After twenty five years of learning from my master I was on my own, a full wizard in my own right. The tiny island we had lived on was far behind me. I walked away from the customs desk and smiled as I thought of making my own way. My name is Silver Christopher Hunter and I am thirty five but look like I was still a teenager.

I stand over six feet tall with sandy hair and cold blue eyes. My master had started me on his own form of martial arts when he had first found me and now I was a master. I exercised almost every morning before eating and starting my other classes so I was in good shape. I had started dressing in silk shirts and slacks a few years ago.

When I pushed open the outer door of the train station and stepped out into the foggy morning it was with a sigh. I wore a light blue silk shirt with a tailored looking grey three piece suit and soft leather boots. The walking cane was anything but, it was my wizards staff. It looked like dark wood with elegant silver spiraling up from the brass foot cap.

It was capped with a dullish silver dragon holding a large emerald in its mouth. The two eyes were tiny rubies that almost glowed. I glanced up at the small dragon shadowing me, “why don’t you eat a few of these flying rats?”

It snorted a small flame and I grinned as I started walking. The small dragon was only about as big as a medium sized dog with a wing span of two meters. It looked like one drawn from one of the old European legends. When the bus stopped beside me, I whispered a simple spell and climbed in.

I got off in a warehouse district and looked around before heading towards what looked like a run down and deserted one. There was even an old rusted hulk of a semi and several broken trailers. I looked around and gestured when I reached a small office door. I walked in and glanced around at the broken furniture and littered floor.

I murmured a spell and a whirl wind appeared to suck everything in. As it swept around the large room it left thick comfortable carpets behind and then a wide bed. Couches and cabinets appeared and when it died in the center of the room a glowing brazier sat in its place. I crossed to the other door and walked into the huge empty warehouse.

I turned and set my cane and coat on an elegant table just inside the door. I walked around the walls of the warehouse murmuring and chanting. Behind me the rust and disrepair vanished and shining symbols appeared on the walls. I walked to the center of the huge space and glanced up before crossing my legs and sitting.

As I began chanting, a pentagram rose through the floor and kept going until it rested on the ceiling. A second pentagram rose out of the floor around me and my chant became a long murmured spell as I pulled out a small map. I set it in front of me as I continued with the spell. I finally stopped and sat waiting, within seconds money began appearing.

I nodded as it appeared faster and large stacks and piles started to grow. I murmured a spell as I gestured towards the loading dock doors. The money shifted and moved in that direction as it separated into stacks of like denominations. I relaxed and just watched as money from thieves, robbers and drug dealers vanished and appeared here.

It was awhile before it stopped appearing and I stood. I gestured and whispered a spell that ended the other spells. I went outside and looked at the street, I sighed and walked to the old rusty hulk of a truck. I walked around it as I murmured another spell. The truck groaned and squealed before shimmering.

A new looking truck stood in its place and I turned to look at the broken trailers. Several minutes later the new truck backed a long trailer up to the loading dock. I gestured to the large dock doors as I climbed the stairs and they opened. The trailer doors opened and I glanced in before gesturing to the huge stacks of money.

They lifted and started floating into the trailer as I stood and watched. I caught a few bundles and slipped them into my vest pocket that seemed way to small for them to fit. I walked in and across to put my jacket on and picked up my cane. I sat in the driver’s seat as the truck drove us to a large bank and stepped out to walk in and speak with the manager.

I filled out the paperwork to start a new account before turning to gesture. The doors opened and then the trailer opened to. Stacks of money floated out as I murmured a spell. People walked around ignoring the floating stacks as they came into the bank and then into the vault. When it stopped coming in the head teller added a very large number to my account balance.

I left and let the truck drive me back to the warehouse. As I walked away from the truck and trailer they shimmered and in their place was the rusted broken wrecks they had been. The first part of my plans were done and now I walked to an old rusty body of a car. I walked around it like I had the truck and a new car appeared.

I let the car drive me to the central police building and parked before walking in as if I belonged. In the busy lobby I stood and looked around before walking to each wall and chanting a spell. I went back to the center of the room and began chanting again. When I finished I looked around before smiling and walking out.

Part two was done, robbers, thieves, drug dealers and murders were on their way to surrender and confess their crimes. I let the car drive me to a large mall and started walking around. I stopped after awhile and sat to watch a girl in her teens as she flashed and flirted with any man that walked by.

After awhile she walked towards me with a sway to her hips, “Do you like what you see?”

I smiled and used the head of my cane to lift the edge of her short skirt until her bald pussy was visible, “Yes.”

She actually blushed before pushing her skirt down. I looked into her face, “Would you like to come with me and have sex?”

She smiled and put her hands on her hips, “Think I’m easy?”

I laughed, “Your pussy was puffy and wet and you are aroused. Yes, you are easy and when I am finished you will have a belly full of cum.”

She grinned, “okay.”

I stood and turned towards the nearest door as I held out my arm. She took my arm and we started towards the door. She was surprised when the car pulled up in front of us with no one driving. I opened the door and let her climb in before getting in beside her, “home.”

The car pulled away smoothly as I turned and leaned close to kiss her soft lips. She sighed and turned to feel my chest, “you feel strong.”

I smiled as I kissed her, “Have you had sex before?”

She blushed and glanced at my lap, “No.”

I caressed one of her firm breasts through her blouse, “I am a virgin too.”

She looked up from my hand as she shivered and I grinned, “what’s your name?”

I moved my hand down and under her skirt. She watched and spread her legs, “Emma.”

I slipped my middle finger into her warm pussy and she groaned and shuddered. I smiled as I fingered her and slipped my finger into her deeper, “You lost your cherry.”

Emma shivered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my finger. She looked into my face and smiled, “I use a vibrator.”

I started rubbing her clit and she lay back and spread her legs more, “mmmm!”

I kept fingering her and her hips lifted a minute later as her pussy tightened, “OH!”

She jerked and shook and spasmed before I pulled my finger out. I licked it and leaned over to kiss her, “Nice.”

She grinned, “It was very nice.”

The car stopped and I glanced out at the warehouse. I opened the door and helped Emma out and then walked to the office door. I opened it and held it for Emma and she stepped in. She hesitated and turned slightly, “There’s some type of animal on the bed.”

I followed her in and glanced at the bed and sighed, “Do you have to use my bed?”

Steve shifted and moved one wing back. Emma moved closer, “What is that?”

I looked at her, “That is Steve. He’s a dragon.”

Emma looked at the bed and giggled, “He isn’t very big.”

I grinned as Steve growled, “When a wizard is born a dragon egg enters this world. Other wizards know when a wizard will be born and attend. They follow the connection to the dragon egg and use spells to alter the dragon’s size so it won’t be as noticeable.”

She smiled, “Well, he might be small but he looks fierce.”

Steve snorted a smoke ring and I gestured to the door, “go find a pigeon to roast.”

Emma laughed, “Roast one for me too.”

The dragon slid off the bed and moved smoothly to the door as it opened. I closed the door after he left and Emma giggled as she walked to the bed, “I like him.”

I followed her and caught her next to the bed. I held her waist and pulled her back against me, “Steve isn’t a pet.”

She turned in my arms, “neither am I.”

I kissed her as she pressed against me. She moaned and I started unbuttoning her blouse. She waited for me to undress her before backing onto the large bed. I smiled and undressed while she watched. I left my cane standing by itself as I stalked after Emma. She lay back and held out her arms, “Fuck me.”

I moved between her legs and kissed her as I slowly pressed against her. She groaned in my mouth as I continued to kiss her and slowly pushed into her very tight pussy. My cock spread and stretched her pussy as it slowly sank all the way into her and stopped against her cervix. Emma groaned and shivered as her pussy pulsed around my cock.

I kept kissing her and a few moments later she shuddered and her pussy grasped my cock. Her hips lifted and I pulled back to start fucking her. It wasn’t long before she stiffened and then wailed and started kicking in the air as her pussy spasmed. She clutched me tight and kept convulsing as my cock slipped in and out of her.

I kissed her but didn’t stop, soon she was bucking and thrashing around under me. Her tight pussy grasped and squeezed my cock constantly as she squirted and became slipperier. I thrust into her and grunted as I peed cum through her cervix. Emma shuddered as her pussy clamped down around my cock.

I continued to pump and spew a stream of cum into her until her womb was bulging. She groaned and shuddered as I sighed and slowly pulled out. I lay beside her and caressed her pelvis before cupping a breast. I bent to suck on the nipple and Emma shivered before giggling, “Damn that was good.”

I smiled and kissed her, “We are far from done my paramour.”

She grinned, “good.”

I tugged on a nipple before rolling her onto her stomach and reaching down to spread her legs. She looked back over her shoulder as I moved over her and between her legs. I kissed her bare shoulder before slowly pushing back into her now slimy pussy. She shuddered and moaned as my cock slid into her and I started to fuck her.

She thrust back and her pussy tightened as she shuddered again, “mmmmm!”

I kept fucking her, using long thrusts that finally pushed my cock against her cervix again. She stiffened and then started bucked as her pussy clenched around my cock. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and she wailed and howled as her feet kicked and beat on the bed. I slowed and moved up to fuck down into her.

Emma screamed and convulsed as she squirted and her pussy contracted. I continued to fuck her like that as she jerked and thrashed around. She kept squirting and her pussy was squeezing and milking my cock. I slid down to fuck straight up into her slimy pussy and she jerked when it slid into her cervix.

I held her as I started peeing cum again and Emma shuddered while her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I pumped huge spurts through her cervix and into her cummy womb and when I stopped she shivered and giggled. I pulled out and lay beside her to feel and rub her butt. She turned on her side to look at me, “How many time can you do it?”

I bent to suck on her pink nipple before moving up to kiss her, “Maybe a dozen.”

She laughed and turned to lay back, “can we eat lunch before fucking some more?”

I rubbed her slimy pussy, “Sure.”

She shivered and grinned at me, “What’s your name?”

I moved to the edge of the bed and helped her off, “Silver.”

Emma smiled and caressed my chest before looking around. I reached for my cane and gestured to her. She gasped as a elegant gown swirled up her body. I smiled and gestured to my clothes and they shimmered before whirling around and slipping onto me. I turned Emma and pulled her against me, “what would you like to eat?”

She smiled into my face, “lobster.”

I grinned and put her arm through mine before starting towards the door. When I opened it I frowned and looked around before gesturing. The two roasted pigeons lifted from the doorstep and floated towards a distant garbage bin. Emma giggled, “Good boy Steve.”

I shook my head and led her to the waiting car. Lunch was in a nice restaurant and then we went back to the warehouse. Emma walked through the door and grinned when she saw Steve on the bed again. She absently slipped the gown off as she walked to the bed. I closed the door and walked behind her undressing.

She moved onto the bed beside Steve and grinned as she scratched under his chin, “Thanks for roasting the pigeon for me.”

Steve shivered as a curl of flame slipped out. I left my cane and reached for Emma, “Careful or he will fuck you too.”

She giggled as I pulled her to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs, “That might be fun.”

I shook my head as I spread her legs and pushed my hard cock back into her. I looked at Steve, “Do you want to fuck her?”

He growled and nodded and Emma shuddered as her pussy tightened. I started fucking her cummy pussy, “You got your wish.”

She laughed and looked back at Steve as I kept fucking her, “I hope he has a lot of cum.”

I grinned and buried my cock before reaching between us and rubbing her clit. She jerked and convulsed as her pussy spasmed around my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

I started fucking her with long thrusts and she continued to shake and jerk. She squirted me a couple of times as she bucked and twisted on the bed. I finally thrust into her and held her as I peed and pumped more sperm through her cervix. She stiffened and lifted her hips, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming I slowly pulled out of her. I grinned and bent over her to kiss her, keeping an eye on Steve. I turned her on the bed and rolled her onto her stomach before lifting her hips. Steve surged to his feet and moved over her quickly. I touched his shoulder, “Slowly?”

He snorted and humped and Emma gasped. I stood and move away to sit on a couch across the room. Steve was humping and fucking into her as she shuddered and pushed back. She jerked and shook and wailed and howled. He kept fucking her steadily and she continued to thrust back onto his cock as she cried out.

It was almost fifteen minutes before he thrust forward and growled. Another curl of flame slipped out as his front legs held her and he started pumping huge streams of cum. Emma jerked and thrust back when she felt the hot sperm erupting deep inside her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She shivered and shook as Steve’s body shuddered and he pulled out. He turned to look at me before moving to the other side of the bed. Emma slumped to the bed and sighed, “Damn he can fuck.”

I stood and crossed to pull her off the bed and towards the other door. She leaned against me as we left and I opened the door into the long disused bathroom. She looked around as I murmured and another whirlwind appeared and started around the room. Tiles from the wall were swept up with all the other garbage.

After the whirlwind passed sparkling clean marble was left behind. All the sinks vanished except for one wide elegant one. The toilets and urinals went with the sinks, leaving one toilet and one bidet. A single large shower and a large bath tub appeared in two of the corners. Emma grinned, “This looks much better.”

I smiled as I pulled her to the toilet, “Go.”

She blushed but sat to pee. When she was done I moved her to the bidet. She grinned as she washed her pussy and the water fountained up into her to clean out the cum. When she was done I started filling the bath before pulling her into the shower. I washed her carefully, “If you stay with me, Steve will want to fuck you again.”

She grinned as she rubbed my chest, “Okay.”

I cupped her firm breasts and rubbed the nipples, “He is a mirror to me. For each time I fuck you he will want to do it too.”

Emma shuddered and wrapped her hand around my cock, “I won’t mind.”

I laughed, “Yes you will.”

She smiled, “We could find another girl and we could take turns.”

I shut the water off and pulled her to the bath. I sat and pulled her onto my lap before feeling her wonderful breasts and kissing her. She shivered and moaned as I kept feeling her and slipped my hand down to finger her pussy. I slipped a finger into her as she sighed and used my palm to press against and rub her clit.

It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard as she began to shiver and shudder. When she came, she jerked and spasmed harder and her tight pussy grasped my finger. She kissed me hard and kept shaking and jerking for a couple more minutes until I pulled my finger out. I stood and pulled her out and summoned a large, soft towel.

I dried her off before myself, “It will be a long night.”

She caressed my chest, “I hope so.”

I rubbed one of her nipples, “tomorrow Steve and I leave for another city. Do you want to come with us?”

She grinned, “Sure.”

I nodded and took her hand and led her back into the bedroom. She laughed and moved forward to pull me to the bed, “Fuck me like Steve.”

She crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees and wiggled her butt at me. I smiled as I moved onto the bed behind her and positioned my cock. I pushed into her tight pussy and fucked her with long thrusts. She started pushing back and her warm pussy kept grasping my cock. It was only a couple of minutes before she was moaning and shuddering.

Her pussy rippled and tightened as I buried my cock against her cervix and rubbed her asshole as she jerked and shook. Her pussy was spasming and milking my cock as she grunted and moaned. After a minute I held her waist and pulled almost out of her before fucking her hard and pushing open her cervix.

Emma howled and kept slamming back onto my cock as she squirted. I fucked her with long thrusts and she came continuously, wailing and convulsing the whole time. I finally shoved my cock into her and held her as it spewed a strong stream of cum through her cervix and into her womb.

Her tight pussy grasped my cock and squeezed as it milked the cum into her and she screamed. I pumped and spurted into her until I was done and she was left panting. I pulled out and rubbed her butt as she sank to the bed. Steve yawned, showing needle sharp teeth before standing. Emma looked up and grinned, “Hey lover, want to fuck me again?”

He moved closer and bent his neck to lick her cheek. She grinned and glanced back as I moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Emma went to her hands and knees before crawling further onto the bed and turning around. Steve spread his wings as he mounted her and shifted forward to hold her.

She shuddered and groaned when he humped and shoved his smaller cock into her slimy cunt. By the time we were done she was exhausted and sleeping peacefully. Her cunt was puffy and leaking and she had more leaking from her ass where Steve had fucked her ass a couple of times.

I slipped out of bed and took my cane as I went to wash and then go into the warehouse to remove all the glyphs and symbols. Part three of my plan was finished. I relaxed in a chair after I was done and watched Emma sleep. Steve was out hunting and terrorizing small animals. I finally stood and went back into the warehouse and stretched before beginning my exercises.

When I was done the sun was up and I felt refreshed and more alive then ever. I woke Emma by sitting beside her and caressing and rubbing her butt. I grinned when she groaned and lifted her head, “Again?”

I reached for her hand, “Come wash fuck doll.”

She grinned as she sat up and moved off the bed, “We really need to find another girl for you two to fuck.”

I laughed as I took her hand, “Only one?”

She giggled as we walked out and into the bathroom. She went to the bathroom and sat on the bidet to wash the cum out of her pussy and ass. When she was done I pulled her into the shower and washed her before leading her to the hot bath that was waiting. I caressed her as she sat and soaked.

She sighed and leaned against me, “Last night was the best night ever. I loved having you and Steve doing me.”

I smiled and gave her a soft kiss, “Still want to come with us?”

She smiled and nodded, “Yeah.”

After we got out of the bath I led her to the door and turned to whisper and gesture. As the door closed the room was returned to the state it had been before I changed it. In the bedroom I caressed her hips and stepped back to murmur and gestured and a beautiful gown appeared and swirled around Emma.

I gestured and a light green silk shirt slipped onto me and then another grey suit. I glanced around before leading Emma to the outer door. I turned and gestured before closing the door as the room returned to disarray and chaos. The car drove us through the city to the train station and stopped in the back of a parking lot.

I helped Emma out and turned to gesture to the car and it sagged and shimmered as it was returned to a rusty wreck. I bought tickets on a train and glanced up at Steve when we stopped on the platform to wait. He was calmly sitting on a beam above where the train would be. After we boarded I led Emma to the dinning car as the train slowly pulled out of the station.

We ate breakfast and she kept looking out the window. After we were done I led her to our compartment. She glanced around as she sat, “How long before we get there?”

I thought and shrugged, “A few hours.”

She sat back, “Where’s Steve?”

I glanced up, “Probably riding on top of the train.”

She grinned and started undressing, “Want to fuck me?”

I smiled as I leaned over and gave her a kiss, “You are a horny girl.”

I gestured and the door locked as I stood and undressed. I pulled the night bed down and Emma sat and then laid back, “To bad...”

She was looking at the window and I turned to look before crossing and opening it. I pulled Steve in as he crawled the rest of the way down the side of the train, “You could have been seen.”

He snorted and slipped onto the bed and laid on top of Emma. I closed the window and turned as she spread her legs and held him with one arm while the other slipped between them. He humped and she shivered before he started fucking her. She sighed and put both arms around him as he fucked her slowly and I sat on the edge of the bed to wait for my turn.

Steve took his time and fucked her with deep thrusts that had her shuddering and moaning as she kept thrusting up. A few minutes later I whispered a silencing spell on the compartment as Emma started howling and wailing. She bucked and writhed around under the small dragon as he continued to fuck her and lick her face with his narrow forked tongue.

After twenty minutes Steve thrust into her and shuddered as he spread his wings. Emma grunted and jerked as she lifted her hips, “YES!”

Steve pumped his hot cum into her as she kept shaking and shuddering. When he stopped his tongue slipped into her mouth and then he pulled out as he stood and moved off the bed. Emma lay back panting with cum leaking out of her pussy. I shook my head and moved over between her legs to shove into her. I kissed her before fucking her hard and deep.

She grunted and clutched me as I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts. My cock hit and pushed her cervix open with each thrust and she wrapped her legs around me as she began to howl again. She bucked and thrashed around on the bed under me as I continued to fuck her slimy pussy.

Soon she was kicking in the air and wailed as her pussy spasmed and miked my cock. By the time I was ready to cum she was completely incoherent as she squirted and convulsed. I shoved into her as I began to spew strong gushing spurts of cum. Emma jerked and shuddered when she felt warm sperm pumping into her and hugged me, “YES! CUM IN ME!”

When I stopped cumming she was still jerking and shuddering as cum leaked around my cock. I pulled out of her and glanced at the time, “we need to dress.”

Emma groaned and shuddered before closing her legs. I slipped off the bed and started dressing and absently created a towel as she sat on the edge of the bed and looked at all the cum leaking out of her. She grinned and stood up before starting to wipe her pussy. I helped her dress and when the train slowed at the station I opened the window and looked at Steve.

We walked off the train and Emma was looking at everything. I grinned as I started walking, “Come on strumpet, we have a couple of places to go before I can find the girl we want.”

Emma laughed as she ran to catch up and I gestured to a stand with maps. She grinned as she slipped her hand into mine, “A blonde would look good under Steve.”

I smiled at her, “You look good under Steve.”

She grinned, “and under you.”

I took her hand as we walked out of the train station and I flagged a taxi down. It drove us through town to the warehouse district. I had the driver stop when I saw several abandoned warehouses and paid him. Like before I changed one as Emma watched and then started cleaning the big empty space. I had to move an old car out and enchanted it before I was finished.

I walked around the walls as Emma watched and chanted and murmured spells. I made the mirror pentagrams before pulling out the map I had gotten at the train station. I started the long spell as I defined the city area on the map. I wait when I was done and Emma whispered, “what now?”

I smiled as I glanced at her, “Now I wait.”

Like before money began appearing from thieves, robbers and drug dealers. I shifted it to one side into packets and bundles of like denominations. This was a larger city so it took the money longer to stop. I walked out and looked around before murmuring a spell that changed an abandoned truck. Emma rode with me when I left with all the money in the back.

It was late afternoon before we drove away from the bank and went to the police station, after that we headed to a large mall. I parked in a far corner and took Emma’s hand as we walked towards the mall. The truck shimmered and sagged back into the rusted, abandoned wreck it had been.

I glanced at Emma, “The girl we are looking for will be here soon. She will be teasing men in the food court.”

Emma grinned as she squeezed my hand, “My favorite thing to do.”

I laughed and squeezed her hand, “Steve doesn’t like sharing with normal men.”

She laughed as she bumped my shoulder and looked up, “I didn’t say I wanted to fuck them, just tease them.”

I shook my head, “shop first and then we can go watch her flirt.”

We walked through several shops before going to the food court. I sat and Emma leaned against my shoulder as we shared a milkshake. The girl was as enticing as Emma and liked to sit with her legs spread. She would lift her skirt when a man walked by with his girlfriend or wife. She was a long haired honey blonde with a lovely body.

I finally nudged Emma, “Why don’t you go ask her if she wants to join us?”

She grinned as she stood and walked towards the girl. Emma stopped beside the girl and sat with her legs spread. They talked and flashed men before Emma stood and followed her into the bathroom. When they came out Emma led her to me grinning. She turned, “Silver this is Mia.”

I smiled at the girl, “hello Mia.”

She grinned, “Emma said you and your dog fuck her.”

I glanced up at the huge sky light above us where Steve was peeking in, “Me and Steve take turns trying to please her.”

She glanced up and frowned before I stood and stepped close, “Would you like to find out what it is like?”

She looked at me, “I know what you want.”

I touched her cheek, “I want sex. I want to hear you when you lose control.”

Mia grinned, “That doesn’t happen. Guys fuck for a minute and then stop to squirt before they are done.”

I grinned, “Than you are in for a treat.”

She looked at Emma, “we can go fool around for awhile.”

I nodded and took her hand before Emma slipped her arm through mine. When we walked out the doors I murmured and gestured and the old car from the warehouse pulled up. It looked new and sparkled as the back door opened. Emma grinned as Mia stared wide eyed. I nudged her and she climbed in with Emma as I walked around to get in the front seat.

They whispered all the way back to the warehouse. When the car pulled up beside the office door I slipped out and opened the back door for them. Mia smiled as she climbed out and looked around. She walked into the room and grinned as she turned to Emma. Emma crossed to the bed and scratched under Steve’s chin.

Mia looked at the small dragon before laughing and starting to undressing. I undressed and followed her to the bed as she sat and reached out to lift a wing, “he really is a dragon.”

Steve snorted as Emma grinned, “A horny dragon.”

I pushed Mia back and opened her legs before leaning down to lick through her pussy. She was a virgin and still had her hymen. I covered her pussy and murmured a spell before going back to licking her and teasing her clit. She shuddered and moaned as her hips began to lift. I continued to lick her and use my tongue on her clit as she started breathing hard and shaking.

A few minutes later she arched her back before jerking hard, “FUCK!”

I stood and moved her onto the bed before moving between her legs. Emma was slowly stroking Steve’s cock as they watched. I kissed Mia and pushed into her suddenly. She stiffened and then frowned as I wiggled and pushed the rest of the way into her. She put her arms around me, “that didn’t hurt.”

I grinned and gave her another kiss before starting to fuck her, “I removed it.”

She sighed and shivered as she lifted her hips. I fucked her slowly with deep thrusts and it was a few minutes before she began to shudder and then convulse as her pussy spasmed and tightened. She clutched me and wailed as she lifted her legs and I fucked her hard and deep. I buried my cock and pushed her cervix open.

I started to pump a huge torrent of warm cum through and into her womb. Mia jerked and clung to me as her tight pussy clenched around my cock and began to milk the cum I was spurting into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed, “That was better than I ever imagined.”

I kissed her and slowly pulled out. She glanced at Steve as Emma pushed him towards her. Mia grinned as she turned and rolled over before lifting her butt. The small dragon moved over her and half opened his wings before hunching and she gasped and shuddered. He held her and began to fuck her with slow steady thrusts that had her rocking back and forth.

Emma grinned as she laid down and I moved to sit. Mia began howling and jerking while Steve held her and fucked her hard for a couple of minutes. I caressed Emma’s hip as we watched her continue to cum until ten minutes later. Steve lifted his head and roared as he breathed fire. He held Mia as he began to pump his hot cum deep inside her.

She jerked and shook as she felt the hot sperm pumping into her and pushed back. When Steve stopped cumming he leaned forward and his long tongue reached out to lick the back of her neck. He pulled out before turning to Emma who rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt, “Do me.”

He moved behind her and mounted her before thrusting in. Mia was laying flat on the bed as she panted and I moved around before pulling her off the bed. Emma was moaning and shuddering as I pulled Mia after me. The large bathroom made her look around wide eyed as I pulled her to the shower to wash. When I finished she was caressing my chest.

I pulled her to the sunken tub filled with hot scented water as Emma walked in. I relaxed as Mia sighed and leaned against me. It was a couple of minutes before Emma slipped into the water and sat on my other side, “That was fun.”

Mia giggled, “Steve was amazing.”

Emma laughed, “we can take turns tonight.”

I shook my head and relaxed as I closed my eyes. It was awhile before I pulled the girls out and made shimmering dresses for them and summoned a taxi. We went to a nice restaurant and then to a movie they both wanted to see. It was dark when we returned to the warehouse. I closed the door and put up wards for the night.

The two girls stripped and headed to the bathroom. When they returned to the bed I had undressed and was waiting. This time Mia crawled onto the bed and turned to wiggle her butt at Steve as I rolled Emma onto her back and moved between her legs. I kissed her and pushed into her tight pussy as she lifted her hips.

I fucked her slowly with deep thrusts as she turned her head to watch Steve fuck Mia. Mia was grunting and thrusting back as the small dragon hunched and fucked her steadily with deep thrusts. I was pushing against Emma’s cervix as she began to wail and thrash around. She bucked and wiggled and twisted and screamed until I shoved into her completely.

I began to pump thick spurts of cum. She jerked and convulsed as warm cum began filling her and hugged me tight. When I was done I glanced at Steve to see him waiting beside Mia. I pulled out and moved back before sliding over and reaching for Mia. Her tight pussy was slimy and began grasping and squeezing my cock almost as soon as I pushed into her.

We fucked them six times each before they fell asleep exhausted. I smiled as they lay on each side of me with their heads on my shoulder. Steve was curled up behind Emma with his head over her waist. I woke when he left and checked the time. I woke the girls and slipped out of bed before pulling them after me into the bathroom.

After going to the bathroom and using the bidet I pulled them into the hot bath water and washed them as they sighed. I made a nice gown for them after they were finished with their bath and took them to breakfast. As we walked out of the warehouse it shimmered and returned to the way it had been before I arrived.

I took them to the train station and bought tickets. We had a sleeper car to ourselves and Mia giggled with Emma before opened the window, “Steve?”

It was a couple of moments before the dragon slipped through the window. I was relaxing in one of the seats, “did you feed?”

Steve ignored me and blew a smoke ring as the two girls laughed. I reached out with my cane to touch him and he stiffened, “did you feed?”

He glared and nodded and I sat back, “why do you ignore me? Not only do I let you stay with me, I share with you, even my ladies.”

He sniffed and shrugged before crawling onto the other seat. I sighed, “we only have three days left before we have to return to the island. Then we can go to Europe like we wanted.”

That was the agreement I had made, five days to show I could do something to help the people and create a base to live on. I looked at Emma and Mia as they stretched and gestured to undress them. Emma grinned, “horny wizard.”

Mia laughed, “and horny dragon.”

Steve had lifted his head to look at them and shifted as Mia bent to lick has growing cock. Emma laughed as she pulled me up and began undressing me. She stroked my cock as she pressed against me and then pushed me down and straddled me. She wiggled and pushed to impale her pussy before sighing and starting to rock.

I looked at the other seat to see Steve mounted on Mia and fucking her slowly. I caressed Emma’s hips as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. It was several minutes before she became erratic and started wailing. I used the silencing spell before Mia joined her howls as she thrust back again and again.

Emma was spasming and convulsing as she clung to me. I pulled her hips back and forth before holding her as I looked at Steve pumping his hot sperm into Mia and doing the same thing to Emma. When I was done she sighed and slumped against me. Mia sighed and I glanced at her as Steve moved off and laid beside her.

He actually looked at me and sighed before nodding. I smiled and held Emma for another minute before creating two towels. She smiled as she stood and handed one to Mia while she began wiping the cum leaking out of her pussy. It was a long trip and we ate lunch in the dinning car and brought food back for Steve.

The train came to the station after twelve and Steve slipped out before we left. Like before I acquired a map going through the train station. Mia was a little nervous about the abandoned warehouse until Steve bumped her. I made the changes and began to work as Emma and Mia went into the bedroom with Steve.

I left them with Steve when I went to the bank and then the police station. When I returned they were kissing and feeling each others cummy pussy as Steve watched the door. I nodded and smiled, “thanks for watching them.”

He nodded and I gestured, “come wash so we can go find the other girl and eat.”

Emma giggled and looked at Mia, “we already licked up the cream.”

Mia laughed as she pushed Emma and they moved off the bed. I washed them both before making gowns, “The next girl is shy and pretends to be less excited than she is. She likes to wear elegant gowns with no panties or bras.”

Emma giggled again, “so do we.”

The large mall was crowded since it was late afternoon but I nodded to a red haired girl Emma and Mia’s age. She was sitting by herself and kept lifting the hem of her gown to above one knee or another. Mia grinned and looked at Emma and they started walking towards her. I watched as they sat on each side of her and started talking.

A minute later Mia lifted her gown to her hips and spread her legs. She smiled at a married man staring at her and lowered her gown. They were still talking to the girl as she blushed and Emma lifted her gown and spread her legs for an old man. It was a couple of minutes before the girl blushed and copied Mia and Emma.

Five minutes later Emma pulled her up and led her to me. Mia hugged her from behind, “This is Summer, she wants you to fuck her.”

I smiled, “after dinner?”

Summer relaxed and grinned, “dinner sounds good.”

I led them to a nice restaurant in the mall and after a short wait we were seated in a corner booth. Emma and Mia kept talking to her as we ordered and ate. After dinner was over we walked around and I stopped at a few jewelry stores to buy a few things for the girls. When we walked out the mall door the large black car I had changed pulled up.

Mia grinned as she opened the door and climbed in. Summer followed as I went around to the passenger door. Emma and Mia had Summer between them and started kissing her and lifted the gown so they could finger her. When we walked into the bedroom Steve looked up from the bed and Emma left Summer and walked to him, “this is the dragon we told you about.”

Summer stared and then grinned, “he is a dragon.”

I smiled as I walked to the side of the bed and began to undress. Mia pulled Summer to the bed and stripped her before giving her a kiss, “Silver gets you before the dragon.”

Emma was caressing Steve and slowly stroking his cock, “and then us.”

Summer grinned as she moved onto the bed, “That sounds good to me.”

I moved onto the bed as Emma went to her hands and knees and Steve stood. I lay between Summer’s legs and started to lick her pussy and use my tongue on her clit. I kept it up as she shivered and then started to shudder as her hips lifted. A few more and she jerked and twisted as she wailed, “oooohhhhhh!”

Emma was grunting as Steve humped and fucked her with deep thrusts while Mia pet and rubbed his back. I moved up and kissed Summer before pushing into her tight pussy and starting to fuck her. I started off with deep thrusts and began to grind and hump as she clutched me. Her pussy squeezed my cock constantly as I kept fucking her.

It was a few minutes before she screamed and started to thrash around. I rode her as she wiggled and squirmed before fucking her hard as she lifted and spread her legs. She howled and thrust up hard as I kept planting my cock in her all the way. Many minutes later she spasmed and held her hips up as I began to spew cum into her.

She shuddered and held on as I continued to fill her. When I stopped she sighed and smiled, “I really liked that.”

Steve was finished with Emma who was holding Mia as they both grinned. I pulled out and moved off the bed, “come here Emma.”

Mia reached out to roll Summer onto her stomach and lift her hips as Emma crawled to me and I turned her and pushed her head down. I rubbed her cummy slit before pushing into her and fucking her with long strokes. I watched Steve mount Summer and hump into her and she looked up and shuddered before pushing back.

I kept fucking Emma as Steve did Summer and started to do it harder. Her slimy pussy kept grasping my cock as she began to shake and then wail. Summer was jerking and howling into the bed as Steve continued to hump her steadily. I fucked Emma long hard and deep and she began to spasm as she wet me.

She screamed into the bed as I kept fucking her while Steve roared and breathed fire while spurting cum into his new lady. I was holding Emma up much later when I thrust into her and began pumping a torrent of cum. She jerked with each hot spurt as it gushed and filled her. When I was done she shuddered and laid forward on the bed.

Mia was licking the cum leaking out of Summer and I smiled before gesturing, “come here Mia.”

I glanced at Steve as he growled, “you should have done her.”

Mia laughed, “lay down Silver and he can fuck my ass.”

I looked at Steve before moving onto the bed and laying back. Mia straddled me and slowly wiggled down my cock before laying forward, “Steve?”

My cock throbbed deep in her tight pussy as she tilted her hips and the small dragon mounted her. She grunted when he shoved and then shuddered as he began to hump. Her pussy had become much tighter as I felt his cock sliding in and out and thrust up. She jerked and thrust back as I pulled back and Steve jabbed in.

It wasn’t long before we were in a rhythm, I thrust up and Steve pulled back. It was a couple of minutes before Mia was spasming and wailing. Her pussy was constantly grasping at my cock and squeezing. She wet me as she continued to shudder hard while her pussy grasped my cock.

Steve began to fuck her faster and harder and Mia howled as she began to convulse. It was a couple of minute before I felt Steve thrust into her and held her as he began spewing cum. Mia screamed and jerked as his hot sperm was pumped into her and I thrust into her. A minute later I was holding her as I began pumping a geyser of cum through her cervix.

She thrashed and jerked and struggled while yelling, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

When I stopped cumming I felt Steve pull out of her and she sighed before slowly lifting her hips, “damn that was awesome.”

Summer and Emma snickered and I lifted Mia’s hips before she rolled off. I pulled Summer to me and rolled her onto her stomach before lifting her butt as I moved behind her. It was past midnight before we stopped and the three girls were leaking cum from their pussy and ass. I held Summer as she held Mia and Emma held Steve.

I was up early and pulling the sleepy girls after me as I went towards the bathroom. I made sure the three were clean inside and out before making three new gowns. Since they had jewelry and clothes we had bought, I made three small trucks. I returned everything like it had been when we left and the car drove us to the train station.

We went to five major cities in five days. On the sixth we took a plane and returned to the island. The girls enjoyed the island and the private beach while I spoke to the wizard council. A week later we left for Europe and found a large villa on the coast of the Mediterranean. Every few years we return to the states to visit cities by train.
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