New Sidney had five races, Seripods who lived in the submerged part of the city or the canals. Ursuls who almost looked like old earth bears and grew to over two and a half meters tall. Mer were the third race and stood just under two meters and looked like big otters. Grer were reptiles but humanoids that were also herbivores.

The last race was humans and we were a minority. I had joined the city peace force over two years before and had finally been accepted to join the RT. The RT is the response teams and they were the ones to answer officer calls for assistance involving violent crimes. There were six of us in our team.

Gregor an Ursuls who was the team leader. Char and Pat who were Mer, Chance another Ursuls with a wicked sense of humor. Sam was a Grer and then there was me. My name is Dan Fabian and I’m two meters tall with brown hair and greyish blue eyes.

I had just had my twenty second birthday and put in an offer at a human coop. It was a large building beside a canal with hydroponics floors and large protein vats. The upper floors had small apartments for men and women in a group marriage. I had spent the last several months meeting everyone and they had deciding to accept my offer.

I was the third out of the carrier and followed Gregor and Char with everyone else behind me. Gregor used our peace override to unseal and open the upper door into the building. He moved through the door and down the stairs quickly before Char spun to cover an open doorway. I slipped passed him and into the room to do a quick search.

I stepped out as a Mer appeared and fired at Gregor who jerked and twisted while I stepped to the side and used my grav pulse assault rifle. We used non lethal rounds and mine sparkled and stunned the Mer. I moved past Gregor as Sam assisted him and went to secure the Mer.

It was several minutes before Gregor moved past me and my interpreter whispered, “they use static penetrators.”

I nodded and followed as we went back to clearing rooms. We knew this group of Mer had hostages in the bottom floor lobby but we had to make sure the rest of the building was empty since they claimed to have a bomb. We took out four more Mer on the way down, always before they could shoot one of us.

When we entered the lobby I went left and stunned two Mer by a window. The team stunned six more before the Mer leader stepped out of the small crowd of hostages. He held up and hand device, “now you have killed every....”

I saw the flip switch still covered and shot him twice. I was moving towards him as my team went to reassure the hostages. That was when they changed and pulled hand weapons. I lunged in front of Pat as one fired and felt a huge fist slam into my chest. The others returned fire and stunned everyone as I hit the ground.

Pat knelt and started feeling me and I groaned as I pushed her hands away, “help me up.”

She hissed, “we need to check the wound.”

She pulled me up, “stubborn human.”

I smiled as I felt my chest, “you forgot about the scale skin you gave me.”

I looked at everyone and shook my head, “they were part of the Mer insurgents.”

I moved carefully to help secure everyone as the street peace officers entered and began helping. We turned everything over to them and went out to load up and head back to command. In the locker room I shed the uniform and caught the bullet that fell out. I weighted it and looked at Gregor as he sat and stripped to revel an ugly gash along his side.

I smiled as I tossed the slug, “you should ask the armorer to make you a scale shirt.”

He growled and the others laughed, the scaled shirt was a made of rings of quadlunium. Outside of the rings were ten millimeter scales, outside of them was another layer of thirty millimeter scales, a third layer of ten centimeter scales was on the outside. I carefully removed the shirt and looked at the large bruise on my chest.

Sam leaned over and used a tissue modifier to reduce the muscle trauma. Once I was back in a clean uniform I joined the others in the debriefing. When the commander walked in I sat back. He looked at us, “the static ammunition wasn’t isolated. The Mer insurgents bought the ammo from a suppler who said he had a lot more.”

He looked at me, “the body screen won’t stop the rounds but they do slow them. The armorer is making more of Fabian’s scale skin and you will all wear them.”

He dismissed us and Chance slapped my shoulder, “come home with me and my wife will make us a good dinner.”

I smiled and slapped his stomach, “thanks but I don’t eat raw meat.”

I took my cruiser and landed on the roof parking spot that was mine now. I grabbed my duty bag and set the vehicle protections before heading for the door. My new apartment was on the top floor right beside the stairs. Of course there were no locks but I didn’t have much anyway.

I stripped and took all the dirty clothes to the small clothing recycler. I was in the small kitchen looking for dinner when the girl walked in, “hey Dan.”

I turned to look at her and she grinned as she saw me naked, “nice body.”

I blushed, “your mom or dad know you are here Tina?”

She smiled as she started stripping, “I’m legal Dan but yeah mom said I could ask you for sex if I wanted.”

I looked at her pretty pink nipples and her trimmed pussy, “have you had sex before?”

She tossed her clothes aside as she walked towards me, “nope.”

She stroked my cock and grinned, “ you are bigger than the other men.”

I grinned before turning back to look at what I had for dinner, “the more to stretch your tight pussy.”

She laughed and pulled me away and after her, “I hope you have a lot of sperm.”

I let her pull me across and into my room. One of the few things I had was a large bed and she pulled me straight to it. She sat and wiggled back, “fuck me.”

I laughed as I laid beside her and cupped a breast, “not so fast. First I get to feel you and then taste you and then I will fuck you.”

She grinned as she lay back, “okay.”

I bent to suck on her nipple and she shivered before pulling me to the other one. I started caressing her and moved my hand down to feel her pussy. When I started rubbing her clit and slipping a finger through her pussy she started breathing hard and shuddering. It was a couple of minutes before I pushed my middle finger into her.

She arched her back as she wailed and her pussy squeezed, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I grinned as I pulled my finger out and moved over her and pushed her legs open. I kissed her before kissing down her body until I reached her pussy. I opened it and started licking and nibbling as Tina jerked and shuddered while lifting her hips. I pushed my tongue into her before teasing her clit and then nibbling.

She spasmed and thrust up before twisting to one side, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I smiled as I crawled up her body and pushed her legs open again. I kissed her once more before slowly forcing my thick cock into her extremely tight pussy. She groaned and hugged me as I pushed all the way in until my cock was buried and in her completely. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes and she grabbed me as her slippery pussy tightened.

I laughed and kissed her before shoving in and humping and jabbing with short thrusts. I pressed and humped and kept grinding as her tight hole squeezed, grasped and clench. It was a couple of minutes before Tina howled and began spasmed and bucking, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I pulled back and fucked her hard and fast, planting my cock each time and grinding. She jerked and continued to convulse as her pussy rippled around my cock while milking it. I kept fucking her hard and deep and it was a few more minutes before I thrust into her and kissed her as I began to pump huge spurts of cum.

Tina jerked and held me tight while I continued to put sperm against and through her cervix. When I stopped she sighed and dropped to the bed before grinning, “can you do it again?”

I laughed and pulled out before rolling her onto her stomach. I fucked her until it was late and she was exhausted. We ate very late before I pulled her back to bed and held her as I fell asleep and woke to my alarm. I rubbed her hip until she turned her head to look back at me, “horny?”

I smiled, “thanks for last night Tina.”

She turned and caressed my face, “you are the only single husband.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “I wanted to join the marriage too.”

I cupped a breast, “so what is stopping you?”

She shivered and grinned, “each wife must be partnered by a husband. You were accepted because the men approved of you and the women were willing. They also knew I wanted you... bad.”

I tugged on her nipple, “so you could fuck the other men?”

She shuddered and grinned, “no. I will now if you accept me as a wife. Listen to me Dan, this group marriage isn’t like others. Mostly the wives only sleep with one husband but they will all fuck the others.”

I moved off the bed, “I have to go. Will I see you tonight?”

She grinned as she sat up, “tonight dinner is in the house common kitchen and yes you will see me again.”

I smiled and went to shower and dress before going to get the two new uniforms from the clothing recyclers. I checked both before folding them and packing them in the ready bag. Tina came to kiss me as I was leaving and watched as I climbed the stairs and left. Like normal I always got to work early and spent time down in research and development.

I grinned as I crossed the large room, Dexter was a Seripod. It wore a complete wet suit to keep its body covered in water with a water oxygen recycling system. I dropped my bag on the empty desk I used, “how does the holo comm link look?”

It turned and waved a couple of arms, “it was as you said and works perfect now.”

I sat on the edge of the desk, “so we just have the power considerations to worry about.”

It touched a screen and a large holograph sprang up on the desk, “yes.”

I leaned forward and turned the display, “what if we change the mini phase reactor to four micro phase reactors?”

I touched the area at the shoulder blades, “what about spreading them out across this area on each side of the two anti grav units?”

I grinned, “micro phase reactors are used almost commonly and are very cheap. We could even add one in the pistol grip of the rifle to replace the high density batteries in the magazines.”

Dexter turned and quickly added my ideas to the holo blue prints before running the AI tests. He turned back with his grin, “ready to test them?”

I checked the time and used my comm, “Gregor?”

“Yes human Fabian?”

I grinned at Dexter, “could you bring the team down to R and D?”

“We must see the armorer to be fitted for a scale shirt.”

I smiled, “believe me, you might like this better.”

“We will come.”

I put my comm away, “make it Dexter.”

I started stripping to my under clothes before putting everything in my ready bag. I glanced at the atomic matter constructor. It used the raw material to build whatever design was input into it. I started dressing in the armored suit as each piece was finished. Dexter already had my body mapped so it fit perfectly.

I pressed the inside power switch before putting the helmet on. I waited as the system came on line before looking around, “the holo graphics seem to be working perfectly.”

Dexter nodded, “try the stealth.”

I smiled, “Suit, stealth system on.”

Dexter waved his arms, “perfect!”

I turned as Gregor, Chance, Char, Pat and Sam walked in. Gregor was frowning as he looked around, “Fabian!”


Gregor looked towards Dexter before starting across the room, “where?”

“Suit, Stealth systems off.”

Gregor looked at the blueish green scaled suit, “what is this?”

I reached up to remove the helmet, “Suit, power down.”

I waited and then removed the helmet, “this is the suit I told you about. It has internal encrypted team comms as well as a individual comm. The helmet holo AI uses several different vision enhancements as well as thermal.”

Gregor opened his mouth but I stopped him, “just wait. It has omni or directional sound enhancement as well as a fiber vid.”

Char started to speak but I held up a hand, “the suit is made from quadlunium with the outside layered in scales like my shirt and is completely self contained. Unlike a standard body screen of six generators the suit has twenty four, each four sets of six operate in a different frequency so even a static penetrator will not breach the screen.”

I held up a hand again to stop Pat, “the suit has two mini anti gravs built in which means we don’t need shrouds and move around easier. It has four micro phase reactors for power which is twice as much as it needs. Plus the suit has the stealth capabilities like you saw.”

I grinned, “because the suit has excess energy we don’t need the storage battery in each magazine for the pistols. The rifles have a micro phase reactor in the pistol grip so we can double the rounds in each magazine too.”

Gregor sighed, “now is not the time Fabian.”

I sighed, “we are down today. What is it going to hurt if we test this suit out on the tactics course?”

Sam moved forward, “I would like to try one.”

Chance frowned, “I don’t like wearing a tight helmet around my head...”

Dexter shifted, “noble Ursul the helmet will not seem confining.”

I looked at Gregor and he finally nodded, “A half day only.”

I nodded, “thank you.”

I grinned, “you need to strip so Dexter can map you.”

Thirty minutes later we were walking out the back door. Char, Pat and Sam were chuckling and experimenting. I walked to the small tower as I used the team comm, “first we need to test the anti grav for insertion, I’ll go first.”

The normal setting for the suit anti grav was twenty percent to compensate for the suit weight. I climbed the tower easily and walked across to the edge, “remember when jumping or using the anti grav you give the suit commands. Suit, anti grav to full.”

I jumped and instead of falling, floated down to land in a crouch, “Suit, anti grav to normal.”

I looked at my team, “next?”

We went from the five meter to the one hundred meters and then started practicing doing it in stealth. The suit comms and holos were in sync so we always knew where the other suits were. After doing a dozen jumps we started practicing room clearing. We had just finished when Gregor got the call, “RT six we have a situation.”

We all stopped to look at Gregor as he answered, “this is RT six, what happened to RT four?”

“Down and believed KIA.”

I straightened as Gregor responded, “location and mission?”

“Ursul rebels in a building at eight five el three two, they have killed or wounded six other peace officers and are using static penetrators. We have no solid count for the rebels.”

Gregor looked around, “we will insert through the roof.”

“That is not advised RT six. They are using countermeasures and used something to take down RT four’s carrier.”

I heard Gregor chuckle, “don’t worry boss we are jumping in from ten thousand meters.”

I looked at the others as he ended the call. He looked at us, “we are using the suits so check its power and status.”

We followed as he started for the building and called our carrier. I was nervous as I thought about what could go wrong. When the door slid back in the carrier Gregor was moving and we heard him clearly, “Suit, stealth systems on.”

As he jumped we heard, “Suit, anti grav to full.”

We followed him like we always had and I sighed as we began to float down and spread my arms and legs as I looked down, “Suit, enhance vision.”

I heard echos and then Sam laughed, “I really like this. I wager I get more downs before we land.”

Pat laughed as we chuckled, “you’re on.”

I watched the city below as we got closer and angled to the side to follow Char. Soon the building we were heading for started growing and I lifted my rifle, “I count ten on the roof.”

Chance laughed, “on my mark you fire.”

We were a hundred meters up when Chance barked, “Mark!”

I squeezed off three rounds and shifted to another man before firing as he fell. We landed smoothly before going to the downed ursuls and putting the fiber restraints on. Gregor moved towards the side of the roof, “RT command this is RT six, we are down and the roof is clear.”

He looked over, “Char, Fabian drop down onto this balcony.”

I grinned as I followed Char and jumped. We landed beside each other and looked through the window. I grinned and extended the fiber vid as I heard Pat and Chance dropping onto another balcony and then Gregory and Sam. I put the vid away and nodded to Char, “clear.”

He reached out and opened the door and flowed in and I followed and then moved past him as I cleared the room and moved to the other door. It took five minutes to clear the floor before we started down again. The ground floor was the worst and had twenty ursuls in body armor and military grade assault rifles.

Only four shots from them were fired and only one struck a suit but it didn’t penetrate the screen. We came out of stealth before the street peace officers came in and headed back to the roof as our carrier returned to pick us up. As we were stripping out of the suits I was thinking about what we had done and what the suits could do.

We returned to research and development to find Dexter already gone for the day. I copied, removed and deleted the files on the suits from his comp. I put the suits in separate cases he had left and slipped out to the briefing room for the tactics course. It was seldom used and I locked the cases in the large supply closet.

I met the others in our debriefing room and sat back as they talked about the suits and what we had done. When the commander walked in he looked at Gregor, “where did you get the suits?”

Gregor looked at me and the commander nodded, “your research and development project?”

I nodded and he smiled, “keep accurate after action records.”

He looked at us, “we lost ten officers this time and still haven’t found the supplier.”

I cleared my throat, “I might be able to help. Tomorrow I will get with Dexter and redo a standard body screen harness. We might be able to double the screen strength which will give the officers more protection.”

He nodded and we began going through everything we did. I left with my team but checked my cruiser carefully before going home. I walked in after changing the vehicle alarm code on the cruiser and found Tina waiting by the door. She followed me in and watched as I stripped and put the uniform in the recycler.

She pulled me through the apartment and into my bathroom before starting the shower and stripping. She was grinning, “have you thought about what I told you?”

I turned her as I started washing her, “you want me to accept you as my wife.”

She turned and pressed against me, “yes.”

I caressed and felt her cute butt, “so if the wife lets the other men fuck her how do I know any child would be mine?”

She shivered and kissed me before stepping back to start washing me, “either you ask and she accepts or she asks and you accept. If a woman is going to conceive, she will only let the one she wants to father the child fuck her.”

I turned the water off, “how will I know if a woman is trying to conceive?”

Tina grinned, “they told you about the red collar.”

I nodded as I pulled her out and started drying her off. I stopped to finger her slit before deciding, “okay Tina.”

She shivered and embraced me as she kissed me hard, “you won’t be sorry.”

I smiled as she started pulling me out, “and how many are you going to fuck tonight?”

She grinned, “four or five. Petal wanted you to fuck her.”

I remembered Petal, she was a tiny brunette. We walked into the large common dinning area and Tina grinned as she squeezed my hand. She pulled me to the wall comp and pulled up the group listing before moving her name from child to wife under mine. She looked around when I used my bio print to seal it and cleared her throat, “We are married now.”

The women came to congratulate her and Petal took my hand and pulled me towards the serving tables, “they will be busy for awhile before the men take their turn.”

I glanced back and smiled before letting Petal put food on my plate, “and you wanted a turn with me.”

She grinned as she added food to hers, “yes.”

Before I was done eating Tina had been pulled away by two other husbands. Petal took my hand after we were done and we walked back to my apartment. She must have been in my apartment or talked with Tina because she knew right where my bed was. She turned and pushed me onto the bed after we stripped and smiled as she stalked onto me and straddled my waist.

She laid on me and gave me a kiss before sitting up and then lifting to position my cock. She wiggled and pushed and slowly sank down. I cupped her breasts and felt them as she began to rock. She twisted and rolled her hips as her pussy began grasping. I held and kneaded her firm breasts as she started to breath harder and shudder.

She became erratic and started jerking and rubbing her pussy back and forth before falling onto my chest. I rolled and began fucking her with long thrusts as I tried to cum. Petal was humping up and then she was bucking and thrashing around and wailing. I fucked her hard and deep for a couple more minutes.

I buried my cock and kissed her as I began gushing spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered as she howled while warm sperm filled her, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

When I was done I grinned and kissed her again before I began to fuck her once more. Petal laughed and shook me but humped up as her pussy clenched around my cock. I fucked her in several positions and came a half dozen times before she left. Tina slipped into bed an hour later and sighed as she snuggled half on me, “horny old goats.”

I smiled and caressed her bare shoulder, “had that much fun did you?”

She giggled and put her head on my shoulder, “yeah.”

I woke to my alarm and shifted to lay Tina on the bed before climbing out. I showered and went to dress before grabbing my duty bag and leaving. When I landed there seemed to be a lot more people here than normal. I walked into R and D and stopped at the crime scene laser grid, “what the hell is going on? Where is Dexter?”

Three scene techs and a detective turned and the detective moved towards me, “what are you doing here officer?”

I looked around at the mess, “Dexter and I were working on a project together.”

He frowned, “peace officer Dexter has been tortured and killed. What project were you working on?”

I looked at him and realized I had never met this particular Grer, “that’s classified.”

He moved towards me, “not anymore.”

I smiled, “ask my commander and if he gives authorization I may tell you.”

He turned, “the lab data net was searched and so was the lab.”

He walked away and as tempted as I was to stay I headed up to the squad bay. Gregor growled when I came in, “someone killed your friend and stole the suits.”

I used a hand signal and he blinked before nodding. Pat and Sam came in behind me and then Chance and Char. I sat and used a pad and took it off the building comp grid before writing and explaining what I had done with the data and the suits. The others looked over my shoulder and Sam hissed, “they must have...”

I held up a hand as I turned and he stopped speaking. I wrote the last, “this might be the supplier that has been selling the penetrators.”

Gregor growled, “how do we catch him?”

I grinned and looked around, “I don’t know what Dexter did with the data but I hid the suits. They are in that abandoned peace building in sector eight. We need to go bring them in and put them in the station armory vault.”

Gregor looked at me as I made hand gestures and signed. He nodded, “our carrier is down for maintenance so it will be a couple of hours before we can leave.”

I looked at Char and Pat while he talked and signed. Char nodded and left as Pat spoke, “should we tell the commander?”

I stood, “we better have the suits when we do so I say wait.”

Sam slipped out with Pat and Chance as Gregor growled, “I don’t like waiting. Go down to the range and practice.”

I walked with him as we left and he glanced at me once we were walking down the ramps, “you think they planted listening devices?”

I nodded, “if they could breach the R and D data net they could get into the station net.”

We found the others in the briefing room for the tactics course. They were putting their suits on and I moved to the case with mine, “we need a replacement carrier.”

Gregor chuckled, “RT one is off and theirs is scheduled for flight time.”

Forty minutes later we had landed and moved into the abandoned building using stealth. I waited beside Char and watched one of the side doors. Sam hissed into the team comm, “company. It looks like two Mer and two Ursuls.”

I watched as they appeared and growled with the others, “that Char on the left is a peace officer captain.”

Gregor and Pat closed up and we fired at the same time. The four dropped but we had to shoot again as the captain’s body screen bled most of the charge off. I moved quickly and slammed him against a wall before putting restrains on him. Gregor turned him and ripped his badge off, “traitor!”

I touched Gregor, “suit, stealth system off.”

I turned the captain’s head to look at me, “I want the supplier. Give him to me and you will live to reach the station. Don’t and we will give you to Dexter’s mates for his funeral feast.”

He straightened, “you have no...”

I slammed him against the wall, “traitor you have caused the death of peace officers. Did you really think we would ignore that? You are dead.”

I stepped back, “I say we call Dexter’s mates and drop them in the Seri canal.”

Gregor nodded as the others pulled the three prisoners up. The captain tried to jerk away and yelled, “district commissioner Downs!”

I looked at Sam when he hissed and he finally nodded, “it could be.”

I looked at the captain, “did you and these men kill Dexter?”

He looked away but Chance reached over me to grab his face. The captain screamed and pulled back, “YES!”

When we walked them into the station there were over a hundred peace officers waiting and watching. We had used the wide band peace comm to notify the RT command and the station that we had the men responsibly for killing Dexter and the link to the supplier. We left them in separate isolation cells as we headed for the district commissioner’s office.

We didn’t bother with stealth as we strode through the building and into his office complex. His big mistake was waiting with a dozen men that fired static penetrators at us. While Char, me, Pat and Sam returned fire and took the men down Chance and Gregor strode across the room to take the commissioner.

After they were safely locked away we put the suits in the armory vault under bio lock. While we were debriefed by our commander and the commissioner of peace officers I drew up an improved body screen harness that was twice as effective for the street officers. I also had the pleasure of fitting every RT team and making them suits like ours.

I sighed when I got home and set the cruiser alarm before heading down to my apartment. Tina met me inside the door and grinned as she rubbed against me, “you were on the news vid.”

I held her naked hips, “really?”

She grinned and turned to pull me towards the bedroom.
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