My name is Samson but I prefer Sam. I’m sixteen with a fourteen year old sister named Kim. My mother Gina had me when she was young and was only thirty two. My Father was only home three or four days a week so we didn’t see him a lot. He has always been an arrogant self centered asshole.

I should mention my mother and father were not really married, something Kim and I didn’t know. My mom’s parents had never liked my dad so when they gave me and Kim the trust they made sure he couldn’t touch it. It was Friday and I had just gotten home and knew my father would be gone for the weekend.

I started to head for my room to change when the phone rang. It was from mom’s work, there had been an accident and she had been taken to the hospital. Kim got home as I was talking to mom’s friend at work. I told her what I knew and she left with me. We were able to get a ride to the company mom works for and I knew where she kept the spare key for her car.

I drove us to the hospital as Kim continued to try calling dad. It wasn’t as bad as we had feared, some chemicals had gotten into mom’s eyes. The doctor said she had to wear these eye patches for a couple of weeks and then released her. While I was waiting I started fuming about dad and used my small laptop.

I knew dad’s cell had GPS and pulled it up. I was surprise to see he wasn’t in another city like he said. I memorized the address and location and shut the laptop down. Kim and I helped mom into the car and I started to drive home, “dad isn’t in another city.”

Mom turned her head, “yes he is, he must be in a meeting.”

I looked at her and turned and started driving towards the other address, “I checked the GPS in his cell. It’s here in the city, in fact I’m going there now.”

She fretted, “I just want to go home.”

Kim looked at me angrily but I shook my head. Ten minutes later I stopped in front of a house that could have been ours. I got out and went around to help mom out. She had eye patches and Kim led her as I walked to the door and rang the bell. My mouth dropped open when a girl that could have been Kim’s twin opened the door.

I shook myself, “I’m looking for William James.”

She turned to look back as she opened the door wider, “DAD!”

I looked past her as mom and Kim reached us to see my father and a woman that almost looked like mom. His face paled, “Sam?”

I spun and turned mom and Kim, “we’re going home.”

“Wait! I can explain!”

I tried to keep mom moving but she stopped and turned, “William?”


I glared at my father when he came out with the woman and the girl following him, “Explain? You are cheating on mom.”

He glanced back and gesture, “quiet.”

I couldn’t help it, I slugged him, “Asshole, stay the fuck away from us.”

I turned mom but she turned her head back, “Why William?”

Kim was pissed and helped mom between glaring at dad. I drove off and went home, I helped mom into the house and sat her in the kitchen as she cried softly. Kim went to her room and slammed the door as I turned to start dinner while trying to think of something to say.

I finally called grandmother and she surprised me, “find the brandy in the cupboard above the refrigerator. Give Gina a large glass and take her to her bathroom and give her a hot bath. Do whatever she asks you to do. I’ll be there tomorrow.”

I glanced at mom and went to find the brandy. I poured her a big glass and put it in her hand, “grandmother said to drink this.”

She did it slowly as she kept sniffling. I finished dinner and set it on the table before going to Kim’s room to tell her. She was only wearing her boxers when she walked into the kitchen and sat to move the food around on her plate. I glanced at her as I alternated between feeding mom and helping her drink the brandy.

Kim looked at me before pouring a glass of brandy and drinking it down. She shuddered and her nipples stood up which made me grin and reach out to rub one, “Nice.”

She smiled and looked at mom before sighing. I barely touched anything as mom finally pushed the food away and finished the glass of brandy. I poured another and stood her up, “Help me get her into the bath.”

Kim grinned, “You just want to see her naked.”

I smiled, “I love her body, yours too.”

Mom smiled, “you haven’t seen my body.”

Kim laughed as she followed us and carried the bottle of brandy, “your kidding, he has spied on us for years.”

I grinned at her as I stopped mom beside her bed and took a breath before starting to undress her. She actually giggled and started doing a bump and grind. Kim laughed and held her glass as I pulled her blouse and then bra off. I knelt to remove her shoes and then her skirt and panties and mom smiled, “Like what you see?”

I stood and caressed her hip, “you are stunning and I want to fuck you.”

She laughed happily as I turned and led her towards the bathroom where Kim had already started the water in the tub. Kim pulled her boxers off and stepped into the tub and helped mom until she sat down. She leaned against her as I knelt beside the tub and handed the glass of brandy to Kim.

I added some of my mother’s bath oil and used her soft wash cloth to begin to wash her body. I couldn’t help taking extra time caressing her breasts and feeling them. Kim was taking turns drinking the brandy with mom. When I slipped my hand down between mom’s legs she opened them with a smile, “make sure my kitty is clean.”

Kim giggled and bumped her, “he wants to dirty it, not clean it.”

Mom giggled, “that would be fun too.”

I smiled as I opened her pussy and began to finger her. Mom shuddered and moaned as Kim leaned over to watch, “I want him to do that to me.”

Mom smiled as she shuddered and lifted her hips. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and spasmed and I stopped. I kissed her and looked at Kim who was looking at me hopefully. I bent over more and she spread her legs as I began rubbing her pussy. It didn’t take her long to start breathing harder.

I felt mom’s hand as she reached over the side of the tub to rub my cock through my pants. I had to be careful not to push into Kim because she was still a virgin. She shuddered and moaned and thrust up and finally jerked and shook, “ooohhhh.”

I pulled back as mom giggled, “help us out and fuck us.”

I looked at her as my painfully hard cock throbbed at the idea. I reached down to open the drain and helped mom stand and step out. I wrapped a towel around her and turned to help an unsteady Kim out as she drank the last of the brandy in the glass. I shook my head and set the glass on the counter before wrapping a towel around her and turning back to dry mom.

When I finished, I dried Kim and helped mom into her bedroom and across to her bed. As soon as she sat she laid back, “fuck me now.”

Kim giggled as she sat beside mom and leaned over to suck on her nipples. I barely hesitated before stripping and working the towel off mom. I lifted her legs and looked at her bald pussy before rubbing the drooling head of my cock through her slit. Kim leaned down to watch as I slowly pushed into mom.

She was almost hot as I began to fuck her and caress her pelvis. She sighed and moaned as Kim watched me fuck her. It wasn’t long before my cock was pushing against her cervix and she was shuddering as her pussy clenched and she moaned. I continued to fuck her as I watched between us and then looked at Kim when she threw her towel away.

She started fingering her pussy and was moaning and shuddered before long and leaned on mom. I was fucking mom with deep thrusts that was finally pushing deeper and she was tossing her head and humping up each time I pushed into her. I looked at Kim when she suddenly shoved two fingered up into her pussy.

She began convulsing as she wailed, “YES!”

I groaned and buried my throbbing cock in time to start gushing a stream of cum into mom’s womb. She grunted and sighed as she shivered and her pussy squeezed my cock, “mmmmm!”

When I finally stopped cumming I carefully helped mom move further onto the bed before moving over between Kim’s legs. Her pussy was bloody and she was still shuddering as I pulled her fingers out and slowly pushed my cummy cock into her. She grunted and shuddered before spreading her legs wider and lifting her hips.

I started to fuck her with deep thrusts as her tight pussy began to grasp and squeeze my cock. It was a minute before she began to wail as she lifted her legs and shuddered hard. Her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock tighter. I buried my cock and jabbed, pressed and humped as I leaned over to kiss her.

My cock throbbed and erupted in a gushing stream of cum. Kim wailed when she felt the warm sperm flooding her belly and clung to me until I was done. I pulled out and turned her on the bed before going to turn out the light. I moved mom and Kim under the covers before moving back between mom’s legs.

I kissed her as I pushed into her again, “I love you mom.”

I took turns fucking them a few more times until Kim and I snuggled against mom and fell asleep. I woke to the front door opening and slid out of bed and quickly pulled on my pants. I almost walked into dad outside the bedroom door and shoved him back, “What the fuck are you doing here?”

He straightened, “I’m your father and you...”

I stepped in and slugged him. I grabbed his shirt and shoved him back, “you are a back stabbing coward, get out of our house!”

He staggered and I followed him to shove him again, “get the fuck out!”

He turned and almost ran towards the door and slammed it as he left. I went to look out the window and watched as he drove off. I walked back to the bed to see Kim sitting up but mom seemed to be asleep. I moved around and slipped into bed beside my sister and held her. I woke to mom moving off the bed and quickly rolled off the bed and walked around to help her stand.

I helped her into the bathroom where she blushed, “I need to pee Sam.”

I smiled and sat her on the toilet, “want me to wait outside?”

She tilted her head, “I let you fuck me, you might as well watch.”

I laughed and bent to kiss her softly, “and I want to keep fucking you gorgeous.”

She grinned and I heard her start to pee. When she was done I knelt and wiped her before standing her up, “shower and PJ’s?”

She smiled, “sure.”

I was washing her when Kim slipped into the shower, “What about school?”

Mom turned her head, “you are going to school.”

I turned her, “not today.”

She opened her mouth but I touched her lips, “its Saturday.”

Mom grinned, “I forgot.”

Kim helped me wash mom and whispered, “my pussy is sore.”

I grinned as mom laughed, “it wasn’t last night.”

My sister giggled, “No, it felt really good last night.”

I turned the water off and pushed the door open, “take some aspirin.”

I dried mom and myself as Kim dried off. I sat her on her bed and went to bring my flannel pajamas to her. I had to roll up the legs and arms before helping her with her slippers. I led her to the kitchen and sat her down before starting the coffee maker. I warmed a bagel and put cream cheese on it before putting the plate in front of her.

Kim walked in and grinned as she made cereal with me. It was several minutes later when the doorbell rang. I went to answer the door and found the woman and girl from the house dad had been at. I frowned and the woman took a breath, “I need to speak with your mother.”

I glanced back, “My mother... isn’t... seeing anyone.”

The woman straightened, “Please? We really need to talk.”

“Who is it Sam?”

I sighed and turned, “the woman dad was with.”

Mom stood, “let her in.”

I looked at her as Kim moved around to take her hand. I finally looked at the woman and opened the door wider. She smiled as she walked towards the kitchen holding the girl’s hand and I closed the door behind them. That was when we found out a lot, like Kaira was actually mom’s cousin and had been with dad for fourteen years.

Like mom she was a common law wife and everything was kept in her maiden name. The first thirty minutes were tense but after that it was like they were close friends confiding in each other about the same guy. Kim and the girl Abby were as bad, comparing notes on things. That was when Kim let it slip about last night.

Kaira looked at her and then at me and finally at mom, “your son had sex with both of you?”

Mom smiled softly, “I wasn’t feeling very beautiful or loved. Sam changed that and made me feel wanted and loved me very nice.”

Kim was nodding, “even after I broke my own cherry he showed me what it was really was supposed to feel like.”

Abby grinned, “you still had your cherry?”

Kim nodded, “You don’t?”

Her mom blushed as Abby shook her head, “Mom broke it.”

I muttered that I didn’t need to hear that because it made me want to fuck her. I was behind mom when I said it and she turned to grin towards me, “you didn’t get enough last night?”

Kaira was looking at her as I grinned, “I loved every time but you should know guys are always horny.”

Kaira grinned and Kim and Abby giggled. Mom shook her head and reached out towards me. I took her hand and squeezed it before Kaira sighed, “well, I don’t know what you are going to do but I’m kicking William out.”

Mom turned towards her, “He is stubborn. Sam tossed him out last night and I don’t want him back.”

I looked at mom, “I thought you were asleep?”

She smiled, “anyway...”

Kaira leaned forward, “how would you like it if we moved in?”

Mom faced her, “Why?”

Kaira smiled, “well, I work and you work... when you get better. We should make enough to live on. Together we can keep William away.”

I grinned, “If dad comes back he will get to feel my bat.”

Mom smiled as she continued to face Kaira, “I intend to let Sam continue to have sex with me.”

Kaira glanced at me as Kim and Abby whispered. She grinned, “Can I borrow him?”

Abby laughed, “me too.”

Kim reached over to squeeze mom’s hand, “me too.”

Mom smiled and turned her head towards me, “Sam?”

I bent to kiss her cheek, “whatever you want mom.”

She laughed and nodded, “it sounds like we are going to live together.”

The doorbell rang again and I frowned before going to answer it. My grandmother was here and smiled when I opened the door, “how is she Sam?”

I smiled, “better, she’s in the kitchen.”

I took her suitcase and started for the hall and the guest bedroom. When I came into the kitchen she was sitting with mom in the kitchen and Kaira and Abby had left. She looked at me, “go box up all of your father’s belongings.”

I looked at Kim as she stood, “I’ll help.”

I was lucky we had several large empty boxes in the garage. We didn’t fold anything, just wadded it up and threw it in the box. While we were doing that Kim told me grandmother had told Kaira to go pack too. We ended up dragging the full boxes to the garage and leaving them. Grandmother made lunch after we were done and smiled at me, “so you have four lovers now?”

I looked at mom, “yes.”

She grinned, “you must get it from your grandfather, he is a randy old goat.”

Mom laughed, “I can’t wait to love him when I’m not drunk.”

Kim giggled, “me too.”

I shook my head before pulling my cell phone out and calling dad. Of course it went to voice mail so I left a message that all his stuff had been boxed up and was in the garage. I looked at mom before pulling out the phone book and calling a locksmith to have all the locks changed. Kim grinned at that and whispered to mom and grandma.

I waited and met the locksmith ten minutes later. I stayed with him as he changed all the locks and paid him using cash grandmother had in her purse. After he left grandmother started making lunch, “Sam?”

I walked into the kitchen and she smiled, “Kim went to soak in the tub so why don’t you take your mother to bed?”

I grinned and walked to mom as she tilted her head and bent to kiss her softly, “Can I mom?”

She laughed as she stood and let me lead her back to the bedroom. I helped her undress and sit on the bed before striping. I moved her to the center of the bed and laid between her legs to kissed her passionately for several minutes before finally kissing down her body. I licked through her pussy before starting to nibble on her labia and clit.

She jerked her hips up and shuddered, “oooohhhh!”

I grinned as I teased her clit with my tongue and started sucking. Mom was lifting her hips as she moaned and shook. It was awhile before she twisted away as she tried to close her legs. I moved up her body and slowly pushed into her warm pussy, she groaned as I sank into her and kissed her.

She put her arms around me as I began to fuck her slowly but with firm, deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before she stiffened and then screamed as she bucked and jerked, “SAM!”

I continued to fuck her as she twisted and struggled. Her pussy was grasping my cock more as it became slipperier. A few minutes more and she was wailing as she kicked in the air, “BABY!”

She wet me as her pussy milked my cock and I shoved into her and began to hump, press and grind. A few more minutes and mom was howling with her legs up by her shoulders, “cumming!”

I went back to deep thrusts and she started convulsing a minute later as she spread her legs wide, “Samson!”

I began to fuck her firmly as I tried to cum. Mom hugged me and clutched me tight as her pussy tried to grasp my cock. It was a couple of minutes before I thrust into her and pressed as my cock throbbed. She tilted her hips just as I gushed a huge stream of cum through her cervix. She screamed as warm sperm pumped into her fertile belly, “yyyyeeeeeessssssss!”

When I stopped cumming I continued to hold her as my cock throbbed inside her. Mom let her legs drop and sighed before feeling for my face and pulling it down for a kiss. I pulled out of her and laid beside her, “I really love fucking you mom.”

She giggled, “I could tell honey.”

She turned to caress my chest, “help me out so I can dress.”

Grandmother giggled when I walked mom into the kitchen, “It sounds like Sam did a good job.”

Mom blushed but grinned as I sat her down at the table, “a very good job.”

Kim laughed as she walked in, “if I wasn’t sore I would take him to bed.”

I blushed as grandmother laughed, “why don’t you take her into the other room and let her snuggle while you take turns reading?”

My sister jumped up, “I have just the thing.”

I helped mom into the front room and sat her on the couch before sitting beside her. Kim was back a moment later and leaned against mom before opening her book reader. It was one of her romance books but mom liked it. I glanced at her a few minutes later and reached out to touch Kim, “she’s asleep.”

My sister grinned and put her reader down as she put her head on mom’s shoulder. It was an hour before I heard someone at the door and leaned mom towards Kim before I stood. It was Kaira and Abby with boxes of stuff. I helped them bring in everything, Kaira’s into mom’s room and Abby’s into Kim’s.

Mom was awake and in the kitchen with grandmother when we finished. Kim pulled Abby away as soon as we were done and Kaira looked at me and bit her lip, “hi Sam.”

I smiled, “hi.”

She looked towards the door, “do you think it would be okay if we...”

Grandmother laughed from the door, “fuck each other and then come help with dinner.”

Kaira grinned and held out her hand, I led her back to mom’s room and turned to undress her. She seemed a little nervous as I undressed but I smiled as I sat her on the edge of the bed and laid her back. I knelt between her legs and leaned close to lick her pussy and she shuddered. She had just the hint of berries and musk and I kept licking her and nibbled on her inner lips.

I started wiggling my tongue on her clit as she shuddered and slipped two fingers into her like I had read about. I started fucking them up behind her pelvis as I teased her clit and started sucking on it. Barely a minute later she was howling and started spasming as she squirted. She jerked and shuddered violently as she squirted again.

She pushed my face away as I pulled my fingers out. I stood and laid forward to hold her as she kept shaking and it was a minute before she groaned and looked at me, “damn.”

I grinned and stood before turning her on the bed and moving between her legs. She guided my cock to her pussy and I pushed into her before stopping as she shuddered and jerked. I kissed her before beginning to fuck her with long thrusts. Her warm pussy started grasping at my cock almost from the first thrust.

She kept lifting her hips and moaning and a couple of minutes later clutched at me and howled, “fffuuuccckkk!”

She thrashed and twisted and bucked and wrapped her legs around me as her pussy tightened. I fucked her hard and deep as she continued to struggle and started to hump and grind. She continued to jerk and spasm as I went back to fucking her slowly with deep thrusts. She clung to me and screamed and wailed as her pussy kept squeezing and grasping my cock.

I fucked her hard and then slowly until finally almost thirty minutes later I buried my cock as I kissed her. Kaira lifted her hips and shuddered hard as I started to pump thick gushing spurts. When I stopped cumming she dropped to the bed and sighed before grinning, “You fuck a lot better than your father.”

I grinned and gave her another kiss before pulling out and laying beside her, “you really look a lot like mom.”

She grinned, “I noticed.”

She turned to rub my chest, “I sorry about your dad. If I had known Gina and he were together I would never have touched him.”

I rubbed a pretty nipple, “if your house is in your name you could pay him back.”

Kaira grinned, “It is and I plan too.”

I nodded and turned to climb out of bed, “come wash.”

She laughed as she followed me out of bed, “and douche.”

I laughed, “oh goody I get the lick you again later.”

She grinned and linked arms with me as we walked to the bathroom. After she peed I helped her douche and then she got dressed while I found and put on my pants. When I walked into the kitchen mom was listening to the radio as grandmother made dinner. I bent and kissed mom and she smiled, “have fun?”

I grinned as I started helping with dinner, “yes.”

Grandmother bumped me, “next will be your sister with Abby.”

I glanced back as they came in with Kaira, “only if I get to lick her.”

She laughed and caressed my cheek, “you will be a great lover.”

Kaira giggled as she sat next to mom, “he is already very good.”

Mom grinned, “we heard you in here.”

Abby laughed, “they heard you up and down the street.”

Kaira blushed, “I couldn’t help it.”

Kim came to help us and it wasn’t long before dinner was on the table. I helped mom eat while Kim and Abby whispered and giggled with Kaira and grandmother. After dinner I stood and pushed our grandmother away before starting to clean. She helped mom into the other room and several minutes later I heard a movie.

I had just finished cleaning when Abby leaned against me, “hey Sam.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “fuck me?”

I turned and held her before giving her a kiss. I led her out and back to Kim’s room before turning her at the bed and undressing her as she shifted nervously. I sat her down before stripping and then kneeling and pushing her legs open more. I pushed her down on the bed and bent to open her pussy and lick through it.

I pushed my tongue into her and then nibbled on her labia before capturing her clit. I sucked and teased it with my tongue and ignored my sister when she sat on the bed beside us. I kept wiggling my tongue on Abby’s clit as she humped and shuddered. She jerked away and covered her pussy and I stood as Kim pulled her back and she wiggled onto the bed.

I moved after her and between her legs before giving her a kiss as I humped and pushed into her. She grunted and groaned as my thick cock stretched her pussy and sank into her. I pushed until I was all the way in and against her cervix before stopping and kissing her. I kept it up and nibbled on an ear and then her neck.

She laughed and hugged me as her pussy squeezed. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. It was a couple of minutes before she moaned and shuddered as her pussy tightened. I kissed her and held it as I fucked her hard and deep. A minute and she was wailing and bucking and howling and thrashing around.

I kept it up as her heels beat on the bed and she squirted and screamed. A few minutes and her eyes rolled up as she clutched me and I buried my cock. She arched her back as I began to spurt and pump jets of cum. She was just shuddering and hugging me as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock, “mmmm!”

My sister was rubbing my back as I held Abby and finished cumming. I kissed her one last time before pulling out and moving to her other side and letting my sister lay beside her. I caressed a hip as she panted and then Kim gestured, “go help mom get ready for bed. Grandmother is using your room and Kaira is sleeping with you and mom.”

I smiled, “tomorrow I’m fucking you.”

I slid off the bed and headed for the door as she grinned and Abby laughed. It wasn’t long before dad was completely out of our life. Mom and Kaira both got him to pay child support too. Kaira didn’t sell the other house, she rented it out. Mom’s sight returned within two weeks and then it was really hard to tell mom and Kaira apart.

They dressed alike and started acting like sisters. Kim and Abby like to pretend to be twins too and teased me until I chased one or both to a bed. My father might have had two families but now it is just one.
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