please dont PM me about kiddie porn or anything like that. I write about monsters but i am not one.
Some people say you can never be be certain of anything. One thing I'm sure of is.. I do not like the dark. Strange noises occur while its dark, I don't like it. They say I'm a big girl now, that I shouldn't be afraid, but despite being 13 I am petrified . Once it was dark and I was only 6 I heard a lot of loud noises, noises I did not like and when finally the noises were gone I opened my room door and the darkness stretched out. I fumbled along the wall searching for the switch I knew was there, when finally my fingers touched gold. Before I could manage to flip the switch I slipped and fell into something warm, wet and sticky. I did not like the smell of it. I stood again and found the switch. Bad things happen in the dark. My mother and father cut up laying there dead, and me covered in their blood.
I don't like the dark I have my reasons.

So when I wake up, and its pitch black I panic, I'm not sure how long it takes me to realise that I'm cuffed to the bed but when I do I begin to wonder. Its been one week since my adoption was finalized and my new mother and father (Francis and Carol) decided on a family vacation out in the country. Carol having to tie up some things with her company is to meet us here in a few days. So its just me and Frank. Could something have happened to him? I often wonder if the assailant that killed my mum and Da' would find me and kill me too. Maybe tonight is my night.

When I hear footsteps, I conclude that I will die tonight. Then the sound of a chair being slid across the floor, and now I can feel the heat of another body in the room. I can hear its breath. I suddenly realise I'm naked. Strange... I close my eyes trying to make sense of what's going on. I hear a click I open my eyes and light floods in stinging them, I shut them..
I feel a hand brush my forhead lovingly, and then I hear frank say

"Don't be frightened sweet child of mine."
My eyes pop open.
"Your going to kill me?" I ask.

"Of course not sweetling, I don't mean to alarm you. I just thought it would be fun to have some daddy daughter time. This is only a game. Its fun you will see." He caresses my cheek as I stare at him. I don't feel frightened. I never do actually. I never feel anything mostly. I only pretend to so I don't have to be in those hospitals anymore.

"Why have you taken my clothes and cuffed me?"
"Daddy wanted to look at his darling daughter, I figured you would be scared and you would try to run and hide from me. If you promise to let me look ill take the cuffs off. Okay?" He says.
I nod my head somberly, and he starts to uncuff me.
"Better?" Frank asks.

I stare at him as he looks over my body. He takes in my small frame with a satisfied look on his face. I am a rare mix, my mother was a proud Irish women, heavy accented and a wild temper I get my body from her she only grew to be 5'1. Like her I have freckles not as many but quite a bit. My father was half Greek half Jamacian his skin color was a very light coffee color. Like mine his eyes were blue. My color is golden and hair is raven black. At thirteen I look like a 9 year old, my eyes are large and I'm shorter than everyone my age. The only thing that gives me away are my breast, they are a B cup which stand out on my little body. Franks eyes are drinking them in now.

Suddenly he brushes his finger tips across my left nipple and I shiver. I guess this is wrong but I don't mind the feeling. He rubs his thumb back and forth across my nipple, his other hand reaches out to my right breast and he does the same. All the while I'm starring at the handlebar mustache on the handsome face that belongs to my new dad. He smiles at me, I don't retrun the gesture but I never smile.

Clearing my throat I say "Your not suppose to touch theses." And I point my chin at my breast. "That's what the counselors told me nobody is allowed to touch or see my private areas." Without moving his hands my new daddy says "well I'm your daddy sweetling, of course I'm allowed to do this. They only meant strangers."
As this seams legit I don't say anything else, and he leans close and I feel his breath on my nipple and suddenly I feel my breast surrounded by warmth and I realise he has my left boob in his mouth.

Curiously I like the feeling, it starts to make something deep in me burn. He moves his mouth to my right boob and sucks and licks on me. I Lay there liking the feelings that are going on in my body. When he takes his mouth off of them I find myself wishing that he wouldn't stop. My new daddy looks at me with a smug look and says "you like that didn't you?"
"I didn't dislike it." is all I say in return.

He stands then, and takes off his shirt, his body is fit and his muscles ripple when he moves, he hooks his thumbs in the waistband of his sweat pants and he slides them down, his blode hair sweeps his forhead and a peice of it covers his left mossy green eye. He looks at me then, I stare back waiting to see what's the next move in this daddy daughter game.

I notice his private part is big and it pokes stright out. "It looks painful." I say gesturing towards the object protruding from his hips. He chuckles and nods his head saying "it does hurt a little, you can make it feel better sweetling." I'm a bit puzzled as my new daddy walks close to the side of the bed that I am on and his stick points in my face. I move my head away, but he grabs my face and holds it still.
"Daddy hurts, don't you want to help? All you have to do is open your mouth and ill do the rest." I start to say no but as soon as I open my mouth Frank pushes his stick into my mouth. "That's a good girl, I knew you wanted daddys dick to feel better." Frank says.
He begins to pump his dick into my mouth I just lay there with my mouth open, occasionally I try and swallow the saliva that begins to accumulate and it seams that frank likes when I do that because he strts to thrust harder and he grunts loudly everytime. He grabs my mass of raven hair and begins to shove himself deeper into my mouth his dick is in my throat and I begin to push at him because I can't breathe. I am gagging and suffocating and finally he pulls out, I begin to cough and globs of spit drip and fall from my mouth.

I look at him vicously, "I didn't like that." I say.
Frank laughs a bit and then replies "well you'll get use to that. It made me feel really good sweetie thank you so much." At that moment the blood I see in my subconscious appears and I have the orgasmic urge to watch this man bleed. But before I realise what's happening a moan escapes my mouth and the most amazing sensation takes over me. The feeling is coming from down there my private part. I realise my new daddy has his head between my legs and seams to be licking. I'm so overwhelmed I close my eyes tight and let the feelings control me.

Before I know it I'm thrashing around and making more noise than I've ever made in my life. Frank is concentrating on one spot that seams to be the sweet spot because its making me scream like a banshee. I feel a little pressure at the entrance of my hole and realise he is using his finger. I like this feeling. Something dark is building in my body and it threatning to drag me to hell, the feeling is so amazing that I don't mind ill go willingly even. Frank continues his menastratisn on that sweet spot while probing my hole, in the light of the room I hear my labored breathing and the slurping sounds coming between my legs.
"Oh, oh, oh ohhhh my good grief" I shout as I go light headed and something grabs hold of my body. The feeling is pure exctasy and I know this is the epitome of pleasure. I grab hold of franks blode locks as my body spasms.

Frank looks at me "you loved that right sweetie?"
I cannot find my voice so I just stare at him. He chuckles and then sits up. My body is still ultrasensitive so I jerk around as my new daddy starts to rub my thighs. "You ready for the final round darling daughter?" I shake my head no, but he just laughs and grabs my legs. He pushes my legs up so that my knees are at my breasts he leans into me and at this point I know what we are doing is sex.

"I'm not suppose to have sex until I'm married. I'm suppose to remain a virgin." I say. "Oh dear, you will still be a virgin. Its just daddy fucking you. Daddys are allowed to have sex with their daughters its a secret they share. So this is our little secret okay my dear?"

It doesn't seam like were doing anything wrong so I agree. "So I'm not suppose to tell Carol?" He shakes his head and I nod. "Now I'm going to put my cock in your hole okay?"
I shake my head. "It won't fit." I feel his dick touch down at the entrance to my hole and he says to me "oh yes dear its going to fit." And then he begins to tear my little slit open. He grunts and groans as I try and push him away. "Oh your so tight princess." I scream as his whole head enters me. "Please stop!" I shout. But he either can't hear me or is ignoring because he Pushes forward splitting me even more. Sending pain throughout my body. "I got to get deeper, oh you feel so good baby. I want it all in you." He pushes and the worst pain racks my body as he breaks my hymen. I want to kill him. "Get off of me Frank, please!" He pushes on wiggling trying to cram his big dick into my little hole.
"You feel so good around me, I'm going to put all seven inches in you." Now I'm crying and Frank is still trying to fit all of him inside of me. I keep pushing at his chest but its no use.

After a while I lay there still. *look baby girl I told you I would fit. I'm balls deep in you." I don't say a word, I just glare at him. He then begins to slide out slowly causing me emense pain. Then shoving himself back in me, he repeats this for a long time. Stroking in and out of me while I cry out everytime he slams back into me.
"You got some good pussy baby." After a few minutes it stops hurting, and my crying subsides I feel Franks cock stiffen even more inside of me as his hips rapidly start to bang me. That hurts...

He's pounding into me at full force when someting warm begins to fill me. Franks face goes still besides his handle bar mustache that starts to twitch. He grunts and pumps a few more times before he stills. He looks down at me and I see something in his eyes that I don't understand. I don't like it. He kisses me on the lips then.
"Gosh Nora your so tight. Even now that I've gone soft your hole clings to me, not letting me leave its warmth."
He then puts his hands under me lifting me lightly and then rolls onto his back with me ontop of him. He grabs the back of my neck and makes me lay my head on his chest.

"You can sleep now Nora. We can sleep just like this." Despite the awkward position I'm in I begin to drift off to the sensation of him stroking my back.

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I really enjoy my dash ever since ive gotetn it. Now that I have upgraded using Kavana's ROM with the Ricky's enhancements (and a lot of little things like making the keyboard selectable at installation) my Dash couldn't be better. Check XDA developers I just got an OEM sized 1350mah battery and Opera mini and I don't need any stinkin new phone.

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