The club was just for Edward, William, Allen and me. My name is Chance and we are fourteen. We built the club house on cement pillars over a cement pool we had made in my huge backyard. It was twenty feet long and sixteen wide and that wasn’t counting the wide balcony. The pool was only five feet deep with heaters and pumps and everything.

It was more than twice the size of the club. We had thick rugs, a queen size bed, two comfortable chairs, a futon as well as a long coffee table, a large TV and DVD player. We each had sisters a year younger, Emily was mine and she was a pain in the ass. The rule was if a girl wanted to join the club she had to let all of us fuck her when we were in the club.

She had to let all of us fuck her all day for her initiation. It was Saturday, the first day of the summer vacation. The guys had wanted to spend the night in our club but William and Edward had some party they had to go to. I walked into the kitchen to hear Emily talking to mom, “but he won’t let me go into the club!”

Mom sighed as she glanced at her and then at me, “Let your sister go into your club Chance.”

I blushed, “I can’t, it’s in the rules, no non club members allowed.”

She gave me one of her looks, “than make her a member.”

I looked at Emily as she looked at me in a satisfied way, “I don’t think she wants to be in the club.”

My sister was nodding and looked at mom, “I’ll do anything.”

Mom was looking at me though, “why are you blushing?”

I turned to make a bowl of cereal, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

She stood and walked to me and turned me to look at her, “tell me.”

I looked at Emily and then at mom and knew I was going to be grounded, “we have a rule about girls in the club. For their initiation they have to let us fuck them in the club all day.”

Mom smiled, “is that all?”

I bit my lip and looked at a blushing Emily, “she has to let us fuck her when we are in the club.”

She laughed, “fucked and creamed all day and a fuck doll while in the club.”

She looked at Emily, “What incentive will you offer?’

I blinked, “incentives?”

Mom caressed my face, “what will you do for the girl?”

I looked at her and then at Emily, “she gets to go to the movies with us or watch movies in the club and explore the woods behind the house. She can have sleep overs in the club with us and pool parties and...”

She touched my lips, “eat your cereal.”

She pulled Emily out and back to her bedroom. It was awhile before they returned and I was doing chores, taking the garbage out and spraying for bugs, mom hates bugs. Emily was wearing her robe and walked to me and smiled, “I want to be in the club and you can fuck me.”

I looked at mom and she smiled, “have a nice day.”

I took a breath before going to wash and then leading my sister out and to the spiral stairs we had made in school shop. I hesitated on the balcony when I heard the other guys and then opened the door. I led Emily in and the guys turned and groaned. I closed the door and looked at them, “this is my sister Emily (I knew they knew her name but...), she wants to join our club.”

The guys looked at her and then at me. I shrugged, “she is here for her initiation. Our mom knows and said to have a nice day.”

They looked at Emily and I took a breath before turning her as she trembled and pulled her robe off. Her breasts were firm with pretty nipples and her fuzzy pussy slit drew my eye. I looked up and smiled before pulling her across to the bed. She hesitated before climbing on and I started undressing.

I ignored the guys as they watched and climbed onto the bed and began feeling my sister. She smiled as I caressed her and spread her legs when my hand slipped down her body. I began feeling her warm slit and it felt wonderful. Emily shivered a few moments later and her hips lifted. The guys laughed and I pushed my middle finger into her.

She moaned and shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed my finger. I grinned and started to finger fuck her and she began panting as her hips thrust up onto my finger. I pulled my finger out of her and she groaned. I smelled my finger and looked at my friends before licking it. They grinned and I turned to kiss Emily before moving down and between her legs.

I opened her pussy to look at her before I started licking. She jerked and moaned and humped up as I nibbled and pushed my tongue into her and finally captured her clit. It took a few minutes before she arched her back and wailed as she jerked back and forth. I grinned and moved up to look into her face as she panted.

I lifted up to look between us and Emily lifted her head to look down. She looked at me and I shifted and pushed and wiggled and pushed harder. My sister lifted and tilted her hips to help and then my cock pushed into her. Her pussy was extremely tight and almost hot, I groaned and pushed deeper as she shuddered.

I started to fuck her slowly to make it last and she pulled me down and hugged me as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I kept fucking her until my cock was buried and pushing against the back of her pussy. She jerked and shuddered again as she thrust up, “oooohhhhh!”

I started to fuck her with long strokes and planting my cock as I kissed her. Emily was twitching and spasmed as her hot pussy kept squeezing and grasping my cock. She stiffened and then began to thrash around as I buried my cock and gushed cum. She lifted her hips when she felt the warm sperm pumping through her cervix and screamed, “CHANCE!”

I spewed a dozen jets of cum before I was done and sighed. It was a minute before Emily shuddered and smiled at me and whispered, “I liked that.”

I grinned and pulled out before moving off the bed and looked at my friends, “well?”

Edward grinned and stripped and climbed onto the bed, “hi Emily.”

She smiled and held out her arms as he crawled between her legs, “hi Edward.”

I moved to the futon as he pushed into her and began fucking her cummy pussy slowly. William and Allen looked at each other and began undressing as I turned on the tv and the movie we had left in. I kept glancing at my sister as she fucked up onto Edward’s cock and grunted. He lasted about the same as me and shoved into her and grunted, “I’m cumming!”

Emily was shuddering and jerking side to side and kept thrusting up, “YES!”

Edward slowly shuddered and relaxed before pulling out. I was looking and watched as my sister’s pussy began to leak cum. As Edward moved off the bed William climbed on, “hey Emily.”

She smiled and held out her arms, “hi Will.”

I watched his cock push into her slimy hole before he started to fuck her. He was like me and Ed, he did it slowly with long strokes. It was a couple of minutes before Emily began to wail and spasm, “I’m cumming!”

Will fucked her harder and a couple of minutes later shoved into her and held her as he grunted, “YES!”

My sister hugged him as he pumped more cum into her already slimy pussy. He kissed her when he was done and pulled out. Allen moved onto the bed and between Emily’s legs, “you are fucking hot Em.”

She grinned as he pushed into her and started fucking her right away. I turned back to the movie as Will sat on the other end of the futon, “we really get to fuck her all day?”

I nodded, “she knows and mom knows so yeah we can fuck her all day.”

It was several minutes before Emily yelled that she was cumming again and Allen started grunting. When he pulled out Ed looked at me and I was looking at my sister’s leaking pussy. I grinned, “come here Em.”

She looked at me before moving off the bed and walking to me as she wiped her pussy. She hesitated and tasted it as she stopped in front of me. I leaned forward and turned her around and opened her legs outside mine. I moved her back and down slowly to impale her tight, slimy pussy. I hugged her and let one hand slip down to finger her clit, “watch the movie with me.”

She giggled and looked back before leaning against me. We fucked Emily eight time each before Allen, Will and Ed had to go home. We had taken bathroom breaks and breaks for lunch and dinner. My sister was still in the bed with me in the club, laying half on me as I held her. She kissed my cheek, “thanks Chance.”

I hugged her and it was several minutes before her breathing changed. I woke to darkness and the club door opening. I turned my head to look and saw mom, she smiled when she saw Emily and I together before closing the door. It was morning before we woke up and I helped Emily out of bed. We walked home and I let her go towards the bathroom.

Mom caressed my shoulders before giving me a push, “go help her douche. She will probable be sore so be gentle.”

My sister blushed when I came into the bathroom but I ignored it and helped her douche. She winched the first time and the second and giggled when we started the third, “you guys sure put a lot of cum in me.”

I grinned and rubbed the sides of her pussy, “we really loved doing it too.”

She giggled again, “I liked feeling it.”

She showed me her birth control and took one before I pulled her into the shower. I liked washing her and feeling her body and she smiled and let me. When we finished I dried her and rubbed her butt, “movies today?”

She grinned, “sure.”

We had breakfast together and I called Will, Ed and Allen. I didn’t know mom had been talking to their mothers or they had been talking to their daughters. We spent the day watching a double feature, the guys hugged and kissed Emily like she was our girlfriend. They went home when we got back as my sister and I went into our house.

We helped mom make dinner and she kept smiling and dad grinned and patted Emily on her butt. They even let us stay up and watch a long movie with them. At bed time dad went to bed and mom pushed Emily towards me, “sleep with your brother.”

I grinned with her and she stripped and pushed me into bed. I felt her body and she shivered and pressed against me, “you need to wait.”

I looked at her as I held her and Emily grinned, “Will is going to bring Alyssa to join the club tomorrow.”

I lifted my head to look at her and she laughed, “I want you to sperm her a lot Chance.”

I grinned, “you are in the club now, you have to take a turn.”

She frowned, “I don’t have...”

I hugged her and gave her a kiss, “you tasted our cum from your pussy. You can lick her or have her lick you. You can hump pussies together but you have to take a turn.”

She grinned and then giggled, “maybe a little of all three.”

I grinned and still wanted to fuck her before I laid back. It was awhile before I slept and woke to Emily rubbing my cock, “you keep playing with that and you are the one getting cum in your pussy.”

She giggled, “mom just stuck her head in.”

I glanced at the door, “I’m awake if you want to wash and eat before going to the club.”

Emily rolled away and out of bed, “after Alyssa is Tara and then Sam.”

I looked at her as I stood, “seriously?”

She nodded, “you guys will have four of us in the club.”

I grinned, “already plotting?”

Emily grinned as she pulled me after her and into the bathroom, “after our initiation we were going to switch off each day.”

I let her pee and then went as she climbed into the shower. I followed her and washed her before going to grab a tee shirt and swimming suit. Mom kissed me on the lips and caressed Emily before heading towards the hall, “have fun today.”

We grinned at each other and ate quickly before I grabbed her hand and we went out back and walked to the club. Allen and Ed were waiting and grinned when they saw Emily. She grinned as she let my hand go and walked to sit between them on the futon, “Will and Alyssa should be here soon.”

She kissed both of them as they looked at each other and me as I sat in a chair. I grinned, “anyone bring a movie?”

Edward nodded and gestured to the player and the case sitting on it. I went to put it in and while the previews were playing Will came in holding Alyssa’s hand. He grinned, “Alyssa wants to join and mom said it was okay so she is here for her initiation.”

I gestured to the bed, “I was first with my sister so take your time.”

Ed and Allen nodded and Emily grinned, “lick her pussy like Chance did to me.”

Will pulled her towards the bed as she blushed and we watched as he helped her undress. It was a minute before she was laying back nervously as Will laid beside her. He kissed her and started caressing her and it was a couple of minutes before one hand moved down to her pussy. She groaned and lifted her hips almost as soon as his finger rubbed through her slit.

Emily moved to pull me up and undress me and then herself before pushing me down and sitting in my lap. She leaned against me as Alyssa moaned and Will moved down her body. She jerked when he began to lick through her pussy and a couple of minutes later she was wailing and shuddering hard. He moved up and pushed into her slowly before beginning to fuck her.

Emily wiggled and I grinned and reached between her legs, “remembering something?”

She shuddered as I fingered her pussy and Ed and Allen laughed and Emily kissed me, “yeah.”

She moved my hand, “but this is Alyssa’s day.”

I cup one of her breasts, “you need to get off with her too.”

Ed and Allen looked at me and I grinned, “she’s in the club.”

They grinned and Emily giggled, Will started grunting as his sister spasmed and held him tight, “aaaahhhh!”

He spurted cum into her as she jerked and shook. He kissed her and whispered before pulling out and moving off the bed as Alyssa blushed. I nodded to Ed and he stood and undressed before walking towards the bed. He smiled and sat, “hey Alyssa.”

She smiled, “hey Edward.”

He reached out to caress her hip, “you sure about this?”

She grinned, “it felt really good.”

Ed grinned and looked at me and Emily, “Emily had fun.”

Alyssa caught his hand, “its okay, you can fuck me.”

He laid beside her and started caressing her and then fingering her. She started moaning again and Emily kissed my cheek and whispered, “Will needs me.”

He was sitting in the other chair and watching his sister. I rubbed her butt and she stood and went to sit on his lap. Ed finally moved over Alyssa and pushed into her as she lifted her hips. He fucked her with deep thrusts and she met each one as she hugged him and began to wail. I glanced out one of the windows to see our mothers laid out beside each other.

Mom and Alyssa’s mother were looking at each other and grinning. I turned back to watch as Alyssa spasmed and Ed buried his cock as he came. Allen stood and undressed before going to the bed. Ed kissed Alyssa before pulling out and moving off the bed. Allen laid down to kiss her and caress her before she pulled him between her legs.

He pushed in and started to fuck her slowly. Alyssa shuddered and hugged him as she wrapped her legs around him. He began to kiss her as he buried his cock to hump into her. It was a few minutes before she howled and spasmed as he went back to fucking her. He used long, deep thrusts and shuddered a couple of minutes later as he shoved into her.

Alyssa hugged him as she spread her legs while he pump cum into her. When Allen stopped and kissed her before pulling out everyone looked at me. I grinned, “I was first and we have a new member that goes before me.”

Emily giggled as she stood and walked towards the bed as Allen moved off. We all grinned as my sister laid beside Alyssa and bent to suck on a nipple before licking down to her leaking pussy. It was a minute before Alyssa was moaning and shuddering. Emily kept licking her until she arched her back and screamed, “aaaahhhh!”

Emily grinned with a wet face before moving up her body, “do me now.”

Alyssa rolled and moved down, before licking through my sister’s pussy. My sister sighed and moaned as her hips lifted and after awhile she was shaking and jerking. She pushed Alyssa away and covered her pussy and we laughed. I stood and moved to the bed and helped my sister off. I laid beside Alyssa and cupped a breast before kissing her.

She smiled and pulled on me and I moved between her legs. I lifted and pushed into her before slowly fucking deeper. I continued to fuck her slowly with steady strokes. She lifted and spread her legs as my cock pressed against her cervix and I started to grind against her. I kept kissing as she moaned and sighed and finally pulled back to fuck her with deep, steady thrusts.

A few minutes and she was spasming again as her slimy pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. She hugged me as she humped and thrust up and I buried my throbbing cock before I began to gush cum. Alyssa howled when she felt warm sperm pumping through her cervix and started jerking erratically.

When I stopped she shuddered as her pussy milked my cock and slowly relaxed. I pulled out and pulled on her to help her off the bed. I pushed her towards her brother as I went to sit. Like with Emily we fucking her off and on all day eating lunch and dinner together as well as swimming.

We left Will and Alyssa asleep together on the bed when we went home. Emily slept with me again and I just held her since I had cum so much in Alyssa. We had talked and Emily and Alyssa wanted to have a pool party the next day. We got drinks and snacks as well as towels. We spent the day playing in the pool and chasing each other, including the two girls.

I woke up horny and glanced at Emily in my arms. I caressed her hip and she opened sleepy eyes, “Tara will be coming to the club today.”

I rubbed her butt and she grinned and pushed me onto my back, “okay but you better have enough for Tara.”

She straddled me and slowly impaled her tight pussy. I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples, “thanks Emily.”

She wiggled and began thrusting back and forth as she smiled. Her tight pussy kept grasping my cock as she shuddered. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and spasmed as she let out a loud moan. She was erratic so I pulled her down and shifted until she was under me and started to fuck her with deep thrusts.

It wasn’t long before she was thrashing around as her pussy continued to squeeze my cock. A few minutes later I shoved all the way into her and kissed her as I began to pump thick spurts of cum. She lifted her hips and shook as I spewed and squirted until I was done. She sighed and hugged me, “that felt really good.”

I grinned before kissing her and pulling out. I moved off the bed and helped her before following her to the bathroom. After we washed I put on a loose pair of shorts and Emily put on her sting bikini. We ate cereal and walked to the club holding hands. Allen, Will and Alyssa were already watching a show with Alyssa sitting on Allen’s lap.

Emily crossed and sat on Will’s lap before giving him a kiss. I went to sit in a chair and Allen grinned at me, “Sam is really looking forward to her turn.”

I glanced at the others, “we could do two at once so they don’t get sore.”

I looked at my sister and Alyssa, “Emily and Alyssa would have to agree.”

They grinned and wiggled before Emily nodded and Alyssa spoke up, “its okay with me.”

I looked at Will and he nodded and we all looked at Allen. He grinned and stood before pushing Emily towards me, “I’ll go see if she wants to.”

It was barely five minutes before Edward, Tara, Allen and Samantha walked in. Tara grinned and walked towards the bed as she pulled her bikini off, “who’s first?”

I grinned, “your brother.”

She crawled onto the bed and moved over as Edward followed her. I caught Sam’s hand as Emily stood and went to hold Allen, “watch the show and then Allen can do you.”

She grinned as she pulled her bikini off and sat in my lap. Edward started like me and Will, he began by licking Tara’s pussy. It didn’t take her long to start humping and moaning. Sam grinned as she wiggled, “I really can’t wait.”

I laughed and turned her and spread her legs, “Allen lick your sister before she rapes me.”

He laughed as Tara groaned and Edward moved up her body. It was a minute before Tara was shuddering as she wrapped her legs around her brother and Sam was jerking as her brother licked her pussy. I glanced at Emily sitting beside Alyssa with her brother fingered her. When Sam shuddered hard and almost screamed I shook my head.

I stood, “put her on the bed and fuck her.”

Allen grinned as she grabbed his hand and pulled him after her. Tara was jerking and wailing as Ed buried his cock to pump cum into her. She clutched him tight, “aaaahhhh!”

When he pulled out she was still panting and laid back with her legs spread. Sam was groaning as her brother fucked her slowly with deep thrusts and Ed moved off the bed, “next?”

I grinned as I looked at Emily and Alyssa kissing, “that would be Emily.”

She grinned and kissed Ed before moving onto the bed and between her friend’s legs. They kissed and my sister moved down. I smiled at Ed and Will, “girl, boy, girl?”

They laughed as they nodded and Alyssa giggled. It wasn’t long before Sam began to wail and Tara joined her. Allen thrust into Sam a couple of minutes later and she thrust her hips up, “Sperm me!”

We watched as Allen grunted and jabbed while spurting cum. Alyssa stood and came to stroke my drooling cock as Allen pulled out. I grinned and pushed her towards Sam, “lick her.”

Emily moved off Tara and grinned as she climbed off the bed, “next?”

I moved onto the bed and rolled Tara over before lifting her hips and slowly pushing into her tight pussy. I started fucking her slowly and it was a minute before she pushed back and shuddered as her pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

I began to fuck her with long, deep strokes and she started to moan louder. A few minutes and she was spasming and convulsing as she jerked, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I finally thrust into her and pushed before pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and pushed back as I filled her and then shuddered when I pulled out. Alyssa was waiting and Will was fucking Sam. I kissed Alyssa and moved away as she turned her over and straddled her head. I sat in my chair and Emily walked to me.

She straddled me before lifting my slimy cock, “I’m horny.”

I looked at Ed and Allen and then grinned as my sister slowly sat on my cock. We fucked those girls a dozen times each almost everyday. When they had a period we learned about anal and still fucked them. When summer ended they were still our girls and helped us start a business making crystal chandeliers.

I would normally fuck my sister before school and then one of the others when we came home. After that we would start working and just catch and fuck the one that came close until we had to go home. It wasn’t just the guys either, sometimes the girls would sit and pull one of the other girls between her legs to lick her.

On the weekends we went to movies together and took walks. Even now after we have all graduated we are still together.
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