My name is Tyler but my friends call me Tye. I’m fifteen and most of my friends are nerds. For the last five years I have saved every penny from mowing lawns to odd jobs. My friends and I got together and did a lot of research into stocks. During the last summer we had gotten up early every day to meet and buy stocks online and then sell them later in the day.

A couple of the guys were genuses and this was like child’s play to them. Each morning I would run and exercise or swim. In the late afternoon or evening I did kung fu katas and swam instead of watching tv. My older brother Bryan was seventeen and a bully. He was a school jock, a football and wrestling star.

I knew he was taking steroids, just as I knew he always cheated on any girlfriend he had. My mom and dad adored my brother because of his trophies and always asked why I couldn’t be like him. When he had tried to bully me last year I left him on the floor crying and whining when I walked away.

We don’t talk to each other now and he goes out of his way to avoid facing me. Anyway my meager thousand dollars doubled and then tripled. After that it went through the roof and by the end of summer we were pretty much set for life as long as we didn’t go crazy. School had started and I was a freshman.

Of course my brother was playing football again and running around with different girls. It was Friday and Bryan usually went out partying but had brought his girlfriend over. Tina was a platinum blonde with long hair and a killer body. Mom and dad had to go out of town to some company function so we were alone.

I was moving through my katas when Tina walked out the back door. I ignored her and kept going as she stormed to a chair murmuring, “limp dick, drunk asshole.”

It was awhile before I stretched and turned to strip my shorts off. I had forgot all about Tina, her gasp made me turn and blush as I reached for a towel to wrap around myself, “sorry, I forgot you were here.”

She grinned, “I never knew the younger brother got all the dick and the brains.”

I glanced at the house, “Bryan...”

Tina stood and walked to me and caressed my chest, “is passed out in a puddle of vomit.”

I swallowed and didn’t know what to do. She gave my towel a tug and looked down at my hard cock before licking her lips. One hand wrapped around my thick cock and stroked it and I shuddered before looking around. She held my cock and backed to my mother’s wooden lounger and stopped to pull her short skirt down with the string panties.

She sat and moved onto the lounger before spreading her legs and holding out her arms, “come here.”

I couldn’t resist and moved over her and between her legs. I felt her holding and moving my cock as she lifted her legs and wrapping them around me. She pulled and suddenly my cock was pushing into and stretching her pussy. She groaned as I thrust deeper, her pussy was warm and velvety as it grasped my cock.

I looked at her when I stopped and she shuddered before pulling on me, “fuck me.”

I started fucking her slowly with long strokes and it wasn’t long before she had her legs in the air as she wailed. Her pussy kept squeezing my cock and she was shaking hard as I began to fuck her harder. It was several more minutes before I thrust into her suddenly and she grunted. She looked at me and lifted her hips as I groaned and peed cum through her cervix.

She screamed as her pussy tightened and started shuddering hard, “yyyeeessss.”

I was shaking as I kept gushing and spewing and then spurting my first load of cum into a girl. Tina held me long after I stopped cumming and I finally began to fuck her again, she pushed me up and I stopped. She grinned, “you want to do it again?”

I nodded and she laughed before hugging me and pushing, “from behind.”

I fucked Tina six times, in several positions and in several places. Like the pool, the kitchen, the living room, on my brother’s bed and finally in my bed. I woke to Tina moving off the bed and followed her to the bathroom. She blushed but I ignored it as I started the shower, “Bryan won’t be up for awhile.”

When she was finished I pulled her into the shower and washed her while she looked at me. When I was done I dried her and pulled her out and went looking for her discarded clothes. Before she left she kissed me softly on the lips. I had finished my morning exercises and showered and dressed before my brother managed to come out of his room.

I went to visit a friend and came home after lunch. The mess in the kitchen pissed me off and I followed it into the living room and down the hall. I started cleaning since I knew my parents wouldn’t expect my brother to clean anything. I was looking at movies that were playing when the phone rang.

When I answered it was Tina, “hey Tye is Bryan there?”

I glanced at my empty doorway, “he left around lunch time.”

There was a pause, “what are you doing today?”

I glanced at the screen for the movies, “I was thinking of a movie at two.”

We talked for a couple of minutes before she hung up. I was in line to buy the ticket when Tina and two of her girlfriends showed up. They bought tickets to the same movies and I bought sodas for us and we sat together and watched the movie. She slipped her hand in mine the whole time the movie was on.

After it was over Tina and her girlfriends started to leave and she kissed me. My brother was still gone when I got home which didn’t surprise me. I heard him and a couple of his friends come in with their girlfriends as I was cooking dinner an hour later. I ignored them as they went down to the large rec room in the basement.

After dinner I cleaned up and went to my room to send a couple of friends e-mails and then started my katas and swam laps. I had just used the shower in my bathroom and dried off when Tina put her arms around me from behind. She was naked and pressed against me and wrapped her hand around my cock, “still hard?”

I turned and she grinned as she looked down, “want some pussy Tye?”

I smiled as I caressed her hips, “I thought you were downstairs with my brother?”

She started backing up, “I was and he already fucked me. He always uses a condom so don’t worry.”

She hit the bed and sat suddenly before grinning and laying back as she lifted and spread her legs, “nice and deep.”

I couldn’t have said no if I had wanted to and moved closer as I positioned my cock and pushed. She grunted as my cock pushed into her and I began to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts. Her pussy was almost hot as it grasped and squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and moaning.

She twisted and grabbed a corner of my blanket to scream into as I kept fucking her. She began to thrash and buck as her pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock. I finally pushed into her and slowly buried my cock. It erupted and I started peeing and pumping cum against her cervix. Tina jerked and lifted her hips as I flooded her with warm cum.

She shuddered when I stopped and slowly pulled out. I sat beside her and she sat up and turned to kiss me and caress my chest before standing and leaving. I looked after her and moved onto the bed. I woke to my alarm and got dressed in running clothes. I went out to exercise and then went running.

When I came back I showered and dressed before going to the kitchen. My parents were drinking coffee which surprised me since they were back early. I made cereal and dad cleared his throat, “the rec room is a mess, you need to clean it up.”

I sat to eat, “tell Bryan, he and his friends were down there.”

Dad looked at me and I ignored it. Mom had shifted and stilled and dad finally leaned forward, “clean up the rec room today.”

I had enough of them treating my brother like he was something special and looked at dad, “no. Bryan made the mess he can clean it.”

He stood and leaned over the table, “you will do what I tell you!”

I stood and carried the bowl to the sink and poured it in before washing the bowl. I looked at dad when I was done, “no.”

He straightened, “move your things out of the bedroom and into the shed out back.”

I looked at him for a minute before smiling, “how about I call grandma and see if she wants company?”

My grandmother only lived a couple of blocks away. He shifted before snorting, “fine.”

I called grandmother and told her I needed someplace to stay. I packed up and took everything over to her house and settled into grandpa’s forty foot RV trailer. She hugged me and I helped her with chores during the day as I told her what was going on. I actually had her sit while I made dinner for us that night and cleaned up.

I was up early and did my exercises and went for a run since my grandmother didn’t have a pool. School started off okay, I got with my friends to do more investing. Lunch time was when things happened. My brother walked up to me with several football buddies and shoved me, “asshole. You need to learn your place.”

I smiled as I glanced at his friends, “leave before you get hurt.”

His friends snickered as his face reddened and he started to hit me. My right hand went left, up and then back to the right, throwing his hand away. I twisted and my left hand caught his right wrist and twisted up and back. I stepped in and slugged him in the jaw before yanking him back so he would fall.

There was silence before his friends jumped me. That was a big mistake, I grabbed one by the balls as I staggered back and turned. My right hand came up and out to push the second guy off as I kicked out and snapped the knee of the third. I continued to turn and grabbed the second guy’s arm and twisted before I struck.

I yanked my elbow back and into the face of the last guy and stomped down into his ankle. They were all down yelling or screaming as I looked at them. Of course since it involved personal injury the police were involved. There was the broken jaw, (my brother) hurt testicles and a broken arm, a broken knee cap and a broken ankle.

My parents were furious but dozens of witness told the police I was the one attacked. My dad and mom wouldn’t even speak to me since Bryan had been suspended for a week. I wasn’t and went home to my grandmother and explained what had happened. I forgot all about the stocks I had bought.

The next day everyone was still talking but my friends thought it was cool. There was talk of a party at my place to cheer up my brother. After school I stayed to talk to my friends and they reminded me about my stocks. They had quadrupled and split and did it again several times yesterday and even more today.

I sold the stocks and told the guys to come over to my grandmother’s before starting to walk home. Tina slipped up beside me when I was almost to my grandmother’s, “hey Tye.”

I glanced at her, “not at my place with my brother?”

She blushed, “we broke up.”

I nodded and turned to walk around to the side of grandmother’s garage and unlock the trailer. She followed me in and looked around, “this is nice.”

I set my stuff down, “what did you need?”

She sat on a chair and looked down, “you don’t seem like your asshole brother. I knew he couldn’t keep his tiny dick out of other girls but he is a football player.”

I hesitated and sat in a chair beside her, “Bryan has always been a pig that way.”

She nodded, “I know and that is why I made him use rubbers.”

She looked at me, “want a girlfriend?”

I smiled, “that depends, I don’t like sharing with my brother.”

Tina snorted, “He already asked Becky to be his girlfriend.”

I frowned, “he is suspended...”

She shook her head, “your parents and the parents of the other guys spoke with the school board. They insisted you started it and the board is letting them back into school.”

I sat back and shook my head, “so they get a free pass.”

Tina laughed, “your brother will probably be the only one to play since it was just his jaw you broke.”

I smiled and finally looked at her, “girlfriend sounds good.”

She grinned and moved to sit on my lap, “good because ever since that night all I think about is you.”

I held her and then remembered my friends were coming over. I grinned, “hey Tina do you knew Samuel Peterson, Henry Blake, Tom Edwards and William Smith?”

She frowned and shook her head before looking at me, “are they the guys you hang out with?”

I nodded and cupped a breast, “not only have each of us made enough money to live comfortably, they are virgins.”

She looked at me and bit her lip, “and?”

I grinned, “you’re popular and you know a lot of girls. Know any that might want boyfriends that can afford them?”

She grinned and wiggled, “yeah, I just might.”

I rubbed a nipple, “and maybe put out?”

Tina shivered and stood, “yeah.”

I stood and began undressing her as she used her cell phone. I pulled her to the bedroom and onto the bed as she talked and started undressing as she lay back and spread her legs. I moved between her legs and started licking her pussy. She groaned but kept talking and I started teasing her clit.

It was a minute before she hung up and spasmed as she bucked and jerked, “FUCK!”

She shuddered and spasmed as she closed her legs. It was a moment before I was free and looked up her body before moving over her, “to much?”

She laughed as her hand guided my cock, “if I want to be sane and talk, yeah.”

I pushed into her and began to fuck her slowly. She sighed as her hips lifted to meet mine. When she was a little slippier I fucked her deeper and she lifted her legs as she wailed and howled. I buried my cock and began to hump, grind, press and jab. Tina started bucking and struggling so I fucked her hard and deep.

She clutched me as her pussy grasped my cock and she began spasming. I shoved into her and kissed her as I peed cum through her cervix. She lifted her hips and screamed as warm sperm pumped into her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I stopped cumming she was panting and grinning. I kissed her before glancing at the time. I pulled out and moved off the bed, “my friends should be here.”

She rolled off the bed and pulled my pants away, “naked.”

I looked at her and she grinned as she walked away with a sway to her hips. I stood and chased her as she screamed and caught her by the couch and sat, pulling her onto my lap. I kissed her as she giggled and looked at the door when there was a knock. Tina grinned at me and stood to go open the door.

My friends stared as she giggled and gestured and they came in. She kissed each one on the cheek before walking to me and sitting in my lap. I grinned, “you know Tina, she is my girlfriend.”

Sam grinned, “you stole her from your brother?”

The others laughed and Tina kissed me passionately before looking at them, “how would you guys like having a girlfriend to fuck?”

They looked at each other and Tina slipped off my lap to go answer her cell. They looked at me and I grinned, “she called a few girls she knows and I guess some are coming over.”

They grinned and Henry leaned forward, “you already did it?”

I nodded and he looked at the others, “what do we do?”

I leaned back, “first I would let them know you haven’t done it and don’t lie. If she is willing to let you touch her, ask her where and how to make it feel better for her. Lick her and pay attention to her clit, you have all seen the videos so take your time and don’t rush. After that ask her if you can fuck her and how she would like to do it. Take your time unless she wants it harder.”

Tina walked in and smiled, “those are all good but cuddle and kiss too.”

They blushed but grinned as she sat on my lap. She kissed me, “five minutes.”

We talked for a few minutes until there was a knock and Tina stood, “I’ll get it.”

The four girls that came in were grinning and stripped as they looked around. Tina came to pull me up, “This is Tye, my boyfriend.”

The girls grinned and one walked to William, “I know you, I’m Tracy.”

They had stood and he blushed, “William.”

She started undressing him, “Lets make this fair.”

He kept blushing as he stammered, “I haven’t been with a girl before.”

She caressed his chest, “don’t worry.”

The other girls split up and moved to the guys. Before I knew what was happening they were naked with a girl on their lap. Then the questions started, normally you would think of a game like truth or dare but this was more like truth or truth. Sarah finally pulled Sam up, “mind if we use your bed Tye?”

I was kissing Tina and she moaned and shuddered before looking at her friend and shaking her head. I looked around to see the others kissing and touching each other. A minute later Amanda whispered something to Henry and she moved as he stood. She sat and leaned back as she spread her legs and he knelt between them.

It wasn’t long before the trailer echoed with moans as the guys started licking pussy. I cupped one of Tina’s breasts, “to bad I got you cummy, I wouldn’t mind doing a little licking again.”

She shuddered and stood, “give me a minute to douche.”

She bent to grab her purse before going into the bathroom. I looked around at the girls wiggling and squirming and heard Sarah wailing from the bed. Tina came out a couple of minutes later and pulled me up before sitting, “now you can lick me.”

I grinned as I knelt and leaned forward to open her pussy. I started licking and nibbling and it wasn’t long before her moans blended in with the other girls. The guys took turns using the bedroom and by the time Tina and I got to use it again the sheets were really cummy. I fucked her slowly with long, deep strokes and took my time before spewing cum into her as she screamed.

After I finished Tina and the girls cleaned up and we took them out to eat in a local restaurant. I walked Tina home and kissed her goodnight before going back to clean up the mess and do my katas. The talk was all about my brother and the others returning to school the next day. When he and his friends almost walked into me they moved aside quickly.

During lunch I sat with my friends outside talking about a movie when Tina and the other girls found us. They made a big show of sitting on our laps and snuggling. Tina whispered in my ear that my brother was trying to pay a couple of other seniors to beat me up. I gave her a kiss as I glanced around thinking that if they were smart they would wait until after school.

A stunning girl walked up to us and looked at Tina, “you were right.”

Tina looked at her, “already?”

I looked at them and Tina hugged me, “this is Becky.”

I nodded, “right about what?”

Becky glanced around almost angrily, “your asshole brother fucked two other girls last night.”

I shook my head and Tina giggled, “want to get even?”

Becky looked at her, “your damn right.”

Tina looked at me and in a loud voice, “I was still dating Bryan when Tye fucked me. He has a bigger cock and knows how to use it, unlike Bryan. That tiny, limp dick can barely get it in a girl before he pops.”

Becky looked at her and Tina looked around at all the people watching, “want to come over and let Tye fuck you bareback?”

She looked at me and then grinned, “sure.”

She walked off and Tina grinned as I looked at her, “I’ll bring her over later and you can fuck and then we can go to that movie you were talking about.”

I grinned as Tom slapped my shoulder, “do her really good and steal her too.”

Tina grinned, “oh he will stud.”

Mary grinned as she nibbled on his neck and he blushed. The rest of the classes I had girls looking at me and several guys talking. I was right, the seniors waited until I was walking home before jumping me. I was alone and let them attack before twisting and grabbing a wrist while snapping a kick into the knee of the other guy.

I turned the wrist and snapped it before yanking and spinning. I brought my other fist down on his collar bone and it broke. I looked at the other guy on the ground screaming, “accepting money for hurting someone will earn you five more years in prison for conspiracy.”

I walked away and didn’t bother to look back. Tina was waiting beside the trailer with Becky and my grandmother. I smiled and kissed my grandmother before looking at Tina, “still want to go to the movie?”

She glanced at my grandmother, “your brother paid two guys to beat you up.”

I nodded as I opened the door, “they found me.”

I looked at my grandmother, “want to come to the movies with us?”

She smiled and shook her head, “Tina told me what your brother did and I just wanted to make sure you were careful.”

I nodded, “I will but if he keeps this up...”

She sighed, “I think I will have a talk with your father.”

I shrugged because I knew it wouldn’t do any good. She walked away and I stepped into the trailer before closing the door. I grinned at Tina and Becky already naked and waiting in the bedroom doorway. I began undressing as I walked towards them and Tina pulled Becky back and pushed her onto the bed, “fuck her good.”

I moved onto the bed as Becky wiggled back, “after I lick her pussy.”

Tina laughed and pushed on my shoulder, “pussy hound.”

I grinned as Becky giggled and leaned down to lick through her pussy. I nibbled on her inner lips and teased her clit. It only took a couple of minutes before she started to shudder. I captured her clit as she humped and sucked while squeezing. She arched her back as she squirted and screamed, “fuck!”

Tina laughed and pulled on me, “now fuck her.”

I looked up wet faced and she grinned before pulling on me again. I moved up as Becky shivered and panted and pushed into her slowly. She groaned as my cock stretched her pussy and sank deeper. She spread her legs more and grunted as I pushed against her cervix. I kissed her before pulling back and fucking her with long strokes.

She was shuddering and humping up to meet my thrusts from the beginning. A few minutes and she was wailing and thrashing around as she wet me and her pussy grasped my cock. She started bucking and struggling as I changed and fucked her hard and deep for a minute. She screamed and spasmed as she lifted and spread her legs, “yyyyeeeeeessssssss!”

I went back to long, slow strokes as she continued to jerk and shudder. Her pussy was a lot slipperier and kept squeezing my cock. It was awhile before I fucked her hard and then shoved all the way into her and kissed her as I peed cum through her cervix and flooded her womb.

Tina was rubbing my back as I jerked and jabbed and pumped the rest of the spurts into Becky. I pulled out when I was done and she shuddered and groaned, “damn.”

I laid back and Tina straddled me and looked at Becky, “want to be our girlfriend?”

Becky grinned and turned onto her side, “after a fucking like that I’ll even lick your pussy.”

I grinned, “only after I cum in it because I want it before.”

Tina laughed and rubbed her pussy on me, “wait until tonight.”

She slipped off me, “we need to clean up and get dressed so we can meet the others at the theater.”

I followed them out of bed and watched from the doorway as Tina washed Becky’s pussy until she shuddered. I went to get dressed and waited by the door until they joined me. Becky had an older car and drove us to the theater. I paid and bought drinks before they pulled me into the theater and all the way to the back.

I grinned when I saw the other guys and sat between Tina and Becky. They took turns kissing me and hugging me all through the movie. As we left I made sure to hold their hands and Henry caught up with Amanda, “we are going to have dinner at that small Asian restaurant by your place.”

I grinned and looked at Tina and Becky, “Dinner first?”

They nodded and pulled me towards the car. While we were waiting for our food Mary leaned over the large table, “so did you fuck Tye?”

Becky blushed as Tina grinned, “yeah and she is our girlfriend now.”

William chuckled, “you should buy them expensive rings that match just to show off to your brother.”

Tom laughed, “we were going to the mall tomorrow to buy rings for our girls.”

That started the girls talking all through dinner. It was late when we finished eating and Becky drove me home. Tina sighed as she kissed me and whispered, “I’ll fuck you tomorrow.”

Becky grinned as she kissed me, “and I’ll lick your cum out of her.”

They laughed and left together as I watched them. I went to tell grandmother I was home and then went into the backyard. I was practicing my katas and was almost done when the dozen guys walked in. My brother was with them and they spread out as I stretched, “I’m done playing. You fuck with me now and I will hurt you.”

They rushed me and I kicked into one’s leg to snap the knee. I struck out to the right and broke a guy’s jaw before they all hit me and we went down. After that it was grabbing and hitting with fists, elbows, knees and feet. When I rolled to my feet minutes later guys were scattered around on the ground screaming.

My grandmother was yelling from the back door while holding a phone. It was less then two minutes before the police arrived and I let my grandmother talk to them first. I had a lot of bruises and a single cut over my right eye but everyone of the guys had broken bones. One made the mistake of telling an officer that they were going to kill me and that changed things.

They were all charged with attempted murder and conspiring to commit murder. Of course they plead out to lesser charges of assault before going to court. My brother was expelled and sentenced to five years and my parents never spoke to me again. Tina and Becky stayed with me through school and then we went to college together.

I married Tina in college and Becky is our lover and common law wife. Surprisingly the other girls stayed with my friends too.
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