I had been on the streets since I was little. The master that had taken me in was stern but fair, he was also a master thief. As I grew older I learned the art of a pick pocket and a sneak thief, I also learned to open locks. By the time I was fourteen I was a junior master but Master Eric saw the change coming to our city and we left before the purge began.

I was surprised when he turned me over to the three mercenaries but he only smiled, “Listen son, listen and learn everything they can teach.”

I watched him walk away and my training with weapons began. There was the staff and dagger and then sword and bow. It was six long years in many places where men and even armies died. I finally walked away with a couple of very heavy pack saddles filled with jewels and treasure. The large city I went to was inland beside a large river.

I walked through the wide gate and nodded to the guards watching everyone enter. I had a lot of time to think about what I was going to do, first was to rent a room. I was able to get a large attic room in one of the better taverns beside the river. After that I went to the King’s keep and asked to speak with his chancellor.

From there I was sent into the city where I spoke with a large man that was one of the king’s knights. He was now the bailiff of the city guards and gave me a job. Of course since I was both new and young I would have to start off working at night. The first night the other guard that walked with me began teaching me and pointed out an area they always had trouble in.

From the first time I saw it I knew why. It was where the city’s thieves guild was. Mostly we just dealt with drunks or brawls. It was a month later when we walked up as three men fought in the street. I moved forward quickly and pulled my night stick. I slapped it along side one man’s head and he dropped to the street.

I had the other two mens attention and gestured, “back off and drop the daggers.”

It usually works but this time one lunged towards me. I slapped the dagger away and slugged him in the throat as I stepped in. He dropped to the street choking as the other man leaped towards me. I spun and let his weight carry him past me before bringing my stick down on the back of his head.

The other guard stepped in and knocked the choking man out before we tied all three mens hands. My partner looked at me and then grinned, “do you know who these men are?”

I shook my head and he laughed, “Three of the thieves guild under masters.”

I glanced at them before kneeling to search them carefully. I know places to look that brought out hidden lock picks and a few small knives. Those brought a few more charges when we hauled them before the night magister. They were sentenced and taken away as we went to report to our lieutenant.

I was walking home and had almost reached the tavern when the girl drew my eye. She was new to the city and her clothes were almost thread bare as she shivered. She hesitated before moving towards me as I came closer, “do you want a woman mister?”

I stopped to look at her, “Have you done this before girl?”

She was blushing and licked her lips, “aye.”

I stepped closer and reached out to lift her face so she met my eyes, “What was that?”

She looked at me and then almost whispered, “No.”

I nodded, “Are you by yourself?”

She glanced around and shook her head, “No sir.”

I glanced towards the alley she had come from and saw another girl a little younger. She looked a little better fed but was still ragged. I sighed, “bring her and come with me.”

I let her go and she hesitated before gesturing to the girl. I started walking and glanced at the two girls before walking into the common room of the tavern, “Sasha!”

A slim woman opened the kitchen door as I walked to a table, “Trent?”

I smiled, “Three large bowls of warm oatmeal with glasses of milk.”

She looked at the two girls and back at me before frowning and disappearing. A moment later she was back carrying a tray. The two girls sat across from me as I relaxed and stretched my legs out. Sasha put everything on the table and smiled before heading back to the kitchen. I watched the two girls wolf the food before eating.

When I was done I could see the girls were barely awake and stood, “Come.”

I led them to the tavern jakes and then into the bathing room. I stripped as they stood looking at me and shook my head. I pulled the rags they wore off them and turned to pour hot water into three tubs. I added cold water until it was cool enough to use and turned to push the girls towards the other tubs.

I sat and began to wash and a minute later they started cleaning themselves. When I finished and got out to dry off the two girls reluctantly stood and stepped out. I dried them and wrapped a towel around each before pulling them after me. I closed and locked the door into the attic and tossed my clothes into the deep basket beside the door.

I pulled the two towels off the girls and pushed them towards my bed. I went to my clothes press and pulled out my brush before walking to the bed. I sat them both on the bed before sitting behind the younger girl and started brushing her hair, “What’s your name?”

She was trembling but turned her head, “Ruby.”

I nodded and kept brushing her hair and pulling the knots out as I looked at her sister, “And you?”

She looked from her sister to me, “Sapphire.”

I smiled and continued what I was doing. When I finished I moved and pushed Ruby into bed, “under the covers.”

While she did as I told her I moved behind her sister and started brushing her hair. I pushed her towards her sister when I was done and started on my own hair. When I was done I put the brush away and went to pull the dark blankets over the windows. I slipped into bed with a sigh and relaxed. It was early afternoon when I woke and Sapphire was snuggled against me.

I looked at her and turned to caress her softly. She sighed and began to moan as I turned her onto her back. I caressed her firm breasts before feeling her mound. I pushed the covers back and slipped down in bed. I moved between her legs as I pushed them open. I licked her fuzzy pussy and began using my tongue against her clit.

She was moaning louder and her hips started to lift. I used a finger to slip into her and felt her maidenhead before using my fingers to open and stretch her pussy. She groaned as I continued licking and teasing her clit. Ruby shifted beside us and her head moved down to rest on her sister’s hip.

I smiled at her before capturing Sapphire’s clit and sucking. She jerked and arched her back as she cried out, “oooohhhh!”

She shuddered and jerked as she thrashed around. I stopped and moved up her body as her sister moved and shoved into her hard and deep before stopping. Sapphire screamed and clutched at me as I held her while she wiggled and struggled and I kissed her, “Relax.”

She whimpered and tried to relax but I knew she wasn’t. I kept kissed her and glanced at Ruby as she stared wide eyed. It was awhile before I felt Sapphire’s pussy squeeze my cock. She looked at me in surprise and I grinned before I pulled back and thrust the rest of the way into her. I stopped again as she winched and started kissing her again.

When her pussy squeezed my cock once more I began to fuck her slowly. She clutched me and a minute later moaned and shivered as her tight pussy rippled around my cock. She was lifting her hips as I continued to fuck her and her pussy was a lot slipperier. She shuddered and jerked and I kissed her before pushing into her and humping.

Sapphire shuddered and wrapped her legs around my waist, “aaaahhhh!”

Ruby giggled, “does it feel good?”

Her sister laughed and shook me, “yeah.”

I went back to fucking her as my balls tightened. A minute later she was thrashing around and bucking. I thrust into her and pushed before my cock erupted. Sapphire lifted her hips and tilted them as I kissed her passionately and began to pump cum into her. She clung to me long after her womb was full and I sighed before pulling out.

She groaned and shivered before smiling, “It felt a lot better after the pain went away.”

I smiled as I turned and pushed Ruby onto her back, I kissed her and slid down in the bed. She spread her legs hesitantly and I leaned in to lick through her pussy. I continued to lick her and used my thumb to rub her taunt. When I pushed my tongue into her, I felt her maidenhead missing as she squirmed and moan. I captured her clit and sucked as she lifted her hips.

I kept teasing her and licking until she pushed my face away. I moved up her body and kissed her, “Have you done this before?”

She shook her head as Sapphire touched my shoulder, “You can use me again.”

I glanced at her before lifting and slowly forcing my cock into Ruby’s pussy. She shuddered and hugged me as her extremely tight pussy squeezed my cock. I smiled, “hurt?”

She groaned and shook her head, “I feel really full though.”

Sapphire bit her lip as I began to fuck her sister. She sighed and shuddered as she lifted her hips, “mmmm!”

I continued to fuck her as Sapphire grinned, “Like it?”

Ruby was jerking and shaking as she wet me and her pussy grasped and milked my cock, “yeah.”

I kissed her and began fucking her with long strokes. She howled and clutched me as my thick cock slipped in and out easily. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I kept fucking her and started to press and humped into her deeper. Ruby wailed and began to convulse, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I continued to fuck her grasping pussy as Sapphire giggled, “you sound like me.”

Ruby bucked and thrashed as she wet me again and I fucked her hard and deep before burying my cock. I kissed her as my thick cock throbbed and jerked before erupting in a thick gushing stream of cum. She tilted her hips as she clung to me and sighed while her tight pussy clenched around my cock.

I pumped a half dozen spurts of cum before stopping and pulling out. I kissed her and moved off her, “Now you are both women.”

Sapphire grinned as she moved closer to her sister and hugged her. Ruby laughed, “I loved every moment.”

I slipped off the bed and found a couple of shirts for the two girls before grabbing my clothes. We wrapped towels around us before going to the tavern jakes and then into the bathing room again, this time it was for a quick wash. I had the two girls put the shirts on before leading them into the common room and then into the kitchen.

The tavern wasn’t busy but I didn’t need the girls bothered. I smiled as Sasha turned to look at me and held out a silver piece, “they need something to eat.”

She gestured to the kitchen table as her helper began filling two bowls with lamb stew. While they ate I watched and tried to think what I could do with them. I glanced at Sasha, “do you still need someone to help cook and clean?”

She glanced at the two girls, “Are they staying with you?”

I looked at Sapphire and Ruby before nodding, “I think so.”

Sasha grinned, “I think I could use them.”

I nodded and stood, “I’ll take them out and buy them proper dresses.”

The street was filled with people and both Sapphire and Ruby had red faces as they crowded close to me. I knew it was because all they had on was my shirts. I walked into a dress shop a little later and a large heavy set woman turned and grinned, “Trent!”

I smiled, “Anymore trouble with vandals?”

She walked towards me and shook her head, “no.”

I turned and gestured to the girls, “I would like to buy a few dresses for each of these girls.”

She looked the girls over, “I have several that wouldn’t take long to fit.”

I smiled, “they need everything Trish, under garments and...”

She waved her hand, “I know what they need.”

I pulled my pouch out and she frowned. I shook my head and pulled a gold coin out, “you would go out of business if you gave clothing away.”

I folded her fingers around the coin, “I’ll be back...”

She shook her head and pointed to a comfortable chair, “Sit.”

I blinked and then grinned before pushing the two girls towards Trish. I sat and listened to their whispers and giggles. It was over an hour before Sapphire and Ruby came out and they looked beautiful. I smiled at Trish as she handed me a large package. I led the girls back to the tavern and they walked beside me with a hand on each arm.

Inside the door I handed the packages to Sapphire, “Put these away and get with Sasha, I have to go.”

She pressed against me and kissed me and then it was Ruby’s turn. When I walked into the guard building the others guards were laughing and Trace turned to gesture, “You should have seen Trent knock the silly beggars around like they were drunken street thugs.”

Everyone laughed as I smiled and crossed to him, “Where are we off to tonight?”

He grinned and I turned to accept a package that was handed to me, “From the thieves guild master.”

I looked at him and then at the package before opening it. The other guards laughed as I grinned and pulled out a new thicker night stick and a sap. I laughed and Trace slapped my shoulder, “I guess the silly bastards got on his nerve too.”

We walked our route and broke up a few fights and sent a few young kids home. When I got off I headed back to the tavern. I walked into the tavern to see a tired Ruby and Sapphire sitting beside Sasha. I smiled and walked towards them, “don’t tell me you didn’t sleep.”

They turned and the girls smiled as Sasha snorted, “they went to bed after cleaning up around mid of the night.”

I pulled the girls up and kissed each of them before letting Sapphire pull me after her. Ruby closed and locked the door after we entered our room and Sapphire turned to start undressing me. Ruby joined her and then they pushed me towards the bed. I watched as they pulled their dresses off to show they weren’t wearing anything under them.

They crawled onto the bed and pushed me back as Ruby straddled me. Her sister lifted my cock and she wiggled and pushed down to get it into her. I cupped her breasts as I turned my head to kiss Sapphire. Ruby sighed as she began to rock and thrust back and forth. She started breathing harder and I used my hands to roll her hips and twist her.

She looked at me and grinned before doing it herself. It wasn’t long before she was erratic and her tight pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock. She wet me as she wailed and jerked around and I laughed before I pulled her down and rolled. I kissed her before I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts.

She continued to lift and thrust her hips up as I kept pushing into her. I fucked her with long thrusts and kept pressing and humping. I finally buried my cock as I held her tight and kissed her. Ruby tilted her hips as she clutched me and I began gushing cum into her. She shuddered and screamed as warm sperm flooded her.

When I stopped cumming she was more than full and I pulled out after kissing her one last time. Sapphire laughed as she pushed me onto my back and straddled me, “silly bitch.”

Ruby giggled and turned to caress my chest as her sister wiggled down my cock. She sighed as her warm pussy tightened and began to thrust back and forth. It was only a couple of minutes before she shuddered and started jerking erratically. She was moaning and crying out as she wet me and shook while her pussy spasmed around my cock.

Ruby pressed against me, “roll over and fuck her.”

Sapphire dropped to my chest and grinned at her sister before I hugged her and did as she told me. I fucked her sister with deep thrusts that pushed all the way into her constantly. It was only a few minutes before she was howling as she thrashed around and squirmed. I kissed her before fucking her hard and deep and she screamed as she squirted.

She began to buck and struggle but it took another few minutes before I shoved into her. I kissed her passionately as I gushed cum into her. She tilted and lifted her hips as she clutched me and shuddered. Her tight pussy spasmed and milked the cum I was spewing deeper into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed with a smile.

I pulled out and grinned at Ruby as I reached for her and rolled her onto her stomach. I fucked the two girl three times each before falling asleep as they held me. I woke to an empty bed and slipped out before going to wash. It was afternoon and the towel boy slipped away after I started.

A minute later Sapphire and Ruby slipped in and stripped. They crossed to the tub and knelt beside me and began washing me all over again. I smiled and rubbed one of Sapphire’s nipples before doing the same to Ruby. As they were finishing the door opened and Sasha stepped in.

She grinned and then laughed, “and here I thought they came to fuck you. Instead I find them washing you like a king.”

I grinned, “well I would rather wash them but they caught me fair and square.”

Sapphire and Ruby were blushing but grinned and Ruby bent to kiss me, “he is our husband so we take care of him.”

I looked at her as Sasha laughed and left and Sapphire bit her lip. I looked at Sapphire, “husband?”

She hesitated before nodding and I smiled, “you two just want a quiet night.”

They grinned and Ruby reached into the bath to stroke my cock, “you can fuck us as much as you want.”

I groaned and pulled her face close for a kiss. Sapphire laughed as Ruby moved back, I was thinking of taking Ruby upstairs when Sasha returned. She peeked in, “a runner is here for you. The guard lieutenant and captain want you.”

I sighed and stood to step out and let the girls dry me. When I walked into the guard building a dozen other guards were standing around. The day captain turned and grinned, “just the man we wanted to see.”

I looked from him to the other men, “how can I help sir?”

He gestured to the lieutenant and he smiled, “there is a vacancy in the sergeant positions on our shift. After consideration and speaking with your sergeant and lieutenant, the bailiff has chosen you to fill it.”

I glanced around at the other guards, “but I’m new and...”

He waved his hand, “you have the skills and your own men suggested you in the first place.”

I nodded and the captain tossed a sergeant badge, “be back here tomorrow morning.”

I left and started back to the inn as I thought. I walked in and crossed to sit by the kitchen door. Sasha slipped into another chair a couple of moments later, “not working?”

I watched Sapphire and Ruby moving through the tables, “the bailiff and the two shift captains made me a sergeant on the day shift.”

She grinned, “moving up in the world.”

I smiled, “I guess.”

I stood and started for the stairs as I thought about Sapphire and Ruby’s words. In our room I crossed to a new chest and knelt to open it. I hadn’t looked at the treasure in awhile but remembered seeing what I needed. I found the elegant gold ring with four small rubies in a diamond pattern and a larger fifth in the center.

I found the other ring all the way on the bottom of the chest. It was a slim silver and gold band entwined around each other. It had a large sapphire in the center with two more tear drop shaped ones one each side of it. I put everything back and moved to sit on the bed as I cleaned and polished both rings.

I changed into soft clothing and put the two rings in a pocket before returning to the common room. Ruby was the first to see me and smiled as she walked across the room and bent to give me a kiss. She sighed and then grinned before heading towards the kitchen. A few moments later Sapphire stopped to kiss me before she took her tray of drinks to another table.

I had Ruby bring me a bowl of stew and some bread. I watched the girls until Sasha closed the doors. I had only drank cider all night and pulled the girls up to the room before stripping as they undressed. I walked to Sapphire and she pressed against me as we kissed. I stepped back and opened my hand to show the rings.

I took her left hand and slipped the sapphire ring onto her finger. She grinned and hugged me before I kissed her and turned to a frowning Ruby. I held out my arms and she smiled before stepping into them and kissing me. I pushed her back and lifted her left hand to put the other ring on her finger and Sapphire hugged her from behind.

Ruby grinned back at her sister before grinning, “you can fuck him first tonight.”

I laughed, “first I get to taste you both and then I will fuck you.”

Sapphire pushed Ruby towards the bed, “do Ruby first.”

It was only a couple of years before I rose in the ranks again and by then I had bought a nice house for the girls and all the babies. The girls keep their own house now and take turns with me.
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