First in a long long time here on this site. This is the first of 30 in a story about Naruto's world.
“Sakura’s New Jutsu”

The one thing that bothered Sakura more than any thing else was Naruto he was on her mind 20 hours a day while the other four were on training Ino and pleasing Tsunade. Wherever she went all she thought of was Naruto. Entering the library the first thing that came to mind was that Naruto doesn’t like to read he is the worst when it comes to using his brain for anything besides training and beating up people that piss him off. Though she knew the one good thing about Naruto has always been protecting her and the leaf village that she knew she was glad for him.

Casually walking through the library not really looking for anything specific she sees her other problem the one that is the complete 180 of Naruto a shinobi that has no emotions whatsoever Sai. Sakura wondered what he was reading. Last week she recommended him to read about massages and aroma. That turned out wonderful until he started doing it to Ino right in front of her a few seconds after he was taking care of her. He didn’t even ask if he could go to another girl I mean how rude can you be. True Sakura beat up on Ino, but reality was it was Sai’s fault from the begging. At least that’s how she presumed everything that related to Sai. Her philosophy is guys are stupid and are the fault for everything wrong.

She peeks behind a shelf of books to see what he is reading to see that he is reading how to please an angry woman in your life. Now why would he read a book about how to please angry woman she was never angry it was the men in her life that were to blame. Anyhow she walks over to him to say hello. Sai stops puts his book down and turns his head slightly and shows a fake smile and wide eyes.
“Hello Sakura” were the first words he spoke to her in over a week. She knew that he was avoiding her and could understand.

“Sai, what are you reading?” Sakura asked knowing the answer he replies the truth and then he continues to talk some nonsense about drawing and Yamato. “Well good seeing you I’ve got to head off and do some shopping” Sakura lies as she walks off but before she could take two steps he stops her and hands her a book that has no title and is as pink as her hair.

“I found this book and thought you might enjoy it Sakura” Sai replies with his fake smile and bright eyes.

“What is this?” she asks curious as to the gift.

Sai responds unemotionally “It’s a book that I found in the ROOT collection some time ago. I figured you might enjoy it…it was confusing to me”

“How so?”

“It was a female book”

“Okay sure thanks Sai” Sakura takes it knowing now why Sai didn’t understand it probably had female issues that are over the heads of men.

“Your welcome Sakura” he says and Sakura leaves the library with the mysterious pink book.
Reading through the pages as she heads home even she has a hard time understanding the book. It was a female book, but it was not one she was ever familiar with. On the way up the stairs of her place a piece of paper drops out and looks at it and knows instantly what it is. It was a summoning paper. Reading the paper she didn’t understand what it was talking about. She knew one place that could answer her question, but she was just there. The library was going to be closed soon so instead of heading out with clouds on the way she heads to sleep figuring she could get her answer tomorrow with her day off.

Next day she walks into the library ready to find out about this type of summoning. She had no interest of actually doing the summoning until she goes answers. Better to know than risk something that could kill her. She hands it off to the librarian explaining where she got it from and even shows the book. The librarian takes her downstairs to the forbidden section of the library. Walking through cobwebs and dust everywhere the librarian turns a light on and opens an old book. She scrolls through the pages with dust flying through the air leaving Sakura coughing up a storm. Librarian finds what she was looking for and points to the page. Sakura brushes the dust off and begins reading realizing she reads that the scroll in her possession is sexual summoning and not a typical animal summoning. The book the pink book she got from Sai was nothing but an old book from the Uzamaki clan.

“Why would Sai have a book from Naruto’s ancestors? Why did ROOT have it? What sexual item came from the summoning?” These answers were scrolling through Sakura’s mind she knew two things so far it wasn’t going to kill her and it was sexual. Note sexual. Sakura was feeling a little hot when she thought about this fact, but that wasn’t the reason she was burning up. The basement was not cold and damp as you would picture it. It was hot and dry.

Librarian who is now at the doorway says “Hurry up Sakura I don’t think I can bare this heat much longer” Sakura turned to her then to the summoning paper she held in her hand. Took a deep breath and walked out of the library feeling very sexual.

Heading back home without questions or answering anyone. She lies down on her bed and places the paper on top of her private section. She does the symbols in her head before committing to them. She bites her finger does the jutsu summoning and places her hands on top of her private section. For a moment she felt nothing taking a few deep breaths she begin to feel a tingle in her stomach. She looks down and sees a rod or stem growing below her blouse. She lifted her blouse to see it was a cock that didn’t have the balls that men have. She looks to make sure she still is a female her pussy is below the cock. With relief she realizes the jutsu was nothing more than a transfiguration summons. Then she felt them like weights. She looks and sees she has balls also. She takes a deep breath and puts her hand over it.

She rubs the cock with one hand which makes her feel really good. She than puts the other hand on the balls to feel them and even they felt light but tight. She moves her hand off the balls and begins to finger her pussy while giving her self a hand job with her new found cock. As she fingers and rubs she feels a tingling feeling in both of her sex organs. Then it hits her cum oozes out of her pussy and spurts out of her cock. Screaming in joy of this feeling she tasted the tip of the cock and it tasted like her pussy juices with great relief.

Cleaning up her mess her cock was still hard and her pussy was still wet. She grabbed the piece of paper and placed it over the cock. And with the same speed she was able to reverse the summoning as fast as she was able to summon it in the first place.

How long could she keep this secret to herself though? Oh she couldn’t she had to tell Tsunade she was bound to suspect something new about Sakura and was bound to find the paper. So Sakura simply created a few copies of the summoning paper. She placed them in her sack and headed out to Tsunade’s.


“Suck it Shizune suck it!” Tsunade was in total ecstasy feeling her orgasms over and over as Shizune sucked her cock off. Tsunade has been able to create her cock and even manipulate the size of it since she was a teen reading her clan’s jutsu’s being the first Hokage’s honorable granddaughter and had its pleasures. Since his wife was part of the Uzamaki clan Tsunade had inherited a part of the clan’s abilities to summon large animals and other abilities. Her secret of having a cock was known only to a select few.
The ANBU who guarded her and were sworn to secrecy and Shizune that was until today.

The door opens unannounced Tsunade figured it was Naruto since he typically does that, but instead it was Sakura for a change. Tonton was sitting on the Hokage’s desk with Tsunade sitting there with Shizune behind the desk where Sakura couldn’t see her.

“What is it Sakura?” Tsunade asks with Sakura placing the summing paper in front of her face. Tsunade recognized the paper the moment she looked at she simply smiled knowing that paper was a copy she made years ago hidden in a book she lost sometime before she left the village those many years ago. “Shizune stand up please” Tsunade says and she herself stands revealing to Sakura her cock. Sakura was confused and taken aback by this revelation. “That’s right Sakura my grandmother the First’s wife was part of the Uzamaki clan and she passed it down to me as the oldest granddaughter of the Uzamaki clan she also gave one to Naruto’s mother my redheaded cousin though the version Naruto’s mother had was given to me to be burned with the knowledge she was going to have a baby boy she knew the boy had no use for the summoning. The female cock is the most primal female Uzamaki jutsu that is also forbidden. The paper here was a copy of the version I received in my teens so I didn’t have to depend on Orchimaru or Jiraya.” Tsunade walks over to Sakura “You’re the first outside of the Uzamaki clan to create one ever Sakura, so consider it a blessing. Shizune over here is forbidden to use it under my authority and the fact that I have seal on her so she can never create one, however the information you have brought me I may consider removing the seal and allowing more freedom amongst female leaf shinobi”

“Thank you Lady Tsunade” Shizune says in the background.

“I don’t get it though your not going to create the same seal on me as you did Shizune?” Sakura asks feeling confused and somewhat horny.

Tsunade walks up to her and leans in to her ear “The reason why I am lifting the seal on Shizune is the same emotion your feeling right now which is horny.” Tsunade takes Sakura’s clothes off as well as her own. Shizune realizing what is going to happen also takes hers off without command. Tsunade pulls away from Sakura “Now that you know the justu you do not need the paper to do the jutsu Sakura”
Sakura looks at her then to her naked body takes a deep breath and does the jutsu. Instantly the hard cock appears out of thin air. Tsunade walks over to Shizune and unlocks the seal. Then just as fast Tsunade does the summoning on Shizune and she too has a cock and the balls that the other two women in the room have.

Sakura moves up to Tsunade and makes out with her grabbing her cock at the same time as Tsunade grab a hold of Sakura’s. Both rubbing each other’s cocks and feeling each others mouths. Sakura moves her other hand cupping Tsunade’s ass. Tsunade uses her other hand and dives her fingers into Sakura’s pussy. Shizune in the background plays with herself giving double pleasure by rubbing her newfound cock and fingering her pussy. All three were horny and willing.

Tsunade pulls away with a playful smirk on her face “Why not satisfy each other together on the floor Shizune and Sakura!?” The three get on the floor with Sakura’s face sucking and fingering Shizune’s cock and pussy. Shizune takes care of Tsunade’s and Tsunade taking care of Sakura. The last time she sucked on a female cock was Naruto’s mother when the fourth was away on missions.

Sakura couldn’t believe the sensation she was receiving from Tsunade behind her. It was simply inescapable. It was nothing she ever felt before. At first when Tsunade showed her cock Sakura couldn’t believe it she thought she was behind the times, but the fact that she was the first outside the Uzamaki clan to do this jutsu was remarkable. Tsunade being Naruto’s aunt reminded Sakura of Naruto someone she couldn’t keep out of her mind no matter what she was doing it seemed. What is Naruto had turned out female what would she of looked like? Then she remembered his sexy no jutsu. That was when she felt below that she was going to come. She pulled Shizune’s cock out of her mouth and screamed as large spurts of white cum shot out of her cock and into Tsunade’s mouth.

Tsunade was having the same emotions as Sakura she came around the same time as her with loads of cum coming out of her pussy and cock. Her pussy juices flowed onto the floor and on Shizune’s fingers. The cum out of her cock flew into Shizune’s vacuum like cock. Shizune sucked like a pro after all these years of practicing on her lady she knew how to get her off with max pleasure. Tsunade unlike Sakura who was screaming held onto Sakura’s cock and sucked it wanting to taste drops of female cock cum for the first time in a long time. The shots coming into her mouth were sweet with that fragrance that any sweet female would have and Sakura was not different at all.

Shizune sucking her ladies cum was nothing new the fact that she now had a cock and was getting pleasure was something new and did it feel great. Her pussy juices dripped onto the floor like the other two. It was her cock the moment Sakura removed it from her mouth was when she was going to go, but then Sakura pulled out and her pussy gave way a flood of cum. She moved a hand down to her cock and started rubbing the wet cock getting it ready to shoot. She released the final cum from Tsunade’s cock and moved over to her wet pussy and started licking it. Eating pussy was something Shizune loved almost as much as sucking cock. She just loved getting her lady off. She stopped eating pussy the moment she got her cock ready to spurt she screamed for Sakura. Sakura placed her mouth back in the second it shot of the load that made Sakura feel something she never thought would happen.

The load of Shizune’s cum from her cock was amazing it tasted of sweet berries. Sakura loved this moment she never wanted this to end, but it seemed it was bound to happen soon. Like Sakura the other two females in the room could not expect anyone to walk in and watch what was happening, but it did.

The door opened. The ANBU on the ceiling looked at who it was surprised by this new twist that they knew this was going to be the best day ever for them as bodyguards of the Hokage. The person at the door stopped and screamed as Sakura, Tonton, Shizune, and Tsunade looked at the doorway shocked. Everyone froze as they saw each other. The mystery person is….


Author notes:
Being this is the first story in a very long time if there is anyone out there willing to proof read this story line it would be much appreciated. There will be 30 stories in this series and at least 3 specials.

Also Naruto will not be in the first two stories, so be patient. As the story line continues on more and more Naruto will appear.

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