Wife at home alone sets out to do laundry and gets more than she intended.

It was Tuesday again, and the weather was just that...a melancholy blue and shadowed afternoon, cool to the touch. Last night, another bore, staying by herself, while babe traveled, just isn't what she expected. Mom is a lifetime away with a life of her own, Dad gone almost two years now, Work tomorrow, but what's new? The laundry needs to get done, so that's today's task. Bright cottons and lacy frills, she often wears her finest underwear alone. Bedtime is warm these days but just in the sense of a thick blanket and soft sheets. She's been alone way too often to be healthy for their relationship, not to mention the sex life or lack thereof. Her mind wanders and her hand satisfies...usually in the evening, after a day of work, or on lazy weekends in the morning. Today, she was particularly aroused...and the touching before did little to curb her appetite. In a hurry to start a load of laundry, she glances at her Rabbit longingly and huffs as she slides on a loose skirt, on bare skin. The light spandex clings to each curve, revealing but comfortable. Much the same with a matching neon T top, inside plump breasts, still swelled from the last dreamy thought of babe. With her dirty clothes in a basket, she hurries out the door forgetting the detergent inside.

It's quiet in the halls, a Victorian style carpet of flower design and pale pink walls. The air is stale here, tasting of time. Towards the center of the hall is both an elevator shaft and a door leading to the stairs. The elevator is ancient and squalls throughout the floors, so she decides to just walk instead. The washing machines sit waiting, in the basement, only three floors below.

A few moments pass and she's standing outside the closed room. Her mind is a little dizzy from the trip and because she hadn't eaten since the afternoon the day before. As she goes to open the door, she's met by a hard body and bright light. Crashing to the floor, the basket and her clothes, scatter like an exploding bomb. And the young man standing above her, cries out with surprise and worry. Are you ok, wonders the man, as this flummoxed lady looks up at him in confusion. He reaches out a strong, tan hand. And she takes it, embarrassed that her most revealing intimates are everywhere. The man smiles, apologizes, and begins picking up the garments, before realizing what they were. The shy gal, with a blushing face, thanks him as she goes about picking up the rest, at an almost superhuman speed.

He can't help but marvel at the collection...soft and sexy, he wonders what each had looked like on her plump bodacious body. They're the only two in the laundry room. One of the machines rattled as they wash. The dark-haired man extends his hand again but this time as an introduction.
"Hello", he says, "my name is Jesse. May I ask yours?"
"Of course, I'm Jay".
"Jay? Sounds exotic...I don't believe I've seen you around here before."
"Well, that's because I'm new to this place. I'm originally from Texas, but I'm a full-fledged New Mexican now."
"Sounds interesting, Well, I apologize again for my bad manners. I forgot money for the machines, so I'll be back in a few."

Jay smiles as she runs a hand through her hair, revealing her neck, in the way that a woman knows how. This doesn't go unnoticed to Jesse, who smiles back, sure to look behind as he exits the door.
Just as he had hoped a clear view of a nice big ass to match that bright smile he looks once more growing more determined with each second.

Charming, mysterious, and sexy...she floods his thoughts as he hurries back upstairs to find more quarters. He stumbles on a step and nearly falls...but he's too preoccupied to get upset. He hopes she'll still be in the basement when he returns. She is his senior by a decade or more, but Jesse fully intends to give this Cougar an opportunity to growl.

Jay looks for an open machine and finds it right away. There's one, next to a bottle of detergent, which she now realizes she has forgotten. Dropping each garment into the machine, she doesn't notice that one of them falls off the side, onto the floor. Looking around, she decides to just borrow some detergent from the bottle that's already there. Surely, whoever left it, won't notice that a little has gone missing. She unscrews the lid and just as she begins to pour, Jesse comes busting back into the room. Startled, Jay, nearly drops the bottle, but instead regains her composure.

"I hope you didn't just put that bleach into your load of beautiful underwear!", he says jokingly.
"Huh! Is this yours? Bleach?" she grimaces.
"Haha, of course it's mine, but no, it's not bleach. I'm only kidding." "It looks like you forgot one" he says, as he picks up her pair of panties admiring the lace crotch of the emerald green garment.
She blushes again as he places them into her hand, except rather than let go, he gives her hand a squeeze and holds it, while at the same time locking eyes with hers.

Both frightened and excited, she's unsure what to do next. Without thinking, she pushes against his stomach with her other hand, but not hard. As fast as she does this, he grabs that hand too and holds it firmly. In what seemed like a lifetime, his face, rough with a 2-day shadow, floats down in slow motion onto hers. Their lips push together causing instant heat and a tingle throughout her body. Rather than release, he pulls her body in closer, pushing her heaving breasts against his chest. She's breathing deeply and he's stealing every breath.
His lips feel soft followed by a slight burning sensation caused by his unshaven whiskers. He grips her lower lip with his teeth, tugging until it snaps back with an audible smack. She can feel his bulge growing through her spandex wrap.

The lump in his jeans is situated slightly to the left and bumps into her right hip as he releases his hands from her hands and places them onto her back section. Sliding them up and down, he flirts with the upper part of her ass, letting his fingertips slide between the fabric of her wrap and bare skin.
She huffs from shock and pushes against his advance backing into the now spinning machine the vibration seems to settle her nerves and she swats his hand away from her breast with a scolding scowl that was less severe that it looked. All while tugging her panties from his playful but determined grasp.
She is more shocked with herself than with his advances, at almost 50 she should be way beyond this crazy predicament. Leaving the apartment half-dressed was a big mistake assuming no one would see her unthinkable now standing toe to toe with this hot stranger she has caught herself almost giving into a ridiculous situation in a public laundry room. In-spite of herself she glances down to the lump in his jeans just as Jesse reaches to adjust it. Caught she blinks back another blush thinking, Shit girl get it together!

The sound of a second voice causes her to turn from Jesse with a start as Ted ask, “I hope I am not interrupting anything?” She recognizes Ted immediately he is the maintenance man for the Condo’s. “No not at all Ted” she grins waving her green undies at him, “Jesse here was just helping me out of, I mean with my undies.” Ted just chuckles at the gaff and says, “on or off?”
Jay shakes her head and leaves well enough alone and tosses the last pair into the washer closing the lid as it fills with water.

Ted offers, “I need to shut the water off as soon as you two are through with the washers.”
“No problem.” Jesse assures. “45 minutes or less,” Jay declares. Ted chuckles again under his breath as he shuffles out.

Jay smiles at Jesse and quips, “thanks for your help now I need to go run a tub of water before he shuts it off” she sighs, “I will come back later for the dryer.”
Jesse sighs as she heads for the door admiring her ass once more. She pauses at the door and looks back with a sly grin, I will wait till your done have a nice day.

Jesse is in a daze as he puts his quarters into the washers, she had felt smooth and warm to him her skin firm but soft to the touch. This Lady Cougar is a thoroughbred, pure from the tips of her hair down to her toes. And he wants her, more than he should.

Daydreaming now, Jesse grabs two hands full of red hair and pulls back her head, playfully. With her neck exposed, he takes a taste of it. Sinking his teeth into the tender flesh and thrusting his tongue out from his mouth, he runs it up along her neck, until he reaches an ear lobe. Carefully, he tugs the lobe, like a bird does a worm from a hole. She can feel blood rushing to her brain in waves, rushing to the tips of her breasts, rushing to the tiny button of pleasure between her legs. Her entire body is pulsing like one steady heartbeat.
Jesse shakes the image out of his head as Ted speaks from the doorway, “hey I am going to have to shut down this whole area in an hour.” “What should I do about her stuff?” Jesse says with concern.

“Just tell her when she comes back I will try to call her cell.” Ted offers. By now the washers are stopped so Jesse decides to play the good Samaritan and put her laundry into a dryer, careful to admire each pair as he goes back to his daydream.

Meanwhile Jay has left the tub running while she has a go at that rabbit trying to make sure to tamp down any sexual tension before braving the laundry room again. As she squeezes her eye shut concentrating on a knee knocking orgasm she lets her mind take her back down stairs for a visual encounter………
She can hear her heart thumping inside her mind. It's deafening and heavy. She sinks her fingers into his shoulders. Begging to be picked up and placed onto the washing machine, he pulls upwards from her thighs with one motion, placing her onto its top. She's now sitting, her legs spread with his body in between them. Licking and biting and kissing, more clothes start to fall. She pulls off his T-shirt. He savagely rips down her spandex, exposing her steaming flesh. His face disappears into the soft valleys. He bites each nipple, threatening to slice one right off. The skin around each is red from his playful abuse and her crotch is beginning to drip as he continues. The hot moistness can be seen as it drips to the machines lid and felt against his stomach as his mouth explores more of her chest.

Pulling at his jeans, the top button becomes undone. Working together, Jesse slides his hand down inside the wedge of her ample thighs, as she pulls at more buttons of his 501 jeans. His hand is instantly soaked causing his big, middle finger to slide from the top of one flap and into the edge of the open canal. The heat is amazing and his finger wants more. Instead of pushing it inside, he pulls his hand up, causing it to stroke the tip of her clit as it exits. His hand is back out and now both are pulling her labia apart, causing her to moan in anticipation. A second vibration startles her for a moment and she reluctantly pulls back from her orgasmic dream and reaches for the Cell phone answering breathless “yesss.”

Ted chuckles into her ear, “you OK Missy I hear you breathing pretty heavy.” “Oh”, Jay groans as the sound of his gruff voice the picture of Jesse between her legs and the rabbit in her twat all make for a orgasmic burst she can’t quite contain, “I just climbed three flights of stairs,” she huffs to cover biting her lip as she begins to convulse on the Rabbit. The silence hangs as Ted picks up the faint sound of the vibrator as she convulses once more afraid to speak for fear of shouting what she is thinking… “Fuck Me Now.”

Ted speaks after another second or two, “you still there missy?” once more breathlessly Jay manages, “What is it Ted?” chuckling, “sorry to interrupt but I am closing the basement off for the day in about an hour or so and Jesse was concerned about your stuff so I decided to give you a call.” Chuckling with him now rabbit off and slippery with lube both natural and bottled, Jay tells him, “I will hurry down as soon as the tub is full.” Ted grins, “take your time I will watch for you.”

Jesse had loaded all into the dryer and leaning against the washer restarts his daydream, Jay is smiling into his kiss as He finishes unbuttoning his jeans and pulls them completely off. Tossing them to the side, he goes right back to work, except this time, with his mouth. On his knees, he teases at first, only allowing the tip of his tongue to brush the skin right above the start of her slit. Carefully, he works the tongue downwards, tracing along each lip, in a tight circle. On the third rotation, he allows the tongue to tighten and rather than continue along the edges, thrusts it, deeply inside of her. Jay, in surprise, gasps and clenches Jesse's head with her hands pressing it firmly against her crotch. Jesse doesn't pull back, but instead gives her what she wants. His tongue continues in full strokes, sucking with his lips at her clit. He can feel it, full with blood, throbbing between his lips. With one hand, he pushes a finger into her as he continues pleasing with his mouth. He can feel her pleasure growing and her body wanting to spasm. Her moans are echoing along the walls yet are drowned out by the rattle of the machines. Bright, hot light from the sun is pouring down in from the windows...onto their nude bodies. Jesse's member is throbbing with hardness. A tiny dribble of his precum has dripped down below him, as he aches to position himself inside of her. Standing upright, he places her legs around him, hugging his waste like a frightened child. With the tip of his member, he flirts with her slit. Alternating between a shortened stroke, and rubbing across the clit, he finally thrusts once, very deeply. Using her firm ass to grab onto, he starts to pump his body. It's slow but steady...and each motion is deep. The head is out, then disappears, out, then disappears. Like the ticking of a fine clock, slow but smooth, she allows him to slide in and out of her warmth. Alarmed by the sound of a gruff voice he pulls his hand out of his jeans not realizing he had been about to come in his own sweaty palm.

Ted can’t be sure but he thought he saw masturbation in progress through the window so he chuckled aloud and said “Damn Jesse I really need to work on my timing I keep interrupting folks today.” Jesse lets out an audible groan turning toward Ted’s voice, “not at all what’s up?” Ted chuckles again, “just spoke to your laundry mistress she said she would hurry down and handle it in time.” “Thanks Ted.” Jesse sang.

Jay put her hand into the water reaching for the knob to turn it off, it felt too inviting so she decided she better hop in while it was warm she would just be a few minutes and then she could handle the laundry room.
She woke with a start looking over at the clock a moment had slipped to 30 minutes she must have dozed off. She splashed out of the tub grabbing a towel and rushing to the bedroom to throw on some clothes knowing she might be panty-less if she did not retrieve her laundry before Ted locked her out. Bra-less too she remembered damn she just grabbed the same T and spandex wrap and ran for the door, surely Jesse was long gone by now and Ted will be busy she decided. She would just grab the intimates and hang dry them this afternoon she determined as she once again avoided the elevator and took to the stairs.

By now Jesse had dried and folded with care all her stuff and had the basket in hand waiting for the elevator to open he had wrangled her # from Ted, he had offered to let him lock up early if he gave it up as Jesse intended to deliver the garments to her door.

Ted had just locked off the laundry door and headed to the stairs as Jesse and the elevator started its slow noisy assent to her floor.

Jay flung open the stairwell door and ran headlong into what she feared was another stranger breathlessly apologizing as she fought to keep from tumbling both of them to the floor. She landed on one knee with a hand on each thigh and her face in his crotch her wrap caught under her foot pulled just low enough to reveal her ample red bush though dark and wet still from the tub. She was about to cry when she heard his soft chuckle, “missy let me get you up, here now you having one of them days?”
Though still blushing it was just Ted and she could handle old Ted he was a harmless ole country boy who spent most of his time in a maintenance shop covered in one solution or another never very appealing to anyone she imagined. As she pulled up her wrap and righted herself she noticed for the first time she was having the same effect on ole Ted that she had earlier on Jesse his jumpsuit was now tented with what looked like a 9 inch tool. She licked her lips steadying herself for a safe comment.
Ted beat her to the punch, “hmm I seem to have forgotten my manners please excuse me mam,” he groaned as he turned to adjust himself.

Now Jay felt for ole Ted he must be sixty something and for sure single lives on the first floor next to the owner/managers unit always so silly but polite. She giggled an old saying from her mother before she could help herself, “well mom always said if the bull’s horns come up it was because the heifer was in her prime.” Ted cleared his throat turning toward her now, “well missy you have been prime all morning this is the third time today I had my horn tweaked.” Laughing at himself now, “I was plum rude when I caught ole Jesse polishing his horn earlier when you left out, shame on me.”
“Speaking of Jesse,” Jay inquired, “He just headed up to drop off your laundry said he would just put it by the door.” Ted offered.
“Ted, how does he know where I live?” Jay demanded.
Ted’s eyed watered now as his tent continued to persist he was actually dancing from foot to foot trying to tamp it into place. Jay’s gaze shifted from his watery eyes to his crotch once more quickly softening her glare she looked into his eyes with compassion asking, “Ted are you alone here?” he looked at the floor, “for 4 years now Missy I will be 70 if I make a few more days and just don’t have any desire to replace my missus.” “I see” Jay mumbled, “Ted have you locked the door already I would like to check and make sure he did not leave any of my stuff inside, you know how men are with laundry,” she smiled.

Jay’s mind was swirling in two directions now she had Jesse at her door and here was ole Ted the older man she had fantasized about so often wondering if the rumors about the older they are the longer they lasted had any truth to them. And damned if his tent did not seem to be getting bigger by the minute, her pussy was still lubed to dripping from earlier and she thought if he makes a move I will just have to find out about the rumors and set em’ strait. She loved her husband but this was a once in a life time chance!

Ted ambled over to the door with his keys and unlocked it stepping back opening it like a gentleman never looking up from the floor or his tent she was not sure which one was holding his attention but she had a prime plan to shake it loose. She was careful to make a firm brush against his tent as she swayed into the room turning to ask if he would like to help her look to save some time. “Sure thing missy you take the dryers I will take the washers.” Ted suggested. Jay just grinned this was going to be easier than she thought the driers were old and low to the floor so she had to bend over to look in while standing to one side to let the doors swing open. She waited till Ted had made a couple of washer checks looking expectantly at him each time. When she opened the first dryer he was too occupied to notice her wrap falling open to her butt cheeks but she made a show of looking carefully at the second watching him till he looked up at her. She grinned into the dryer as he adjusted his tent again.

“Jay” she jumped at the sound of his voice, “While you’re there how about taking the lent traps out for me?” he almost hummed.

Jay felt her juices leak onto her leg this was getting really hot at 50 she had not been this excited in years. Now it was hard to tell who was playing with whom?

“Sure Ted” she smiled “was hoping to find at least one pair of undies to wear home though.” Ted chuckled and assured her, “I will keep looking.”

Jesse, approached Jay’s door ready to leave the basket when a couple of teenagers wandered by and he immediately thought better of that plan so ole Ted would just have to get over it he was about to knock on the door when he noticed it was propped open with the security locking bar like someone expecting to come right back. He waited a full 5 minutes growing nervous then concerned finally deciding to press his luck he really wanted to fuck his cougar lady bad. He entered calling softly not wanting to alert the neighbors, “Jay you here I have your laundry,” he continued into the living/dining room no sign of anyone. He set the basket on the couch ready to leave and thought what have I got to loose and turned into the bathroom where he found the tub still warm and water on the floor foot prints leading him to the bedroom. The door was flung open and covers knotted at the foot of the bed her lamp was still on and he could just make out the title of some magazine, cell phone lying next to it vibrating, he went over and looked at caller id and saw a photo of a handsome man about her age he supposed the name babe flashed with each ring. He looked around noticing her with the same man in several pictures. He decided it must be her husband though she wore no wedding ring.
The phone stopped and the a ping drew him back a text read, “tried to call hope you are enjoying your day, trip extended another week so homesick love you miss you call me).”
On a whim he picked it up and deleted the message, grinning to himself, “I got this babe take all the time you need.”

He took one more look around and spotted her rabbit picking it up he noticed it was still sticky from it’s recent use and smelled her pussy juices and immediately closed his eyes and daydreamed some more……..

Jesse is in the moment talking out loud, “It feels like I'm melting inside of you...going in and out of a tunnel of wet, heat. I don't hold back. Your orgasm is about to begin. You are licking your lips more and your face is strained and tight. Your eyes are set on mine, as I continue, allowing my finger to rub in circles around your clit at the same time. Your orgasm begins with a gasp, followed by violent shaking and loud moans. There's an overwhelming tightness around my member as your canal spasms, pulling me in deeper. It's got hold of me, like a warm hand. It's at this time that I feel a rush of my own. I've reached the point of no return and I know that the cum to follow will splash everywhere inside of you. I can feel life and death at the same time. As my mind goes blank, I see your glistening face, full of passion and moaning agony. With a final, hard thrust, I begin my release. Your eyes light up and your lips crack a slight smile of you watch me lose control. You can see the little boy in me coming out, loving his mother...his lover. You feel the world spinning beneath...and hear the Gods laughing at us from above. Things will never be the same.”
A noise in the unit next door startles him alert at some point while enjoying her aroma he had unzipped his jeans and began to masturbate this time interrupted but unable to hold it he shoots a large stream down his pant leg onto the bed and then carpet. Panicking now he rushes to put things back grabbing the wet wipes cleaning up the best he can, he slips into the hallway wondering what she ran into that kept her so long.
He heads back to the Laundry room just in case some how she missed the maintenance man and thinks it is still in the washers.

He takes the stairs remembering that is her mode of egress and wants to meet up with her somehow. As he exits the stairwell he hears a familiar laughter finally gets it, it’s Ted, he approaches the glass in the door looking in to see if Jay is with him he has no desire to see Ted.

Jay is heading toward the dryer with what looks like a lent trap in her hand, how odd, he tried the door and found it locked odder still. He watches as Jay flirts with Ted as she removes another dryer lint trap waving it at him giggling “you are going to owe me for this mister.”

With the last dryer farther in the corner he loses the audio but can see her disappear while seeming to replace the last lint trap she stays out of sight for several minutes perhaps having difficulty replacing it Ted approaches and stands behind her holding what looks to be a pair of green panties, The laughter picks up as she comes to the door to look out he ducks down not wanting to interrupt the banter.

Ted follows her to the door and chuckles as she realizes he has locked it, “I thought we might not want company on the scavenger hunt.” he offers. She hops up on the counter facing the door and pulls her wrap open to the crotch revealing her wet pussy, Ted just stands there with her panties in hand not sure what move to make next. “That was very thoughtful sir now you have a job to do before you help me put those on for my trip back upstairs,” with that she gave him the come hither sign with one finger smiling like a school girl going steady.

Well, Ted shuffled over holding the panties up with both hands “this looks like a big chore but I do owe you for cleaning my driers.”

Well, Jay grinned “you are about to repay me by cleaning my vents.”

Ted stood statue stiff as Jay unzipped his jumpsuit revealing bare skin to his knees, the old gent had a 9 inch cock that just needed a nice hot pussy wrapped around it. Jay had all the stimulation she needed and knew he had been ready all morning so she used the heels of her feet to hook his hips pulling him to her as his suit hit the floor.

He closed his eyes as she took his hard rod guiding it to the wet velvety love nest that had taunted him for weeks since she moved in. She used her powerful thighs to position him for maximum penetration she could not believe she was being violated by a strange cock of a man old enough to be her father in a laundry room but she was fully ready to take him in as deep and as long as he could go.

Her pussy was silky smooth from the earlier orgasm with the rabbit and his nine inches was a stretch she was not used to but it fit nicely. Being tall Ted found a position and pace that had her leaning back and spreading her legs out wide over his shoulders in no time. Ted just kept pumping occasionally slowing going deep with a
“ah Missy this is so nice, ah Missy are you comfortable?”

She knew he was ready to come but he just kept pumping never once losing his grip on her soft hips holding them aright on the counter for what seemed like hours though probably 45 minutes.

Sweating now Ted asked “shall I come inside you or pull out?”
Jay had built to the edge of a final 5 or 6th orgasm she had lost count she wanted his hot old semen deep inside her she loved when her husband swelled with his orgasm spitting hot liquid deep into her womanhood only to ooze out ever so slowly later.

She shocked herself with her reply, “fuck me deep and hard old man come deep into my pussy give me all you got.” Ted just took it in stride popping both hips with his palms “a proper hard ride to the finish then Missy.” He lifted her up kissing her on each cheek guiding her to a bench against the wall putting her down he said “on your knees Missy.” Jay obliged holding onto the back rail jutting her big round ass up for his approval. He wasted no time using his saliva preparing for his final entry. Jay gasped as he plunged to the depth of his entire nine inches quipping “checking my tonsils now are we?”

Ted just began to fuck her hard and fast squeezing her ass cheeks till his fingers hurt.

Jay was enjoying the ride when in her new position she realized she could see out the window in the door and knew any one could look in as well with that thought she stared at the widow thinking she saw a flash of something curious but nearing the ultimate she ignored it and enjoy the old gent as he let go with a grunt and a groan burying his throbbing cock deep in her sated pussy, hot fuck juice filling her and running down her thighs. What a great way to end a laundry day.

Ted did not want to let her go just stood firmly gripping her hips his manhood shrinking slowly completely drained he finally sat down and helped her onto his lap, sighing “well Missy your prime time heifer has left this bull with his horn down for the count but I suppose should you get primed again he just might recover.”

Jay leaned in and kissed his cheek whispering “great job mister now get me my undies so I don’t drip going up the stairs.”

Ted laughed, “Your wish is my command Missy.”

Jesse watched as Jay stood on one foot and then the other as Ted helped her on with the emerald green panties he had washed and dried earlier in the day a little jealous at the moment but with the video in his smart phone he would have all he needed to motivate Missy to forget the grand-pa and become his personal Cougar.
He slipped ahead of them up the stairs heading to her unit to retrieve the cell #'s he would to prepare for the evening she would be sure to enjoy.

to be continued!

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