This is chapter 2 of a modernized version of the true story of how my first real girlfriend and I gave each other our virginity back in the 1960’s. The boat, marina and circumstances are all true. The technology is an invention of today that replaces the actual peering through ports and partially opened doors of the time. Enjoy.
Maritime Law – Chapter 2 – Retreat

David clung precariously to the trellis outside Krystal’s window, his shorts and tee shirt on the ground beneath him where she had tossed them before fastening the screen in place and jumping back into bed. His last image was of Krystal, covers up under her chin, with only her face and hands exposed and eyes wide like the old “Kilroy was here” drawings. He heard her dad knock twice, hard, then burst in before she could finish saying “Come in.” With the window still open he could hear every word from her room. The bougainvillea spines poked painfully at his bare skin, but he dared not move lest the Colonel hear the racket and peer outside.

“What the hell’s going on in here Krystal Marie?” the Colonel demanded.

“What do you mean Daddy?” he heard her ask, maybe a little too innocently. David flinched. A spine poked him in the thigh and he stifled a cry.

“You know very well what I mean young lady! Why do I come home in the middle of the night and find a strange car in the street and your clothes strewn all over the house? What is going on? Do you have a boy in here? You know you’re not allowed to have boys in the house when your mother and I aren’t here. If I find out you’ve had some dirt bag high school boy in here I’ll, I’m…” he sputtered losing steam.

“Don’t be silly, Daddy! Look around, do you see a boy in here? There’s nobody in the whole house but me and you.” She protested.

The colonel opened her closet door, then stooped and peered under her bed. “Then why are your clothes and underwear all over the house, young lady?”

“Oh Daddy, she cooed, I came home from the beach so tired I just undressed coming up the stairs and got right in bed. I didn’t think you’d be home until tomorrow night. I was going to clean up before then.” She gave him a sad, pouty smile that melted him… just a little.

“And whose car is that out front?” he asked, a little calmer now.

“I have no idea Daddy. There were lots of cars when I got home.” She lied. ”Maybe one of the neighbors was having a party or something.” She shrugged her shoulders and peered up at him.

Clinging desperately to the trellis, David heard a window slide open from the house behind him, and a soft gasp. He couldn’t turn his head to see and he dared not move. He heard heavy footsteps in Krystal’s room, approaching the window. He pressed painfully against the trellis, felt the shadow of the Colonel fall across the yard. “It’s ok Sammy!” the colonel called softly across to the house next door. “Go back to bed.”

“No problem Mr. L called Samantha softly. “Just getting some fresh air in my room. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Sammy.” The Colonel called back sternly as he slid and locked Krystal’s bedroom window and drew the curtains.

“Goodnight Davey!” Samantha whispered with a giggle.

“Oh, great, Sammy lives next door.” Thought David and he flushed so deep he was afraid he might light up the yard. He waited a few seconds until he heard the murmur of the colonel and Krystal exchanging a few more words then the soft clunk of Krystal’s bedroom door closing before he started down the trellis, trying not too successfully to avoid the sharp bougainvillea thorns. He dropped the last couple of feet to the grass, and was pulling on his shorts and shirt when he heard Krystal’s window slide open above and his keys dropped down on the grass next to him.

She stuck her head out and smiled down at him waving at him to go, then looked up and whispered harshly “Samantha Edwards! You stop peeping and close your window!”

David spun around to see Samantha pause just three more seconds with a huge grin on her face, then turn and disappear into the darkened room. He crept across the lawn hiding behind some shrubbery and watched the house until all the lights were out inside. Then he ran, hunched over, to his car, quietly unlocked the door with the key so it wouldn’t beep the door locks, dropped it into neutral and strained to push it down the street half a block before he jumped in, started it up and drove away.

David slept the sleep of the dead that night with mixed dreams that wound haphazardly between erotic fantasies and evading a squad of angry Marines. He woke late in the morning, fixed some breakfast then went down to the marina and spent the afternoon aboard “Maritime Law” Sunning, watching movies and daydreaming about his new girlfriend and all they had shared together last night. At four thirty, he locked up the boat and drove up to the airport to pick up his mom and dad. On the ride home they told him about their weekend, and asked about his, he told them about the party on the boat and assured them there had been no problems and he told them about his new girlfriend. Not all the details, just that he was pretty sure they would be going out a lot from now on.

The next morning at school, David ran into Krystal and Samantha in the hall. “Hi Davey!” Samantha chirped as she looked him up and down, giggled and raised an eyebrow. “You look a lot more, um… modest than you did the other night.”

Krystal elbowed her in the side and reached up and kissed David on the mouth. “Hi boyfriend.” She smiled.

He grinned from ear to ear. “Hi girlfriend.” He liked the sound of that and tried it on again, “Girlfriend. I think I like that!” he said and grinned even wider if that was at all possible. He put his arm around her as they walked towards the math building.

“Close call the other night huh Davey?” Samantha piped in and he noticed she was openly checking him out head to toe. Krystal nudged her again, but laughed and Samantha peeled off to go to her first period Chemistry class. Krystal lay her head over on his shoulder as they walked and whispered “Saturday night was the best night of my life. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Me too.” He said, “But don’t talk about it here.”

“Why not? It was amazing!” she protested.

“Because if we talk about it here I’ll get… um, uncomfortable, and I don’t need to be walking around school in that condition.”

She giggled and squeezed his waist and the conversation ended as they reached calculus class.

At lunch, Krystal, Samantha and their cheerleader friends were sitting at their regular table out in the quad but they all moved over and opened a seat for David between Krystal and Samantha when he walked over with his tray. Even the cliquish Cheerleaders were nice to him and the three that had spent the day on “Maritime Law” introduced him to the rest of the girls and fairly gushed over how amazing his boat was. They all begged him to invite the rest of the squad next time.

He promised he would and all during lunch they sat and talked about a variety of important and frivolous girly topics. David was acutely aware of the warmth of Krystal’s body pressed against his side, but at the same time, he also became uncomfortably aware of Samantha pressing against his other side and making small sexual innuendos, obviously referring to the show she had witnessed the other night.

After school David met Krystal by the bus stop and invited her to come to his house to work on their calculus homework, but she had to decline. “Daddy’s still a little suspicious about the other night and he told mom that he wants me home right after school so we have to cool it for a few days until he calms down.” She gave him a quick kiss goodbye, with just enough tongue to make a stirring in his shorts, then turned and gave him that little over the shoulder flip of her head as she bounced up onto the bus and found a seat.

Disappointed but still walking on air that he had the most beautiful girlfriend in the world, he drove himself home and settled in to do his homework for the night. The next few weeks went by the same way and the colonel was relentless in his control over his daughter. They could never find any time alone and really never saw each other except at school. But after a while, things turned back to more or less normal for Krystal and she could go out shopping with Samantha or some of her other girlfriends and Samantha became the messenger, cluing David in on where and when they could meet.

Krystal didn’t have her driver’s license yet so she depended on others for transportation. Samantha had her own car so she was Krystal’s main ride. Sam and Krystal would conspire together about meeting David, Samantha would get the word to David and they would meet at the mall for lunch or at the theater for a movie. It seemed a natural situation under the circumstances but it meant that Samantha was nearly always with them. It was a little awkward to be making out with Krystal while Samantha sat on his other side ostensibly watching the movie. There was a lot of kidding around from the wrestling team about David and his two girlfriends. There had been no opportunity to be alone for nearly two months since the first time on “Maritime Law” and it was driving them both crazy. They admitted to each other that they had to relieve the tension at home by themselves after school, an image that only served to exacerbate the problem.

A solution presented itself when a local theatre started showing vintage movies on Saturday mornings before the new releases started to play. David called each week to find out what was playing, ran down to the video store and rented the same title, picked Krystal up in front of the theater and they would watch the movie in the comfort of the bow stateroom of “Maritime Law”, both of them naked before the menu appeared on the screen and paying only enough attention to the movie for Krystal to be able to give the colonel a rough idea of the plot when she got home. Krystal’s mom and dad were somewhat amused by Krystal’s sudden interest in old movies but were pleased that she wasn’t obsessed with the vampires, zombies, violence and sex of contemporary films.

In truth, she cared little for vampires and violence but she was fairly obsessed with sex. Specifically sex with David and every Saturday morning, for a couple of hours, it was good! It was especially good on those weekends when they played the full two hundred twelve minute version of Exodus, the two hundred twenty four minutes of Ben-Hur and the two hundred thirty eight minutes of Gone With The Wind.

They stopped for a while to watch the chariot race in Ben-Hur, spooned together, David deep inside Krystal for the entire race, pressing in and out in tiny rocking motions. As soon as it was over, they resumed their rhythm and from the stimulation of the small movements and the excitement of the race they soon both came in heaving gasping spasms of pleasure and exhaustion.

For a few weeks, Samantha and Krystal would drive out to the mall and meet David in front of the theaters. Then Sam would hang out and window shop while David and Krystal went to the boat, then meet back at the mall and Samantha would drive Krystal home asking about all the details of the morning. After a while however, Samantha got bored hanging out alone and suggested that she just bring Krystal straight to the boat. She could just hang out and sunbathe or watch TV until they were finished and drive Krystal straight home from there. David and Krystal were uncomfortable with that until Samantha pointed out it would give them a little more time together, saving the driving time between the theater and the marina.

The first couple of weeks it worked out fine. They arrived at the boat, David and Krystal locked themselves into the forward stateroom and Samantha hung out, sunbathing on deck or using the awesome entertainment center built in to the main cabin. But as well built as the boat was, it was not sound proof and Samantha couldn’t help but hear the sounds of passion coming through the forward bulkhead. A couple of times she went back to the stern head and relieved herself, or on the bed in the stern stateroom. After a while, realizing that they never came out of the stateroom until the movie was over, she started taking care of herself right in the main cabin.

One Saturday, right after they had locked themselves in, Samantha was fooling around with the remote, trying to get a DVD to play and accidentally hit a button that displayed a whole new menu. It displayed not only a list of entertainment selections but a list of features about the boat. One was a series of publicity images of Morris Yachts showing happy people enjoying the good life on the water. Another selection had instructions for operating the various features of the boat. There was one on care and cleaning and one on maintenance. She clicked on “System Monitor” and a complete diagram of the “Maritime Law” appeared. She clicked on little icons that monitored everything from engine performance to the temperature of the galley refrigerator. She was idly fooling around clicking on this and that when a window opened and showed a video feed of the deck from high on the main mast. She clicked another and the window displayed a view of the cockpit, apparently from just above the cabin entrance. She climbed the ladder and found a tiny glass bead embedded in the frame above the hatch that she hadn’t noticed before. A miniature video camera.

She went back down and explored a bit more, an image of the main cabin popped up, showing herself standing before the entertainment center. She waved at the camera and found it up near the overhead above the hatch. Thoughtfully biting her lower lip she looked at the locked stateroom door, clicked the icon in the forward stateroom and there was a full color, HD image of the room apparently from above the stateroom door. Krystal was on her back. Legs wrapped around David’s hips, arms around his shoulders. David was rocking his hips back and forth and she was rising to meet him. They were slightly diagonal on the bed and Samantha could catch glimpses of David entering Krystal as they pressed to meet each other and she almost lost her balance at the sudden flood of heat that gripped her between the legs. Although there was no sound on the surveillance system, as always, she heard their moans and cries of pleasure through the bulkhead. There was a slight delay in the video, so the sound was strangely disjointed, reaching her ears a fraction before the image on the video said it should. She backed up to the sofa across from the screen and sat down, plunged her hands down her pants and after a few moments, unbeknownst to David and Krystal, the three of them came together.

Eventually, when their movie ended, she got up and turned everything off, closing the program and slipped into the stern head to freshen up a bit. David and Krystal emerged a few moments later, Samantha met them at the ladder and they locked up and went their separate ways. Samantha never said a word.

The following week, as soon as the amorous couple had retired to their stateroom, Samantha went straight for the entertainment center, turned everything on. David and Krystal were already naked on the screen, standing at the foot of the bed. They were embracing face to face kissing passionately. He reached under her thighs and lifted her up to his level and she squirmed in his arms. They wiggled, continuing their kiss, she settled down and it was apparent after a moment that they had found the position they wanted and she was now bouncing up and down in his arms, fully engaged.

Samantha backed up to the sofa and clicked the little box icon at the bottom of the video screen. The image of David and Krystal, lost in lust, filled the entire wide screen display. She immediately slid her hand down the front of her pants. She watched in fascination at the scene going on in the next room. It was so erotic she was already on the verge of her first orgasm. She pulled her pants and underwear down around her ankles. She peeled off her shirt and bra, kicking the shorts off onto the deck. Now as naked as they were, Samantha leaned back, eyes glued to the set. David sat down on the bed, Krystal still wrapped around his body, bouncing up and down on his lap. He lay back and pulled her with him. Now Sam had a clear view of Krystal being filled by all of David’s hardness, in and out, in and out. Krystal’s back and rear were beautiful and David’s fullness fascinated her. She inserted a finger, then two, then all four as she furiously worked her clit with the other hand. Krystal climbed off David and knelt on the bed, David stood and entered her from behind. Samantha watched the muscles of his rear end flex as he pumped in and out of her best friend and suddenly came with a great gush of liquid, iron band seizures and spasms, unable to stifle the scream that escaped her as hard as she tried to contain it.

On the screen, David and Krystal stopped in mid stroke and looked at the door. David stood and grabbed his shorts, stepping into them one step at a time while striding for the door as Krystal yelled out “Sammy, are you ok?” In a panic Samantha couldn’t act fast enough to decide which to do first, grab her clothes, or turn off the TV. She was trying to pull her tee shirt over her head and searching desperately for the button to change the image on the screen when David entered the room, followed closely by Krystal. She achieved both at once, but not before David and Krystal got an eyeful of her fully naked body, and the wide screen HD view of the empty bed with tousled covers they had just left.

They stood staring at each other for a few seconds before pandemonium erupted. Everyone was talking at once, Samantha vainly trying to apologize and explain, David and Krystal angrily making all kinds of accusations at their friend, everyone yelling and nobody listening. After a while they all calmed down enough to speak in turn and Samantha, nearly in tears tried to explain to them. “I love you guys and I’m glad you can have this time and I’m happy to help but since I started bringing Krystal down here it’s really been hard. You keep the ports open in the cabin and no matter where I am on the boat I can hear you in there and it makes me so hot. You don’t know how many times I’ve listened to you two in there and have to go back in the other head and have a little… time of my own.” She sobbed.

“Well that’s no excuse for spying on us!” Krystal demanded indignantly.

“I didn’t mean to Krys. It was an accident. I was messing with the entertainment center and found this system thing and suddenly you were just on the screen and I was shocked but it was so hot I just couldn’t turn it off and you guys never come out here so I didn’t think you’d catch me, but oh, my God watching two people you know is so much hotter than crappy internet stranger porn you can’t even imagine!” She gushed.

“But it’s just so creepy.” Krystal said. “We’re your friends. I can’t believe you would do that to your friends.”

“I know, I’m sorry, but it’s not like I’m some creepy stalker dude who planned it and everything.” Samantha pleaded.

“Well, maybe we should go back to meeting at the theater.” David Suggested.

“I’m sorry guys.” Samantha said quietly and hung her head.

Krystal reached out to her and pulled her close and hugged her, they both reached over to David and pulled him into the group hug. “It’s ok Sammy.” Krystal said. “It was just kind of a shock. And kinda creepy too.”

David said nothing. His head was spinning with the realization that he was standing there hugging his naked girlfriend and her nearly naked best friend and he was acutely aware of the press of Samantha’s breasts and erect nipples on his chest through her thin cotton tee shirt. He was also aware of his reaction to all of that in his shorts and a look from Samantha let him know that she was aware of it as well.

They pulled apart after an awkward moment and Samantha said, “You guys go back in there and finish. I’ll go take a walk around the Marina until you’re done. Just text me when you’re ready to go Krys,”

They agreed silently and stood there while Samantha pulled on her shorts, slipped her bra on under her shirt in that contortionist way girls do and after she left, they went back into the stateroom. But the lust was gone, so they sat on the bed and talked and they agreed that it was a little unfair for Samantha since she didn’t have a boyfriend right now and they were always thinking of themselves and she was always with them. She really was a good friend to help them like this all the time and as creepy as it had seemed at first, Krystal admitted that it really was kind of hot.

David was shocked. “What do you mean hot?” he demanded.

Krystal shrugged a little embarrassed, “I don’t know, I mean when I think about it, us in here going at it like a couple of monkeys and her out there watching us, getting herself all turned on, it’s kind of hot.”

“Are you serious Krystal?” He protested, but had the sudden realization that talking about it was starting to get him hard.

“I don’t know, I’m just sayin’ I’m getting kinda wet thinking about it.” She said softly and lowered her head, suddenly aware that David’s shorts were getting a little tighter. “You jerk! It’s turning you on too!” she squealed and pushed him back on the bed.

She threw her leg over him and began grinding her pelvis into his rapidly hardening shorts. “You nasty little jerk, I bet you’d love to think about her watching us right now!” She bent and kissed him deeply and they ground themselves together, rolling on the bed, fondling, touching and laughing.

After a few minutes of this, David sat up. “Ok, let’s do this.” He got up and went into the main cabin. Krystal followed him curiously. He turned the system back on and set it back to the view of the forward stateroom and clicked the full screen icon. The bed and the rumpled covers appeared. Then he adjusted a couple of other controls and went back into the stateroom. The image of the main cabin was displayed on the smaller flat screen built into the wall opposite the foot of the bed. Krystal followed him in as he was stepping back out of his shorts.

They stood together, naked looking at the view on the screen. “You nasty boy! You want to watch her watching us!” she exclaimed as she squeezed her legs together and scrunched down a little, “Oh, my god David I’m dripping down my leg.”

“Call Sammy and tell her to come back.” He said.

“Are you sure?” she asked one more time.

“What do you think?” he asked, guiding her hand to his now fully erect hardness.


Trouble reared its ugly head the following week however, when Samantha arrived at the Marina alone. “Where’s Krystal?” he asked, confused.

“Her mom and dad took a trip down to the Base Exchange and made her go with them. She asked me to come tell you.” She continued to smile at him.

“Ok.” he said thoroughly disappointed. “Thanks for the message.” He paused at the awkward silence. “You could have just called. Or texted.”

“They’re playing Casa Blanca, did you get a copy?” she asked, ignoring his last comment.

“Yeah, but I guess that’s a waste now.” He replied dejectedly.

“Well, I’ve never seen it, and maybe we could just watch it together so it’s not wasted.” She suggested.

David was a little uneasy with this line of thought but was so blindly in love with Krystal that he didn’t even get a glimpse of the warning signals. “Why not?” he said as he climbed down the ladder into the cabin.

Samantha followed him down and casually kicked off her sandals. She was wearing a white tube top over very small, tight hip hugger jean shorts that showed off her long legs and flat stomach and screamed loudly that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

David slipped the CD into the player and sat down on the sofa opposite the flat screen. Samantha went to the refrigerator and bent over straight legged to get a soda. David glanced over and noticed her shorts pulling tight between her legs and riding up to show a good portion of her cheeks and revealing that she was either wearing a very small thong or no underwear at all. Without standing she looked around her legs at him. “Want a soda?” she asked.

David looked back at the screen and absently replied “Sure. Dr. Pepper.”

She grabbed two Dr. Peppers and brought them over to the sofa. “Can you put it on the screen in the bedroom?” she asked.

“Why? This is a much bigger screen and the surround sound is out here.” He said flatly.

“Well, I just thought it would be more comfortable lying back on the bed. And besides, how much surround sound do you need for Casa Blanca?” she reasoned.

He was so lost in his disappointment that Krystal wasn’t here that he had no concept of the signals she was sending and his warning light hadn’t even begun to flicker.

David made a couple of selections on the remote, got up and carried his soda into the forward stateroom and sat back on the bed. Samantha followed and sat down next to him, close enough that he could feel the warmth of her legs next to his but not quite touching.

They watched the movie in silence for a while until Samantha scooted leg over just enough to make contact with David. “You know, watching you guys do it in here was SO HOT last week.”

David moved to the right a little breaking contact.

“It was so hot I came like three times.” She said quietly.

“I know, we saw you, now Sshhh, I’m watching the movie.” He replied.

“In fact, it was so hot I couldn’t stop thinking about it all week. I’ll bet I did it twice a day since then just thinking about it.” She cooed. It didn’t escape her that he adjusted his shorts at that and she pulled her knees up and squeezed her thighs together tightly.

“In fact, it makes me so hot just thinking about it and thinking that we’re sitting here on the same bed that you guys were doing it on, I think I’m gonna have to do something about it right now before I go crazy.”

“Sam, what are you…” he stammered trailing off as he watched her lean against the bolsters, unbutton her shorts in one swift movement and plunge her hand down the front.

“Sam, you can’t..” he tried to protest but fell silent as she threw her head back, closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy.

Rick was dealing with a Nazi officer on the screen and David looked alternately between them and Samantha in turmoil about which show to watch.

“You can watch the movie if you want, I just need to do this.” She moaned. “Or you can watch me if you like. I think that would REALLY be hot. When she pulled her shorts off and tossed them to the foot of the bed. David mentally confirmed the lack of panties. When he turned his eyes back to Samantha she had her knees in the air and her legs spread far enough apart that there was no doubt which show he would watch. He took in the details of her dark green eyes that stared directly into his, and the small patch of red hair, slightly darker than her head, neatly trimmed beneath the hand she was using on herself.

Samantha was working it hard now, furiously rubbing her clit and alternately pushing two fingers deep inside. David was mesmerized and was now as hard as he could be. He began to rub himself through his shorts as Samantha worked harder and faster, now rocking her hips back and forth and making little squealing sounds with each thrust. David was rubbing himself harder now as well and a wet spot was growing on the front of his shorts. Samantha finally let out a long low moan that turned into an open mouthed scream as her body clenched and spasmed in a massive orgasm, harder than he had ever seen Krystal come, while a prodigious amount of fluid gushed from inside her and wet the bedcover thoroughly.

David had never seen anything like it and he was extremely turned on, but he was still a little confused about what was going on with his girlfriend’s best friend. He was rubbing himself self-consciously when Samantha, recovering from her orgasm, suddenly sat up and pulled her tube top off over her head in one swift motion. Although David had seen her nude for a brief second last week before she covered up, then again, although only on screen after she had returned to the boat, he was now stunned by the in-person close up of her perfect round breasts, pale white between her tan lines, about the size of a nice California Navel Orange and firm without a hint of sag in them. She quickly leaned over and reached up the leg of his shorts and took hold of him feeling the head and sliding her thumb over the slickness of his secretions.

“I think it’s your turn.” She purred and she removed her hand to unsnap his shorts and pull them down off his hips. The touch had done it, and although the pang of guilt was still there in the back of his mind, there was no doubt that he would let her do anything she wanted at this point.

She tugged his shorts down over his knees, then reached up and pulled his tee shirt over his head and tossed it aside. She bent over without warning and took his entire length into her mouth in one plunging motion, held for a moment then raised her head and began rocking while swirling her tongue over him at the same time. David was amazed. Krystal had kissed him and sucked on him a little bit but never this hard or this deep. Samantha was taking him all the way back in her throat and sucking hard on the upstroke. It only took a moment and he tried to warn her.

Krystal always pulled away at the last moment and finished him by hand or climbed on top and finished him inside. Samantha didn’t even pause with his first spasm and kept up her ministrations as he let loose down her throat. She kept pumping and sucking and swallowing, never allowing a drop to escape until he could take it no more and had to put his hands on her head and stop her at that point of hypersensitive pleasure-pain.

Wow, Sex with Krystal was amazing, but it had been his first sex ever, so of course it had been better than he had ever had before. Now this new experience was, physically at least, even better that THAT! “Sam…” he panted. “That was amazing..” pant, “Where did you ever learn to do that?” ..pant.

Sam lay back on her back next to him, head to feet and reached over and took his hand and placed it over her wet mound. Then she reached over and took his slightly softened hardness and began to stroke it lightly. “I’ve had boyfriends, my dad is not as protective as Mr. Leone and I know some good internet sites. You’re not my first and I’ve had practice.”

“Damn.” David muttered under his breath as he slipped two fingers up inside of her.

“unh…” she shuddered at the penetration. “I thought you’d like it.” She said. “I was kind of hot when Krystal and I planned on how she could get you, and I’ve been really hot since I saw you hanging on the trellis buck naked and Krystal’s dad standing in the window just twelve inches above your head. I was doing myself right there in front of him, watching you both and thinking about what you and Krystal had been doing all night. I never told Krystal that. Wow did I have a good orgasm that night! Then after I started coming here… Ha, coming here, get it?” she laughed and the laughter caused muscle contractions that David felt in his fingers, which translated to a twitch that Samantha felt in her hand. “Anyway, after I started coming here I’ve been so hot I couldn’t stand just doing it to myself. I need something hard and real inside me and that’s going be you!” She announced as she rolled up on top of him, lifted him to her entrance and lowered herself down slowly all the way to his pubic bone.

Facing away from him he had a view of her rear end as it began to rise and fall on him, round and firm, tapering into a long slim torso, widening into her upper body and slender arms pulled back, resting on his hips as she slowly pushed herself up and down. She would take five or six strokes then pause and twirl her hips in a circle, feeling the whole of him against every square inch of her inside, then rise and repeat the process.

He and Krystal had been content with the simple natural in and out having taught each other everything they knew by their own experimentation, but this was a whole new level of experience and Samantha was the teacher. She ground herself against him, lifted until he almost spilled out, then lowered all the way back down, rocking her hips to produce sensation on the front and back of each of their respective organs.

After a few moments, she lay back against his chest and he wrapped his arms over her taking one firm breast in each hand and pressing gently on the nipples. She rolled onto her stomach, pulling at his side so that he was now on top, still inside her. She lay face down with her rear end tilting up and back, arms over her head grasping the bed covers in her fists. She clenched her cheeks, putting pressure on his hardness, letting him move in and out with the greatest amount of friction. Then she would raise her hips and relax, her cheeks separating slightly, turning soft and pliant, taking him deep inside, letting him feel the full wet warmth of herself, then clench once again. Krystal participated, but this was participation and manipulation to its fullest!

He was getting more and more turned on by everything she did and they were moving faster and faster, starting to get rough. He pulled out all the way just to the tip and plunged back in. Their passion grew to a fever pitch and before he knew it he was squirting inside her, twitching and grunting and pounding into her hard and furious. Not the erotic love making of Krystal, but hard animal lust.

He collapsed on top of her, along her long body, feeling his chest against the warm skin of her back. Her head was further up, closer to his, higher than Krystal’s head when in this same position. He squeezed her breasts pinching a nipple. Her breasts were larger than Krystal’s and the nipples a little longer. She moaned and he pinched harder. She sighed “Yes” and he increased the pressure, squeezing it tight. She shuddered and begged, “Both!” And he pinched them both hard as she resumed rocking her hips against him, his softening member, hardening again, so soon.

He realized that he had been comparing her to Krystal all this time and it made him a little angry. Krystal was his girlfriend, he loved her and here he was cheating on her with her best friend. He started pounding into Samantha, letting out his anger, at Samantha and at himself for allowing himself to be tricked into this. He pinched her harder and pounded harder, thrusting as deep as he could go, all the way out and back hard, hard, hard. In the animal fury of it he pulled out too far and pounded back hard but missed, instead slipping up her crack between her cheeks, he tried to recover but missed again. Samantha groaned, “Yes, yes, put it there, put it in there, Oh God, please.”

He moved his hips, reached down and took hold of himself and guided it to this new target. He pushed hard, but her body resisted, he rocked his hips a little and twisted it with his hand. Her body relented as the head finally squeezed in and popped past her sphincter. He pushed hard and she screamed out in pain as his full length pushed all the way in, his thighs touching her cheeks. He pulled back and pounded in again and she screamed again.

He wanted to hurt her, she had done this to her best friend, and he wanted her to feel pain for making him betray Krystal, he pounded into her over and over and she screamed out with each thrust but between the screams there emerged little sounds of encouragement, “Yes, yes! Oh god, oh god!” then “Ahhh! Ahhh! Yes, please, harder!”

He pounded her hard, he squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. It was an animal orgy of pleasure and inflicted pain and when he came, he gushed into her over and over, thrusting deep, pushing squirting, pinching, squeezing, pounding. She felt it too, screamed into the mattress, a muffled, long low guttural sound that rose to high pitch, raised her hips and squeezed her cheeks so hard it inflicted pain on David. She convulsed, so intensely and for so long that David was almost concerned that he had gone too far when she finally collapsed into a liquefied puddle of soft hot flesh, relaxed her cheeks, released her grip on him and he slid out of her in a slippery hot mix of fluids, both of them completely spent.

On the flat screen, Ilsa was telling Rick that all he had to do is whistle. David got up and went to the shower. Samantha went and sat on the toilet for a few minutes then climbed in the shower with David. He gave her a look, finished rinsing off and turned sideways to exit without too much body contact. He dried off, got dressed, retrieved the DVD and made a mental note that he had to come back and wash the bed spread before the next family outing.

He climbed the ladder and sat on the cockpit bench waiting for Samantha to finish. When she came up he locked the cabin and jumped off to the dock without even turning to help her. He strode straight up the dock to the gate, unlatched it then let it slam back in place before Samantha got there. He went straight to the car and got in and started the engine. Samantha came up to the window. He sat there for a moment staring straight ahead then lowered the window. She stood there a moment in silence. He glanced up at her waiting for her to speak. She made a fake little smile and an attempt a brevity, “My butt hurts.”

“You asked for it.” David said angrily. “You deserve it for what you did to Krystal.”

“It takes two. I didn’t hear you complaining any.” She retorted defensively.

“You planned it and you knew what you were doing.” He nearly yelled at her. “I can’t believe you did that to your best friend on purpose!” He waited a moment more and when it was apparent she had nothing else to say he put the car in gear and drove away, leaving her standing there in the parking lot staring after him.

He drove home, scattered thoughts racing through his head. His love for Krystal, images of the amazing past few weeks, images of today, the hindsight recognition of all the signals Samantha had been giving him all along, Thoughts about the value of true friendship and about friendship betrayed. Of his betrayal because he hadn’t seen, hadn’t been able to say no. He was angry, and he was hurt. Everything welled up inside him and for the last few miles he had to keep wiping the tears obscuring his vision. Not only had Samantha betrayed her best friend, but she had caused him to weaken and betray her as well.

When he finally got home he went straight up to his room, locked the door, lay down on his bed and wept for Krystal.

Post script:

It wasn’t long before Krystal realized what had happened between David and Sammy, and it was no time at all before she broke up with David. It took David a long time to get over Krystal, but he always blamed himself for being weak and not being faithful to his true love.

Thus ends the true story of how my first real girlfriend and I gave each other our virginity.

But many readers have commented, even begged for the story to continue, so I have relented and added two chapters of erotic fiction, Chapter 3, ”Reconciliation” and chapter 4, “The Last Cruise”. You may enjoy them, or you may wish to continue with the true story of David in the ”Sadie” series, the true stories of a couple exploring and finally embracing the lifestyle of open sex.

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