I was fourteen and my sister Jade was thirteen. Our mother was a teacher at the junior high and taught sex education which had been embarrassing. Mom was Crystal Ann Trent and she was a MILF, long blonde hair, firm breasts, nice hips and butt. Jade was just a younger version of mom and they both walked around the house barely dressed.

Dad had been killed when the war first started, at least he left mom with a couple of large life insurance policies. They had bought an old run down farm just outside the edge of town and the mortgage was paid off because of the mortgage insurance. I spent most of my time fixing it up and making a little money. I was a little proud of the way it looked now.

The barn was solid and had new paint, the large chicken coop was also freshly painted as was the house. We even had a large pond I had built a small sandy beach on. I knew mom was planning something because she had been talking to a lot of moms, of course she was a teacher so it could be about her class.

The day after school got out I was still up early to milk and feed the three cows, one was just starting to give milk. I brought the large can of milk into the cement milk room, it was cool and had long metal tubs. I poured the milk into one of the large tubs before getting a small tester. I checked a few things before taking a glass bottle of flavored cream for mom.

I stopped to feed the chickens and pick up the eggs. I took a few minutes to check each and put the few fertile ones in an incubator. The rest I carried onto the large back porch where I cleaned and then set them in the outside refrigerator. I went into the kitchen and stopped when I saw mom at the table with her coffee. She smiled, “just in time.”

She was naked and stunning, I blushed and moved closer and held out the creamer. She took it and turned to pour a little into her coffee. I shook myself and started to turn away, mom cleared her throat and reached out to pull me close. She opened my pants and pulled them down before holding my cock and leaning close to lick it.

I groaned when I felt her tongue and she kept licking and then put the head in her mouth. She bobbed and licked and sucked and teased. She continued to fuck my cock in and out of her mouth as I shuddered and began thrusting forward. It was only a minute before I grunted as I began to gush cum. She kept stroking my cock as I pumped cum into her mouth.

I sighed when I stopped cumming and looked up to see Jade watching from the hall. Mom pulled her mouth off my cock and turned to let my cum pour out of her mouth and into her coffee. She grinned, “that is the best cream.”

She stroked my cock before letting it go. Jade giggled as she walked to the table, “it was fresh too.”

Mom smiled, “we are having a lot of girls come out for the summer.”

She looked at me, “change your sheets and blankets.”

I frowned and pulled up my pants, “why are we having the girls for the summer?”

Jade rubbed my cock through my pants, “we are hosting a sex camp. You are going to fuck us and we are going to learn about sex.”

I looked at mom and she nodded to the hall, “wash and come back for cereal.”

I went to my room and then showered as I remembered every moment of mom sucking my cock. I finished and dried off before dressing. Mom was still naked and Jade had stripped too. I sat down and mom brought a bowl of cereal and several pills with a big glass of milk. I looked at her and she caressed my cheek before finishing her coffee.

I took the pills, drank the milk and ate the cereal. I stood and headed towards the door, I had cheese to make and I was also planning to make several gallons of ice cream. I stopped at noon and came out of the milk room. I heard girls voices and glanced at the pond to see several on the beach nude. I grinned as I looked and finally headed to the house.

There were a half dozen girls in the house and I hesitated as they blushed and covered up. Jade appeared to grab my hand and pull me towards the kitchen. I pulled back and carried the two containers of orange cream flavored ice cream to the freezer. She waited before pulling me out the back door and onto the large back porch.

Mom was relaxing in a chair next to a bed and smiled when she saw me. Jade pushed me towards her, “she wants to talk to you.”

I glanced at my sister as she turned to head back inside and looked at mom. She patted the bed, “sit.”

I looked at her naked body before moving to the bed to sit. She caressed my leg, “you are a fine, strong young man Storm. There are a dozen girls here to learn about sex. I know you recognize them from school since they were in your class. We are going to do a bit of everything, oral, anal and intercourse. You will be taking supplements several times during the day to help you.”

She bit her lip, “you are going to learn about oral sex to and not just fucking them...”

I grinned and looked towards the pond, “can I tie one to the bed and make her scream before I fuck her?”

Mom laughed, “sure honey, you can practice that on me.”

She looked at two girls as they came out of the house, “we won’t bother you when you are working but you have to promise to take breaks.”

I smiled at the girls, “what about at night?”

She laughed as she stood and started to undress me, “one of the girls will sleep with you each night.”

More girls were coming out and the girls by the pond were walking towards us. Mom pushed me onto the bed, “lay back.”

I was a little nervous as all the girls crowded around the bed. Mom waited until they were all here including my sister. She talked and one by one each girl leaned over to feel and stroke my cock. Finally mom smiled at Jade and she climbed onto the bed and straddled me. I looked between her legs as she lifted up and then reached up to caress and cup her breasts.

She wiggled and pushed after my cock was positioned and slowly forced it into her extremely tight pussy. She groaned and shivered and starting to rock slowly as mom kept talking. My sister’s pussy was warm and velvety as my cock pushed into her deeper. When she got it into her completely it was pressed hard against her cervix.

She shuddered and sighed before beginning to thrust back and forth. I kept feeling her breasts and rubbing her nipples as her tight pussy began to grasp and squeeze my cock. I started lifting my hips and thrusting up and it wasn’t long before Jade was jerking and fucking me erratically.

I heard one of the girls giggling and whisper loudly, “and Jade has left the building.”

They laughed and giggled as my sister began convulsing and her pussy tightened. She wailed a moment later as she kept spasming, “STORM!”

I held her up and looked at mom and she smiled, “roll over and fuck her baby.”

I pulled Jade down and shifted before rolling. I started fucking her and she howled as she lifted her legs and spread them, “FUCK ME!”

I fucked her with deep thrusts, planting my cock each time to grind and hump. She was shaking hard when I finally pushed all the way into her and held it as I grunted and began to gush cum. Jade screamed when she felt the warm sperm pumping through her cervix, “aaaahhhhh!”

I kissed her and continued to spurt until I was done. When I was finished I slowly pulled out and laid back. That was when mom sat on the bed and slipped a finger into Jade’s leaking pussy. As she began talking she wiped cum on her finger and had each girl taste it. Mom rubbed Jade’s tummy and she rolled out of bed.

A girl named Ash moved onto the bed and shivered as she stayed on her knees and put her head down. Mom rubbed my hip, “another position you might enjoy is doggystyle.”

I turned and moved behind Ash and fingered her pussy to make her push back and groan. The girls giggled and mom smiled, “horny Ash?”

Ash nodded and looked back, “Please?”

I looked at mom before moving closer behind Ash and slowly pushing into her. Her pussy was tight like my sister and felt just as wonderful. I must have stopped moving because they laughed and giggled again and mom pushed on my butt. I started to fuck Ash as I held her hips and mom talked as she reached under and between her legs.

It was a couple of minutes before Ash sagged to the bed and I followed her as she shuddered hard and began spasming. Her pussy was grasping at my cock as I began to press deeper. It was several minutes before she stiffened and then started bucking and twisted as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock.

She wailed as she began to kick the bed and grab the sheets, “ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

I continued to fuck her but began to use long, hard strokes. She kept jerking and spasmed as she pushed back each time I shoved into her. It was awhile before I pushed all the way into her and pressed as I began to gush cum through her cervix. Ash screamed and thrust back when she felt warm sperm pumping into her, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I pulled out and laid beside her when I was done and mom rubbed Ash’s butt, “those are two positions to start with, we will try two more a little later.”

She helped Ash off the bed and started directing girls. I moved off the bed and Jade helped me dress before going into the house with me as two girls laid back on the bed and two more laid between their legs. My sister sat me at the table and made a sandwich for me. She sat in my lap as I ate, “thank you Storm. I was afraid my first time would hurt.”

I hugged her and bent to suck on a nipple and she shuddered. After I was done she brought me a couple of pills and a glass of milk. She even gave me a passionate kiss before I went back to work. Beside a few outside chores I did a little cleaning in the milk room. When I finished it was time to feed and milk again.

After I was done and the milk was put away I brought out the wooden wagon I had made. I put several bales of hay on it and set the harness out before going into the house. I caught one of the girls around the waist as she stood behind the couch and stuck her tongue out at another. She blushed and I grinned before giving her a quick kiss.

I continued towards the kitchen, “you girls are going to need clothes or something to sit on.”

Mom turned to look at me from the stove, “why?”

I walked to the sink and started washing my hands, “I pulled the wagon out for a hay ride.”

The girls shrieked and mom smiled, “I’ll pull out the old blankets after dinner.”

After dinner I went to harness two horses while mom found the blankets and came out to put them over the bales of hay. It was still light but the sun was starting to set when I started. I took the wagon around the farm using the smaller trails which were overgrown. I also went through a few of the fields I hadn’t been able to do anything with yet.

The girls laughed and sang and had fun. When we got back I helped each one down before unhitching the horses and brushing them down. When I walked into the house mom met me and pulled me towards the hall, “shower and come to your room.”

I look at her and she smiled, “a brief class before you go to bed.”

I went to the bathroom and stripped after starting the shower. I washed quickly and got out before drying off. I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked to my room, it was crowded with all the girls and mom. She smiled and pulled the towel off, “first we are going to have Samantha give you a blowjob and then you will return the favor.”

I grinned at Samantha standing by the bed, “I can barely wait for my turn to lick her.”

The girls giggled and laughed as Samantha blushed and mom pushed me towards the bed, “lay back.”

I laid down as she started talking and explaining before Samantha sat beside my hips. She leaned over and held my cock up gently before she licked the head. I closed my eyes as she kept licking and then she put my cock in her mouth. I shuddered as she pulled it out and then pushed it in. She mouth fuck my cock deeper until she was taking more than half.

It was over five minutes before I groaned as my hips lifted, “I’m going to cum.”

Mom was speaking as Samantha pulled back and stroked my cock. I shuddered as I started spewing and spurting cum. When I was done she carefully pulled back and turned to show everyone the cum in her mouth before swallowing and then she grinned, “that wasn’t bad.”

The girls giggled and mom cleared her throat, “switch places.”

I sat up and moved off the bed and Samantha laid down. I ignored mom as I moved back onto the bed and over her. I kissed her and grinned as I started kissing down her body, stopping to lick and then suck on her nipples before going lower. When I settled between her legs I pushed her legs open more and then opened her pussy.

I licked through it and started nibbling on her inner lips before teasing her clit. I took my time as she started to squirm and moan. It was a few minutes before she was lifting her hips and shuddered as she yelled, “YES!”

I pushed my tongue into her before capturing her clit and sucking. I used my lips to squeeze and nibble and she screamed and writhed around before pushing my face away while panting, “oooohhhh!”

I grinned as the other girls laughed and moved up to kiss her, “thanks Samantha.”

She smiled and mom clapped her hands, “okay, enough for now. Pepper, you get to wake him for a morning fuck.”

She shoed the other girls out and followed them, leaving me with Samantha under me. I looked at her and she grinned, “I get you tonight.”

I lifted and looked down while her hand positioned my cock. I pushed and slowly slipped into her before I began to fuck her. I started to kiss her as I pushed deeper and her warm, tight pussy grasped and squeezed. I kept fucking her slowly with deep thrusts and a few minutes later she shuddered as she thrust up hard, “aaahhh!”

I kissed her passionately as I fucked her hard and deep, planting my cock and grinding with each thrusts. Samantha started bucking and thrashing around as she wailed and howled, “oooohhhh!”

She lifted her feet into the air and kept jerking as I slowed but continued to plant my cock after long thrusts. I lasted through five or six orgasms I think, she never stopped yelling so I don’t know for sure how many. I shoved into her and kissed her as my cock erupted and I spewed thick spurts of cum.

Samantha spasmed and jerked as I pumped sperm into her and sighed when I stopped. She dropped her legs to the bed and grinned, “My turn?”

I grinned and kissed her before rolling and helping her sit up. We fucked until mom came in close to midnight and told us to go to sleep. I held her when she laid down and woke to my alarm. Samantha groaned and lifted her head before kissing me and climbing out of bed. I was going to get up when Pepper walked in and climbed on the bed, “will you lick me Storm?”

I grinned, “silly question.”

I pushed her onto her back before sliding down. I licked through her pussy and captured her clit. I started sucking as I used my tongue and wiggled it against her clit. It wasn’t long before Pepper shuddered and groaned as she thrust her hips up, “mmmm!”

She pulled on me as she laughed, “fuck me.”

I moved up and kissed her, “like this?”

She grinned, “from behind?”

I moved and she rolled over before going to her knees as she kept her head on the bed. I moved behind her and felt her warm pussy before pushing into her slowly. I waited until she groaned and pushed back before beginning to fuck her. I used long thrusts that buried my cock each time and started humping and pressing.

It was a couple of minutes before Pepper spasmed as her pussy grasped my cock, “aaaaahhhhhhh!”

I continued to fuck her but started going faster and pushed into her harder. She grunted as she kept thrusting back while her pussy squeezed and gripped my cock. Her knees slid wider as she convulsed and she jerked erratically, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I fucked her with long, hard, deep thrusts and Pepper began to howl and wail. It was a minute before I buried my cock and held her shaking body as I peed cum. She screamed as warm sperm was suddenly gushing against and through her cervix, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkkk!”

When I stopped cumming I let her go and she slumped to the bed as she continued to pant and shudder. I moved and sat beside her, “did you like it?”

She giggled and looked back at me, “I loved it.”

I grinned as I felt her butt and then sighed as I slipped off the bed, “I have chores.”

She moved to follow me, “can I help?”

I smiled, “sure but you might want to put shoes on.”

First it was to feed and milk the cows after that I fed the chickens and picked up eggs. I took the milk to the cool milk room and showed Pepper around before heading back to the house. We walked into the kitchen to girls moving around and the smell of pancakes. I washed my hands and then mom pulled me to the table before opening my pants.

The girls gathered around as she licked my cock and then began to fuck her mouth on the head. I shuddered as she kept it going and started small thrusts. A couple of minutes later I grunted and started to spurt and pump cum. Mom didn’t swallow, she pulled her mouth off as she held a small glass up for me to cum in.

When I was done she kissed my stomach and used a spoon to put some of the cum in her coffee, “anyone want cream?”

The girls laughed as I went to get breakfast. After breakfast and the pills mom gave me I went to do a few more chores in the cold room. I cut milk curds and separated milk and cream and made butter and some ice cream. I came in at lunch time and put what I had finished in the fridge or freezer. I glanced out to see mom and the girls sunbathing.

I made a sandwich and sat to eat and a minute later looked up as mom and the girls walked in. Mom grinned, “just in time for another lesson.”

She pulled me up and stripped me before pulling me back to my room. On the bed was a bottle of lube and she waited until the girls were all standing around the bed. She smiled at Melody, “ready?”

Melody took a breath and nodded, “yeah.”

She moved onto the bed on her hands and knees and I saw the anal plug in her ass. I looked at mom as she looked at the girls, “we talked about what to do when you have a period. For those that don’t want to make a bloody mess or if a guy objects there is anal. You saw and used the enema to make sure you cleaned yourself out.”

Mom pushed on me but I shook my head, “you know I have ideas too.”

She looked at me and I reached out and rolled Melody onto her back before pulling her to the edge of the bed. I spread her legs around me and felt her puffy pussy and rubbed her hard clit, “if you do anal, don’t rush and make sure you are ready.”

I started gently fingering her clit and picked up the lube, “don’t leave the anal plug in to long either.”

I poured lube around the plug and started pulling and pushing on it. Melody shuddered and humped up a minute later. The plug came out and slipped back in as I used it to fuck her ass, “anal sex has more than one position and doggy shouldn’t be used until you have done it a couple of times and are used to it.”

The girls were watching and nodded as mom looked at me. I pulled the plug out and bent my cock before adding lube and slowly pushing into her tight ass. Melody groaned and shuddered, “mmmm!”

The girls giggled as I went back to rubbing her clit and started to fuck her nice and slow, “I did a little research while I worked this morning.”

The girls grinned as Melody humped up while lifting and spreading her legs. I continued to fuck her with long deep thrusts and rubbed her clit hard for a minute. She spasmed and thrust up as her ass tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I smiled and fucked her hard before burying my cock as it throbbed. She jerked and then convulsed as I began spewing warm cum into her. When I stopped she was still shaking and I bent over between her legs to kiss her. I pulled out and helped turn her to lay back. Mom rubbed my shoulder, “perfect.”

She looked at the girls, “for the rest of the summer you girls need to practice and keep a journal.”

She stroked my cock, “I think Storm can do it eight or ten times every day but don’t forget to try sex with each other too.”

I shuddered and turned to bend mom over the bed and move behind her to push into her. I held her hips as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts, “Anyone want to go for a walk in the fields?”

They laughed as mom shuddered and I planted my cock and reached down to rub her clit, “time for a quiz. What is the first thing to know about having sex?”

I pulled back and started fucking mom with long slow thrusts as Melody moved her face under her to a nipple and started sucking. Jade giggled, “to have fun.”

Mom shuddered and pushed back as her pussy clenched. I grinned and fucked her hard, “to have fun yes but you need to make sure you are going to enjoy what happens too.”

Mom wailed and thrashed around and I grinned as I stopped and reluctantly pulled out. I pushed and moved her onto the bed and over Melody before looking at Star beside me. She grinned and pulled her finger out of her pussy and stepped forward to bend over the bed. I moved behind her and felt her pussy and then slowly forced my cock into her.

She groaned as I buried my cock and looked at the other girls, “guys want to fuck and you need to make sure you will get off too. You might even have to teach your husband what to do to keep you happy.”

I pulled back and started fucking Star with long slow thrusts, “never pretend or hide what you need. If you want your guy to fuck you during your period then tell him. Help him do it even if it means having him wearing a condom. If you want oral sex tell him.”

Star was spasming and jerking back onto my cock as I started to fuck her harder and pushed against her cervix. I shivered as I felt my balls churning but tried to hold back as I continued to fuck. It was a few minutes before I had to cum. I thrust into her and held her tight as my cock throbbed.

She stiffened and looked back with wide eyes. I grunted and began to pump heavy spurts of cum through her cervix. Star shoved back hard and started convulsing, “YES!”

I held her as I spurted and spewed and pumped until I was done and sighed. She was panting and shuddering as her pussy grasped and milked my cock. I pushed her forward off my cock and onto the bed where she rolled onto her back, “yummy!”

The other girls laughed as I grinned and looked around for my clothes, “no more classes. Practical exercises whenever you need it.”

I left and found my clothes in the kitchen and put my pants on before they all came out giggling. They pulled me out to take them for a walk. I fucked them all summer and then several off and on during the school year. Pepper stayed with me the whole time and later I married her.

We have a lot of company during the summers and we have a large common bedroom. Pepper had me build it so they can sleep in one room with us for their summer sex camp. Of course many have jobs now but they always want to come out and at least spend the nights. As for mom and my sister, well mom sleeps with us but Jade met a boy in college.
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