Another exciting Day in AZ
D Returns!

We expect D to visit again today and if all goes well, it should we a very exciting day.

It isn't long and the door bell rings and yes, D has arrived. We escort him to our guest room where removes his cloths and than joins us in the living room. My lady is working on her puzzle and D stops to injected his cock with prostaglandin. I suggest that he inject his cock so that my lady can watch him to see just how its done. He stands beside my lady's puzzle table. He has his syringe in hand and proceeds to push the syringe's needle into the base of his already somewhat ridged cock. The needle disappears and he pushed the syringe plunger to inject the solution into his cock. To get the solution moving into the muscle of his cock he must stroke his cock as if he were jacking off. Slowly his cock attains its magnificent dimension – a good 6 inches long and a very, very nice width. My lady watches with appreciation.

I comment to my lady that since D's cock is uncircumcised that the head of his cock is very soft and smooth. I suggest to her that take a hold of D's cock and pull back the foreskin. She does so exposing the D's very nice cock head. I than suggest to my lady that she take her tongue and lightly touch D's cock to feel how warm and smooth it is and also how nice and soft it is because his cock head is always covered and protected just the a woman’s clitoris which also keeps the woman's clitoris soft, protected and sensitive. My lady obviously enjoys the feeling of D's soft smooth headed cock in her mouth as she allows it to linger there for a short while. She slowly releases D's cock and goes back to her puzzle.

Since having this experience with two uncircumcised cocks, D's and J's, I have become an advocate for NOT circumcising our baby boys. I wish I had never been circumcised.

However, as usual for D, I put on a nice porno video and we settle down to watch a little, D stroking his hard cock to keep it getting harder. I watch the video and admiring D's beautiful cock and my lady also peaks up now and than to see what is going on in the video and also to check on the status of D's hardening cock.

Since my lady and I had discussed the need to trim her pussy, I ask my lady if she still would like a trim and if she minded if D assisted me. I mentioned that this would be a good opportunity for D to gain first hand knowledge of a woman's sexual anatomy with the hope that this would help improve his sex life at home. She thought for a moment and replied - “No, she did not mind if D helped”.

We proceeded to our bedroom, where my lady lays across the bed on her back and with her legs raised and spread wide. This she did giving D and me an excellent view of her lovely pussy. I suggested that we use my beard trimmer to remove the long course hair. I also suggested that after using the beard trimmer that we wash my lady's peritoneal area with soap and water which I got at the same time I got the beard trimmer.

During the short time I'm gone to get our supply's and equipment, D gazes intently at my lady's pussy. He constantly strokes his hard cock making it harder, longer and thicker. The sight of my lady's pussy has obviously excited D.

I return, turn on trimmer and trim half of my lady's pussy and hand the trimmer to D suggesting that he trim the other half. D is mesmerized. I state to my lady that during all of this that we can explain to D how her peritoneal area is constructed and why it is designed the way it is.

My lady's pubic area is now trimmed of course, long hair so I begin washing her peritoneum passing the wash cloth to D and suggest that he learn to wash a woman’s pussy. D is so excite that I can see pre-cum forming on his cock. He continues washing but I finalize the cleaning by making sure that we have thoroughly washed my lady's entire peritoneum.

I now tell D that it is time to shave my lady. Now is the time where we can get very specific describing a woman's vaginal area. I apply shaving cream to half of her pussy – some on her pubis, some on the left side outer labia and inner labia including her clitoris than down ward to her vaginal opening and close to her anus. I run my fingers over all the areas slowly smoothly applying the shaving cream. I than turn to D and suggest that he duplicate the process on the other half of my lady's pussy. D works very slowly and carefully and soon has readied the other half of my lady.

I how take the razor and shave my lady's hair cleanly from her pubis than holding her outer labia taunt, run the razor down the inside and outside of the outer labia slowly moving across her pubis and over her clitoris. I how hand the razor to D and he runs the razor down the other side of her outer labia and down toward her anus. Than back up the inter labia and again around the now very hard clitoris. Now back down the inter labia on the other side of her pussy. He than slowly runs the razor around her anus and around her vaginal opening.

My lady is totally turned on by now with moisture running from her vagina. We clean the excess shaving cream from her pussy taking additional care to clean throughally around the clitoris, moving the clitoris between our fingers. My lady is already moaning and moving her hips forward and backward in a fucking motion.

I motioned to D to lower his head and to use his tongue to massage my lady's clit. He drops to his knees and sucks on on my lady's clit making my lady move even more. Than I suggested D run his tongue down and around and around my lady's vaginal opening. While D was on his knees eating my lady's pussy, I rolled under D and suck his very, very hard cock, making sure he was ready for the coming event.

I get out from under D, reach for a tube of lubricant, coating D’s cock. I than with my hand still holding D’s cock, led D's rock hard cock to the opening of my lady's pussy, slide D's cock up and down my lady's pussy, concentrating the head of D's cock on my lady's clit. Than slowly move his cock up and down and around and around. My lady moans again, pressing her pussy forward. I now move D’s cock to the vaginal opening of my lady's pussy, placing D's cock head into her vaginal opening and encourage D to push his cock slowly forward. His hard cock head disappears into her vagina and slowly his entire cock disappears. She moans, he moans and his in/out motion begins. His entire cock appears and than it again disappears. Moisture oozes out from around D’s cock as my lady continues to move her pussy to meet each of D’s thrusts. My lady moans loudly and thrusts her pussy forward and at the same time D thrusts his cock as deep as it will go into my lady’s hot, overflowing pussy. They continue to enjoy the wonderful sexual experience. My lady grabs D's hips and assists him with his in and out motion. They increase their motion with D forcing his cock deeper and deeper into my lady. The in/out motion increase's and abruptly they both cum violently. I tell D to continue to pump is cum into my lady's pussy filling her with his hot cum and to continue fucking her, spreading his cum all around the inside of her pussy making his cock slide easily in and out of her vagina. This she loves!!! Cum now oozing out from around his still rock hard cock.

D continues fucking my lady, his cock staying rock, rock hard. My lady begins thrusting forward again, another climax approaching. She cums again and again, D’s rock hard cock reaching it's maximum depth in my lady's pussy as she continues thrusting her pussy forward to capture as much of D’s cum pumping cock as is available.

D's still rock hard cum & pussy juice coated cock slips from my lady's pussy with a load sucking sound, cum and pussy juices running from my lady's vaginal now very stretched opening. I drop to my knees , place my mouth over her pussy , sucking all of D's cum and my lady's juices from my lady's over flowing pussy, swallowing , savoring their combined wonderful taste. I than turn towards D and he slide his cum/pussy juice coated still rock hard cock into my mouth and I again savor their superb combined juices.

All in all, we all had one very good time and look forward to our next rock hard cock pussy filling, cock sucking time together when we can teach D more and more human anatomy.

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...i dont get D thier son or something?

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