This one is alot of fluff, to be honest. Much more story here than sex, but the small amount of character development here is vital for the final chapter. I put some slightly different tags on this one that will become apparent almost right away. I will say that I don't like shitplay, it's not something you'll ever find in my stories. But I felt the Scat tag was necessary because there are far too many allusions to it not to be at least mentioned in the "warnings" as it were. Enjoy!
As I stared at what had to be the most perfectly formed little slit and the most delicious little asshole I would ever behold, I started to get a few different ideas. I slapped both of my hands on each of her tight, plump cheeks and held them there, a hard, long moan coming from my little Kimmy. “You know what, baby?” I said to her as I rubbed her now tender flesh. She looked over her shoulder and I said “let’s go upstairs for this.”

I had seen the stains we had thus far caused on my rather expensive couch and, while I was serious about not cleaning them up so they would become constant reminders of our exertions with each other, I didn’t want to create more that weren’t necessary. She jumped to her feet and tried to scamper in front of me, but I grabbed her little hand and kept her at my side as we started for the stairs at my slow pace. She started swaying our joined hand looking up at me as we trotted along, coming up to the stairs. As we climbed she started playfully chanting a little ditty, “Daddy’s gonna fuck my buuu-tt butt. Daddy’s gonna fuck my buuu-tt butt.” Her childish nature was driving me crazy, keeping me hard as steel as my cock slapped from side to side as we made it up to the second floor. It actually continued this sideways momentum as we made it for my bedroom and then my bathroom, making her giggle instead of continue her cute song.

I let go her hand as I began to rummage in my medicine cabinet, which, admittedly was rather large and filled with various bottles. It was mostly vitamins and supplements, but there was one thing in particular I was looking for and my fidgeting was making my little blonde minx crane her neck to try and see what my target was. When I found it and muttered an “ah”, I whipped around and pointed the bottle label at her. As she read it carefully, she looked up at me quizzically. “This is going to clean you out, baby,” I smiled down at her and I began unscrewing the cap off the nozzle. “Bend over the toilet, dear.”

She seemed to be getting the idea, smiling softly as she complied with my request. I still wasn’t entirely comfortable with the unspoken master/slave or dominant father/submissive daughter thing that we started on recently. Part of me still wanted to be gentle and kind with my little girl, and with our most recent coupling, I knew she felt the same. I was just going to have to incorporate this new personality into my dealings with her; loving father when needed, authoritarian when appropriate. Which, when I think about it, was sort of the standard role of a father anyway…but our relationship was far from standard now.

Once again met with the most perfect backside I have ever witnessed, I sighed contentedly, kneeling behind her, gently caressing her back and rear. “This is called an enema, Kimmy.” She was looking over her shoulder at me again as she listened. “This is going to clean out your bowels so when we’re doing what we’re about to do, my cock doesn’t get dirty.” She smiled slightly and just nodded in reply. “We’re doing this in here because this contains a liquid that, within a few minutes, will need to come back out the way it came.” I had an errant thought and, while coming to my feet, I muttered “actually…” I retrieved a second enema from my cabinet, having noted its presence earlier. These were the last two I had from a bout of constipation I had from earlier in the year. As I knelt behind her again, her eyes following me the entire time, I said “I’ll use a second one just in case.”

I went on to explain how I was going to use it on her and that the sensation will be… strange. She had a look of curiosity and intrigue with a mix of sensuality, oddly, as she continued to point her ass at me as she had before. She nodded her readiness and I put the nozzle up to her pucker and gently pushed, squeezing the entirety of its contents out in one go. She gasped and then giggled, waiting for me to remove the nozzle from her rectum before standing up, turning to face me, holding her belly. “It kinda tickles, Daddy.” I smiled up at her, coming to my feet as I set my hands on her shoulders, gently causing her to sit.

“When the urge hits you, which should be soon, let it out into the bowl,” I said to her, rubbing her cheek as she looked back up at me, still holding her stomach with a soft smile. “I’ll be outside. I need you to tell me, once you’ve expelled it, whether it was overly chunky.” Her lips went crooked for a moment in disgust. “That will tell me whether I need to use the second one.” I tossed the empty bottle in the small trash can by the door and went to leave the bathroom, not interested in watching her do her business. “Come get me when you’re done.” She replied simply with “m’kay” as the door closed behind me.

While she was waiting for her bowels to react to the saline I’d just injected into them, I prepared the bed. I took the comforter off of it and laid down a few towels. Even though I was having her clean out her bowels in the most sanitary way possible, I still wasn’t going to take a chance of getting shit all over my bed. I intended to clean the sheets after this too. I wasn’t necessarily a neat freak, but with this being her first actual anal experience, she may not be able to control herself. I made the mistake of fucking an old girlfriend up the ass in the heat of the moment, and because she practically begged me. The problem was that she hadn’t, seemingly, emptied her bowels for an entire day; when we were done, she did so all over me. It was not a pleasant experience, and certainly not one I intended to repeat.

Carol wasn’t too much for anal, unfortunately for me. I’d always been an Ass Man, and the fact that not only was Kimmy’s already growing into quite a nice one, she seemed eager to try anal just for me, I was ecstatic. Carol and I tried it once, and I even prepared her properly with my fingers first, but she said it hurt too much. I didn’t use an enema on her either, but we didn’t make too much of a mess – I just thoroughly showered afterward. Problem was though, she refused to relax her muscles and grow accustomed to my fullness before her carnal instincts took over and she started just pounding into me with reckless abandon. She complained of a sore rectum for three days, and we never tried again after that. I always poked at her afterward, commenting that I wouldn’t get to do something I really wanted to anymore because she had gotten too excited and ruined it for us. Now that I think about it, that was the night that Kimmy was conceived…

I was torn from my thoughts as Kimmy came through the bathroom door, the toilet flushing behind her. “I think I’m all clean,” she muttered with a half smirk. “But maybe we should just use the other one to be sure.” Her half smirk curled into a full smile that split her face beautifully. I cocked my brow as I stood from the bed.

“Why do I get the feeling that you just like how that felt.” She simply giggled as I joined her in the bathroom again. I repeated the process with the other enema, making sure this time to play with her clit a little bit, surprisingly finding her slit saturated with her own wetness. Apparently, she was either still excited from earlier, or the sensations caused by her impromptu colon cleansing had a unique effect on her. When I emptied the contents of the second bottle, she turned around and poked my shoulder, I being down on her level from my knee. This of course got my attention, so I stared at her and mumbled “what?”

She inched forward and pointed her chest at me, saying cheerfully “here!” Her right nipple was mere centimeters from my lips, so it was easy to take the hint. I leaned forward and took it into my mouth, finding it hard and delicious. Her reaction was immediate, slouching forward, placing her hands on the back of my head. I wrapped my hands around her, softly caressing her back as I softly sucked and nibbled on her tiny pink nipple. She moaned softly, writhing her chest against me for almost a minute before I heard a loud groan from her stomach, making her pull away from me and flop onto the toilet. Shooing me to the door, she stared at me as I exited, closing the door again.

I chuckled slightly, shaking my head at the situation. My memory went to – of all places – the last time I used an enema. It was not a pleasant experience and I won’t go into it. She returned to me moments later muttering “that one was mostly clear, but the second one was still a good idea.” She joined me on the bed and pointed her rear at me for the third time in 15 minutes. “All clean!” I smelled a vaguely familiar scent emanate from her snatch, but I knew it wasn’t her own natural, wonderful odor. I actually leaned my face in closer to her ass, sniffing the air, making her giggle and retreat away from my olfactory query. “I used some soap to clean myself, Daddy,” she said as she plopped her luscious rump onto the mattress. She was biting her lip as she swayed her torso from side to side as she asked, “so you gonna fuck me now, Daddy?”

I shuddered, her playfulness making my now limp cock twitch slightly. Looking down at it, then back up to her, I reply “not like this I’m not.” With some of my newfound confidence with her, I suggested “maybe you should get me ready with your mouth.” I hadn’t even gotten the word ‘ready’ past my lips before she was leaning forward, reaching for my member and popping it into her mouth. She started sucking immediately and my cock responded, filling her small mouth, making her moan as my cock grew stiffer and longer within her moist, hot maw. As she was doing this, I felt that a little more lube than her saliva would be useful, so I reached over to my nightstand, and took out some Astroglide I kept in there.

She noticed me move, but I didn’t make it harder for her to keep going, bending only my torso. She looked up at me, her arresting blue eyes asking the silent question. “This is going to make it easier for me to slide into your hot little ass, baby.” I showed her the tube and I saw the corners of her lips curl up, showing me that beautifully lewd smile I’d fallen in love with only hours before. I thought that she should know what lube is, but my explanation was enough to make sure, it seems. I felt myself grow to my full erectile capacity, as it were, and brought my free hand to the back of her head, gently pulling her off of me. “Good girl, now hug this pillow and get on your knees.” Her eyes lit up and her lips held that captivating smile of hers, taking from me the pillow I typically used when I slept.

As she leaned into the pillow I’d given her and got into position, I heard her breath in with her face buried into it, moaning softly as she exhaled. “Mmm… this pillow smells like you, Daddy.”

I smirked as I replied, “that’s why I gave it to you, my baby.” I moved up behind her, staring once again at her perfect rear, her small, delectable slit being spread open slightly from her position. “Mmm, your ass looks so tasty, baby… I don’t think I can—“ Without even realizing it, I buried my face between her cheeks, my tongue instantly making contact with her little brown pucker. Immediately she gasped, her ass clenching at the new sensation. She had indeed cleaned her anus, and I could taste a faint amount of something sour and numbing to my tongue. I pushed past the unpleasantness of the initial taste and began to simply devour her little asshole as she gently grinded her hips against my face.

“Oh God, Daddy,” she cooed with ragged breath, “that feels so fucking good. Don’t ever stop… don’t ever stop eating my ass.” For the time being, I had no intention of doing so. While I continued my tongue-lashing, I put a dab of lube on my cock and began to spread it around from head to base, the combinations of sounds from my lips and hand making for a very tawdry racket.

I placed my free hand on her ass cheek, as if to brace myself against her, my tongue splitting open her tiny anus a bit. She keeps moaning and writhing against my face while I jerk myself off for a minute or two. As I pull my face away from her pelvis, she groans at the absence of my tongue. “Time to stretch you out, baby.” Her cheeks were flush, and her ass was spread; this was just the perfect picture of innocent vulnerability, and I was about to destroy it. I used the same hand I’d been using to spread the lube along my cock, extending my middle finger against my little girl’s tight little asshole and gently pushed. With a long, sustained moan from my daughter, my finger slid past her rectum, to my palm in one smooth, surprisingly fast motion. She clenched her ass a moment and I gave her a few seconds to grow accustomed to the intrusion.

Writhing into my hand with closed eyes, she cooed “oh my God, Daddy. Your finger is sooo much bigger than mine. It feels so good.” Taking this as a cue to continue, I pulled out and went back in, starting a slow rhythm. “Oh yeah, just like that, Daddy.” She moaned and bucked her hips in time with my finger until, on the backstroke, I added a finger and then, moments later, a third. Her moaning and hip movement intensified as I increased my pace, keeping time with my pumping. I started to slowly separate my fingers while I pumped into her, stretching her anal ring a bit, and preparing her for the finale.

“Does that feel good, baby?” I teased, stroking her gently from the inside as I made an expanding space between my fingers, easing her asshole wider and wider. She could only moan and grind against me in response, her face buried in the pillow I gave her. “Yeah, that feels good. Just imagine how my thick cock is gonna feel in here…” I added my pinky for good measure, spreading her anus just a little further before finally stopping my ministrations.

Almost immediately, her face flew from the bed and she screamed out “no, Daddy, don’t stop! I was so close!” I had been getting into position behind her, stroking my cock with the same greasy hand to make sure I was still well lubed. As I looked down to her still gaping asshole, I sneered at her, taking my dry hand to her backside with a resounding slap. She moaned out in a mix of pleasure and pain.

“Oh, I haven’t spanked you yet today… have I?” I smirked at her when I saw a slight look of terror in her eyes. I could almost hear her thinking that this whole thing had been a clever, extensive ruse to lead up to her daily spanking. Which, I had considered just punishing her ass cheeks and leaving it at that, but this was just an opportune time to take it out on her before I… well… took it out on her. I changed my position slightly, raising my hand high in the air, waiting for her to look up and see it. When she made eye contact, I came down hard on both of her cheeks, instantly making them begin to redden.

“Oh, Daddy! Why?” She actually began to shed tears, and for a moment, I wondered why, before she started sobbing. “Why did you have to ruin something so beautiful?” I smacked her ass again and she cried out in genuine pain, like she did when she was younger and I spanked her more regularly. “Ow… Daddy!” She sniffled before continuing. “I was going to give you my ass… the last, sacred hole that most women never give up…” Another sniffle and no movement from me, her mature words giving me pause. “You wanted it, and I wanted to give it to you… I knew you were going to be so gentle with me… and it was starting to feel really good…” She reached back and started rubbing her ass, her tears still flowing. “And then you start hitting me…”

I relaxed my body, sitting back on my feet, my heart sinking a moment as I considered her heavily emotional response to me spanking her. But then she continued, and in spite of her words, she stayed prone and exposed, which, to be honest, was sending some wildly mixed signals. “I… I know I deserve it. I know I’ve done something so heinous that I deserve worse than a spanking…” She then looked me right in the eye and asked me “but why now? Why did my punishment have to come when I was at my most vulnerable?” Her words were like an ice pack shoved into my heart; it’s like she knew exactly what to say to completely disarm me. But as I sat there, staring back at her, as she continued to point her ass at me, seemingly making no move to change her position. A part of me got a crazy idea that this whole speech was only half-hearted – that maybe she was saying all this to purposefully invoke the very reaction she was causing in me now.

I kneeled back into position, raising my hand high again. She followed it with her eyes and visibly cringed, her eyes closing partially as I saw her whole lower half stiffen. She left a question hanging, so I decided to answer her. “Because I’m your father. And you’re my daughter. And what I do to you, or when, is for me to decide, and for you to accept.” My hand came down hard and sharp, harder than it had thus far, and it made an almost thunderous echo in my bedroom. She yelped out in panic, realizing that this was not going to stop because of her little speech. I wasn’t sure what came over me as, raising my hand again, I continued, “after what you’ve done, you have no right to question me. You have no right to lecture me on when I punish you, or when I use your body.” I crack her ass again. “You can’t offer to be my cum-dump, or tell me you’d love to be my wife one day, and then ask me why I would rather render some much deserved punishment than reward you with a new form of physical pleasure, which you did nothing to earn. For better or worse, regardless of whatever new direction our relationship is going, you are still my daughter. I still have the right to decide when and how I can punish my little girl.” Another crack-down, and this time, her spine buckled. She receded into the mattress, trying to crawl away from me, seemingly genuinely afraid of me now.

“Daddy…” she whined. “You’re scaring me…” She kept kicking her feet along the bed toward me, using the inertia to push her further up the bed toward the headboard.

Still unaware of exactly what caused such behavior, I grabbed her thighs and rolled her back onto her chest, forcing her back into her former position. She was openly crying the entire time and I could only see fire in my eyes at this point. “Good! I’m glad you’re scared!” I gave her blistering ass one more good crack then screamed “maybe if you were a little more afraid of me, you wouldn’t have done something so stupid in the first place!” I then climbed off of the bed and went toward my bathroom.

“Stop!” Kimmy cried out, making me whip around and stare at her with all the fire she put into my eyes. She started crying openly as she spoke “Don’t forsake me, Daddy! I love you!” She started climbing off the bed to come after me, slowly moving toward me with deliberate movements, seemingly keeping her ass from moving as much as possible. “I wasn’t…” she winced. “I wasn’t…” She closed the gap between us, feebly slamming her fists into my chest in protest. “We were about to share a beautiful moment, and then… and then you hit me!” She pounded my chest again before turning to run out of the room, continuing to cry. She slammed my bedroom door behind her, crying her way down the hallway.

I looked down at my hand, smothered in Astroglide and sighed, shaking my head. Time to clean this off… I thought to myself. I washed my hands in my bathroom and, towel in hand, looked out to my bed. I sighed again with a mix of frustration at myself and disappointment at Kimmy for defying my punishment. I looked down at myself, thinking maybe I should be dressed for what I was about to do, so my little girl doesn’t feel like I was about to rape her in her own bed. I put some pajama pants and a t-shirt on and walked down the hall to Kimmy’s bedroom. Finding the door locked, I sighed and knocked, rather than using the key I kept above the molding of her door. “Baby?”

“Go away!” came the expected response. She was likely crying into her pillow, still naked. “I don’t know why I ever trusted you with my body!” Ah, so now I’m the one on trial. She was going to take a very long time to live down her illicit, illegal indiscretion. And yet I was the one that betrayed her all of a sudden. Yep, she was an emotional female pre-teen.

“Baby, you know why I spanked you,” I mumbled through the door, reaching for the key just in case. “It’s a punishment. A punishment you agreed to, I might add—“

“I knew agreed to you smacking my ass so soon after you had your fingers in it!” Ah, true. She wasn’t mad at me for spanking her, she was mad at me for when I chose to spank her. I already heard her say as much, of course, but the fact that she reiterated the point told me that was the only thing wrong. “I will never willingly give you my ass again!”

Hmm… that didn’t sound like an idle threat to me. I put the key in the lock as gently as I could and turned the knob, opening her door slowly. A pillow came flying at me, catching me in the face and moment later, I felt Kimmy slam her body into me, hugging me so tightly, she actually knocked the wind out of me. “Agh! Kimmy!” I tore the pillow from my face and looked down at her, staining my chest with her waterfall of tears. It always amazed me how much fluid a woman can make come out of their face… “I wasn’t expecting this…”

She looked up into my eyes, not letting go of me. “Daddy… Please… don’t be mad at me…” She buried her face in the middle of my torso, continuing to sob into me, beginning to drench my shirt. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I questioned you… I’m sorry I…” She just broke down into tears, again, unable to continue.

I gently grabbed her chin and made her look up at me, smiling softly. “Well… that was an emotional rollercoaster, wasn’t it?” She chuckled slightly, her eyes gleaming a moment. “Baby, I don’t want you to think I’m a monster, but regardless of what we’ve been doing, I will always be your father. And at least for now, that means I’m the one in charge.” She smiled weakly, sniffling the last of her tears away. I used my thumbs to wipe her face gently and her smile grew a little wider. “I—“

She cut me off, “Daddy…” I stopped and listened. “I know you’re still that, my Daddy. I don’t want that to ever change…” She moved her arms lower, resting just above my ass. “But did you really have to stretch out my asshole and then spank me like that?” She smirked slightly, cocking her head to the side.

I chuckled before nodding, “I suppose you’re right.” I began stroking her hair softly as I continued. “But I felt that if I didn’t do it then, you would have been to hurt when I did it later.” I smiled wider, saying “besides, seemingly, you’ve gotten suddenly so kinky. I figured you would have liked a bit of a sting to your cheeks as I fucked you.” She smiled wide, her cheeks going flush as she leaned back into my shirt. I reached down, bending my knees slightly so I can very gently place my hands on her raw asscheeks. She winced as I whispered “I’m sorry I ruined our moment. But you kind of made it worse when you started crying…”

She batted my chest – harder than playful but lighter than serious. “You were hurting me…” Her cheeks reddened again as she continued, “I’ll admit, I kinda like it when you spank me. But not when you’re trying to make my ass bleed…” She batted my ass lightly and we smiled at each other. I kept my hands planted on her ass, lifting her off the ground, causing her to wince as most of her weight was pressed into my hands. I walked her over to her bed and placed her gently upon it. “What are we gonna do on the bed, Daddy?” she asked coyly with a knowing smile.

“Well you’ve recovered quickly from such a…” I ‘bunny-ear’ed my fingers, saying “savage beating.” She giggled lightly as I joined her in the bed, leaning over her, as I stared into her deep blue eyes. “I have an idea, but I’ll leave it up to you. Since I did, technically, betray your trust by spanking your ass instead of fucking it, I’ll let you decide whether you still want me to fuck it.” She appeared taken aback by my offer, silently scoffing at me, and fidgeting slightly at the bed for rubbing her sensitive butt.

Biting her lip, she stared into my eyes, as if testing how serious I am. Softly, she asked me “but, you spanked me way too hard… how am I going to be able to take you without being in agonizing pain?” I nodded my approval of the word ‘agonizing’ as I smirked down at her.

“Well, I thought about that, sweety. But wait here, my baby. I’ll go get the lube and we can try.” I got off of her slowly and went to retrieve my grease and when I came back, she had changed her position. She was hugging her pillow the same way she was when this whole thing started. I smirked as I walked through the doorway, “I’m sorry I got carried away, baby.”

“Mmm, s’okay,” she said calmly. The mood swings of my daughter will always amaze me. I literally physically abused her, and she seemed to have forgiven me without much of an apology on my part. “So, you’re not gonna be on your knees like that. You’re going to, ideally, be on your feet.” She looked over her shoulder at me, heavily puzzled. As I sat on the bed behind her, I smirked at her, saying “oh, c’mon, baby. You can’t tell me you never saw one of those little girls in your movies riding cowgirl…” Her eyes lit up in understanding, and her teeth began to show.

She slowly repositioned herself, standing up in front of me. “I’ll try it, Daddy, but you may need to stretch me out again…” She blushed slightly as she added, “all that crying made me clench my ass back up.” I spun her around quickly, causing her to giggle as I applied pressure to the small of her back, making her bend at the waist. “Anh! Daddy, can’t you wait?”

“Shh… baby… If you want me to stretch you back out, this is the best way. And no… I can’t wait.” I put a little lube on my fingers and rubbed it along my fingertips with my thumb, rolling it around for a moment before reaching for her pucker. “Mmm… seems you still have a lot of lube still on your little pucker, baby.” She sighed contentedly as she leaned forward a bit, placing her hands on the carpet. It was such a lewdly sexual position that my hard-on was quickly returning as I slowly began to loosen her asshole again with my hand.

I stretched her out, the same as before, getting her anus open a little wider than I had earlier. When I was satisfied, I took my hand out of her, and as before, she whimpered at the emptiness of her stretched rectum. She stood up and watched me as I shifted on her bed, my large body making her full size mattress look so tiny. My cock stood at attention and I wrapped my lubed up hand around its base, beckoning her over to me. She climbed up on the bed and faced away from me, smirking before she climbed over my thighs. I looked down at the raw meat of her ass cheeks that I had caused. I felt guilty, but I think I was going to make it up to her right now.

She lowered herself toward my aching cock. As my cockhead touched her pucker, which was still opened slightly from my prep-work, she moaned softly. Looking over her shoulder, but not turning all the way around, I saw her smirk at me before lowering herself onto me slowly. As the mushroom passed her rectal ring, I gasped lightly, and then so did she. But bless her; she kept going, trying to swallow my cock in one fell swoop. Slowly, tantalizingly, she lowered herself down to the hilt, making me move the hand I was using to hold it up for her. When she hit bottom, I felt her flinch at her ass touching my groin. Reaching out to rub her back, I ask softly, “is this ok?”

I can hear the smile in her voice as she leans forward, between my calves as she replies, “mmm, yeah. It’s so ok…” She stayed firmly impaled, not moving for a long moment, adjusting to my man meat inside her very accommodating as asshole.

My cock had been straining for about the past hour from being exposed to her nude, lewd body and not cumming. And now that it was being held in a tight vice grip, inside the velvety interior of my prepubescent daughter’s bowels, I knew I wouldn’t be lasting long. It was everything I dreamed it was, literally. Her muscles contracted and grew accustomed to me filling her, my cock likely to be larger than the biggest shit she’s ever taken. And while I felt sure she was trying to make her muscles fight her instinct to pinch off what was keeping her asshole open, part of me wish she wouldn’t fight it. The tightness of her ass was so stark compared to her pussy that, even before either of us started moving, I felt a genuine consideration toward never fucking her pussy again.

A low, guttural moan escaped my daughter as, for the first time I realized, she hadn’t taken a breath since she started her slow descent down my pole. “Mmm… you feel so good in my ass, Daddy. This is amazing…” She started to gyrate her hips as she had when we were downstairs earlier, flinching her ass cheeks periodically from what I was sure to be the twinges of pain from rubbing her raw skin against my pelvis. “This… this is so much better. Oh God… Oh… Oh GOD!!” She leaned forward and braced herself with her hands on the bed, just like when she was standing next to the bed just now. This new modification to her position allowed her to start pistoning herself on me at an alarmingly fast rate.

“Oh fuck, babe!” My head slammed back into the pillow as her ass took me on the ride of my life. Faster and faster, harder and harder, my little girl was strangling my cock in the most lascivious way any woman had yet done to me. Every centimeter of my cock was being squeezed so hard from every angle, and because I was fucking her bowels, she had no problem bottoming out with every downstroke. My breathing quickened, but for fear of causing her further harm, I didn’t want to place my hands on her as she grunted and pounded herself against my ramrod. I was thus left with no choice but to clench her bed and hold on tight. “Jesus, baby, you’re gonna break my dick off!”

The only thing I could make out were grunts and groans as suddenly, she shuddered, her ass clenching harder around me as she lunged forward in a hard orgasm. Her fleshy vice clamping down on me harder was enough to send me over the edge right along with her and I emptied my entire load deep into her bowels. My hot jism hitting Kimmy’s insides made her orgasm rebound onto itself, further intensifying my own orgasm because, were it possible, her ass became tighter. I actually feared she would snap my cock off for a few brief moments.

I reached out to Kimmy’s hamburgered ass cheeks and rubbed them gently. She cooed and whimpered at me, grinding against my hands which, since she was still clamped to my cock, made me groan right along with her. “Oh, baby, that was so good…” I never expected to cum so fast, but with as amazing as she feels inside her ass, her grinding was keeping me hard, threatening to make me cum within minutes once again. She slowly bent at the waist, leaning her body back into me, laying on top of me in my arms.

Still with ragged breath, she exhales deeply, “oh, Daddy. That was amazing. I came so hard I can’t see straight.” Moments later, I heard her snoring softly and her body went basically limp. With me still buried up her ass, I felt there was little I could do without waking her. So, at the risk of her sore ass cheeks being rubbed the wrong way, I stayed put, both inside and beneath her, reaching to pull her bed’s covers over us. Moments after successfully covering our union, I drifted off to sleep right after her.

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