Ben arrives home a little earlier than usual for a Friday afternoon. He pulls into his driveway and hits the automatic garage door opener.

“Oh good!” he says, as he notices his thirteen year old daughter’s bicycle in the driveway, “she’s home.”

He needs her help tonight. Ben works for a pharmaceutical research firm. He’s been working on an exciting new project. It’s still in the early stages of research, but he’s certain he’s onto a big break.

Once inside, Ben pours himself a glass of orange juice and adds a dash of vodka. He looks around the kitchen, trying to decide what to make for dinner.

“Spaghetti,” he decides, “it won’t take long at all.”

Ben puts a pot of water on the stove and then pulls out the leftover spaghetti sauce he made two nights ago. As he puts it in the microwave to heat it up, he says, “That should take care of things for the moment, now where’s my little scientist?”

Ben walks to the bottom of the stairs and yells, “Clarise? Pumpkin, where are you?”

No response. He walks over to the basement door and opens it. The lights are on.

“Of course,” Ben mumbles as he descends the stairs into their spacious walk in basement. It’s been converted into a laboratory. Ben uses one side of their lab to conduct research, some of it work related and some of it for his own experiments. His daughter and budding scientist, Clarise, uses the other half of it for her own experiments and school projects.

Laid out on the counter are several petri dishes. Clarise, wearing her lab coat, is crouched over a microscope, making an entry into her journal.

“How’s your experiment going Pumpkin?” Ben asks.

Clarise turns around and smiles, “Great daddy! But remember what you promised?”

Ben looks perplexed, unable to remember. He shakes his head.

Clarise says, “Remember? I asked you not to call me ‘Pumpkin’ when we’re in the lab. It doesn’t feel professional.” Clarise brushes her bangs away from her eyes. He’s been meaning to get her hair cut, but they both get so busy and wrapped up in their experiments that they keep forgetting.

Looking as serious as he can, Ben says, “Of course Miss Walker, my apologies.”

Clarise giggles and gets up to hug Ben. She straightens her glasses and says, “You don’t have to call me Miss Walker.”

She pulls him over by his hand to look at one of the petri dishes.

“Look daddy, just as I predicted, this one’s growing faster than any of the others.”

“Wow, Pumpkin…uh…Clarise, that’s great! Now I’ve got water on the stove, heating up. I’m making spaghetti.”

“Alright, I’ll be right up soon as I finish my last journal entry.”

Ben picks up Clarise’s journal and looks it over, flipping through the pages, “Hmm, looks very good, but don’t forget to include the actual time of each one of today’s observations.”

“Okay, I won’t forget,” Clarise says as she checks her watch and writes down the time.

Ben goes upstairs and puts the spaghetti into the boiling water. He pulls out a head of lettuce, tomatoes, a couple of carrots and starts preparing a salad.

After a few minutes, Clarise comes out of the basement. She takes off her lab coat and drapes it over the back of her chair. Ben can’t help but notice how pretty his little girl is becoming. Under her lab coat, she’s wearing a snug fitting skirt which goes down to her knees and a button up white blouse. It looks more like business attire than something a typical middle school student would wear. But with her nerdy glasses and her hair tied up in a bun, it’s just the look Clarise likes.

Ben serves the Spaghetti up on a platter while Clarise sets the table. Over dinner, they each talk about their current experiments.

Ben tells Clarise, “I think I finally have a formula that’ll work. All the animal tests have come out great.”

Clarise asks, “Is the FDA still dragging its feet on human testing?”

Ben nods, “Of course. As usual. It’s a never ending mountain of paperwork when you’re dealing with them.”

“Sheesh!” Clarise says, “what a bunch of dweebs.”

“Yeah, I know, right,” Ben says, “But I’ve got a new formula. I’m certain it’ll work this time. If you’re up to it, we can try it out tonight.”

Clarise smiles and brushes her bangs out of her eyes, “Sure daddy, I’ll try anything for science.”

“I knew I could count on you Pumpkin. I’ll go get it.”

Ben gets up from the table and retrieves his briefcase. Opening it up, he reaches in and pulls out a small vile with some white powder.

“Is that it daddy?”

“Yep, 100mg of my new formula. I call it Q17-A7.”

Ben opens the small vile and pours it into Clarise’s glass of milk. She dutifully drinks it down. Ben takes a journal out of his briefcase and writes down the dosage and time, noting that it has been consumed with a full meal.

They finish up their dinner and begin putting the dishes into the dishwasher.

Clarise asks, “How long do you think it’ll take daddy?”

“I’m not sure Pumpkin, you weigh a lot more than a mouse.” So far, he’s only tested it on mice and rats. “I’d say based on your weight and the dose, at least twenty minutes.”

After they finish the dishes, they go into the living room and sit down in front of the television.

Ben gets out his journal and says, “Now Pumpkin, if you begin to feel anything at all, be sure to tell me, okay?”

“Alright,” Clarise assures him, “but what, exactly am I suppose to feel? Because last time it just made me sleepy and I dozed off.”

“Well,” Ben clears his throat, “Umm, you know, if you have any sort of uh…romantic feelings…you know…the sort of feelings you might have if you saw a boy that you were interested in.”

“Alright daddy, I’ll try, but I’ve never really had a boyfriend. I’m always too busy with my scientific stuff and all.”

“I know Pumpkin, sometimes I’m the same way. I haven’t had a date in months.” Ben smiles playfully, “Maybe this experiment will help stir the young woman trying to emerge from behind those glasses and your lab coat.”

For a moment, Clarise smiles, then she immediately frowns and says, “Daddy, now you’re being silly. You’re in the middle of an experiment, you know.”

Ben pats her knee and says, “I know it Pumpkin. I’ll be more serious until we’re done.”

He checks the time and makes another entry into his journal and then sets it down. They both watch the TV for a little bit even though neither one of them are the least bit interested in the movie.

Clarise repositions herself and folds her arms across her chest. Ben notices her restlessness but doesn’t say anything at first. She wiggles in her seat again.

Ben asks, “Are you feeling something?”

“Umm, sort of,” Clarise says.

Ben picks up his journal and asks, “Well? What do you feel?”

Clarise squirms a little more and says, “I don’t know! I mean, umm, I do know, but I don’t want say.”

“It’s okay Pumpkin, you can tell me,” Ben assures her, “besides, for the sake of the integrity of the experiment, I need to enter it into the journal.”

Clarise’s face blushes a bright red, then she grabs the Journal out of Ben’s hand and quickly scribbles down an entry. She begins breathing heavier as she hands the journal back to Ben.

Ben opens it up and reads the journal entry: “Nipples protruding and they’re becoming uncomfortably hard!”

Clarise smiles awkwardly up at her father and grabs the journal again. With her breathing getting heavier and deeper, she writes down another entry.

Ben takes the journal. Clarise begins squirming in her seat even more. Her chest begins heaving as her breathing continues to quicken.

Ben looks down at the journal entry: “The subject’s vagina is soaking wet.”

These are the results Ben’s team at work have been hoping for! A female version of Viagra! A Pharmaceutical solution for female arousal.

In a moment of triumph, Ben smiles down at his daughter hoping to share a “Eureka!” moment.

Her hand is pressed between her legs. Her knees drawn together as she squirms and rubs her pussy through her skirt.

Ben grabs hold of his daughter and says, “Try to calm down Pumpkin.”

He knows that for the sake of the experiment, he shouldn’t interfere with what is occurring. He should remain an objective observer, but it’s his daughter. He can’t help but try to sooth her when she’s obviously feeling this much discomfort.

Once again, Clarise grabs the journal and begins to make an entry. Halfway through she drops the journal and once again clutches her crotch. She let’s out a moan as she grinds and rotates her hips against her clutched fist.

Ben picks up the journal and tries to read it: “I need to…”

The writing trails off illegibly.

“Pumpkin? I can’t read the last entry. You can just tell me and I’ll write it down.”

Ben is trying his best to be helpful. He knows how agitated the female mice became at this stage of the testing so he isn’t entirely surprised that Clarise is exhibiting some anxiety, but he didn’t expect it to be quite so much. At least, not this quickly.

Clarise looks up at her father and says, “Daddy, I need to masturbate.”

With this shocking announcement, Clarise slips her right hand underneath her skirt and clearly begins rubbing herself.

Taken aback, Ben stutters, “Umm, I see…okay…your room. I think we should go up to your room at this point!”

Clarise nods as Ben helps her stand up. While his daughter is clearly being greatly affected, Ben is also going through many emotions.

Firstly, he’s extremely excited about the results of his new formula. It’s certainly exceeding all expectations.

Secondly, he knows how discomforting this must be for his daughter. These must be new and difficult emotions for her to be experiencing here. Ben isn’t even sure if she’s ever masturbated before. He supposes that she’s old enough, but she’s never been too boy crazy, not like the other girls in her class.

Ben certainly hasn’t ever discussed the subject with Clarise. They did have a ‘birds and the bees’ talk. But that was mostly a clinical discussion about what occurs on a microscopic level during fertilization. He kind of steered clear of the embarrassing stuff.

When they reach the bottom of the staircase, Clarise grabs the banister and steps right up against it. She then begins grinding her pelvis against the post! At first this confuses Ben. But then he realizes she’s humping the banister!

He struggles to pull her away from it and they quickly the ascend the stairs with a little bit of coaxing from Ben.

As Ben takes a quick glance at his watch, noting the time for his next journal entry, Clarise slips away from him and runs into Ben’s bedroom. Clarise’s bedroom is clear down at the end of the hallway, but Clarise is clearly in too much of a hurry to care.

She runs and jumps onto Ben’s bed, immediately lays on her back, spreads her legs and begins rubbing her pussy through her clothes quite vigorously.

Ben is rather shocked to say the least. He was hoping to leave her alone in her own room, but now he’s a bit flummoxed. Not sure what to do, he opens the journal and begins writing. At least he can get caught up on the rapidly unfolding events of this experiment while he decides what to do next.

“Oh daddy!” Clarise moans.

Ben stops writing and quickly runs to her side and kneels by the bed, “Yes Pumpkin? I’m right here. What is it?”

“Daddy, I need you,” she pleads. Ben is still a little confused.

Clarise says, “Daddy, I need you real bad! Please help!”

“Okay Pumpkin! I’m right here.”

Ben is willing to give her any help she needs despite the fact that he wants to remain an objective observer. A few moments ago, the idea that he might get to watch his daughter…uh…masturbate seemed to be pushing the envelop just a little bit.

Now, all of a sudden, he wonders if that will be enough. After all, if he’d heard himself correctly, he just offered to help his little Clarise.

Clarise frantically unbuttons her skirt and begins to wiggle out of it.

She barks to Ben, in an authoritative manner that surprises both of them, “Squeeze my titties daddy, right on the nipples!”

Clarise now has her skirt down past her knees. She pulls her panties to the side, and begins directly rubbing her pussy. Ben can hardly believe what she’s doing right in front of him! With no apparent embarrassment or concern! It’s shocking! This isn’t like Clarise! He knows it must be a side effect.

He also knows he needs to write this down, but he can’t. Not now. He needs to pinch her nipples. He quickly feels her tits through her shirt. Once he locates her nipples he gives them a nice gentle squeeze.

“Harder daddy! Harder!”

Ben squeezes them harder until he gets an audio feedback from her. A nice moan of satisfaction denoting uncontrollable little girl lust. Clarise keeps bucking her hips wildly. Ben enjoys the incredibly erotic sight of his little girl’s fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy. He can’t help but think that she’s probably done this before.

She begins moaning with abandon. Despite her squeals, Ben is confident that the neighbors are far enough away that they won’t hear her. In one final guttural moan which Ben would have never have believed his daughter could make, she has an orgasm.

Ben is experiencing a mixture of emotions. Excitement that his drug is such a success. Happiness his daughter just had a great orgasm. Frustration that he’s injected himself into this experiment, and of course, arousal. He did just watch his daughter have a mind blowing orgasm. It shouldn’t be surprising that he has developed an erection as a result. Of course, there’s no need to write that down in the journal.

Clarise lays back and sighs. Clearly she must feel better now that she’s relieved her tension. Ben holds her hand and quickly begins catching up on his journal entries.

“Umm, Pumpkin? Can I ask you one question?”

“Of course, what is it?”

“Okay, I’m just trying to get an idea of how your…uh…like on a scale of one to ten…how was it?”

“How was what?” Clarise asks.

“You know,” Ben whispers, “your orgasm.”

Clarise shrugs her shoulders, “I don’t know. It was pretty good…an eight I suppose.”

Ben writes that down while he avoids looking right at her. He doesn’t want to embarrass her, or, for that matter, himself either.

Once he’s almost caught up with his journal, he looks at Clarise. She seems to have caught her breath and is more composed. Well, except that her skirt is still around her knees.

“Daddy? Could you please help me with my skirt?”

“Sure thing Pumpkin!”

Ben is more than happy to help her pull her skirt up. It’s a bit awkward looking at his partially exposed child like this. Plus this is helping him to stall for time before he has to stand up. He still has an erection and he would prefer it if she didn’t notice it.

“What are you doing?” Clarise asks.

“Pulling up your skirt!” At least he’s trying to. She isn’t exactly cooperating.

“No daddy! Pull it off. The feeling is coming back and it feels a lot stronger this time!”

Ben looks up at her. She’s quickly unbuttoning her shirt. Ben stares at her, surprised once again. He wonders if the drug has lowered her inhibitions as she really seems to have no qualms about being naked in front of her own father.

Clarise reaches back and unclasps her bra and impatiently flings it to the side. Ben helps her get her skirt off. She kicks it off and tosses it into the air. Somehow he didn’t even decide if it was okay for her to disrobe the rest of the way. He just helped her along, not even protesting or saying anything when she slipped out of her panties.

Ben feels dumbfounded. He watches in fascination as Clarise fingers her fully exposed pussy. It’s a fine looking little pussy too. So tender and fresh. He can smell the aroma of sexual excitement coming up from her, his own daughter.

Absentmindedly, he reaches out and gently caresses her soft leg. He moves his hands up and down her smooth, flawless skin. With his other hand, he massages her tight tummy. He can feel the heat from her aroused body and he can feel and hear her labored breathing.

Just as he snaps out of it and realizes he needs to get back to his journal entries if he has any hope of maintaining a professional posture throughout the rest of this experiment, Clarise grabs his hand and moves it up to her breasts and admonishes him, “My nipples, don’t forget to squeeze them.”

Ben looks at his journal and realizes he might not be able to write anything down until she’s done. Ben concentrates on Clarise’s breasts. They aren’t very big yet, but what they lack in size, they make up in so many other ways. Ben manipulates and pinches and squeezes them.

Clarise moans and makes the most adorable cooing sounds he could imagine. She seems to be much more relaxed and calm this time. Maybe the drugs are wearing off. Or maybe it’s just now taking full effect. Ben doesn’t have a clue. The only responsible course of action at this point is to collect data and refrain from drawing any premature conclusions.

Ben couldn’t say why, but he leans forward and kisses Clarise’s breasts. Her young nipples, as underdeveloped as they are, are protruding quite well. Even more than last time. He shuts his eyes as his eager tongue swirls around her nipples and the soft mound of flesh they’re centered on.

When Ben opens his eyes he notices how vigorously Clarise is fingering herself. His mouth still clamped on her petite breast, he watches in fascination as his daughter’s small fingers slide in and out of her wet pussy. He rubs her taught tummy, occasionally poking his finger tip into her delicate belly button.

Clarise grabs Ben’s hand and pulls it down to her pussy.

“Finger me daddy!” she commands.

“Are you sure?” Ben tentatively asks.

“Yes! Your fingers are bigger than mine! Put two in!” Clarise excitedly exclaims.

Ben slides his index finger in first, getting it moist on her juices, then he slips his middle finger in even deeper, getting it lubricated too.

He notes that her soft moans as he enters her are almost more like moans of relief than moans of pleasure. He quickly glances at his watch to note the time as he plunges two fingers all the way into her.

His daughter twists and groans as she works her clit with her own fingers. Ben continues nibbling and kissing her breasts while rapidly plunging his fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Daddy!” Clarise blurts out, “I need you inside me.”

“But Pumpkin…” Ben starts to protest.

“Please daddy! I have to feel you inside of me! I need to feel all filled up!”

“Okay Pumpkin,” Ben says as he takes off his pants as fast as he can.

He didn’t want it to come down to this. The hardest thing for a scientist to do is to be both a participant in, and an objective observer of, an experiment. But this is no time to worry about maintaining the scientific integrity of an experiment; his daughter is about to lose her virginity!

Ben climbs up between her legs. He strokes his hard cock and quickly notes the time. Then he leans forward, guiding the head of his cock into her daughter’s waiting pussy and thrusts himself all the way into her.

Clarise screams out as the walls of her pussy are painfully stretched around the shaft of her father’s cock. She thrusts her hips up, ensuring full and complete penetration into her cavity.

Clarise groans as Ben partially withdraws from his daughter. Then he shoves it in even harder and deeper than before. Clarise matches each downward thrust from her father, meeting him with her hips. Soon she feels an orgasm building up again.

She wraps her legs around him and pulls him in tight as she yells in ecstasy, and experiences another mind blowing orgasm.

Ben notes the time for his journal entry.

The next morning Ben wakes up next to his exhausted daughter. He quietly climbs out of bed and picks up his journal and pen. He walks to the bathroom and sits down on the toilet and begins catching up on his journal entries.

He notes the time of each of her seven orgasms. He also notes the level of audio output from the subject during each of those orgasms and the level of lubrication from the subject’s vagina.

As a final notation, Ben includes the fact that the last three orgasms were achieved orally due to exhaustion of the male participant. Ben deliberately omits the name of the male participant.

In the bedroom, Clarise gets up and puts on her skirt and blouse. She buttons up her blouse and straightens her form fitting skirt. She then puts her glasses on and heads for the door.
Ben opens the bathroom door and walks back into the bedroom just as she’s leaving.

“Good morning Pumpkin, how are you feeling?” Ben says.

Clarise turns and says, “I’m Okay,” as she pushes her glasses up on the bridge of her nose, “just a little sore between my legs.” Clarise then brushes her bangs away from her eyes. “I think maybe we should try cutting the dose in half tonight.”

“Excellent suggestion Pumpkin…um…I mean Clarise. We need to get your hair cut too. Let’s go do that right after breakfast.”

“Okay daddy.”

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