Terri disappeared when my daughter was one. We were young parents, I was eighteen at the time and ended up moving back home. It was five years before I moved again and this time it was to my grandfather’s ranch. He needed help and wanted me to take over running the ranch. We had seven young men that worked on the ranch over the summer and two of us during the winter.

Alice was a beautiful girl and at first everything was okay. My grandfather died when she was ten and that was when she began to change. Not just her body but the way she acted, she dressed in skimpy clothes and started teasing the hands. It went on for four years until the summer she turned fourteen.

The new boys were supposed to be out moving sheep but I hadn’t seen them. This wasn’t the first time but it was starting to piss me off. I rode back to the house and saw saddled horses by the barn. I slipped the reins into a post ring to let the horse browse on the grass before I started walking.

When I walked into the barn the boys were scrambling to dress and I saw my naked daughter laid back on a bale of hay. I froze and then looked at each of the red faced boys, “get to work and don’t come back until you finish.”

I crossed to Alice as she sat up and put my hand on her shoulder to keep her there. After they rode off I pushed her back and looked at her slimy, leaking cunt. I looked into her face as she blushed and opened my pants before pushing them down, “you want to be a whore?”

She stared at my thick cock as I moved around and over her before laying between her legs and pushing into her slimy cunt. She groaned as my cock stretched her pussy and I began to fuck her long, hard and deep. I didn’t go fast but each stroke sank to her cervix. Her pussy was tight but so slimy I fucked her easily. She lifted and spread her legs as she spasmed.

I smiled as I kept fucking her and she started kicking and thrashing around while her pussy milked my cock. It was several minutes before I pushed against her cervix and started pumping and gushing spurts of cum. Alice jerked and screamed as she shoved her hips up while I flooding her belly with cum, “yyyyeeeessss!”

When I stopped I pulled out and stood to look down at her splayed out with cum leaking from her gapping cunt. I bent and pulled her up and then pulled up my pants. I took her hand, “from now on they don’t fuck unless they have finished working. Use my horse and go out to Paul and Doug, tell them I said they can fuck you until one. After they finish you come back so the hands can take turns when they finish. You sleep in my bed from now on.”

Alice grinned and nodded, “thanks dad.”

I watched her strut out and shook my head before turning to go to the hay barn. It was afternoon before she returned and a couple of the boys were back. I was moving hay out of the hay barn when she rode up and swung down. She had cum on both inner thighs as she grinned, “they had a lot of cum.”

I glanced at the boys watching, “go tell the boys that after they finish their chores they can fuck you, after that go start dinner.”

She came to kiss me before strutting towards the other barn. I removed the saddle on my horse and wiped it clean before putting it away. I brushed the horse down before putting it in the corral and tossing in hay. I finished moving the hay and did a few chores before heading to the house. I went into my office to look over a few things and heard Alice in the kitchen.

I came out and smelled what she was making before sitting down. She smiled and turned back to the stove, “can I go to the bunkhouse after dinner?”

She didn’t look but I could see she was listening, “until nine. You need to be in the house and getting into my bed at that time.”

She grinned and nodded, “okay.”

I let her leave as soon as she ate and began cleaning up. I sat and did up a schedule for the next day and walked out and to the bunkhouse. I walked in to hear Alice wailing and two boys turned to look at me. I posted the schedule and left to check the barns and then go back to the house. It was almost nine when Alice returned and I sent her to brush her teeth.

I stripped and laid back and a couple of minutes later Alice walked in and shut the light off. She crossed to the bed and climbed on and I reached for her. I laid her back and moved over her before pushing into her used, slimy cunt. I fucked her slowly with long thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was hugging me as her pussy tightened.

I started fucking her harder and planting my cock to grind. Alice was bucking and thrashing around as she howled and screamed. It was several more minutes before I shoved into her and pushed as I began pumping sperm. She yelled as her pussy gripped my cock, “daddy!”

I held her squirming body as I spewed and gushed. When I was done I kissed her before I started all over again. Her slimy pussy was sloppy as it tried to grasp my cock while she shuddered and humped up. I fucked her six times in a row before stopping and letting her sleep. I woke up early and looked at my daughter in my arms.

I sighed and rolled her onto her stomach before pushing her legs open as I moved over her. I pushed into her and pulled out to hump and press against her asshole. Alice groaned as I slid back into her and stroked a few times before pulling out and pushing against her ass. It was a minute before she shuddered and pushed back.

Her ass opened and I pulled out to push back into her cummy pussy again. I went back to her ass to hump and push in. I went back and forth as Alice moaned and kept pushing back. A few minutes and I was fucking almost all the way into her ass as it squeezed my cock. Several minutes later and she was spasming and kicking the bed as I buried my cock and spewed cum.

When I stopped I pulled out and pulled her off the bed and after me. I sat her on the toilet and watched as she went, “a whore needs to know how to use her ass or mouth. I have to go in and buy supplies and will get you a douche and enema. This morning you take the ATV and go to Paul and Doug and return to do your chores by lunch time.”

I pulled her up and into the shower before washing her and fingering her pussy and ass. Alice groaned and shuddered before hugging me, “how many times are you going to fuck my ass?”

I rubbed her nipples, “once a day for now to get you used to it.”

She grinned, “I liked it.”

I caressed her hips, “wear a shirt or dress today so you don’t get burned. After lunch and your chores the boys can fuck you if they have finished their work.”

She grinned and nodded and started washing me. After I pulled her out and dried her off she strutted out. I dressed and went to make sure Alice ate before she left and then headed out myself. I drove to town and went shopping and stopped at a pharmacy and sex store before coming back. I put everything away before going to my jeep.

This time I found the boys moving the sheep to another pasture like they were suppose to. I headed away and farther out and found the cattle where Paul and Doug had moved them to for the day. I parked beside the RV and listened to Alice wailing and asking for one of them to fuck her harder.

I smiled and turned to go check the water tanks and then headed towards the large hay and grain fields. It was after twelve when I got back to the ranch house and parked the jeep. Alice’s ATV was parked in front of the house when I walked across. I walked in to hear her singing as she cleaned.

I watched her sway back and forth before heading back to the bedroom. I returned and caught my daughter and gave her a kiss before turning her and bending her over. I rubbed her slimy cunt after pulling her dress up. I pull the bag around and used lube before pushing and working the small anal plug into her ass.

I worked the stiff panties up her legs and pushed the four inch dildo into her pussy. I worked the panties up and into her slit before standing her up and caressing her face, “you wear these when no one is using you.”

I handed her the remote as she grinned and shivered when she turned the vibrator in the panties on. She shuddered and her legs bowed, “yummy.”

I turned her and gave her butt a pat, “finish your chores.”

I left and went to move horses around in the corrals before a couple of the boys returned. I made sure they brushed the horses down and put them out with hay before they went to relax. I went to the house and Alice was watching TV, “did you finish your chores?”

She grinned at me, “yeah.”

She was sitting with her legs spread and I smiled, “two boys are back.”

She jumped up, “I’ll...”

I laughed as I headed to my office, “take your toys out first.”

I sat and made a schedule for the boys for a whole week before going to make sure the chores got done and leaving to put the schedule in the bunkhouse. Alice was sucking a boy while bent over a chair with another fucking her slimy cunt. I went back and put a slow cooker meal on before relaxing on the porch to read.

It was dark when my daughter came out of the bunk house. I stood and went inside and she came in a minute later to help set the table. After dinner she cleaned up and came to sit in my lap. I glanced at her and gave her a hug, “not going back to fuck the boys?”

She smiled smugly, “I wore them out.”

I grinned and stood before shutting the light off and pulling her to the bathroom. I gave her a douche and enema while the tub filled with hot water. I stripped and sat before pulling her in with me. She sat between my legs and leaned back as I held her. She sighed, “I really like sex.”

I smiled, “I know.”

She put her head back as I just held her, “why did mom leave?”

I sighed and hugged her, “I don’t know.”

She turned to look at me, “I’m never leaving.”

I caressed her cheek, “you might find a man and change your mind.”

She turned to lean back again, “not if you keep fucking me. Those boy will leave when summer ends and Paul and Doug will move the cows back so they will be here too. Can they sleep here in the house instead of the bunkhouse?”

I smiled and reached around to cup her breasts, “so you will have three of us to fuck in one place?”

She giggled, “you guys know how to fuck.”

I laughed and relaxed and she sighed. It was an hour before we got out and dried off. I pulled her to bed and laid her back before moving between her legs. I leaned down and started to lick her pussy and tease her clit. She shivered and lifted her hips as I nibbled on her labia and pushed my tongue into her.

I captured her clit and sucked and she screamed and spasmed, “aaaahhhh!”

Three times she arched her back and spasmed while yelling before finally twisting away. I moved up and kissed her before pushing into her and fucking her slowly. Her tight pussy grasped at my cock and she shuddered when I buried my cock in her completely. I kept kissing her as I began to hump, press, grind and jab.

Alice wrapped her legs around me and shook as her pussy squeezed my cock, “mmmm!”

I smiled as I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts. She clutched me a minute later and spasmed hard, “YES!”

Her pussy tightened and gripped my cock as I shoved into her and kissed her passionately. She started to buck and thrash as she howled, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

I held her and fucked her hard and deep for a minute before quickly shoving into her and pressing as my cock erupted and I pumped large spurts through her cervix. Alice wailed and writhed around as I continued to flood her with sperm. When I was done I pulled out and rolled her over before pushing her legs open as I moved over her.

I pushed back into her now slimy cunt and started to fuck her again. It was a couple of hours before I stopped fucking her and my daughter just crawled onto me and fell asleep. I woke to the alarm and hugged my daughter as I turned to shut it off. I moved off the bed and pulled her to the edge as I got out the lube.

Alice smiled as she lay with her legs spread and I started to finger her ass. When I pushed, my finger slipped in and she shuddered as her hips lifted. I used my other hand and started rubbing her clit as I finger fucked her ass and then pulled out and pushed my forefinger into her pussy and the middle into her ass.

I fucked both in and out while rubbing her clit and she started shuddering hard as she humped and thrust up, “oooohhhh!”

I kept adding lube to my finger in her ass and slipped a second finger in. She jerked and thrust up hard as it sank into her, “YES!”

A couple of minutes and I pulled my fingers out and push three into her ass. Alice spasmed and thrashed so I pulled my fingers out and pushed my cock in. My daughter jerked and humped up as I began to fuck her ass and added more lube. I continued to fuck her with long slow thrusts as her tight ass squeezed and tightened while she spasmed and convulsed.

I was burying my cock with each thrust and Alice began wailing and thrashing around as she bucked and shuddered almost violently. I didn’t take long and then I was shoving into her and holding her as she bucked. I pumped strong spurts of cum and Alice writhed around and howled, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done I pulled out and rubbed her slimy cunt, “douche and use an enema before going out to Paul and Doug.”

She was panting as she grinned, “can I let one do my butt while the other fucks my pussy?”

I gestured to the lube, “take the lube.”

I was busy for most of the day and returned late. I walked into the house after brushing dirt and mud off and started stripping on my way to the bathroom, “Alice!”

I was climbing into the shower when my daughter walked in. She was naked with cum coating her cunt and inner thighs, “dad?”

I reached out and pulled her in with me as I started washing, “did you make sure the boys did their chores?”

She stroked my cock and grinned, “yeah. They were really eager to get done too.”

I smiled as I turned her and started washing her slimy cunt and leaking ass, “how was it with Paul and Doug?”

She giggled, “they really like fucking me.”

I caressed her hips, “don’t over do it.”

Once I was clean I pulled her out and dried her and then myself, “did you start dinner?”

She pulled me after her, “it should be ready in a little while.”

She turned at my bed and laid back before lifting and spreading her legs, “nice and deep.”

I smiled as I rubbed her bare pussy before moving closer and pushing into her used hole. I held her hips as I began to fuck her with long thrusts that almost pulled my cock out. It wasn’t long before she was wailing and howling as she thrashed and bucked. Her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock as it tried to milk it for cum and Alice grabbed my wrists on her hips, “Dad!”

My daughter fucked like a whore all summer and the boys left happy. Paul and Doug used a spare bedroom during the fall and winter and Alice made sure all three of us fucked her until we didn’t have anymore cum. Of course it was before or after she got home from school which always seemed to make her hornier.

For her sixteenth birthday she had me buy several boxes of condoms so I could get her pregnant while she continued to fuck. She let Paul do it the next year and then Doug. We are working on her fourth now.
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