My adopted sisters came to live with us when they were three. Tara and Michelle or Mike as she wants to be called were from Thailand. I was four but we have always gotten along. When my sisters turned eight they learned about masturbating and I saw them do it many times since they didn’t hide it.

Five years later the start of summer arrived, my sisters were thirteen and I was fourteen. Our parents were having problems so the three of us went to stay with grandmother. It was so mom and dad could have some time together. My grandmother lived in Canada in a small house way out in the country.

The old house only had two bedrooms and when I carried the bags in she was hugging the girls and gestured to me, “in the second bedroom.”

I came out to hug mom and watch as they left. There wasn’t much to do so I went exploring, at the very back of the large lot was a wide, deep creek. I grinned at the pebbly beach I found and returned to the house. I walked in and grandmother was reading but I didn’t see the girls. I walked back and opened the door into the guest bedroom.

I found Tara and Mike on the bed with their legs spread as they finger fucked each other. I glanced down the hall before stepping in and closing the door, “you horny bitches can’t wait until she is asleep?”

Tara was shuddering hard and Mike moaned before looking at me, “no.”

I moved to the bed and opened my pants before reaching for Tara. I had never thought to do this but... I turned her and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She held her legs spread and lifted up to watch what I was doing. I pushed my pants down and bent my cock before rubbing her slit and forcing my cock into her extremely tight pussy.

I pushed deeper and then began to fuck her with deep thrusts that made her grunt and shudder. I kept fucking her like that as she panted and spasmed while her pussy rippled and milked my cock. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and held her as she struggled while gushing spurts of cum. She jerked and her pussy clenched, “ooohhhh!”

When I was done I pulled out and rubbed her leaking slit, “put your swimsuits on.”

Mike bent to look at her sister’s leaking pussy and then at me and I gestured, “now.”

I turned to undress and then pull a pair of cut off shorts on before grabbing a tee shirt. I looked at the girls as they finished and Mike grumbled, “you better fuck me later.”

I pulled them out and smiled at grandmother, “do you have a big towel we could use?”

She looked at the girls and then at me, “why?”

I smiled, “well the creek has a nice pebbly beach.”

She grinned as she stood and went to the hall cabinet and returned with three, “have fun and come back before dinner time.”

I led the girls out and to the back before going to the beach. I spread the towels out together and turned to pulled Tara close before taking her suit off. She grinned as I turned and reached for Mike and pulled her suit down and off. I stripped and reached down to finger Mike before following her down onto the towel.

I moved between her spread legs and kissed her before forcing my cock into her pussy. She shivered as I began to fuck her with strokes that pushed my cock deeper. It wasn’t long before I was burying my cock and she was holding her legs up and spread. Her tight pussy gripped and squeezed my cock constantly as I kept fucking her while she spasmed and cried out.

She came every couple of minutes until I shoved into her and began to spurt strong gushes of cum. It took several moments before I was done and pulled out. I grinned at Tara who giggled as Mike sighed. We swam and fucked, laid out in the sun and fucked. I fucked them eight times before we put our suits on and headed back to the house.

After dinner we cleaned the kitchen and sat in the living room together. Grandmother came back wearing a long night gown and we looked away from the small DVD player we had brought. She sat beside Tara and caressed her face before looking at me, “your mother told me about the girls masturbating all the time.”

I looked at Mike and Tara as they shrugged and Tara grinned at her, “why not it feels good.”

Grandmother smiled, “yes I guess it does.”

She looked at me, “but today Dan fucked you.”

I blushed as Mike grinned, “four times each.”

Our grandmother laughed before looking at the girls, “take your birth control.”

She looked at me and shook her head, “don’t hurt them.”

I looked at Tara and Mike, “why would I hurt them? They have been wanting it, I have wanted it and now we know.”

She smiled, “have fun and explore each other.”

I grinned as the girls giggled and spoke together, “probing.”

I grinned as grandmother laughed and stood up, “don’t stay up to late.”

The girls cuddled against me until I shut the movie off and we went to brush teeth. For the first time in a long time I wasn’t horny and the girls only wanted to snuggle against each side of me. I woke to the sound of grandmother in the kitchen and looked at Tara and Mike. My cock was almost painfully hard so I pushed Mike onto her back.

I used my knees to push her legs open and pushed into her tight pussy. She groaned as I started to fuck her and opened her eyes, “Dan?”

I buried my cock and kissed her, “I was horny.”

She smiled as her pussy squeezed, “okay.”

I pulled back and went back to fucking her with deep, firm thrusts. It was a minute before she was jerking and moaning out loud as her pussy milked my cock. She humped up as I buried my cock to push and press deeper. Mike growled as her tight pussy grasped and squeezed my cock, “fuck me!”

I grinned and kissed her before fucking her hard and deep. A few minutes and she was spasming and jerking as she wailed. I thrust all the way into her and kissed her as my throbbing cock gushed a torrent of cum. She clutched me as her pussy milked the sperm into her, “aaaahhhh!”

I pulled out and looked at Tara as she fingered her pussy before rolling and lifting her butt. I grinned as I straddled her legs and pushed into her tight pussy. She pushed back and shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I fucked her as Mike climbed out of bed and left. Tara groaned and jerked a minute later and I buried my cock to hump and press.

She kept shaking as I pulled back to fuck her long, hard and deep. She wailed and spasmed as she shoved back repeatedly while her pussy clenched and grasped my cock. It took several minutes before I needed to cum and thrust into her and held her as my cock erupted. I shuddered and she jerked and howled as I pumped cum into her, “oooohhhh!”

When I stopped cumming she fell forward and then rolled off the bed before running for the door, “gotta pee!”

Grandmother laughed from the door, “silly little bitch.”

I looked at her and she smiled as she turned to walk towards the kitchen, “had me fingering my kitty for half the night.”

I grinned as I climbed off the bed and followed Tara and found Mike in the bathroom with her. I nodded to the shower, “we need to wash my cum out of you.”

They grinned and waited until I peed and then pulled me into the shower. That was fun, rubbing and fingering them as they squirmed and screamed. I dried them before we went back to get dressed. Grandmother caressed the girls when they came to help her. She asked me to do a couple of chores so it was a few hours before I came back.

I found the girls helping with a quilt as they giggled. I smiled as I drank a glass of water, “what are you making?”

Grandmother smiled, “it’s a fertility quilt.”

The girls grinned, “and we aren’t going to tell you why.”

They laughed and I grinned before going to put the glass away, “I’m going to the creek.”

I got one of the large towels and changed to my cut offs before leaving. I swam for awhile before laying out and woke to Tara rubbing my chest as she straddled me and rubbed her bald pussy on my cock. I held her hips and smiled, “done helping grandmother?”

She grinned, “we have a while before the quilt will be needed.”

I reached up to rub her nipples as she lifted and then slowly impaled her extremely tight pussy. She groaned as her pussy was stretched before starting to rock and thrust. It was a minute before my cock was all the way inside her and trying to push deeper. Tara shuddered hard as her pussy grasped my cock each time she shoved down to bury it inside her.

A couple of minutes and she was grunting and erratic. I held her hips as I began to thrust up and her pussy kept grasping my cock. She wailed and howled and screamed until I pulled her down and rolled. I kissed her as I buried my cock and began to pump a stream of cum. She tilted and lifted her hips, “yyyeeesssss!”

When I stopped cumming it was leaking around my cock and Tara was panting as her pussy spasmed. I gave her a kiss, “did that help?”

She grinned and nodded as I pulled out and laid back, “where is your evil twin?”

Tara giggled, “grandmother is giving her an enema so you can fuck her butt.”

I grinned as I reached around to rub hers, “why fuck her butt?”

Tara shuddered and pushed back, “because she is teaching us.”

I hugged her, “she going to teach you to suck my cock?”

She nodded and then giggled, “and lick pussy. She calls it her kitty.”

I laughed and she wiggled before pulling me up, “come swim.”

I followed her and dove into the water to swim under and then came up to catch her and toss her into the air. For an hour we played before Mike came and joined us. She pulled me out and rubbed my chest before pulling me towards the house, “I need you.”

I grinned and rubbed her butt, “to fuck your butt?”

She grinned back at me as Tara ran to catch us with our clothes we had left, “yes. She washed me inside and stretched and teased me but now I really want you in me.”

I laughed and caught her hand before walking faster. In the house I pulled her to our room and found grandmother in her robe sitting on the bed. I pulled the long tee shirt Mike was wearing off and ignored grandmother when I saw she was naked. Tara went to sit beside grandmother as Mike turned and bent over the bed.

I grinned and stood her and turned her before pushing her back on the bed. I lifted her legs and spread them before rubbing my cock against her ass. She was looking between her legs at me as I let one leg go and started to rub her clit. She shuddered and let her head fall back as I kept it up and began to hump and press against her ass.

It was a few minutes before Mike jerked and spasmed and my cock pushed into her. I pulled out but continued to finger her as I began to fuck the head of my cock in and out of her ass. It was a couple of minutes before I was pushing deeper and Mike was shuddering and thrusting up as she wailed, “aaaaahhhhh!”

She jerked and shook as her ass squeezed and I slowly sank my cock deeper. A minute later she was howling as I held her hips while spurting hot cum. She spasmed and tossed her head until I finished and pulled out. I turned her on the bed and laid on her as she panted, “how was that?”

Grandmother laughed as she stood, “she was born to be fucked.”

Tara giggled and crawled to us, “you get to do me tomorrow.”

I kissed Mike and she grinned, “I liked that.”

I caressed Tara and moved off the bed, “I’m going back to the creek. You two horny witches bring grandmother.”

I grabbed my towel as I left and heard the girls giggling as they moved off the bed. I was swimming when they walked onto the beach and set their towels down. They were naked as Mike pulled grandmother and Tara pushed while she laughed. I treaded water as they waded in and the girls splashed and jumped deeper before swimming towards me.

I grinned and caught Mike when she reached me first. I spun her around and hugged her before sinking as Tara reached us. They chased and I swam until I caught grandmother and swung around behind her. I reached around to cup a breast and stick my tongue out at the girls.

She laughed and turned to kiss me and looked back at the girls, “careful or we will make you use that.”

I held her hips and grinned, “I like using that.”

Tara and Mike reached her and clung to her, “teach him grandmother.”

I grinned and pressed my groin against her and she smiled, “I’m old...”

I grinned at Tara and Mike, “the girls aren’t exactly my age.”

She smiled, “tonight and the girls can help after they douche.”

I caressed her hips, “that’s good because I want to lick them too.”

She laughed before shaking me and turning to the girls. We played in the water for an hour before laying out in the sun. Grandmother liked that and so did the girls. When we went back to the house grandmother pulled the girls into the shower with her and I heard a lot of laughing and giggling.

After they showered it was my turn and when I got out they were making dinner. After dinner they had me help as they worked on their fertility quilt. After awhile grandmother put it away and sent us to get ready for bed. I teased Tara and Mike as we brushed teeth and then chased them into the bedroom.

Grandmother was in our bed naked and I grinned and rubbed Mike’s butt and helped her into bed. Tara giggled and ran around the bed as I waited and shut the light off. I moved to the bed and got in and reached out as I heard grandmother moan. I grinned at Tara sucking on a nipple and Mike down between grandmother’s legs.

I moved over and joined Tara in sucking on grandmother’s nipples. When she shuddered hard I grinned and moved down to pull Mike away, “let me try.”

She grinned and moved around and up as I moved over and started licking grandmother’s pussy. I sucked on her clit and used my tongue and she started shuddering and humping up. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and I moved up and pushed into her. She put her arms around me as Tara and Mike pressed against us.

I kissed her as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts and began to grind each time I buried my cock. She kept lifting and thrusting up as her pussy squeezed and she shuddered. I continued to kiss her and buried my cock in her as deep as I could. I began to hump and jab with short thrusts so I could keep my cock buried.

She wrapped her legs around me as she spasmed and wailed. Tara giggled and spanked me, “fuck her.”

Mike spanked me too and laughed, “hard and deep.”

Grandmother laughed and hugged me tight as I pulled back and began to fuck her with long, hard and deep thrusts. I was shoving into her and grinding as she started convulsing and howled. I only lasted a few minutes and then thrust into her as I spurted cum. She jerked and her pussy tightened and squeezed, “YES!”

It was a minute before I was done and she sighed. I kissed her and pulled out before growling as I stalked after Tara who laid back and grinned. I licked and then fucked Tara and Mike twice and grandmother once more before I fell asleep holding Tara. I woke when grandmother moved off the bed and turned to reach back and pull Mike around and against me.

She shifted in her sleep before putting a leg over mine and snuggling closer. I relaxed and just held my two sisters until I smelt pancakes. I grinned as I reached down to rub their bare butt, “time to get up.”

Mike wiggled and Tara humped into my hip. I laughed and pushed a finger into their tight pussy before shaking them again. Mike shuddered and lifted her head and Tara tried to push back to get my finger deeper and grunted. I let Mike go and turned to roll Tara onto her back before I pushed into her tight slimy pussy.

She grinned but kept her eyes closed as I began to fuck her. Mike laughed as she climbed out of bed and left. I continued to fuck into Tara nice and deep while humping and grinding. She was lifting her hips and humping up as she began to shudder while her cummy pussy grasped my cock. I kissed her as I buried my cock and started humping and jabbing with short strokes.

My sister grabbed me and wailed as she spasmed and her pussy clenched, “DAN!”

I grinned and fucked her hard and deep as I tried to cum. It took a couple of minutes and Tara was bucking and thrashing around by then. I shoved into her and held her as I pumped cum. She jerked and shook when she felt the warm sperm and held her hips up, “mmmm!”

I pulled out when I was done and moved off the bed before reaching back to pull her out, “come on you little fuck machine.”

She giggled as I led her into the bathroom and then the shower where I washed her leaking pussy. When we walked into the kitchen grandmother grinned, “did I hear someone getting a morning fuck?”

Mike snickered, “Tara played dead so Dan fucked her back to life.”

Grandmother laughed as Tara grinned and went to help her. I guess things were worse between mom and dad than we thought. Before the end of summer they divorced and we stayed with grandmother. The girls seem to enjoy being my fuck toys even now that we are grown. We also took care of grandmother until last year when she died in her sleep.

I found out what the fertility quilt was for a month after we buried her when the girls put it on our big bed and let me get them pregnant.
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