before. The whole experience had opened up an entirely new level of erotic exhilaration for her.

Sex, she found, was something she truly enjoyed, no matter what her level of participation. She wanted more – and now, to her delight, her other older brother wanted in on the deal, too.

Smiling greedily at him, she answered his question with another question. “What do you think?”

“I think it looks like you’re ready to suck some more cock,” teased Broc. Beside them, Will scoffed, but their focus was on one another.

They sat in a momentary standoff, just staring intently into the other’s eyes, grinning like schoolchildren, not wanting to be the first to break. Finally, Julie used the technique that had finally cracked Will earlier that day. Licking her lips seductively, inviting Broc to enjoy her treatment to his body.

Just as Will had, Broc burst out laughing. “Holy crap, Jewels!” he mocked, getting a hold of himself. “You’re a skanky little girl, aren’t you?”

Julie pulsed her eyebrows at him. “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” she promised him.

Standing with his mouth agape, Broc turned his head slowly and looked at his older brother, who nodded knowingly at him. They both refocused their attention on Julie.

“Well, what are you waiting for, Mr. Horny?” she urged. “Go get a towel and let’s do this.”

Broc was gone in an instant, rushing off down the hallway like a flash.

“Damn, someone’s anxious, isn’t he?” Will observed.

Julie nodded. “Almost as anxious as someone else I know.” She winked at her brother.

“Hey!” objected Will with a wide smile. “I was trying to deter you.”

“At first, maybe,” Julie countered.

Will rolled his eyes, considering this. “Yeah, I guess.” He shook his head in disbelief. “Once you broke my resistance I was more than a willing participant, wasn’t I?”

Stretching her hands as far apart as she could, she exaggerated, “Only a little, Will.”

He laughed. She giggled along with him.

“By the way, thanks,” she added. He looked at her inquisitively. She clarified, “Thanks for sticking up for me.”

He smiled. “You’re welcome, Jewels,” he replied softly. “I wasn’t about to let him force you. Sex isn’t about coercing someone and bending them to your will. Everyone should be a willing participant, you know.”

“I know,” she assured. “I just really appreciated it. I was more than willing to do it for him the instant he caught us, but I know what you mean. I wanted it to happen as a mutual agreement, not because I was forced to.”

“Exactly; you should always enforce that idea, no matter who the guy is,” Will agreed as Broc re-entered the room. “Never forget that, Julie. You’re welcome.”

“Forget what?” asked Broc. “Welcome for what?”

“Never forget that I’ll slice off your balls and eat them for dinner in front of you if you ever hurt our sister in any way in order to get a thrill,” responded Will harshly. “Got it?”

“Got it!” Broc huffed in exasperation. “Got it; got it!” He sighed. “Sorry it took an extra minute. The towel shelf was empty so I had to go searching and—”

“Broc!” scolded Will jovially. “We don’t need a play-by-play. Are you gonna do this or what, man?”

“Ok, ok,” he apologized. “I’m just so excited for it!” Zeroing his eyes on Julie, he asked, “Are you ready for this?”

“Are you?” she countered playfully.

“Of course I am!” he stated boldly. “I was born ready!”

Julie shook her head. “Maybe you were, but, right now, it doesn’t look like it to me,” she denied. Broc scoffed, confused. Just as he was about to object, Julie rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “Get naked!” she insisted impatiently.

“Oh...right!” laughed Broc. He dropped the towel and scrambled to remove anything he was wearing. Julie watched with rapt interest. For the second time in her life, a male roughly her age would be naked in front of her – and both in the same day! Her body trembled with anticipation.

“Wow,” Will noted. “He’s not excited at all, is he?”

“No, I sure amn’t,” joked Broc, his voice muffled by the shirt travelling rapidly over his head. He finished kicking off his pants and underwear before removing his socks. “Ok,” he announced, standing nude in the middle of the room and looking at Julie, “ready!”

Will grimaced at the sight of his naked fourteen-year-old brother. “Sick,” he commented jokingly. “Me and my brother, both naked in the same room, getting blowjobs from our little sister; could this possibly get any weirder?” Will laughed at his own comment.

Ignoring him in favour of his goals, Broc set his towel on the opposite side of the L-shaped couch and sat down. Julie knelt down in front of him. “Woah, woah, woah!” he halted her. When she asked what the matter was he replied, “Well, what do you think?” She stared at him blankly. Frustrated, he explained, “Well, I’m ready – but you’re not!”

Broc began tugging lightly at his sister’s shirt. She giggled, realizing what he was referring to. Julie stood up and backed up a few steps. Dancing to only a beat in her head, she began swaying her twelve-year-old hips, teasing both of her brothers with the sultry actions. As they began catcalling, she reached for the hem of her shirt and lifted, removing the article of clothing, much to their delight. Her A-size breasts, covered only with a small, pink bra, came into view.

“Oh, yeah!” encouraged Broc. He whistled admiringly at her. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

Julie blushed and turned her eyes from the two of them, grinning widely and tossing her shirt to the side. She could hardly believe she was giving her brothers a striptease. This moment – with its new experience – was intensely erotic for her. Never before had she known any guy – let alone more than one at once – to pay so much attention to her. The familiar burning started between her thighs again.

“Damn, Broc!” Will complimented in a gasp, his eyes riveted on his sister. “You’re a genius! I never would have thought of this. I’m way too reserved to even consider it.” He looked his sister over with a hungry stare.

“Yeah, well,” shrugged Broc, “sometimes it pays to let your sex-driven-teen-guy brain do all the thinking. You could take a lesson or two from me in losing self-control, bro.” They chuckled before Broc prodded, “C’mon, Jewels. Let’s see some more of that great body of yours.” Julie looked up just as he gave her a lustful wink.

“C’mon, sexy,” Will chimed in after Julie hesitated a second.

She regarded them timidly. She wasn’t exactly embarrassed about her body, but not particularly proud, either. She felt she didn’t have much to offer a man when it came to woman’s shapely body. In the last year or so, she had become very impatient with the long, drawn-out process of puberty. Within her, a desperate want for confirmation existed.

“Do you guys really think I’m hot?” she inquired.

Both Will and Broc looked at each other, smiling knowingly. Turning back to her, Will complimented, “Well, you’re still pretty young; but, you look great, Jewels – like I said earlier, for a twelve-year-old, yes you’re hot.” He closed one eye as if analyzing her, waving his hands at her in an hourglass motion. Julie giggled at the gesture.

“For a twelve-year-old?” mocked Broc. “What the hell are you talking about, bro? She is smokin’ just the way she is!” He focused on his sister. “Yeah, sis, you’re hot, completely perfect – and just going to be sexy as hell the more you grow up if you keep exercising and eating healthy the way you do; I think we’ll have to thank Mom some day for how awesome your body looks, Jewels.” Julie was pleasantly surprised at Broc’s assessment. “You should hear some of the things my friends already say about you. They wanna get with you so bad!” Julie watched as Broc looked her over. “Can’t say I blame them.”


Broc nodded. “Dead serious.”

“Mine, too, Jewels,” Will added quickly. “Like I told you before, I’ve had to tell them to back off. Even though you’re a few years younger than us, they still think you’re totally hot. They’ve said they don’t care if you’re twelve, they just want to score with you.” Julie giggled again, feeling her cheeks flush with colour. “I know you look great and you’re really becoming a beautiful girl, but the amount they go off on it is ridiculous – at least I always thought it was.”

“Thought?” questioned Julie.

“Yeah, thought,” Will clarified. “That is until I started looking at just how sexy you are. I always knew you were a pretty girl, but my ‘big-brother’ instincts wouldn’t let me look at you any other way but as my sister.” Will took a deep, pensive breath. “But, now...” he sighed in satisfaction.

Considering this for a second, Julie announced, “Then you guys can brag to them about what’s happening here.” She reached to the button on her jeans. “I think you’ll both appreciate this.”

Again following a beat in her head, she slowly – almost painfully for her two brothers – she began unfastening the button on her jeans, followed by lowering the zipper. She turned her back to them and gradually lowered her pants until they were at her ankles. Broc and Will whooped in excitement.

As she stepped out of her pants, Broc whistled. “Oh, Jewels...” he gasped breathlessly. “Damn, you’ve got amazing legs, sis! Just perfect!”

“You should see her from my angle,” bragged Will as he tilted his head adoringly. “Such a nice, perfectly round little ass on our sweet little sister.”

Broc started craning his neck anxiously to get a better view. Taking the hint, Julie – now wearing only her pink bra and lime-green panties – turned around and bent over, thrusting her twelve-year-old butt into the air. Her brothers groaned with pleasure over the new sight. Looking back, she saw both their jaws hanging open in astonishment.

“Oh, damn, man!” Broc cried out. “Holy crap! I think I’m totally going to pass out from how amazing she looks!”

“Broc, you and me, both!” exclaimed Will in agreement. “Our little sister, so hot all this time and we never even took advantage of it. How did we ever not consider it?” Broc shrugged in response.

As she turned around to face them again, Julie taunted, “And you ain’t seen nothing yet!” She reached around behind her body, unclipping the petite bra that held her equally petite breasts in place. She began rocking to her own beat again, allowing the straps to fall lazily off her shoulders and down her arms while she held the cups against her bosom.

“Oh, c’mon, Jewels!” Broc protested with amused impatience. “That’s so not fair! Let’s see those perky little titties! Seriously, so not fair!”

Julie began to dance around the room, teasing her brothers, enjoying every minute of it. She was inexperienced at just how to move her body alluringly, but she made it up along the way. It seemed to come naturally to her, and she could tell it was driving her brothers wild. All the while, she kept the small, stringy article of clothing tightly against her body, the thin shoulder straps now dangling from the crook of each elbow.

Will laughed at her. “Aw, c’mon, sis!” he chuckled in protest. “This is just painful! All this way and you won’t let us see your breasts? You can’t just tease us like this.”

“Watch me,” she defied him.

Broc released a confirming breath. “Oh, we’re watching. We’re watching.”

Still rocking her young body as enticingly as she could invent, she twirled across the carpeted floor, heading towards Will, still sitting naked on the couch. With every regal move she made, she could see the sexual tension build in her brother. She smiled as she saw, just below his wait, his erection was renewed. A solid mass of penile flesh was again jutting out from his body. She took it as a sign she was performing well.

When she reached him, Julie sat on Will’s legs, just above his knees. His hands reacted, acting all but instinctively, as they reached out and began caressing her legs, working their way across her lacy, green panties and up over the sides of her chest. Will appeared to be drowning in the warm feel of her skin beneath her. She in turn basked in his firm and manly, yet caring caress over her preteen body. She had never been touched so intimately before. She reveled in the new emotions flowing through her. Will’s touch was something unique and it had a powerful effect on her; it was wonderful!

“Oh...Jewels...” he whispered tenderly. In that moment, it seemed as though there was no one else in the world – not even Broc seated only a few feet from them. Julie melted into her brother’s erotic love. She had just pleasured him orally not long before. This was different, though. Their actions before had just been for the sake of sexual entertainment. This was something deeper and far more personal. She was sure of it.

Could this be like actual love? Julie wondered. I know he’s only my brother, but if it was some other guy that I really liked, would this be what falling in love feels like?

Will’s fingers began wriggling underneath her arms as if pleading them to relinquish their grip on the clothing they secured. Julie wasn’t nervous about her brothers seeing or touching her body in a sexual way, yet she still felt her anxiety grow. She decided it was just something so exciting; and what’s more is she was sharing her first experience of the moment with two young men she knew loved her deeply: her brothers.

She knew it was now or never – and she had come too far to deny these young men now.

Carefully, but without apprehension, she lowered her arms. Her hands took the small cups of fabric they held with them. Beneath her hands, Will’s strong fingers found her small areolas and began touching them lightly. His touch filled her mind with exhilaration.

“Jewels...” he breathed lightly, looking down at where his hands were touching her. “Oh, sis...” His thumbs played with her tender breasts a little more forcefully. “They’re so perfect. You are so perfect, Julie.”

Shying away from him, she objected, “But they’re so little.” He looked up at her, surprise in his eyes. “They’re not big like Mom’s boobs or something. They’re probably not even like any girls’ boobs at your high school.” Will’s mouth curved into an accepting smile as Julie finished, “You can’t tell me they turn you on.”

Will nodded his head slowly. “Yeah, I can, Jewels.” Her eyes met his again. “I can because they do.”

“Really?” she asked in wonder. “They’re really not anything to look at.”

“Says who?”

“Says me,” she pouted, unable to contain the disappointment she felt about her body. “I really don’t think they’re impressive at all.”

“Then you don’t really know what all guys like, do you?”

Leaning towards her, Will took her face into his hands and kissed her with such passion that Julie absolutely melted into her brother’s embrace. A warm, contented feeling overtook her. Every fibre in her young frame hummed with want and need. She loved her older sibling, and that adoration was growing into something more and more un-sibling-like with every second that they expressed their physical desires.

Do I love him like a boyfriend – or at least starting to? Julie asked herself. Are we more than just brother and sister? His hands and kiss feel so amazing!

Their lips finally released, the passionate kiss they shared coming to an end. Julie took a deep breath and opened her eyes, finding her brother already staring back at her. “It isn’t all about size, you know,” he explained coolly, his hands again finding her breasts and fondling them gently. She gasped and jumped slightly as his thumbs flitted over her nipples again. When his thumbs began circling the pronounced little beads of tissue he elaborated, “It’s about proportion.”

“Proportion?” she asked, screwing up her face. She did not understanding his description. “What do you mean by proportion?” His hands continued to caress her developing chest, the gentle, constant motion soothing and pacifying her, relaxing her to a level she’d never before known. She leaned forward, bracing herself on his shoulders with her hands that were still entangled in the straps of her bra.

His hands didn’t miss a beat as they passed over her small, twelve-year-old breasts again and again. Will chuckled to himself as he described, “They don’t need to be huge to impress a guy, Jewels.” He smiled widely. “They just need to be sized right for the girl.” Julie drew in a deep breath as the light went on in her brain alongside the ever-present sensation of her older brother’s touch on her chest. “Now, some guys like a little larger proportion and some guys like a little smaller; but I think every guy will agree that there’s a range of sizes that fits a girl of a particular size and physique the best – and yours are perfect for your body, sis.” He looked down at his younger sister’s chest with lustful hunger in his eyes. “They’re just...oh, Julie...oh, they’re perfect...” he insisted.

Julie sat up slightly and hooked her bra around the back of Will’s head as she asked, “So, they’re big enough for the girl I am, according to your opinion?”

“As far as I’m concerned, they’re big enough for the woman you are, yes,” Will insisted, rubbing her nipples more firmly, as if to solidify his point. They leaned forward simultaneously, their lips again meeting and dancing affectionately with one another. As they kissed, there grew in Julie the undeniable want for more. She began pulling downwards on her bra, attempting to guide Will’s lips elsewhere.

Following her lead, Will descended her preteen body, his sensitive kisses triggering Julie’s lust along her neck wherever they touched. After a moment, his lips crossed the top of her chest. She began breathing heavily as instinct began controlling her, with the anticipation of what was to follow not being disappointed.

Her brother’s lips marched onwards across one breast, heading straight for her nipple. Julie couldn’t believe the fire that was burning in her. The craving was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Suddenly, Will’s lips closed over her areola, sucking and kissing firmly, but very lovingly.

Electricity surged through her body. She gasped in surprise. Every muscle and sinew seemed to tense up involuntarily. Holding onto Will’s shoulders, she flung herself backwards, both to allow her older brother better access and just to revel in the sensation of a man’s lips finally kissing her so intimately. She could feel his tongue swimming around inside his mouth, slithering across the petite nipple she owned.

“Hm...” she whimpered in a high-pitched voice. “Oh...Will... Hmmm...that feels...really nice...!” There was nothing she had ever done – and doubted she could ever do – to her own body that felt anywhere near this amazing. Her whole, twelve-year-old body was consumed by sexual greed. Every part of it seemed to awaken and become aroused, no matter how dormant it may have been before. She shook and trembled, reeling with lustful need and desire.

Using her bra, Julie held him in place, urging him to keep going. She couldn’t speak; she could barely breathe, the sensations were so overpowering on her tender, young frame. More...more...! Julie pled in her mind, unable to find her voice. Please, Will...MORE...! She forced him against her chest with the bra even tighter, hoping Will would understand her deepest wants.

Indeed, he did seem to understand. All at once, Will transferred his attention to her other petite breast, a warm hand taking over where the previous one had been. With the stimulation all across her chest, Julie’s pleasure surged again – and it didn’t show any signs of settling any time soon. It grew and grew, threatening to overflow, or explode if it was inhibited in any way.

I think I’m...having...having a...oh, what...what did Mom call it...? Eventually, she forsook her search for the technical term and just embraced slang as the pleasure overtook her. “Ohhh...Will...!” she heard her own voice call out somewhere in the distance. It seemed so far away. “I’m...cumming...! Will...I think...I’m cumming...!”

Spasms gripped her. Julie’s whole, youthful body vibrated and locked up, as though desperate to keep the pleasure from escaping. She could feel her hands claw involuntarily at Will’s back, searching for something tangible to hold on to. She had felt orgasms before. Those were self-induced, though; this was far more intense than anything she had ever experienced in her young life. What she could do to her twelve-year-old body alone was nothing when compared to having a man there to fulfill her deepest human needs.

Breath by difficult breath, Julie began respiring again. She could feel sweat on her forehead and anywhere else where her skin pressed against her brother’s muscular sixteen-year-old body. Her whole being felt warm and elated. She rested on Will’s shoulders as her breathing returned to normal. Her older brother was holding her tightly. Being so involved in her own pleasure, she hadn’t noticed him wrap the two of them into a strong bear hug.

After letting her take a few deep breaths, Will commented, “That looked like quite the orgasm.”

Orgasm! Julie remembered. That’s the word Mom uses all the time to describe this feeling! She thought that even its very name mimicked the sound of ultimate pleasure. “Yeah...” was all she could manage. Several more seconds ticked by before she spoke again. “And it was all...thanks to you...Will...” He hugged her more tightly. “I love you...big brother...”

“It wasn’t all me,” he confessed with a whisper in her ear. She sat up straight, looking at him, a puzzled expression resting on her face. Will nodded downwards. “You were grinding something fierce on my legs there, Jewels.”

Julie could feel her mouth gape open in surprise. “I was?” she asked before quickly turning her attention to the space between her legs.

Sure enough, she wasn’t sitting on her brother’s lap squarely anymore. She was askew, leaning off to one side, giving herself maximum leverage to thrust her pelvis against her older sibling’s thighs. Not only that, but a distinct wet mark was present on her panties, the darkened blotch following her lime-green underwear beyond where she could see.

Giggling, Julie remarked, “Wow, is that all from me?” Will nodded compliantly. “I guess I really did enjoy that, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you did cum pretty hard,” agreed a voice from behind her. She had nearly forgotten all about her other brother. Broc was still waiting for her! “That was actually really hot to watch; better than any porn I’ve ever seen.”

Turning around, she looked at the younger of her two brothers. The fourteen-year-old was still sitting on the opposite length of the curving sofa, waiting for her. Between his legs, his was gently stroking his five-and-a-half-inch manly organ. It still stood attentive, waiting for her – just for her!

“Really?” she tested him. “You really think that I’m better than any porn?”

“My sister?” reversed Broc. “Twelve years old, getting herself off and cumming like that in the process? Hell, yeah, I do!” He chuckled, thinking about what he had just seen. “Oh, yeah; damn, you’re hot, Jewels!”

Rising to her feet, Julie smiled broadly and stood to look at Broc squarely. He in turn just gaped, transfixed by the sight of his all-but-nude, twelve-year-old sister in front of him. Julie casually tossed her bra behind her, the support landing on Will’s head. He retrieved it and laughed, sniffing it and rubbing it against his face for good measure. “Can I keep this thing, Jewels?”

Glancing over her shoulder, Julie permitted, “Sure. Keep it as a souvenir of our first time together.”

Broc frowned. “And what about me?” he scoffed. “Don’t I get anything to remember our little adventure?

Digging her thumbs under the elastic on her panties, Julie suggested, “How about this?” With those words still ringing in Broc’s ears, she pulled off the last piece of clothing she wore and stepped out of it. She placed her hands on her hips, holding the underwear in one hand.

“” was all Broc could manage. “Holy crap, Julie!” He stared at her intensely, his eyes devouring every exposed contour of his sister’s twelve-year-old figure. “Sis, I can’t even begin to describe how hot you look, standing there, totally naked!” She felt herself blush, but giggled in response. “How the hell do you keep yourself so smoking hot!?”

“How do you guys do it?” she returned.

Shrugging, Broc offered, “I guess we really do have Mom and her health-nut attitude to thank for it, don’t we?”

“Guess so,” giggled Julie again. With that, she shot her panties towards her other brother using its elastic. “There,” she stated matter-of-factly. “There’s your souvenir.”

“Hm...” Broc hummed, examining his prize. He sniffed the still-wet fabric on the front. “I think I’ll hang it up on my wall, right by my bed.”

Behind Julie, Will laughed, “Yeah, Mom wouldn’t get suspicious of that at all.”

Returning his attention to his sister, Broc looked her up and down, his eyes stopping just below her waistline. His attention was completely focused, looking at the small tuft of soft, very light-brown hair that had begun growing there. Outwardly, puberty had barely begun on his beautiful sister, and he was very intrigued by the flowering womanhood between her thighs.

“Oh, man,” he muttered, his mind obviously absorbed. “Damn, Will; you should see this awesome pussy she’s got!”

“He will,” promised Julie, “but for now...” She stepped towards him before kneeling in front of his legs. Spreading his legs widely, Broc allowed his sister access to his engorged manhood. It glistened with the copious moisture that had accumulated on its top over the last several minutes. Carefully taking it in her hand, Julie commented, “Wow...that’s a lot of pre-cum.” Looking into Broc’s eyes, she offered, “Maybe we should do something about that.”

Just before Broc could ask what she had in mind, Julie’s hand tightened, beginning to travel the length of his penis over and over again. Using what she had learned from Will earlier that afternoon, she concentrated her efforts on Broc’s circumcised head, paying particular attention to as her fingers traveled there.

“Ohhh...” Broc groaned, relaxing and settling into the couch while his eyes rolled backwards. “Oh...sis... Hmmm...yeah... Jewels...!” Julie watched Broc’s face squeeze into various expressions of pleasure, just as her older brother’s had done earlier. It excited her to no end watching her second brother enjoy her action so much.

Twice in one day, thought Julie eagerly. How lucky can one girl get?

Beside her, Will suggested, “Give him a twist-and-shout, sis.”

Broc’s head tilted up and his eyes shot open. He had the presence of mind just long enough to ask, “What’s a twist...OHHH!” He slammed his head back against the couch as the pleasure overcame him from Julie’s hand squeezing and spiralling around the end of his masculinity. Heaving with great effort, he grunted, “Jewels...oh, yeah...oh, YEAH...!”

Julie giggled in response to her brother. “You guys really like hand jobs, don’t you?”

“Uh...huh... Mmmm... Uh-huh...!” managed Broc between shallow gasps.

“That translates to ‘Yeah, they feel awesome, Jewels’,” Will explained. Julie giggled.

Glancing to the side, Julie asked him, “Should I go ahead with an around-the-world?”

“Do it,” he chuckled.

Again, Broc opened his eyes as if to question their conversation. He quickly closed them again, squeezing them tightly, as Julie’s hand spun circles around the bulbous head of his penile staff.

“Uhhh...ohhh...hmmm...” seethed Broc, his hands gripping the leather couch as tightly as possible. There was obviously nowhere else he’d rather be at this moment in time.

Friction grew between the two sets of skin. Just as with Will, Julie realized that the lubricant that Broc had provided was drying out. “Oh,” she pouted in jest, stopping her hands from rubbing her brother’s flesh. “Looks like we’re all done here.”

“What...?” Broc heaved. “You can’t...can’t be serious!” The expression on his face grew increasingly worried.

“Well, unless we resort to Plan: B,” shrugged Julie. Broc’s smile returned as Julie’s head lowered towards his stiffened sex organ.

“OHHH...JULIE...!!!” Broc shouted as she sheathed her mouth around him as deeply as possible. Slowly, she dragged her lips back up the shaft, wagging her tongue back and forth on the underside of his manhood. “Oh...sis...! Oh, damn it...! JEWELS...! Feels good...!”

Gradually increasing the speed and suction, Julie moved her mouth up and down her brother’s sturdy rod. As she did so, she noticed a different – almost bitter – taste with Broc’s penis in her mouth compared to Will’s. Did every guy taste differently?

Still, she persisted in her task. Every so often, she would pause at either end to work her tongue around the visitor between her lips. The rhythm she used, the speed she moved and the way she played with her tongue made Broc absolutely thrash on the couch beneath her.

“MMMM...HMMM...! Oh, Julie...! Jewels...oh, little sister... Oh...Jewels...! YEAH...YES...OHHH...” Broc’s moaning was amazing to hear. He felt his hand rest on her head and begin playing with her hair, urging her onward as she had urged Will a few moments before. Oh, how she loved the feeling of giving physical pleasure and satisfaction.

Using everything her few minutes of experience had taught her, she brought up her hands; one helped massage her brother’s thickened rod, the other fondled the package dangling below. Relentlessly, she attacked all aspects of the sensitive area, urging on her brother’s orgasm.

“Jewels...oh, Jewels...! Oh, keep going, sis... Oh, damn it...I’m getting ready to cum... Keep it up...sis...keep it up...!” he announced, a second hand joining the efforts of the first. Her head certainly wasn’t going anywhere. It was as though worried she would leave him unsatisfied.

She kept her efforts concentrated on the tip of his rod, anxiously waiting for the explosions to begin. Her tongue flicked, her lips puckered around the invader and her mouth sucked, desperate to initiate a climax. All of a sudden, her brother’s body grew taut. He pulled her head towards his groin while at the same time lifting his pelvis to meet her face.

“Oh, sis... Oh, sis...” Broc cried out. “Damn it... Oh...AH...! AHHH...AARGH...!” A warm, tacky liquid filled Julie’s mouth, gushing over her tongue. The salty flavour didn’t bother her, though. In fact, its presence delighted her. She knew for a fact that she had done her job well.

This time, Julie was also ready for it. Swallowing furiously, she drank the fluids that her brother rocketed into her mouth. Although some of the excess dripped down her chin, it was as though she had been a long-time expert with everything. With each volley, the flow was reduced. Finally, Broc exhaled and gasped violently. Recognizing the cue, Julie was confident in pulling back from her brother.

Looking at her older sibling, she noticed he was staring down at her. Although his face was flushed with red, he smiled happily – and somewhat lovingly – down at her. “How was that for you?” she asked him in a hushed voice.

A look of disbelief crossed Broc’s face, his eyes rolling up to the back of his head. “Oh, Jewels...” he breathed slowly. “That was unbelievable. You really have a natural talent for this sort of thing. You’re incredible!”

Licking the remainder of Broc’s juices from her lips, she giggled, “Thanks.”

“Pretty awesome little girl at giving head, isn’t she?” chimed in Will.

Looking over at his brother, Broc admitted, “Amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever had a blowjob that awesome before.”

“I’m just glad you guys like it,” Julie sighed. “I’m just glad you let me do it, too. I really wanted to know about this stuff.”

For a moment, a peaceful hush settled over the room. The three, naked siblings looked at one another, the two older brothers particularly admiring their younger sister’s beautiful, nude, preteen body.

Finally, Broc laughed heartily. “Wow, you were right, Will,” he confessed. The older brother looked at him strangely. “You and me, naked, getting blowjobs from our naked twelve-year-old sister; I think this just about the sickest thing you could ever imagine!” Julie giggled and leaned forward, kissing the tip of Broc’s deflating manhood.

Chuckling, Will shrugged, “I don’ t mind.” The other two looked at him. “It makes for a good time. I bet people would think it’s pretty sick and twisted, though, yeah.”

“We’d probably be shunned for life,” admitted Broc.

“Probably,” Will agreed. “That’s why Julie and I set down a couple rules.” Broc listened intently as Will explained what would need to happen to allow them to keep their little secret from getting out of hand. “No one, I repeat, no one finds out about this – especially not Mom and Dad.”

“You don’t gotta tell me twice!” insisted Broc. Jokingly, he added, “Besides, if someone does figure things out, we’ll just claim she raped us.” Will and Julie looked at one another and burst into laughter. “What?” demanded Broc. “What’s so funny?”

It took Julie a second to calm down from laughing so hard. “That’s exactly what Will joked about when we first talked about what would happen if we got caught,” she explained.

“Oh, gotcha.” Broc joined in with the laughter.

“Broc, can I ask you something?” Julie inquired, not entirely certain how to assemble her thoughts.

Shrugging, Broc allowed, “Sure, what’s up?”

“” stammered Julie, unsure of how to proceed. “Why...why did your cock taste weird? It was like bitter or something.”

Broc laughed. ‘Oh, that,” he sighed. “Well, before I heard you two in here, I was kinda...taking care of things myself.”

Taken aback, Julie prodded, “You were jerking off?”

Broc shrugged again. “Yeah. I was using lotion to lube things up and make it work better, too,” he revealed. “That’s probably what the ‘weird’ taste was.”

Nodding in understanding, Julie admitted, “Yeah, probably.” She looked her two brothers over carefully. Whereas Will’s penis was already prepared for some action again, Broc’s would take some time. The thought occoured to her that she knew exactly how to pass it. After a quick glance at the clock on the wall, she volunteered, “Well, who’s up for another round?”

“Seriously!?” the brothers asked in unison. They first gaped at their younger sister, then at one another. At first, they could hardly believe their ears.

“Yeah! Of course!” Julie offered delightedly. “Mom and Dad won’t be home for another hour or so, will they? We can have some fun until then, right?”

“I’m in!” Broc announced quickly.

“Me, too!” agreed Will immediately after.

Giggling, Julie concluded, “Good; then let’s get started.” Shuffling over to Will, she apologized, “Sorry, Broc, but his cock’s already up and ready to go.”

“No offence taken,” waved Broc.

Before Julie could start, Will pulled his legs together and put his hands on his sister’s shoulders. “This isn’t just going to be for me and Broc, is it?” he insinuated with a grave expression.

“What do you mean?” Julie asked, staring at him.

Huffing a chuckle, Will explained, “Well, I want you to enjoy this time, too, Jewels.” She was about to insist that she truly did enjoy seeing her brothers feel so much pleasure, but Will interrupted her thoughts. “Although, you’re probably not ready for sex just yet – you should talk to Mom about getting on the pill or something.”

“Tell her it’s to help regulate your periods,” Broc suggested. Will nodded wholeheartedly at their brother’s suggestion. “I’ve heard that works for some girls getting their moms to get them the pill.”

“Ok,” Julie agreed. “I’ll try that.” She had to admit that the idea had merit. She certainly wanted to have sex sooner rather than later. It could be a perfect excuse, unless their mom saw through the deception. “If not?”

“We’ll figure it out,” Will reassured her. “We’ll just buy some condoms or something. Anyways, I want you to cum again today, too.” He kissed his sister on the forehead. “You can grind on me all you want, sis.”

“That goes for me, too!” chimed in Broc. “I wanna see your face when you cum, Jewels. I think that’d be so hot to watch.”

A contented, enthusiastic smile crossed her face as Julie looked her two, naked brothers over. “I was hoping you’d say that,” she said gleefully.

With that, she encouraged Will’s legs apart and bowed herself towards his loins.

- - -

I sat in front of Julie, listening intently to her story. Her brothers – Will and Broc – had been the ones to initiate her into the world of sex, love and intimacy! Had I really not been paying attention? Had they really, for the past three years, been indulging themselves in physical pleasure while I sat here completely oblivious? The idea seemed ludicrous!

Then again, Julie had no reason to lie to me. She told me she was coming clean with a confession about just how and why she – my fifteen-year-old daughter – knew so much about giving head. It seemed not only logical, but plausible in every detail. In addition to that, my mind reflected to the interesting conversations I’d had with both my sons regarding having sex with girls. Those conversations, I realized, had been three years ago! The timeframe was just right.

During those times, I’d informed them that, yes, sex could just be for fun. Do couples use it to bring children into this world? Well, yes, if they considered themselves prepared for that responsibility. I encouraged them, if they felt as though they were not (and particularly in their teen years), to use protection of some kind – either for themselves or for the girl they were having sex with. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever consider the possibility that they were thinking of making love to their own sister!

Still, what had I just done? I was sitting here naked – and I wasn’t sitting alone. In front of me sat my daughter – my fifteen-year-old daughter, Julie – who was also completely naked with the exception of the black exercise shorts she wore and whatever was underneath them, if anything. I shuddered excitedly at the thought that my daughter’s pussy could be that close and that accessible, perfectly ripe for the taking.

As she talked, more than once I found myself staring at her alluring teenage breasts. They were an amazing pair of 30C-sized tissue. The sweet, lightly-tanned skin on them was unbearably tempting to look at. Her nipples were a perfect size, crowning the round curves with a seasoned perfectionist’s intricate touch. Her brother had been so right; they were flawlessly proportioned to her body size and type – much like her mother’s. They were an undeniable complement to her toned, athletic build.

“Daddy?” Her voice snapped me back to reality again. Looking up, her expression was one of mild annoyance, but behind it was a laugh getting ready to burst. I had been caught looking once more. “You know,” she giggled, “if they’re going to be that much of a nuisance, I can put my shirt back on.”

“No, no,” I insisted quickly. She giggled at my persistence. “Sorry, Jewels. They’re just – how did Will put it – just perfect!” I watched as her beautiful face spread into a wide smile, appreciating my admiration. “Well, they are,” I added. “They’re so distracting because they’re so amazing. Unless you feel uncomfortable with me looking at them, you don’t need to cover up.”

“Well, thanks, Daddy,” she replied. She crawled speedily along the length of the couch and laid herself down on me as I reclined onto the couch in response. “And no, I don’t want to cover up. I’m very comfortable with you seeing me like this.”

As she nestled herself against me, her breasts pressed up against my chest. Again, her mere presence filled me with every emotion for her that a father should repel – but I didn’t want to. Between us, my sexual organ again began to expand, looking for more excitement. Hoping to distract her with a hug, I wrapped my arms around her tightly, holding her so very close to me. She was mine; this precious young woman was my daughter, my jewel!

I sighed, slowly and long. Her story was certainly amazing. I still couldn’t get over the mere fact that it had been her brothers who had introduced her to such a passionate world. Her naivety had been replaced in one day with experiences and ‘practice’ that would serve her in the years to come – including wielding her magic on me, her father.



I drew in a deep breath. “You’re really not ashamed of sharing yourself with all the men in your family?”

“Ashamed?” she chuckled. “No. Why? I love you all. Why should I be ashamed of that?”

I couldn’t think of a good reason; at least not one that wouldn’t contradict the situation – and physical position – we were now in. I adopted a societal stance as my argument. “Well, honey, for social reasons, mainly.”

She sighed lovingly as though she were oblivious to the taboo nature of it all. She adjusted the position of her arms, clutching onto me more tightly. The only thing that worried me the most is that she adjusted the position of her pelvis several times, too. Did she feel it? Did she feel my manhood growing in response to her? I assumed so, but I wasn’t yet sure.

“It’s just...” I explained as casually as possible, “It’s just not generally accepted, honey. Honestly, it’s really not right. It’s really not. It’s not even right for us to be laying here like this right now. If anyone were to ever find out—”

“Nobody is going to find out,” she interrupted. “It’s been three years, Daddy. If someone was going to figure things out, they would have, like, figured it out already.” She was silent a moment and then added, “I just love to be loved, you know?”


“Any-way-ly,” she posed. “Don’t you, Daddy?”

“I suppose,” I muttered. “Still...what would your mother say if she found out?”

“About us right now?” With her face against my chest, I could feel her smile. “You and Mom let each other have affairs whenever you want to relieve the marriage tension. Do you really think she’d have a problem with this?”

I had to confess to myself that my wife, Kelly, and I were in a very open marriage. We’d both had small, little affairs from time to time, moreso for entertainment than anything else. Still, being here with Julie was something completely different. “With other women, no; but, I don’t think she’d approve of me having an affair with our own daughter, Jewels,” I countered. “I doubt it’s in the cards.”

“You never know,” she verbally sucker-punched with a giggle, pushing against my groin again. She wasn’t fighting fair. Although I wasn’t so convinced, in the moment, it was so wonderful to have such a vibrant and eager young woman to share such affection with me – even if I was her dear, old dad.

We lay there, cuddling for several minutes, enjoying the touch of one another’s skin. Still, I had to end it – not for the sake of what was ‘appropriate’, but in favour of getting to the office. I was needed and, as much as I craved to embrace my fifteen-year-old daughter so lovingly, I had responsibilities to attend to.

“I’ve gotta go, Jewels,” I sighed at last. “I really need to get to work.”

She sighed, not willing to get up. Instead, she nuzzled herself onto me again, her arms and legs encompassing me more completely. I wrapped her up more tightly as well, rubbing her back soothingly and succumbing to the forbidden, placating emotions streaming between us. More than once, I noticed that only her hips moved as she searched for the most ‘comfortable’ position – movement that was right on top of my engorged rod.

Maybe she’s right, I thought. Maybe an affair really is what I need – and Julie’s here, offering herself to me. Is that acceptable? Kelly, I plead inwardly, would you have a problem with this? For a brief moment I considered the ramifications – and came to a conclusion. To hell with it; I’m going for it!

Abandoning my inhibitions, I led my hands where any father’s are restricted to go: down my daughter’s naked back and towards her wonderfully-shaped, teenage bum. I couldn’t believe my hands were compliant, following my lead as I grabbed her tight, fifteen-year-old muscles through her shorts. Her reaction was the one I was looking for. She pressed her adolescent pelvis into me once again.

She gasped suddenly. “Mm...Daddy...” Her muscles relaxed, releasing the tension they had just experienced. I seized the opportunity to squeeze her muscles again, once more having the same effect. Again she murmured, “Ohhh...Daddy...” Her breathing was noticeably heavier now.

As her body once again relaxed, I rubbed my hands up her back, before descending back down. This time, however, I infiltrated her clothing with my hands. Sure enough, there was nothing underneath the shorts. In my palms I could feel her perfect, teenage ass cheeks. It had been years since I’d enjoyed the feeling of such a young body in my hands.

Squeezing the tops of her legs again, she ground her loins into mine. Again and again, I clenched her sweet, perfect butt, encouraging her to thrill her adolescent body with the bulge I offered beneath her.

She sat up, showing me her sexy teenage body, bracing herself against my chest with her arms. She was beaming the loveliest, most radiant smile I’ve ever seen on her face. “I love you, Daddy,” she whispered, beginning to rock back and forth, grinding herself on my frame.

“I love you, Jewels,” I returned, my hands still in her clothing, helping her slow, deliberate movements along.

“ don’t mind if...oooh...I you, Daddy?”

I grinned, hoping I was showing her just how much I adored her. I sat up, kissed her deeply and passionately, and premised, “Be my guest, honey. Go right ahead.”

Her efforts increased as she pressed harder and harder against my bulbous erection. I knew exactly what was between us. Her sacred clitoris was taking the brunt of the pressure. She gasped with every thrust. There were times where the friction between my solid companion and her clothing was painful, but I enjoyed watching my daughter all the same.

Using my hands, I began exploring my daughter’s young body. I caressed and touched her everywhere a father shouldn’t, leaving none of her skin foreign to me. However, any voice of reason was long gone now.

“Oh...Daddy... Mmmm... Hm...oh, Daddy...” she gasped, her fervent motions increasing intensity.

Finally, I put my hands on her delectable breasts. The firm, warm globes beneath my hands were incredible. Her stiffened nipples were easy to find and tweak lovingly. With all the ardour that two lovers have, I massaged her most sensitive and erogenous areas, Julie – my precious little Jewel – breathing harder and harder as her passion grew. Even though the rubbing was dry and somewhat painful, even my body was reacting to the motion. I could feel myself getting close to another climax.

Her body reached the breaking point. “Daddy...oh... OH, MY...! OHHH...DADDY...!!!” Julie curled into a ball on my chest as the orgasm hit her. Still grinding away, she milked the sensation for all it was worth. Her fifteen-year-old body shivered as each thrust built another tremor in her. After a moment, she began to breathe again. I heard her hoarse voice calling out, “Oh, Daddy...Daddy... Oh, Dad...!”

When she looked up at me again, she could see on my face how close I was, myself. “Jewels...” I confirmed and plead at the same time, “Oh, Julie...please keep grinding...”

“I have a better idea, Daddy,” she offered, moving herself onto my legs. With one hand to brace her, my daughter wrapped the teenage fingers on her other hand around my raw shaft. She began to glide her hand along my manly spear, using the slick lubricants I had been leaking. “Cum for me, Daddy,” she urged. “Cum for your baby girl.”

It didn’t take much. After only a few strokes, I felt the rush as my body experienced its third climax of the day. What was left of my juices spewed from my penis and onto my chest and abdomen. Julie continued pumping me for all I was worth, prolonging the orgasm she was giving me. The feeling was amazing beyond description.

As the passion ebbed, I looked at my daughter. It was considered wrong what we were doing and I knew that – but according to whom? We loved one another. Although the law might look at it differently, I wasn’t abusing her and she was certainly not abusing me. We both knew what we were sharing. We were becoming lovers now. We both knew the consequences. It didn’t matter to me what anyone else’s opinion was of the daddy-daughter love we shared.

I reached up and pulled her onto me again. Our lips met. I kissed my precious, fifteen-year-old jewel with every emotion that I could. How I loved her! My love for her extended far, far beyond the realm of family relations. In that moment it was confirmed to me; we were becoming lovers in every definition of the word. All I wanted to do was show her with a passionate kiss that would put all others to shame.

“I love you, Jewels!” I told her tenderly. “I love you so, so much! You treat me so much better than just a daughter!”

Curling into my arms, Julie cooed in return, “I love you, too, Daddy!” She snuggled up to me in a way she hadn’t since she had been a child. “I know how much you love me, Daddy. I know because I love you just as much!”

“I know, Jewels; I know because I feel it, too.”

She rose up on her arms again and looked straight into my eyes. “I know you have to go to work right now, but I want to make love to you – I really, actually want to make love to you, Daddy. I love you so much!”

Her precious, brown eyes stared at me, piercing me, shattering virtually any inhibition I had left. She was my daughter and I loved her so dearly. I loved her more now this morning than ever before. What we had already experienced together was indescribable, and there was plenty more for us to share. She had almost certainly made love with her brothers; but, would the two of us becoming so intimate be going too far?

“I want you to know just how much I love you and I want to take care of you while Mom’s away,” Julie insisted, tears of pure and genuine passion and love welling in her eyes. “Can we do that, Daddy? Tonight? Can we sleep together?” I was apprehensive. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. She seemed to know my concerns. “Don’t worry,” she pacified, “no one will ever find out.”

What choice was there left to make?

“Of course, Jewels,” I consented. “Of course we can.”

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