I’m sixteen and never knew what my dad did. I was a late life baby as far as he was concerned. All I knew was that he did it overseas. My mother left when I was young so when dad was gone I normally had one or two women that would suddenly appear to stay until he returned. This time it was a suit that came to tell me he wasn’t coming home.

At least the mortgage ended up being paid off. Dad had money in stocks but it wasn’t a lot. I had maybe enough to live on until I graduated high school. It was a week before I found the hidden door in the basement. What I found answered a lot of questions and gave me the answer to how I would live.

Normally when I come home from school I changed and went into the garage where my dad had made a gym. It even had mats covering the floor so I could do my exercises and practice what he had taught me. I was walking back after changing when someone knocked on the front door.

I hesitated but went to look through the peep hole before opening the door to two men, “Yes?”

The man on my left smiled, “Samuel Harris?”

I looked at him, “yes.”

The other man looked me over, “your father was Edward David Harris?”

My dad had taught me a lot over the years, “I’m Samuel Harris. What do you want?”

The first man smiled, “I’m Peter Smith from the Herald. We wanted to talk to you about your father.”

The Herald was a newspaper but these guys didn’t look like reporters and I doubted if the newspaper would send two reporters, “I don’t think so.”

The first guy gestured into the house as he stepped closer, “perhaps we could come in and talk.”

I didn’t move, “no, you need to leave...”

He reached for me suddenly with his right hand. Reactions took over and I caught his fingers on my shirt and twisted them back and to the left as I jabbed into the base of his throat. It was a quick strike and then I was letting him go as the other man lunged towards me. I went back as my left hand went to the small of my back.
I was reaching for the taser wand in the holster I use when practicing. I brought the taser up and jabbed into his throat as I triggered it. He jerked and dropped and I knelt and reached out to the first man as he fumbled in his jacket. I stunned him and pulled the pistol out of his hand. I looked up and out to see another man opening the side door of a dark blue van.

He held a pistol in his hand and I lifted the one I had just taken and flipped the safety off. I aimed and fired in one smooth motion. It was the way my father taught me and the man spun and fell into the van before it took off. I searched the two men and took another pistol from the second man.

I pulled my cell and called the number my dad had made me memorize. It was answered on the first ring, “yes?”

I watched the two men as I spoke, “this is Samuel Harris. Two men just tried to question me about my father and then tried to force their way into the house.”

“What is your status?”

I smiled and kicked one of the men, “safe, I took them prisoner. There were at least two more in a van, one I shot with a weapon I took off the men.”

“Can you hold them until a team gets there?”

I sighed, “I’ll hold them.”

“It shouldn’t take long.”

I shook my head before using a foot to roll one of the men onto his back. Fifteen minutes later four black Suburbans pulled up and twelve men walked towards the front door. I stepped back and gestured to the two men I had stunned a second time, “they are all yours.”

One man smiled slightly, “you take after your old man kid.”

I grinned, “he taught me.”

Four men stayed and four walked around the house checking the outside. The others took the two men away. They didn’t ask me questions which I thought was strange. It was another fifteen minutes before a large black sedan pulled up and an elegant stunning woman stepped out. For some reason just seeing her made my heart beat faster.

When she walked into the house the men left and she closed the door, “hello Samuel.”

Her voice sent tingles through me, “who are you?”

She gestured to the kitchen, “you have seen the old photos so I’m sure you have an idea.”

Mentioning the photos brought back images and then I remembered several my dad had made me look at all the time, “you are my mother.”

She found the tea pot and filled it before putting it on the stove and turning to me, “yes.”

She gestured to the table, “your father and I were going to wait until you were eighteen before talking to you.”

I sat and looked at her, “what is there to talk about, you left us.”

She sighed, “no Samuel, I did not leave you. You stayed with me until you were one and then your father took you. You know your father, we were never in love. You were an accident, one I did and do not regret. I already had two daughters and Edward and I decided he would raise you since a boy needs a father more than a mother.”

She looked at the table, “In our line of work we are sometimes put together with someone for long periods of time. You were conceived during one of those times.”

She took a breath, “Edward sent picture and videos constantly.”

She went to the counter and pulled out everything for tea which was surprising since she didn’t have to look for anything. She came back to sit, “now that your father is gone and someone seems to know who you are, you will be coming home with me.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to but she smiled, “your sisters have been bugging me for years to bring you home.”

Hours later I was mostly packed including the secret room my mother seemed to know about. She also seemed to know what was in the trunks that had been stacked up in one corner. The truck was a plain white panel truck with no markings. I rode with my mother and watched her the whole way.

She smiled, “I’m not going anywhere so you can ask your questions when you have enough.”

I smiled, “you’re a spy too.”

She smiled, “even my daughters don’t know that.”

I snorted, “somehow I doubt that.”

I looked at her, “what’s your name?”

She looked at me, “Elizabeth Marie Johnson but you knew that since it is on your birth certificate.”

I shrugged, “I have never seen my birth certificate.”

Elizabeth looked at me, “your father...”

She shook her head, “he would have waited as he promised.”

I smiled, “dad never broke a promise. It was always getting him to promise that was that problem.”

She grinned as I turned and leaned back. Thirty minutes later we pulled into an estate and stopped in front of the door. I carried my suitcase in and was run over by two girls maybe eighteen and twenty. I had never been around girls and froze at the feel of two girls hugging me. Elizabeth giggled, “he doesn’t know what is safe to touch.”

I glanced at her as the two girls turned and stuck their tongues out. The younger grinned at me, “I’m Violet.”

The other girl kissed me passionately before caressing my face, “and I’m Passion.”

I grinned, “Violent Passion.”

They laughed and linked arms to pull me into the house. Passion smiled as they sat me on the couch and sat beside me, “we have been waiting a long time for this. I remember you.”

Violet leaned against me, “and we have lots of baby pictures.”

I looked back and forth, “I’ll have to find a camera to return the favor if it involves bare butts.”

They laughed and Elizabeth headed towards the hall, “the truck should be here any minute.”

I sighed, “and it is getting late.”

Most of the stuff just went into one side of a huge garage. After they left I showered and stripped before tossing the heavy blankets off the large bed and crawling under the silk sheet. My room was half again the size of my old bedroom. I relaxed and then looked at the door as it opened and my two sisters slipped in.

They were wearing sheer nighties that didn’t hide anything, even in the dim light from the hall. They crossed to the bed and Passion went around as Violet slipped under the sheet and moved over against me. She caressed my chest as Passion slipped up on my other side. I was a little nervous since I was naked but they didn’t say anything, at least not at first.

Passion caressed my hip and hesitated before moving around and covering my hard cock. She smiled, “do you have a girlfriend Samuel?”

I shook my head and she looked at Violet, “he has a big cock.”

Violet slid her hand down and a moment later wrapped it around my cock. I groaned as they both stroked my cock and Violet kissed me, “have you done it yet?”

I shook my head and they giggled. Passion straddled me and lifted as Violet positioned my cock. I thrust up slowly as my older sister wiggled and pushed down to sink my cock into her warm pussy. She sighed as my thick cock pushed deeper into her.

She began to rock back and forth slowly, “mom ran out so fast yelling about someone attacking you she never told us what was happening.”

I glanced at Violet as she rubbed my chest and then reached up slowly to cup Passion’s breasts, “A couple of guys came to the door asking questions about dad and tried to force their way into the house.”

Passion shuddered and rolled her hips as her pussy spasmed and grasped my cock. I was hitting and rubbing against the back of her pussy as she started breathing harder. Violet kissed my cheek and reached between our sister’s legs to finger her clit, “I hope you beat their ass.”

I thrust up and shuddered, “yeah and stunned them with a taser.”

Passion jerked and shook like she was having a seizure, “Damn!”

She wet me as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I slipped into her deeper and she stiffened, “HOLY FUCK!”

She jerked and convulsed as she twisted and turned and her warm, slippery pussy milked my cock. Violet giggled, “She never gets off this hard.”

Passion spasmed and jerked back and forth as I suddenly held her hips and thrust up into her while my balls churned. She screamed as I began peeing a fountain of cum through her cervix, “yyyyeeeessss!”

I shuddered and grunted as I gushed and spewed and pumped and spurted until I dropped to the bed. My sister shuddered hard and fell onto me and panted, “yummy.”

Violet laughed and pushed her off, “my turn.”

Passion grinned as she rubbed my chest and Violet straddled me, “you are really going to like the end of the ride.”

I smiled and turned my head to look at her. She moved closer and kissed me softly. I shuddered as my thick cock was slowly forced into another tight, warm pussy. I reached up to cup Violet’s breasts, “do you two do this often?”

She groaned and wiggled before starting to rock. Passion snuggled against us, “no, I’ve only had sex five times.”

Violet shuddered as her pussy rippled around my cock, “eight for me.”

I started caressing my sister’s sides and hips, “why do me?”

Passion laughed, “little brother we have been planning this since I was thirteen.”

Violet nodded as she wiggled and jerked, her tight pussy spasming around my cock. She lay on me panting and kissed me before pulling on me as she rolled, “Incest is best, mom knows.”

That made me pause but Violet wrapped her legs around me and pulled with her heels. I grinned and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts that pushed against and then opened her cervix. She lifted her legs and spread them as she wailed and howled. I kissed her and buried my cock to hump, grind, press and jab.

She thrashed around and convulsed as her tight pussy became slipperier. It was ten minutes or more before I felt my balls churning. I fucked Violet hard and deep for a minute and then thrust into her and kissed her. My cock throbbed and I peed another gushing load of cum. My sister jerked and spasmed as her pussy squeezed and milked the cum out of my cock.

When I stopped cumming she was panting and shuddering. I pulled out of her and she sighed before turning to rub my chest, “that was the best fuck ever.”

Passion laughed and stroked my slimy cock, “until the next time.”

They both laughed at that and I grinned. I fucked them for over an hour before falling asleep exhausted. I woke suddenly to the bedroom door opening. My mother looked in, “the girls have classes.”

Passion and Violet groaned and I smiled, “me?”

She shook her head, “I need to register you.”

I watched the two girls walk out and mom smiled, “have fun?”

I patted the bed, “they said incest is best and that you knew.”

She walked to the bed and sat and her robe parted giving me a look at her bald pussy. I looked into her face and she smiled, “My brother and I were lovers for a long time. He is the father of Passion and Violet.”

I was surprised when she reached out to pull the sheet down. She smiled at my hard cock, “you take after your father. My brother was smaller.”

I hesitated before catching her hand and pulling her into bed and onto her back, “Does that mean I can lick your pussy and fuck you?”

She laughed and reached out to caress my face, “My girls didn’t drain you?”

I grinned as I rolled onto her and kissed her before moving down her body, “that was last night.”

She spread her legs as I pushed her robe all the way open and leaned down to lick through her pussy. It had a hint of strawberry and musk and I nibbled on her labia and pushed my tongue into her before starting to tease her clit. Elizabeth shuddered as her hips lifted and she moaned. I kept licking her and using my tongue on her clit.

It was a few minutes before she suddenly went crazy. There was no warning, she screamed and thrashed around as she jerked and bucked while pushing my face away. I looked up as she continued to shake and moved up and pushed into her suddenly. She arched her back as she clutched me and her pussy spasmed around my cock, “MY BABY!”

I fucked her slowly with long thrusts and she kept spasming and jerking as her pussy worked to milk my cock. I kissed her and started grinding each time I buried my cock. Elizabeth howled and wailed as I continued to fuck her. She lifted and spread her legs as she humped up to meet each thrust into her.

It wasn’t long before she was convulsing and clutching me. Her eyes rolled up as she yelled and screamed and after a few minutes I pushed into her completely. I held her and pressed as I kissed her and began gushing and peeing a torrent of cum through her cervix. She stiffened and tilted her hips, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I pumped eight large spurts before stopping and holding her. Elizabeth continued to shudder as her pussy milked my cock. She finally took a deep breath before hugging me and giving me a kiss. I pulled out and moved to the side, “I should shower and dress if we have to go out.”

She grinned and moved the other way as she climbed out of bed. I watched her walk out and gave myself a shake and went to shower. I looked through my suitcase and got dressed and headed through the house to the kitchen. Passion was walking out and stopped to kiss me before leaving. I looked around and found cereal and sat to eat.

The day was spent registering me in school and meeting teachers. When I got home I had an idea to find someplace to make into an exercise room. Elizabeth led me to a large room that was off the kitchen. I hadn’t looked in here and stared at the twin lap pools and the large exercise area. My mother smiled, “we have two lap pools because it took the girls a long time to learn to share.”

I smiled as I walked to the exercise area, “this is perfect.”

I stretched and ignored her when she joined me. I slipped into my exercises and she watched for a few minutes before starting to mirror me. When I finished she grinned and walked to me to strip me and push me towards one of the lap pools, “now swim for thirty minutes.”

I grinned and slipped into the cool water as I watched her undress and move to the other pool. I set the jets and started swimming, I used smooth continuous motions and got lost in what I was doing. The jets shut down and my hand came down to catch the edge of the pool. I stood and stretched as I looked at Elizabeth.

She smiled, “enough, go shower and put on something comfortable.”

I slipped out of the pool to pull her against me as my cock hardened. I kissed her and she laughed before hugging me and turning to lean over the pool, “okay fuck me hard and deep.”

I grinned as I moved behind her and rubbed her hot pussy before bending my cock and pushing into her. I slowly buried my cock and enjoyed the way her pussy grasped my cock before starting to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. It was a minute before she began to shudder as her pussy squeezed and tightened.

A minute later she was wailing and howling and she spasmed and jerked. Violet wrapped her arms around me as I continued to pound our mother and kissed my shoulder, “I’m next.”

Elizabeth was leaning fully on the edge of the pool and convulsing constantly as I kept fucking her while she screamed. It was another couple of minutes before I buried my cock and pushed to get it deeper. I grunted as I peed cum into her and then gushed and spewed while she jerked and shook.

When I stopped cumming Violet laughed and pulled me back and out of our mother. Her leaking pussy gapped and Violet knelt to pulled her cheeks apart as she started licking the cum. I shook my head and caressed Violet’s face. I bent to grab my clothes and headed to my room. I tossed the sweaty clothes in the hamper and went to the bathroom for a shower.

Violet slipped in a minute later and took the soap before starting to wash me, “you didn’t want sex?”

I grinned as I started washing my hair, “with you on your back and your feet in the air?”

She grinned, “trying to plant your seed?”

I laughed and turned her and pulled her against me as I reached around to cup her breasts, “didn’t you know that is what every guy is trying to do when he has sex.”

She giggled and wiggled her butt before turning. I shut the water off and pullws her out and dried her. She dried me and stroked my cock and pulled me out and to my bed where she laid back and lifted her legs, “okay Sam plant your seed nice and deep.”

I grinned as I fingered her pussy before slowly pushing into her. I held her hips as I began to fuck her with long strokes. She began to shudder as her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock. A couple of minutes and she was spasming as her pussy clenched and she howled, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I grinned and bent to reach her breasts as I started fucking her hard and deep. I tugged on her nipples and rolled them between my fingers as I buried my cock to hump and grind. Violet screamed as she began bucking and thrashing around, “Samuel!”

I bent over further to suck on a nipple and then straightened and started fucking her again. Passion laughed as she sat on the bed, “I found mom on a lounge with cum leaking out of her. Now I find our brother trying to breed you.”

I grinned as Violet twisted and wailed, “bbbrrreeeeedddd... mmmeeeee!”

I continued to fuck her with deep strokes for another couple of minutes before thrusting into her. I held her hips as my cock started pumping large gushing spurts of cum through her open cervix. Violet stiffened and tilted her hips, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

When I stopped cumming I shifted and moved my sister further onto the bed before pulling out. She groaned and looked at Passion, “he was planting his seed.”

Passion laughed as she stood and pulled me after her, “well he can plant it in me next.”

I followed as she led me to her room and her bed. She stripped and kissed me and moved onto the edge of her bed on her knees. She spread her knees wide as she put her head down, “deep Samuel.”

I grinned as I moved closer to finger her warm slit before rubbing through it with my cummy cock. I pushed into her and kept going to sink my cock into her all the way. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long firm thrusts that buried my cock each time. She pushed back as I fucked her and her tight pussy grasped my cock each time I pushed into her.

I caressed her inner thighs as I kept fuck her and pushing against her cervix. She shuddered hard and a loud moan escaped. It was a couple of minutes before she began to howl as her pussy clenched and tightened, “YES!”

I fucked her hard and deep as she jerked back and forth on my cock. She twisted and kept wailing as I fucked her and constantly buried my cock to enjoy her almost hot pussy. She yelled and screamed while wetting me a few minutes later. I started fucking her slowly but with deep firm thrusts. It took several more minutes before I held her hips and fucked her hard.

She kept shoving back and I finally thrust into her and held her as she shook. My cock spewed large spurts of cum as I pressed against her cervix. She jerked as her pussy clamped down and began milking my cum into her deeper. When I stopped she sighed and slowly lay forward.

I went with her and held her as I rolled onto my side with my cock buried in her, “you girls really love to fuck.”

Passion looked back and laughed, “you seem to have just the right cock we need.”

I humped and she shuddered before I pulled out, “dinner and a movie before bedtime and a second helping of sex.”

She turned and laughed as she kissed me. We have a lot of children now and live in a large house in the country. Sometimes it is just one of my sisters or my mother that sleep with me and sometimes they all do. They all love sex and like to pretend I’m getting them pregnant.

So far Elizabeth let me get her pregnant twice and Violet three times while Passion is working on number four. We run a private spy company together with mom as the listed owner.
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