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For the second day in a row, I wake up next to my beautiful little girl. Well, in this case, I more appropriately woke up beneath her. After the previous night of tears and anal sex, we both fell asleep with me inside of her ass and her on top of me. And somehow, with as much as I know I toss in my sleep, I woke up the same way I went to sleep.

As I cleared the bleariness from my eyes, I looked around for a clock. Seeing only her Hello Kitty clock on the wall, I feel myself jump slightly as I realize it read 3 o’clock. Looking down slightly at the top of Kimmy’s head, I could vaguely make out the peaceful look on her face. She was still softly snoring, laying cuddled against my chest. I wiggled my hips and realized that I was no longer inside of my darling daughter’s tight ass, (I must have gotten soft and popped out of her at some point) which would make getting out from beneath her a little easier.

I took her by the arms and moved her off of me slowly while at the same time sliding off the bed. She moaned softly, but just rolled over, snoring again within moments. I stood over her in her small bed, under her My Little Pony sheets, the large eyes of, I think, the one called Rarity staring back at me. I could only smile as I watched her sleep; even after all of the events of the last few days, she still looked so innocent. Thinking of what I saw on the clock, I moved to the window slowly and opened the curtains as quietly as I could. It was pitch black outside.

“Ah, so it’s 3 am,” I said to myself lowly. Shaking my head again, I realized I was completely awake. I sighed to myself softly as I moved from her room, taking one more glance at my little girl, her face illuminated by the little nightlight by her bed. A thousand and one thoughts flowed freely threw my head about the past and present relationship I’ve had with that dear little angel. A lot has changed now, and plenty more change is yet to come, I thought – the gravity of recent events taking hold again. I moved down the hall to my room, still engaged in an inner monologue. I have to handle this better… I still can’t believe I yelled at her like that. ‘You should be afraid of me’? What’s wrong with me?

I was still naked and since I was very much awake, I decided that I’d best do something with myself, so I headed for the bathroom for a quick shower. Those enemas did a thorough job cleaning out her innards, but I still felt kinda dirty. Such a shame that such a wonderful feeling is found inside such an inherently filthy place… I stepped into the shower, letting the water wash over my back as I leaned on the wall, my thoughts continuing to coalesce. I have to handle this more gently than I have been. We had a beautiful moment yesterday, and then I did… I did ruin another moment that we were trying to have together, just to uphold a punishment… Punishment… I started lathering up, starting with my junk. I still can’t believe that she would do such a thing. So much… and over so long a time… How did I not see it? And I haven’t really dealt with it – I mean, not really. I laid down a punishment, that I’ve stuck to so far, but is that really dealing with it? My eyes focused on one of the showerheads itself for a moment as I pondered this silently, washing my chest.

How is a father supposed to deal with such a thing? I mean, if she were a boy I might understand, but she’s a girl. An innocent girl, I had thought. You know? I never did ask her where she learned how to cover her tracks, or how she found those sites in the first place… I’ll have to check the data I collected when I get out of here… My thoughts continued on that path as I finished washing my body and my hair. I’ll have to have a mature conversation with her when she wakes up later. It’s been a few days since I worked out too; maybe when I’m done looking over her ‘collection’, I’ll put some time in downstairs. I turned the flow off and moved for a towel, drying off quickly before going into the bedroom and throwing on a t-shirt and boxing shorts.

Rubbing my face briefly, I moved down the hall to my office. As I walked in and flipped on the light, I noticed my screen was on, which was odd since I haven’t touched it for a while. As I sat down at my chair, I realized it wasn’t in its usual position. I adjusted the hydraulic and settled in, shaking my head of it. Tacking away at the keyboard for a moment, I mentally slapped my forehead. Of course, I thought, I was working on it the other day… But that still doesn’t explain the chair. Checking the usage history, I quickly discovered that someone had been on my computer only hours before. Interestingly, someone (as if it could be anyone else…) got online looking for a number of things pertaining to ‘sex toys’. I chuckled lightly at the thought of my little girl going on ‘intimate warez’ sites, looking for, seemingly, all manner of things. There were several searches for butt plugs, dildos of all kinds, vibrators – both finger and phallic – strap-ons of all things, and all manner of lube. Well, she certainly has some wild ideas. I smiled to myself. We’ll have a talk about this later too…

As I settled back in to do what I came in here to do, I accessed the folder I’d confiscated from my little minx’s computer and entered the password. I gawked once again at the sheer volume of data; it’s no wonder she seems to know what she’s doing when it comes to sex… well, mostly – all instruction and not practical experience. I sifted through all of the videos – surprised again at how well they were organized – and my cock was tenting my shorts rather quickly. I turned my speakers low as I let a few of them play, intrigued by one she marked as “Oils”. It depicted two very young girls of some Asian manner rubbing baby oil all over each other. Nothing overtly sexual about it, but since they were both naked and neither of them old enough to even have the beginnings of any curves, it was quite erotic to someone like me and, evidently, my daughter. The video was rather short, and it gave me an interesting idea to try with Kimmy later as she apparently viewed this file quite frequently.

I continued my perusal of the video files, coming across several that had been reformatted to be read by Windows Movie Maker. I quirked an eyebrow and felt my cock twitch as I opened one to an immediately hardcore scene of a man pounding his cock into a girl that had to be no older than seven. She was scratching and clawing at her assailant, screaming at nearly the top of her lungs in some manner of indecipherable European dialect. All of this to no avail, of course, as the man raping her was much larger than she was and he was going to get what he wanted out of her, regardless of her struggling. I watched all of 5 seconds of it before pausing, disgusted by the idea of actually raping a girl so small; however, I was intrigued by why this particular video was reformatted in the first place. Apparently, Kimmy had earmarked several scenes (as this was about a half hour long affair) with different 3 second headlines. I flipped through them to find ‘resistance’, ‘reluctance’, ‘acceptance’, ‘enjoyment’ and ‘orgasm’. She bookmarked the girls’ changes in behavior? I checked the rest of the videos in that folder, of which there were over a dozen, and found more of the same. She documented the reactions of several different girls, of apparent ages ranging from 6 or 7 to about fourteen. What was stranger is that all of these videos follow the same 5 stages as the first.

Huh… I lean back in my chair slightly, looking on. I wonder what all this is about… Taking only a few more moments to ponder over this folder, I leaned back in and moved on to the stills that she kept. There… were…THOUSANDS. Most of them were sets, dozens of pictures of the same girl (or girls), most of them just posing, many of them with no shots of their faces. Many of these sets were like model-type photo shoots too; starting with some invocative clothing, stripping in different poses down to their birthday suits. Some of those ended inexorably with dozens of shots of the girls either playing with themselves, another girl posing with them, or being played with/fucked by an older man. One set in particular was of two girls stripping each other down from some very provocative lingerie and playing with each other, using their fingers, tongues, and even their toes. Needless to say that, while I hadn’t really touched myself yet from being so enthralled, as soon as I did, I was liable to explode all over my desk.

I glanced at the clock on my desk and I’d been at it for a few hours, but another glance toward the window told me the sun was still down. I felt that, because of this, I would be able to peruse Kimmy’s collection for at least a little longer before having to do something else for a while. Thinking on that for a moment, I realized again that I hadn’t worked out since the storm started and so resolved to do so after only another hour or so of kiddie porn browsing. So, back to it I went. I’d remembered then that there were more than a few dozen of shopped pictures of myself and Kimmy in all manner of compromising positions. I went to find that folder again and just picked a few at random. One of the ones I found helped me to understand why Kimmy was looking for strap-ons earlier.

Ho-lee fuck, I thought. So… Olivia is the catalyst to all of this… Sure enough, the most convincing shop-job among the bunch was of Kimmy having a large, solid black rubber cock shoved halfway up her ass by another girl. It was a really well done side shot of a very tanned, well-toned girl, but the cheekbones and chin line were unmistakable. Olivia was the only girl I’d seen Kimmy with enough to recognize, of course, but there was no way this wasn’t her. And because these are all obviously shopped, I was left with no other thought than that Kimmy either was already having some kind of sexual relationship with her long-time friend, or she wanted to just as badly, if not more so, than she did with me. Another interesting topic of conversation, this one…

I continued to explore the tawdry depths of my hard drive, finding a lot of repeat images. I guess there are some people out there with “Anthology” collections that Kimmy would just pick up without either realizing she already had them, or not caring to prune them like that. There were some interesting sets of pictures of different girls taking loads on different parts of their bodies. Once again, Kimmy organized these as well: cum on ass, cum on chest, cum on neck, cum on pussy. They also seemed to be in a sort of chronological order; they would jump to obviously different girls, but in order, the cum loads would be further and further rubbed into the girls’ skin. So this is where she got that idea… More and more, the fact that my little Kimmy seemed to have had a switch go off in her head was beginning to make a lot more sense. I hadn’t been dealing with a timid, confused little girl that needed to be guided through the wonders of sex by her caring, loving father. No, I was dealing with a sex-crazed little nympho-in-waiting that, after opening the flood gates, was given free license to finally do all of the filthy, naughty things she had been so fascinated by and preparing to one day be able to experience. Although recent evidence was making me think that she might not only want to try it with just me…

Catching a look to the clock again, I notice it had been a little over an hour since the last time I checked. Leaning back, rubbing my eyes again and looking outside, I sighed deeply, seeing the sunlight beginning to creep over the horizon behind the haze. I actually said to myself aloud “I think it might be time to wake the little one…” I looked down, my cock twitching involuntarily, as if in response, and I smirked to myself, getting a very naughty idea. After closing out the ‘collection’ and shutting down my computer, I come to my feet and head back to Kimmy’s room. Opening the door softly and peering in, I saw my little girl still sound asleep, snuggled into her covers as she lay on her back, snoring away softly. I smiled slightly, my heart warmed by the sight. In spite of everything, regardless of what has happened in the last few days, she’s still my blonde little angel. I moved smoothly through her room, being as silent as possible, and as I approached the bed, she rolled over toward me, smiling slightly with a soft moan. I reached out and caressed her cheek gently and her smile grew wider. Softly I muttered “I love you so much, Kimmy.” Another stroke of her cheek, “but it’s time to get up now.”

She moaned again, a little louder this time, as she opened her eyes slowly. She blinked several times as she raised her head from the pillow, clearing her eyes of sleep to look up at me... and then down to my crotch.Her smile progressed to a full grin as she realized I was standing next to her in her own bed. The last time I can recall waking her like this was before we’d moved into this house, but certainly not with a full hard-on in her face. She kept smiling that cute little smile as she propped herself up on her elbows, the covers falling off her chest, revealing her pert little nickel-sized nipples. “Mmm.Morning, daddy.” I smiled in response, still caressing her cheek as she leaned in to cautiously move the waistband of my shorts in order to encircle her lips around my cock, sucking off the precum she found there. She leaned into my hand, moving my shorts back, like I was stroking a cat’s face and I could swear, she actually purred a little before asking “whatchadoin’ up so early?”

I smile back at her, watching as she let me pet her. “I don’t know, I just woke up.” I shrugged slightly, continuing, “sun wasn’t up yet, but I decided to shower and did some thinking…” My face must have showed my emotions, because her expression sullied. “Angel, we need to talk.” Ah, those four hideous words; the words no man in any relationship ever wants to hear. I didn’t much like uttering them myself, especially not first thing after my baby woke up. But, I meant it only as a warning, as I added “but not right now…” I got up from her bed, looking down at her vaguely distressed but thoroughly confused look on her face. “I want you to go have a shower too. No playing with yourself while you’re in there either.” I smirked and she blushed a little, looking down and away for a moment. “I’m going to trust you not to fool around, just clean off. I’m gonna go down to the gym and workout for a bit.”

Her head cocked sideways with a mischievous grin, asking “but hasn’t all the sex we’ve been having beenenough of a workout?” That higher pitched, little girl voice came out again with that last bit, making my cock twitch in her face.

She kept smiling that damn smile as I chortled back “maybe your muscles are made sore by it, but I need something a little more heart-pumping to stay in shape.” She pouted her lips, as if seemingly taking that as an insult, but then I added “old men need a little more to stay thin.” She smiled slightly at that, reaching both of her arms up toward me. She looked the way she used to as an infant, silently asking to be picked up; as if knowing this is how I saw her, she uttered a short groan as an accompaniment. “Aww, does baby wanna be picked up?” She nodded sharply, her eyes lighting up in understanding.

I reached in and lifted her off the bed from under her arms, cradling her like she were my blushing bride being carried through the threshold of our new home together. She giggled lightly, forever loving being handled that way as she traced a finger over my pecks, my steely cock rubbing against her ass softly. I was pretty sure that at some point in her pubescent years, she was going to begin comparing her own chest to mine as her breasts grew larger. Licking one of my nipples for a moment before taking it into her mouth, she caused me to moan and an odd sensation coursed through my chest. She giggled at her triumph before saying “you’re in the best shape of any man I’ve ever seen, Daddy.” I smiled with a hint of pride at that. “So can’t you skip another day and come take a shower with me?” Those piercing blue eyes lit up in the same way they always did when she was trying to convince me to her way.

I shook my head and went to place her back on the bed. “No, baby. I told you—“ She bounced her little butt on the bed, holding her arms up at me as I set her down and stood back up. “I told you… I already took a shower. And you know I won’t be able to control myself in the shower with you.” She nodded, still holding her arms up, grunting again for me to take her back into my arms. “And that’s part of what we need to talk about. So go on, get some clothes to put on when you’re done and meet me downstairs.”

Her eyes drooped as she let her arms fall to the bed with her. “But… but won’t you need to take another shower when you’re done with your workout?” I paused, staring at her a moment. “Yeah, see? So how come I gotta take a shower without you? That’s just a waste of water, Daddy.”

I smirked, shaking my head. “You’re right. Well, c’mon then. Come downstairs and I’ll feed you before I go workout.” I made for the door and she got up behind me, slapping my ass playfully. As I whipped around I noticed that she was going to leave her room naked.

I stared at her and she just stopped and stared back blankly. “What?”

I shook my head with a smirk, “aren’t you going to put some clothes on?” I stood there, in her doorway, as if to say she wasn’t leaving unless she did so.

How she reacted was so sensual, it made my heart beat faster and my mouth water, my cock still pointing at her from under my shorts. She smiled softly at me, swaying to one side as her hands came up slowly along her body, running tantalizingly under her sides to her stomach, over her nipples, making them hard. She held her hands at her shoulders and bent her elbows as her hips swayed her to the other side, her palms turned outward. Where she learned that little shimmy doesn’t escape me, but it was still incredibly sexy watching herdo it. Holding a wide smile, still swaying as she framed her chest with her hands, she asks “don’t you think I’m sexy, Daddy?” I reached out slowly, and she reached for me, running her slender fingers along my arms as my hands touched her chest at the sides of her ribs. Suddenly, I bent my fingers in and began tickling her. She burst into giggles and clamped my hands to her body, retreating back. “Not fair!” she exclaimed.

I reached for her again and whipped her around, slapping her sharply on her ass, making her leap forward, toward her dresser. “Go on, sweetie.” I smiled as I stood up, Kimmy looking over her shoulder up at me with a mix of consternation and pain, the snap to her likely-to-be still sore butt cheek. “I do think you’re incredibly sexy, which is not something a lot of men who aren’t like me would tell you…” We shared a warm smile at that before I added “but you need to get dressed this morning. It’s cold downstairs and I don’t want to risk hurting you again.” Her head cocked slightly, but she moved for her drawers. “I know I hurt you last night, and I’m sure you’re still a little sore. I don’t want you to be tempting me this morning.” She had been bending over to get into her pajama drawer at this point, and what I’d said then prompted her to shake her little ass slightly at me. “Mmm… yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t think we’re going to have a very productive conversation if the only thing on my mind is impaling you with my cock.” Kimmy had stood up and was working her foot into a leg of some pajama bottoms, but my words made her stop moving, her foot having not touched the floor.

She stared straight into the floor for a moment, muttering lowly, “speaking of tempting…” I saw her shake her head and finish putting on her pink and white candy-stripe patterned pants I’d given her for Christmas last year. They were a good size too small and, given the fact that I noticed she didn’t put on any panties beforehand, it hugged at her budding hips and made a delicious little camel toe. Funny how I asked her to put clothes on so I wouldn’t be tempted to do anything naughty to her, and that’s what she chose. Kids… Before another word passed between us, she pulled another ill-fitting garment over her chest – a white tee with Hello Kitty’s face on the front – her nipples still sticking out, making it tent slightly.

My cock twitched at the sight of her when she did a little twirl to present herself. Sneering, I mumbled “good enough.” She giggled and came to the door to join me, taking my hand as we walked down the hallway, heading for the kitchen downstairs. I had already formulated what this ‘serious conversation’ was going to entail, but it wasn’t time yet. I needed a workout to clear my head, and I didn’t want Kimmy to wake up without something to eat. So as promised, I would fix her something and then go to work on myself to help things make a little more sense. “So what do you feel like eating, sweetie?” Off-handedly, she gave me the names of one of the cereals we kept in the pantry. “Now now, after the night you had, you could use a good, wholesome meal.”

She all but threw my hand away as we made it into the kitchen and looked up at me seriously, some of her hair blocking her left eye like my favorite character from that movie The Incredibles. “Daddy,” she huffed, “you can’t keep making references to our fucking all day yesterday and then tell me that we have to ‘talk about it’ like it’s some major thing that we have to ‘deal with’.” With each quotation, she stressed her voice, making it obvious she was growing tired of my evasion of the issue. “You don’t want me running around naked because you don’t want me to keep you hard all day, but you’d be more than pleased to fuck me in any hole if I bent over and begged you to.” The biting nature of her tone was starting to eat at me as I bellied up to the island in the kitchen, hanging on her every word. She hopped up on a stool, staring daggers at me as she finished. “And another thing, why do we have to ‘talk about’ anything anyway? Isn’t it enough that we finally know how we really feel about each other, instead of having to both pussyfoot around each other like a couple of school children?”

“But you are a schoolchild,” I quickly countered with a chuckle.

“You know what I fucking mean!” she yelled. Instantly she stopped, her face changing from angry to shy and sheepish, realizing that she just swore at me, rather than in front of me.

I looked over at her sternly, mentally taking stock of the last few days and how our relationship had evolved all in that brief moment. “Young lady…”

“I’m sorry, Daddy!” she cried out, her eyes thrown open wide. “I didn’t mean to cuss at you, it just came out!”

“And that’s part of what we need to talk about…” I shook my head, looking down at the island as I continued to address her. “Get your cereal and go to your room.” I then looked up at her, meeting her mildly frightened gaze. “Stay up there until I come for you. I’ll be in the garage…” I walked out of the kitchen, hearing no movement behind me. She must be too stunned to move right now, but that was fine for me. The biggest thing I wanted to talk with her about was how quickly her attitude and mannerisms seem to be changing. It scared me to think that my own daughter may be a completely different person who, up until now, was too scared or shy or whatever else to be herself around me.

I made my way out to our garage, which I had converted long ago into a gym for myself. I kept all of my equipment in there, carpeting and drywalling the space and connecting it to the house’s HVAC system. It was a fairly large garage, and I didn’t really care much to keep my vehicles out of the weather, so I had decided to convert it very shortly after we moved in. I sighed deeply, looking around the room at all of the different equipment, it having been neglected for the last few days. I hadn’t, I realized, planned my workout for today at all, so thinking on it, I remembered where I was supposed to be in my schedule. I started warming up for my cardio day – which is what today was supposed to be anyway – and began to work up a bit of a sweat. My body took over, setting to autopilot, allowing my mind to unfog and I began to get lost in my thoughts.

She may have sworn at me, but she did make a good point… We confessed our love for each other, we’ve fucked, made love… done all these things. But we have to discuss what we’re going to do going forward. We can’t just keep doing everything on a whim or on instinct, we’d never get anything done, and she might get the wrong idea about who we are to each other… But then… who are we to each other, really?I am her father, and I still have to be her guide to life and how the world works. She’ll always be my little girl, nothing is going to change that. But can I really be her lover forever? Won’t that damage her psyche? Won’t that emotionally scar her in some way? Make her a socially awkward pariah if it gets out? Well, maybe I’m overreacting about that, but one thing is for sure: I need to tread lightly. I don’t feel like what we’re doing is wrong anymore… it’s beautiful and it should continue. I can’t… God, I can’t live without being able to dip my cock in her sweet little pussy everyday…

My mind, of course, took that last thought and ran with it for a little bit, making my cock stiffen quickly. But because I was doing some speed jacks – or really fast jumping jacks – at the time, I had to shake my head of my daughter lain on her bed, on her stomach, with her legs spread wide as she holds her asshole open toward me with that amateur come-hither look… As my cock slowly deflated, no longer drumming against my stomach, I got my serious thoughts back on track, slipping back into my own head. I stayed in my head as I went through a routine that was a mix of Pilates and old-school calisthenics. I was in there for a little less than an hour, my bodily auto-pilot keeping busy while I mulled over my thoughts. I didn’t usually workout that long on my cardio days, so I was a little more tired than normal when I was done stretching. Coming out of the garage with a towel around my neck, sweating all over myself, I sighed deeply as I moved for the stairs, preparing to deal with the ‘situation’.

When I made it to Kimmy’s room, I found the door open and my little girl sitting on the edge of the foot of her bed, looking down at the floor. As I approached her, it was obvious all over her face that she had been crying, but I didn’t see any tissue or anything near her or, for that matter, a bowl that might have contained any cereal. She looked up at me with her tear-stained face and offered me a broken smile. Seeing her pained face made my heart sink a moment, the caring father in me affected the way it should be. I smiled back at her warmly, dropping to one knee in front of her. She took a deep breath with closed eyes and sighed her exhale. “Mmm… I love your sweaty smell, Daddy.” I smiled a little wider at that, taking the towel from around my neck and throwing it at her face. She held it there and inhaled again before moving it away from her, staring at the ceiling in serenity as she exhales slowly again. “Yeah, that’s the stuff…”

I chuckled as I shifted closer a little on my knee. “Sweetie…”

She dropped the towel next to her on her bed; I knew full well she was going to be holding on to that for a while. She looked at me solemnly and huffed “Daddy.” There was silence for a moment, each of us waiting for the other to speak; she was the first to open her lips again. “I’m sorry I cussed at you like that.”

I raised my hand to her, slowly touching the tip of my forefinger to her lips. “I can forgive that,” I offered softly. “I know why you said it, and it’s fine… Well, no, not fine…” I shook my head and smirked. “I can’t believe I have to say this, but, new rule. Well, old rule. No swearing in this house, same as always. Unless…” I raised my finger and gave a few seconds dramatic pause. “We’re in the heat of the moment.” She giggled slightly, wiping her face of what was left of her tears. I waited for her to look at me again. “Baby. Come with me.” I stood and made for my room, Kimmy following behind slowly.

I lead her to my bed, sitting on the edge of it with one leg on the mattress and the other hanging off the side, patting next to me for her to join me. As she sat down, she matched my position and faced me, looking at my eyes, eager for more input. I put my hand on her thigh firmly, as If holding her in place. “I need you to stay here and wait for me, I’m gonna wash this sweat off me.” She made a pouty face, but nodded. “I know, you like my musk, but it feels all yucky.” She giggled slightly and brightened up at my use of childish phrasing. “Stay here though, and you’re still forbidden to touch yourself while I’m in there.” I gave her the classic ‘parental warning finger’ and combined it with the old Dr. Huxtable ‘look-at-them-while-pointing-your-forehead-at-them’ look. She got the message, nodding sharply with a smirk crossing her thin lips. She crawled up the bed and laid on my pillows, stretching out and moaning softly. I smiled as I went into my bathroom.

I left the door open as I moved in to take a much needed shower. I’d done all the thinking I felt I needed to, which is why my workout ran long; I didn’t want my shower to run too long because I was lost in thought. Rinsing off and scrubbing down in minutes, I rinse off again and turn the water off. As I grab my towel, I look over and realize that the door is open. I peered through and saw Kimmy still laying on the pillows, her eyes open, staring toward the door. She had her right hand under the pillow, helping prop up her head, and her other hand was resting on her little kitty over her pants, her legs spread wide. She spotted me and waved with a weak smile, which I returned and called out to her “you being a good girl in there?”

In that defeatist, ‘stop bothering me’ tone, she answered “yes, Daddy. My hand’s not in my pants…” She then waved her left hand at me again and said “see?” She hears me chuckle as I’m toweling off out of sight and she adds, with a slightly lighter tone, “I’m in here waiting like a good girl for you to put your hand in there.” I shook my head, not responding, hearing her giggle at her own witticism. As I looked out at her though, her position did make me want to jump her bones; the thin fabric of her too-small pants was straining against the outer lips of her little cunny. Even from my distance I could see a dark spot in the fabric, clearly indicating that she was bothered by not being able to touch herself.

I realized I didn’t bring any clean clothes into the bathroom with me to change into, as I usually would. So, while pretending to dry my balls, keeping my crotch from her view, I made my way across the room to my wardrobe. She watched me intently, but stayed in her spot. I wasn’t looking at her, but I could feel her eyes burning a hole into my ass from how hard she was staring at it – that is until I covered it with a pair of boxer briefs. I could hear her pout slightly as I covered that with a different pair of shorts and topped it with a u-neck tee. Dropping the towel into my hamper, I turned to my bed and smiled as I approached. Kimmy leaned up on her elbows, but keeps her head on the pillow with a soft smile, and she was the first to speak, “so… what are we talking about, daddy?”

I sighed as I scooted close to her, rubbing my hand on her knee, matching her soft smile. “Sweetheart. I have a question.” Her head cocked slightly with that quizzical look that I hoped remained that cute forever. “What am I to you? Describe me in your mind.”

My question clearly bothered her, or was at least thought-provoking as she sat up further, leaning her back against the pillow she’d been resting her head on. She looked at me, ponderous, for nearly a minute before she started with “you’re my daddy, Daddy.” I widened my eyes and nodded at her, as if to say ‘and?’ “And… that means that I trust you with my everything… my life, my future, my education, my hopes, my dreams… My everything. I love you so very much, in so many ways, for so many reasons; you take care of me, like a good daddy should. And you’ve been so great since mom died; you’ve been so strong and patient with me as I’ve started my puberty, I know it can’t be easy for you to be a single father…” I saw her eyes go glassy, the same feelings that caused her to cry while I was working out seemingly not completely gone. She kept her composure though as she continued, looking down at the sheets of the bed, “that’s why I’ve kept myself out of trouble over the years. I want to be a good student and a good girl for you so that you don’t ever have to worry about me. I study on my own, not asking for your help with homework unless I absolutely need it… I know you work hard keeping us in such a large house, and… and I want for nothing, I know that…” She sniffled a little, making me wonder exactly why she’s been so emotional lately. Maybe that’s something we should address right now as well…

She looked up into my eyes as she finished her answer, her voice quivering, but not yet crying. “I know that it can’t be easy for you to be alone in such a big house without anyone but me to share it with…” My heart sank again, felling that she meant I need more than her in the house. “That’s why… why…” She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before locking her gaze back on my eyes, sniffling every now and then. “The answer to your question, if I can sum it all up, is that… you are… to me… the most important person in my entire life… now, and forever, you’re my daddy, my protector, my mentor, the person I strive to please and to become, my guardian angel, my one-and-only man… and now, perhaps… my lover.” She took in another deep breath and sighed her exhale again, a solitary tear flowing down the left side of her cheek.

I caressed her face softly, rubbing away the rogue tear, taking my own long breath before I responded. “My darling, sweet little girl… I had no idea I meant so much to you, baby. And maybe you didn’t know that you, too, are my everything. After we lost your mother, you became the only other person that mattered in my life anymore. I had friends, my mother and brother, some co-workers… but now, it’s only me and you.” I felt my chest heaving as I was holding back my own tears back, watching my daughter’s face brighten at my words. “I’m glad you feel like I’m all of these things to you, because to me, you are so many things too. You’re my little girl, and that you will always be. You’re my reason for living… that’s… that’s enough, really… You make me want to go on breathing… my entire life has become your happiness and your comfort. All of my thoughts and actions lead me to this ideal…” After having kept my gaze locked on her eyes as she had mine during her monologue, I couldn’t do it anymore. I turned my head, closing my eyes a moment so I could release the tears being held there.

She leaned in and grasped my face with both of her hands, making me look at her and her equally liquid eyes, shining a brighter color blue. “Daddy… I love you so much…” She leaned in further, placing her lips gently to mine with the softest of moans. I couldn’t stop myself from returning a light yet passionate kiss for a few moments before breaking away, simply staring back at her, getting lost in her deep, captivating blue eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

“Baby…” I pulled away slowly, making her drop her hands off of my face. “There’s more to it than that.” I settled in, huffing a sigh again, clearing my head of the passion I so wanted to bathe my little girl in right at that moment. “I am your daddy, and while we apparently mean more to each other than most husbands and wives mean to each other, I still have to be the one to discipline you and guide you through life.” Her beautifully sapphire eyes stayed locked on me, but her expression slumped as she realized where I was going. “That’s why I’m still going to continue with your punishment for what you’ve done. Anything you do going forward may be considered differently within the parameters of our changing relationship, in that, I would treat any indiscretion weighed as though you were my wife, not my daughter.” Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when I said this, to which I immediately responded. “Yes, you heard me. You’re still now and will always be my little girl, but I feel that if you want me to take you into my bed as my wife, then I should – at least in some cases – treat you as a wife. But…” I held up my finger, as a parent does. “But, that means that you’re to continue your ‘wifely’ duties around the house. For the past few years, you’ve been the greatest help around the house, and that’s not going to stop. Take your pick: they’re chores as my daughter, or they’re your duties as my wife.”

She began crying openly, but it was very clear it was a happiness overload, as she nodded emphatically as she listened. “Keeping that in mind, I have a very important question to ask you.” I let that hang there a second, never losing her complete attention. “How do you feel about sleeping in my bed every night from now on?”

She could barely contain herself long enough for me to finish my sentence. “Oh, Daddy, I would love that!” she exclaimed. “I’ve wanted that to be the norm for so long, but I couldn’t think of any other way to get into your bed without pretending I was scared at a thunderstorm, but I’ve been too old for that for years and…” I raised a finger to her lips to make her stop her rant, causing her to giggle. “Sorry, Daddy. Err, I mean umm… What should I call you now?” She cocked her head in that cute little way and I could only smile wide at her.

“Daddy works just fine, baby. You learned that name for me from your mother after all, why stop calling me that now that you’re taking her place?” That should have hurt a lot more to say than it did. Interestingly, I was finally completely moving on from my wife’s death because of my daughter, and I could openly admit, out loud, that it was Kimmy taking the role. “But, there’s a few other things I think we should discuss.” Her manner changed slightly, falling back into an ‘I’m listening’ stance as she sat with me on the bed, her legs bent behind her. “First of all, why were you on my computer?” I, of course, already knew the answer, but I needed to test her honesty, since she knew she was not allowed under the terms of her punishment.

She bowed her head, ashamed, as she answered lowly, “I was looking for stuff…”

“I know that, baby, I found your internet history. My question is – well, twofold really – why were you looking for toys, and why were you on my computer at all without my permission?”

She looked up at me, meeting my gaze again. “I thought it would be fun if we used something other than just what we have.” She had that sort of shifty-eyed look that gave away she was lying. “And I knew you’d never agree to let me, so I—“

“Well you’re right about that,” I cut her off. “But if you wanted to find toys for us to use with each other, why were you looking for double-ended dildos and strap-ons?”

I could almost see her heart sinking and I knew I had her. “I…” Her head dropped again. “I was looking for stuff for me and Olivia…”

“Ah… well then, at least now you’re being honest.” I began to wonder though, if I did agree to get her a strap-on that could fit her, if I wouldn’t mind trying letting her use it on me… But I shook my head of such thoughts for now and continued, “you know you shouldn’t have been using my system without my knowledge. But…” Something had just occurred to me. “If you didn’t want me finding out, why didn’t you cover your tracks better? You’d been downloading illegal material for over a year without my knowledge, why be so obvious about this?”

She visibly winced at my mention of her indiscretion, but she looked up at me with barely a moment’s hesitation. “Because I didn’t know any other way to ask you.” She gasped at her own revelation, but pressed on. “I figured that if we’re going to be so open with our relationship now and no longer simply be father and daughter, than maybe you’d be open to me being more than just a friend with Olivia too.” I nodded slowly at this, thinking about it a moment as I looked away from her.

“That’s fair, I guess. I’ve said before that I do trust you and her together. Although admittedly I wouldn’t have thought you were already doing things like that with each other.” I looked back up at her. “But we can discuss that further later; just know that I’m not opposed to the idea of you getting toys like that for you girls to play with. But they’d have to be purchased with my consent and only after discussing with her what it is you want to get, so that you know it’s something you’ll both enjoy.” Her eyebrow cocked sharply at that, obviously not the answer she’d been expecting. “Yes, I’m serious. But there’s more we need to address right now. Firstly, your punishment for using my computer – come here.” I patted my thigh and shifted so that my lap was open, both my feet on the floor at the edge of my bed.

“Awww…” she grumbled as she complied, lying over my legs but making no movement to remove any of her clothing.

“We’ll consider this your spanking for today, but because you used my computer, it’s going to be more severe.”

She mumbled, almost inaudibly, “at least you’re not doing this while I’m trying to fuck you…”

“Excuse me, young lady?” I raised my tone, playing the role of father at that moment.

“Nothing,” she grumbled derisively. “Just do it, we both know I deserve to be punished. I won’t stop you.” The more she says things like that, the more I wonder whether it’s a mark of maturity or her relenting to my authority for the sake of reducing her sentence due to ‘good behavior’.

“You’re right, you won’t stop me. Now let’s see…” I grabbed at the hem of her pajama pants and pulled them down slowly, exposing her naked rear to me. “Ah, I’d forgotten you went commando this morning…” She sighed lightly as she laid her head on her hands against the bed. I rested the elastic waistband just under the meat of her cheeks and slowly began rubbing her butt, testing her reaction to see if she was still sore from the day before. She winced at the initial touch, but quickly began moaning as I rubbed an invisible lotion into her skin.

She muttered lowly, “that feels good, daddy. Can you just do that for a while?” I don’t know why, but I relented to her request, simply rubbing both of her buttcheeks for several minutes. I would handle them separately, kneading the soft, spongy flesh like dough, then switch to rub them both gently with one hand, really massaging them like she needed relief from some strain. She had begun gyrating her hips slightly, clearly enjoying herself, which in turn made my cock respond as she was, in her position, grinding her pelvis into it.

“Alright, dear, that’s enough,” I sighed after stopping my hand. Her hips stopped moving and I felt her hold her breath, bracing herself for the impending spanking. I gave her ass one last grope and said, “breathe, baby. There’s no reason to be afraid of me…” She looked up at me over her shoulder as I added, “I know I scared you yesterday, but that was just adrenaline talking. I don’t want you to be afraid of me at all. But this is going to hurt…”

With that I raised my hand high, making her cringe again, before bringing it back down about half as hard as I could. The smack the impact created as my hand collided with both of her cheeks made my ears ring and Kimmy planted her face into the bed and yelped into the mattress. “I’ll give you twenty smacks – one for each of the days left of your punishment, and 2 more for using my computer without permission.” This made her raise her head to look at me again as my hand came down for smack number two.

“Nff!” she whined. “Does that mean I’ll be off punishment for my birthday?” Her eyes lit up slightly as she looked at me with hope.

I smacked her a third time before answering, “yes. But only for your birthday; a new modified punishment will be drawn up for a long time thereafter.” Spank number four. “You won’t be completely off punishment for a long time after what you’ve done.” She laid back flat on the bed as I smacked her a few more times.

Seemingly, she was growing accustomed to the assault on her tender little rear as she propped herself back up again, carrying on a conversation with me as I continued to spank her. “So you’ll keep spanking me until the storm ends, I know that.” Spank. “Mmph… And I can’t have my computer back, presumably for the entire length of my punishment…” Spank. “Anh!” she gasped. “But then what happens after my birthday?”

I brought my hand down sharper for number eleven, trying to hit the point home that this was not supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Despite myself, however, I had begun to grow hard from the noises she was making. The head of my prick was pressing softly against her pelvis, twitching every time I spanked her in response to the utterance my hand elicited from her. Twice more before I answered her, “that’s to be decided at that point, I suppose.” One more smack and her reactionary moan is held for a little longer than normal.

“So one of my eleventh birthday gifts is going to be deciding what my new punishment is going to entail?” Another smack, a little harder for her impertinence. Although…

“I can see your point,” I concede as I rub her cheeks for a moment, as soothingly as I can. “Well, we’ll figure something out beforehand then.” Spank number fifteen comes down, just as hard as the last; it’s the last few, time to cap it off with a higher force.

“Anh! Daddy…” she says, opening her eyes after wincing them closed in pain. “This is so confusing. I can’t figure on whether this hurts or feels good now.”

“Well, thank you for clarifying that,” I sneered, “I was beginning to wonder if you might like it when I spanked you.” Number sixteen comes down even harder and her moan was definitely one of pain.

“Well, yeah, I mean…” She trailed off, blushing, burying her head in the bed again for a moment. I used her silence to smack her again, this time making it a quick contact to make it sting a little more from the rebound. “Anh!” she propped herself back up, almost moving her hand down to rub her ass, but she stops herself, looking at me. “I mean, yesterday, you fucking hurt me, but…” Immediately, I drop number eighteen on her and leave my hand on her ass, letting it reverberate. “Ahahaa…” she whined in definite pain again. “I swore again, huh?” I just nodded with a slender grin. “I’ssowwie,” she said with a bit of a grind of her hips, causing my cock to rub against her groin for a moment.

I inhaled sharply with my hand in the air, my eyes closing at the sensation of the contact. “Hey,” I looked down at her as my eyes flew open, cracking her ass for the second to last time. “Stop that,” I added with fervor. Rubbing her ass softly again, priming her flesh for the final strike. “This is the last one, baby, then you can take a shower and cool off your cheeks.” She nodded, her face back in the bed to brace for the impact. I came down as hard as I could on her, the crack of flesh on flesh making a near booming echo and actually hurting my ears for a moment. She screamed out and rolled off of my lap, catching herself on her feet, collapsing onto her side in a semi-fetal position on the floor.

As I stood to look at her at a better angle, I could tell she was desperately holding back tears; I knew she wanted to cry so badly after all that pain. “Daddy…” she murmured at the carpet. “Can you…?” I nodded, knowing what she wanted. I made for my nightstand, getting some lotion for her searing ass skin. Scooping her up from the floor, I gently handle her so that her ass isn’t touching anything, even her own clothing. I set her down on the bed on her stomach, and she still winced as I joined her to her right. Taking a large sum of lotion in my hands, I rubbed them together and placed them lightly on her cheeks, rubbing in a smooth, slow, circular motion. “Mmmmm…” she moaned. “That’s feeling better already…” I rubbed too much lotion into her hands, so I moved some of it over the small of her back and down her thighs, moving her shirt and pants out of the way as I went. As I rubbed along her thighs, I spread it out along the fat meat of her legs, running my fingers along her inner thighs. Her moaning continued as I kneaded her ass flesh as I had before, like pizza dough, being careful not to hurt her anymore – that part was over.

“Does that feel better, baby?” I asked her wantonly, getting into it. I felt my cock pressing against the waistband of my shorts, and with her eyes closed, Kimmy couldn’t see it.

“Yeah, Daddy… that feels so good…” I’d been rubbing her thighs when I asked, and when she answered me, she spread her legs slightly. I worked my whole hands over her thighs and let my thumbs run up between her cheeks, grazing her outer lips. I heard her gasp and I smirked to myself, working her pants all the way off before reaching for the lotion bottle again. Right as I was about to squirt more into my hands, I said aloud “wait.” She looked up at me and simpered. “I should do this after you’ve showered, I think.”

She considered what I’d said a moment before nodding in agreement. She came to her feet after sliding off the bed, standing before me half-naked. “My god, baby. You’re so gorgeous.” I reached out; my hands slightly greasy from the lotion rub down, rubbing right at her clit between her legs. She gasped and let her legs buckle, leaning into me and my smooth touch. I caressed the most sensitive part of her sex for a few moments in the same slow circular motion I had been on her ass.

“Oh god, Daddy…” she moaned, “this is what I wanted you to rub.”

“I know, baby… And I’ll do it more…” I stopped moving my hand and took it out from between her quickly soaking snatch. “…When you’re out of the shower.” She groaned her displeasure, running her own hands along her lower stomach, as though to massage her uterus to satiate it for the moment. “And no touching yourself in there.” She smiled at me before turning toward my bathroom. “No no, baby. Use your own; use your soap and shampoo and get really good and clean, ok?” She stopped, looking at me, as if to ponder whether I was giving her a command she could agree with, but then she nodded at me with a smile and left the room.

I shook my head at her silliness and lay back on the bed, stretching out for a little bit. I realized all at once that my workout made me a little tired, and while I never subscribed to the idea of going to sleep after a workout, I felt my eyes closing and my mind drifting into nothingness within minutes. I opened my eyes again as I felt my mattress jump from under me. I was greeted by my daughter’s smiling face, wearing a new set of pajamas with her hair dried and put up in pigtails. “Wow…” I muttered as I propped myself up on my elbows. “I must’ve been out for a while, huh?”

“I guess,” she said, “I took about a half hour to look like this after my shower.” I rubbed my eyes as she settled in, hovering her obviously still sore ass just over her feet as she sits on the bed like a tiny Japanese woman at the dinner table. “I put clothes on for you, Daddy.” She sounded proud, as if she deserved a pat on the head and a ‘good girl’ for not running around the house naked in the winter.

I groaned, getting the rest of the sleep out of my head, as I replied “that’s good, baby, now take them off.” She looked at me funny a moment before smiling and taking her shirt off in one smooth motion, dropping it beside the bed. She then stood and faced away from me, bending at the waist as she slowly grabbed the band of her pants, these fitting a bit looser than her last hip-hugging pair, and lowered them along her hips languidly. I noticed that she still wasn’t wearing any panties as her slightly reddened cheeks appeared before me. I smirked as she continued to bend over as she brought her pants past her knees, not letting go of the waistband to let them fall to the floor. This, of course, allowed me a full view of her delicate little flower and her precious rosebud, hidden only slightly by her round little ass. With an obvious smile in my voice, I reached out and wrapped an arm around her stomach and pulled her onto the bed. “Alright, c’mon now,” I said softly. “Lie down and get comfy, Daddy’s gonna rub you down.”

I felt her squirm as she got onto the bed on her stomach and declared, “I thought for a split second you were gonna say ‘Daddy’s gonna fuck you now’…”

I smiled a little wider, saying “well, maybe that too…” She giggled lightly as I began to squeeze a little lotion along her back, a drop or two on each arm, some more on her thighs and one large drop on each of her sore cheeks. I started at her shoulders, rubbing in the unscented lotion like I used for Carol after a hard day at the hospital. Kimmy’s a child, so she had no real tension to work out, but I had a routine from all those massages I used to give her mother, so her shoulders were a natural jump-off point. She softly moaned and cooed as I worked along her clavicle to her right arm. I kneaded her flesh as I had her ass before, working every muscle like putty in my hands. When I got to her hands and fingers, I worked her bones into every conceivable angle, making a few of her phalanges crack, surprisingly. She moaned a little more as I worked along her back again to her other arm, asking “does that feel good, baby?” I knew the answer, of course, but loved hearing her say it.

“Mmm…” came her only reply for nearly a whole minute. “It feels delicious, Daddy. You do this so good… Did you ever do this for Carol?” I quirked an eyebrow at her saying my late wife’s first name, but for now, I let it go.

“I did indeed… got really good at it too.” I worked my way down the back of her ribcage along her spine, my hands picking up the new amounts of lotion they found there and spreading it around. I ground my hands into the small of her lower back, fanning the pressure out from her spine to her sides. I could tell she was suppressing giggles when my fingers wrapped around the sides of her torso. “See?” I asked as I leaned in, my mouth just inches from her ear. She shivered beneath me, likely from my closeness, and I chuckled lightly. “Yeah, you like that,” I whispered as I leaned away.

“Yeah I do,” she whispered back, gasping a sharp inhale as I moved just south to her ass cheeks. They seemed to be less sensitive after her shower; she must have paid them a great amount of attention. I could also tell that she was enjoying my caresses immensely as, every time I spread her cheeks through my ministrations, I could almost taste a strong whiff of her essence. I took a strong breath as another wave of her scent hit my nostrils and she smiled behind closed eyes at me, “you like how I smell, Daddy?”

“Oh more than anything, baby,” I mumbled as I now worked my lotioned hands into the backs and sides of her thighs. As I made my way down her legs, I found myself marveling at her body again – her legs were so disproportionately long for a girl her size. She seemed to be growing up before she grows out; but judging by the juiciness of her taut little ass, the out part was not far behind. I found myself transfixed by her beautiful little bum as I absently rubbed down her calf muscles, which were themselves, taut and well-toned. I thought to myself that she must workout herself a little bit – but then it could just be her youthful metabolism combined with her body growing into itself. I never really did pay attention to the intricate curves of girls when I was her age; maybe, in fact, all little girls her age were in this good a shape.

She continued to moan and writhe against my touch, seemingly trying to thrust her backside toward my hands as I worked at her feet, paying just as much attention to each of her tiny toes as I had her fingers. “Daddy, this feels so good… Please… please tell me you’re going to fuck me when you’re done…” I had still been staring at her luscious ass as she said this, but the forwardness of her request snapped me out of my fixation.

“Baby…” I muttered, stopping my hands in place at her ankles. My stopping made her open her eyes and look up at me. “Why are you suddenly so blunt about sex?” I sat back on my feet, completely removing my hands from her, making my question all the more poignant.

She sighed deeply at the loss of my touch, closing her eyes again as she answered me. “Because I finally can be, Daddy…” Another deep breath before she continued, “you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to tell you – and for how long – that I’ve wanted to be more than just your daughter. And, I don’t know, maybe it’s just like… the dam’s been broken and now that I have you, I want you as much and as often as I can get you.” She cooed softly as she reached her hands back and spread her asscheeks slightly, filling my nostrils with her fragrance again. “I’m always so hot and wet when I’m around you, or when I’m not; just thinking about you makes it hard to concentrate…” She let go of herself and looked up at me, propping her torso up by her elbows. “I never told you, but a little over a year ago, I saw you jerking off… right here on this very bed.” She patted the mattress for emphasis. “It made me want to touch myself so bad. When we’d had our ‘talk’, about the only thing you didn’t really explain in any great detail was masturbation. And after I tried it that night, I was hooked.”

I continued to listen, some of my attention focused on several different fantasies I’d had over the years that, apparently, were all true. “Before too long, playing with myself just wasn’t enough. I hooked up with Olivia, after some prodding from me, because I needed to feel someone other than myself between my legs. But before long, even she wasn’t enough… much to her chagrin…” She trailed off a bit, pausing as if in thought. “But then I set out to seduce you, but you never really made a move at all. Well, not at first, anyway. I would dress in just my undies in front of you, play my little games with clothes that just don’t fit me anymore – anything I could to get your attention on my body long enough to either make you make a move on me, or do it on your own.” So, her not-so-subtle sexual behavior in recent months was on purpose. She looked me right in the eyes, contorting her body a little more to do so, when she said “I wanted you to take me, but you weren’t getting the hints. That is, until the other day.” Her vision trailed off as she recalled, “I saw the storm as the perfect opportunity to get close to you and finally make you mine. I never expected asking you to play Truth or Dare would actually work. And I certainly didn’t think that the first time you were inside me would be so violent…” Her eyes refocused and she looked up at me, reaching to take my hand as she said, “but I don’t think that anything could have prepared me for how full you make me… not just physically, but emotionally. You make me feel so many things… like I’m not fully whole without you inside me… and I wouldn’t have you any other way now… father, lover… husband.” She smiled weakly and I responded in kind, taking her hand in my other.

“Kimberly… you constantly surprise me.” I thought I felt a tear welling up and her smile widened.

“You raised me well, Robert…” That did it. I gasped lightly and that tear fell almost as if on cue. The only other time in her whole life she’s ever called me by my full name was the day Carol died.

Barely able to keep my voice in check, I placed my palm on the small of your back and all but whispered, “lie back down, Angel. Let Daddy take care of you.” She complied and resumed her position. Assessing how the lotion was spread, I muttered, “actually, roll over, baby.” With a low grunt, she did as told, wincing and moaning as she got her ass comfortable. “I guess this is just one more reason to clean the sheets,” I said jokingly in a more even tone. She only giggled as I poured more lotion on her body – some at each shoulder, a drop for each nipple, as well as her belly button, a dollop for her fat little slit, and a bigger glob on each knee. I sniffled back the welled-up emotion Kimmy almost brought out of me and went to work on finishing her massage.

I started at her shoulders, as I had on her back, but made quick work of them as I moved down her chest. I spend an agonizingly long time on each of her nipples – pinching them, kneading them, poking and prodding them with each of my fingers. Her moaning and wriggling only told me to take it slower and really work each handful of breast into a fluffy, doughy state. A number of ‘oh god’s and a noticeable change in the fragrance permeating the air made me stop my teasing and move down her body further. I focused on her sides again, making sure not to tickle her as I rubbed the lotion into her taut stomach. “It still amazes me, Kimmy, that you have no baby fat whatsoever. “ She cooed lowly as I ran my hands all over her abdomen, teasing my fingers into her navel lightly as I passed over it. “You have… just a perfect body…”

“Mmm… tell me what you like about it, Daddy,” she moaned.

I wiped my brow with the back of my hand, looking down at the full frontal nudity of my tantalizingly voluptuous little 10 year old girl. With inexplicably shaky breath, I told her “I love your soft, flowing blonde hair, and how it’s so thin I can brush it with my fingers.” As I said this, I reached up a hand and ran it along her scalp, causing her to moan softly. Part of me thought that she’ll need to wash the lotion out of her hair later, but that was a concern for another time. I continued to list all the different parts of her body that I simply adored, and as I went, my caressing touch followed the particular part I was complimenting. “I love your cute little cheeks and those dimples you get when you smile or laugh really wide.” I tickled at her cheeks, and she did as expected, giggling lightly but with no signs of trying to stop me. “I love your cute little button nose and the fact that your lips are just as full and sexy as any grown woman I’ve ever met.” When I ran my fingers along her lips, she leaned in and sucked on one of my fingers for a few seconds. “I love the subtle way your neck meets your shoulders, and how pronounced your upper body is for your age.” She seemed to pout at the jab to her youth, but only for a brief moment as my massaging hands were moving down her chest. “I love your light pink little nipples and how tiny they still are. Ohh just staring at them makes me want to just suck on them all day until they’re sore…”

My eyes went from glazed over in thought to focused and snapped-to in seconds after she chuckled, saying “you can’t do that, Daddy… Why would you want to hurt me again?” She said the so good-naturedly that I didn’t let her alluding to my hurting her the day before ruin the mood.

I continued moving my hands down her body, commenting on it as I went. “I love your thin, firm little belly, and the fact that your navel is just… just so perfect.” I couldn’t resist leaning in and tonguing at her little belly button lightly after saying this. I knew that this tickled her, and she tried to push me away, so I let her, playing along. “I love that there’s not a shred of fat on your taut little tummy,” my massaging of such causing her to moan a little louder than before. “And how your little belly curves so nicely into your budding hips and tight little bubble butt.” I reached to her sides, kneading the soft flesh as I moved my hands around her gently to caress her backside for emphasis.

She raised her hips to allow my hands to more easily grope her little ass with another soft moan, her eyes opening for the first time in the longest. “Mmm… you really do love my body, huh Daddy?” She began writhing and cooing softly as she closed her eyes again, beginning to display more signs that I was sexually exciting her with both my actions and my words.

“I really do, Angel… I really do…” I kept my hands on their southward journey, keeping them well clear of her little honeypot as I worked her thighs from the front. “I love how your legs are so long and so firm and so… delicious…” I leaned in as I massaged her thighs, running my tongue ever so lightly along the skin that it found there. She gasped and lifted her leg a little, letting my tongue graze more of her tight flesh. The faint taste of the lotion made me wretch inwardly, but I didn’t let Kimmy see that, lest she think I was disgusted by the taste of her own skin. I leaned back up and kept my arms going, “your tiny feet are so precious and so dainty… There are women in Asia who would kill to have feet like yours.” I lifted her feet toward my lips in turn, kissing each of her toes softly before replacing it back onto the bed. She giggled lightly at the feel of my stubble on her tender toes, and she seemed to be holding herself back quite a bit in order to stay planted on her back.

“Oh, Daddy… you’re driving me crazy…” Her hands finally moved onto her body for the first time since I started, and they were moving down to cup her little pussy, which I noticed for the first time was glistening with her wetness. She didn’t do anything more than just hold it, but her back arched and her legs bent slightly at the knees as she opened her eyes to look at me. “But you forgot one part of me…”

I shook my head with a warm smile as I brought my own hand up to that most special of places. “No, baby girl, I didn’t forget,” I said as I moved her hands away from her sweet smelling, swelling little pussy. I looked again and could see so much moisture coming from her tender lips that I scarcely believed she hadn’t already cum at least once. As I leaned my face in to take a whiff of her sopping wet sex, she sighed along with me as I exhaled. “You have, without a doubt, the sexiest, cleanest, tightest, most beautiful little cunny I’ve ever seen in my life, baby.” Smirking up at her, I added, “and I’d seen quite a few before your mother.” She sighed lowly again, almost a guttural groan as I planted a very light kiss on her outer lips. I placed a small amount of pressure on the insides of her thighs, making her spread her legs further for me. As I looked at her tiny snatch, a thick string of cum separated her inner lips, which made me absently lick my own lips. “Baby… I think I’m done with your massage now.”

“Mmm… I think you are too…” Just as I was leaning in to start giving her pussy a good tongue-lashing – finally giving in to the lust that’d been building between us since I started – she reached for the back of my head and pushed it in the same direction. She sucked in a hard gasp as my lips made contact with her clit, our combined efforts causing my face to essentially smoosh into her lower lips. Letting the humor of the situation wash over me, I leaned away slightly and started to lick at her outer lips. I was horny as all hell, yes, but I still wanted to take this relatively slow; I wanted this to be the first time we should have had together. The night before was very special to me, but now, I wanted to make sure that we shared an experience that was special to her… just in case last night hadn’t been.

I moaned lowly as I cleaned her mons and outer cunt lips of all the juices that had built up since she got out of the shower, and her hips were grinding against me the whole way. As she moaned in sync with my efforts, she had her fingers dancing all over my scalp. When I was satisfied with the cleanliness of her outermost self, I reached two fingers and spread her open, revealing even more of her life-giving nectar within. I kept my pace slow, but I hungrily and sloppily fed on her pussy juice like I was a man deprived of water after a long trek through the dessert. “Oh, God, Daddy,” I heard whispered from above me. I was at a bad angle and much too focused on her monkey to look up and see if her eyes were open or closed – as if it really mattered – but I knew she was thrashing her head side to side on her pillow. “Oh… oh! Anh… God, Daddy, you’re so good at this…” Her hips bucked each time she gasped, moaned, or spoke at all, and I was quite sure that the anticipation I was building by avoiding her clit at all costs was going to send her rocketing over the top the moment I touched it.

I continued to lap up her juices, but she kept producing more as she continued to caress my head and writhe her hips into me. I leaned back a bit and just stared into her tight little gaping hole, admiring how very soft and seemingly untouched it was – it was simply… perfect. As I leaned back in, my tongue dipped deep into that beautiful pot and I drank of her juices straight from the source. This made my little kimmy slam her head into the pillow and her hips rose to meet me, driving me a little deeper. “Oh, God, Daddy! Yeah, lick it!” Her fingers tightened on the back of my head. I started moving my head and tongue back and forth, fucking her with my face and her moaning and gyrating only increased. “Anh! Oh, God, Daddy, yeah! I’m so close! Oh yeah, just like that!” Her muscles were contracting on their intrusion so tightly that it was becoming hard to re-enter her on my downstroke. She must be close to cumming, but I didn’t want that just yet.

I fought her grip to pull my face away and she sighed deeply, her breathing erratic as she looked up to me with sorrow in her eyes. I only smiled back as I looked down at my shorts, then back to her. She nodded emphatically without a word and I knew she understood. Quickly, I removed both my shirt and shorts and got myself into position between her legs. She was compliant to me moving her legs open and she tried to prematurely thrust her hips at me, making her pussy scrape along the bottom of my cock. Her lips were so slick from my saliva and her juices that she slipped right up my length, pressing her cunt into my balls. We both gasped at the contact and I smirked down at her, thinking that rubbing her that way was a good idea. I repositioned my hips to do just that, looking down as I moved my hips back and forth, making my cock look like a hotdog being dragged in and out of a small bun.

Each time I brought my hips up, the head of my cock dragged across her very sensitive clit. I did everything I could to avoid touching her clit at all – although I’m sure I pressed my nose into it more than once – but now, I was rubbing it with the full length of my cock over and over again. This, of course, had her hips bucking ever more violently than before. She was moaning and writhing and screaming my name and crying out for God and just generally driving closer and closer to having what was sure to be an incredible orgasm. Being that I was rubbing her with the most sensitive part of myself, I was building right along with her, but I had more experience, so could keep better composure. With ragged breath, I said calmly “you like how that feels, baby?” But the only response I got was completely unintelligible, as she was too far gone to make any sense of the sensations I was causing her – outside of intense pleasure, that is.

I slipped down a little lower on my downstroke and sunk easily between her folds, and when I did, her hips thrust forward and buried me to the hilt in one pass. All at once, she found her voice and screamed “oh yeah, fuck me, Daddy!” and her hips took off at blazing speed. Using the leverage from being on her back, she started pounding herself against me and I tried to match her pace with my own pulsing. It wasn’t long before we were matched in rhythm, but it wasn’t much longer that we both reached our precipice and went leaping off together. Neither of us gave the other any warning, but with one final unanimous coupling over our pelvises, her pussy started contracting around me, making her tight, delicious little cunt milk my spewing cock for all it was worth. We grinded our hips against each other as I poured what felt like a gallon of my hot seed deep into her small hole and I was sure, for a brief moment, that if there were ever I time I hoped she took her pill this morning, it was now.

When we both stopped spasming, I collapsed on top of her, too tired to ablate any of my weight from potentially crushing her. But she felt comfortable beneath me, with no signs of needing – or wanting – me to move. In fact, she slowly started to stroke my back, slowly and gently grinding her hips again. I moaned, leaning up to look at her, asking “you got really riled up from that massage, huh?”

“Mmm… I did,” she said back, still sloshing her cunny against me in a slow rhythm. “That was so amazing, Daddy… but…” Her face took on a slightly coy look. “It’s so nice having you inside me… I think I’d like to keep you in there as much as I can… mmph…” She started grinding a little harder, and kept the attention of my cock which, because of its juicy confines, hadn’t been able to deflate yet. “You cock is so tasty in my little pussy, Daddy…” she said behind closed eyes. “Is my pussy tasty to you?” God, I won’t ever tire of hearing tawdry pornstar-esque lines from my little kimmy.

I grunted at her lower body ministrations, matching her slow pace with my own groin. “It’s delectable, darling,” I muttered with a poor French accent. She giggled lightly, her stomach contractions translating in her pussy, making me gasp. “You’re very good with your muscles down there, baby. How’d that happen?”

Biting her lip, she flexed around my cock, proving my point. But she answered “Olivia let me learn how to use her dildo…” Her hips never ceased their slow, calculated rhythm, but with her cunt being drowned in my cum, it was starting to get even hotter in there.

“Ah…” I moaned, half in pleasure and half in a Sherlock-ish realization. “So it wasn’t your brush you broke your hymen with.”

She winced with one closed eye, gasping as an apparent shock of pleasure hit her. “No, that part was true, but…” She bit her lip again. “Before too long, my brush handles weren’t good enough. I needed the real thing and… well, since yours was the only one I really wanted, but couldn’t yet have, I settled for something more like the real thing.” She kept her pace, but it was becoming obvious that she wanted more. I reached up and palmed both of her breasts, thumbing her little nipples as we continued to share our grind. Her breathing was increasing, and I felt that she was drawing close to round two.

“Baby, stop…” I said, letting my hips come to a rest. She looked up at me quizzically, but complied, letting her butt fall back onto the bed. I slowly popped myself out of her sopping fuckhole and leaned back, sitting on my feet with a wicked smile. She sat up on her elbows, my cum dripping from her pussy still, that same enquiring look on her face. “I want you to cum again, but it’ll be a while before I do again, so let me give you something…” I pushed her gently onto her back again and got into position next to her. “I learned a little trick with your mother that I think you’re gonna love.” I’d discovered in due course that my daughter, like her mother, is a squirter. This means she has a particular physiology for the most intense rolling orgasms any woman could ever experience. But, for them to be so mind-blowing they could cure cancer, they had do be done in a certain way…manually.

I slapped an open palm over her sensitive puss and she gasped sharply. Smiling, I leaned into her, letting her lay against my chest as I took her tiny lips into my hand. Splitting my hand to rub my fore- ring- and middle fingers along her clit, fanning my other two out sideways, I easily slid the three long fingers into her slowly. She exhaled just as slowly, allowing the new intrusion. “Mmph… you’re gonna finger me? But your cock feels so much better in me, Daddy.” I shuddered at her language yet again, but leaned into her ear with a soft ‘shh’ as I started moving my hand slowly in and out of her. Giving her about a minute to grow accustomed to the feel, I curved my fingers inward, eliciting a sweet little moan.

Pressing her g-spot hard into her stomach from the inside and slamming my palm repeatedly against her clit as fast as I possibly could, she suddenly arched her back to accommodate the new lightning speed my hand took on. Within seconds, her entire body was convulsing and she stifled a scream behind painfully gritted teeth. She shot a stream of cum clear off the bed, and continued spasming more onto the bed. I had removed my hand and just pressed my finger tips against her clit, the pressure on her most sensitive area letting her ride it out harder and longer. Her lungs were deprived of air, so there was no screaming, no moaning, no sound at all from her lips.

This went on for so long, I was afraid she’d pass out due to lack of oxygen, but she finally inhaled sharply, exhaling a deep, rasping “oh God, Daddy!” Her breathing would take about two full minutes to normalize after her body being wracked with the most intense pleasure she would ever experience (although, I’d be happy to do it for her whenever she liked). But, she wasn’t going to wait that long to ask me, between bated breaths, “what in the fuck was that?!” I thought to scold her over her use of words, but we were ‘in the head of the moment’ as it were.

I let her breathing become less labored as I answered, “you have a particular kind of pussy, my dear daughter. If properly manipulated, you can experience the most incredible highs of any other woman who doesn’t share your unique gift.” I moved up her body, laying next to her, but not yet touching her with any part of me, ready to make my next point. “It also, for several minutes, makes your entire nervous system hyper-sensitive.” I reached my hand in to caress her stomach, an action that might not normally elicit any kind of sexual response. But, true to my word, her back arched, she moaned sharply, and her body began to convulse again for several seconds. As her breathing normalized again, I chuckled lightly, “see?”

“That… there’s no way… I don’t even…” She kept starting sentences without finishing them like that for almost a full minute before finally forming a cogent one, again between breaths. “Where… will I ever… find a man… who can do… what you can to me?” Her writhing continued, and she kept trying the increase her contact with my body, leaning on her side, reaching out to me, all of which I allowed. If she wanted to keep the feelings she was experiencing rolling as long as she could, I wasn’t going to stop her.

“You make a good point, my love.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at her. The sad part is that, while this was her first time having my little ‘trick’ be used on her, every other time I would do it in the future, it would have the same if not a more powerful effect on her. It’s always so fun when a woman willingly allows you to make her putty in your hands. I leaned in, pressing my body slightly against hers, my hand still planted on her pussy. “We’d said before that we would talk about who we are to each other. Perhaps now is as good a time as any.”

Her body refused to stop moving, but she seemed receptive as I continued. “You will always be the most special person in the world to me, you know that. More than that, I feel that there is no one else I will ever find that will understand or appreciate me as much as you can.” Her movements made my hand over her pussy move in such a way that two of my fingers sunk inside of her, causing her to gasp and spasm all over again. After she was done screaming and seizing, her breathing calmed, she looked at me with glazed eyes, definite signs of tears of joy strewn all over her face – and my bedding. “More than that I don’t think that I could ever find someone who completes me in much the same way you do. You were made by me, and for me. I truly believe that now.”

Even through the haze I saw in her eyes, I saw at once an understanding as a smile formed on her face. After a few myoclonic jerks from her abdomen, she wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled wider. “Daddy… you’ve made me the happiest woman in the world.” She then chuckled lowly, seemingly not left with the energy to do much else before saying “and I’m not even a woman yet.” I kept my hand on her stomach as she cuddled up against me and cried into my shoulder. Tears of pure elation streaming down her face after having our future together laid out in… well, rather vague terms, sure. But I knew she now had no doubt that she and I were going to spend the rest of our lives together – come what may – and that was just fine with me.

Still sobbing softly, she began to stroke my chest. I didn’t want to move my hand from her belly, as I knew how sensitive her body was still likely to be, and I didn’t want to ruin the moment she seemed intent on having. I felt the need to say “whatever happens to us from now on, it’ll happen together. Father, daughter, lover, friend… whatever we are or will become… we’ll take the journey side by side.” This only served to resurge her crying as she buried her head into my shoulder, wrapping her arm and leg around my body in an attempt to pull me as close to her as she could. I could only kiss her forehead repeatedly to try and calm her down as, eventually, she cried herself to sleep, too tired from a mix of emotional and sexual euphoria. It was a feeling that I felt I could grow quite accustomed to causing in my dear, sweet little girl.

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