A brother get's his wish
I couldn’t believe my ears. Does she really mean all those things she just said? I thought to myself. Did she really want me to touch her and to have sex with her? I actually wondered if I was dreaming.

"I've watched you peeking through my door whenever I change my clothes, or come out of the bathroom to dry myself in front of my mirror. Normally girls feel uncomfortable in these kinds of situations, but I never felt uncomfortable at all. After all, you're my brother, so I had no reason to be uncomfortable. You always watched me with such innocence; maybe that's the reason I used to leave the door open so that you could see me with those beautiful eyes of yours."

Her confession shook me a little bit. Never in my wildest imaginations, had I thought about being in a situation where my sister would tell me how much she liked my peeking through her door.

"When you were kissing my neck and caressing my back with your hands the other day, I really liked it. Then when you started to unhook my bra, I felt that I’d finally get to see the real side of you. I was ready to surrender myself to your desires, but much to my disappointment, you didn't do anything. Therefore, I had to put my plan of taking this vacation into action so that you could open your heart. I am glad that you came out of your shell today." She said, smiling at me.

"Sis, I am so sorry. I wasn't sure about what I wanted; I was so scared of losing you that I didn't go any further at that moment, but everything is clear now. People say that a man's life becomes beautiful only when he gets a woman who knows more about him than anyone else in the world. When I have a beautiful woman like you in my life, I don’t want anyone else. I...I..." She put her finger on my lips when I was about to say those three beautiful words.

“Not yet. I would like to see how much my baby wants me.”


"There is no need to hesitate any longer baby. I am all yours." She really meant it. Her voice was steady; she wanted this as much or more than I did! She was ready for her brother to touch her; ready for us to become lovers. I had waited for this moment for what had seemed like an eternity. My heart started beating faster as my sexy angel of a sister started to pull down my shorts.

“Lift up. They aren't going to come down by themselves dear.” She said, winking at me.

Dumbfounded and so turned on, I lifted my hips and Elena shoved my trunks down to mid-thigh. My erect cock was revealed, thick and long. Elena smiled excitedly, her cheeks coloring. Her hands slid up my legs, one of them wrapping around my shaft, the other cupping my heavy, swollen balls. I sighed at her expert touch. I slowly pumped my hips as my sister's hand squeezed my shaft; her slender fingers could barely wrap all the way around my girth.

Elena looked up happily into my face. “I am going to enjoy this." She whispered, as she continued to stroke my cock. Smiling sweetly, she licked her lips, all the while watching my cock as she pumped it, seeing the pre-cum ooze out over her delicate fingers. As I stared with arousal and shock, Elena parted her lips and lowered her head to my penis. I sighed loudly, sagging backward as my sister's hot, wet, eager mouth engulfed the head of my cock. She sucked tenderly, pulling me in deeper now. I moaned, rocking my hips and stroking her beautiful hair.

My sister, I quickly realized, was an incredibly expert cocksucker. Sliding her mouth up and down my hard pole with long smooth gliding motions, she smacked her lips and sucked wetly. She swirled her tongue about the head of my dick each time she pulled up, and massaged my shaft with it every time she went down. With each plunge of her sweet, sucking mouth, she took more and more of my cock, eventually opening her throat and letting me slide all the way in. Her throat bulged as she took me to the root; she worked her mouth back and forth to get every inch of me inside her. I gasped and shook, reveling in the intense sensation. The feeling was incredible, heightened by the sight of my beautiful sister making love to my cock. I felt my orgasm building even faster than normal. My toes curled, my body tingled all over and I was about to cum.

I groaned with pleasure as I continued massaging my sister's scalp. I had never known such an incredible blowjob was even possible. I gripped her head in my hands, panting as my cock throbbed between her lips. My balls were heavy and swollen, ready to burst. “Oh God!” I gasped, plunging my cock in and out of her mouth as fast as I could. She remained passive for the most part, letting me fuck her mouth even as she stroked and squeezed my throbbing cock with her hand.“

I'm gonna cum!”

“Uhm-hmmm,” she responded lovingly, pulling with her mouth, sucking harder and harder. I convulsed, the sweet rush washing through my body, my cock pulsing into my sister's sweet mouth, until finally a groan of pure pleasure escaped from my lungs as I erupted. I felt the thick ropes of sperm gush from my dick, filling Elena's mouth. My sister moaned appreciatively as she tasted my creamy cum, and kept sucking to get it all.

I thought my orgasm would never end as I kept releasing shot after shot of semen. I convulsed, grunting, spewing every drop of sperm my balls could give into Elena's hot mouth before I fell back and winced as my dick became very sensitive. She seemed to know just when to stop sucking and slipped her mouth off me. She lifted up gently, watching my spent dick as her fingers slid lightly up and down. A thick bubble of semen oozed to the tip of my cock, and she ducked down to lick it away.

Finally, Elena looked up at me, smiling around her sperm-filled mouth. Her lips and chin glistened wetly, dripping with my cum. I stared at her in bliss and gratitude, breathing heavily. I stared in amazement when I saw that my load filled her mouth. With a giggle, Elena sucked in her cheeks and swallowed loudly and completely. She sighed in satisfaction, licking her soft, full lips.

“Mmm, that was tasty,” she commented, her hands continuing to flutter along my shaft.

I almost fainted, my head falling back. “Oh shit.” I muttered.

Elena giggled again. “You taste so sweet in my mouth baby." She sighed, gently tugging on my cock. She smeared her lips around the head, glazing them with the last traces of my cum that still rested in the crevices of her mouth and tongue.

I panted, drained and incredibly satisfied. “Oh Jesus . . . oh God . . . that was . . . unbelievable.” I wondered how life could be any better while I was trying to catch my breath. Here I was on such a perfect pristine beach, with the most beautiful girl in the whole world beside me, and having received a mind-blowing blowjob that I was sure it had to be the greatest blowjob any guy had ever been lucky enough to receive.

“This beach is very beautiful, isn’t it?” I heard her ask. Her voice brought me back to reality from where my mind had wandered.

“Yes, very beautiful.” I replied, my eyes never leaving her sexy body. Glancing up at me, she realized that I wasn’t talking about the beach or the clear ocean water.

Blushing slightly, she couldn’t resist asking, “Do you really think I’m beautiful?”

“Oh my yes, I most certainly do. You are very beautiful.”

“Thank you, Alan. That is so sweet of you." She said as she kissed my cheek.

Looking at her as she laid there beside me, I couldn’t take my eyes off her large tits and the way they filled out her bikini top. Seeing me looking at her breasts, she pulled her shoulders back slightly, further accentuating her full breasts. “Do you like what you see?” She asked coyly.

Her skimpy bikini top clung to her two feminine mounds as if she had painted it on. The outline of her hard protruding nipples was clearly visible to my wondering eyes. “I sure do. I’ve always admired your boobs and wished that I could kiss and fondle them.”

My sister smiled proudly, and then slid her leg across my body, straddling me, as she untied her bikini bottom, exposing her pubic mound. I barely knew what Elena was doing as she lifted up, rubbing the sperm-smeared head of my still hard dick between her hot, slick folds. Sighing deeply as she slowly eased down, her incredibly snug pussy sucked me inside of her. I winced at the tight fit and burning, slick heat of her cunt around the head and first inch or so of my shaft.

I suddenly realized what was happening, and I stared at my sister in utter disbelief as she impaled herself upon me, giving me everything I had ever wanted in this world. Her expression was of ultimate pleasure, her glossy lips spread by a smile. “Oh my God! My dick is in Elena's pussy!” I thought to myself.

Still smiling broadly, she began moving up and down, sliding her slick cunt along my now fiercely throbbing cock. The realization that my sister was fucking me made my penis jerk inside of her. All I knew was how tight, wet and incredible her sweet pussy felt wrapped around my cock. I felt her orgasm with my cock inside of her for the first time, her unbelievably snug tunnel contracting around my shaft. She stared down at me, her eyes blazing with lust.

Knowing there was no turning back now, I lifted up, turning us over. Elena whimpered, giving me a pleading look, and moaned deeply as I held her legs up to my shoulders. “Fuck me Alan,” she whispered heatedly. “Fuck me, brother!”

I groaned, unbearably turned on now as I plunged in and out of her cunt, slapping my hips against her upturned cheeks. Cum leaked from her pussy as my sister watched, mesmerized by the sight of my cock sliding back and forth between her thighs. Her quivering cunt squelched wetly around my pumping shaft as I pounded away. I held her ankles in my hands, admiring her long, lean, tanned legs. Jesus, my sister was gorgeous.

“Oh my God! O my God! YYYEEEAHHH!” My sister screamed as she exploded again. Her pussy clamped down hard, making me wince as she intensified my pleasure with her own. Her throbbing, rippling pussy was too much for me. She kept cuming, rolling her hips aggressively from side to side. She was fucking me back, her stiff clit throbbing against my pubic bone as I felt the rush of my own orgasm approaching.

“Oh, fuck!” I cried, jerking my throbbing, glistening cock from Elena's squelching cunt. Elena gasped, watching as I stroked my dick over her perfect body. Her face was flushed with the heat of her arousal; she glowed so beautifully, her eyes wide and bright with love and lust.

Then on impulse, I shoved my dick right back up inside of her, burying myself to the hilt in her tight, rippling cunt once more. Elena gasped and hissed deeply, then panted as she finally relaxed. Her tightness stroked the length of my shaft, cum now oozing down her cheeks. The sight was very arousing. I rolled over onto my back, bringing her with me. Elena, lying on top of me, cuddled against my chest for several moments, murmuring as she breathed in and out.

“Exhausted my love?” She asked, smiling at me.

“I must still have some energy. My cock is still hard.” I laughed. To emphasize my point, I tensed my cock muscles causing it to twitch deep within her.

“Oh Alan, I felt that. I’m impressed. You really are hard yet, so what are you waiting for?”

Not only was she surprised that I was still ready, but I was also a bit surprised because I had already cum three times, and my body was still ready for more action. Since I was a virgin until just a few minutes ago, all this was new to me, but I had read someplace in one of my magazines that it’s very common for a guy to explode more than once when he has sex for the first time with a woman. It went on to explain that if he were highly excited, he might manage to give up his sperm to her three times in a short period of time, but any more than that was very unusual.

I had already given my love to Elena three times and my cock was telling the both of us that it wasn’t ready to give up yet. I couldn’t decide whether the reason behind this was all those countless nights that I had masturbated thinking of Elena, or because of her skill as a lover that has pushed me beyond normal limits. I had dreamed of making love to her so often and for so long, that the image of her and I together was a part of me. Either way, I was happy that my dream had now come true, but even more important, that I have been able to make her happy.

Reaching up over her back, I untied her top, which was still on even though she had pulled it up. She brought her arms forward so I could slide it off. The thin shoulder straps caught on her elbows, as if they were making a desperate effort to stop me from completely removing the last bit of protection her sensitive tits would have from my wondering hands and lips. Their effort was futile because nothing could stop me now. Pulling it off, I threw the useless garment aside.

Reaching back up over her, and with my right hand behind her head, I pulled her down tight against me. Now I could feel all of her soft naked breasts pressing against my chest. Her hard nipples were like sharp needles as they dug into my skin sending thrills and chills throughout my body like little electric shocks of bliss. Pulling her face down to mine and as our lips met in a tender loving kiss, I rocked my hips up, shoving my still hard cock even further up her love tunnel.

“Ohhh” she murmured into my mouth as our tongues started to play with each other. Little shivers raced through my body, as I felt her gently caress my lips with the tip of her tongue. Pushing further into my mouth, our tongues kissed each other, sending even stronger tremors racing through my body.

Breaking the kiss and using my elbows, I forced myself up into a sitting position. She was now sitting in my lap, and the weight of her body drove my rock hard cock even further up her hot love tunnel, which brought a loud “Ohhh” from her lips. Her love mound pressed tight against my hips and I could feel her vaginal muscles gripping me in their silky smooth grasp. My eyes wandered down over my sister's slender body. There before me were her beautiful tits, the ones that she had unknowingly teased me with by wearing such revealing clothes around the house. Now there they were, suspended in mid-air before my eyes, patiently waiting for me to have my way with them. It was as if they were saying to me, ‘you have wanted to kiss and caress us for so long, now is your chance.’

This was a dream come true. I had my beautiful sister-sitting nude on my lap; my steel hard cock buried to the hilt in her love tunnel, and those two gorgeous mounds were only inches from my lips. Bringing my hands up between our hot naked bodies, I cupped each one of her breasts, holding them for a moment as if trying to decide which was the heaviest.

“Hmmm, that feels so wonderful when you hold me that way. You have such a light gentle touch.” She murmured. “Kiss them.”

I lowered my head to her left nipple, sucking it into my mouth. She brought her hand to the back of my head as I licked and sucked at her breast like a hungry baby looking for milk. She leaned her body back thrusting her tits forward, my face now engulfed by her cleavage. Allowing that soft breast to escape my lips and tongue, I attacked her other nipple, once more licking and sucking hard.

“Ohh...God!!! Yessss...suck my nipple baby. Yes, that's sooo goood! Aaahhhh...” She softly moaned, before poking her tongue in my ear, tickling the sensitive inside with the wet, warm tip of her tongue. I brought my right hand up her leg and grabbed her ass holding my fingers tight against her supple flesh.

"Lick my pussy baby." She said in such a sexy way, I simply had to obey.

Leaning to one side, I tipped both of us over. We were now lying on our sides facing each other, but I had managed to stay deeply imbedded within her hot pussy. As our bodies fell against the sand, I must have bumped against her clitoris, because another loud groan escaped from her luscious lips and I felt her body tense for a moment.

Leaning forward, I lightly kissed her, and then rolled over so that she was on her back and I was on top. Beginning with her slender neck, I gradually kissed my way down her sexy body, pausing for a few minutes to pay special attention to those two beautiful boobs with their hard sexy points. As I worked my way down, I could feel my pole gradually pulling out of her pussy. She was gripping me hard, as if trying to keep me inside of her. Finally, with a loud ‘pop’ I escaped her grasp. Working my way down over her firm tummy, I reached up and caressed both of her protruding tits, lightly running my thumbs over her puffy areolas and her hard pointed nipples.

She began to spread her long slender legs as my lips and tongue neared their ultimate goal. As if drawn by a magnet, I found my lips caressing her beautiful pussy mound within a few seconds. My arms were holding her thighs apart as my tongue opened up her pussy for me. She gladly spread her legs wider as my tongue drove deeper between her pussy lips. The sweet smell of my sister’s arousal filled my nostrils, as my tongue loved her dripping sex.

“Yes!” She desperately moaned. “P... please. AAAhhhhhh oohhhhhhh hhhhmmmmm...” She moaned in satisfaction, my hands holding her ass as my tongue tasted everything her sweet, warm, succulent pussy would give me. I moaned as I drank her in, sucking her wet lips, now lapping up and down her slick cunt, then flicking her protruding clit with my tongue. I groaned into my sister's pussy, loving the feel of her soft lips, spreading her love juices all over my face. I eagerly sucked again, shaking my head back and forth, covering myself in her wetness. Elena pushed her cunt against my mouth, giggling and sighing with pleasure as I serviced her. She rolled her hips, giving herself to me fully. I slipped my mouth up to her clit and sucked it firmly between my lips, nursing it, gently chewing it, no longer teasing.

I knew that I was doing it right when suddenly Elena tensed, gasped, and shrieked enjoyably. “Oh, yes! mmmmm, Oh yes oh yes oh yes!” She panted hotly, humping my mouth. “Do it, Alan! Make me cum! Oh, God. . .”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her raise up on her elbows, watching me as I sucked and slurped, pushed and pulled, digging deep in her tight tunnel with my tongue, drawing her lips into my mouth, lashing at her clit and sucking it hard. She bucked her hips, her juicy cunt literally spurting in my mouth. I devoured her tangy fluid, swallowing it down lovingly. Damn, she tasted so good.

I kept sucking at her, making my sister shake. She tried to push me away from her sensitive clit, but I maintained my lip-lock on her drenched cunt, still sucking her pussy hard. Elena screamed, falling back, mashing her pussy against my mouth. She came several times, each time a cry of pleasure would escape her lips and her body would tense, until she was writhing incoherently against me, her pussy juices flowing copiously.

Her inner thighs and her ass cheeks as well as my entire face were soaked with her sweet cum. Elena’s chest heaved slowly, as she struggled to regain her breath, her breasts rising and falling, her nipples incredibly erect and jutting up almost half an inch. I moved up over her body, sucking one of her sweet tits into my mouth, loving her nipple with my tongue, as she lay there cooing, her body shivering with pleasure.

“Fuck me again Alan,” she gasped, rolling her hips urgently. She slid her hands down my sides and clung to my hips. My cock sprang out, instantly seeking the source of her heat. “Oh, God, please do me. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me.”

Kissing my sister deeply, I slowly slid my stiff cock inside her body. As if our minds suddenly became one, we both moaned from the incredible sensation of my love handle pushing its way up her tight moist tunnel. Elena sucked desperately on my tongue and lips, tasting her own cum, then moved to my chin and neck as I drove my steel rod in and out of her pussy like a piston in a high speed engine. I felt her wrap her sexy legs around me, locking her ankles together preventing any escape. Picking up my rhythm, she drove back against my thrusts, fucking me as eagerly as I fucked her. We both gasped and moaned, sharing kisses as we made love.

Changing my position, I moved slightly up her body, which put more pressure against her protruding clitoris. Suddenly Elena winced, her pussy squeezing tight around my dick, she cried out as she came yet again, shuddering against me. Her cunt spasmed, soaking my dick, her juices flowing out to saturate my pubic hair and balls as they smacked against her ass. She gripped me so tight that I could barely move inside of her, which only served to heighten my pleasure, as I fucked her harder while her orgasm rolled through her trembling body.

“Oh, God, Alan!” cried Elena as I pounded her. Her eyes glowed as she stared up at me, caressing my face lovingly with her hands. “I wanna feel it! Cum inside me! Please! Oh, God, please!”

I groaned loudly, my body shaking. I thrust hard, my cock slicing even farther into her tight flesh as I watched her puffy little cunt lips being stretched wide around my cock. The contrast of her shaved, bald pussy against my dark pubic hair was erotic, as was the sight of her glowing pink clit hovering above the shaft of my thrusting cock. Elena's eagerness, her moans, her cries, her tight, wet pussy . . . it was so perfect.

“Jesus!” I cried, arching my back, driving deep inside her.

Feeling that I was about to cum, Elena gasped loudly, clutching my ass in her hands, digging her fingers into my cheeks. “Don't stop! Don't stop! Go faster… harder! Uhmmmm . . . .” She begged.


I let out a long, satisfied sigh as I ejaculated with more power than I thought possible inside of my sister's tight, sucking pussy. The love I had for her filled all of my heart and soul as I shot globs of sperm deep into her womb. I kept pumping and squirting for what seemed forever, as Elena stared up at me, her eyes flying open wide.

“Ahh! Oh, Alan! Oh my god! I feel it! It's so hot!”

We rocked together, sharing our orgasms to the fullest. I was swept into ecstasy as I endured the intense sensation of my sister's cunt sucking hard on my cock, squeezing out every little bit of juice. Our mingled cum oozed out around my dick, soaking her cheeks and dripping to the sand beneath us.

Finally, my strength gave out, and I fell atop my sister. Elena moaned, and murmured in complete happiness beneath me, gently rubbing her legs up and down my thighs. She stroked my back, kissing me tenderly.

"I love you." I said looking deep into her big beautiful eyes, as I gently kissed her with all the love in my heart.

"I love you too." Tears come out of her eyes but there was a smile on her beautiful face.

Our vacation soon turned into a honeymoon. We stayed on the island for almost a week as we had enough food on our boat but food became a secondary thing for us. All we wanted to do was satisfy our souls with sex. I wished that we could stay on this island forever but it wasn't possible. It was hard to leave the island but we knew it was just the beginning.

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