When I turned ten my life changed... big time. My dad is a big real estate developer and my mother is an executive for a huge corporation. When I turned ten they decided I was old enough to do things on my own. Like doing all the chores around the house, shop, cook, do my laundry and take care of myself.

I also read the mail and paid the bills using an account my mother and father set up. Anything left over at the end of the month went into stocks for me. My father left on business, I saw him once or twice every six months. My mother came home once or twice a week. I knew she saw other men just as I knew my father saw other women.

They bought me things all the time to keep from feeling guilty. I had a large jewelry box full of rings, cuff links, tie pins and necklaces. When I turned twelve my father decided I should like guns and began buying hunting rifles every month. He also bought pistols and shotguns and fishing poles, not that he ever took me hunting or fishing.

I was eighteen and just starting as a senior in high school. Our house was large and mostly empty except for me. Mom’s bedroom was downstair and mine was upstairs and looked into the backyard of the neighbor. Sasha was or seemed to be a nudist and her two girlfriends, Paige and Sidney were too.

They were sophomores and went to the same school as me. I had seen them lay out and even fool around with each other several times. On Wednesday I saw the neighbor behind Sasha in the tree looking into her backyard. I drove home Friday and began my chores. I thought mom wouldn’t be home until Tuesday so it was just me.

I cut the grass in the backyard and added chemicals to the lap pool before going out front. I was just finishing the yard when Sasha and her two girlfriends got there. She walked to me looking pissed as I put the mower away. I smiled and she stabbed a finger into my chest, “I know it was you that took the video!”

I blinked and looked from her to the other two girls, “Video?”

She looked at me and Paige moved forward, “the one with us kissing each other while naked.”

I looked at them, “I didn’t take a video.”

Sasha looked like she wanted to hit me, “you are the only one that can see my backyard!”

That was when I remembered George in the tree. I looked at the three of them, “come with me.”

I turned and went through the garage, I glanced back and they finally started after me. I crossed to the tall bushes between our yards and headed towards the back. I stopped at the flowering bushes blocking the back fence and turned to look at Sasha. She stopped and looked at me and I reached for her hand and pulled into the bush with me.

I stopped next to the fence, “step on the cross piece and look at the tree behind your yard. Look at the limb that sticks out over the fence.”

She moved close to me and stepped up and I held her as she looked. A moment later she hissed, “is that a camera?”

I pulled her down, “wait here.”

I looked over before vaulting the fence and moving to the tree. At the base was a plastic doll house but I knew George didn’t have a sister and lifted the top to see a laptop. I knelt and unplugged it before looking up the tree as my eyes followed a cable. I climbed up using the spikes in the tree and then crawled out on the limb to the camera.

I undid the cord holding the video camera before putting it in my shirt. As I climbed down I worked the cable lose and coiled it. I grabbed the laptop and moved to my fence where I saw Sasha, Paige and Sidney peeking over. I handed the laptop over before following it. I followed them out of the bushes and grinned, “that is an expensive laptop and camera.”

They weren’t smiling and I shrugged, “lets go see what’s on the video.”

I led the way into the house and upstair to my bedroom. The three girls looked around at everything but I sat at my desk and started the laptop. It took a minute to find the videos and I took the time to look at Sasha, “what happen with the video?”

She looked at me and then at the other girls, “everyone in school thinks we are gay now.”

I looked at them and realized I had never seen them with a guy. They were younger than me since they were sophomores and only sixteen. I shrugged, “do a few guys and they won’t think it.”

I turned to open all the videos as they looked at each other. Mostly it was just the scenery but there was two from yesterday with the three girls. They were only sunbathing and I shrugged before deleting it. I thought of George and looked at Sasha, Paige and Sidney, “want to get even?”

They looked at each other and grinned. I opened a lower drawer and pulled out four small boxes, “wireless cameras I was going to instal around the house.”

I took one out and wrote down the information before putting batteries in. I pugged in my desktop wireless router before standing, “George always spends time with friends after school.”

I moved quickly while the three girls waited and went out back. I went to the back fence and into the bushes. I looked over the fence before going over. I moved to a large tree beside his house and looked up before jumping. I caught a branch and pulled myself up before reaching for another branch above me.

I stopped at one that stretched out next to a bedroom window. I knew it was George’s because he liked to play loud music. I crawled out and used a few ties to secure the camera before shifting it to look straight into the window. I climbed down and ran to the back fence as I heard guys from the front of the house.

I vaulted over my fence and walked through the bushes and back to the house. When I walked into the room Sasha, Paige and Sidney were crowded around my desk. I slipped between Sidney and Paige and reached out to begin recording the camera video. It was only a couple of minutes before George and his two friends walked into the room and closed the door.

They were laughing and joking as George sat and started something on his computer. Paige touched Sasha, “ask him.”

I looked at her and Sasha cleared her throat, “we were talking about what you said, about fucking a few guys. The camera gave us another answer, we want you to fuck us and record it on video.”

I looked at each of them as they nodded and my cock was hard as a rock. I took a breath, “my way and one at a time.”

They looked at each other before nodding. I smiled as I turned back to watch the three guys rubbing their crotches, “there are five bedrooms in the house, four upstairs and one downstairs. I wouldn’t recommend mom’s downstairs, it looks like a room in a whorehouse.”

I looked at the girls as the three guys pushed their pants down and started stroking their cocks. The girls watched intently as I moved back after grabbing the three cameras I had left. I put batteries in and looked at the girls rubbing their pussies before setting them up facing my bed from three directions.

When Sasha looked around as the guys began cumming I pulled her up and to the bed before stripping her. I undressed as she wiggled into the middle of my large bed. I turned and reached past Paige and Sidney who were watching us now. I started the three new cameras recording before going to lay beside Sasha.

I kissed her and caressed her body as she moaned and pressed against me. It was a couple of minutes of kissing before I moved down and sucked on a nipple. I kissed down her body as she spread her legs and licked through her pussy. She shuddered and lifted her hips as she opened her legs more, “oooohhhh!”

I nibbled on her labia for a few moments before capturing her clit and sucking. She jerked and shuddered hard as she cried out. I kept teasing her clit with my tongue as I sucked and nibbled and it was about five minutes before she arched her back and screamed. She twisted and pushed my face away and I moved up.

I kissed her and before she could change her mind lifted and pushed into her. She groaned as my thick cock stretched her pussy and sank into her. I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. It was a couple of minutes before she wailed and started bucking. I kissed her once more as I buried my cock and rolled.

I scooted back into the center of the bed and helped her sit up before moving my hands to her waist. She was shuddering and jerking as I pulled her back and forth and her pussy spasmed as it squeezed my cock. She grunted and looked at me in surprise before grinning and doing it herself. She put her hands on my chest and started rubbing her pussy back and forth.

She rolled her hips occasionally as she rocked and thrust back and down to sink my cock to her cervix. It wasn’t long before she was wailing as her pussy spasmed and she started twisting and convulsing. She jerked and fell onto me but kept thrusting back and forth. She wet me as she shuddered constantly while her warm, slippery pussy milked my cock.

I started thrusting up as I felt my balls churning and my cock jerking. Sasha screamed when my cock suddenly gushed a fountain of cum into her. She spasmed and shook as I pumped and spewed cum while she pressed down. When I stopped cumming she giggled, “you sure squirted a lot.”

I kissed her before lifting her hips and pulling my cock out. I knew what the camera behind her would see and hugged her before wiggling and slipping out from under her. I turned to kiss her and then bent my head to suck on a pretty nipple, “your friends are expecting us back.”

She shuddered and lifted her head to look around before moving off the bed with me. I walked to the desk and stopped the video streams. I grinned and turned to move to the three girls hugging. I caressed Sasha’s cheek, “thank you, I’ve never done that.”

She grinned and Sidney hit my shoulder, “you were perfect.”

I turned towards the desk, “well, George and his friends have left the room.”

I got dressed and smiled, “check out the house while I go see if I can bring back the camera. I think you have enough to pay him back now.”

They laughed as I left and went out back. I glanced over the back fence to see George and his friends arguing by the dollhouse. They had found the missing laptop and camera. He was pissed because the laptop had been a new gift from his dad, what was worse was the video camera had been his father’s too.

I slipped away and went back into the house and upstairs. Sidney caught me by the stairs, “I’m next and wanted to do it in the living room.”

I grinned and nodded, “let me get the cameras.”

I grabbed the cameras and started them recording before leaving my room. I set the cameras up before turning to Sidney. She had stripped and grinned as I walked to her and kissed her before starting to undress. Sasha and Paige giggled and pushed Sidney towards the couch. She waited and took my hand and pulled me after her to the couch.

She turned to press against me and kissed me passionately. I held her hips and kept kissing her as I turned her and backed her to the couch. I sat her down and pushed her legs open as I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples. She shivered and moaned as I bent down and opened her pussy.

I licked through it and nibbled on her labia before pushing my tongue in her very tight hole. Like Sasha her hymen was missing so I began to tongue fuck her between teasing her clit. It was several minutes before she spasmed and jerked as she screamed, “fuck!”

I went to my knees between her legs and positioned my cock before slowly forcing it into her. Sidney shuddered as her pussy squeezed and I began to fuck into her deeper. She felt almost hot and her pussy was slippery so my cock fucked into her easily. I began to hit the back of her pussy and she howled and grabbed my wrists, “HOLY FUCK!”

I continued to fuck her steadily and she began to spasm and jerk as she wet me. Every couple of minutes she would buck or spasm as her pussy tightened around my cock. It was over fifteen minutes before I buried my cock as it jerked and began to gush cum. Sidney screamed when she felt the warm sperm pumping through her cervix, “YES! Cum in me!”

She jerked and shook as her pussy milked my cock and kept moaning. When I was done cumming I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples before sliding my hands down to her pelvis, “My parents will be home soon.”

She looked around quickly as if they would walk in and pushed me back. As soon as my cock came out of her cum began to leak and I stood and pulled her up. I kissed her and turned to pull her after me and out of the room. I stopped and smiled at her, “let me go stop the stream.”

She grinned at Paige and Sasha as she nodded, “you fucked me so good I forgot what we were doing.”

They laughed as I went upstairs and stopped recording. I glanced at the one from George’s yard and grinned when I saw them back in his room. I grabbed pants and left and went outback and across to the fence. I peeked over before vaulting over and moving to the side of the house. I climbed the tree and moved out on the limb slowly.

I removed my camera and climbed down before heading for my fence. When I walked back into the house the girls were in the kitchen and Paige grinned as she walked to me, “we saw your mother’s room and it is so... wickedly naughty that I want to use it.”

I grinned and Sasha rubbed my shoulders, “do her and Sidney and I will wait.”

Paige grinned, “I’ll help set up the cameras.”

It wasn’t long before we were done. Paige undressed and rubbed my chest, “give me a minute to... play and then fuck me from behind.”

Sasha and Sidney laughed as she turned to move onto the bed. I watched as she used a vibrator and started moaning and shivering. She went from touching her pussy to rubbing through it and finally shoving the vibrator into her as she jerked and wailed. She finally rolled over onto her knees and lifted her butt, “fuck me Adam!”

I had stripped while watching her and my cock was drooling as I moved onto the bed behind her. I pushed into her tight pussy and started fucking her with long, hard, deep thrusts. Paige howled and began slamming back and forth as she fucked my cock. I shoved into her and pressed against her cervix as I reached around to rub and squeeze her clit.

She spasmed as she squirted and started convulsing before falling forward onto the bed. I went with her and started fucking her again as she kicked the bed and screamed, “FUCK ME!”

Her tight pussy was clenching and squeezing my cock constantly as I kept fucking her. It was a long time before I was ready and shoved into her hard. She was thrashing around and wailing again and tilted her hips when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her in a thick stream, “SPERM ME!”

She jerked and shuddered as I continued to spurt until I was done. I pulled out and laid beside her to feel and rub her butt as she panted with cum leaking out of her gapping pussy, “that was good.”

She giggled, “I’m sneaking back in tonight.”

I slipped off the bed and walked out and went up to stop the stream. I was editing the one with George and his friends when the girls walked in. They were still naked and had brought the cameras up with them. I finished and put the video on a USB drive before grinning at Sasha and reaching for her.

She blushed as I pulled her onto my lap but I just turned and started the three camera videos. I cut and pasted to edit the three into one long video before stopping. She wiggled and turned to kiss me, “wait until you finish.”

I grinned as she moved and put the video on another flash drive. I turned and reached for Sidney and she grinned as she sat and we turned. I edited all three and when I finished Paige stood and they pulled me to my bed. They fucked me once more each before kissing me and leaving.

I went to close the garage and fix dinner and sat back on the couch. When I heard the knock I went to see who it was and saw Sasha, Paige and Sidney. They grinned as they walked in and Paige rubbed my cock through my pants, “we’re having a sleep over.”

I woke to naked girls half on me and turned my head to see Paige climbing back into bed. She grinned, “your mom is home.”

I looked at the door and she giggled, “she peeked in a minute ago.”

I nodded and shifted out from under Sidney and Sasha, “I better go talk to her.”

Paige grinned, “come back when you finish. I want a morning injection of warm sperm.”

Sidney turned onto her back, “horny slut.”

I shook my head as I looked around for pants. When I walked into the kitchen mom was sipping coffee and I crossed to the coffee maker, “you are home early.”

She nodded, “the neighbor across the street called and said girls were screaming from your bedroom.”

I blushed as I added sugar to my coffee, “only until midnight.”

She grinned and looked at the door as Sasha walked in naked like she did that everyday. She smiled as she headed towards the refrigerator, “morning Mrs Steel.”

Mom smiled, “enjoy yourself last night Sasha?”

Sasha grinned, “very much.”

Paige peeked around the corner and I shook my head as I went to sit, “come in Paige.”

She blushed as she walked in with Sidney following, “we forgot where we left our clothes.”

Mom gestured to the front room, “in there.”

Sasha looked at me, “Pancakes?”

I pointed to a cabinet, “the mix is up there.”

I pulled Sidney onto my lap, “you girls want to lay out by the pool? That asshole George can’t see through the bushes.”

Paige grinned as she went to help Sasha, “that sounds good.”

Mom looked at me and lifted an eyebrow, “George?”

I nodded, “he set up a camera to record them sunbathing in Sasha’s backyard.”

She shook her head, “I hope he got in trouble.”

Sidney laughed as she stood, “Adam helped us record him jacking off with two guys.”

Mom laughed and leaned back, “are you girls nudists?”

Sasha smiled and nodded, “do you mind?”

Mom shook her head, “it might get Adam worked up.”

Paige grinned, “we hope so.”

Mom looked at me and grinned, “okay stud.”

She stood and went to help the girls and after breakfast she pulled them away. I went to check the chlorine and then headed to my bathroom to shower. The girls slipped in and Paige pressed against me, “your mom is cool.”

Sasha giggled, “she wanted to lick your sperm out of us.”

Sidney pulled my head down, “we let her and she licks pussy really good.”

I grinned and kissed her before turning her to start washing her. They laughed and wiggled against me and rubbed and humped and pressed. I used my fingers to clean their pussies and they each shuddered and jerked until I stopped. I shampooed my hair before getting out and drying the girls and then myself.

I led them back downstairs and they grinned as they went out back. I had a few chores and bills to pay and mom found me and rubbed my shoulders, “not out with the girls?”

I looked back and smiled, “as soon as I finish.”

She was naked and grinned as I looked at her body and then she turned to head for the door, “well I’m going to lay out with them.”

When I finished I stripped and went outside. They were all laying together and looked at me as I walked to the pool. I climbed in and set the current before starting to swim. It was awhile before I finished and climbed out. I looked at the girls and mom fingering their pussies and moaning.

I shook my head and walked to Sidney and she groaned as she twisted and rolled onto her stomach and spread her knees. I grinned as I reached down to close her legs and straddle them. I leaned forward and kissed her shoulder before bending my cock and pushing into her warm pussy. She shuddered and pushed back as my cock sank deeper.

I began to fuck her with long thrusts. It wasn’t long before she jerked and spasmed, “oooohhhh!”

I fucked her grasping pussy long and hard for a couple of minutes before slowing. I buried my cock and humped as she convulsed and wailed, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I continued to hump and press for a minute before going back to fucking her with deep thrusts. She kept struggling as her pussy clenched and each time she came she would scream and buck. It was awhile before I shoved into her and held her pinned as I began to pump a thick stream of cum through her cervix.

She arched her back, “yyyyeeeeeesssssss!”

I held her while she continued to jerk with each spurt of cum. When I stopped it took her a minute to relax and sigh. I kissed her shoulder and pulled out before walking to the chair beside my mother who was shuddering with Sasha licking her pussy. Paige grinned as she sat up and then stood, “my turn to ride the pony.”

They laughed as she grinned and walked to me. She straddled me and positioned her pussy before sitting and wiggling to get my cock into her deeper. I held her hips and caressed her as she shuddered and began to rub her pussy back and forth. My cock was buried completely and trying to push deeper as her breathing became heavier.

She spasmed suddenly as her pussy squeezed my cock hard, “oooohhhhh!”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples as she twisted and shook. Her warm pussy was slipperier as she started to rock and fuck my cock hard. I groaned and glanced at my mother as she moved to Sidney and started to lick her leaking pussy. Sasha sat beside me and bent to suck on one of Paige’s nipples hard.

Paige howled and twisted away as she bounced and convulsed. I held her hips and began thrusting up while she shoved down hard. A couple of minutes and I held her tight as she and Sasha kissed while I pumped a geyser of cum through her cervix. She was jerking and shuddered as her tight pussy milked the cum into her.

When I let her go Sasha laughed and pulled her off, “Sidney your creampie is ready.”

I grinned as I stood and turned Sasha to kissed her. She pressed against me, “can you do a couple more?”

I laughed and moved her to a lounger and laid her back, “a couple?”

I moved between her spread legs as she grinned, “one for me and one for your mom.”

I frowned and she pulled my face down, “she had to leave her fuck toy to check on you.”

I sighed and looked at mom as she spoke, “you can even do me bareback like the girls. I’m clean and make the guys use a rubber.”

Sasha pulled on me and I looked at her before lifting and thrusting into her, “my way and on my bed.”

I kissed Sasha and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. Her pussy tightened and she shuddered as she whispered, “you going to fuck her hard and deep?”

I smiled as I kissed her again and kept fucking into her and started to hump and grind, “no.”

She hugged me as her pussy spasmed and started to jerk, “ooohhhh!”

Mom sat beside me and rubbed my butt, “you don’t have to baby.”

I buried my cock in Sasha and kissed her before I looked at my mother, “it is to late. You are going to get fucked like never before.”

Sasha lifted her legs and started convulsing as her pussy kept grasping my cock, “fuck!”

I kissed her and humped and jabbed with short thrusts and she thrashed around and wailed. The other girls giggled and came to sit beside us as I went back to fucking her with long thrusts. She came screaming five times before I held her and spurted cum against and into her cervix. She was tossing her head and almost incoherent by then and clung to me until I was done.

I continued to hold her for another minute before pulling out as she sighed. I moved over and rubbed her pelvis before looking at mom as she smiled. I stood and pulled her up before kissing her and then turning to pull her after me. She pulled back but I kept my grip until we were in my room and I turned by my bed.

I caressed her hips and looked into her eyes before turning her and laying her on the bed. I ignored the three girls when they came in as I laid beside my mother and began gently caressing and feeling her. It was awhile before I rubbed a nipple and even longer before one hand slipped down to caress and feel her pussy.

She shuddered and spread her legs as she smiled and watched me. When I slipped a finger into her slit she shuddered and her hips lifted as she moaned. Even fingering her, I took my time and used long slow movements until she was almost shaking. I finally turned and moved over her and between her legs.

I kissed her as I lifted and slowly pushed into her and sank my cock all the way into her. I pressed and humped as I continued to kiss her and her almost hot pussy grasped and squeezed my cock as she put her arms around me and kissed me back. When I finally pulled almost out of her she gasped and shuddered as her pussy tightened.

She spasmed and clutched me as I pushed back into her slowly, “Baby!”

I kissed her as I pulled back again and fucked into her. It was a minute before I held her tight and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. I kept it up for a couple of minutes until she was convulsing and had wet me. She howled and wailed and screamed before I buried my cock to hump and jab again.

She thrashed again and bucked as her pussy tried to milk my cock, “aaaaaahhhhhh!”

A minute later she had caught her breath and kissed me and I pulled back to fuck her hard and deep again. She held her legs up and spread as she went back to wailing and her pussy was making wet sounds. I shoved into her and began humping and grinding firmly as I tried to cum. My cock was pushed into her open cervix as she clung to me.

It was several minutes before I shuddered and humped as I tried to push deeper. Mom jerked and tilted her hips as if she knew what was coming. The first huge spurt was thick and strong as it was pumped straight into my mother’s womb. She hugged me as the next five spurts followed the first and she sighed.

When I was done I held her and gave her a kiss, “any more questions?”

The girls laughed as mom grinned and shook me, “just for that I’m not taking my birth control. Damn that was a good fuck.”

I grinned and pulled out and Sasha pulled me off the bed, “we want to cuddle and watch a movie now.”

Paige nodded, “you can fuck us again when we go to bed.”

They laughed and mom grinned, “and me?”

Sidney laid on her, “sure but I get to lick your pussy first.”

Peeping George got a taste of his own medicine and he and his friends ended up going to a private school. The three girls live with mom and I now and their first babies are due before school starts up. It has been over a year since I saw dad. As for mom, she comes home everyday to be with me and the girls.

Yes she got pregnant that first time and is pregnant again now.
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