Missy aka Jay continues to surprise herself s she fucks and sucks older man and is being set up for blackmail by a man 20 years her junior
Part 2
Jesse ran up the stairs hurried to Jay’s apartment to retrieve her cell phone number while he was at it he took Pat’s number as well this was a stroke of luck for what he had planned for later.
As he hit the stairs again headed to his unit one floor up he heard laughter coming from below he was just ahead of Ted and Jay leaving their laundry room romp he would love to be in her apartment to surprise her but feared Ted may be a gentleman and escort her in.

His plan was to keep his contact with her between just the two of them to gain a control through the threat of revelation with video and photo’s he could not wait to download what he had just captured on his phone to his video program. He waited to watch Ted leave before he sent his first invite to the hot Cougar he intended to make his personal Pet.

Jay was alarmed to find her door propped open for a moment but remembered running out thinking she would return quickly after retrieving her laundry. She took it in stride and looked up at Ted questioning the absence of her laundry that she thought would be by her door. Ted said, “let me go in and check first,” Jay stepped aside with a nod. Ted spotted the basket on her couch and quickly went through the apartment checking for Jesse, “all clear” he growled, “I told him not to bother you and he sure wasn’t supposed to enter your apartment.” Jay grinned, “curiosity killed the cat.” Ted just glared standing in the doorway of the bedroom still looking around at all he saw.

Jay brushed by him with the basket putting it on the floor of the closet turning to catch the glint in his eyes as he was processing being in her bedroom with his cum still oozing down her thighs, Ted had just locked onto the Rabbit vibrator in the middle of the bed still coated with her earlier orgasm.

Jay reached for it thinking to put it away quickly without comment. Ted cleared his throat and asked, “Mind if I have a look at that ….. whatever you call it?” Jay blushed in spite of her-self, “Ted that is my personal comforter for when my husband is away.”

Ted persisted, “I never seen anything quite like it how exactly does it bring comfort?” Jay was still determined to put it away but the look on Ted’s face communicated his sincerity so she gave in and tried to explain how women could gain great comfort and relief with this particular item as it had the ability to simulate powerful thrusting intercourse and fellatio at the same time.

Ted reached for the device and turned it on to see how it worked the sound was louder than he expected and he jumped tossing it onto the bed. “Hmmm” he sighed, looking expectantly at Jay for a further explanation?
Jay giggled, “Ted would you like me to show you how it works?” Ted looked at his feet, “only if you don’t mind me being so nosy Missy?”

“Well Ted after the morning we just shared I don’t think you should worry about being nosy.” Jay lay on the bed and had Ted stand at the edge of the between her now opened legs, “take these off Ted” she moaned pulling at her green undies now drenched from their earlier sex and her pussy juices flowing from the excitement of him in her room handling her favorite toy.

Ted was quick to oblige while adjusting his new erection. Jay took the rabbit into her mouth salivating onto it preparing for insertion. Now she handed it to Ted showing him how each button adjusted the control of the rotation and vibration. Ted was a quick study and placed the rabbit at her labia waiting for her instruction.

Jay was listening intently as he talked about how he had never seen a woman orgasm with a toy and was really curious how each step worked, she smiled and said “this baby does most of the work for you and actually I have never used it with anyone else in the room so I guess we can just experiment together.”

Ted moaned as he pushed the toy into her until she sighed as the rabbit ears hit her clit causing her back to arch and her nipples to swell. “MMMM that is the spot mister now speed it up just hit the up arrows on the control.”

Ted was in awe of the tool as he saw her reaction responding immediately to the triple action the vibrator on her clit as well as the rotating shaft massaging her g-spot as she called it. And of course the now in and out action provided by his excitement of hand fucking this hot lady just minutes after cuming deep in her wet pussy, she was a horny little “Missy” and he was pleased to help her out.

Her response intensified as he hit the reverse button causing the shaft to change direction, “oohh” she cooed, “that is new I never thought to hit that button before do it again.” Ted chuckled and hit the button several more times now she was bucking against his hand building to a heart pounding orgasm.

“Faster, harder a little deeper that’s it big boy fuck me harder,” Jay urged. Ted was now using both hands fighting to keep the pace as she thrashed about screaming with another orgasm convulsing several times before pushing him away “whoa that’s enough Ted, I can absolutely and emphatically assert it is much more effective when you use it on me as opposed to using it on myself.”

Jesse had waited several minutes and could not escape the curiosity of Ted not exiting so as he found the door still unlocked he crept in and found Ted with his back to the bedroom door and Jay laying with Ted between her legs and his hand using the rabbit. He was a little surprised that these two would have the energy and desire to be playing again so soon. He took out his phone and realized he had almost filled the capacity from earlier so he was forced to settle for photos as they continued to enjoy the toy. With the first shot he realized he was visible in the full mirror doors on the closet so he moved behind the door and took photos of the reflections rather than appear in the picture or get discovered by his voyeur’s.

He knelt down and took some shots through the v of Ted’s long legs it was an awesome view as the rabbit was buried deep in her wet pussy and her nipples stood at attention. The cross shot in the mirror caught the side view as Jay stuck her tongue out relishing the pounding treatment Ted and the rabbit were colluding to inflict on his Cougar Lady’s wet pussy. Jay had the huge freckled breast with nipples standing a quarter of an inch in complete attention how he longed to suckle those perfect nipples.

He regretted not getting the audio on this one he could hear Ted’s heavy breathing, Jay’s moans and squeals all while the rabbit hummed and her pussy began to make a sloshing sloppy wet sound with the in and out of each thrust. He longed to have his cock inside her wetness, the sounds all ceased and he caught himself just as Jay sat up looking between Teds legs at what had become a tent with a wet roof from the pre-cum in Ted’s jump-suit.

He waited, whew, she had not seen him or his reflection he slipped further behind the door watching the reflection as Jay reached for the tent unzipping and then engulfing the huge rock hard cock of ole Ted.

Ted gasped as his member disappeared down Jay’s throat, Jesse snapped a few more pictures then adjusted himself for stealth putting away the camera and reaching for his raging hard on as Jay slurped he began to stroke quietly ready to cum immediately.

Jesse watched their reflection as their continued engagement began to loosen up with familiarity. Ted becoming more comfortable in her company and asserting his wishes on her by placing both hands on her head beginning a slow face fucking motion as he neared another orgasm his second in a day after going almost 4 years without one, was more than he could have dreamed.

As Jay fought gagging reflexes with his nine inches down her throat, Ted’s legs and back stiffens as Jesse shoots his load onto the door.

“Missy, I am going to cum now,” Ted groans as he pulls away not wanting to cum into her mouth without permission. Jay mumbles something unintelligible and pushes him out taking his cock in both hands pumping wildly as Ted nearly falls from the force.

Jesse readies his phone as Jay insist that Ted come up on the bed as she lays down allowing him to straddle her waist she again takes him in both hands and pumps furiously as Ted tries to hold it.

“Don’t hold back Ted,” Jay scolds, “I want you to shoot all over my tits I have always wondered what it would be like to have a man cover my tits and face like they do in the porn videos.”
Ted lets go with a howl as he unloads several spurts of hot semen onto her tits and finally her chin as she sits up directing the shot. Jesse clicks away all while slipping toward his exit.

Ted collapses onto the bed as Jay wipes and licks up his cum, enjoying the once in a life time moment. “Well,
Missy I believe you have gone beyond prime to rare, I never did anything like this in my life.”

“Well Ted, Neither had I till now.” Jay soothed. "This is my first ever adventure outside of my love life with my husband. With that her cell began to vibrate and she was panicked to shush Ted quiet as she answered on the fourth ring she heard the door close in the living room.

To be continued……….
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