This is chapter 3 of the Maritime Law series. Here we depart from the truth and dive into the world of erotic fantasy to continue our story.]
Maritime Law – Chapter 3 – Reconciliation

David’s mom had to threaten him to get him to go to school on Monday. He couldn’t face Krystal because of what he’d done to her with Samantha on Saturday. He was sure he’d lost Krystal and worse, ruined a lifelong friendship between her and Samantha.

He got dressed and ready for school begrudgingly, and went down to breakfast. He’d been upset all weekend and his parents hadn’t missed it. He told them that he’d cheated on Krystal with Samantha. Not the sex details, but he figured they probably guessed it was more than just making out.

At breakfast his mom told him that the best policy was honesty. He may have lost Krystal at any rate but lying would only make it worse. There are many beautiful young women out there that would love to be his girlfriend, life is full of lumps, you’ll learn from your mistakes, yadda, yadda, yadda.

“Sure mom.” He said, dejectedly and headed out to his car. He stopped at Starbucks on his way to school, then drove around the park. He drove slow and out of his way, avoiding the inevitable. He finally found himself at school and parked at the back of the lot, walking to the math building slow, alone and terrified.

When he arrived at calculus class Krystal wasn’t at her desk. He was both relieved and worried. Had she found out? Was she pissed? He took his seat and sat, slumped in his chair, morose, concerned, and afraid.

Almost late, Krystal appeared in the door, caught his eye, broke into a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes, hurried to her desk, plopped down in her seat breathing hard from running to class and reached over and squeezed his arm just as the bell rang.

“She’s smiling.” He thought, “She must not know.” He didn’t know if he was relieved or not, but he knew he felt even more guilty than he had before.

After class, he wanted to talk to Krystal but she jumped up, gave him a peck on the cheek and said, “Love you boyfriend. See you at lunch.” and ran off to her next class. At lunch, Samantha was sitting next to Krystal with all the other girls in their regular lunch group and David was terrified. He stood for a while holding his lunch tray, palms sweating, throat dry, not sure what to do when Mindy, one of the cheerleaders saw him and called out to him. ”David, come on over, we promise we won’t bite.” And everyone turned and looked his way. With a deep breath and a sigh he picked up his feet, walked over to the table and took his customary seat between Krystal and Samantha. He was terrified, but as he sat, and everyone began talking again as if nothing was out of the ordinary, he began to relax a little. Krystal put her arm around him, gave him another peck on the cheek, but returned to a discussion with Suzie about a physics problem, while on his right, Samantha was engaged in a fashion consultation with Mindy and Jennifer. Now feeling completely out of place he put his head down and made an effort to concentrate on eating his meal.

Lunch seemed to last forever and when it was finally over, Krystal leaned over, kissed him once more on the cheek and left, while Samantha got up, gave him a little surreptitious pat on the behind and a knowing smile, then took off in another direction. David was beside himself and completely unsure about what was happening. Samantha was being coy and Krystal had certainly acted cooler towards him today then she normally did and somehow they avoided moments where they could talk about anything other than schoolwork and girly stuff.

That evening his mother asked if he had worked things out with Krystal and he simply said no and headed up to his room to do his homework. His mind wasn’t in it and he had a difficult time concentrating on the task at hand. He finally picked up his phone and sent Samantha a text: “What the hell’s going on?”

A few seconds later his phone chirped, “Nothing. Y?”

“Did U talk to K?” he sent back.

“Of course she’s my BFF.”

“Does she know about Sat?” he asked.

“U have to ask her. Gotta go. Bye <3” and she wouldn’t reply back to anything else he sent.

“Crap, that’s worse than not knowing anything. Damn.” He thought.

The rest of the week went pretty much the same way and everything Krystal and Samantha said only made him feel worse, and more nervous until Friday. Just as they were all getting up at the end of lunch, Krystal gave him her now customary peck on the cheek and whispered “They’re playing Citizen Kane at the mall tomorrow, make sure you get a copy and I’ll meet you at the marina. I can’t wait boyfriend, especially after last week.” and just like that she was off to her next class.

David stood there stunned for a few minutes. What did she mean especially after last week? Did she know what had happened? Or was she just referring to the fact that they hadn’t been able to meet last week? Was she anxious to be with him or what? Meeting him at the marina meant she had to have a ride, and that meant Samantha. How awkward would it be to have Samantha there after last week? Now he was distraught with worry while at the same time nervous with anticipation, both of what might be, and of what could be. He slept very little that night, finally getting up in the morning and heading down to the video store to pick up Citizen Kane and then to the marina to unlock “Maritime Law”.

When he arrived at the marina, he found Krystal and Samantha siting on the bench next to the dock gate waiting for him. They stood up when he got out of his car and he saw that they were both wearing somewhat similar sun dresses of material thin enough that he could catch the vague outline of their bodies underneath from the backlighting of the sun.

Not a word was spoken as he unlocked the gate with his member’s key and held it open for them. They stepped down on to the dock, and walked down to “Maritime Law.” He unlocked the cabin, climbed down and began opening the ports and hatches to let the cabin air out. He went over to the entertainment center and started to put the DVD in the player when Krystal stepped over and put her hand over his and stopped him. She picked up the remote and reset the system so that the forward stateroom was showing full screen in the cabin, and the main cabin camera was displayed in the stateroom then both girls simultaneously lifted the hems of their sundresses and pulled them up over their heads. Neither was wearing any undergarments and David stood there stunned for a moment staring at These two beautiful naked bodies, until Krystal took him by the hand and lead him into the forward stateroom.

He turned and looked behind at Samantha standing in the cabin, one hand kneading a breast and the other already softly cupping herself between the legs. He looked back at Krystal who had stopped at the foot of the bed, looking up at him. He turned to close the stateroom door but she pulled him toward her and shook her head. “Leave it open today.” She said.

“Krystal, what’s going on?” he found the courage to ask.

“We’re going to make love Boyfriend, like we always do.” She smiled up at him as she unsnapped his shorts and pulled down the zipper. “And Sammy’s going to watch.” She finished as she pulled his shirt up over his head. He turned and looked at the flat screen next to the door. Samantha was on the sofa, looking at the large screen, knees up and apart with both hands down between her legs just beginning to rub herself lightly as she watched Krystal undress him.

He didn’t know what to say or even do as she put her arms around him and pulled his now naked body to hers, pressing her breasts against his chest. The feeling, as always was delicious with her soft warm skin against his, the feel of her tiny body as she nuzzled his chest and kissed him across his nipples, the instant response in his groin as she reached down in front and stroked him lightly to hardness. She pulled his head down to hers and kissed him on the lips. He responded in kind and they opened their mouths to each other and began to explore the softness of their tongues and she turned them sideways so that the security camera had a better view of her hand working up and down on his hardness.

They heard Samantha moan in the other cabin, and he broke the embrace. Krystal, I…” he tried to say.

“Shhh.” She said putting her fingers to his lips. “I know.”

“What? You know?” He asked her, “What do you know, I have…”

“I know about last week. I know about you and Sammy. I know everything.” She said softly continuing to stroke him lightly.

“What… how… Oh, Krystal I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for anything to happen, it was just..” he was filled with a flood of grief, and sorrow.

“I know, but I suspected something might happen last week.” She pulled him back onto the bed and pushed him gently onto his back. “And it didn’t really surprise me.” She said as she bent down and took him softly into her mouth.”

“But how, why? I don’t understand.” He protested, not sure if he was relieved or more confused.

“Sammy and I are best friends. We tell each other everything.” She said

“But that, that could be… most girls would kill each other, or me. I didn’t mean for it to happen.” He said still feeling terrify remorse for betraying her. “I never wanted to hurt you. I’m so sorry.” He protested.

She lifted her head, “Shhhh.” She quieted him and took him once again in her mouth.

He learned back and relaxed now. She hadn’t killed him. She hadn’t killed her best friend. Something very strange was going on here. “Just tell me what’s going on. Why are you so relaxed about this?”

She sat up, cross legged on the bed, but continued to stroke him as she spoke. “When I saw you the first day in Calculus, I knew I wanted to be your girlfriend. I don’t know why, but I’m not sorry. Samantha has had a few boyfriends and she’s done stuff. Daddy would never let me out of his sight and until that day when he thought nothing could happen with a bunch of other friends around, I never had a chance to even make out with a boy. So Sammy helped me cook up the plot to get you alone so you could be my first. But before that, we talked a lot about what it was like and how I should do it and Sammy told me that she wanted you too, really badly but she was a good friend and stayed away from you all that time because I saw you first. Only I knew after she watched us on the TV and we watched her, that she wanted you even more. When I told her I had to go to the Exchange with my parents last week she asked me what she should tell you. I said to tell you I had to go to the exchange. Then I said, no, don’t tell him anything. Go down to the Marina and tell him face to face.”

She got up on her knees and straddled David’s legs, now stroking him with both hands. David was mesmerized both by what she was saying and by what she was doing.

“I didn’t want to tell her outright to go down and have you, but I knew it was going to happen. She’s been hearing us in here and watching us and I know it was driving her crazy. I sat in the back seat of daddy’s car all the way to Camp Pendleton, thinking about what you might be doing and my underwear was so wet by the time I got there I had to pretend I was having my period and run to the bathroom,.” She lifted herself and moved forward, guiding him to her and slowly sat all the way down, letting him fill her completely.

“But why didn’t you say anything all week?” he asked

“Because I wasn’t sure how you would react and when I saw you Monday in class I could tell it wasn’t good.” She said simply.

“Krystal, I’ve been frantic that I’d lose you because of this. I haven’t slept, I’ve missed homework, I was terrified at what I’d done to you!” He nearly wined.

“I know, that’s what I was worried about too, and that’s really sweet of you.” She smiled down at him and started rocking her hips back and forth. “I really didn’t mean to upset you so much.” He was instantly quite, and he reached up and took one breast in his hand massaging the nipple between his fingers. She put her head back and moaned. When she did, the TV monitor was revealed behind her and he saw that the sofa was empty. He looked up at Krystal and then leaned over to look around her at the cabin door. There, framed in the backlighting from the open hatch stood Samantha leaning against the door jamb, feet wide apart on the carpet, one hand furiously working between her legs, the other buried three fingers deep, staring at Krystal from behind as she rose and fell taking David deep inside and rising almost all the way out so that Sammy could see his head, only to be buried again all the way in, as deep as it could go.

He looked up at Krystal who looked over her shoulder and saw Sammy in the doorway. She arched her back so that her hips were tilted up and back, giving Sammy and even better view, then reached down and put her hand on David’s cheek. She bent, pressing her breasts against his chest and kissed him deeply, exploring with her tongue while rocking her hips then looking back to watch Sammy watching. David looked over as well and Sammy was staring wide eyed at their hips, rocking together in perfect rhythm. David came first, jerking and spasming into Krystal, pulsing and grunting at the spectacle before him. That was enough to set Sammy off and she clenched her body into a knot, grunted and held her breath, clamped her knees together and collapse to the floor, panting and moaning softly.

It took Krystal a little longer and she had to reach down and help herself as David started to soften, but it was enough and before long, she was jerking and clenching her body, squeezing David out of her as she collapsed on the bed next to him.

Samantha was the first to speak, “Oh, my god you guys, that was so hot!” She panted between breaths.

“Mmmm.” Said Krystal

David was still confused. Happy, relieved but still confused. His concept of a girlfriend was a single girl, faithful to him and him to her. His male fantasy side said this whole two naked girls thing was a dream come true but somehow it didn’t fit with his idea of a relationship. “But… you’re OK with this? I mean really ok?” he asked, still concerned that something was going wrong here.

“Yes, I’m really ok for a couple of reasons.” She said. “First is what I told you already, about me and Sammy being best friends and planning all of this and second, is that you’ll need a girlfriend when I’m gone.”

“What?” David was suddenly dazed and more confused. “What do you mean gone?” he sat up, his head spinning. “I knew you were mad, Krystal, don’t say that. I promise it will never happen again, really! I promise” He knew it. He just KNEW something was wrong. She was here for revenge sex and was breaking up with him.

Sammy got up and sat down on the bed. Krystal lowered her head, “That’s the bad part I was afraid to tell you.” She said with a sad look on her face. “I’m not mad at you and I’m not breaking up with you. Daddy’s getting his promotion to Brigadier General and his new job is going to be at the Pentagon. We’re moving to Virginia in July and then you’ll need a new girlfriend.”

“What? When did this happen?” he was suddenly stricken with panic. His first real girlfriend, an absolute angel, his dream come true was moving three thousand miles away. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I am telling you. We just found out officially two weeks ago. It all depended on his promotion. Part of the reason we went to the exchange was for daddy to get some new uniforms and his stars. It’s why I’ve been so distant all week, I didn’t know how to tell you.” She said. “But Sammy and I talked about it and we figured that you already like each other and when I’m gone you’ll still have a girlfriend and when I get to Virginia, we can Skype our Saturday mornings only I'll be watching you and Sammy instead of her watching us!”

“Just like that? You two thought we could just swap girlfriends? I love YOU Krystal! I mean, I like Sammy too, but I’m in love with you!” David protested. “How am I supposed to just switch gears like that?”

“I know.” Krystal said. “It sucks, but Daddy’s moving, I have to go with him and it’s not likely we’ll get to see each other again, so at least you and Sammy can go out, or come here, or whatever you want until you find something better. Or maybe even fall in love. Anyway we can text each other and do Facetime or Skype. I know it sucks, but it’s all we’ve got right now. And besides, we have five months before we’re moving.” she reasoned. “And then you’ll have Sammy and I’ll never forget that my first time was with the sweetest hottest boy I ever knew.” She teased.

“But I want you!” he protested feebly, understanding finally what was going on and that he was losing his girlfriend.

At this, Sammy finally spoke up, “Well, maybe I can teach you to want me too.” She said as she leaned over, pushing him back onto the bed and taking him fully in her mouth. He made a little grunt of protest but saw that Krystal was looking him straight in the eyes with a look that he could only interpret as full of love and approval.

Never leaving his gaze Krystal climbed over and straddled his face pressing her wet, warm sex to his mouth and groaning as he sucked lightly, then licked her sensitive spots, tasting himself, mixed with her. The combination of that and Samantha had him fully hard and his head was filled with mixed emotions about it all.

Krystal was stroking his cheeks lightly, pulling his head towards her as she held her head back and made little mewing noises. Samantha was taking him deep and swirling her tongue around as she pulled back and sucked hard, then plunged back down repeatedly. He reached up and cupped both of Krystal’s breasts while her hips began to gyrate more urgently.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Samantha’s legs, propped up on her knees with one hand between them as she stroked and sucked him. He pressed his tongue deep into Krystal then drew it up her slit and back all the way down, then back in again. He sucked on her engorged bud which made her gasp and grazed it lightly with his teeth which caused a little jerking motion, but one that let him know he shouldn’t stop.

Sammy was cupping and pulling on him now, squeezing the tender parts gently. Not enough to hurt, but just enough to cause extra sensations he had never felt before. It took longer this time, but the combination of sensations from the ministrations of two beautiful girls, and the realization that nobody was mad at him had their effects and soon he was releasing with hard spasms and Sammy wasn’t letting a single drop escape.

When he came, his mouth tensed and sucked hard on Krystal who groaned at the pleasure of it but didn’t quite go over the edge. She ground her hips harder on David’s mouth trying for her second orgasm of the day. David grabbed her under the arms and rolled her over onto her back and lay between her legs, licking and sucking. He inserted two fingers and began to rub her G-spot. She arched her hips up to meet him and moaned with her head back and her eyes closed.

Samantha was now lying on her back next to Krystal with her knees up and her hands between her legs. David tentatively reached over with his other hand and slid two fingers under Samantha’s. She responded by lifting her own fingers and spreading her knees wider. He slid them inside and began the same motions on her G-spot while she worked furiously on her clit.

With both hands occupied inside two very beautiful, hot and horny girls he was already fully hard again, grinding himself against the sheets, when Krystal finally clenched her teeth, nearly crushed his head with her thighs and came hard on his mouth, clenching his fingers with her stuttering spasms.

Samantha was getting more excited and her hips were rocking wildly on the bed next to them. Coming down from her orgasm, Krystal took David’s head in her hands and gently guided him over to Sammy. He looked questioningly into her eyes and she nodded her head as she continued to guide him to her friend.

With his fingers still inside her, he settled between Samantha’s legs and began to lick and suck the same way he had been with Krystal. Sammy arched her back and groaned, grinding her hips back and forth faster and faster. David curled his fingers up into her G-spot rapidly and sucked hard on her clit. He knew from last week that Sammy liked it rougher than Krystal and he pressed into her hard as she began breathing faster and gasping for air.

When she finally came, she nearly bounced them all off the bed, jerking her hips, legs in jerking spasms and she sprayed a hot stream of juices in David’s face and down his chest. He licked the fluid off his lips and began to back away but Sammy grabbed his biceps and pulled him up over her, lifting her hips so that he entered her easily as she continued to rock up and down beneath him.

She pulled him to her face and kissed him deeply. He was completely ready and now he pounded her with the fullness of his lust as his own selfish interests took over and he simply had to release again, this time into Krystal’s best friend, while Krystal watched.

And Krystal watched, head propped up on a pillow and a hand clamped tightly between her legs, taking in every detail, getting turned on even more as she watched him slide in and out of her friend. She could feel the sensation in her own vagina as she watched Sammy’s lips pushed in, then outward with each thrust, grasping the length of him as if protesting his withdrawal, collapsing back inside as if pulling on him, rather than being pushed.

She watched as fluid streamed out of her friend, coating them, running down over her ass, soaking the bed, as each time he withdrew, it squeezed out around him and each time he plunged back in it drizzled down to the bed. She had never seen anything so erotic and she began to feel her own juices, and David’s begin to trickle down and tickle her other sensitive opening. Samantha had told her how David had pounded her there, and how much it hurt but how amazing it felt. She began to wonder for the first time if she would like it too. It made her nervous and excited at the same time and she reached behind herself and ran a finger over that spot that was now pulsing with little muscle contractions, in what she realized was anticipation.

David was moving faster now and Sammy was arching up to meet his every thrust. She was panting and making little breathy sounds like they were squeezed out of her with every thrust. Her legs were wrapped around David pulling him into her, her toes were curled impossibly tight, her nails dug into David’s shoulders and she finally screamed, long and loud as a torrent of fluids sprayed out around David’s hardness, further soaking the bed and splashing over onto Krystal’s legs. She spasmed several times and had to stop David from moving, panting, “No… no… too much, oh my god… stop… stop.” And she clamped her legs together as David withdrew and she rolled on her side into a fetal position, shaking and still convulsing.

By now Krystal was almost frantic with desire and she pulled David over on his back and straddled him. He arched his hips up and entered her immediately for a couple of thrusts but she lifted her hips and he plopped out. He thrust again, seeking the target but she dodged and he missed. They were both wild with lust and acting clumsily, fighting to find what they each needed. Krystal finally gained control by placing a hand against his chest and giving him a look that he understood as “be still.”

She reached between her legs and lifted him to her, and slid the head along her crack, smearing them both with all of the juices of the three of them, sliding it along her clit, back to her wet opening and finally, to his surprise, all the way back to that tiny rear entrance and began to lower herself and gently twist him until he felt that slight pop that meant he had passed her sphincter muscles. He lay there in amazement as she lowered herself, eyes closed, biting her lower lip in concentration all the way down until her cheeks were pressed against his thighs and rested there, like she had that first night, the first time when they had given each other their virginity.

Cautiously she raised her hips half way and slowly lowered them again, then up and slowly back down. Her eyebrows were knitted together in a facial grimace and she was still biting her lower lip. Her hands were pressed flat on his chest in that signal for him to keep still and let her do the work. She continued slowly and somewhat stiffly, and soon, as she relaxed around him, she found the pleasure of this new pressure inside her and began to roll her hips as she rose and fell above him. At this, he began to meet her thrusts and looking down his chest he was fascinated at the feeling of having sex, but seeing her vagina, open and unused dripping with their combined fluids onto his stomach.

He had the thought that it was like an out of body experience. He could see her empty opening, but still feel the hot wetness sliding up and down his hardness. He shook it off and concentrated on the moment.

He reached down and tried to rub her clit and slide a couple of fingers inside but the angle was awkward and he fumbled at it. He felt movement beside him and turned his head to see Samantha cuddling up next to them. She put an arm over David’s chest and a leg over Krystal’s calf and began to stroke her hand over the smooth roundness of Krystal’s rear end.

Seeing that David was struggling with his hand, Samantha sat up, reached down and inserted two fingers up inside Krystal and began to rub her clit with her thumb. She reached behind and ran her hand down Krystal’s spine over her rump and down to cup David’s balls, gently squeezing and pulling on them as Krystal rose and fell over him.

Krystal moaned at the added attention and David grunted in surprise. He watched in fascination as Krystal reached over and cupped one of Samantha’s breasts, twirling the nipple between her fingers which caused Samantha to lean in towards Krystal and they joined in an amazingly erotic kiss. With this small act, all his trepidation about cheating on Krystal vanished. All his worries about being true to her alone were gone. Here was his girlfriend and her best friend sharing this moment completely with him, unabashed, unashamed, and unworried about hurt feelings or broken hearts. They were simply living in the moment, knowing that life would change things soon, and there was nothing they could do about it but enjoy what they had until that change occurred.

The sensations of the tightness around him, the pull on his scrotum and the visual of that kiss put an end to his musings, as without warning his groin tightened and he suddenly lost control and spewed squirt after squirt up inside Krystal, who apparently felt the sudden change and immediately joined him in an almost simultaneous orgasm of heroic proportions, grinding herself down as far as she could go, feeling him spasm inside her as her own muscles pulsed around him and around Samantha’s fingers.

Krystal collapsed down onto his chest and kissed him passionately, Samantha’s hand pressed now between them and David still buried deep inside Krystal. He could taste both of his girlfriends in her kiss and feel Samantha’s hand still wiggling slightly between them with her other hand still softly manipulating his sensitive parts.

“Both of my girlfriends.” He thought. “I have two amazing girlfriends and they’re cool with that. How many guys are that lucky? A few months ago I was worried because I didn’t have ANY girlfriend, and now I have TWO!” He lay there wrapped in these two beautiful, warm naked girls, contemplating his situation, and it was good.

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