My name is Michael David Harris and I am twenty one, after three years in the military I was out. I had spent eighteen months in combat and had earned the nickname Keeper. It was because I had never let a bad guy get away. I had done okay with my money, I had invested three years worth of pay into a company’s stock.

I had just gotten out and was looking for work when one of the guys I had served with had an offer. He had a man that wanted to do a deal that involved a lot of money. The problem was it was very risky so he told the guy to provide collateral. It turned out to be his young wife and his daughter from his last wife. Julia was twenty and Sarah was fourteen.

I was asked to watch, guard and keep the collateral. The place was an isolated cedar home in the country, it had a stable with fields all around. It had been empty a long time so no one was around. It had three bedrooms with linen covered sheets on the furniture. I brought in a camp stove and a large tank of gas before going to get the woman and girl.

The first thing I did was strip them naked which frightened them but it let me know they didn’t have weapons. I let them move around inside the house but if they went outside I was always with them. It took a couple of days before they went out and I heard Sarah whispering to Julia that her pussy was wet the whole time.

After that I was outside everyday as they walked around together. It was a week before I had to go buy supplies. I should have been called but nothing happened. Julia knew they were collateral for something her husband was doing, so did Sarah. They went with me when I went to buy groceries, Julia even paid. I called and left a few messages but received no answer.

The weeks turned into a month and even the few messages Julia and Sarah left were unanswered. I knew the husband was home because I had someone check. A month of seeing two beautiful women naked was taking its toll. We had been out in the fields all day and Sarah had been tempting me with views of her pussy.

Julia had smiled but didn’t stop her or say anything. I had made dinner and cleaned up, we were watching the sunset from the porch when Sarah stood and stepped to the porch rail in front of me. She spread her legs and bent over as she tilted her hips so I would be looking straight at her slit.

I was only wearing shorts and something snapped. I opened and pushed my shorts down as I stood and moved up behind her. Julia gasped, “don’t!”

I held Sarah and positioned my cock before shoving into her. Julia jumped up and grabbed me but froze as Sarah pushed back and yelled, “YES!”

Her tight pussy squeezed my cock as it hit and pressed against her cervix and I began to fuck her. A moment later Julia giggled, “at least one of us is getting fucked.”

I continued to fuck Sarah and she leaned forward more and kept pushing back. Her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my cock constantly. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered hard and her pussy tightened as she screamed, “ffffuuucccckkkk... mmmmeeee!”

It had been a long time for me and I thrust into her and held her as my cock throbbed and erupted in a thick geyser of cum. Sarah wailed as warm sperm pumped through her cervix but pushed back as I kept spurting more in. When I was done she sighed and shuddered, “that felt... awesome.”

I pulled out and she stood and grinned as she turned to kiss me, that was a surprise and not unpleasant. Sarah looked at Julia with a grin before walking towards the door. Julia had been fingering her pussy and sighed before taking my hand and pulling me into the house. She turned at the couch and sat before leaning back, “fuck me too.”

Since I had walked out of my shorts I knelt and fitting my cock to Julia’s pussy. I pushed and she groaned as I slid into her and began to fuck her slowly. My cock hit the back of her pussy and she jerked as it tightened, “oooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her and a couple of minutes later she had her legs in the air and spread. Her slippery pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock as I fucked her a little harder. She was shaking her head and spasming as she moaned. I used long strokes and planted my cock against her cervix with each thrust.

It was another five or six minutes before I thrust into her and held her hips tight as I pressed and began breeding her. Cum gushed through her cervix as she lifted her hips and wailed, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted until I was done. I pulled out and knelt as she caught her breath. Sarah was suddenly there and pulled me up and then helped Julia, “lets take him to bed and do that again.”

I did them twice more each before letting them sleep. I woke with dawn and slipped out and stretched before exercising. I woke them when I was finished and pulled them into the bathroom. Normally I had them watch as I showered and then I would leave so they could shower. This time I was pulled in and they giggled and started washing me and each other.

After breakfast we went for a nice walk and I held their hands. They whispered together when we were by a small creek at the other end of a field. Julia turned and pressed against me and a second later Sarah was pulling my shorts down. Julie grinned and kissed me before pulling me to the ground.

I kept kissing her and laid her back before slipping down her body with Sarah. I licked through her pussy and shifted to the side as I looked at Sarah. She looked at me and then grinned before she leaned forward and licked through Julia’s pussy. She began teasing her clit and a minute later moved and looked at me.

Julia groaned and shuddered and I grinned before pushing my tongue into her and nibbling on her labia. I captured her clit as she lifted her hips and spasmed. I sucked and nibbled before wiggling my tongue against her clit. She bucked and squirmed and I moved and looked at Sarah.

She grinned and slipped two fingers into Julia and went back to attacking her clit as she started fucking her fingers into her. Julia wailed and thrashed around a minute later before arching her back and squirting. I laughed as Sarah kept licking her, “you win.”

She giggled and pulled her fingers out as she moved, “fuck her now.”

I moved up as Julia shuddered and jerked and pushed into her. I began to fuck her with deep thrusts and she howled as she threw up her legs, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

I kept fucking as my cock started hitting the back of her pussy. She twisted and bucked and struggled as Sarah giggled and rubbed my back. Julia squirted a few times but kept cumming as I fucked her. I finally thrust into her and kissed her as I began spurting and pumping cum. She hugged me and spread her legs as she cried out, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed, dropping her legs to the ground. She looked around me at Sarah, “I am so going to fuck you with him later.”

Sarah giggled and pulled me off her, “okay.”

I laughed as I helped them up and we continued to walk. They flirted and teased and I treated them both the same way as I chased them. After dinner that night I cleaned up and went looking for the girls before going to watch the sunset. I found them in bed, Sarah was tied spread eagle as Julia licked and teased her.

She was shuddering and thrusting her hips up as she screamed through her gag. I grinned and leaned against the doorframe to watch. Julia finally lifted her head and looked at me, “want to fuck her?”

Sarah moaned and nodded as she looked at me so I pushed my shorts down and off before walking towards the bed. I moved between Sarah’s legs and kissed her as I pushing into her. She groaned and lifted her hips as my cock sank into her all the way. I started to fuck her with deep, firm thrusts and her slippery pussy began grasping my cock right away.

She stiffened and screamed through her gag as she jerked and spasmed. I buried my cock and started to hump and grind as her tight pussy tried to milk my cock. Julia laughed as she rubbed my back, “hard and deep, pump cum straight into her baby factory.”

I pulled back and began doing as she told me. Sarah was spasming almost violently as I kept fucking her. It was awhile before I shoved against her cervix and started spewing cum through. She lifted her hips and screamed through the gag as I spurted cum into her belly. When I stopped she was panting and slowly relaxed.

I kissed her and grinned as I reached for Julia. I fucked them both three time before untying Sarah so we could sleep. She snuggled against my other side as Julia put her head on my shoulder, “I hope you did knock me up.”

I glanced at her as Julia lifted her head to look and then put it down. It was another week before I knew I needed to do something. The messages were still unanswered so I called another friend and had him look for and check on Edgar. It was several hours before I had an answer, Edgar was dead.

That didn’t answer why Julia’s husband didn’t answer her messages. We sat on the bed and talked with Sarah and she said something that made Julia sit up. She said she had heard her father talking to a man about replacing money in Julia’s corporate account.

I looked at Julia and she bit her lip as she looked down, “the company is mine. Eric is just supposed to run it and he is not even supposed to be able to access my corporate account.”

I leaned back and absently pulled Sarah onto my lap and cupped a breast, “you know you are here as collateral right?”

Julia nodded as Sarah shivered and I rubbed her nipple, “do you know why?”

She shook her head and Sarah pulled my hand down between her legs. I smiled and kissed her bare shoulder, “some shady deal he had to make money with my friend. I was supposed to watch you until the deal was done and bring you back.”

Julia frowned as she reached out to rub one of Sarah’s nipples, “he shouldn’t... replacing money...”

She looked at me, “I need to use my cell.”

I lifted and turned Sarah so she was straddling me, “we’ll be here.”

Sarah was fumbling for my cock and Julia grinned as she stood, “one of you is.”

My cock was slowly forced up into Sarah as she wiggled and pushed. She hugged me as her warm pussy grasped and squeezed and then began to rock and thrust disparately. Julia was back a minute later as she made a couple of calls, one to her lawyer and another to her estate auditor.

Sarah was grunting and shaking as she fucked my cock and jerked. Julia grinned and kept reaching out to rub, caress or pat Sarah before leaving again. It was a few minutes before Sarah was screaming and wailing as my cock rubbed against her cervix and she wet me. She twisted and squirmed as I finally turned and laid down.
I rolled and fucked into her with deep thrusts. She lifted and spread her legs as she howled, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

I fucked her harder and after several minutes shoved into her and kissed her as I began to spew cum. Sarah lifted her hips as warm sperm erupted and spurted through her cervix, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

When I was done she was panting and shaking so I held her with my cock buried and started kissing her. It was another couple of minutes before I pulled out and sat up as she lay back with her legs splayed obscenely with cum leaking out of her pussy. I grinned as I leaned over to finger her cummy pussy, “keep laying there and I’ll put more in.”

Sarah shuddered and grinned, “It’s Julia’s turn.”

She closed her legs and sat up beside me and leaned against me, “I like getting fucked.”

Julia walked back into the room and straddled me before slowly sitting on my cock. She sighed, “I’ll know what he is doing within a few hours.”

She wiggled before starting to rock with a rolling twist as her pussy grasped at my cummy cock. It was a couple of minutes before she was rubbing her pussy on me as she fucked me erratically. She started to spasm and jerked as she wet me and Sarah grinned, “roll over and pump your stuff into her belly.”

I grinned as I pulled Julia down and rolled before starting to fuck her with long, hard strokes. She lifted and spread her legs as she wailed and thrashed around. I continued to fuck her nice and deep and her pussy was constantly squeezing my cock. She bucked and jerked under me and it was awhile before I kissed her as I buried my cock.

Julia wrapped her legs around me as her pussy tightened. When I began pumping strong spurts of cum through her cervix she howled, “BREED ME!”

Sarah laughed as I kept humping and pressing into Julia while I flooded her with cum. When I stopped she shuddered and clung to me before finally letting me go and relaxing. Sarah rubbed my back, “I hope you knocked her up too.”

Julia looked at her and grinned as I pulled out, “Time for lunch and then we can go for a walk.”

Sarah grinned, “it is Julia’s turn to get fucked outside.”

Julia laughed as she moved off the bed and headed for the door. We were just getting ready to take our walk when Julia had a call. She answered it and looked at me before turning to tell whoever it was something. She was grim when we walked and Sarah took her hand, “what did my dad do?”

Julia looked at me, “He took a million out of my account and is trying to cover it up.”

I stopped walking and reached for her phone. I looked at Julia, “you are still collateral.”

I looked at Sarah and then back at her, “would you consider being Sarah’s guardian?”

Julia looked at Sarah before smiling, “sure.”

I nodded, “and would you consider divorcing your husband?”

She didn’t even hesitate, “your damn right.”

I smiled and used her cell to call a friend of both Edgar and I. I looked at Julia as I told him what to do and she grinned. I hung up and handed the phone to her, “call and make sure he can not touch your money again.”

She did and when she hung up she was grinning, “he is going to be sweating. I had my lawyer start a criminal audit and freeze the account.”

Sarah grinned and pulled on my hand, “come to the creek and fuck us.”

I didn’t bother telling her several very large angry looking men would be calling on her husband. He would think he was now a target for Edgar’s... organization. I laid back in the grass under a large shade tree. I smiled as Julia and Sarah waded and played in the creek before returning with wide grins.

Julia straddled me and squatted as Sarah lifted my cock. Julia groaned as she pushed down and my cock entered her. She put her hands on my chest for balance before beginning to rock and fuck my cock. It wasn’t long before her pussy spasmed and she shuddered hard and sat down all the way with a moan, “mmmm!”

Sarah laughed and leaned over to suck on her nipples. Julia jerked and held her head as she began to rub her pussy on me. She twisted and rolled her hips as her pussy tightened and kept grasping. I started to thrust up as her tight pussy began grasping and squeezing. It wasn’t long before she became erratic and twisted and jerked.

She fell on me and I rolled before I started fucking her. She lifted her legs and began thrashing as I fucked her with long strokes. She wailed and howled as her pussy rippled and spasmed and Sarah laughed and moved to hump on my butt. Julia jerked and continued to hump up and shudder.

It was a few more minutes before I thrust into her and kissed her as I began to spurt and spew. She jerked and lifted her hips as I came in her and kept kissing me. When I stopped she sighed and relaxed and I grinned back at Sarah before pulling back and starting to fuck Julia again.

Sarah laughed and pulled on me as Julia groaned and shuddered, “not fair.”

I pulled out and moved aside to caress her tummy, “I’ll miss you two.”

She turned her head to look at me and frowned as Sarah pushed me onto my back and straddled me, “miss us?”

I cupped her lovely breasts, “I’m just your keeper. Any deal died with my friend.”

Julia turned onto her side, “so you don’t feel anything for us?”

I pulled Sarah down, “yes but I am not rich or even skilled...”

Julia touched my lips, “than be our keeper and we will take care of anything else.”

Sarah nodded and rubbed on me, “besides you have to keep us as collateral.”

I rubbed her butt, “I think that is going to get old.”

Julia laughed as she stood and pulled Sarah off me and up before they both pulled me to my feet. Sarah’s father ran before he could be arrested or in his mind killed. Julia was able to get almost everything he had stolen back as well as divorcing him and get custody of Sarah.

That was years and several children ago. We were watching the sunset after leaving the children with the nanny. We were on the covered balcony outside our bedroom naked. Julia grinned and looked around me at Sarah, “remember the first time Michael fucked you?”

Sarah grinned and stood to walk in front of me and bend over while spreading her legs and tilting her hips, “you mean when I did this?”

Julia laughed as I stood and moved forward to rub Sarah’s slit and then pushed into her. I held her hips and started to fuck her with deep thrusts, “I think this is how you got pregnant the last time.”

She shuddered as Julia pressed against us and laughed.
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