Another friend visits !!
D (Fantasy ?)

Part 1:

D is another of our good friends. He is of Mexican descent, very handsome, possessing a very nice uncircumcised cock. His cock is not only long but it has a very nice girth. D has lost his ability to get an erection naturally and therefore must use prostaglandin injections to give himself a nice long lasting erection. His erection is not only nice and hard but it lasts for 3-4 hours.

D arrives at our home, knocks on our door, enters and we escort him to our guest room where he gets naked. He gives himself an injection. Following his injection, he must stroke his cock to get the solution circulating, getting his cock nice and hard. He walks into our great room still stroking his now hard cock and takes his usual position next to our island counter where is chats with my lady. My lady is naked and is working on a puzzle at our card table but stops to talk to D. D moves next to the puzzle table still stroking his hard cock where my lady is setting. He leans over lady's shoulder to see what she is doing, his hot hard cock slightly glazing her side. He moves his cock slightly up and down her side, she feeling his movement, reaches to her side and takes hold of D's cock. My lady slowly moves her hand up and down D's beautiful hard cock pulling it into sight where she gazes at it and pulls the foreskin back over its head revealing a small drop of pre-cum. She holds his cock close to her lips and quickly licks away the drop of pre-cum. It tasting so sweet, my lady again pulls back D's foreskin and takes the head of his cock into her mouth. It feeling so soft and warm, she continues to suck on his cock making it larger and harder. D pushes his hips forward so as to get his hard cock deeper in my lady's mouth. She responds by sucking harder.

At this time, my lady reaches for D's hand and guides it to her pussy. She opens her legs and pressed D's hand to her pussy. She whispers in his ear, “Play with my pussy. Make me hot and wet. Play with my clit. Make me cum than …... push 2 or 3 of your fingers up into my pussy and fuck me with your fingers as you soon will with your gorgeous cock”. D is almost ready to cum himself. In time my lady removes D's fingers from her pussy, sucks on them, licking her fingers clean of her juices. She than take's D's hard cock in her hand and leads him into the bedroom.

She lays down on the bed, spreads her legs wide open and still holding onto D's hard cock, slowly moves his cock up and down her hot pussy. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter but before my lady asks D to slide his gorgeous cock deep in her pussy. she asks him to eat her - “Please eat my pussy. Take your tongue and move it up and down and over and around my clit and slide it in and out of my pussy. Suck on my clit, suck it hard so I can cum”, and lifting her hips, she cums, hard and long. She pauses a second or two and reaches for his head, drawing his body up and over her and taking his now still rock hard cock and says, “Now I want that wonderful cock of yours as deep as it will go in my pussy”. My lady lifts her legs over her chest giving D full access to her wanting pussy. D, holding onto his hard cock, slides it around and around the opening to my lady's pussy, finding her vaginal opening, D drives his cock deep as it will go. D continues to drive his big hard cock in and out of my lady's pussy until my lady whispers to D, “ Please cum inside of me and keep fucking me as long as you can. I love feeling my cum soaked pussy with your cock sliding back and forth in your cum and my pussy juices”. And they do, cumming simultaneously, one orgasm after another. This D does ….. their cum/juices oozing out of my lady's pussy making a big wet spot on the bed. They rest, D's spent cock shrinking slightly, it slipping from my lady's swollen pussy.

They rest , D “jacking” his cock again and again it becomes rock, rock hard. My lady reaches over and grasps D's cock, feeling it rock hard again, she throws her leg over D, straddling D and again grasping D's rock hard cock, slips into her still cum wet and hot pussy, sinking down onto D's cock with a great shy. D's hard cock feels so good in her hot pussy that she immediately begins her up and down motion, bringing D’s cock almost completely out of her pussy and slamming back again with all her weight, pushing D’s cock deep into her wanting pussy. She repeats this motion often but soon, D again fills her waiting pussy with another load of his sweet, warm cum this time D's cum oozing out from around his cock, onto his balls and down onto the bed.

D visit's often now …... and goes home with a big smile on his face each time.

Part 2:

D arrives again …..... stroking his injected majestic hard cock. As usual, we sit in the living room watching a suck/fuck movie as D continues to stroke his hardening cock. I ask D if he has ever given a massage. He responds, “No”, so I suggest that we watch a “Massage Video” and maybe see if my lady would than like a massage.

The massage video begins slowly with the lady on her stomach with the male masseuse simply stroking the lady's head, neck and shoulders. The masseuse continues down the torso along the buttocks and legs. At this time, the lady is asked to roll over onto her back. And again the masseuse begins massaging the lady's head, neck and shoulders. But now, the masseuse spends some time massaging the lady's breasts concentrating on her nipples. Her nipples harden noticeably. Here, I tell D that we will add a little variation by leaning over and sucking those hard nipples, moving our tongue around and around the nipple and slightly nibbling on them. The masseuse now continues down the lady's torso, stopping momentarily at the lady's pussy. I tell D that we will again modify our procedure slightly by spreading my lady's legs wide, giving us access to her pussy where we will concentrate on rubbing her inter and outer labia, stretching them outward, opening her pussy for our inspection. Again, using our fingers and tongue, we will stroke her clit and slide one, two, three maybe four fingers into my lady's pussy at the same time caressing her clit with our thumb and/or tongue. D is obviously enjoying the instruction as his cock has now become its hardest and longest.

At this point, I suggest that we ask my lady if she would like a massage. I ask, she ponders for a minute or two and than agrees. I set up our massage table, D still watching the suck/fuck movie as he continues to stroke his rock hard cock. The table ready, we place my lady on the table face down and begin. I start at my lady's head and suggest that D start at her feet (this allowing D to gaze continuously at my lady's pussy as he progresses). We both proceed upward and downward meeting at her buttocks.

Now we ask my lady to turn over. She does and we both now have a wonderful view of the most interesting portion of her body. I again start at her head and D at her feet. I slowly move downward to her breasts where I can concentrate on her breasts and nipples while D moves from her feet up her legs. However, it doesn’t take D long to arrive at his goal, my lady's pussy. He spreads her legs and gazes at the beauty he sees there. He does as we discussed in the movie, he massaged her inter and outer labia, stretching them open and exposing her wetly seeping pussy. She obviously was anticipating the arrival of D's fingers and NOW his tongue. He lowers his head and drives his tongue as deep as possible into my lady's pussy. He sucks on her clit and rolls it around with his tongue. She cums once, twice, three times but is now so excited that she raises her hips and pulls D up onto her. She wants much more then D’s tongue in her hot pussy. She grabs hold of his rock hard cock and positions its head in her vaginal opening and slams her hips forward and at the same time holding onto D's hips and pulling him into her to his hilt. She wants him deeper in her but is satisfied with his the fairly wide cock he has to give her, stretching her nicely. D is beside himself and starts moving slowly in and out, in and out until my lady's pussy is completely
stretched. He than drives his hard cock to it's hilt into her now wanting pussy. They continue
to fuck, my lady having one orgasm after another. So it is D's turn to cum and he does, emptying his warm creamy cum into her pussy. My lady hold's D tightly asking him to continue stroking in and out of her saturated pussy, loving the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her cum filled pussy. Because of D's injection, his cock stays hard even after he has cum, this to the delight of my lady as she asks D to continue to fuck her as long as he can. And to my lady's delight, D continues to move his cum coated rock hard cock in and out of her cum filled pussy. I am extremely excited watching this fantastic scene and sliding my hand up and down my own hard cock. I also cum!!!!!!

D now visits regularly. He can hardly wait to get his rock hard cock into my lady's hot, dripping wet pussy and my lady is totally enamored feeling D's rock hard cock deep in her wet pussy, her pussy waiting for D's cum to lubricate her pussy and his cock.

Part 3:

My lady loves to fuck doggy style. Therefore when D visits this time, something new is in store for him. D again arrives injected rock hard cock in hand. He enters the grand room pumping his beautiful hard cock hoping for more of my lady's hot pussy. D saunters over to where my lady is sitting and gently rubs his cock up and down her arm. A small drop of pre-cum smears on her arm and she runs her fingers over the pre-cum, licking the pre-cum from her fingers.

Longingly, my lady looks at D’s gorgeous cock, and slowly raps her fingers around his fantastic member. She stands, cock in hand and leads D into the living room where my lady drops to her knees still holding onto D’s rock hard cock. She bends over and has D move around behind her positioning his cock in her vaginal opening. My lady runs his rock hard cock up and down between her pussy lips until she finds the opening to her pussy at which time my lady pushes back allowing D's rock hard cock to slide into her pussy. She moves back and forth getting her pussy hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter. Finally she is satisfied and comfortable and slams her pussy backward so that all of D's cock is now imbedded as deep as it will go in her wanting pussy. My lady now asks D to fuck her her harder. It isn't long before both my lady and D cum again D's cum lubricating my lady's pussy in such quantity that my lady swoons due to the wonderful warm feeling of D's cum. D's hard cock continues to slide in and out her cum filled pussy. It isn't long before some of D's cum begins oozing out of my lady's hot, hot pussy. D slides his still rock hard cock from my lady's pussy and immediately drops to his knees pressing his face to my lady's pussy where he begins to suck his cum from my lady's dripping pussy. He sucks as much of his cum from her pussy as he can and than again positions himself so that he can again slide his still rock hard cock back into her still raised hot pussy. They now fuck slowly with my lady finally whispering to D to fuck her hard. He does and they do for a much longer time during which my lady cums over and over. In time, D is ready to cum again and again his hot cum lubricates my lady's pussy. Delighted, my lady again allows D's rock hard cock to slide smoothly in and out of my lady's still wanting pussy. This time, I get to suck D's cum and my lady's juices from my lady's pussy and also lick D’s cum and my lady's juices from D's still rock hard cock. God, I love to eat my lady's pussy and sucking D's rock hard cock.

Part 4:

My lady has asked that I shave her pussy. I delay doing so until D arrives for his visit. I want D to join in the shaving event. D arrives, again with his injected rock hard cock in hand. I ask my lady if D can observe and learn how to shave her pussy. She is delighted and so we proceed with my lady laying on her back on a towel on our massage table. I get the shaving cream, razor, hand towel and a pan of warm water. My lady opens her legs as wide as she can exposing her lush pussy. D is totally engrossed and continues to pump his rock hard cock ….... my lady and I wanting to keep his rock hard cock rock hard.

I soak the hand towel and gently wipe my lady's pussy, opening her labia continuing to dampen her inter labia, pussy opening and the area between her pussy and anus. Now clean, I apply shaving cream to the entire area. All is ready to put the razor into action. I start at my lady's pubis, working down the outside of her labia and now holding her labia taunt, I shave the inside of her labia and around her vagina. Being only half done, I ask D if he would like to shave the other half. He readily agrees and begins. I take advantage of the situation and slide down to the floor giving me access to D's still rock hard cock. As D continues his barber duties, I slip D's delicious rock hard cock into my mouth and suck gently. D is somewhat distracted but is so engrossed in what he is doing to my lady's pussy that he continues his shaving duties. He proceeds to shave what is left of my lady's pubis proceeding down the outside of her outer labia until he reaches her peritoneum. Taking hold of my lady's labia, he pulls it aside exposing her vagina. He continues to shave her inter labia and around her vagina.

I instruct D to now wash off all the remaining shaving cream and to slowly start to massage my lady's pussy. My lady is totally aroused. D can see the moisture forming around my lady's vaginal opening. He dips his head between her legs and clamps his lips onto my lady's pussy, sliding his hard tongue as deep as it will go into her pussy. My lady responses by raising her hips to meet D's hard tongue with D sliding his tongue in and out of my lady's pussy. D now concentrates his efforts on my lady's clit. He sucks and sucks her clit as if it were a miniature cock, bringing my lady to a huge climax. She cums and cums nearly passing out. D continues to suck on my lady's clit until she slowly draws D's head to towards her mouth and whispers in his ear …...." fuck me !!!!!!!!". D slides upward until his rock hard cock lodges near her pussy. My lady reaches down, grasps D's Cock, moving it up and down the slit to her pussy. Immediately, she finds her pussy opening and again whispers into D's ear ….... fuck me – HARD !!!!! D draws back slightly and rams his rock hard cock into my lady's extremely hot, wet pussy. She raises her hips and pulls her legs back toward her shoulders. “D, push your rock hard cock deep, deep into my cunt”. Again, my lady moves her pussy to meet each of D's lunges, pushing his rock hard cock as deep as possible into her pussy. D cum's and his cum gushes out from around his rock hard cock coating my lady's now swollen pussy lips and entire length of D's still rock hard cock. My lady swoons, feeling D’s cum coating the insides of her pussy.

They rest but soon that rock hard cock will again entire that hot wet pussy.

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