Its about a shy college fresher who got what every guy would dream off.
My name is Josh; I’m 19 and you can say I'm a Loser. I have never had friends and I spend all my free time like all anti-social teenagers do, in my room alone listening to music and watching TV. It was my first day in college and just got my room; luckily I was the first to arrive so I took the good space, my room was just for two and had its own separate bathroom and stuff. As I unpacked, I heard some noise outside and I look out through the window, well, as you would expect in college-Jocks making fun of the fresher’s. I had an unmemorable high school experience, nobody knew me and no body cared; actually it turned out quite OK because I didn’t have to deal with all those jerks.
I wanted a fresh start in college, wanted a new Josh and if I really want this to work, I have to do it well. I had always wanted to change my appearance but my parents were really interfering and since, this is college, I could do whatever I want without preying family eyes. After unpacking, I went downstairs, asked around for the Barbers and changed ma hair. I used to have long dark silky hair but I cut it short, I shaved of my facial hair and after the barber was done, I felt somewhat different, even more handsome than I felt before. I went back to my floor and two doors to mine; I noticed my room door was open. ‘Damn! My roommate was here already?’ I said to myself. I wonder what kind of person he could be. I slowly walked up to the door and pushed it open further. All I saw where 3 matching big boxes with no one in sight; I checked my things just in case my roommate didn’t lock up well and someone came into the room but nothing was missing. ‘Umm excuse me?’ I heard a voice from behind. I swiftly turned around. ‘Hi, I’m Alex’ A beautiful brunette stood by the door of my room, from her hand bag; I knew she was the owner of the 3 matching boxes. How could this be, my roommate a girl? I stared surprisingly at her. “HELLO!!!” she said, drawing my attention back. ‘Sorry, I was a bit carried away, my name is Josh’ I walked up to her and stretched out my hand for a shake. She shook me back. “I know you’re confused but there was a mix up at student affairs and someone apparently thought I was a boy because of my name without properly checking, I reported but I have to stay here for sometime before they will fix it and move me to a girl’s room”. All I could think about at this moment was how I was going to sleep in the same room with a beautiful girl in my first day of college. ‘Wow’ I said, “I hope you don’t mind staying with a guy”. She laughed. “No, I don’t and by the way, you look like a nice guy not some weirdo”. She walked up to her side of the room and sat on the bed, she didn’t unpack all her things since she was still moving out soon. I excused myself from the room and went for a walk round the campus.
It’s been three days and I’ve been living with a girl-Alex. We hardly saw because, my classes were really early and I went to bed before she could come back. I had a slight head ache today and my lecture was cancelled. I didn’t feel like hanging around so I went back to my room at about 12pm. As I opened the door, Alex quickly covered herself with her bed cover, it was like she was doing something and didn’t expect anyone to walk-in. “Why are you back so early today?” she asked. I walk up to my bed and dropped my back pack. “Lecture got cancelled”. I looked at her and from hoe nervous she looked; I knew she was naked under those sheets. She didn’t feel comfortable with me right next to her so I stood and went to the bathroom so she could dress up. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I knew she was masturbating and all that sweat on her face gave her away. I didn’t know what next to do, should I wait or should I go out. I wanted to wait but my phone started ringing; I rushed out to the room. Alex was just with her panties and was trying to put on her bra when I came out. She turned herself away from me. I picked up my phone and rushed back to the bathroom. It was my Mom wondering how I was coping. After taking for 5 minutes, I asked Alex, if I could come out now. The sight of her in her panties flashed my mind. I didn’t want to seem like a pervert so I put my face down and walked back to the room.
It’s been a week now and I’m still living with Alex, I made some friends in class but I never mentioned that my roommate was a girl cos I knew exactly what will go through their minds. Alex told me she did they same and that’s why we have never had visitors in our room. As usual, I was back early before Alex and I went up to take a hot shower after a stressful day. I didn’t expect Alex back anytime soon so I didn’t close the shower curtains or the bathroom door. I had the shower on and didn’t that hear the room door open. I kept thinking of Alex in the panties while I showered and my dick got harder. My dick measured when erect at 8’5 inches, I couldn’t just take my mind of that scene, the more I though of Alex, the harder my dick got, I wanted to fuck her, all I wanted to do was fuck her had. I turned of the water and abruptly turned and there was Alex. I was shocked; she looked at my cock with amazement. I tried to hide it but it was erect and was useless trying to hide that. I rushed to my towel and covered myself. Alex just stared at me; she looked like she had seen a monster, a monster she wanted to see again. “Alex, I’m so sorry about that” It just came out of my mouth; I had no idea what next to say. Alex turned away and went back to the room. I waited for some minutes, and brazed up the courage to walk to the room.
Alex was sitting on her bed when I came in, I couldn’t look at her but I could feel her gaze. I walked up to cloth drawers and I all I thought of doing was going up to kiss Alex, I haven’t done that before, in fact my first time back in high school was with a prostitute but right now, I wanted this badly with my roommate. I started getting hard again. Alex stood up from her bed and picked up her bag-she was leaving the room. I couldn’t let her go, just as she reached for the door handle I rushed to her and pulled her up to me and pressed her against the door and all I knew next was my lips tightly against hers. I wanted to stop but couldn’t. She struggled to push me back at first but got into it. We kissed so intensely, I knew she could feel my hard erection in between her legs. I picked her up and placed her on my bed, my towel fell; we continued kissing passionately for minutes. I tore her clothes and placed myself in between her legs, I could feel my cock rubbing her pussy. I didn’t want a blow job, all I wanted was to get into that pussy and fuck her. I slightly lifted her right leg up and pushed my dick into her. She was so tight but because, she was dripping wet, it wasn’t a fight. I could put it all in her at first so I slowly began to grind her making it much easier for my cock to enter deeper. Once in, I started slowly thrusting in and out, she was moaning and held tight to my back. The more sounds she made, the more I fucked her. I couldn’t control myself, I was fucking her so hard, I knew, my next door neighbours would hear us, I covered her mouth with mine so as to reduced the sounds, I fucked her harder at each thrust, I was a raging bull, not planning to stop anytime soon, her pussy was so hungry, it wanted more and so did I. I fucked her for some minutes more. We turned and she came on top, watching that beautiful face and hot body ride me was intoxicating. I could not stop moving my waist and she rode me so fast and hard. After sometime, I knew I was going to come soon, so I flipped her over and pounded her way faster. With the last thrust, I drew out of her and came all over my sheets. I leaned forward and kissed her. We kissed for like 5 minutes and I looked into those beautiful hazel eyes; we were breathing so hard and were covered in sweat. She shyly looked away. I gave her a peck on the cheek. I smiled because I just had mind blowing sex with my roommate. I was on up of the world.

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2013-01-28 19:01:51
This story has potential if you dont rush things ot could be good you should fix that in part 2

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