I watched the video again and shook my head as my mother screamed and writhed around while two men used vibrators to keep her cumming. She was tied to a bed with her legs spread, her pussy was soaked and she had cum leaking out of her pussy and ass. Damn it made me want to fuck her but she wasn’t here and wouldn’t be back for days.

I was sixteen and heard my fourteen year old sister in the hall and shut the DVD off. I stood to go tell her to get back in bed when the image of my mother returned. I shook my head but it didn’t leave and I opened my door. Cherry was in the bathroom singing as I went the other way. I went into my mother’s room and started searching.

The trunk in her closet was where I found everything. I looked at the restraints and pulled the trunk out to the foot of her bed. I went looking and found my sister still in the bathroom. She blushed and pulled her night gown down, “I’m in here.”

I walked to her and looked into the mirror over her shoulder, “have you ever thought about sex?”

She turned to look at me, “yew.”

I looked down into her face, “but you look at your body and touch yourself.”

She blushed and I smiled, “don’t worry its normal.”

I turned and started for the door before stopping and looking at her, “want to see mom having sex?”

Cherry gasped as she kept blushing but finally nodded. I gestured and led her to my room and nodded to the bed. I had a sixty inch TV on the wall and sat before looking at my sister and starting the DVD. It started from where I had stopped it and she gasped, “oh my god!”

I let her watch for fifteen minutes while mom got off constantly and was fucked once more. I shut the TV and DVD off and stood before holding out my hand. My sister looked at my hand before taking it and I pulled her up and after me as I walked to mom’s room. I let her hand go and bent to open the trunk and Cherry gasped, “oh!”

I grinned and reached for her night gown and pulled it up and off before she could stop me. She covered her breasts, “TYE!”

I smiled as I knelt and grabbed her panties. She dropped her hands and grabbed my wrists, “stop!”

I looked up into her face, “you saw mom. You want to feel and rub your pussy right?”

She bit her lip before letting my hands go, “yes.”

I pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. I patted the big bed, “in the middle.”

She looked at me before climbing onto the bed. I reached into the trunk and moved half onto the bed before fastening the restraint around one of her wrists. She was wide eyed as I pushed her down and tied the other end to a bed post. I went back to the trunk and then around to put another restraint on her other wrists and tied it to that bedpost.

Next I did both ankles so that she was spread eagle like mom had been. I started pulling things out of the trunk including a large bottle of lube. I stood beside the bed and stripped while she stared at my hard cock. I smiled and moved onto the bed and over her. I kissed her softly before kissing down her body.

I stared at her bald pussy before licking through it. I smiled and opened her pussy and pushed my tongue into her before pulling it back and looking up as she shuddered, “what happened to your hymen?”

She blushed, “mom broke it when I started having periods.”

I licked her again and nibbled and sucked on her clit as she kept shaking and started to lift her hips, “Tye!”

I didn’t stop and kept teasing her clit as she spasmed and jerked. She wailed and screamed and howled while bucking and convulsing. I finally stopped and moved up to kiss her as she panted. I moved up more and slowly forced my thick cock into her. Cherry grunted and shuddered as her extremely tight pussy squeezed.

I started fucking her, pushing my cock deeper. It was a couple of minutes before my sister started wailing again as she thrashed and struggled. I buried my cock all the way in her and held her as my cock erupted and I began gushing huge spurts through her cervix. Cherry screamed when she felt the warm cum flooding her and shuddered hard as I kept pumping in more.

I pulled out and kissed her again before moving off her. I picked up the lube and two vibrators, one small and one about six inches long. I turned them on and slid the larger through her slit while rubbing the smaller against her asshole. Cherry jerked and pulled against the restraints, “ooohhhh!”

I smiled and continued to rub through her slit and press against her asshole. It was a few minutes before she wailed and spasmed as her tight pussy gapped. I pushed both vibrators into her, one in each hole. Cherry jerked and howled as she humped and tried to fuck the vibrator fucking in and out of her pussy.

I pushed the vibrators into her and picked up a small clamp and attached it to her clit hood. I kept fucking the vibrators into her, I would pull one out and push the other in. It was a minute before Cherry was jerking and thrashing as she came constantly. I pushed the small one in and pulled the other out before moving back over her and pushing into her.

I started fucking her with deep thrusts as her slimy pussy continually squeezed my cock. She tossed her head and convulsed as her tight pussy milked my cock and she wailed. It took awhile before I buried my cock and spewed another load of cum. My sister jerked and thrust up, “mmmm!”

I pumped a half dozen spurts before stopping and pulling out. I kissed her again as I moved down to finger her and fuck the smaller vibrators in her ass while rubbing her clit. She bucked and spasmed, “ooohhhh!”

I smiled and moved away and came back with a vibrating anal plug. I put lube on it and fucked it into her ass and Cherry shuddered as her back arched, “aaahhhh!”

I switched it on and pushed the larger vibrator into her pussy before turning to pick up a wand massager. I switched it on and rubbed it on her nipples before rubbing her pussy and clit. Cherry was on the bed for over two hours and I fucked her six times. I finally shut everything off and went to clean them.

I came back and removed the restraints before carrying her into the bathroom. I let her pee while filling the bathtub. I gave her a couple of douches and an enema before putting her in the bath. I knelt beside the tub and washed her gently and she smiled and looked at me, “that was awesome.”

I smiled and kissed her before going back to caressing her and washing her, “you will be a little sore tomorrow.”

She nodded and then grinned, “Pea is sleeping over tomorrow night.”

I looked at her as I cleaned her legs and rubbed her pussy gently, “and?”

She shuddered and stood up, “and we could do that with her.”

I helped her out and dried her off, “for your next time I am calling Dan, Henry, William and Samuel.”

She grinned as I pulled her out and to my room. I shut the light off and helped her into bed before following. I held her as she sighed and caressed her hip before closing my eyes. I woke to the morning sunlight in my window and looked at my naked sister against me. I caressed her before moving out of bed and going to the bathroom.

I was making pancakes when Cherry walking into the kitchen. I smiled and handed her a plate with two, “morning sexy.”

She smiled and went to the table and started eating, “my bottom is sore.”

I smiled again as I kept cooking, “I’ll get you an aspirin and you can take a hot bath.”

Cherry grinned, “it was worth it.”

Pea got here a little later and they disappeared into my sister’s bedroom. I did my chores and came in for lunch. Cherry rubbed my shoulders, “can I borrow the DVD of mom?”

I glanced at a blushing Pea and nodded, “sure. You can watch it in my room on the big TV if you want.”

I had a few errands after lunch and left while Cherry and Pea went to my room. While I was out I talked to Dan, Henry, William and Sam. When I got home I found my sister still in my room with mom’s video on while fingering her naked friend. I grinned and bent over the bed and pulled one of Pea’s legs wider before licking through her slit.

She shuddered and humped and Cherry laughed, “ready?”

I shook my head, “dinner would be late.”

Cherry grinned, “we can eat later.”

I pulled Pea off the bed, “yes or no Pea?”

She leaned against me, “yes.”

I pulled her out and to mom’s room before helping her onto the bed, “lay back in the center of the bed.”

Cherry jumped onto the bed and we put the restraints on Pea’s wrists before securing them to the bed posts. We spread her legs and fixed the restraints before I went to open the trunk, “do you have your hymen?’

My sister giggled, “no.”

I started putting things on the bed and Cherry grinned and moved over her friend and kissed her before sliding down. I sat as she started licking her pussy and shook my head before using the wand vibrator on her nipples as she shuddered and humped up. She was moaning and jerking on the restraints as she finally wailed and struggled.

Cherry looked up and I grinned as I handed her the two vibrators I had used on her, “don’t stop.”

She looked at her friend’s bald pussy as I poured a little lube on and in her slit. She started the larger one and rubbed it through Pea’s slit while rubbing the tip of the smaller against her asshole. It was a minute before Pea was howling and spasming again. Cherry hesitated and I rubbed her butt, “don’t stop.”

She grinned and bent to suck on her friend’s clit while pushing the two vibrators in and out. Pea jerked and spasmed as she wailed and howled. She bucked and squirmed as my sister fucked both her holes until I stripped and moved onto the bed. Cherry moved as I settled between Pea’s legs and forced my cock into her slippery pussy.

I fucked her steadily with long thrusts that sank my cock to her cervix. I continued as she screamed and writhed around while squirting. Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock as I kept fucking her. Soon she was thrashing and jerking against the restraints and I buried my cock and grunted as I pumped a stream of cum through her cervix.

Pea jerked and shuddered as she tilted her hips, “oooohhhh!”

I pumped spurt after spurt before stopping and pulling out. I moved aside, “your turn.”

Cherry laughed as she moved back between her friends legs. This time she rubbed her slit and fucked her pussy with the smaller vibrator and used the larger on her ass. I fucked Pea six times like my sister including once in her ass. When we stopped it took her several minutes for her to stop spasming and cumming.

I pulled her off the bed and carried her into the bathroom. Cherry sat in the hot water with her friend and I went to start dinner. They came in grinning and whispering and sat to eat. After I cleaned up and I pulled them into mom’s room and to the bed. I turned on the tv and slipped them under the covers before turning out the light.

I climbed into bed beside Pea and held her as we watched a movie and before it was over she was sleeping. I woke to Cherry getting off the bed and glanced at the time before reaching down to finger Pea’s bald pussy. She moaned and shivered before opening her eyes. I grinned and gave her a kiss, “Cherry just got up.”

She smiled and caressed my chest, “I am sore.”

I rubbed her slit and pulled her close to kiss her, “today is Cherry’s turn.”

She grinned and I moved off the bed and helped her. We walked into the bathroom while my sister was peeing and she blushed but Pea moved towards her, “me next.”

I grinned as I started the shower, “its your turn tonight Cherry.”

She grinned, “okay.”

I washed them and used mom’s douche before going to the kitchen to make them breakfast. I let them clean up and went to get dressed. Pea was spending the weekend and they went to the park as I went to play a game of baseball. It was almost one when I got home and the girls were giggling together in the kitchen.

I caught Cherry from behind and hugged her, “still sore?”

She grinned as she looked back, “no.”

I started walking with her in front of me, “good.”

She laughed as Pea followed and helped me strip her and tie her to the bed. I undressed as Pea started licking her friend’s pussy. While they were distracted I left and opened the door to let in Dan, Henry, William and Samuel. They stopped just inside the doorway as I walked to the bed and moved on.

Pea was using the two vibrators and Cherry was spasming and jerking. I kissed Pea and moved between my sister’s legs before pushing my drooling cock into her. She shuddered as I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts, “I brought a few guys to fuck you.”

Cherry jerked on the restraints as her tight pussy grasped my cock, “ooohhhh!”

I smiled as she jerked and spasmed and fucked her nice and deep for a couple of minutes. She was howling when I buried my cock to pump and gush cum against and through her cervix. She shuddered hard as her tight pussy squeezed and milked my cock. When I stopped I pulled out and moved off her before gesturing to the guys.

They each took a turn and left her sloppy cunt leaking when they were done. Pea grinned when she went back to using the vibrators on her leaking pussy. We kept Cherry wailing for over two hours and she was fucked more than twenty times including four in her ass. After the four boys left I helped her off the bed with Pea and carried her to the bathroom.

I gave her a couple of douches and an enema before letting her soak with her friend. I sat beside the bath and caressed her, “have fun?”

She grinned and hugged Pea, “yeah.”

I rubbed one of Pea’s nipples, “want to try it too?”

She grinned as she nodded, “yes.”

I bent to give them each a kiss before standing and going to shower and then dress. I went to start dinner and they came out just before it was ready. I slept with both of them on me again and woke to the grumbling of a summer storm. We spent the morning cuddling together and watching a couple of movies.

It was noon before I grinned at Pea, “ready to get used?”

Cherry laughed and turned to kiss her friend, “my turn to lick cum from a pussy.”

Pea giggled and stood up before holding out her hand. I followed as they walked beck to mom’s room holding hands, they stripped and then I restrained Pea. I let Cherry lick her and play with the vibrators as I undressed. I went to let the four guys in before coming back as Pea wailed and struggled on the bed.

I moved onto the bed as she humped and Cherry rubbed her clit. My sister moved as I pushed and forced my cock into Pea before starting to fuck her. She shuddered and spasmed as I used deep thrusts and humped into her and she howled and bucked. I fucked her for another few minutes before I thrust into her and began to pump cum.

She jerked and struggled as warm sperm erupted inside her, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I pulled out and moved so Cherry could lick her friend and use the vibrators on her. It was a long time before we stopped and I closed the door after the guys left. I walked back to mom’s room and froze in the doorway when I found her sitting on the bed talking to my sister and Pea. She looked at me, “come in Tye.”

I walked to the bed and bent to remove the restraints, “I didn’t think you would be home until later.”

Mom smiled, “I imagine you didn’t.”

I walked around the bed to take the other restraints off, “I got the idea from watching the video of you.”

She blinked and looked at Cherry and Pea before helping Pea off the bed. I came around again and lifted her in my arms before heading for the bathroom, “she needs to douche and soak in hot water.”

Mom and Cherry followed and watched as I gave Pea several douches and put her into the bath before turning to Cherry. I stripped her and helped her in with Pea before kneeling to wash Pea. Mom smiled as she knelt beside me, “did you do this with your sister?’

I smiled at Cherry, “she did it yesterday.”

Mom bent to caress my sister, “and did you both like getting fucked?”

Cherry and Pea both nodded and mom laughed, “okay but don’t add anymore boys.”

I fingered Pea and then Cherry, “one night it is just me and one night we share.”

Mom grinned and rubbed my shoulder, “maybe you can tie me down one night too.”

I grinned, “okay but Cherry and Pea get to keep you going.”

She laughed as I sighed and stood, “I need to go make dinner.”

It was a couple of hours before mom and the girls came out and they were wearing warm pajamas. It was awhile before dinner was ready and by then Pea’s mom had shown up. I was a little nervous until they pulled her into the kitchen and stripped her as I watched. After that they helped her into warm pajamas like they were wearing.

Over dinner I found out she and mom were in the same sex club. After dinner I sat with the girls cuddling against me while watching a movie. They pulled me to mom’s bedroom after it was over and then they kissed me. Mom and Kim were in bed and watching as my sister and Pea pushed me towards the bed and left.

Mom pulled the sheet back to show them naked and bent to suck on one of Kim’s nipples. I grinned as I moved onto the bed and down between Kim’s leg. I licked through her slit and started using my tongue on her clit as she humped up. She was shuddering and jerking but didn’t twist or push me away when she spasmed a few minutes later.

She wailed and wet me as I kept licking her until mom pulled me up. I moved up as Kim lifted her legs up beside her body. She was panting as I pushed into her pussy and began to fuck her with long thrusts. Her tight pussy gripped my cock as she clutched me and jerked, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her with long stroke, I was in no hurry since I had cum six times in her daughter. Kim began bucking and thrashing around while wailing and I grinned as I kissed her and fucked her hard. It was only for a minute and then I buried my cock and humped and jabbed. She was spasming and jerking as her feet wrapped around my butt.

I went to long thrusts a minute later and started planting my cock and grinding. Kim clutched me and whimpered as she squirted and convulsed. I fucked her hard and deep then and kept it up as her pussy tried to grasp my cock. It was several minutes before I needed to cum and she was incoherent by then.

I shoved in and against her cervix as I held her struggling body and started to pump spurts of cum. Mom was rubbing my shoulder as Kim jerked and her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and mom pulled on me, “fuck me honey.”

I grinned and moved between her legs before pushing my cummy cock into her. Ever since I had found and watched her video I wanted to do this. I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts and she hugged me as her greedy pussy tightened. I could tell she had been well fucked over the weekend and buried my cock.

I kissed her passionately as I humped and tried to push deeper. Something gave and my cock push into a tight space. Mom jerked and thrust up, “fuck!”

I shivered at the feel and pulled back to fuck her hard and deep and just kept it up. It was a minute before she was thrashing around and howling. Her slippery pussy was trying to grasp my cock as I kept stroking into her with long deep thrusts. She bucked and clutched me as I continue to fuck her steadily and after a dozen minutes I buried my cock.

She was incoherent as I held her tight with my cock throbbing almost painfully before it erupted and I started spurting. Mom jerked and tilted her hips, “oh baby!”

I didn’t have a lot but what I did have I pumped into her. She sighed when I relaxed and slowly pulled out and lay between them, “just for that tomorrow night one of you is getting tied to the bed so Cherry and Pea can have their turn.”

Mom grinned turned and rubbed my chest, “do Kim.”

Kim laughed as she put her head on my shoulder, “you got fucked all weekend so I think I can handle the girls.”

I smiled but didn’t say anything besides, “than we have a voluntary.”

I woke when mom and Kim moved away and lifted my head to watch as they went into the bathroom. I rolled out of bed and left, I walked into Cherry’s room and to her bed before slipping in behind her. I caressed her hip and reached down to push my cock between her legs, “sexy.”

She wiggled and pushed back before turning her head. I caressed her hip, “you and Pea get to help me this afternoon. Her mother is our victim and she doesn’t know it yet but all the guys are going to love taking turns.”

Pea giggled as she turned and looked over my sister, “and us?”

I nodded, “you two and mom get to keep her going.”

Cherry pushed her butt back before pulling away and turning to kiss me, “we going to do mom?”

I grinned, “tomorrow or the day after.”

I moved back and out of bed, “we need to wash and get dressed. After breakfast I’ll go see the guys about later. You and Pea ask mom if she can get one of those sleep blindfolds on her way home from work.”

They grinned as I pulled them out and to the bathroom. After a shower I let them dress while I set up mom’s bed. I went out to talk to the guys about later and then did a few chores. By noon everything was ready and by the time mom came home I was cooking an early dinner with Cherry and Pea.

Mom hugged me when she walked in and held out the blindfold, “you planning something sneaky?”

I grinned, “you get to use the hood in your trunk. The guys are going to fuck Kim.”

She grinned and then laughed, “and we get to keep her cumming.”

I turned to caress her hips, “I might let the guys do all the work so Kim can sleep with Pea and I can sleep with you and Cherry.”

Mom grinned, “we might need a couple of injections after you finish with Kim.”

I pulled her against me and kissed her before shuddering and pushing her back, “go change for dinner.”

She smiled and let me go as Cherry and Pea pulled her back to the bedroom. I let Kim in a little later and sent her back to the bedroom. They all came out naked and giggled as they rubbed on me while I set the table. After dinner I checked the time and cleaned up and started stripping. I turned and caught Kim and reached for the blindfold on the counter.

She giggled as I put it on her and then lifted her and carried her back to mom’s bed. Mom had her hood on and was putting a black catsuit on as I put the restraints on Kim and Cherry and Pea escorted the four guys in. I kissed Cherry and Pea before pushing them towards the bed, “get her warmed up.”

The guys were quietly stripping as mom walked to me rubbing her pussy through the slit in the suit. I grinned and kissed her before turning her to the bed, “straddle her and make her lick you.”

She laughed as she moved onto the bed, Kim was shivering as Pea and Cherry licked her pussy together and used two vibrator. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and jerking. Mom rolled away and I grinned as I caught her at the edge of the bed. I put her on her back with her legs up and spread.

I looked at the guys, “take turns but give the girls time between to keep her cumming.”

Dan grinned as he nodded and moved onto the bed and my sister and Pea moved. I rubbed mom’s pussy before pushing into her and burying my cock. I kept rubbing her with my cock buried while I watched Dan fucking Kim. Mom shuddered as her pussy rippled around my cock. Cherry giggled while she moved to kiss mom.

I didn’t fuck mom I just kept my cock in her as the guys took turns with Kim. It was thirty minutes before I fucked mom hard while she spasmed and then shoved into her before spewing cum. We kept Kim going for almost three hours before the guys left and I carried her to the bathroom.

Pea helped her mother with everything while she had this satisfied smile on her face. I had only fucked mom the one time and was really horny. After the warm bath we sat in the living room and watched a movie. Kim holding her daughter and mom and Cherry cuddled against me. After it was over I carried Kim to bed and tucked her in before giving her and Pea a kiss.

When I walked into mom’s bedroom Cherry and mom were already under the covers. I shut the light off before I crossed and slipped into bed. Mom turned to lay on me and give me a kiss before moving to the other side, “fuck Cherry.”

I grinned as I turned and reached for my sister and found her hand down at her pussy. I moved over her and between her legs. I kissed her and lifted to push my cock into her. I had to push harder to sink it deeper as Cherry sighed and moaned while her tight pussy squeezed. I began to fuck her slowly and used long thrusts.

She was lifting her hips and humping up to meet me each time. It was a couple of minutes before she started to shudder and jerk while her pussy tightened. She hugged me tight as I buried my cock to use short grinding jabs. Her pussy spasmed and grasped at my cock before I pulled back and started fucking her with deep thrusts.

She thrashed and bucked as she hugged me and wrapped her legs around me when I shoved into her and buried my cock. She wailed and continued to jerk as I humped and rubbed against her. I went back to fucking her a minute later and she kept shaking as mom laughed and came to press against us, “sperm her baby.”

I fucked Cherry firmly and finally thrust into her and began to pump spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered as I filled her and kissed her. When I was done I pulled out and laid between mom and Cherry and rubbed her mound before turning to mom and rolling her onto her stomach. She grinned back at me as I spread her legs and pushed into her from behind.

Kim and Pea live with us now and they take turns with mom and Cherry in being restrained and used. I fuck them when I want and mom and Kim seem to like that as much as my sister and Pea.
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