a couple of weeks after my last meeting with Tel i receive an email to meet a T-girl lover called Frank
After my second meeting with Tel i had been feeling horny a lot more and spending more time online looking for men and male couples to meet. I had also rewrote my ad on the local swingers website changing it from looking for single men to looking for men and couples hoping i could find a couple who were able to fuck me.I'd put in the add that i was looking for gay and bi couples for some fun something relaxed in a sociable setting maybe a chat with a drink and then some fun.
A few things i had ordered online arrived one day and i now had a metal cockring , a leather cockstrap , a slut hood and some popperz. The metal cockring was simple your balls were slipped thru the middle and it sat there around your balls pulling them and your cock nice and tight and felt pretty good suprisingly, theleather cockstrap i loved the look of it had an inch long sheath that went around the base of your cock and an attached strap that went down around the back of your balls
and looked really good when your cock was hard. The slut hood was something i'd seen on the website while buying everything else the idea of waearing it for a couple of guys aroused me so i'd added it , and then the popperz was a must for sure.
I dont know why but ever since that first meeting with Tel when he had fed me popperz as i took his cock i just knew i had to have it again , the feelings i had felt had been amazing and the change in my character as i got higher and higher on it was very pleasant but a little worrying too , i had to have it so here it was my own little bottle.

I was online one night checking mail and got a message from a guy in his 50's called Frank who said he was very interested
in meeting me, he was local in town could accommadate me at his and was reasonably good looking so i had agreed to meet
him at his place on fri at 8 pm for a couple of hours and was looking forward to trying the things i'd bought out.

when fri came i got ready to meet Frank and by 7;57 was knocking on the side door of his house.About 10 seconds later the door opened and a man appeared who introduced himself as Frank as he invited me inside the house. "I'm glad you could come" he said and we sat down in his living room. He asked if i wanted a drink so i told him a vodka would be fine , "you can get changed there while i get the drinks" he said as he went.We chatted for a while about the usual things and after a couple of drinks he put a porno on the tv and took off his trousers and underwear, "right come suck on this" he said holding his cock. i moved over to him and knelt down my hand encircling his cock beginning
to slowly wank him and his cock began to grow bigger so lowering my head i slid it into my mouth as far as i could. I started to slowly move my head up and down feeling his cock reaching full hardness and he
said "yes i like that i'm going to have to fuck you in a minute". I sucked his cock off for another minute starting to speed up a little horny about some cock in my ass and then stood up , "ok then are you going to fuck me i said "? yes in the bedroom he answered leading the way to a room upstairs at the back of the house.

Once we were in his bedroom he striped off and got into bed so i took off my skirt leaving on my black hold ups .
my crotchless see thru panties,my bra and fishnet top . out of my little bag i got my cockring and my cock strap and put both on then i got out the hood and popperz putting them on the bedside table as i got into bed. Frank rolled over his hand sliding between my thighs to my cock and ass hole "right here we go" he said slipping a condom on and got on top of me his cock slapping my thighs and coming to rest between my ass cheeks half an inch from my ass. He lowered himself down more and slid his cock into me a few inches then drew it all the way out again and then slid it back in a second time again a few inches and all the way back out again it felt pretty good and after about 20 seconds i realised he was by now giving me every inch of his cock before pulling it right out and then plunging it
back in all the way to the balls. It made me feel a little slutty knowing that after just a few seconds Frank was fully cock up me using every inch to plough me deep . he pumped his cock into my ass steadily for 5
or 10 mins and then suddenly jumped up "i'll be back in a mo" he said and left the bedroom for the kitchen.

as i sat on the edge of the bed and finished my drink i heard Frank call ....."come through here a minute i have something to show you" from the kitchen. putting my glass down i got up and walked out the bedroom into the hallway ,i'd just turned to walk
along to the stairs when a large pair of arms encircled me in a bear hug and something like cloth was clamped over my nose and mouth. I tried to wriggle and force myself loose but couldnt move and free myself from the pair of arms it was the last thing i rememberand then things went blank

when i came too i was strapped into some kind of adjustable chair with my wrists and ankles firmly secured and my head secure with a
strap. Frank seeing i was awake again walked into view and spoke.... "your going to be my new whore he said....
i'm going to make you a real fucking cheap slut who'll take any cock at all male or not
and your going to be nicely compliant and very easy to pass around and use after you've had this" , i felt a prick in my arm
and then a warm sensation flood through me making every inch of my body relax and go weak , and then my vision went
blurry and tunnell like and i started to feel very nice and definitely high on something.

Frank continued .... "i'm going to turn you out as my bitch cockslut to all my friends and anyone else who wants to
fuck you... and in return for you taking care of anyone i choose i will give you just enough of this to last you the week
and more when you come to any get togethers i arrange with friends is that understood?" unable to move for multiple reasons
i mumbled i didnt care i felt great.. "ah good spoken like a true cheap slut" Frank said.... "we'll just give you some more
of this to keep you nice and sociable and then we can go out my little slut ok "... i felt a prick in my arm again and then
after a few moments a floating sensation and my eyes shut i couldnt keep them open any longer.
I lay there unable to move or do anything as my wrists and ankles were untied and i drifted off mentally as i felt hands and arms
pick me up out of the chair.

when i came to again i was strapped into the front seat of a car that was parked somewhere dark i didnt recogise
and frank sat in the drivers seat explained..... "thats right whore your gonna take my cock and john heres and every
other cock here like a good slut , everyone gets to fuck my slut"..... he wound the driver window down a couple of inches
and spoke to someone ..."did you find any?" i heard him ask and then.... "good" . he wound the window back up and turned ....right
better get you outside he said and got out the car comming round to my side door.

john his mate got out also and between them they lifted me out and to my feet holding me straight as i couldnt balance,
then they moved me round and leant me out over the front of the car with my ass in the air... "yes here comes your
first cock as my little slut"Frank said and i felt hands between my legs slipping into my panties to my cock and wanking it, then they were on my ass
and a cock thrust in to me balls deep all in one go and started to fuck me pushing me further onto the car with each thrust.
i lay across the front of the car unable to stand on my own legs but my arms were held by john and the person fucking
me was gripping my hips tight and thrusting hard into me with his what felt like average size cock.
i could hear mumbled voices and footsteps as i lay there taking cock but couldnt hear exactly what they were saying i
still had that floaty feeling and my eyes couldnt focus properly so i just relaxed a little and went with it. after a few more minutes
the cock in my ass gave one last hard sadistic thrust and then pulled just outside my ass and erupted, i could feel the cum
spray all over my asshole as well as my balls and thighs and then slowly starting to run down them .

"Good slut" said Frank "thats cock no 1 taken and drained now who's next?" i heard movement and a belt unbuckling then
felt warmth as the tip of a cockteased my asshole , "so your a dirty slut then i hear ....good your gonna take my cock and cum too
you little whore all of it" and the cock slid into my ass inch by inch until balls were slapping my ass "yeah i'm gonna cum allover
you just like the last guy did you cockslut" he fucked me very nicely alternating between gentle and hard and managed to
last a lot longer than the first guy or so it seemed as i drifted again riding on a wave of sensations and
high as a kite with whatever they gave me . the cock inside me sped up and started ramming home harder focusing my mind again
i felt it twitch deep in my ass then start spewing cum inside it at which point it slowly withdrew and continued
shooting between my legs and over my ass covering me even more .

"mmm i think your getting warmed up now so i have more for you" said Frank he and john held an arm each and carried me into
the darkness after about 30 ft i felt myself being laid down on my back on what felt like a picnic table with my ass
hanging over one end and and my head hanging backwards down off the other end. a semi hard cock appeared an inch
from my lips and then slid in my mouth as i opened it, it slid in deep and out again and then even deeper and out .
in this position head hanging back i easily took it all until it was balls deep and being held for about 5 seconds,
i felt great and taking all of this cock like a slut deep down my throat without gagging had started to make my cock
twitch and dribble a little . a pair of hands between my legs alerted me to more attention the other end of the table
the fingers massaged my cock before going to my ass and thighs rubbing the cum on them , a low voice said "mmm what
have we here then eh you little whore? well theres cum drippin down your thighs and out your ass you fucking dirty
little slut so you must like the cock" fingers scooped cum from my thighs and ass and then i felt them on my lips
rubbing the cum onto them and and alongside the cock inside my mouth being cleaned of cum.... "fuck yeah your a right
filthy little fucker arent you good girl .....well take mine too then whore while that one fucks your mouth and throat
theres plenty of it as i'm packin 9.5 inches so open up wide slut i hope your ready to fuck".
his cock brushed my ass and then slowly started probing into it, he must have been hung as it felt quite on the fat side fatter than any i'd already had and was stretching my ass to its limit girth wise felt like i would split in half. "hows that feel my slut thats 5 inches in your cum covered tight little ass" .... it was opening me up wider than i ever had been before by any cock and felt huge like there was already 10 inches deep in me so i had no idea where the other 4 .5 inches were going to fit . he let his cock sit there up me for a few minutes then slid out slightly and back in again deeper, each time he did it it slid in a little easier and further filling me more. he was fucking me with slow long deep strokes using all his length well ,...."thats it little girl take it take it all like a good little slut for me hows does that feel then now all 9.5 inches of my cock are in your cumdrenched little slut ass".... he began to speed up a little and became a little rougher with his cock....." thats right slut your master asked me to make sure i really show no mercy and ploughed your petitte tight little ass as good and hard as i can and stretch you out so you can take bigger cocks easier in you". by now he was pulling out to the tip and then really ploughing back in balls deeply and firmly to the hilt "oh yeah your ass is really opening up now bitch you feel
nice and loose ready to be filled with my cum while that other one fills your mouth and throat with his".
i lay there as his 9.5 inches of fat meat fucked me really hard violently forcing me further onto the cock in my mouth
as both cocks fucked me a hand closed round my throat and applied pressure not allowing me to breathe , after about 10 seconds
i started to pass out and the grip released for a moment then applied again and so on . Frank spoke ....
"so hows my little whore enjoying the cock in you i hope, good well while they both cum in you one each end
i'm going to choke you and milk that smoothslut cock". he slid his hand around my cock and started to wank me hard and putting
his hand around my throat again yeah cum in the dirty little bitches holes guys fill her full of your cum for me reall good guys . the cock in my mouth suddnely erupted cum filing my throat and mouth and dribbling out over my face and then mr big cock started gushing too filling my ass with what felt like a gallon of his cum too .i was left laying on the table cum all over my face and oozing out of my stretched asshole like a cheap slut.

before we left Frank and john spitroasted me there on the table too.. frank took my ass commenting as he ploughed it with his cock on "how loose it was" and "how easy his cock went in especially when it was lubrcated with several loads of cum" and john took my mouth and throat with his cock.

"so are you going to shoot this littlecockslut up skyhigh and bring her tight little holes out here again first for some more stretching then tommorrow before you take her to geoff's" ? john asked

"yes said frank we'll bring the slut out about 7pm and we'll take her to the old lake site this time its pretty lively this time of year, we're at geoffs for 9pm so we'll have a couple of hours to share her about with any cocks down there and get her opened up nicely so that slut ass and mouth are ready for the punishment of the trial and geoff's gift of cock if she is passed worthy ".

"mmm shes done well tonight i must admit but it was brief and only one of the guys who fucked her was anywhere near hung and had the slut stretched and he was only 7inch masquerading as 9'5 inches in his fantasy lolshes going to get nothing smaller than 9 inches and anything upwards of 9 inches tommorrow at geoffs she's only a pettite little thing i doubt she can take enough cock to pass the trial." said john

"well i'm hopefull and anyway our last candidate for our slut was not pettite and still couldnt take more than 6 inches at an absolute push wheareas this new slut just opened up and took 7inches all in one go slid straight in balls deep like a slack well lubed and fully stretched out slut on her 20th cock of the night so we shall see my friend". frank countered.

as my mind drifted from their conversation i realised i was back in the front seat of the car and we were driving back to
franks. a while later and i was back in the chair wrists and ankles bound tight and immobile frank appeared heres your bedtime shot slut he said and in moments i was skyhigh and soaring upwards again a warm buzz going through me, i felt something click and the chair angled backwards my feet rising and head lowering so my ass was accessible. then something slid protestingly little by little into my ass that seemed huge and felt like jelly it felt like it just kept on going in until i felt something spread my ass cheeks and stop it going any further... a voice whispered in my ear..."yes my little slut i have faith in you for tommorrow especially now as i've justput you a 9 inch butt plug in your slut ass and it only needed a little push before it was in fully , good girl the smack certainly has the right effect on you so i'll make sure tommorrow your high enough you could take any size cock no matter how big, 15 inches more even in you easily,

now sleep slut you have a busy day tommorrow."

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2013-01-28 04:13:29
This reminded me of my younger days when I serviced older men, that paid my way for college. A nice story!

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